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tv   News 4 at 4  NBC  August 17, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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>> whitney houston's final role, tonight "sparkle" opens is theaters giving fans one last look at the pop culture icon. a different story at the movies this afternoon. a bomb threat that stretches across the nation. and at one theater a than has been arrested accused of trying to take guns and ammo inside. good afternoon, i'm pat lawson. >> i'm barbara harrison. car mike cinemas is based in atlanta, has 236 theaters in 35 states. >> they're on alert today after several bomb threats. nbc's jay gray has more on the precautions police have taken. >> reporter: there are heightened tensions and security today at a string of movie theaters across the country after a threatening phone message was left on an answering machine at the carmike cinemas headquarters in georgia overnight. >> the caller said, you know, there were bombs placed throughout the theaters all over the united states, so probably every single theater in the united states that belongs to
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this company is being searched right now. >> reporter: search teams, some with dogs locked down then looked through theaters in several states including georgia, kentucky, illinois, north carolina, and pennsylvania. to this point, no explosives have been found, and police have not talked about any possible connection between the threats and an arrest made last night when 23-year-old joshua vardman tried to carry a loaded .9 millimeter pistol into a carmike cinema in columbus, georgia, where the theater chain is based. more ammunition was found inside his car. this evening the investigation and searches continue. jay gray, news 4. the security guard shot and wounded in the lobby of the family research council is recovering at the hospital. today news 4 learned one of his visitors was d.c. mayor vincent floyd. suspect, floyd corkens, is held without bond, charged with assault with intent to kill.
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he's due back in court next friday. corkins criticized the conservative group's policies before opening fire. leo johnson was shot trying to stop him. other conservative organizations in our area say they've beefed up their security in light of the incident. jackie bensen will have more on that on news 4 at 5:00. the first two human cases of west nile virus this year have been reported in virginia. a spokesperson with the virginia department of health says one man in southwest virginia and another in northwestern region of the state have contracted the mosquito-born virus. they both recovered. there are also five known cases in maryland and none in the district this year. most people infected with west nile virus won't get sick actually but about 1 in 150 people will develop severe symptoms including high fever, headache, muscle weakness, even coma and paralysis. one person died from west mile last year. one of the people who did experience the severe form of west nile virus happens to know
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a lot about that virus. dr. arias, an entomologist, contracted west nile virus last year. they actually had to put him in a coma for a week. >> even if they would have been able to diagnose me right up at the beginning at the get-go when i went in on the 18th, it wouldn't have made any difference whatsoever because it's a virus and what you do is you treat symptoms. >> news 4's melissa will have on his recovery and what you need to know to prevent the spread aft west nile tonight at 5:00. 23 children across the country have died this summer after being left in hot cars and federal transportation officials say eight of those deaths happened just last week. this summer the federal government launched a program called "look before you lock" to remind parents of the dangers of leaving children behind. the public awareness campaign
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came to alexandria today, a memorial garden showed the names and faces of children who died after being forgotten in hot cars. one father knows the dangers all too well. his 17-month-old daughter died two years ago in florida after he left her in the car. >> something that i don't wish upon anybody. you know, to have to go through. it's something that i continue to have to deal with on a daily basis along with my family and friends. >> reginald mckennen pleaded guilty to felony charges and was sentenced to probation. now he's traveling across the country telling his story in hopes of preventing similar tragedies. and turning to the weather now, storms are moving into our area. >> meteorologist chuck bell is keeping track in the storm center. hi, chuck. >> hey, pat and barbara. good afternoon, both of you. good friday afternoon, everybody. just, oh, so close to the weekend now. you can almost feel it outside. but, yes, indeed, showers and
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thunderstorms bubbled up into what has turned into a very warm afternoon. we're 93 now at washington's national airport. 88 degrees as you head out toward maryland. 88 in leesburg. 81 degrees in winchester. dew points are higher than they were yesterday. back up into the 50s and 60s as opposed to yesterday when we had 40s and 50s. not anywhere near as comfy as yesterday. there you can see on live doppler, there are rain showers with embedded rumbles of thunderstorms now from really right along i-81, hagueerstowha martinsburg. worth keeping an eye on. we've seen one or two isolated severe thunderstorm warnings during the course of the afternoon. i wouldn't be surprised to see one or two more isolated strong to seve thunderstorms through this evening. not looking for a widespread washout. nonetheless, if you have stuff to do outside this evening, have a rain plan ready to go. even if it rains for 15 or 20 minutes, 15 or 20 minutes of poorly timed rain can interfere with your friday morning to say
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the very least. we'll talk about the rest of the weekend forecast coming up. >> chuck, thank you. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is campaigning in virginia today. it's the second time in a week he's campaigned in the commonwealth. meanwhile, mitt romney refused to bow to white house pressure and release more tax returns. here's steve handelsman. >> reporter: paul ryan's first week role in the race was on display in virginia, to push government financial responsibility and the choice republicans say voters have. >> which is a nation further in debt, further in doubt, a nation going into decline. or we can get it right, reapply our principles, get us back on the right track. we can't keep spending money we don't have. >> reporter: the day after mitt romney insisted medicare under the obama plan will run out of money, his revelation about his own money, a decade of taxes -- >> every year i paid at least 13%. >> reporter: -- has put romney
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on the defensive. he refused an offer from the obama campaign that if he released five years of return, team obama wouldn't ask for more. and out came an attack ad from the pro-obama superpac on romney and ryan. >> mitt romney's worth $200 million, but under paul ryan's budget, he'd pay only 1% in taxes. >> reporter: ryan proposed no tax on capital gains which made up most of romney's income on the 2010 return he did release. but the romney promise to fix medicare for younger voters put president obama on the defensive and he put up an ad. >> the nonpartisan aarp says obama care cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits. >> reporter: the white house warns seniors about a romney/ryan administration. >> medicare under their plan would actually be insolvent before even the end of their first term. >> reporter: call it the ryan effect. more focus on medicare, money, taxes, and spending.
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the ryan pick has brought the romney campaign more money, $10 million this week they say. so far ryan has not gotten romney better poll numbers. i've steve handelsman, news 4. >> and news 4 has a one-on-one interview with paul ryan, that story airs tomorrow night on news 4 at 11:00 after the redskins/bears game. a trial date set for two former penn state officials accused of covering up the sex abuse scandal. tim curley and former vice president gary schultz are charged with failure to report and with felony perjury. officials claim both men lied when asked what a graduate assistant told them about a 2001 sexual assault he witnessed in a locker room shower. a judge ordered jury selection to begin january 7th. the trial will start immediately after that. in june, sandusky was convicted on 45 counts of sex abuse. he's awaiting sentencing. protests around the world
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after a russian judge convicted three female punk rockers for their political demonstration on the altar of moscow's cathedral. they're headed to prison. experts say the punishment is far worse than the crime. michel people believe the women are part of political pressure. >> reporter: these two women, two mothers, have spent six months in jail found guilty of hooliganism and sentenced to two years in prison. meanwhile, protesters being arrested outside the court. what they did was stage about a 30-second sort of punk rock protest inside moscow's main cathedral. legal experts say that should have landed them maybe a $30 fine. >> translator: why am i here? it is a question of the future of russian justice. what we see in the future not just politically motivated trials but open lawlessness, that bears as much relation to courts as the inquisition does. >> reporter: now, their lawyer
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plans to appeal. activists threatened big protests in the near future. you know, what really stands out from this video we've seen is how brave these women are. remaining defiant and how dangerous dissent still is in russia. even during peaceful protests. back to you. >> this is your second warning. >> supporters of the band also protested in front of the russian embassy in new york city today. officers warned them if they refused to leave, they would be arrested. police took at least three people into custody. if you plan to use metro to get around this weekend, expect delays. there will be more track work taking place on four of the system's five lines this time. on the red line, the tacoma avenue stations will be closed. take a free shuttle bus between silver spring and noma and gallaudet. fort totten will be open but for green and yellow lines.
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also single tracking on the orange, blue and green lines. the work starts at 10:00 tonight and should be finished by monday morning. when news 4 at 4:00 continues, a man accused of spying on a woman by putting peepholes under her house. we'll tell you what else police found when they arrested him. rihanna speaks out about chris brown. she explains why she was more concerned about his wellbeing after he roughed her up. respect, getting an education, and having a relationship with the lord. >> and the movie whitney houston finished just weeks before her death, tonight "sparkle" opens in theaters. and georgia has
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♪ you're my sunshine after the rain ♪ >> that's 98 degrees singing one of their big hits, "because of you" on the "today" show this morning. the popular '90s boy band reunited for the summer concert series. it's the first time they've performed together in ten years. the group is set to perform at the knix take festival in hershey, pennsylvania, this weekend. >> there's no word on whether nick, drew and the gang plan to record a new album any time soon. sounds like they should. they sound good. >> yeah, some of their fans have grown up a little bit over the last year. >> and so have they.
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whitney houston fans will get to see her final performance tonight. she's star, of course, in the movie "sparkle" which hit theater today. >> the movie wrapped three months before houston's death. as nbc's stephanie stanton reports, one of houston's co-stars says it's the perfect tribute to her. >> we made it very simple in this house. >> reporter: it was whitney houston's first acting role in more than 15 years. sadly it would be her last. >> sparkle, you can have a gift. it's how you use it. >> reporter: the 48-year-old houston wrapped production on the film she helped produce just three months before her death last february. her body was found in a bathtub at the beverly hilton hotel on the eve of the grammys. ♪ what can i do with this feeling ♪ >> reporter: "sparkle" is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name. >> what did you say? >> reporter: houston played a mother coming to terms with her own bad choices and growing to
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encourage her daughters' singing careers. during a recent interview with the "today" show, lead actress jordin sparks talked about the movie's impact on houston's fans. >> this movie, what better gift for her to leave for all of her fans and everybody than this amazing performance that she does. >> this isn't what we rehearsed. >> reporter: while it may not break box office records, studio executives are hoping for a strong turnout for houston's swan song. >> from "the bodyguard" to "waiting to exhale," whitney has had a core audience of african-american women. this is one way for the fans to pay their respects to her. >> reporter: fans that had been waiting ining to see houston s screen in "sparkle" for her final curtain call. stephanie stanton, nbc news, los angeles. >> whitney houston's movie "sparkle" tops our hollywood headlines today. georgia is co-host with the morning show. heard weekdays on 93.9 wkys. >> georgia, you actually got a
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chance to get a sneak peek at the "sparkle" movie. what did you think of her performance? do you think fans will be satisfied? >> fans are going to love whitney. whitney sparkled. i'm not just saying it. she was so fabulous in this movie. it was like whitney of old. when she sang, that theater got quiet. you got goose bumps. it was like you were in church. it was amazing but it was her character. i didn't see the first "sparkle" so i didn't have anything to compare it to. it was a little bit of life imitating art for whitney's character. i tell you, i thought whitney sparkled more than jordin sparks. i'm a jordin sparks fan. i just thought whitney, wow, she was fantastic in that film. >> she was fantastic, overall the movie? >> the movie was good, it wasn't great in my opinion. i can't wait to see what the critics and fans say about it. whitney, fabulous. she was whitney of old. >> a lot of people want to see whitney. >> she's going to give them what they're coming for. she was fabulous. let's talk about kim kardashian, her divorce from kris humphries is taking an awful long time.
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>> they've been divorcing longer than they were married. >> right. what's wrong with that? >> the thing is, he wants an annulments. she wants divorce. nobody can figure out besides that what he wants. i'm thinking he wants money. he's subpoenaing everybody on the show with her, her mom, kanye west whom she's dating now. i love that he sent kanye west a subpoena in a nordstrom box. that was kind of crafty. what's crazy about that story is kim kardashian came to the door, the processer shows up with the box from nordstrom, knocks on the door, kim kardashian opens the door. he says, hey, is kanye west here? she goes, he's on the phone. okay. i'm no celebrity, but celebrities answer their own doors? i'm only answering my door if it's a girl scout with a wagon full of girl scout cookies behind her. i'm surprised she opened the door. she asked about kanye. she's like, he's on the phone. >> come on in. >> just hold on a second. it will just be a second. >> what? >> who does that? >> you're right. that is kind of unusual. >> it is. >> speaking of splits, rihanna
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is now talking, she opened up to oprah about, you know, the relationship with chris brown and the, you know, the fight. >> yeah. >> and what she said has surprised a lot of folks. >> yeah. she actually, actually felt sorry for chris brown. she says she was thinking about chris brown after she was the one who was abused because she thought, you know what, he's the one that needs help and people are going to see him as a monster when really he made this mistake because he needs help. i think, i got to tell you, i love oprah, but i don't watch o.w.n. that much. i will be watching sunday night to see. oprah has been tweeting, instagraming pictures of herself and rihanna. rihanna gets very emotional. looks to be a gooder er binter >> whitney houston's ex, bobby brown, is in rehab. >> he finally admitted, yes, i'm in rehab. his people say he's trying to get this together, doing this for his kids. he wants to be there for him. then we find out it was court ordered. tmz talked to his daughter, bobbi kristina, of course, his daughter with whitney houston, and the photographer said, hey, you know, how do you feel about
4:20 pm
bobby brown rising above, you know, and trying to get this thing kicked? she was like, rising above isn't exactly what i'd say he was doing. >> wow. >> ouch. >> yeah. >> not too crazy about daddy still. >> okay. >> yeah. >> all right, georgia. >> thank you. >> thank you all. >> have a fantastic weekend. >> you all, too. >> all righty. and still to come on "nbc 4 at 4" this afternoon. this is what happens join get too close to lady gaga. the interview is buzzing over video showing her bodyguards tackling a fan. this is your grandson. this is your grandfather. >> plus, spike lee joins us in the studio to talk about his new movie. and steve harvey reveals how he plans to outdo oprah with
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great wait to start out the weekend. >> yeah. wonderful outside today. if only we could keep the really hot, dry weather into the weekend. i know a lot of people would appreciate that for outdoor water skiing and stuff people like to do on the weekend. unfortunately, fortunately depending how you look at it,
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today will be the hottest of the next three. today at 93 degrees today might end up being the last, did he say the last 90 degree day in august? might be. might be. we'll see. it's not going to be anywhere near 90 over the weekend. through much of the upcoming seven to ten-day stretch, we may fall short of 90 degrees. now, in a summer where we've had no trouble making it into the 90s i can't rule out one or two more. it doesn't look likely. i can tell you one thing, we will not have seven more 90s in a row, period, for the rest of the summer. 93 now, though, at national airport. it's a hot one out there and breezy as well. winds out of the southwest at 20. gusting to near 30 miles per hour. so a really nice southwesterly breeze. baseball game starting at 7:05 tonight for the mets and the nationals. clouds moving in, and there will be a risk of some showers by the late innings of the game. any time really after about the seventh inning stretch, you may have to contend with showers down at the game. not a guarantee, but don't go to the game without at least knowing in advance that you may have to dodge some drops.
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here's live doppler. not much around town just yet. first drops now moving into parts of frederick county, maryland, northern and western parts of laden county, virginia. these are inching their way ever eastbound here, so rain chances are on the up and up. but there's a little break in the action down to the south and west. so not everyone's going to get rained on. there's the i-81 corridor, rain from martinsburg, winchester, front royal and toms brook all getting the rain showers for now. it's all part of a weather front with a broken line of rain showers now that extends all the way from pennsylvania down into the carolinas. as you can see there, there's a lot of holes in spots in the coverage of the rain. so not everybody's going to get rained on, but most of us will have a chance for showers and thunderstorms around for this evening. that should be tapering off after midnight tonight. but the weekend forecast could be a little tricky. a little wave of low pressure on that front. notice the little green shading out there. those are rain drop chances in southern maryland, 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow afternoon. limited sunshine tomorrow and rain chances will linger through
4:26 pm
much of your saturday the further south and east you go. sunday looks like it will be the better day of the weekend. so for this evening, showers and thunderstorms becoming more likely. then overnight tonight, rain and cloudiness and sogginess to get your weekend started. but a nice, cool start. can't even rule out a rumble or two of thunder. not looking for a lot of severe weather. tomorrow, clouds and kind of wet and dreary in the morning. breaks of sunshine by tomorrow afternoon, especially north and west. where it's raining now, if it's raining at your house now out north and west, you'll probably have a decent amount of sunshine as early as tomorrow. but if you live down into southern marylands, planning on going to the beaches, we'll give you the beach forecast coming up. may not be the best weekend for laying on the sand. good movie going, outlet malls, whatever you do on the beach when it's raining. >> we'll make the best of it. still to come on "news 4 at 4," they went for the gold and now they're back home. we're going to catch up with team usa to find out what they are most excited about after the olympics. and spike lee joins us in the studio to tell us why he
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welcome back to news 4 at 4:00. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm pat lawson muse. >> america's golden girl is spending the day with family and
4:30 pm
friends in norfolk. olympic gold medalist gabby douglas flew in yesterday with her two gold medals. the airport terminal was decked out with balloons to welcome her home. douglas was the first off the plane and didn't waste any time greeting her fans, even kids who hadn't seen their dad in two weeks ignored their dad to get a chance to meet her. >> what did you tell him? >> oh, well, gabby douglas. >> calm down. >> she's like, kind of big in virginia beach. >> i just want to visit family and friends and go down to the beach and visit my favorite shops and maybe do a little shopping here and there. i'm so excited to be home. i haven't been home in two years. >> douglas is only in virginia for a day. she's heading to her second home of iowa where she's going to be interviewed by oprah. with the 2012 olympic games in the books now, some of team usa's brightest stars already have some really big plans. >> nbc's mike wilbur has more on what next, or what is next for
4:31 pm
all those olympians. >> reporter: now that the games are over, the most decorated olympian of all time, michael phelps, definitely has some excitement ahead. >> i want to go and travel around the world and, you know, just have some fun. >> reporter: gold medal gymnast gabby douglas wants to decompress at the dinner table. >> is there a guilty pleasure food that you're going to eat? >> yes. i'm definitely going to have a cinnamon roll. >> reporter: all that swimming apparently made ryan lochte hungry, too. >> the very first thing when i get home, i'm going to have a good american burger. >> reporter: the gold medalist has a lot more on his mind than food post olympics. >> i want to start going into, like, acting, yeah, i mean, i think that would be fun. >> reporter: looks like the swimmer got his wish. he's making his acting debut on an episode of "90210" in october. >> it's something i'm passionate about. when swimming is all said and done, i definitely want to go in that direction and design my own clothing line. >> reporter: reality tv seemses to be the way to go for track
4:32 pm
star sonya richards, who runs a beauty salon with her sister. we tv has picked up a pilot about the olympian and bruce jenner has more tv plans for her. >> let's get her on to the style network. i think you guys should be that. >> i think we should be on the style network. we're like you guys. >> reporter: gold medal swimmer katie ledecky is ready to hit the books. >> excited to get back to school and see my friends. >> reporter: ditto for missy franklin. >> it's been so incredible, but i'm excited to go back to high school. >> reporter: and judo gold medalist, harrison. >> i'd like to go back to school. prince william and the rest of his team were called on for a helicopter rescue after the coast of wales this week. the prince is stationed near the beach where a 13-year-old girl got caught in a riptide. her 16-year-old sister tried to rescue her, but was swept out to sea. prince william flew a sea king helicopter to the scene. he hovered overhead as a member of his crew pulled the older
4:33 pm
girl out of the water. the surfer had already brought the younger sister to safety. the prince flew the girls to the hospital so they could be checked out there. william has been a search and rescue pilot for two years now but only qualified to take command of the sea king a few months ago. that's blood territory over there. >> i don't want you all here no more, all right? you should know better than letting him out here without instructions. going to blast you straight to -- >> spike lee takes us back to brooklyn in his new film "red hook summer." the film follows a boy from atlanta who's sent to the red hook projects to spend the summer with his grandfather. spike lee joins us this morning with more on his movie and other upcoming projects. great to see you again. >> glad to be here. >> thanks for coming. tell us a little about the movie, first. i know you grew up in brooklyn. is this a little bit of an autobiography? >> not at all, not at all. i think there's more -- there are autobiographical moments in the film but more from the screenwriter, james mcbrian.
4:34 pm
it's about his kid who's growing up in suburban atlanta, is being sent to spend the summer with his grandfather who he's never met before who's also a baptist preacher. >> now, tell us about the baptist preacher. why did you choose that role? i know that's an important role in the black community. >> well, i'd done it before with ozzie davis character, the good reverend doctor in "jungle fever" and the black bishop preacher deacon is a special place, and as you said, the african-american community, even today. >> and can you tell us a little bit about what he says, what he does? does he change the life of this boy? >> well, from the very first minute, his eyes set upon his grandson who he's never seen before. he's trying to get him to accept the lord, accept jesus into his life. and the kid, his name is flick, his nickname is flick. he's never been to church, so he's very resistant. >> what year is this film set?
4:35 pm
>> today, contemporary. >> you have said you think brooklyn has become pretty gentrified since you grew up there, right? >> yes, but it's not all the way -- you still have the red hook projects there. >> and you have got a lot of things going on right now. a lot of projects. one of them involves a guy who i met on your shirt there. tell us about that. >> yes, before we get with that, we have the other michael. i just finished directing mike tice on broadway. >> that's right. >> it was a great run. 12 performances. called "mike tyson." the undisputed truth. live on broadway. he's phenomenal. mike tyson got standing ovation every performance. >> you think you want to film that now? >> we're going to do it, maybe a short time, hbo probably. >> why did you decide you wanted to do something with mike tyson? the bad boy, mike tyson? >> he's not a bad boy anymore. he's a very considerate, grown man. i've known michael for 25 years and he had done this show in las vegas.
4:36 pm
i heard about it, called him up, said, come on, let's work it together and put it on broadway. that's what happened. >> do you think he's always been an actor? >> yes. >> even out there in the ring? >> he said that every time he stepped in the ring, he was acting. he's putting on a show. >> wow. he apparently did a great job there, because folks really liked him. >> and this right here, i just finished a documentary called "bad 25." which is about -- a feature-length documentary. which is about the making of the "bad" album, michael jackson's "bad" album. this august 31 st will be the 25th anniversary when the album was released and it's about everything that went into the making of the album and i got fulling ing access to michael js archives. we have stuff in the film nobody has seen before. >> right now we want to celebrate the "red hook summer" that's opening -- >> a week from today. august 24th. >> always happy to see you here. >> always love d.c. >> i know you do. you told me that before. come on back. whenever you feel like it. >> thank you very much.
4:37 pm
>> always great to see you, spike. and there's more to come on "news 4 at 4" this afternoon. a man accused of spying on a woman through holes in the bottom of her house. judging by what he left behind, he had plan to be there for a while. plus steve harvey reveals why he wants people to call him little o. ♪ we're nasa and we know it and nasa with a kick. the pop song celebrating all
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4:41 pm
comes to tv and movie production. the mayor's office says the industry contributed $7 billion to the city's economy last year. wow. youtube has a new video channel called "satire" and the first entry immediately went viral. >> it's called "we're nasa and we know it." listen. ♪ we're nasa and we know it >> the video is a parody of nasa's mars curiosity rover mission set to the tune of lmfao's hit "sexy and i know it." the actors looked like the real mission control team. nasa doesn't seem to mind either. according to the "l.a. times," two members of the mars mission team have already posted the video on their twitter accounts. >> catchy tune. >> yeah. we all know it, don't we? when "news 4 at 4" continues, chuck is tracking storms moving through the area. he'll have the latest. ♪ joking, man, this food can be
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too scary ♪ ♪ no joking because you know i cut the grapes and the blueberries ♪ >> plus dads with skills. the new video celebrates the
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we've had terrific weather today. i hope we're not expecting a change any time soon. >> you know, a little concerned about some of our friday night backyard barbecues out there. yesterday was the day to be outside with the barbecue going. today not a bad day right now
4:45 pm
around town. there are showers looming out to the west and they are inbound rain showers, everybody. now, the good news is, they're coming in a little ahead of schedule. they might be able to leave a little early, but nonetheless, i'm very concerned about many backyard barbecues this afternoon and into this evening. right now, though, it is toasty warm out ahead of the raindrops. we've surged to 93 degrees at national airport. it's even 91 at beautiful st. mary's county, maryland. 91 in fredericks bur frederick. 86, sharlsville. the rain-cooled 70s and 60s on the map. 68 in hagerstown, 90 in frederick. 90 in manasas. low temperatures, low 6 0stz out to the west. overnight lows, mid 70s alongside the chesapeake bay. for tomorrow, a noticeably cooler day than today. about 10 degrees colder than today. highs tomorrow only up into the low 80s. plenty of clouds around for the front half of your saturday. i think that we can get
4:46 pm
northeast of the raindrops out of here by the end of the day tomorrow, but it's going to be a close call, especially for you folks in southern maryland and if you're beach bound for the weekend, i have concerns. here's live radar. rain drops just now moving into frederick and frederick county, maryland. most of west virginia getting the rain showers now and even rumbles of thunder further down i-81. here you see the progression of the rain showers moving along the i-81 corridor, grazing into northernmost montgomery county. some of that may not be reaching the ground. nonetheless, if you live out here, western sides of the capital beltway, be on the ready for raindrops the next couple hours, martinsburg, inwood, charlesville, cabletown, all getting the rain showers for now. it's part of a weather front inching its way through. there's the true back end of the rain. it's out here toward pittsburgh, pennsylvania. it's going to take a while to get through here. if you're going down to the beaches this weekend, stormy tomorrow with highs in the low 80s. showery weather may linger into sunday and a little bit monday as well. won't rain all of the next three
4:47 pm
days at the beaches, but tomorrow may be as close to a lost cause as you want to see. tomorrow around here, cloudy, wet in the morning. breaks of sunshine by afternoon. the further north and west you live, the more sunshine you will see and the earlier you'll get it. southern maryland, northern, eastern shore may not see sunshine tomorrow. a nice, cool weekend. if nothing else, it won't be anywhere near 90 degrees this weekend. in fact, see on the seven-day forecast, i kept us below 90 all the way through the next seven days. >> thank you. >> today, seriously, this could be one of the last couple of 90 degree days of the year. we'll see. but i'm optimistic. we probably don't have more than maybe three or four left in front of us. >> pattern is changing. >> it is changing. september lingers. just away. >> thank you. >> thanks, chuck. >> okay. many people know steve harvey as a standup comedian. his radio and tv career has spanned more than a quarter century. now he's trying something new. this fall he's launched a daytime tv talk show here on
4:48 pm
nbc. kotb has a preview of her "datelin "dateline" one-on-one with steve harvey. >> you say there's three things every man needs to have in a relationship. >> every man has to have loyalty, every man has to have support, and every man has to have the cookie. >> the cookie? >> cookie. the thing that everybody likes. we're pretty much happy guys after that. you know, little espn and ta-da. >> reporter: steve harvey has a knack for calling it like it is. the 55-year-old comedian has been at it for 27 years. >> and you jam your toe on the edge of that door. what do you say? oh, oh father, oh, lord. >> reporter: now he is giving up standup for daytime talk with a daily show called "steve harvey" being distributed by nbc universal and produced in chicago where oprah once ruled. steve plans to keep on bluntly dishing out hilarious observations on relationships and why women and men don't
4:49 pm
always see eye to eye. >> you were looking at another woman, oh, she was naked and she walked by. what was i supposed to do? i was at the strip club because of the chicken wings. >> humor is the way people is going to take your advice? is that kind of the idea? >> yeah, see, medicine is better when it tastes good. you know, laughter is an amazing anecdote. >> reporter: steve isn't shy to fessing up about wanting his show to emulate the other famous talk show. is it oprahesque, then? >> i hope it's oprahesque. >> no kidding. >> who don't? >> fast forward five years from now. >> i'm going to have major stars clambering to get a seat on the a-list couch. they'll be calling me little o. by then, and i'm going to give away trucks. 18 wheelers. that's what we're doing in five years, folks. >> and you can watch more of
4:50 pm
kotb's report with steve harvey on "dateline" on news 4 sunday at 7:00. >> do you think folks will watch if he's giving away 18 wheelers? >> what would you do with an 18 wheeler? >> sell it, id sell it in a heartbeat. lady gaga's bodyguards tackles one of her little monsters and the video becomes an internet sensation. ♪ you want eggs, cereal, pancakes, oatmeal ♪ ♪ start the day with good calories and keep your eye out for food allergies ♪ >> the music video celebrating the joys of fatherhood. coming up on news 4 at 5, in just a few minutes tonight, a special homecoming for a wounded warrior. how his family's dream became reality. plus, why michael phelps is in hot water today because of posing in his bathtub for louis vuitt vuitton. gas prices are skyrocketing. find out what's b
4:51 pm
we gotta sell the car.
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where would we even start? get the car. hi howard. get in. hi, good to see you. start with an actual written offer when selling your car, no strings attached. carmax. start here.
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this video is getting thousands of hits on youtube. a fan rushes a pop superstar lady gaga trying to get an autograph and her bodyguard is there for the takedown. it happened as music icon was walking through her hotel in romania. gaga flinched but remained calm before escorted away. as for the fan, he was kicked out of the hotel. ♪ get the outfit right and don't stress ♪
4:54 pm
♪ don't want the people saying i think her daddy got her dressed ♪ ♪ clipped in tight but no pigtails ♪ ♪ man those are daddy kryptonite ♪ ♪ we're ready to hit the road >> daddies rapping. these rappers call themselves sam d. and dj dave. talking about all the skills you have to learn when you become a father. the san francisco duo talk about everything from making breakfast to changing diapers to creating ponytails. now, the rhymes are pretty funny on their own, but we have to say the best part is sam d.'s daughter who appears in the video with them. she's adorable. and coming up next, a man spies on a woman by ripping spies on a woman by ripping holehey america, even though
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
they don't need one, wes, clay and demarcus tried on the new depend real fit briefs for charity to prove how great the fit is even while playing pro football. the best protection now looks, fits and feels just like underwear. get a free sample and try one on for yourself.
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a new hampshire woman could not believe her eyes when it happened. a man had cut holes in the bathroom floor of her trailer home so he could secretly watch her. that's not the only disturbing thing police found. >> it was a brief thing. i was just going to the bathroom and he was -- i realized he was invading me. >> reporter: the victim says 44-year-old christian hub sold her this trailer a couple years ago then wanted to go out. but when she recently put her foot down and said no to dating,
4:58 pm
he allegedly broke in to spy on her a few days ago. crawling under the trailer, cutting holes in ductwork and the bathroom floor to take videos of the victim in varying stages of undress. she also spoke to me earlier on her uncle's cell phone. >> i said, what are you doing? watching me go to the bathroom? he said, no, no, no, i just got set up. i haven't seen anything yet. >> reporter: her uncle says when hobbs lived here he was seen walking around the park with no clothing. >> i seen him in his home -- >> reporter: naked? >> yes. going around nude, going around in circles, banging against the walls and what not. >> reporter: hobbs admitted being under the trailer when police tracked him down walking along route 28. he brought power bars, drinks and tissue for a nearly two-day stay beneath that trailer. >> he's a very sick man and he needs a lot of help. >> reporter: several officers came back to the crime scene to search for evidence including listening devices, two baby monitors had already been
4:59 pm
recovered wednesday night. >> we were also able to seize his phone which had 16 one-minute videos of the female victim and her toddler son in various stages of bathroom use. >> police say the woman noticed movement in the trailer's air duct then saw hobbs looking up at her. he was arrested wednesday and held on $25,000 bond. now at 5:00, the fight for virginia. >> paul ryan's first week in the race for the white house, and he's made several stops in virginia. threats were made today against movie theaters nationwide. all the theaters of one chain shut down tonight. plus why swimmer michael phelps is in hot water for appearing in this ad. good evening, i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim adley. off the top tonight at 5:00 the presidential race lands in our backyard again. republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan is here for


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