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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 18, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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and now from washington's leading news station, this is news 4 today. >> good morning, everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. it is saturday, august 18th, 2012. it looked like there was some rain overnight. >> a couple puddles out there, but it felt quite nice. >> what's more pleasant than having kim martucci visiting us here this weekend. >> yeah, i drove through a couple of those puddles this morning. we technically got 0.17 of an inch. the delmarva won't be the best
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place to be today. that's where it will stay wet. us, we'll get by with a mostly cloudy start and a partly sunny finish. nice 60s. we'll take you up to the low. and mid-80s today, quite a change from the 90s we've seen. i'll talk more about your extended weather forecast through the weekend when i see you in just a bit. >> all right, kim, thanks. we're following a developing story in pakistan. officials there say a suicide car bomber killed five security troops at a checkpoint. the attack happened in southwestern pakistan, which is a volatile region right now. pakistani authorities say the attacker blew up his car after he was stopped at the check point. the troops killed were part of pakistan's frontier corps. these are trying to find a robber. a cab picked up a man at the largo metro station and drove
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him to bowie. the man then demanded money from the cabbie and started to douse the cab with a flammable liquid. when this would-be robber went to light the liquid, he set himself on fire. cab drivers say there's danger at picking up people at metro stations. >> sometimes they get in the cab. we don't know their intentions. that's why we make the presence of police here all the time. >> that cab driver escaped with only minor injuries. the robber was severely burned. a prince george's county man was killed in a freak accident yesterday just days after becoming a new dad. the heavyweight boxer was driving on i-95 when a tractor trailer made an illegal u had been turn, according to police. the track then slammed into his vehicle killing him. friends and family of the victim plan to hold a tribute next saturday at the washington convention center. now to decision 2012. one week after being named mitt
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romney's running mate, paul ryan is keeping up a daily blitz of swing states. this morning niece the villages in florida, an area known for its large retirement community. this after two more campaign stops in virginia. ryan has spent more days in the commonwealth than any other battleground state since joining the ticket. >> reporter: with mitt romney taking a day away from rallies, his running mate, wisconsin congressman paul ryan, was in the campaign spotlight working for votes in all-important virginia hitting vote-rich fairfax county and suburban richmond. with tens of thousands of defense jobs at stake with the automatic budget cuts of sequestration looming at year's end, ryan says a romney administration will stand with the house against them. >> i tell you what, in the house we already passed the bill to cut spending in other areas of government to make sure that's devastating cuts in defense never occur so we don't put
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virginians out of work and we have a strong national defense. >> ryan stuck to broad themes and did not mention medicare or romney's tax return, issues that have dominated the campaign in recent days. instead ryan turned the focus back on the economy promising to cut taxes to create jobs. >> when we tax our job creators and our businesses at much higher tax rates than our foreign competitors tax theirs, they win, we lose. that's what obama-nomics is and we're going to reject obama-nomics and help families grow and grow jobs. >> reporter: but a ryan tax policy would favor billionaire ps over the middle class. >> providing tax breaks to the billionaires. what about the middle class folks? what about us? that's a real life concern that i hear day in and day out. >> reporter: romney supporters say their enthusiasm for the gop
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ticket has grown with the addition of paul ryan. >> i can't believe what's been happening in the past week. everybody is so excited. the numbers are up. it's just a shot of new blood and energy into the campaign. >> oh, i thought he did a fabulous job. he was really on top of it the whole time. he's a good speaker. and i think he really reached out to the crowd. >> reporter: excitement the gop ranks also seem to be paying off in campaign contributions. $10 million was collected online by the campaign last week. 68% of it from new donors. in springfield, julie carey, news 4 today. president obama is also back on the trail this morning with two stops in new hampshire. it comes as his campaign releases a new ad defending his record on medicare. >> now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan aarp says obama-care cracks down on medicare, fraud, waste and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits. and the ryan plan? aarp says it would undermine --
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>> the ad goes on to criticize vp running mate paul ryan for his medicare plan. quoting aarp as saying it would lead to higher costs for seniorses. the romney camp disputed the ad. it claimed the president's plan would take away medicare spending without insuring its long-term stability. women will converge on capitol hill today for a demonstration called the we are women rally. organizers say they're trying to bring national attention to issues such as equal health care and equal pay on the job. they're trying to get legislation proposed that supports their views. eleanor holmes norton will give the address to this rally that begins at 10:30 on the west lawn of the capitol building. remembrances today, a motorcycle group rode from somerset pennsylvania. later this morning the group will leave the pentagon and head
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to new york city to continue their tribute. >> that's really nice. the time right now is 6:06. coming up the lasting impact the colorado theetator shooting is having at the box office. >> a big morning on mars. how curiosity rover will test out its laser beam technology today. >> two more days until some kids in our area head back to school. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years. every paycheck.
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now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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and strengthens the plan for the next generation. but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them. you're watching news 4 today. >> more than 200 movie theaters are back open this morning after a nationwide bomb threat. police say a man left a threatening voice mail at the
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atlanta headquarters for carmike cinemas. the company's theaters were shut down. no explosives were found. police arrested a man who tried to bring a loaded handgun into a carmike cinema in georgia. movie fans are still reluctant about going to theaters a month after the mass shooting in a colorado theater. it shows that 17% of people say they're still skeptical about seeing new releases on the big screen. late night showings are particularly affected. teens, especially females are most likely to avoid going to the movies. it's been about six months since whitney houston was found dead in a los angeles hotel room but fans are getting a chance to see her one last time. >> the movie she starred in just before her death "sparkle" is now playing in theaters. ♪ with this feeling >> the 48-year-old houston wrapped up production on the
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film she helped produce just three months before her death last february. "spark qul" is a remake of the 1976 film of the same name. she was growing to encourage his daughter's singing careers. >> sparkle, you can have a gift. it's how you use it. >> this movie, what better gift for her to leave for all of her fans and for everybody than this amazing performance that she does. >> houston died from an accidental drowning in a hotel bathtub. "sparkle" was her first acting role in more than 15 years. taking a look at some of the other movies that are being released this weekend. >> from action-packed sequels to family-friendly flick, this box office has something for every moviegoer. >> somebody's hooked. >> first up is the action-packed flick "the expendables 2."
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sylvester stallone, bruce willis, chuck norris, love cluck. they're all part of a crew working on a mission that involves weapons grade pluton m plutonium. it is rated r. >> if you're more into family films you may want to check out "the odd life of timothy greene". jennifer garner stars as a couple who wants to have their own child. it is rated pg. >> if darker movies are your thing check out an animated film called "paranorman." it features the voices of casey affleck, john goodman is about a misunderstood boy that takes on ghosts, zombies and grown-ups all to help save his town. it is rated pg grkspg. >> shouldn't be too scary if it's animated. >> i want to see "the campaign"
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still, will ferrell. >> it's been out a while. >> let us know what you think. >> questions parents might have about going back to school. >> maybe you've tried diet and exercise nop now try juicing.
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today nasa's mars rover will be doing some target practice on the red planet. it will test out its laser on a martian rock in an attempt to burn a small hole in it. it is one of ten tools curiosity will use to study whether the environment on mars is suitable for life. in several weeks the rover will start its trek across the crater it landed in and at year's end should reach a mountain rise from the crater's floor.
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was that disney movie where it had a little movie like that that roamed around? that's all that i can think of. you know what i'm talking about, right, big eyes. >> yeah, yeah. >> i have no idea. leave it to the moms to have that discussion. i have no idea. >> "short circuit" we're hearing. >> no. that's 1980. >> before your time. >> i know that. >> wall-e." it came to me. like real life "wall-e." a very nice cool feeling out this this morning. i heard the crickets and all kind of noise coming in. >> they had all types of fun in the rain i would imagine. i looked it up. we're over eight inches behind for the yearly total of rain in our area. so we'll take what we can get. it looks like the rain we got last night is probably going to be it for this weekend until sunday night. great to see you saturday morning. i'm always interested to know what you're having for breakfast. suzanne halver sack e-mailed me.
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bagels. 70 is the nice even number to start your morning. winds have shifted to the north at 10 miles an hour. a sign of cooler times in this year. it's fun to say cooler times. college park i'm digging that 67 degrees. out to the south and west, ft. belvoir, you have 68. here's that rain that came last night especially 10, 11:00. it has pushed off to the east and is over in the delmarva. it won't be the best of best days. a lot of chance for showers. just some pesky clouds lingering, not a washout here. you will see a little bit of sunshine, just not a bright sunny day which you might prefer. but look at the 50s on this map. off to the west in elkins, 57. so a lot of our far western suburbs tonight will get down into the 50s.
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d.c. will go down into the 60s tonight. that will feel really good. windows open weather. as for the day planner, 8:00, it will feel damp from the rain. partly sunny at 6:00 with temperatures in the low to middle 80s. here's the front that lingers along the coast through our weekend keeping it damp at the beach. limited sunshine here. the timeline is up here in the tidal, so you can see just some clouds around. then off to the west, these showers develop. they're going to be targeting us sunday night to kick off your monday. so monday will be another wet hurdle day in my weather forecast. so let's put in it writing and get you out the door. damp/cloudy start, breaks with sun later, cooler day, no 90s. a high between 80 and 85 with a north wind. this evening not bad for getting out on the town, partly cloudy, comfortable, sunset, wah-wah,
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not 8:00 any more. stop whining. we'll look ahead. 83 on tuesday. look at these 80s. they go for seven days. no 90s. fine with the pregnant woman. 85 on wednesday, 87 friday, guys, that's my weather scoop. back to you. >> you think about that word thermal maternal. they say it for a reason. you get hot real quick. the redskins have quite the task ahead of them tonight. they have a battle with the bears in their second preseason game. >> but could injury hold them back from a win? here's lou holder with a preview of tonight's big game. >> good morning, everyone, lou holder here. preseason game number two for the redskins tonight. they're in chicago taking on the bears. according to head coach mike shanahan, robert griffin iii and the starters will go about 30 to 35 place. in other words, they'll go for about a half. running backs tim hightower will not play due to injury.
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expect to see rookie alfred morris get a good deal of the carries along with second year man evan royster. he did not go against the bills because of a shoulder injury is expected to play. as for rg3 after going 4 for 6 for 70 yards and a td against buffalo, he's hoping to improve every game. >> i think i'm my worst critic, my hardest critic. in the game in the 14 plays that we got, there wasn't anything that stuck out. hey, i could have done this differently, i could have done that differently, but in practice there's definitely moments like that where you say, hey, i should have made this throw instead of that throw. it happens more in practice than it does in the game or it did in the buffalo game. >> don't forget nbc 4 is your official redskins station. dan hellie will be at the field followed by the game right here
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on nbc 4. this is a big game for a lot of redskins trying to make the squad. they have to get from 90 to 75 players by monday, august 27th. i'm lou holder. have a good day. just in time for the start of the school year, students head back to school on monday. there is now an interim school superintendent in prince george's county, dr. alvin crowley will serve the county for the 2012, 2013 school year. he's a 20-year veteran in the education field. he comes to prince george's county from d.c. public school. william hite left the post for a top job in philadelphia. they're getting kid ks ready for class with a big back to school fair today. not just fun and games. parents and students can get information on school registration, before and after-school programs, pta groups, this free event starts at 10:00 and runs until 1:00.
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move over smoothies, excuse me, there's another health drink with appealing squeeze this morning we take a look at a growing trend in the district, raw juice. they say five a day, but getting your greens and fruits can be tough. it could be why fresh-pressed juices are more popular than ever. >> a great way to get the most nutritional density out of any fruit or vegetable. >> nick is a co-founder of sweetgreen, a fresh place for salad now known for its squeeze. drinking fresh pressed juice or juicing is a growing trend. and the flavors flow endless. at sweet green t fan favorite, a green juice made with apple, spinach and ginger. there are sweet options like seasonal made from produce of the time. >> sweet, that's good. and watermelon is very fresh. that's what i like. >> employees spend seven hours every morning just juicing, but this is no easy task. on average it takes two to four
6:25 am
pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables to go through the juicer and eventually end up in this 12 ounce bottle. it takes two tons of pressure to squeeze nearly 100% of the juice out. the fruit is in the pressed pull. >> it almost feels like a towel. >> i wonder if you could wash with this. a little exfoliation. the detailed process using organic fruits comes at a cost. on average $6 a bottle. >> you're extracting high nutritional density into a very small package. a great way to get a good amount of nutrients and not too much of a -- >> reporter: their juices cleanse and a way to work the five ada into your diet. >> we've taken a different position. for us not about the cleanse but a functional juice that fits into your healthy lifestyle. >> reporter: for those scared of the green juice, just think of it as -- >> drinking your salad.
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>> i don't know if i want to drink my salad, though. >> no, it goes down easy. the green juice takes some getting used to, but it's a really easy way to get all those nutrients in. five a day, a lot of us struggle with that. >> yeah, we just don't do it. what's your favorite? >> the watermelon. they do a seasonal one and it had watermelon and coconut water. there's probably more calories in that, but they don't add any extra sugar so it's all raw. >> can't knock it before you try it. okay. details on an fbi into possible kickbacks at virginia railway express. >> how a community is giving back.
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hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to news 4 today. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. it is saturday, august 18th, 2012. >> we'll get started with breaking news this half hour. a 6.6 magnitude earthquake has just rocked an indonesian island. it struck about 35 miles off the coast of palu city. so far no tsunami warning has been issued, but we'll keep watching the situation. another thing we're watching is how your weekend weather is shaping up. kim martucci is here with more. >> good morning, guys. off and running with a damp, cloudy start. but not that bad. the rain is not falling from the sky any longer. temperatures have cooled off . look at all the 60s here. inside the beltway we are at 70. here's a look at the rain that came last night all pushing off to the east leaving some puddles on your drive around the
6:31 am
beltway. we'll go for 84 today mostly cloudy, a few showers in the delmarva. martinsburg not a bad one, 82. more to come including how the baseball weather's shaping up. you know the mets are in town. we'll talk about that and the beach weather, too, when i see you in a few minutes. >> thanks, kim. the man charged with shooting a security guard at a conser conservative christian organization may have had a second target. the fbi's settinging reports that floyd corkins was carrying the address for a traditional values coalition when he shot a security guard at the family research council wednesday. that guard is doing much better and yesterday he got a visit from d.c. mayor vincent gray. but other conservative policy groups are beefing up security in light of the attack. little is still known about corken, bcork cork corkens, but court documents show he worked for a gay rights in d.c. now university of maryland students are signing a petition
6:32 am
to kick the fast food chain off campus. here's news 4's shomari stone with more on the backlash. >> reporter: tonight those students say chick fi-fil-a doe not support equality. >> it didn't sit right with me. >> reporter: they signed a petition to kick chick-fil-a off of the university of maryland's campus. >> while everyone has their right to free speech, i don't agree with their stance. >> reporter: the organizations demand the university remove it from the food court. the group is outraged that the ceo's views on same-sex marriage. the fast food chain received publicity when caffey told a radio station he supports traditional marriage. >> i think we're inviting god's judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. >> reporter: according to the student newspaper chick-fil-a is
6:33 am
still under contract with the university this academic year. more than 580 students and staff signed the online petition, but some people still support chick-fil-a. >> i'm hungry and it's there. i don't see a problem with just eating there once in a while. >> reporter: students tell me more people will sign the online petition once school starts at the end of the month. at the university of maryland, i'm shomari stone, news 4. federal prosecutors are working to keep the man who tried to kill president reagan from getting freedom. attorneys asked the court to deny john hinckley's request for more privileges including more time alone in public. he's currently staying at the mental health hospital in d.c. he wants to live with his mother in the williamsburg, virginia, area, but only has visitation rights for the time being. the fbi is investigating a popular commuter rail system over kickbacks. a spokesman tells "the washington post" the investigation involves a
6:34 am
subcontractor. the company was hired for a five-year landscaping contract and nearly $3 million. the post obtained an invoiced copy that shows the company owned by a former bre employee received a payment of $3,000 from that subcontractor. that employee was fired earlier this year. today the legaciy of an alexandria community activist is living on in the form of a back-to-school drive and festival. the lenny harris legacy corporation will be collecting backpacks and supplies for local kids in need today. harris, who was murdered during a robbery last year, founded the organization with which was formally called operation hope. the supplies can be dropped off today at the lenny harris one love legacy festivafestival fro until 6:00 at the george washington middle school. it will feature moon bounces, face painting, live music, comedy and poetry readings. today is your last day to get a tax-free deal on shopping
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in maryland. it lets folks who buy clothes and shoes under $100 skip the 6% state sales tax. anyone can take advantage of the offer. you do have to pay for a tax -- or you do have to pay the tax on accessories and school supplies. the rides, the food, the games were right in the middle of fair season but are you wasting your hard earned money on some of those games you can play at our local county fairs? tisch sha thompson shows you what you need to know when you head out to the fair. >> reporter: they seem so easy to play, bounce a ball, throw a dart, pick up a bottle. but is something else at play. >> this game, the way it's made, it's designed for the player to lose. no doubt about that. >> reporter: he's a retired cop who trains law enforcement on carnival games like how nudging a bottle a few inches can mean the difference between winning or losing.
6:36 am
>> your chances of winning are slim to none if at all. >> reporter: the news 4 i-team and dateline nbc are showing you tricks of the trade you might not have noticed before. we're visiting local fair to show you what games to watch out for, which are guaranteed to win you a prize -- >> the games are not rigged. they're not rigged. they can win any game out here. >> reporter: and what you need to know to improve your odds the next time you hit the midway. that's all sunday starting with dateline nbc at 7:00 followed by our local investigation at 11:00. expect delays on metro this weekend. crews are doing track work on four of the system's five lines. on the red line, the tacoma brooklyn and rhode island avenue station are all closed. you can take a free shuttle bus between silver spring and noma. there will be single tracking on the orange, blue and green
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lines. all trains should be back on their normal schedules monday morning. the time right now is 6:36. up next a potentially deadly disease strikes an unlikely target. >> my wife thought that she'd lost me. >> a warning about west nile as cases grow more serious across the country. plus -- ♪ helping out with the homework i'm an algebra slayer ♪ ♪ if i tuck you in at night you'll be as snug as a bug ♪ >> poking fun at one of life's biggest challenges. more on that parenting rap.
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the "today" show is coming up next. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. >> coming up on a saturday morning on "today" is he headed into the lion's den? paul ryan is campaigning in florida's largest retirement community today talking about transforming medicare. live from the campaign trail. also an exclusive interview
6:41 am
with a teenager who was shot through the head with a spear gun and lived to tell about it. whitney houston's final film south in theaters this morning. you'll hear what fans are saying about her performance in "sparkle." and kate as cupid? new speculation that the duchess of cambridge is trying to play matchmaker for prince henry. now back to you in washington. >> good luck to crakate, right, lester? >> that's what sisters-in-law are for. a new fight against mosquitoes in dallas. last night planes crisscrossed dallas county spraying an insectici insecticide. about half of the county has been covered by the spray. so far ten people have died and another 200 got sick. west nile is coming into our area as well. new cases reported in virginia. and the number of known cases in
6:42 am
maryland increased this week. news 4's melissa mollet has the steps you should take. >> reporter: right now five confirmed human west nile cases in maryland, two in virginia and none in the district. >> 80% of the people that get west nile virus have no symptoms whatsoever. they get bit, they get infected and their immune system is good enough to resolve it. >> reporter: others have flu-like symptoms showing up in day. this year big for bug repellent. >> it's important because you don't know which mosquitoes have west nile. >> we do spray before we go out and play. >> reporter: the doctor with the fairfax county health department has spent his life studying mosquitoes. when he had flu-like symptoms last year the last thing he thought of was west nile virus. >> never crossed my mind. never crossed my mind that it
6:43 am
could be west nile virus. >> reporter: by the time he was diagnosed with a blood test he had gun having seizures. since it's a virus, only symptoms can be treated. doctors put him in a coma. he spent two months in the hospital and four learning to walk. he's still only 40% recovered. >> one of thes things that happen and it happened to me. >> reporter: there are ways to block bugs, sprays, wipes, even a good old fashioned long sleeved shirt. months keet squitoes aren't jus, they can make you very sick. >> my wife thought that she lost me. i was intubated. i couldn't breathe. >> reporter: our area is seeing the virus early but the number of infected mosquitoes is on par with years past. in fair tax, 1,400 mosquitoes are testing positive.
6:44 am
>> talk with your doctor about what concerns you might have. >> remember anything that holds standing water like a bird bath or kiddie pool is perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. the peak risk times are dawn and dusk. go to and search west nile. with the little rain that we got last night, that accumulates and there we go. process under way. >> i saw puddles out there, will we need to keep the umbrella handy? >> i don't think so unless you're headed to the beaches. if you are headed there or if baseball is your pleasure, i have the forecast for you.
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now's your chance to get a great deal on some of the area's best restaurants without breaking the bank. alexandria's restaurant week runs until next sunday. for 35 bucks, you can enjoy a
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prix fixe three course dinner, you can get dinner for two for $35. d.c.'s restaurant week continues through tomorrow. most restaurants are offering lunch for $20.12. a and dinner for $35.12. minus drinks, tax and tip. they need to put the drinks in there. >> i think for next year they should throw breakfast in there, too, for people like us. >> you can't wine and dine too late. >> just saying, you know? so it's turning out to be really gorgeous across parts of the area. pam from dumb frees sent me this photo. i'll try to post this one later. it's great to see you. we have leftover clouds. a little damp this morning from last night's rain but the rain is not falling from the sky any more. let's see what's going on out there. the sun is getting up and so are you.
6:49 am
we have those leftover clouds and it feels pretty good. 70 at the airport and winds are out of the north at 10 miles per hour. and the humidity is 78%. game planner for today is this -- we'll probably be around 71 at 8:00. and a partly sunny finish around 83 later this afternoon. yesterday's high was 94 sh so that gives you an idea where we're headed. cooler times but still nice to get out in the pool. 66 manassas and martinsburg, west virginia, wild and wonderful at 66 degrees. digging that 61 in cumberland. that is my style weather. the showers linger along the coast today. off to the west we'll have some clouds around but not that bad. there's that rain, the much needed rain that came last night trying to put a dent in that eight-plus inches we need to catch up for what would be normal for the year.
6:50 am
how about some baseball weather? well, the mets are in town. and first pitch is at 7:05 at nationals park. i'm calling for 80 degrees and partly sunny. go nats, pull out another win. and if you are thinking about heading to the coast, there's the front that's going to be pestering them this weekend. it is not a great day at ocean city. around here we'll have the sunshine and clouds and have that tomorrow morning at 8:00. watch this batch of moisture to the west. this will be closing in on us by tomorrow night. angie was asking me about her live shots monday morning. will she be wet? i think she has to wear the rain gear. here you go. if you're headed to the beach today, the weather forecast, we've seen better beach days. tomorrow should be better for you at ocean city, then monday scattered showers. at least easy to remember. each day we're working on a high temperature of 80 and that water temperature is 76 degrees right off the coast. extending that forecast, here's how things are shaping up.
6:51 am
we'll work on 84 today mostly cloudy. partly sunny tomorrow, 82. tomorrow night could be wet, but most of the showers coming into monday morning 81, then after that batch, tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday all look dry. temperatures stay in the 80s. and lows in the 60s. love that! you can stay in touch with me on twitter. i'm @weatherkim. same thing for facebook. show me your breakfast, show me your clouds, i'm not picky. send me your poor, your tired, happy to serve. >> we'll see what you get now. >> afraid to check out your feed. >> should be fun. >> kim, thanks. something you know about, the joys of parenthood. >> sometimes you just can't help but laugh at it. ♪ still know how to rock the hizzle ♪ >> i don't even know what you just said. ♪ we used to be cool back in the day on the block ♪
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>> the trending rap video on parenting, that's next. you keep hearing amazing things about verizon fios. blazing fast internet. the best tv picture quality. but you're still sitting on the fence. so they're making it as easy as possible. now, you can switch to fios without an annual contract. they'll even set up your whole home and give you upgraded equipment, free for six months so call or go online today. this is way better than sitting on a fence. [ male announcer ] get the fios triple play now with no annual contract and get everything you need to set up your whole home free for 6 months. now's the best time to switch to life on fios. call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800-974-6006 tty/v. every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors
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and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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tonight the nats will try once again to top the mets and a tough break for the orioles. here's lou holder with your morning sports. >> good morning, everyone. lou holder here. and if you are still thinking that this is too good to be true with the nats, then you need to get a better nat-attitude. he told a bunch of campers recently to be as sexy as you can. last night his bat with michael morris very attractive. welcome been back ian desmond returning from an oblique strain. his bat not needed. here is michael morris, bottom of the fourth. my goodness. his third career grand slam.
6:56 am
nats take a 4-2 lead. that's the first grand slam by a nat player this year. fans pumped up. bottom of the fifth, bryce harper had been struggling at the dish. not any more. be as sexy as you can. two-run shot. nat goes up 6-2. harper's third homer in the last 165 at-bats. tyler clip ard in a little trouble but he gets rubin tejada to fly out to left. 6-4 over the new york metropolitans. we got drama early. bottom of the fifth, jhonny peralta grounds it to third. check out this reach by mark reynolds. is he out? take another look. full extension. ball in glove, toe on the bag, out. ump says he's safe. mark reynolds goes nuts. here comes buck showalter, he
6:57 am
gets thrown out as well. tied at 3. my word. this -- woo! his second homer of the night. tigers win 5-3 over the orioles. four of those runs coming from prince fielder. don't forget, tonight at 8:00, redskins/bears right here on nbc 4, dan hellie live in chicago for news 4 at 6:00, then joined for doc walker for the pregame show at 7:00. all that nationals success is leading to a positive natitude in the city. the d.c. department of transportation is having to review traffic and public transportation around nats park. the city has seen attendance rise by more than 5,000 fans per game since last year. >> we're trying to strike a balance between the needs of all residents. if they're biking, if they're driving, away want to accommodate all that travel and traverse and live and visit this
6:58 am
corridor. >> the nats will look to continue their success tonight against the mets. now to a video trending online that may help you parents out there laugh about your everyday life taking care of the kids. ♪ we still know how to rock the hizzle ♪ >> i don't even know what you just said ♪ ♪ we used to be cool back in the day on the block ♪ ♪ watching pg-13 movies staying way up after dark ♪ ♪ then we had a couple short es and now we're really flossie ♪ ♪ because we be rolling with our own little posse ♪ ♪ you know money doesn't grow on trees ♪ ♪ why buy the cow is if the milk is free ♪ ♪ this won't hurt y as much as it hurts me ♪ ♪ if you want dessert eat another veggie ♪ >> that is just a sampling of what you see. you got to google this if you haven't seen the whole thing. that's from blufish tv. christian tv, it publishes videos on everything from marriage to parenting skills. >> makes you rethink having more kids. kim, too late for you at this
6:59 am
point. that one's coming. >> but makes a good point when you watch that video have an urban dictionary out so you can look up all the words. because i'm like what's cheese? that's money, i'm so old. >> those are not their real kids or they wouldn't have time to make this video. >> the mom gives herself props for making macaroni and cheese blindfolded. >> and on a wire. >> and the course is great. mom mom i'm the bomb. i'm going to start using that one. >> get jordan to sing it to you a check at the forecast. the seven-day slooking good. not stellar sunshine but cooler and nice. our neck chance of rain comes sunday and monday. beach day better tomorrow. >> good numbers up there. i like that. that's it for news 4 today. we'll be back in 25 minutes with a lol


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