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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 18, 2012 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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redskins get two touchdowns in the last 3:18. cousins has looked very effective in this game.
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>> kevin: does that smile say it all? is that just terrific to see that kid have a 49 yard catch and a touch down.
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nothing beats being their live. prime sport can get you there with great packages. visit today. work and toil on that practice squad, and now you come up and you get to create some competition. >> joe: that ball got tipped to give you an idea of his concentration. that was zero to 60 in a heart beat. >> kevin: and to keep your concentration, not bad. mccoy back to get this kick off, rackers to boot, and mccoy to run it. and brian keel is there to make the tackle. antwaan? >> antwaan: thanks, we saw the flaw by robinson, last season he had a problem keeping his eyes on the ball and hauling the ball in. this ball was tipped and he said
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he has been working on it and some of the players comment on making him making an easey catch and a hard catch. you saw the acceleration after he had it, and it was a game changing play for the washington redskins. >> kevin: and a hand off to kahlil bell. robinson brings him down, and he was coached by shanahan in the 2002 senior bell. >> joe: kirk cousins was another, and alfred morris. the guys they had in the seen your bowl have been impactful on this football team. robenson will have to learn. play outside, chase a little bit, now you play the inside backer and you have to be more patient. you have to let the ball make a decision, and then go after it. >> first down and ten from the
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31 for chicago. mccown throws it away. i know we don't want to see london fletcher go anywhere. some day his days will end, and when they do, as they're playing right now, robinson might be one of those guys that could step in down the road. >> joe: in the year 2020, after his 11th pro bowl in a row -- >> kevin: second and ten for bell. and holding on foor dear life is gomes. he was put at about the 34 with a look at mike shanahan. two touchdowns in the last 3:18. good job by cousins.
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you look at this football game and you start to say okay, who is the player of the game as you look at these last halves, i think the first half, the offense struggled a fair amount. the defense had issues. now you look at the second half, and i have somebody in mind. >> kevin: the blitz was on, crawford comes early. a run away freight train, and he disrupts that train. >> joe: richard crawford, you see him come off the right tide. gets pressure and puts mccown on the ground. >> kevin: the skins were down 30-0. and now they have time to score. 8:07 remains in the game, and they're down 30-24.
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podlesh to punt, and deep back is richard crawford. crawford, fair caught. well, join us for the redskins welcome home luncheon at the jw march yacht in washington dc. tickets are still available. for information visit 44-yard punt. i have enjoyed cousins tonight. >>. >> joe: i have too, and robert griffin iii has brought so much excitement to this team. now you can carry three quarter backs. you used to have to put one down, and now you can carry rex grossman, kirk cousins, and rg3. >> kevin: oath great catch by robinson. >> joe: and what a nice throw. you have to be able to pick your
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spot. he'll get this out of his hands, right now. so you can fit it into the hole. now the ball is out. >> and you are threading the needle there too. a 21 yard pick up, and there is a fumble by antwon bailey. and everybody pointing in their direction. let's see what they do. it's a rookie free agent getting the ball. and chicago got it. he just loves the skins, and no one is going to feel worse than him. at the bottom of the pile is john mccargo. much to the disgust of that fumble from mike shanahan. >> joe: that one play that
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always makes a difference, that the coach will look at. trying to go up and over. once you go up and over, the ball comes a little away from your body and it goes on the ground. get up high, trying to hurdle -- when you hurdle, you have to throw your arms away from your body to be able to maintain some sense of balance. when you have a ball in it it flops out. >> in every sport, they say don't leave your feat. >> joe: i couldn't, no one ever said it to me, i never had that problem. >> kevin: first down and ten, kahlil bell. and the injured orakpo out with a strained shoulder. we have seen him on the sideline. always been told there's a strain, and brandon meriweather went out with a strained knee. so we saw the redskins lose a
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nose tackle, it's been a tough week for the skins. >> joe: lots of mris tomorrow. >> kevin: yes, and a flag is down, david jones was defending, and they were looking for chris summers. >> refere >> referee: pass interference, defense, number 25. penalty enforced from the spot of the foul, automatic first down. >> kevin: david jones. >> joe: going up with a larger chris summers, he runs him right out of bounds, can't make contact after five. if you have contact with him going down, i mean it -- i don't
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care how long you have been in this league, but you have been here sixth years, david jones should know that once you cross that five yards, the officials will call it. >> kevin: delvin johnson has come in on the line. first and ten, kahlil bell. a lot of people look at these preseason games, and we're not far from thinking this, let's not get anybody injured and let's get the game over with. for these kids putting their work on tape, for these coaches to digest, as they make hard decisions on the redskins -- these are important snaps. >> joe: do you hustle to the ball late in the game. you have to seize the opportunity in the moment when it's presented to you. the other thing is you're not
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just putting this on film for your coaches to look at. a lot of these rosters are set to 40 or 43 guys. what about the six or seven other spots available some place else. >> kevin: second down and seven, and down he goes, what a nice play turned in by johnson. he is a rookie free agent from marshal, and he game steaming through. >> joe: playing the defensive tackle position. doesn't leave his feet which is very important when you're going after a quarterback. fights off the block, throws him away, coming in low, straight line, and gets josh mccown on the ground. >> kevin: a 13-yard loss. third and 21. redskins with five in the secondary.
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delay of game. >> referee: delay of game, offense, five yard penalty, repeat the down. >> kevin: that now makes it third and 26. >> antwaan: those are my numbers, those are also the numbers for chris. how are you doing. >> i'm doing well, it must feel awkwa awkward, you probably feel like you can still play. >> antwaan: i can, but we'll leave the cleats on the shelf. >> we have a lot of guys with talent right now, we have a -- >> kevin: chris summers fumbles the ball. >> sorry, i was distracted there. it's a very competitive environment, and our tight ends
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are in and we have a bunch of guys that can play very well. fred davis did a great job last year and i think he will have a great season. we moved niles over to tight end and he is a very, very physical play and that is a tremendous asset for him. in tight end he is completely adequate at that position. i'm trying o help these guys and find my niche. what am guying to be, what affect will i have on this team, and i think it's fun because there is just so much going on, and so much we can do offensively. another thing you see is all of these receivers making plays. being on the field on this team is tough right now. >> antwaan: there you it from chris cooley the player and the coach. >> kevin: niles paul just caught a bullet. >> joe: he looks much more comfortable than last week, he is running well and getting up
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the field a bit more. >> kevin: it was a nine yard reception, the official on the other field marked it at a 14 yard reception, but it was only nine, we were fooled. paulson makes his third reception, brought down by williams, a six yard pick up and a first down. >> joe: chris summers running with the ball, there are people coming from all over. you get these young guys running in the secondary. we saw robert griffin the third try to scramble with the ball away from his body. we saw different players get the ball away from their body, and you to protect the ball in the middle of the field. >> kevin: this goes off to tristan davis, and he hops his way up to the 39. cousins has collected on his last nine passes. >> joe: i like the way he throws
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the football. to me, alfred morris, watching him in practice, watching kirk cousins cork in practice are two guys i have seen grown and develop as this off season has gone on. >> kevin: sec down and two, two timeouts remaining for the skins. cousins, a nice catch on the sideline by robinson. oh has he had a game, a great second half, that is a first down, a ten-yard pick up, and a first and ten. >> joe: and the anticipation he has, he throws this before robinson comes out of his break. the ball is in the air long before he cops out of that break. >> kevin: a pretty catch. first and ten. some traffic and incomplete. terrance austin was double teamed and mugged, it looked
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like. incomplete. kirk cousins oh, a flag is thrown but it came in late after discussion among the officials. the replacement guys are out there. >> referee: unnecessary roughness, 93 of chicago. >> kevin: gibson. >> tony, nice acting, nice job -- that was very well done. >> kevin: i like that. >> joe: 6'5", and a feather blew you over. >> kevin: from the 37 of
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chicago, and just before the two minute warning, first and ten. kirk cousins, in midstride, and the er buccaneer. >> joe: he is the type of a quarter back that people will not be afraid to go after because they're not afraid of his speed outside. robert griffin iii on the other side has so much ability to escape, people rush him currently. you see him collapse the pocket, he just puts the ball away from where the defender is going to be. he has a wonderful knack for getting the ball out of his hands and wonderful anticipation. >> williams is down. here is briscoe begin on that pinpoint throw. he led tampa bay last season in
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touchdowns with 26. and his old head coach is now with the redskins. >> joe: the thing with the tampa bay buccaneer social security they were the youngest team in football in the last two years. and when you have a coaching change, it's a different kind of a football team. jason campbell -- there was a competition at wide receiver for a couple of key spots. >> kevin: first down and ten. we said earliered redskins were down 17-0 and 30-10. tristan davis in the back field, and it's a touchdown. what a throw. dezmond briscoe.
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it appears he has thrown his third touchdown pass. a 20 yard strike to desmond briscoe. and they tied the game. >> joe: you just have to be impressed. high fives, jumping into each others laps. >> referee: penalty, the touch down is good, penalty on the kick off. >> joe: around the line backer, under the safety, briscoe does a nice job pressing it out, hold the line, and there is the late shot. >> kevin: he knew it was coming, you know it's coming, you feel it. >> joe: but you have a job to do to get the ball out of your hands. >> kevin: down by 20 points, the
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redski redskins, which is a testament to what their second and third string players are like, come back and we have see a 21-point turn around in this game. >> joe: this is a testament to mike shanahan's ability to create competition and bring depth to this football team. the redskins twos are very efficient. they're quarter back is playing exceptionally well. that gets through three or four people before it winds up where it has to be. briscoe does a nice job holding on. >> in stride. cousins is 12 of his last 13. he threw a 49-yard touchdown pass with outstanding touch in strooid to briscoe.
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he put on as impressive as a show as you can possibly hope for. they're out there enjoying every part of it. >> joe: and robert as well. this is a very close, unique group of guys. you see them all the time, they spend a ton of time together, they really enjoy each other's company, i think that's part of chemistry on a football team. >> kevin: 21 points in the fourth quarter. they're trying to explain what's going on. >> joe: you're having a good time aren't you? i have you for one week and then you're gone. >> kevin: i formally do the green bay packers next week. >> joe: right, and i get kenny back for the last one. >> kevin: working with you has been a treat. and that kick off goes well out of the end zone.
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gano on the kick off with a big leg. >> joe: he wasn't as efficient as you like it, which is why rackers are in for the competition. >> kevin: and the he'd skins cannot protect all of these guys, another quarterback is in, matt blanchard. he has a first and ten, lining up in the gun, going outside, and bobbling it and reeling it in is joe anderson. what i was about to say, joe, is we've got these young players here that are trying to earn they spot. there are scouts from 12 of the nfl teams watching.
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>> kevin: back here in chicago,
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a game summary brought to us by mcdonald's. >> joe: robert griffin iii starts it off and brandon banks doing what he does so well. and kirk cousins on a roll. robinson showing the speed he has, catching the ball over the middle and leaving everybody in the dust. >> kevin: try real fruit smoothies at mcdonald's. second down and three. matt blanchard, oh my goodness, pressure there. brian keel u, along with jackson. >> joe: brian is one of those guys with an opportunity last week for an interception and he makes up with it for some nice pressure. keep him inside, pin him out,
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and let the speed get there. ke he was an odds line backer. you think it's a move of only a couple feet over, but it means a lot. >> joe: with st. louis and the giants. >> kevin: thinker down and three, copping at him again. evan rodriguez from temple, a rookie, and he makes his way up. >> joe: fourth round pick of the chicago bears. that was so close. he almost had that knocked away. >> kevin: two time outs remaining for chicago. blanchard, and no receiver to be found. golden was in the sights. but the ball went left, and he went right. >> joe: armando allen just tackles him, he grabs him and
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slows h throws him to the ground. it was a body slam. >> in the nickel, second down and ten. that was knocked away by thompson. you know the one thing, yoe, that is so apparent in the nfl today in terms of just defenses? you see far more sub packages than you do base defense. >> joe: you have to, it's like who is the starter? who cares? who will be introduced on the offense and defense. and as we saw at the beginning of the game, everybody comes out as a team. they don't do units much anymore. >> kevin: third and ten, blanchard is on the money. . they beat jordan bernstein, a
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20-yard reception to the 39. >> joe: bears with a couple of time outs. >> kevin: the clock is ticking as you can see. a wonderful experience for this young matt blanchard. the blitz again, this out of the reach, and it was for crawford and he's incomplete. >> joe: he has a good sense. when it hits the hold and the tight end doesn't have a chance to even get a hand on o him. if they do stick it out he can dip and go under. >> kevin: chris baker is on that defensive line right now for washington. only two lineman with line backers and defensive backs now the majority. sec down and ten. chris wilson is down to a three point stance, incomplete.
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almost picked off. >> joe: brian, number 53 again, last week he had one in his hands, and this week i think he's going to get another one. he has six tackles last week. >> right in the chest. for anderson. two time outs for chicago, third and ten. blitz. wow. what a pick by crawford. you talked about timing and his timing was exquisite. >> joe: not only that, this goes to the coaching. when you're a defensive back and you have a free run at a quarterback.


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