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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 19, 2012 9:00am-10:00am EDT

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meteorologist chuck bell. what have you got for us? >> you guys are calling for a repeat. i'm calling for rain drops so unfortunately sunday had so much promise. it still does. but there are going to be rain drops to contend with before your sunday afternoon is through. the rain drops are running ahead of schedule, everybody. why couldn't everybody run that far ahead of schedule? temperatures are in the 60s and low 70s now. 73 at national airport. 70 in culpepper and 65 in stanton and harrison burg. rain drops are moving in fast. be on the lookout, rain drops moving in very, very quickly now. you'll probably be wet before lunch time. here and around town, first drops arriving, noontime or a short before that. after rain drops get in here, maybe a soggy finish to your sunday. we'll talk about that, the nats game coming up.
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>> thanks, chuck. this morning, police are trying to figure out who beat up a man and left him unconscious outside of capitol hill. what have we learned this morning? >> reporter: not a whole lot. this is a typically bustling weekend scene here around eastern market. but yesterday morning, about this time, it was the scene of a vast crime scene investigation. i want to show you the video of that scene. we're told it was 8:30 yesterday when a man was found unconscious on the front porch of a row house on carolina avenue southeast. it was first reported that the person may have been having a seizure. but once hospitalized it was determined he was the victim of a beating. now, the victim did not live at the house where he was found. he remains hospitalized. the detectives continue their
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investigation. now, joining me now is ivan and a lot of neighbors are concerned about this. >> it's a very serious incident. our first thoughts are for the family. this is a young family that lives on the hill. the wife is a teacher at the local school, so there's a lot of concern. what can we do for family and how can we help them as they recover? >> reporter: police believe this may have happened overnight. before he was discovered. and you say this area is typically still active even late or as early as 2:00 in the morning. >> we're one block from the m t metro. you have a lot of nice restaurants and things around here. but people are out walking their dogs and coming home late. it's a nice, comfortable neighborhood. people are obviously smart and cautious in the evening hours
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when they're coming home, but it's -- it's been a long time since we experienced anything that's had these kind of results >> reporter: indeed. well, this investigation does continue and people are going to be a bit more cautious. back to you. >> thanks. decision 2012, a brand new ad from the romney campaign. >> medicare should not be used as a piggy bank for obama care. >> the new web video called our generation's time highlights mitt romney's running mate paul ryan and his speech with his mother in florida. the campaign event just happened yesterday. this morning, romney and ryan are preparing for a joint appearance. they'll hold a town hall tomorrow in manchester, new hampshire. it comes about a week after romney announced ryan as his vp pick, and president obama also campaigned in new hampshire.
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>> please welcome the next vice president of the united states, congressman paul ryan. >> it's an ego boosting introduction he's been get foti for a week now, but paul ryan introduces his simply. >> i'm paul ryan. >> reporter: paul ryan underscored he's now in lock step with mitt romney's promise to restore $716 billion they contend the obama administration shifted out of the program. and house budget chair ryan had supported a plan that included the same medicare cut. >> i'm on the romney/ryan ticket and the romney plan is to repeal every cut in medicare. >> reporter: and he stands by the running mate's decision not to release more than two years in tax returns. >> people aren't asking me details about tax returns. what they're asking me in the country and in virginia is where are the jobs? where's the economic growth? what are your ideas to grow this economy? >> reporter: ryan does turn the
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president is his way though when asked about the deep defense cuts mandated at the end of the year. >> i also ask to cut it in other parts of the economy and mitt romney is determined to make sure the cuts don't hit the pentagon. >> reporter: paul ryan said he's no stranger to the commonwealth. but as mitt romney's running mate he sees the swing state in a brand new light. declaring it the key to the country's future. >> this is an election that's going to determine the trajectory of this country in a long time. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. this week, president obama will campaign in ohio, nevada and new york. he visited new hampshire yesterday ahead of the town hall meeting tomorrow. he said that mitt romney favors the wealthy over the middle
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class and talked about them turning the medicare system into a voucher like program. >> they're trying to throw everything at the wall to see what stings. t the latest is to talk about medicare. you'd think they'd avoid talking about medicare given the fact that both have proposed to voucherize medicare. but i guess they figure the best defense is to try to go on offense. >> the president says romney wants seniors to get a voucher which could force seniors to pay an extra $6,400 a year while giving the wealthy a tax break. with the first nominating convention next week, the the cities are making last minute preps. police in tampa are securitying sites that will be used by the republican national convention. officers showed off their uniforms and some of their swat gear. the convention starts august
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27th and runs through the 30th. meanwhile, police in charlotte are making their own plans for the democratic national convention there. several law enforcement agencies are also going over security plans. the dnc convention begins september 3 and runs through the 6th. police credit a witness in a deadly hit and run accident saturday morning for helping track down the car that hit the victim. it happened in the 9800 block of fairfax boulevard at 1:00 in the morning when james davidson was struck while trying to cross the street. folks who knew him say he was a mainstay in the community and that these types of accidents happen all too often. >> i have been here for 13 years but there are a number of guests who have died that way, who have been hit by cars. right around this area. >> police have tracked down the
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car that hit davidson and consider it evidence in the case. police have not released the identity of the driver. a woman accused in a separate hit and run case is in custody. she is accused of killing a man who stood next to his suv on i-94 north. it happened near nile marker 162. it completely shut down 95 north for hours. ru rude-johnson is charged with driving under the influence. and a cab driver escaped a fire from a would-be robber. he asked us to protect his identity. he picked up the attacker friday afternoon and then drove him to bowie. the robber refused to pay the $33 fare and attempted to rob the cab driver. this would-be robber doused the cabbie and the inside of the car with a flammable liquid, then set it on fire. the driver explained how he escaped.
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>> i started coughing, coughing, then i jumped out. >> reporter: police say the attacker died in the incident. cops are trying to identify that man. one of two primary runways at thurgood marshall airport is closing down. a reconstruction project will last for the next 60 days. that means people who live near the airport may notice a change in plane flight attepatterns. it's designed to upgrade the airport and improve safety. d.c.'s pro sports teams have been on top. but you can't win them all. heart break this morning for the burgundy and gold fans. the redskins lost to the chicago bears 33-31. all came down to the last few minutes. it started with an injury in the very first quarter, brian orakpo strained his left shoulder. later, qb robert griffin iii in just his second professional
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start tried to fake a handoff, he got sacked and fumbled the ball. with less than two minutes to play, skins down 17-3, but not for long. there's a 90 yard punt return. quarterback cousins had three touchdowns. the bears had a late 57-yard field goal. here's mike shanahan on his qbs. >> both are doing a really good job in adjusting and adapting to the offense. they seem to get better and better. and both robert and kirk have done an unbelievable job in their preparation and studying and all these games will help. >> shake it off, guys. the redskins play the colts next saturday at home at fedex field. not a good night for the washington nationals either. the mets made it 2-0 and that's how it would stay. the nats play the mets one more time today.
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hopefully they can make a come back. >> i know. edwin jackson pitched great. it wasn't enough. >> well, there's always today. >> i know. >> look forward. be optimistic. >> i'm not looking forward to possible rain now. 9:11. if you're headed out for brunch do you need that umbrella? >> yep. meteorologist chuck bell is tracking some showers. his forecast up next. and another way that thieves are finding ways to steal your identify. and plus why the man who killed john lennon could be can getting out of prison soon. [ harry umlaut ] that's one creamy muller. [ sally umlaut ] it's greek-style yogurt. thick, scrumptious, and more protein than those regular yogurts. are those almonds i see in the corner thingy? caramelized almonds i think you'll find. well, who wants ordinary run-of-the-mill almonds when you could have the caramelized kind? if i was this girl, i'd caramelize my whole apartment. weird. this greek style yogurt has style. you can say that again. why thank you. this greek style yogurt has style.
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in the week ahead the man who killed john lennon is up for parole for the seventh time. the board could reach a decision by tend of the week.
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chapman pleaded guilty to shooting lennon outside the apartment building where the former beatle lived. he was sentenced to 20 years to life behind bars. chapman has been denied parole seven times. first lady michelle obama plans to visit the family members affected in the shik temple killing. the man who killed them had ties to the neo nazi groups. tomorrow, members of the naacp plan to protest because of an alleged case of brutality. it stems from this video which shows an officer who appears to punch or slap 27-year-old deante williams while in handcuffs. police have not commented publicly on the case. well, remember this video? this week will mark one year since the east coast earthquake. surveillance cameras inside the
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washington monument shows visitors inside the structure when it started shaking. the monument is now closed for repairs and it could be two more years before it reopens to the public. four days later hurricane irene rocked our region with damaging rain and winds and we were left with no power for days. we have a round of showers moving through, but will the rain we're expecting to arrive here shortly affect the first day of school for the kids tomorrow? and a new way that thieves are ripping people off for their personal information. attention nats fans, how the team can use your help if you're
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way that crooks are getting access to your personal information. they're after your credit report which gives them instant access to your social security number. >> reporter: it is often said there are no secrets in cyberspace. jim thickly is showing us proof of that. websites with heavy traffic for an illegal market where buyers and sellers all over the world. so what are they after? >> i mean, this is a credit report. >> reporter: your credit information, including your actual report. >> it took ten seconds to pull it up. >> reporter: jim stickily said it's the equivalent of financial terrorism. some credit reports are here for free, and they're complete with names, birth dates, social security numbers even account numbers. >> a criminal might be sitting in north korea and they're ripping you have.
9:21 am
>> reporter: how are they doing it? >> i thought i was as cautious as anybody. >> reporter: they're using consumers like peggy mays. >> someone had to have gotten my credit card numbers and made new ones. >> reporter: thieves will hack into the unsuspecting consumer's account and then they'll post the credit report on this ones that allows the hackers to bid on the stolen report. it's a gateway for thieves to have instant access to all of your information and account numbers. >> you have gone through it. you don't realize what it does. i have spent 20 hours a week for the last for months trying to get this straightened out. >> i don't know how you get this to stop. once the information is out there, it's out there. your social security number is there for you life. not like a credit card number if it's stolen you can change it.
9:22 am
>> reporter: peggy was able to get her money back, but the incident has left her fearful. >> i just check every single day around i make sure that my credit cards are secure. >> credit reporting says it's working to implement steps that will prevent crooks from hacking into your credit report in the future. turning to weather now. >> yeah. >> we are in for some showers. >> we are in for showers. yeah. mother nature does not watch channel 4 on saturday night when she could have heard me say that the rain would arrive late in the day. she wasn't watching. >> she was planning to mess you up. >> and she did. you better make sure what you're doing this afternoon is rain tolerant because it looks like showers are inbound and quickly now rain coming in well ahead of schedule, five or six hours
9:23 am
ahead of schedule. be ready, everybody. the clouds are already here. we have a beautiful sunrise. if you weren't up at 6:30 this morning, we had a beautiful, reddish, purplish hue out there. it's 100% gray now. east wind at five mile per hour. and temperatures are not going to budge too much for daytime highs. upper 60s and low 70s now. we'll get five to seven degrees in climb before the rain drops move on in. if you're headed to the nationals game, cloudy skies and rain drops likely by late innings at the very least. there could be rain drops as early as the third or fourth inning. i say if we're ahead after the game becomes official which i think is five innings in, let's call it a game after the end of the fifth inning. don't forget, if you're going down to the ballpark, bring some
9:24 am
ball to school supplies. a great day to bring a backpack and a pencil and paper. here we are, not much going on around town just yet. but the rain drops are closing in on fast. here is culpepper county and all along i-81. the rain drops are not too far away. stafford, virginia, and richmond and ashland, all this is lifting northbound well ahead of schedule as i mentioned. heavier thunderstorms are headed down towards tide water. heavy thunderstorms will await you down there. this is the main push of moisture to deal with today and then scattered showers around for late evening, into the overnight hours tonight. unsettled weather tomorrow. more chances for drops. so the clouds are here, the drops are on the way. we do need the rainfall. i think most of us will get a quarter to half an inch of rain which will help a little bit.
9:25 am
little weather front will bring out the last of the drops into the predawn hours and then after that, warm and dry weather returns by wednesday and through the remainder of the week from there on out. at the beaches today, showers moving in before the day is over at the beach and a rainy day down at the coast. for us, cloudy skies, showers arriving by early afternoon for most if not all. back to tomorrow and for some kids in prince georges county, back to school. it's the most wonderful time -- remember that commercial? >> for the parents. >> temperatures in the 80s, all week. we might get one 90 degree day in on friday. well, today the washington nationals are hosting a back to school drive. if you're headed to this afternoon's game against the new york mets bring some school supplies for students in need. the nats are collecting backpacks, calculators, crayon,
9:26 am
lunchboxes and other school supplies. the nats will donate the supplies to students at the d.c. public schools. you can drop it off at the senor the field gate. the rides, the food, the games. we're right in the middle of fair season. are you wasting your hard earned money on some of the games you play at the local fairs? we see what you need to be on the lookout for in this preview. >> they seem so easy to flay. bounce the ball, pick up a bottle, but is something else at play? >> this game, the way it's made is designed for the player to lose. there's to doubt about it. >> reporter: this man is a retired cop who trains law enforcement on carnival games, like how nudging a bottle a few inches can mean the difference between winning or losing. >> your chances of winning? it's slim to none if at all. >> reporter: the news4 iteam and
9:27 am
"date line nbc" are showing you some tricks of the trade. we're visiting local fairs to show you what games to watch out for. which are guaranteed to win you a prize. >> games are not rigged. not rigged. >> reporter: and what you need to know to improve your odds. it is all sunday, starting with the "dateline nbc" at 7:00, followed by our local investigation at 11:00. next on news4 today, a teen in transition. >> when we can hear the possible picks of where the redskins will hold training camp next season. how people carry on the tradition of giving back, thanks to an honored community activist. [ male announcer ] we've made verizon fios
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good morning. welcome to news4 today. >> i'm angie goff. it's sunday, august 19, 2012. >> checking the top stories at this hour, republicans mitt romney and paul ryan are preparing to hold a joint town hall tomorrow in new hampshire. president obama will campaign in ohio, nevada around new york in the week ahead. oh so close for the redskins, they lost to the chicago bears. they play the colts next saturday at fedex field. tomorrow is first day of school in prince georges county. also the very first day for the new green belt middle school. the facility will serve about 1,000 students. >> that place looks really nice. the time is 9:31. time for a check on your forecast. >> let's go outside to meteorologist chuck bell. he is expecting some rain showers to move in. >> there you guys, yes, we're
9:32 am
expecting some rain drops and out here on the front lawn, cloudy skies for sure. not much of a breeze on the deck, but we are still dry out here. if you have stuff to do outside today, maybe edging the driveway, you can get that done, but rain drops are more and more likely for your sunday afternoon. so maybe is the time to look for the book or the movie to spend your afternoon doing. temperatures right now, upper 60s, low 70s. here's a look at storm 4 radar. plenty of rain drops now southbound into the shenandoah area. so you folks down there, be on the lookout, drops are inbound for the sunday around. we'll talk about how long they'll last. a man was severely beaten on capitol hill near heeastern market. he was found unconscious on a
9:33 am
porch yesterday morning. the man did not live there. the house is across from the shops on eastern market. police have not made any arrests. and a witness is being credited for helping track down a suspect's car. it happened in the 9800 block of fair box boulevard around 1:00 a.m. on saturday when james davidson was struck by a jeep while trying to cross the street. a driver who witnessed it followed the jeep into arlington county where police recovered the car. a woman accused in a different hit and run accident in saturday is in custody. carol rude johnson is accused of hitting a man as he stood next to his suv on the shoulder of i-95 north. the man died from his injuries. it happened early saturday morning. the accident completely shut down 95 north for hours. she is being charged with driving under the influence.
9:34 am
alexandria community members considered harris' one love festival in honor of the founder yesterday. ♪ the annual festival has helped kids in alexandria get supplies they need for back to school for the past ten years. festival goers celebrated his life through music, games and give aways. members shared the different ways that harris touched their lives. >> i was a rough kid growing up. so he like helped me, keep me out of the streets, you know what i'm saying? take me to little meetings to try -- you know, to make things peaceful. >> harris' wife has led the charge to continue her husband's legacy. harris was killed last september. one of two primary runways at thurgood marshall's airport is closing tomorrow. that's when a reconstruction project will begin and it will
9:35 am
last for 60 days. that means people who live near the airport may notice a change in flight patterns. it's one of many projects spanning the next few years. it is designed to upgrade the airport and improve safety. we'll learn the top choices on where the redskins will hold the training camp once they move to richmond. a panel exploring potential sites will name their top two choices on august 30th. the camp has been held for the past decade in ashburn. the general manager bruce allen and bob mcdonnell announced an eight-year agreement to hold preseason camps in richmond. the time is 9:35. a woman's brave attempt is happening right now. she is trying to swim more than 100 miles. and how a simple mistake led one man to get a $1 million one man to get a $1 million lotter
9:36 am
but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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in this week's wednesday's child, we have a double-double. twins can make a very special addition to a family. imagine you can bring not one set, but two, all at the same time. imagine that. barbara harrison spent some time with the kids and it was four times the fun. >> it's not easy to catch these guys when they're not in motion. but when you do, you've captured the cutest foursome you could ever imagine. four brothers, two sets of twins, with the brightest eyes and biggest smiles. but getting them to pose is nearly impossible. the two little ones are 2 years old. the big boys are 8. and thankfully, never been separated during their years in
9:40 am
foster care. >> the case came to the attention of the children's services agency in 2010 when it was determined that the family could no longer provide care for the boys. >> inside sullivan's toy store before the store was officially opened for the day, rama invited all four to choose a gift they'd like to take home. it was a field day. an opportunity so extraordinary the big boys called it the best day of their lives and the little ones they just had a ball. >> you like that ball? >> both sets of twins are fun loving and very energetic. >> the two older twins are milen and malachi in navy. the two younger are macy on the left, and maki on the right. what's it like to be a twin? is it fun? >> yeah. >> what makes it fun? >> we get to -- we get to sleep in our own beds. >> oh, you do?
9:41 am
everybody has their own bed? >> yeah. >> but what they don't have is a real mom or dad at their house. someone who loves them and wants to watch them grow up and become the young men they aspire to be. so what do you think do you want to be when you grow up? >> a policeman up. >> a policeman. how about you? >> a doctor. >> i think the boys will benefit from a family that will be active, flexible and also patient. we hope that they can provide the boys with structure, unconditional love and true commitment to help them grow and develop. >> they each found something to take with them and we tried once again to settle down for a photo. and after more than just a few tries, cheese. barbara harrison, news4 for wednesday's child. >> a great photo. it paid off. if you have room in your home and your heart for the four boy, please call the special adoption hotline.
9:42 am
you can log on to our home page at it was great to see how the older boys look out for the younger ones. >> the greatest smiles as barbara had mentioned. say cheese. just beaming. >> who wants a family? pow. >> doesn't it remind you when we tried to take a picture of three of us? richard can never pay attention. >> we have to grow to break. we'll be right back. [ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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nasa is unveiling travel plans for its rover called curiosity. the rover which touched down earlier this month will be used to help look for the building blocks of possible life on the planet. nasa scientists and engineers have chosen the spot close to the curiosity landing sieltd -- site, that's the first spot to investigate. curiosity will be sent to the
9:46 am
base of mount sharp a three-mile high mound of layers of exposed rock. curiosity has a lot of territory to cover. >> they landed it right where they wanted to, and from a statistical standpoint how the landing was achieved was the same as hitting from miami beach -- hitting the center of a frisbee on the 50 yard line on the rose bowl in pass tadena. >> and controlling it is tricky too. the delay to getting the signal from here to mars and back is many, many minutes. you better respond. >> stop. >> really amazing. >> good job for them. beautiful weather for the rover on mars. about 260 degrees below zero. other than that, the sky is clear. nice day for us. considerably warmer around here, but we don't have the clear sky over washington. rain drops promised to you by me
9:47 am
to arrive a little later in the day are now promised to you to arrive earlier in the day than i promised you yesterday. cloudy skies for now. mother nature playing hard ball with us today. temperatures in the low 70s in and around town. light east breeze at five miles an hour. mostly 60s and low 70s. 66 degrees in winchester and toms brook. 66 in charlottesville. get over into maryland, 70 at the inner harbor. and 78 degrees down at solomon's island. your planner, cloudy and mild through the remainder of the morning but rain looking more and more likely. noontime or sooner, and the showery weather will continue for much of the day. the rain drops may be hard to budge out for your sunday. there it is on doppler. not a whole lot reaching the ground.
9:48 am
but these rain drops down here south of culpepper are reaching the ground. down here around rutgersville are definitely hitting the ground. rain drops as far north as ash landland. fredericksburg, you'll be weather long before lunch. in and around town, we might be able to squeak out around lunch time or so. but after that, rain looking more and more likely. i'm getting more and more nervous about whether the nationals can get that game in and make it complete. after 1:00, i suspect the rain drops will be a factor in the game. whether or not they can get the game in or not, i'm getting more and more pessimistic. it should add up to quarter to half an inch of rain on average. some folks down to the south of town might get more than that. unsettled weather lingers through the monday. then a weather front kicks through here on tuesday. that'll clear things out and set us up for a warm, dry, finish to
9:49 am
the upcoming week. for today though, mostly cloudy, showers arriving by noontime for many. highs today, upper 70s to around 80 degrees. tomorrow, cloudy and cooler. not looking for a washout of a monday. not much in the way of sunshine. 70% and climbing chance of rain today and tomorrow. and then we dry things out by tuesday afternoon. we should have the sun back in place and we'll have nice weather all the way through the rest of the week. i'll be tweeting continuous updates on twitter @chuckbell4. >> especially if you're going to the nats game. a 100 mile swim in shark infested water. >> hear from the woman attempting it as we speak. are you wasting your money on the games at the local county
9:50 am
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9:53 am
nbc4 is your place for politics every sunday morning. >> let's get a look at what's coming up. here's chuck todd. >> good morning, washington. coming up at 10:00 on "the chris matthews show", mitt romney picked paul ryan to shake up the race. but for two men known for discipline they keep getting knocked off message. first on medicare and then mitt romn romney's tax returns. it was a long day away from when they said it was only about the economy. and why mitt romney may get the biggest boost from the weather.
9:54 am
they used to word tsunami when talking about the economy. how can president obama convince them the sun will come out tomorrow? join us for a great discussion. now, for a look at what's coming up on "meet the press," here's david gregory. >> thank you, chuck. good morning. coming up how about is mitt romney's decision to put paul ryan on the ticket changed the race? one thing is for sure, certainly catapulted the debate over the future of medicare in the campaign and painted a clear picture of what's at stake in november. i'll talk to martin o'malley and the governor of virginia, bob o'donnell. plus, perspective from rudy giuliani and we'll talk about the nasty tone of this race. afterward, be sure to stay tuned for my press pass conversation with former mayor rudy giuliani in its entirety. >> thanks, david. a 62-year-old swimmer is not
9:55 am
giving up on her life long dream to swim from cuba all the way to the florida keys. >> this is the fourth time diana nyad has tried to make the 100-mile journey. nyad jumped right in yesterday. she tried making the swim last summer but an asthma attack and dangerous jellyfish stings forced her out of the water. this time, she's confident she can finish. >> well, i respect this. i know how difficult it is. there's a reason no one has ever done it. but i'm prepared. i think the team is 100% prepared to just -- i may suffer some. i'm prepared for that too. >> nyad says it will take more than 60 hours to complete the trip. a simple mistake by a store clerk at the gas station ended up giving a massachusetts man a $1 million payout. a man came into the gas station
9:56 am
asking for a blue ice lottery ticket and he was given a sizzling sevens ticket instead and that happened to be worth just $1 million. >> going to put up a banner like sounds pretty cool to me. wow, somebody in taunton winning $1 million. >> when claiming his prize, he opted for a cash lump sum and got a one-time payment of about $430,000. this is after taxes. he plans to spend the money on a new roof for his home and a trip to san francisco. the gas station where brown bought the winning ticket also gets a $10,000 commission for the sale. >> why doesn't that ever happen to us? >> i guess -- so on when i was covering the power ball craze, i was out with the photographer jay and pbuying tickets. he printed out more tickets and i hate it when they print out
9:57 am
the extra ticket, you have to take i. this is living proof, you have to take it. if they print out the wrong one or extra one -- >> i'd take it. if it's worth $1 million, you'll be happy to have it. >> wow. >> right? >> well, we talked about your weather, the sports and how it might affect the nats, but d.c. united is playing tonight. >> well, you can play soccer in the rain real easy. baseball, not so much. >> yeah. they're playing -- they play philly at 5:00. >> that one will be wet. the nats might squeak it in. but that one will be wet. >> let's hope they squeak out a >> let's hope they squeak out a win. we need to look for a new van. yeah. i just don't know where to start.
9:58 am
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