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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 21, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, new pictures from the scene of that deadly train derailment, and the chilling messages from the
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victims just moments before the crash. a tribute for a police officer killed in the line of duty. in the meantime, police are still trying to find a second suspect. more trouble for todd aiken. what now the embodied congressman's apology is adding fuel to the fire. an amber alert has just been issued for a baby boy. police say the baby was kidnapped by his own father. jackie is live on scene with us now. jackie? >> reporter: we'd like you to take a look at the baby boy who is the subject of this amber alert. 1-year-old cesar martinez is believed to have been abducted from his home in heights. his father is believed to have taken him. the message is on the beltway over i-95. the mother missed him at 6:00
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p.m., which is when the baby went missing. we are told there is some kind of custody disputes. he is believed to be driving a glean chevy equinox with number 7 ag 6950. anyone with information as to the baby's whereabouts, anyone who has seen this suv is to call 911 immediately. as to why the incident was only broadcast 24 hours after it happened, police say that in the last 24 hours, the situation had escalated, in their words. they would not go into detail, but this baby, one-year-old, we understand that he weighs 18 pounds, the subject of an amber alert tonight. reporting live in forestville, jackie benson, news4. tonight, new pictures of the aftermath following that deadly train derailment in he wiellico city, the teen girls found buried under the coal on the
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last night before they went back to college. sha mar shamari is sifting through the wreckage to find out what went wrong. >> reporter: this is very sad. those teens had their entire lives ahead of them. they were only 19 yrs old. investigators say they were sitting around that area up there on the ledge before the crash happened. now, moments ago we have new information for you. these crews just had a briefing, and basically these guys and the women out here are going to be working overnight. their job is to try to figure out how this train derailed. tonight news4 obtained these exclusive photos taken hours after a train derailed in ellicot city. it caused the train cars to tip over on top of parked cars, smashing them, covering the tracks and crushing two 19-year-old best friends, rose narr and elizabeth nash. the two were sitting on the edge of the bridge that carried train tracks over main street just after midnight. >> it's devastating knowing that
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this has taken two people's lives. >> reporter: tonight people watch as national transportation safety board crews look for clues. investigators say the train operator did not apply the emergency brake before the accident. the brake automatically deployed once the derailment happened. >> the three crew members on board, i have reviewed their statements. all their statements indicate that they felt nothing and they saw nothing. >> reporter: rose and elizabeth posted on the social media site twitter that they were hanging out at the bridge over old ellicott city moments before the crash happened and posted photos of their feet hanging over the roadway. both graduated from mt. hebron high school in 2008. >> i can't imagine how horrible it was and how horrible it must be for their family. >> reporter: you're now looking
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at a live picture on main street where the main people are still working right now trying to get together, and they're going to go over to the tracks and they're going to be inspecting, trying to figure out why the train derailed. now, we found out moments ago that the ntsb will have another news conference tomorrow morning at 11:00. we'll continue to bring you the latest details here on news4. live in ellicott city on main street. i'm shamari stone, news4. tonight a memorial for a prince georges police officer killed in the line of duty. his cruiser is draped in black. his fellow officers have left flowers outside the car outside district 6. marsh was killed after a pursuit on i-95 yesterday in beltsville. one suspect has been arrested but the search continues for another one. police say marsh was not wearing his seat belt. he was thrown out of the vehicle. the man who called himself the joker and threatened to shoot up his coworkers is now out of a psychiatric hospital
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and he's staying with his family. neil prescott is at his parents' home after he threatened to kill employees at his employer's. they found an arsenal in his home. he is due back in court next week. you can see the flames and the smoke that bill lowed into the sky in farrow lane. it started at one house and spread to three hours. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused that fire. congressman todd aiken returned home to his home state of missouri and said he will remain in the senate race despite digging himself into deeper controversy today. aiken met with a media consultant in ohio. he is refusing to abandon his bid for the senate after saying in an interview that legitimate rape almost never causes a woman to get pregnant. presidential candidate mitt romney is the latest republican
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leader to call for aiken to step aside. aiken paid for an ad to apologize and then gave an interview, claiming that some women lie about rape to get abortions. >> rape is an evil act. i used the wrong words in the wrong way, and for that i apologize. >> there is nothing legitimate about a rapist. but to to rather, i was putting that in, in the wrong place, making the point that there were people who use false claims. >> there are real fears in the republican party that this issue could cost the gop control of the u.s. senate. missouri is one of the states the party hopes to win in november. in presidential politics, it's the first nbc news poll since paul ryan was added to the republican ticket, and the new numbers show mitt romney made only a slight gain after announcing ryan as his running mate. but romney did get a bump in battleground states. he had an eight-point deficit with president obama in july. now that deficit is just three
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points. a major cleanup in tampa, florida tonight. strong storms rolled through that area last night. it damaged a brand new walkway that was built specifically for next week's republican national convention. more trouble could be around the corner. storm 4 chief meteorologist with more on the new tropical storm and its projected path. jim? >> all eyes on tropical storm isaac. winds over 40 miles per hour. this is the latest advisory as of 11:00. moving to the west at 18 miles per hour, very close to san juan, puerto rico. one hurricane just to the south of san juan. then the official track has the cone of uncertainty into southern portions of florida by late sunday night. of course, we're talking about tampa as the republican national convention, so you betcha, all eyes into the tropics. what are we going to see on this storm? what are my thoughts on it?
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i'll show you in just a couple minutes. also, some areas saw some heavy rain a little bit earlier. we're not done just yet. security crews at the rnc, they are already be putting to the test. tampa police said they confiscated suspicious items from a building about a mile from the convention site today. among the items, bricks and pipes. police think protestors are planning to use these during demonstrations. when the democrats convene in charlotte, south carolina a week after the republican convention, a georgetown student will have a place on the podium. she was the subject of derogatory comments by rush limbaugh earlier this year. limbaugh criticized her for greeg with the new health care law that provides contraception coverage. while she will speak in charlotte, there is no time yet when she will take the podium. a toddler was shot and police are trying to figure out who was responsible. the toddler was wounded at
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anacostia in the district. two men opened fire. two men were shot in the foot, both suspects were shot in the leg. one of the men who didn't want to be identified said he was upset his stepdaughter was hurt. >> i looked up, and we was fired upon. i don't like what happened. i don't like that my step daughter got hit. >> the victim said while he was at the hospital, officers ran sack sacked his home, treating him like he was a suspect. police said they had a search waurcht issued by a judge to search for evidence. they are accused of encouraging toddlers to fight each other. the whole thing was caught on tape, and the detective who saw the video said the fight was extremely violent, that the children were punching, slapping, and throwing each other into tables. the daycare center's license has
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been suspended. the earthquake that rocked our area and damaged the washington monument did not cause the monument to sink. that word today from a team of experts who surveyed the city's tallest structure. after that 5.8 magnitude earthquake last year. the lead surveyor called it surprising, but attributed it to the monument's original engineers. the monument is currently closed for repairs. it is not expected to reopen until 2014. bloomingdale and detroit park areas missed the rain in d.c. tonight, and that's quite a relief for the people that live there. they worry every time they get a storm. water, some of it contaminated with sewage, gushed into the homes there three tichmes in ju two weeks back in july. today vincent gray, an official, said a task force is promising some short-term solutions by december. those solutions would include better storm drain management and some financial help to
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install flood barriers. >> what is even worse is the emotional toll that it takes on families, the emotional strain. it's just unreal to have to be scared of rain, to have to be scared because it's cloudy outside. >> those temporary improvements could be in place for years to come. a massive new sewage system won't be ready until the year 2025. coming up next, a woman pulled over for a hit and run, but it's what happened next that cost the police officer his job. a diploma was denied because of a four-letter word that crted a big problem for a high school valedictorian. their family is all about [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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we have breaking news in southeast d.c. tonight. police say a man was shot in the head about an hour ago. this video just came into our newsroom. the scene is off third street and livingston road. the victim has been taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. no word yet on suspects or a motive. new tonight, this video cost a florida cop his job. he's facing criminal charges as well. you can see him slam a woman's head into the side of her car. it happened earlier this month. police say the woman had been pulled over on suspicion of drunk driving. she didn't complain about the violence. police discovered the incident during a routine review of dash cam footage. a good night's sleep and a lot of recovery time may be in the plans for diana nyad because
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today she had to end her historic attempt to swim from cuba to florida. nyad did climb out of the boat and finish her journey by swimming to the shore of the u.s. to the applause of her fans. about 1:00 p.m. she quit. this was her fourth attempt to make the trip without a shark cage. the crew pulled her out of the water due to a fierce thunderstorm. she started gagain, but the jellyfish just proved to be too much. >> this piece of ocean has never been done by a swimmer. >> once she was safe on land, the crew sang her happy birthday because diana nyad turns 63 tomorrow. the high school valedictorian started college this week without her high school diploma. the reason she was denied that diploma is attracting attention all over the world. her name is kaiyn nubar. she gave a speech at graduation this spring in oklahoma. during it, she briefly quoted
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from one of the twilight films and used the term "how the hell do i know?" . her principal didn't like that. he said the language was inappropriate, said she wouldn't get her diploma unless she apologized. >> i'm not sorry, so writing an apology letter that's just going to be a lie, which if they're saying that my cursing was sinning, that would be another sin, so don't want to have two sins on my hands. >> the school superintendent there says the principal is within reason. he says that because the speech differed from the one that he approved. here in washington, first lady michelle obama will be waking up before dawn to get her workout in this school year. mrs. obama tells ivillage she goes to the jim before 5:00 in the morning so she can be back before her kids wake up. the first lady is serving as guest editor of women's website -- of the women's website this week. the theme is rev up your back to
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school routine. she and the president watch sports highlights during their workout. the first lady is making sure everyone in the white house is healthy, and that includes bo the dog, who apparently likes to eat. he's packed on a few extra pounds recently, and the family says their portuguese water dog is now on a diet. sa sasha and malia are under strict orders not to slip him scraps under the dinner table. >> good luck with that. >> how long is rain delay? >> 51 minutes is what i saw. we saw one storm before, and i saw another one. i'm thinking, i think we'll be okay, and that thing just went right over the stadium. i got a lot of nice tweets on that one. let's show you the rain at the ballpark. strauss berg just continues to see this. he starts games, then it rains. i should have just forecasted rain because he was on the mound today, but then they came back and gave a very good performance. dan will have much more in
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sports in just a second. they actually had a tough time bringing out the tarp a little earlier. maybe you missed it. high temperature today, 86 degrees. low this morning at 66 degrees. the high right around average. the low, though, below average and the coolest number that we have seen in just about two months. we were waking up to some beautiful numbers out there earlier today. temperatures right now, 73 degrees. dew point of 67. the winds are now calm. some areas could still see some fog back to the west, but right now not too much going on. 64 in martinsburg. as far as the showers, we saw very isolated showers around the d.c. area earlier, but they were heavy showers right downtown. here's a couple more and some thunderstorms making their way across the west virginia/virginia line in new hampshire county to frederick county and then to the panhandle of west virginia just outside martinsburg. you may see some lightning and hear some thunder there, but i'm not expecting this to make it
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across the mountains into the d.c. area. don't be surprised, however, to see a few sprinkles tonight. only about a 30% chance of showers off the coast tomorrow. any of those storms could produce locally heavy downpours, though nothing severe. i think thursday is going to be a great day and that's going to lead us into a few more. now we have to take a look at tropical storm isaac. here is puerto rico. if you have concerns down there, i have a friend down there, and he said, you have to watch out for isaac. this storm making its way just to the south of puerto rico potentially. winds at 40 miles an hour right now. it is expected to intensify into a category 1 hurricane. this is what the hurricane center says, by thursday, and that's going to be a key day. then it will pass into portions of hispanola and key largo. it's still protected to be a hurricane as it's on the doorstep of southern florida.
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this is a storm we really need to scrub over the next couple days. look at the numbers to the left. 55 in martinsburg, temperatures into the 80s for just about everybody. i think we'll see a lot of sunshine, but you might want to carry the umbrella just in case you see one of those showers come over. 89 on friday and saturday and even the rest of the week and early next week are looking pretty good even though we get back up above 90 monday and tuesday. >> that's okay. the braves are a good baseball team. the nats are better. also, a feel-good movie. it didn't make these
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there was a question a minute ago how many the games lost as one. the question is a hell of a lot more. >> vance was strolling through twitter saying, who would have thunk it. everybody is on twitter these days. consistently pinning the corners of the plate, overpowering one-hitter and baffling another. it's games like this that just make you say wow, and then you wonder what's going to happen in the playoffs when he's not here. but for now, let's just enjoy. straussburg looking for strikeouts. strikeout victim number 1. there would be plenty more to come. straussburg's team came to play as well.
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bottom 2, ian desmond. doing it again tonight, a solo shot. desmond gives the nats a 1-0 early lead. top 3, the rains came, 51-minute delay. would straussburg come back out? you betcha. in the 5th, he strikes out the side. juan francisco, paul jimenez and paul yoholland. bottom 5, nats still up 1-0 until jesus flores provides some cushion. three-run home run off mahollum. the nats now lead atlanta by seven games in the standings as straussburg improves to 15 and 5 on the season. >> he was -- seemed to have a good idea of what he needed to do and was doing it. each inning, he's learning more
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about what he wants to do and he's controlling what he wants the catcher to do more. it's fun watching him. >> mccloud from the a's. holding onto one of two wildcard spots. could we have two teams in the playoffs? the birds in 2 inning. nate mccloud's first of the year puts baltimore at 5. they go on to win it 5-3. they maintain that wild card spot along with the tampa bay rays. wild receiver niles paul making adjustments playing hit end after buffalo. dropped a couple balls earlier on and then caught one of cousins' touchdown passes. he had some added confidence going into pre-season game number 3. >> i wasn't concerned at all.
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after the first game, i thought i was spend -- too much concern getting focused on the running game. i needed to take it back to what my bread and butter was when i came here, which was catching the ball. all week i was catching balls before and after, and i tried to stay well in the game. >>
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old yell ler, bambi, lion king. it seems every generation has a movie that leaves one inconsolable. these two young boys saw the movie "the life of timothy green." >> do you guys want to go see the movie again? >> no. >> someone tries to console them. the boys can't get over the sad part of the film. the parents posted the response on youtube. after three days, it already has 600,000 views. 60[ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years. every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare.
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>> jay: jean-claude, good to see you again. great job at "expendables 2." and nice to see you can still do the old moves. >> yeah. you too, jay. you're doing well. [ high five noise ] [ laughter ] >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor


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