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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  August 22, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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>> reporter: the teens were sitting at the edge their backs to the train when it derailed, burying them in coal. they do say the emergency brakes were not applied before 21 coal cars derailed. >> this is a well orchestrated, industrial ballet. it's incredibly challenging location. unlike any other i've seen. >> reporter: it's day two of the national transportation safety board investigation. officials say they're putting the pieces of the damaged rail back together like a puzzle to try to figure out what caused the accident and they're interviewing the crew members. >> we really can't speak to any part of the investigation. as he said, everything is on the table right now. >> college students rose mayr and elizabeth nass were killed. the girls posted pictures on the twitter site saying they were on the bridge. they are not the only teens who have gone on the tracks. >> it's just a wake-up call. i'm going to try to be more
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safe. >> reporter: a csx official says it's a problem across the country and vowed to work with local authorities to keep people off the tracks. howard county executive ken olman said steps will be taken to improve safety. >> we've got to take a look at this with csx and figure out how to make sure this is as secure as possible. >> reporter: back out live at the crash scene, investigators said today this will be a lengthy investigation. in fact the on-scene investigation is expected to last another 48 hours. that's bad news for businesses that are on main street. that means that main street heading into the historic ellicott city will be shut down for at least another 48 hours. now, main street is closed, the road itself, but the businesses are open. many of them say they're suffering as a result. we'll have more on that coming up at 6:00. reporting live from ellicott city, darcy spencer. a virginia map has been formally charged with shooting
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and wounding a security guard at the family research council. 28-year-old floyd co rorkins is charged. he was carrying 15 chick-fil-a sandwiches. . a hunt is under way right now for a second suspect involved in that police chase that wound up with the death of a prince george's county officer. officer adrian morris was killed monday when his cruiser crashed along i-95. kr chris gordon joins us prooif from police headquarters where today we learned more about the suspect, the charges and the event leading up to the crash. >> reporter: police here tell me that the two suspects in the fatal crash, one who is in custody and one who tonight remains at large both have
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violent pasts and prior criminal records. police investigating monday's fatal crash arrested kenneth clark mitchell jr. of clay terrace in northeast washington charging him with felony auto theft. police at that issued this wanted poster for the second suspect, offering a cash reward of up to $25,000 for kevon darnell neal of maryland. >> that figure is typically reserved for homicide suspects but the chief of police felt with the death of officer morris, was warranted in this case. >> investigators released the timeline of events leading up to the crash that killed 23-year-old police officer adrian morris and injured 24-year-old officer michael richer. it starts sunday night at this exxon station in beltsville. the suspects stole a 2005 gray acura tl which a customer left running.
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monday afternoon the suspect was spotted at the shell station in laurel. police say the suspects attempted to steal from vehicles here. the manager alerted police. investigators say the suspect's vehicle cut directly across all lanes of traffic. citizens steered clear or applied their brakes to avoid colliding with the suspects. >> this causes a chain reaction or a reaction which causes our pursuing officer, who was traveling in the middle lanes of the beltway, to quickly change lanes to avoid striking another vehicle. when this maneuver is made, the officer loses control of this police cruiser and slides off the roadway. >> reporter: tonight the two suspects in this fatal crash each face felony auto theft charges. if convicted, they could be sentenced up to 15 years in
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prison. however, investigators say additional criminal charges could be filed against them. i'll have more on that tonight on news 4 at 6:00. that's the latest live here at prince george's county police headquarters in palmer park, maryland. i'm chris gordon, news 4. this year's west nile outbreak could be the biggest in u.s. history. right now 1100 cases have been reported nationwide. the cdc says that's the largest number at this point in the year since the virus was first detected in the u.s. in 1999. half of this year's west nile cases are in texas. mosquitos carry this disease. most people who get the virus don't actually get sick, but at least 41 people have died this year and doctors say use a mosquito repellent when you go out and at dawn and dusk cover up with long sleeves or pants. now to the presidential race tonight. mitt romney and paul ryan are trying to get their campaign back on track. the narrative has been sidetracked of late by controversial comments about
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rape from missouri senate candidate todd akin. today they tried to return the focus to the economy. president obama was also on the stump talking about jobs. >> unemployment has been above 8% for 42 months, and the real unemployment rate is more like 15%. this is president obama's imaginary recovery. >> we've got more work to do. we've got more good teachers to hire. meanwhile congressman akin remains a distraction to the republican ticket. today he again refused to quit his senate run, despite calls to step aside from party leaders, including romney and ryan. and stay with news 4 for convention coverage. we'll have live team coverage from the republican national convention next week. y also have live coverage. democratic national convention in charlotte next month. in the meantime planners of the republican convention are keeping a close eye on the weather radar. and the development of that tropical storm isaac. thousands of delegates and
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journalists will be converging on tampa next week and members of the host committee say they have a plan in place in the event of a major storm. they say safety is the first priority, even if it means halting the proceedings or moving them elsewhere. chief meteorologist doug kammerer in stormcenter 4 with more on that possibility. doug. >> yeah, we're watching this very closely. right now tropical storm isaac a fairly weatropical storm. it does not have its act together at all right now. this storm is making its way across the lesser antilles right now. once again 45-mile-an-hour winds but it is a fairly large storm. as we move toward the next couple of days, here's what's going to be happening. moving to the west at 22 miles an hour. coming very close to puerto rico but staying just to the south and then crossing over hispaniola. it is expected to become a hurricane, but once it crosses over hispaniola, it is expected to decrease in intensity but then the official track does
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bring it back to hurricane status right around the state of florida on monday. that is monday around 2:00 with winds around 80 miles an hour. that's the official track from the hurricane center. once again, a lot of uncertainty there and we'll continue to update you on the latest from that. as far as our weather is concern, we have a few showers and thunderstorms, one of which right over manassas right now. could that affect the nationals game tonight like it did last night? we'll talk about that. plus more on isaac coming up in just a minute. >> all righty. hey, you'll soon me able to use a credit card to pain for your cab fare in all of the district taxis. for the next few months the city' 6,000 crabs will convert to a new meter system to allow easy credit card use. tom sherwood is here to tell us more about that. hey, tom. >> wendy, the new meters also keep track of how much cab drivers make and where they go. at a cab repair shop in northeast washington, workers are beginning to install new meters that better track cab
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fares, fees, receipts and destinations. about sex,06,000 cabs by the en the year. mayor vincent gray got a demonstration of the new system that he says brings the city into the 21st century and is safer for everyone. >> because it will substantially reduce the extent to which this is a cash system and will protect not only the passengers, but even more so the drivers, who will be less vulnerable to being robbed by somebody who knows that they're carrying cash. >> some drivers like the modern system they're being required to use, but others complained to the mayor who stood his ground. >> my thing is, you know -- >> we have been very solution oriented. we've done more with the taxicab industry than anybody has done in the history of this city. >> reporter: the mayor noted he raised cab fares, eliminated the cap and supported surcharges for gasoline. the city will pay the cost of
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meter installation for the drivers. the city will also begin collecting a 50-cent surcharge for fare to help pay for the administrative cost of the city's taxi commission. the changes are desperately needed. half the cab rides are from out of towners. >> it's extremely important to us, as we compare against first tier cities around the world and around the country, this is something that's been missing. >> the city plans to use 12 different repair shops in the district to speed up installation of the new meters. wendy. >> thanks, tom. straight ahead tonight, an suv careens into a crowd waiting for fo for food. a woman tries to get a man to leave this apartment building this morning, and that, that cost her her life. i'm pat collins pt the story coming up. news 4. sobering numbers about how many teenagers are using drugs
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an alcohol while they are at school. >> and it's called dog shaming. it's a sort of internet obedience school. obedience school. the new website poking fun at
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban
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all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message. as teenagers head back to school, you may be surprised at how many are carrying a little something extra in their back packs, drugs and alcohol. erica edwards has the details of a new survey from columbia university. >> reporter: they should be focusing on reading, writing and arithmetic. but too many teens are drinking and smoking marijuana during school hours. >> alcohol and drugs that are putting the high in high school, not advanced education. >> reporter: joseph and fellow researchers at columbia in new
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york just released a survey of a thousand teenagers. nearly every single one of them, 97%, said they have classmates who drink alcohol, use drugs or smoke cigarettes often while school is in session, and it's not just cigarettes that are being smoked in the boys room. >> it's likely that the overwhelming proportion of conduct that the kids are talking about is drinking alcohol and smoking pot. >> reporter: over 40% of the surveyed kids said they know a classmate who sells drugs, mostly marijuana. 52% said there's a particular spot on or near campus where students know they can go to get high. >> it's easy to do this on school grounds or near school grounds without getting caught. >> reporter: the problem is not limited to public schools. more than half of private school teens said drugs are in their hallways too. a 50% increase from last year. erica edwards, nbc news. >> the survey also explored digital peer pressure.
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that's when kids see photos of classmates drinking alcohol or doing drugs. 75% of them say these encourage their peers to do the same thick. >> we're on a good roll, can you keep it going? >> some areas seeing heavy rain right now. most of us are seeing some fantastic weather right now there's a close one to nats park. >> it seems to be attracting a lot of stuff up in the atmosphere. >> you can see one of those showers right now making its way in and across the district. there's one over towards northern virginia. temperaturewise right now we're at 85 degrees with the temperatures in the 80s for the most part. here's where the showers are. once again, most of us high and dry right now, but quite a few showers out there towards the blue ridge. a few heavier showers prince william county and fairfax county. back in towards clark and page
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county, we do have a couple of showers here, also around culpeper, but these are the one that say will affect most of us. in and around manassas, just to the north and west of manassas, right along 66, a fairly heavy downpour here. here's the one that's right over annandale, alexandria and right over portions of the southeast around 495. so again just a shower there but they are developing. take a look at this one, right along the beltway, north springfield, just across from braddock road, a fairly heavy shower here making its way off towards the east so watch out if you live along there or even 395 or the beltway. some shower activity continues and any of these showers will have fairly heavy downpours. so you cannot rule out a shower tonight over nats park, just to let you know. now, tropical satellite showing that system. this is tropical storm isaac making its way across the lesser antilles. not a whole lot going on but we
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are watching the storm making its way off toward the west at a fairly good clip. 22 miles an hour. that's how fast it's moving. it is expected to move just south of puerto rico here. it will still bring puerto rico a lot of rain and the potential for some wind but nothing too big, i don't think, especially not to most of the island. but here's the critical point. it's supposed to make landfall as a category 1 hurricane along hispaniola. they had mountains upwards of 10,000 feet. that is going to impact this storm tremendously, especially if it goes over land. if it does, it will weaken at this point and that's good news for us here in the americas. it also crosses eastern cuba which also has fairly high mountains. if it interacts with both of these systems it could have a very hard time making it as a hurricane over towards portions of florida. but still potential low a strong storm. you can see the latest track from the national hurricane centering. it actually brings it close to tampa with winds around 80 miles an hour. a weak hurricane but still a
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hurricane. we're going to watch this close. a cone of uncertainty well to the north and the south of that region. partly cloudy, a shower possible this evening. very nice, though, for most of us. temperature 76 to 81 degrees. as we move on through the next couple of days, beautiful weather. 87 tomorrow, 88 on friday, 88 on saturday and 87 on sunday. can't rule out a shower on saturday but that's really about it. most of us are just going to see some fantastic weather right on through the next couple of days. >> thank you, doug. till to come on news 4 at 5:00 tonight, much more robber strikes in northern virginia with hot coffee as his weapon of choice. plus ll cool jay becomes an action hero. what he did to an intruder that he found in his house. and in sports next, dan sits down for a one-on-one interview with nats rookie bryce harper. stick around for news 4 at 6:00, it's chuck brown day. we are finally getting a look at the special park that will be dedicated to the godfather of de[ male announcer ] you paid in to medicare for years.
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every paycheck. now, when you need it obama has cut $716 billion dollars from medicare. why? to pay for obamacare. so now the money you paid for your guaranteed healthcare is going to a massive new government program that's not for you. the romney-ryan plan protects medicare benefits for today's seniors and strengthens the plan for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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he's on a roll, his team's on a roll and you just sat down with bryce harper. >> yeah. the kid is just trying to fit in and be a part of the team. >> i think he's fitting in pretty well. >> i think he's doing really well. the nationals in rare fied air these days. if they can sweep the braves tonight they'll have an eight-game lead in their division for the first time in franchise history. the nats the best team in baseball and feature one of the best teenagers in major league history in their outfield. i caught up with bryce harper earlier today and chatted about a number of things, including who he leans on the the most for advice. >> i just try to approach the game every single day and try to do well every day. try to see what pitchers are going to do and what counts they're going to throw certain things and try to learn from the
5:24 pm
veteran guys and see how they approach everything. really try to learn from everybody inside the clubhouse every day. >> is there a guy you lean on more? >> probably werth. i think he really helps me out. he's been around the game for a long, long time. having him out in the outfield with me and having him in the dugout talking to me about base running and hitting, just a lot of things. you can learn a lot of things from him appear i do every single day. >> just because you came in around the same time, the mike trout comparisons are inevitable. is that okay with you? does it bother with you at all? >> trout is an amazing ballplayer and plays the game the right way every single day. he's an mvp caliber player and he's a fun guy to watch. he's successful in what he's doing right now. so he's pretty impressive to watch. >> do you know the last time that this town hosted a major league baseball playoff game was? >> i have no idea. no clue. >> 1933.
5:25 pm
1933, and you have the chance to be a part of that in your rookie season. have you even allowed yourself to think about that? >> that's the only thing i'm worrying about. trying to win games every single day. as long as we're in first place and keep things rolling, that's all that matters to me. everybody gets so caught up in the numbers and what i did this game or that game, you know, i just really think everybody needs to look at our team and see that this team is unbelievable. it's a lot of fun to watch. everybody in this town and this city is really excited for this club. an i think the whole baseball world and everybody that knows about baseball is excited for this club. >> you may need to come out with a quote book. i know that's a clown question is really hold but you have a new one at the kids camp where you tell them to be as sexy as you can be and that was caught on camera. where did that come about? >> you know, i just think when you're going out and swinging, you don't want to be as tense and play the game so uptight and things like that.
5:26 pm
just try to be as flawless as you can. try to be as loose as you can. when you're loose and flawless, you're sexy, so there you go. >> a new quote for you. >> you know what, i think it really applies to every aspect of life. broadcasting, if you're a lawyer. maybe not for doctors. you don't want to worry about being sexy if you're a surgeon. >> and you don't want to be a clown if you're a surgeon either, right? >> true. think about it. he just says be loose, be sexy at the plate. guys get so tensed up there an they're worried about going opposite field or hitting it here or there. so it makes a lot of sense, just 19 years old. >> it's profound. >> he's wise beyond his years. >> thank you, dan. coming up, prince harry -- >> be sexy. >> hey, i'm trying as hard as i can. prince harry in trouble again. nude pictures of him are being splashed all over the internet. >> and they saw the people pibed by the car. plus a chaotic scene in d.c. four people hit when an suv while waiting in line for food. a jewel thief hits
5:27 pm
alexandria. [ obama ] i'm barack obama and i approve this message.
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fast forward through the headlines. we've learned an engineer in training was controlling that train that derailed in ellicott city yesterday but investigators still do not know what caused that crash that killed two 19-year-old students. funerals for both of those women will be this friday. right now police are on the lookout for kevin neal of ft. washington, maryland. he's wanted in connection with monday's police chase that killed a police george's county police officer on i-95. police tell us neal was driving fast and cutting through traffic, forcing several cars to swerve out of the way. a passenger in the car, kenneth mitchell, of northeast d.c., was arrested yesterday and charged with auto theft. get out your plastic, d.c. cabs will soon be accepting credit cards in the next few months. the meters will be installed in
5:31 pm
the city's 6,000 cabs. tvs and gps navigation will also be installed. now let's fast forward to the weather. >> tonight we have just learned that a woman stabbed to death in washington died while trying to protect her mother. news 4's pat collins joins us now from southeast washington with a grief-stricken family's firsthand account. >> reporter: jim, a woman murdered here trying to keep hur mother out of harm's way. she was very protective of you? >> very. >> reporter: she didn't want anybody to take advantage of you? >> right. >> reporter: and essentially she gave her life to protect you? >> yes, she did. >> reporter: with family, with friends, michelle mitchell back at the place where it happened, back at the apartment where her daughter was killed trying to keep her mother safe.
5:32 pm
the victim, antoinette mitchell was 29 years old. she lived in an upstairs apartment on 13th street southeast with her mom. they say around midnight the mom's ex-boyfriend comes over to the apartment and refuses to leave. around 4:00 a.m., antoinette tells the man get out or i'm calling the kaupcops. as she starts to dial 911, the man walks out the apartment, down the stairs and out the front door. she follows him to make sure he's gone and the door is locked. that's when it got violent. >> my daughter came down to this door here to lock it. he pulled it back open and he said, oh, you want to act gangsterfied and he pulled out a iron. she hit him upside the head with an iron and he stabbed her
5:33 pm
multiple times. >> reporter: at the scene, her aunt. >> if that was the case that she was trying to protect her mother, i can understand it. >> reporter: she wouldn't let anything bad happen to her mother? >> no. >> reporter: so what about that ex-boyfriend? miss mitchell said the cops are out looking for him. she says she's scared he may come back. live in southeast, pat collins, news 4. four women are in the hospital tonight after being hit by an suv here in columbia heights. it happened around 11:30 on 14th street. witnesses tell us the women were waiting in line for food when an suv turned the corner, swerved to avoid another car an pinned them against the wall. the president of the a school said the alleyway is dangerous and several months ago a garbage truck hit and killed a man in the same area. >> we have here hundreds of children every day.
5:34 pm
i don't understand it. we have shared this with vdot and dpw. we brought this to people's attention and nothing changes. what do we need to do? do we need to have another incident which involves children? >> police say one of the victims fractured her leg in the accident but are all expected to be okay. during a robbery a robber threw a hot cup of coffee at the front desk attendant and jumped the counter. he took about $450 cash and a cell phone and then fled the scene. this was about 9:45 last night. park police, a canine unit couldn't find him. no word if that clerk was injured with the coffee thrown on her. alexandria police are trying to track down the man suspected of walking off with a $25,000 diamond ring from a jewelry store. these are pictures of the suspect from a surveillance camera at king's jewelers. he walked into the store, asked to look at rings. he walked out with a platinum
5:35 pm
and diamond ring. he has a tattoo with the words "sigma forever" on the left side of his neck. the new school year is bringing new guidelines for school sports programs in maryland. the state department of education now requires all coaches to be trained in concussion risk management. coaches have to be able to recognize the symptoms and get injured students off the field. >> when a child gets hit in the head, they may have a concussion, they may be dazed, they may be confused. more importantly you want to make sure there isn't a more serious injury like bleeding in or around the brain. >> students with concussions won't be able to return to the field until they're cleared by a doctor who is authorized to perform sports physicals. still ahead, neighbors complaining about a dangerous intersection, so what's wrong with this stretch of road? plus it's like an alfred hitchcock movie. a woman has attracted so many birds to her yard, the town is calling it a health hazard. bad dog. a new website is designed to
5:36 pm
a new website is designed to shame your pet into good but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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[ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break... and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.
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we have a little bit of heaven with us this afternoon. that's actually the name of our wednesday's child. >> and barbara harrison tells us that everyone who knows heaven describes her as a little angel who would be a blessing to any family that decides to adopt her. >> reporter: her name is heaven, and at 6 years old, she's a little shy. but those who know her, like social worker jonathan rhodes, say she's a very special little girl. >> heaven is a great child. she's very precocious, very outgoing, she loves to sing. >> reporter: heaven was certainly fascinated, but not quite ready to join in with the singing when the rockin railroad band struck up a familiar tune here at kidville, bethesda. kidville owner showed off some of the other interesting colorful characters here. >> we have abby kadaby.
5:40 pm
>> reporter: heaven held on to abby and liked those sunglasses, but only on abby. heaven has both physical and learning challenges, but once she gets to know you, her bright and inquiring personality is evident, and she even lets you see that wonderful smile. it's hope that a family will come forward to adopt her and will give her all the love and attention she deserves. >> we're looking for somebody that will work with her despite her disabilities and realize that she has disabilities, but these can be dealt with and overcome. >> did you come to see me? >> no. >> yes, you did. >> we want a family dedicated to seeing her as a person, not as a disability. >> wave bye-bye. >> if you have room in your home or your heart for heaven or another child. >> please call our special
5:41 pm
adoption hotline or visit our on she is precious. >> she is adorable. it was good to see her smile there at the end. coming up, oh, the internet is buzzing. there are naked pictures of prince harry as he engaged in some shenanigans in las vegas, where else. plus what's your workout? the tool that's helping folks get stronger and thinner at the same time. doug. we'll talk about the showers that are out there right now, including some around the metro area. some areas seeing heavy downpours.
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a serious crash in loudoun county. now neighbors claim they have seen far too many accidents on this narrow stretch of road and they'd like to see a change. they're asking for help to make the intersection of swoeetwater lane and gum spring road safer. that's where richard jordan joins us live with more on why neighbors say the road is so
5:45 pm
dangerous. richard? >> reporter: wendy, the posted speed limit out here is 45 miles per hour, but some long-time residents say that's rarely followed. yesterday's crash was just up the street. investigators have not said for certain that speed was the factor. it appears that driver suffered from a medical emergency. but still it has triggered a call for action. >> it's a really narrow street. >> reporter: gum spring road, the narrow street has seen its share of accidents. the latest, tuesday. sheriff's investigators say the driver, operating this truck, suffered a medical condition and lost control. the vehicle flipped, crashing into a tree and bringing down a utility poll. >> we know something happened but woe didn't know what happened at all. but crash, that's crazy. >> reporter: the investigators say the driver was not at fault, but the accident is stirring up street concerns here. the road has a narrow single lane in each direction and curves that often create a blind
5:46 pm
sight for drivers. that can lead to dangerous driving and in the past has proven deadly. last year surveillance video captured a fatal crash at the same spot where the other driver veered off the road. >> we've been here for about four years now. in the past four years, we've been witness to at least four to five deadly accidents on this road. >> reporter: now the rural community is expanding. new developments are popping up quickly. patty just moved in, but she said she didn't know about the past problems. >> no, i had no idea. not until right now. >> reporter: the latest accident is not blamed on the street but those who live off the winding road believe something should be done to prevent other close calls. >> it's a continuous thing. as long as the signs are not up and the road is not being policed, this is going to continue to happen time after time after time. >> reporter: the driver in yesterday's crash is listed in stable condition at a nova fairfax hospital. but witnesses who saw him just
5:47 pm
after the accident say he is lucky to be alive. recording live, richard jordan, news 4. storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has another check on our forecast. any storms out there? >> i'll let you take a look at the picture. what do you think, wemdy? that's what's happening down right around the airport, over towards southeast. we are in a monsoon going on. some very heavy downpours coming through parts of the region. the current temperature right now 81 degrees. rain-cooled 81 grows with that rain falling. again, some areas seeing moderate to heavy downpours. second day in a row we've seen rain over the downtown region. it's just to the southeast right over the capital. just the scattering of showers here. we've got some back to the west an right across portions of virginia. here's jefferson county, west virginia. you can see some of the stronger showers right there in through clark county just to the east of
5:48 pm
winchester and right down route 7 right around the airport seeing some of those and down into fairfax county. we'll zoom into fairfax county. this shower has been here around the last half hour. if you live between braddock and old key mill, you are really seeing some heavy rain there. th also right along the beltway and 95. as you make your way up 395 in and around the airport, that's what's happening right around in this area. then you move over the river and right over nats park we're seeing some rain. i bet they have the tarps out there right now. but this is right over nats park right now. it's not moving a whole lot, so once again, you're going to continue to see very heavy downpours. these are also right along 295 so heads up along pennsylvania avenue. you'll continue to see that rain. these showers will continue to expand and move around just a little bit. so if you're going down to the nats game, and i know a lot of people are. a lot of people from the department of labor are going to the game tonight. here's what you can expect.
5:49 pm
possible showers. you can't rule it out. i think the game will be okay. they may have a delay but i think we'll be okay. we'll be able to get the game in tonight. enjoy the game. you may want to bring the umbrella and have a little bit of a plan. where are you going to go, where are you going to hide once the rain does start. 57 the overnight low in leesburg, nice and cool back here to the west. 68 in the city. as we move over the next couple of days, going for a high of 87 in the city. 88 on your friday. saturday and sunday, nice weather. we stay in the 80s. once again, can't rule out isolated showers these days, but not even a 30% chance so i think we'll be okay for that. as we move into early next week, temperatures remaining in the mid to upper 80s. right, jim and wendy? >> is it raining in the parking lot? >> yep, yep. >> she's got her windows down. >> wendy, i'll roll up your windows again. >> thank you, thank you. handley keeps say monsoon to me. hey, his mom said knock you
5:50 pm
out so ll cool jay took on a burglar. there's a new trend called dog shaming. imagine what it would be like to have to explain to your grandmother how your naked pictures -- or pictures of you naked ended up on an online gossip site and your grandmother is queen elizabeth. photos of prince harry's naked antics ended up on tmz overnight. reportedly they met some girls rpgs invited them back to his room where they started playing strip billiards. is that what they're calling it these days. apparently harries not very good at the game. it's not clear who took the pictures or how much tmz may have paid for them. >> he lost the game and so did a lady in those photos. there's a lot of buzz about l.l. cool jay taking down a burglar in his home. he confronted the prowler in his kitchen early this morning. he held him there until police showed up. ll and his family weren't hurt, but police say the intruder was pretty banged up. he's now in custody. some users of the website
5:51 pm
tumbler are using the sight to rehabilitate their naughty dogs. it's called dog shaming. owners post pictures of air guilty pooches. one dog went on its owner in obedience class. one ate $20. another one waits until the baby is asleep to start barking. the sight has been up a week and already has over 100 posts. >> my dog has done the $20 bill and he's going viral when i get home. >> just wait until he pees on you. >> oh, he's done that too. if you are board with lifting weights, swinging kettle balls or working with medicine balls, now you can get the benefits of all those tools with just one piece of jim equipment. i feel like i'm in an infomercial. >> it's called viper, short for vitality, performance and reconditioning. we checked it out and asked them, hey, what's your workout?
5:52 pm
>> 3, 2 -- anybody having fun yet? >> the idea was to create a tool that helped with strengthening. so to combine strength training and functional training into a more effective tool. >> try to keep the viper in line with your spine, guys. >> you can pull it in various different ways. you just don't go forward and backwards, you rotate. so we're trying to combine all of those movements into a class leak ours. my class is very endurance based because you're moving the whole time. and so whether the viper is on the floor and we're doing tilting-type drills, whether it's for speed or power or simply warmup movement. >> down and through, guys. >> you're trying to accomplish all different areas of training. >> 5, 4, 3, 2, vipers up. >> you're doing cardio moves but you're holding weight the whole time. the weight because of its odd
5:53 pm
shape, it tes a lot more control and power for the weight itself. >> it's going to give you a tremendous core. you won't just be stronger because your center is stronger, you'll also get thinner this your waist. >> push. push. >> i lost 30 pounds and i've seen a lot more muscle tone. it's also allowed me not to get bored with my workout and giving me something new to try. >> you're also working as hard as you possibly can for 45 minutes. and in anything where you work as long as you can, you burn a lot of calories. >> definitely the shoulders and arms, but i also felt like it was engaging my core a lot, which they say is so critical to having good posture and overall like mean tone physiques. >> a good sweat there. viper is offered at equinox gyms in bethesda. coming up next, why one town says a woman's bird feared is a public health hazard. coming up at 6:00, a former lacrosse player at the university of virginia has just learned whether or not he's
5:54 pm
going to get a new trial for murder. there's a new reason to avoid the traffic on i-66 in virginia. we'll tell you about that. and a new recording made by dr. martin luther king jr. was [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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birds standing on the porch, birds hanging on a wire. they are everywhere in one massachusetts beach town. there are so many birds the town leaders there are calling them a nuisance and blaming one woman for the problem. julie reports. >> i don't hate pigeons, but what's there to love about a pigeon. you want pigeons, go to the boston commons. >> reporter: it's been more about numbers the past two years. birds, up wards of hundreds of them, have been feeding, flocking and some here say
5:58 pm
causing a frenzy along beach street. >> what is the problem? it's not against the law. it's not against the commonwealth's law. >> reporter: gayle has summered here for 38 years and clearly has an affinity for birds. >> i can't walk the beach anymore. i'm limited in a lot i can do, but at least this is something i can do, feed had birds. >> reporter: she has a single feeder now but in years past fed them freely off her porch. but her neighbors has had enough and the town takes issue with the pigeons and sparrows and subsequent droppings. so much so they filed suit and tuesday all parties found themselves in brockton district court. >> the evidence will show that the defendant has been feeding the birds in such a way as to create a health hazard and a public nuisance. >> reporter: neighbors testified they feel, quote, terrorized by the birds. >> they leave bird feces on
5:59 pm
virtually everything we own. >> reporter: as for mr. cansky she believes this is more about town politics and less about the pigeons. >> birds live here. these are just the birds that live in this town. >> the case isn't over. they'll be back in court for more testimony on monday. now at 6:00 tonight, the search for the driver in that crash that killed a police officer. the first look tonight at the man on the run after a crash killed a young police officer. >> recent west nile virus outbreak is the largest ever seen in this country. >> and we are keeping our eyes on isaac stirring up trouble in the tropics. good evening, i'm wendy rieger sitting in for doreen gentzl gentzler. >> and i'm jim vance. the search is on for the driver who police say set off a chain reaction that ended with the death of a prince george's county police officer. police say the man's name is kavon neal. that he lives in ft.


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