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tv   News 4 at 5  NBC  August 23, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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sister and another teenage girl, a foster child, lived there. they say amber's mother wasn't home at the time. shirley robinson lives next door. >> just last night, to see the stress, to see the mother going through what she had to go through, i wouldn't wish that on anyone. i just want to say that was -- a quiet wonderful little girl. wonderful. >> reporter: amber stanley was an honors student at high school. they say she wanted to go to harvard, she wanted to be a doctor. today at the school, a moment of silence, and grief counselors deployed to help students and teach e teachers overcome the lost. >> she was very affable. students loved her. teachers loved her. she was active in our school community. >> reporter: sources say police
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were here days ago to investigate allegations of asought on the foster teenager who lives here. it's unclear whether or not that had anything to do with the shooting last night. in the meantime, police continue to look for evidence continue to search for a motive, continue to try and identify a suspect. was amber stanley targeted? if so, why? or was this a case of mistaken identity? there is more to be known here. live in accountering, i'm pat collins, news4. a developing story tonight. a serious boat crash in maryland state delegate don dwyer operated one of the boats involved in this collision near pasadena last night. police say they took a blood sample from him, because there was a suspicion that alcohol was involved in the accident. dwyer is expected to make a statement any minute now. we'll bring it to you as soon as it comes into news4.
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dwyer, two other adults and four children were injured, but they are all expected to be okay. dwyer was in one boat with another adult, the second boat was towing two children on a raft. witnesses rushed to pull everyone from the water after the accident. tonight we have learned just how two 19-year-olds died during that train derailment. eliz belt gnash and rose maier suffocated when a train dumped a lot of coal on top of them. they were not hit by the train when it derailed on tuesday. investigators are still trying to figure out why the train did derail. funerals for the women are set for tomorrow and saturday. tonight -- today marx one year since a 5.8 earthquake rattled d.c. and millions along the east coast. two of our landmarks are still recovering. >> this video shows some of the impact on the national ka they'd ra and the washington monument.
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tom sherwood joints us live from the grounds of the cathedral with more on this odd anniversary. >> wendy that earthquake lasted only a few minutes but will take many more years to repair the damage. at 1:51 thursday, the bears of the episcopal national cathedral marked the earthquake's one-year anniversary. >> today is the day a lot like a year ago. it took just under a century to get the pinnacles on top of this cathedr cathedral. it took under a minute to bring some of them down. >> reporter: the 105-year-old eischenic cathedral suffered some of the worst damage. about $8 million in repair dough naz have been collected so far. supporters are hopeful. >> it's something that needs to be done, and based on that 80-some years of building it, i'm confident people across this
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country will come through and they'll be able to bring it back to the way it was. >> reporter: john's wife eileen has been a 40-year cathedral volunteer. she was giving a small luncheon on that day. >> the bells clanged a bit, the building started to shake, and someone said it's an earthquake. >> reporter: security cameras captured the quake at the washington monument a year ago. exterior stone by stone inspections were made. it won't reopen until 2014. >> the project will involve scaffolding the entire structure. >> reporter: though a natural rarity, officials say it's a reminder to be ready -- >> it's important to have a communication plan with your family. most building evacuated. what you want to do is drop, take cover under a strong table or desk and hold on until the
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shaking stops. >> reporter: could they'd real official say the repairs could take another ten years. tom sherwood, nevada. louisa county, virginia was the epicenter. because of that, drills have become routine there. coming up news4's richard jonnen will have more on the recovery that's still under way in that virginia countryside. to the presidential 308 tick as republicans get said to officially nominate mitt romney. a new poll suggests that the race in that key swing state is too close to call. the quinnipiac poll shows that president obama has a slight lead over romney in florida. >> and currently they're essentially in a statistical tie with the president being slightly ahead. >> mitt romney released details on his new energy policy today. he said it would relax some
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current regulations and vowed the nation would be energy independent by 2020. bill clinton -- stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the convention. we'll be live with aaron gilchrist and julie carey. we'll have coverage of the democratic national convince as well in charlotte. isaac is making its way toward the united states. the system is over the caribbean causing heavy rain and high winds for more than a accident of the islands there. the storm is expecting to intensify into a hind by tomorrow. puerto rick po is seeing heavy rain and flooding. people boarded up their homes ahead of the storm, stoing up on supplies, and the government has declared a state of emergency doug kammerer joins us live with more on isaac's track. doug? >> reporter: yeah, i've got to till you, wendy, watching the latest on isaac, this story is
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il-defined, still cannot find a definite center, so the newest -- the latest advisory, no longer brings it to a hurricane before it makes landfall in towards portions of hispaniola. we will watch this storm closely. taking a look at what's going on right now, just to the south of perta puerto rico. really typical thunderstorms for them. tropical storms, with a lot of rain. no big deal, this storm will make its way toward the west-northwest, currently moving at about 14, 15 miles per hour. it will move very close to cuba, then close to the southeast united states, the longer we go, the more and more this tracks to the west. i'm getting less and less concerned with south florida. tampa may still be hit by this, but i think it will be indirectly hit by this. but i'm now focusing on the gulf
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coast states, including new orleans and places like mobile, alabama. we'll be watching it closely. 85 degrees the temperature out there right now, with plenty of sunshine. winds out of the southeast. if you have plans this weekend, you don't want to miss my forecast, as we move on through your morning, 83 degrees tonight, waking up to a temperature of around 68. we'll be back in a couple minutes with our backyard weather right here. the west nile virus is a full-fledged public health emergency. more than 1100 cases have been reported. 41 people have died. almost half of those cases are in texas. d.c. now reports its first confirmed case of wes nile, two cases in virginia, nine in maryland. the west nile season is still young. it runs through the end of september. it is move-in days 59 george mason univeity. thousands of students are getting ready to start the next
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chapter of their lives. as julie carey reports, the university is starting a new chapter with its first new president? 16 years. >> the freshmen moving in weren't the only newblies on campus. they were greeted by new president angelica brera. he replaced the president who retired last spring. he moved to fairfax just six weeks ago. >> it's so exciting. i feel like a freshman. >> reporter: with 40 years as an independent university, george mason is the youngest virginia campus, but also the largest enrollment the past two years and nearly 34,000 students are expect this had year. george mason shook off its commuter school reputation years ago, though a majority of the students still do live offcampus. that's slowly, but surely changing. >> two new dorms just opened. and that they are helping forge
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gmsh -- >> they just -- everything is so new, the dorms are fantastic. >> that's kind of what i like about the school, it's still relatively young. it's like there's tradition being built. >> reporter: dr. cabrera is tasked. he his immediate goal? >> my number one goal is to ensure that the kids have a transformational experience. we only go to college once. this is a big deal. >> reporter: these student leaders say they show signs of change. >> going global, expanding opportunities, very, very excited. >> he's already done things with like twitter and pinterest, and in instagram. you know where to find him and what he's doing. >> reporter: julie carey, news4. coming up next, his beating sparked the l.a. riots. a new report just reveals what was in his system when he died.
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by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more.
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folks are still talking about the big one. it was one year ago today that strong earthquake rocked our region. >> the worst of the damage was louisa county, virginia. groceries were thrown off the store shelves. and as richard jordan reports, things like earthquake drills, they have become the new normal out there. >> reporter: there's a lot of rebuilding that's happened over the past year, and still work needs to be done. they suffered significant structural damage. there's a big lesson that's come out of this. >> at this time we will practice our earthquake drill. >> reporter: an almost tear school earthquake disaster drill. these students practice regularly what to do with the ground beneath them suddenly trembles and the schoolhouse rocks again. last year show the ceiling tiles drop as students ran for safety. >> cracked walls, and of course
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the two schools had cracks to the point that the walls were in danger of falling in. the east coast earthquake, using modular classrooms to acdade the hundreds. the town of mineral is on its way back. >> business as usual. >> reporter: they proudly wear t-shirts, saying they will never forget that day, and not everything is as it once was yet. buildings still have roof damage. duct tape is holding windows together, but at least most of those affected are back in their homes. >> people were living in tents outside their houses and stuff, because they couldn't live inside. >> reporter: but the last year has led to a lot of rebuilding and growth. when you do that, the other one picks up, and you just keep moving forward. >> a representative from the governor's office put it mply saying this is a marathon and
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not a sprint, and will likely take several years before the community is whole again. richard jordan, news4. school officials say it could take another two to three years before the damaged school billings are ready for the students to return. all calm today. let's head outdoors, doug kammerer was smart, he's doing just that, down in annandale, have a r.a. nice one you picked. >> reporter: i've got to tell you, another great day out here. it is thursday. of course that means tweer in somebody's backyard. today we came to the williams family's backyard. i've got to tell you, oifbly a bit of a theme going on. you apparently like the redskins? this is bret, by the way. >> how is everybody do you? hail yeah. rg3, who knows if he'll be the savior, but definitely the quarterback we desperately need. >> reporter: he told me before he started that he wants dan hellie's job. can you tell just a little bit?
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get and introduce me to your family. >> my dad roger is the master of this whole yard and creation. my mom sue, another big redskins fans. >> some of the other sports we have represented. grandma locally over there. and grandma shirley, a white sox fan. >> she said a.l., with the white sox, but nl the nationals. say hello to everybody else. we want to show you just how things are going out here. another great day. show you what's happening. out there right now, plenty of sunshine, but we are dealing with some cloud cover across the area. temperaturewise we're sitting at 89 degree market, at least we were earlier today, now into the mid 80s. that's where we're going to stay. temperaturewise, we've been into the 80s all day long, starting to fall off. so a very nice evening out there.
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as we look towards the radar pictu picture, this is what you can expect. a few showers, but these are all back to the west. do not expect rain across the area tonight. we are not going to be seeing any chance foss rain here, but you can see we are dealing with a bit of rain across portion of the area. once again, what will we see? with that rain moving in from the south this weekend, if you've got plans, you may want to rethink them a bit. we were thinking this weekend would be fantastic, but an area of low pressure will make it's way up the coast. while it does that, i do think there's a chance for shower activity. so once again, you really want to make sure you're watching this forecast, not a lot of rain, not a washout, saturday's rain does look like late in the afternoon, but sunday could be rain most of the day, so kind of a washout on sunday, but still not really heavy rain out there. as we move on through the evening hours, this is what you can expect, nice and warm, really just about perfect. 80 to 85 degrees.
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the binds will be on the light side. tomorrow morning nice numbers, mostly clear, looking good, 56 to about 70. winds will be light once again, as we move on through the day tomorrow, 86 to about 90, partly sun,warm, not too humid. we're calling it a fantastic friday, but get ready. it won't be a fantastic weekend fo unfortunately. there could be problem at the beaches, especially on sunday, not just rain, but a bit breezy, too. monday, tuesday, wednesday and thursday temperatures in the upper 80s to around 90. we have some great weather, unfortunately that beautiful stretch of weather i was thinking we would get may not be here for the weekend. if you can't get to the beach, you want to build a beach in the backyard, that is exactly what they did here. bret, you were telling me your dad said we want to build a
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beach in the backyard? and you said? >> you are a crazy guy. that's exactly what he said, yeah, i brought in all this sand. did you bring it in directly, or what did you do? ivities i would like to say i brought it all in myself. i can't go there. we had some folks brings in the sand, but i put in all the plants. all the plants i dig up every fall, take them into school, keep them alive, come back and replanned them each spring. >> and sit out here about every single night. we'll by dhilg for about the next hour and a half. >> you need a wave machine just to hear the waves crashes. >> that beach is quite cool. i like that. we need to take some notes on that. >> thank you, doug. taylor swift accused of crashing a party. we'll tell you who actually kicked the music star out of her wedding. oh, my. plus what might have caused two boats to collide, sending seven people to the hospital, several children. more on the real redskins, coming up in sports, the skins
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[ romney ] i'm mitt romney but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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he has provided us with a lot of entertainment over the years, dan hellie. >> and a darn good player. who showed up for the one on one. >> everybody. everybody was there. >> may he wanted to go in classy. >> clinton porters trails only john riggins. and today the man who created the loveable and crazy cakes like southeast jerome, and sheriff gonna getcha.
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he spoke almost half an hour uninterrupted buff getting emotional. >> i'm walking away from this game today rouse of everything i have ever done. the opportunities i had, the people that i med, the teammates, it was one of the, and i appreciate you all. >> reporter: you choked me up a bit. this was an emotional minute. >> man, this was supposed to be fun. i really thought this would be easy, come up, say what i had to say, thank you to the fans and be done, but it didn't happen. >> why was this important for you to do?
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>> just closure. not having the redskins, and being -- was more meaningful than doing anything else. >> that really resonates that you wanted to retire as a redskin as opposed to getting that milestone. and you know, it's another, 10,000 yards. adrian peterson, curtis johnson, frank gore, and the list goes on. they're capable of having 10,000
5:27 pm
yards going out on top was more important. >> who was the favorite character? >> southeast jerome started it. everything came after. you can never outdo the original. how important is it to these guys -- >> they could have not been here. like i said, it's more meaningful which you level a memory or appreciation than to just say "i told you so." >> a lot of guys did show up. it was a packed house there london flesher, da'rel young, do a guy who we'll remember for the characters, but let's not forget he's the 27th leading rusher in nfl history, all time. >> just 30? >> just 30 years old. >> so he really wants to coach little league? >> he has two sons.
5:28 pm
he says he'll by a soccer dad. he has enough money to hang out for a while. why one football fan may need a rabies shot. and a bank robber with an and a bank robber with an unusuahe's made his choice.
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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breaking news on a boat crash. the maryland state lawmaker just admitted that he was drinking before operating a motor boat that collided with another boat last night. the crash send don dwyer, another adult and three children to the hospital. all the victims are expected to recover. dwyer spoke at shock trauma in baltimore, where he's being treated. he says he regrets his action and urges anyone to not drink before getting behind the wheel of a powerboat. and let's head back out to storm center 4 meteorologist,
5:32 pm
chief meteorologist doug kammerer. we are still tracking isaac. >> reporter: yeah, and we're going to be tracking isaac for about the next week or so before it finally makes landfall in parts of the u.s. i think it will have an impact on the u.s., some of those areas could be southern florida, extreme southern florida. now it looks more like the gulf coast states could be seeing this. take a look at the latest track. that latest track now taking that storm just to the south of the dominican republic. winds only 40 miles an hour, so still a fairly weak storm. and taking it very close to the alabama/florida border. tampa could still see some of the outer effects of this system, so not a direct hit for tampa, but they're still prepping up there. laura make has been in tampa the entire time and talking about preps they may be making in time for the next convention this week. >> reporter: are moving forward with their convention plans.
5:33 pm
however, they're keeping a close eye on sigh sack and where this storm could be by next week. after all the planning that's gone into transforming tampa's forum and building a stage that will launch the republican party's nominee, the storm could put a damper on things. isaac has been on a track for the gulf and possibly florida's west coast, but authorities are watching with caution. >> for those who have grown up in florida, the only predictable thing about these storms is the unpredictability. >> chief caster's department has been preparing for protesters outside the convention. she says the plan is the same. >> it doesn't change it for us. we'll just put on raincoats. >> reporter: inside the forum thousands of gel gas, guests and media are set so schedule. they're working with local officials, who's watches the track and wary of when eremark ways could come into play.
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>> the convention itself, they can do whatever they want. it's a private event, but star our ability to sustain, you know, the security, that's a public safety decision. >> reporter: this is the time that delegates are packing up and getting ready to either fly or drive to tampa. now, the delegates i spoke with today said they haven'teard of any changes in plans, but one delegate told me she had just bought a large, sturdy umbrella. back to you. well, it is a bank break-in with an unusually dressed thief surveillance video shows him going into the bank of america in woodley park last friday. richard jordan, this might not be the first time a thief has hit a bank? chris? good evening. >> reporter: we're reporting live from the washington field office of the fbi, where today they gave us they two wanted posters, because the fbi wants your help to catch a thief.
5:35 pm
this bank surveillance video captures a break-in, but the burglar remains at large, wearing a white protective suit, black mask and glove to leave behind no fingerprints, he stood just a few feet from the back of the atm. the break-in began next door to the bank of america in the 2600 block. in a vacant store. once inside that adjoining property, they have the time to break through the wall that is commonly shared with the bank. >> reporter: the fbi is asking the public to report any suspicious activity. but when we showed the video to people on connecticut avenue today, they want everything about the break-in looks suspicious. >> never seen a suit like that before, except make in outer space. >> you go to a policeman and say i saw somebody dressed strangely, i don't think so. if i saw him breaking into a
5:36 pm
building, yeah. >> reporter: a strikingly similar break-in was attempted at the same bank of america last year in the early morning hours, but that time the suspect didn't wear a disguise. he carried a flashlight and again got away with nothing. the fbi wants to stop the tern or people responsible. now, they say if you know anything about these bank brea-ins or if you see any suspicious people loitering around banks in the overnight hours, or do any large carpen try work, perhaps in a vacant storefront, you can call the fbi or metropolitan police department. that's the latest from the washington field office of the fbi, reporting live, i'm chris gordon, news4. the department an investigation for two training conferences in florida last year that cost taxpayers between $3 and $9 million, including training videos featuring an actor doing a parody of george
5:37 pm
c. scott in the film "patton." none of this would be worth the powder if it didn't benefit the veterans, but it does, and they know it. >> the film cost $52,000 to produce. other expenses include about $20,000 for v.a. branded promotional items that include pens, highlighters and hand sanitizer, the office of the inspector general is also investigating allegations that the event planners accepted improper gifts, including helicopter rides and spa treatments. members of congress are asking the v.a.'s secretary for additional information. coming up, the most wonderful time of the year. liz crenshaw shows you which shows give you the most bang for your buck. plus prince harry's new escapades have made international headlines, the pictures are all over the internet. why you won't find them in the british papers.
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british papers. a driver hits a fire hydrant
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but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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there's new information tonight on the death of rodney king. the autopsy results say he accidentally drowned with multiple illegal drugs in his system -- pcp, cocaine and marijuana. he died at his own home in june. after his fiancee found him at the bottom of the pool. in 1981, he cause severely beaten, and it was caught on tape. the officers were acquitted, triggering the massive 1992 l.a. riots. health officials in maryland are warning about a possibly rabies exposure at a baltimore rarch football game. they say a fan reported a bat landing on the shoulder of the fan. the person brushed it off. it flew away.
5:42 pm
it's unclear if that bat is infected, but officials are concerned other people may have come into contact with it. still ahead, the mother of the bride who said she did not want taylor swift to crash her daughter's wedding. and doug will be back with another check on our forecast. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work. this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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back to school shopping action not just a chore. it's a budget buster if you're not careful. >> but each year liz figures out how to save you in back-to-school money. >> she joins us with the results of her experiment. >> reporter: this year they say they're going to spend $688 per child on back-to-school shopping. much of that is mandatory school supplies. does taking the time to shop around really matter? take a look. it accident add up. every schoolchild has a list, whether it's ray onor notebook
5:46 pm
paper, back to my. >> notebooks, pencils. glue. >> we made our own list of 14 items. >> colored pencils 12 or 24. >> from colored pencils to glue sticks. >> cray yonsz? >> yeah, i got crayons. >> reporter: index cards to pencil boxes, we gathered our school supplies finding sales prices when we could. >> washable markers. >> scissors. >> yeah, we took the same list to a discount store, walmart, an office supply store, staples, and a drugstore rite and. >> many of the stores carry identical brands. some use their own store brand to help you save. >> i do a lot of price comparison. >> so does it matter if you shop around? we examine the prices and calculated the costs. our answer again this year, a resounding yes. it really pays to pay attention
5:47 pm
to prices. some examples. a box of crayola crayons, 24 count, exact same box at all three stores, 50 cents at walmart, a dollar at staples, and 2.99 at rite-aid. a bottle of glue, $1.59 at rite-aid, and if you're willing to buy the store brand at staples, only 25 cents for school glue. 1.97 at walmart, $400 at staples, $5.49 at rite-aid. if you add up the market basket of our 14 items, we spent $26.90 at rite-aid. we spent $23.38 at the office supply store, staples, and $13.46 at walmart, half the price of what we spent at the drugstore. so if you have a family of
5:48 pm
school supplies to buy, there is big money to be saved by shopping around. and remember, get excited about saving money on supplies, as excited as you are about the kids going back. >> i am excited about him going back. i've got at home with him all summer. [ laughter ] . oh, time to give them back to the teachers, right? anyway, yes, please do shop around. we find this almost every single year, that there really is a big difference, so check it out, shop around and make sure you -- >> six times on a lot of that stuff. >> it was amazing. hey, looking at some of the stories trending today. british tabloids are well known for their love of scandal, but most are notling to take a chance to publish the pictures of prince harry. with the ethics cloud sparked by last year's hacking scandal still fresh in the uk, most tabloids made do with pictures
5:49 pm
of harry at the pool in bathing trunks, wearing a at the dora. taylor swift battling accusations tonight of being a wedding crasher. kathie lee gifford backed it up. she said she was at a wedding in boston, when swift showed up with her boyfriend. according to gifford, kennedy was invited, but swift was not. the mother of the bride allegedly didn't want swift to upstage her daughter. swift's spokesperson insists she was invited and even thampged the bride. let's get the latest from doug kammerer. the backyard weather takes us to annandale today. doug? >> reporter: the very first question that i got when i walked into the backyard, they said is wendy coming with you today? just to let you know. -- take a look, look, wendy, it wasn't from any of these women down here.
5:50 pm
i'm not saying who it was from. but i'm just saying, you know, that's what was going on. got to say something else, too. we have a very special birthday. this guy right here. this is jeff. jeff's birthday falls on a very important today. last year this time, he sways shaken around a bit. it was the earthquake that was making jeff shake a bit, though this year, the nationals are making us all shake just a bit. al, we're doing your favorite thing. this is roger right here. you've got some things on the grill that, um, um, i'm ready for. >> waiting for jim to help us eat this stuff. some veggies, burgers, some ka bobs, got the lonely hot dogs, and my sous is barbecuing the chicken. >> reporter: everybody needs a good sous chef, and you cook out here all year long? >> gentlemen, even --
5:51 pm
snowmageddon. >> first, weatherwise, you know it's a beautiful day if we're out here grilling, though he said he even comes out when irs not a beautiful day. you can see the temperatures, 9 on in rockville, in washington right now and ft. bill advisory coming in at 86. no rain to talk about, at least not around the metro area. along i-81, around louray. overnight, 70 in washington. back towards the west, some areas in the upper 50s around frederick, maybe martins burg, so i know another very pleasant night and morning when you wake up on friday. speaking of friday, a beautiful friday. we'll call it a fantastic friday. plenty of sunshine once again. can't rule out an isolated shower, and down toward the southwest, but again, plenty of nice conditions tomorrow. as we move on through the next
5:52 pm
couple days, 84 on saturday and sunday. unfortunately we have had to add rain into the forecast. it looks like about a 40% to 50% chance both days. i'm not expecting anything too heavy, but sunday could be one of those days where it starts on a rainy side and may enthat way. you want to stay tuned for that. coming up at 6:00, more on tropical storm isaac, and of course eating our kabobs. >> looking forward to that. >> thank you, doug. members of the mormon church are seeing increased attention as mitt romney prepares to accept the nomination, so tonight "rock center" gets a look at traditions within three very different mormon homes. >> reporter: in a predominantly mormon neighborhood, al and juline are raise are their family in a devout mormon -- >> people are actually like want to know, you know?
5:53 pm
do you really do that? >> reporter: people like us. >> is this for real? i mean, c'mon. >> reporter: so here come the questions that everything have. do you drink caffeine? >> no. >> reporter: have you ever had a cup of coffee? >> i've never had a cup of coffee. i had a coke one time. >> reporter: here it comes, literally one coke. >> i can even -- >> reporter: caffeine? i may have a dr. pepper once in a while. i can't lie to you, kate. >> reporter: no smoking? >> no smoking. >> reporter: not a sip of wine, not a glass of beer? >> no. >> reporter: can you understand what some might be wary of what they sea as the uniformity of mormonism? >> i don't see it so much of a uniformity code that we have to march to. i want to live the gospel of jesus christ. i want to live the commandments of the lord, and they bring me happiness. i'm not doing anything i don't want to do. >> you can see the special
5:54 pm
"mormon in america" tonight on "rock center. ". a freak descend involving a driver, a utility pole and phi hydrant. it actually killed two good samaritans. just coming up in minutes, we continue to follow breaking news involve a maryland news involve a maryland lawmaker's surprising but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
i'm barack now mitt romney's attacking the president on medicare? the nonpartisan a-a-r-p says obamacare "cracks down on medicare fraud, waste, and abuse and strengthens guaranteed benefits." and the ryan plan? a-a-r-p says it would undermine medicare and could lead to higher costs for seniors... and experts say ryan's voucher plan could raise future retirees costs more than six thousand dollars.
5:57 pm
get the facts. two good samaritan trying to help a man after he crashed his suv were electric roe cuted in california. the driver ran into a fire hydrant and light pole, as annette oreola reports, that turned out to be a deadly combination. >> i hear tires screeching, a huge crash and water gushing. >> reporter: it was the driver
5:58 pm
plowing through the front yard of a valley village home. the vehicle crashed into a fire hydrant. investigators say the 40-year-old and her husband pulled over to help the driver of the sufficient when she stepped into the puddle she was electrocuted. according to residents, their neighbor stacy shriver attempted to rescue samuna when she also collapsed. >> jumping in the air, kneeling on the ground, and he was -- it was like he was praying, please help my wife, help my wife. they were trying to tell him, sir, we can't. >> reporter: six others were shocked, including an officer. two women gave their own lives when trying to save another. >> when your adrenaline is going, your heart is with god and you have your faith, nothing
5:59 pm
stops you. you just want to go in and be that person to help. >> reporter: in the wake of this incident, the department of water and power wants to remind the public to never go near downed lines or touch anyone that's comes into contact with a power source. the best thing to do is call 911. the department of water and power is still working on repairing the hydrant. the crash is still under investigation. the driver was given a sobriety test, which he did pass, but officials believe he may have been speeding at the time of the crash. it is now becoming more clear where tropical storm isaac will make landfall. it's been one year since the earthquake ratsed. >> an hohn zours student gunned down in her own bed. good evening, i'm jim vance. >> and i'm wendy rieger. we begin with b


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