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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 23, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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rite right now at 11, shock and sadness after a 17-year-old
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honor student murdered in her own bedroom. >> the motorcade admits he was drinking. >> as isaac moves closer to the u.s., our agencies are on high alert. but, first, we have a news 4 exclusive tonight. we're getting a look at exactly what happened on that ride on bus. that crash happened monday morning. it through passengers from their seats on to the floor. derrick ward joins us from that home that has now been condemned. derrick? >> wel you know, the street that runs in front of that home is a long, steady downgrade. certainly not the kind of place where you want to lose your brakes. but the driver told the homeowner that's exactly what happened when he crashed into his house. tonight, we have some compelling video from on board that bus. it makes it hard to believe that everyone walked away with minor injuries. video cameras inside and
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outside the ride on bus gave new perspective to the terror. through this intersection from above the driver's seet, the operator's atempbt to gain control and the vehicle slams into the parked taxi and the house. >> i was like, god, what is this? >> reporter: femi olameda just parked his car outside the house. the bus just misses that car. a daughter, whose bedroom faces the front of the house, was at school. so many close calls. >> reporter: another camera catches the passengers as they brace themselves before impact only to be tossed into the aisles. yet, another view, what the driver saw, equally as frightening. all things considered, passengers and the driver appear calm and relatively orderly. but for the family who lives here, the terror of this close call still lingers.
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>> it weighs on my daughter. seeing her bedroom destroyed like that. she's been having night nars since monday. having dreams about this accident. we've been trying to calm her down. >> despite more than a hundred thousand dollars wort of damage, the loss of his taxi cab, his livelihood, seeing this only drives home the conclusion. this could have ended so much worse. >> it was a close kault. >> reporter: now, that family is is being put up in a hotel until their house is deemed habitable again. as for the crash and investigation, that continues. live in silverspring, derrick ward. >> a maryland lawmaker admits his blood alcohol level was more than twice the legal limit when a boat he was driving slammed into another boat. three children on the other boat are among the six victims who are recovering tonight. delegate don dwyer is being treated in balt mor.
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he was on one motor boat with another adult. the second was pulling two children on a tube. all of this last night at about 7:00 when they collided in the river near pasadena. >> it is true that i was drinking while operating my boat yesterday. it's also been reported that my blood alcohol content was .2. no one. no one should be drinking and operating a motor vehicle or a power boat. >> dwyer says he deeply regrets his actions. he's asking for forgiveness from the public. he's been a member of the house of delegates for 9 years. >> tonight, police are going door-to-door looking for answer answers in the murder of a 7-year-old girl. she was an honor student who dreamed of attending harvard. last night, she was shot and killed in her bedroom. jackie vincent joins us live from kete rurks ing tonight live
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outside the teenager's home. >> reporter: there are still a lot of unanswered questions. when this murderomen inside. but only one was harmed. >> by evening, amber stanley's family was allowed back in to the family home where something strange and terrible occurred last night. about 10:30 p.m. a man kicked in the front door, went directly to the bedroom where the 17-year-old was sleeping, shot her seven times and fled. long-time neighbor has known amber since she was a little girl. >> i can't say anything for except she was a nice young lady. you would see her and she would speak to you and she'd go to school and come back home. >> amber stanley was a senior in the science magnet program at charles flowers high school, an honor student with no apparent enemies in the world. she talked with wanting to attend harvard university next year. is a csignificant cash
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reward eward in this case. reporting live, jackie benson, news 4. >> thanks, jackie. one of the two young women killed in a freight train derailment on tuesday. earlier today, police released the autopsy report. it says nass and rosemyer were suffocated by a pile of cole. police say the women were not actually hit by the train.
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they were found buried under the coal which is still seated on the edge of the railroad bridge. funeral services are scheduled for tomorrow and for saturday. >> tropical storm isaac sent some republican leaders scrambling today as it continues to threaten the party's convention in tampa. the storm could cause problems for convention-goers early next week. crews italled tents and rain shelters to prepare for potential downpours. even if the storm just brushes tampa, that area could see storms and high flooding. >> the evacuation is my call. we haven't been hit by a hurricane in 90 years, but we plan for this every year. >> more than 60,000 people plan to attend that convention. it starts next monday. >> well, i think for tampa, that's all they're going to get from this storm. most likely just a glancing blow. but even that could produce
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winds of 50, 60 miles an hour. as we're looking at tropical storm isaac, still making its way across the caribbean, south of hispaniola, not a bhoel lot of damage there. it is starting to look a little bit better now. strengthened just a little bit from where it was earlier. pressure at 1001 millibars. it's still fairly weak, but starting to get its act together. on this tract, takes it right other eastern cuba and then potentially into the gulf coast states. i think we'll be watching this one. i'll give you my thoughts on this one where i think it might go and what we could expect around here. that forecast has changed somewhat. you don't want to miss it. >> a bizarre break in at a d.c. bank of america. surveillance video shows a burglar wearing a hazardous material suit climbing through the wall. the suspect got inside through a vacant store front.
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a strikingly similar break in was attempted at a bank a year ago. in both cases, police say nothing is found missing. the f.b.i. is investigating. john lenin's killer will remain in prison for at least another two years. today, a new york parole board denied mark david chapman's release request for the 7th time. chapman shot lenin outside of his apartment on december 8th, 1980. for life and they have
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stripped him of his seven tour de france titles. >> there's still a question of who's going to pay for extended metro service during the post season. the city feels the team should pay. so far, officials say there is no dream. a city spokesperson says the discussions are on going. >> it is one year later. parts of our region still cleaning up from a 5.8 earthquake that shook the entire east coast. repairs are being made at the epicenter. the cathedral sustained significant damage. the price tag to fix it? $28 million. so far, $8 million has been
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raised. scaffolding has been expected to go up at the washington monument, not expected to reopen until 2014. meanwhile, at the epicenter, people say it feels like the quake happened yesterday. >> cracked a bunch of dry wall, tvs fell off the dressers and just destroyed the kids' rooms and dishes fell out the cabinets. it was just -- it was like somebody came in and took everything and flipped it over. >> stunts in mineral are still using a modular classroom while their schools are being rebuilt. students are taking part in disaster drills so they know the right thing to do. >> coming up, a report on the frantic rescue effort when a woman carrying her child fell off the subway platform. >> the extravagant inauguration package that a d.c. hotel is already offering. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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we have some video tonight of a mother walking right off the end of a subway platform with her 4-year-old son in her arms. they both fell hard on to the tracks. you can see it. the woman was waiting for the train near boston last night. other passengers jump right behind her to pull them back off the rails. >> it was just rushing, thinking that oh, that's the train i'm going. but that train was on the other platform. it was not on this platform. and i just stepped. boom, on the track. >> the mother says she is finished riding subway. says she'd rather pay $25 to park in boston than risk yet another fall. >> the effort to stop the west nile virus continues tonight.
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more than 1,000 cases have been reported. health officials say it's the worst outbreak in u.s. history. 41 people have died, more than half of those deaths are in texas. officials performed aerial spraying. a 70-year-old woman has tested positive for that virus. >> changes in facebook. some new ads are popping up. sponsored search results. a company spokesperson says the ads will be caterered to what a user zerjss. and then the ad will link drektly to a company's facebook page. faszbook has been pushing to make more money from advertising since it went public. >> while the inauguration is several months away, but the hotel is already preparing for the big day. it is offering an extravagant inauguration deal, not quite a
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deal. it's a five-day package from january 18th to the 22nd in the hotel's penthouse suite. the price tag? $57,000. it features a chef and some other perks. >> you also have a special five-course dinner at our chef's table. also, for 12 guests where executive chefs prepare a five-course dinner prepared with some great american wines and each of the courses will feature the president elec's favorite dishes. >> well, the w hotel and four seasons also offering special innaugs ration prices for the big day. >> tonight is a special night for a man in northern virginia. he is celebrating a birthday. we're talking about mr. charles clark. he turned 105 today. mr. clark was born in 1907 in hamilton, virginia. he worked selling insurance for
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15 years before he signed up for the army, that was in 1944. served in the quarter nationals there in world war ii. served in england, belgium, france and germany. mr. clark was married for 56 years. he retired in 1979. earlier this month, he met president obama. the president is good luck. mr. obama is the 19th president to have served in clark's lifetime. tonight, his family took him out for a birthday dinner and, right now, on the phone, mr. charles clark is with us. forgive me, mr. clark, are you there? >> caller: yeah. >> first of all, congratulations, sir. it is a privilege and an honor to talk to you. would e what everybody wants to know, what is the secret, sir, to living for 105 years? >> caller: moderation on everything. >> all right. everything you do. mr. clark, do you have any
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regrets? . no, i don't regret anything. >> i would say that you have had a wonderful life, sir, to have lived 105 years on this earth. we salute you. we congratulate you. and, mr. clark, we congratulate you for spending a couple minutes. we salute you and happy birthday. >> caller: thank you. >> how sweet. 105. that's a lot of history. >> and lives by himself as a caretaker comes in maybe twice a week. but he is still his own man doing his own thing. you've got to honor that. that's absolutely marvelous. >> he's a lucky man. >> we should be so lucky. >> yes, we should. meanwhile, down in the tropics, how lucky are they right now? >> now know what, so far, so good for the people. i mean, most of the island, not a whole lot going on. and neither is hiss pan owe la. that's the one island that could get hit the hardest.
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as far as we're concerned. we're looking towards the weekend. we've got something going on here this weekend on saturday? oh, yeah, that's the redskins home opener. you may get a little wet. we saw a high temperature of 9 9 drs. e degrees. i think we've got another great day for friday but then the weekend goes downhill pretty quick. 77 the temperature out there. everybody into the 70s for the most part. 68 in frederick. and also look at culpepper coming in at 68 degrees. and tomorrow morning, another great start. we'll call it a fantastic friday. i really think it eegs going to be quite nice out there. no rain to talk about on storm team four. radar right now clear. and that's the way it's going to stay. at least for 24 hours and then we'll see the rain come in. look at the clouds makie ining way up through the south.
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that storm system will move right up the coast. well, that nice weather sticks around for tomorrow. but notice where the rain is by tomorrow night. virginia beach, maybe even close to the ocean city area and then watch how it just moves right on in here late friday night into the day on saturday. saturday morning could be fairly wet. saturday afternoon could be fairly wet. and then i do think we dry out late in the day on saturday. so the red skins day could start off a little bit wet but may actually dry out. that's just the initial here. i think we could see this area of low pressure during rain even into the day on sunday. now, let's focus on isaac making its way across the caribbean. it has not been very well organized. starting to get attacked together, i think just a little bit. but just when it gets its act together, it's going to move across hispaniola. that is not a favorable place for a tomorrow to storm to be.
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the hurricane krenter puts it only at 50 miles per hour. that's when it can intensify. and then potentially, a hurricane and maybe a stronger hurricane, category one, maybe category two around new orleans, over towards tallahassee. we are going to watch this very, very closely. the latest computer models have been keeping this farther west and keeping this away, too. morning lows, down to about 6 a e 5 in leesburg. next couple of days, highs only around 2 on saturday. a high of 84 on sunday. 90 on monday, 90 on tuesday, but not bad at all next week. here comes the umbrellas. >> hurricane starts at 75, right?
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>> yep. >> until then u it's a tropical storm? >> skpaktly. >> we've got sports coming up. a former turk shining for the
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. >> i think so. it's always kind of sad when these guys try to string along their career. he wanted the stats snishlly and then said you know what, i'm good. cp is history. clinton portis returned eed to redskins park today to offici officially call it a career. like riggo, he was also an entertainer off the field. today, though, about closure. not clowning around.
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the red skin staff members pour sbood the main auditorium to bid portis adieu. coming back to redskins park was something he needed and wanted to do. >> life as a redskin was more meaningful than doing anything else. it was more meaningful than playing with another team and getting sent away just to say i told you so and continue my career. if i couldn't do it here, i really didn't want to do it. when i left, i realized this was the organization i loved. this was the place i loved. having the tunt to come back, it was high risk, it was the best thing that could hatch. >> he still has that huge runningback neck, like a battering ram. what was that? a 22 inch neck? he was powerful and one of the best pass blockers we've ever
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seen in that position. >> oh, yeah, he used to hurt people. >> line backers did not like coming in as a rush pass. >> i can't think of another one off the top of my head. he did it quite often. of the current crop of redskins runningbacks, they'll both miss pre-season game number 3 against the colts. tim hightower expected to play for the first time since tearing his acl 9 months ago. skins and kocolts at 4:00. tonight, ravens hosting the jaguars. baltimore up 3-0. we're going to see this a lot this year. joe flacco. give him 6. ravens up 10-0. flacco is jacked, but he wasn't done yet. down the middle of the field, the former turk picks up 32 of his 103 yards on the night. that led to another touchdown.
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flacco threw for 266 yards and two touchdowns in a 48-17 raven's romp. attention fantty football owners. this guy, aaron rogers is ready to roll. rogers drops back, doesn't see anybody open, so he keeps it by himself. the only disappointment here, he didn't have his title belt touchdown celebration. that's apparently disappeared. still in the first quarter, soo did i. rogers ding it again. a five-yard touchdown runs sekt of the night for rogers. the pack is going to win 27-13. that's over the bangles. that was one of the great touchdown celebrations and it's gone. we've got to get him to do it again. again. >> ravens starters in the third
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>> that's our broadcast
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