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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  August 24, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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lance armstrong is stripped of his cycling titles and banned for life from the sport. the security guard shot on the job earl yes this month is out of the hospital tonight. good evening, i'm gist vance. >> and ironed wendy rieger. first tonight that deadly shooting in new york city, a man fired from his job, shot and killed a former colleague today at least nine other people were wounded. the mayor says some of them may have been hit by a police bullet. this all unfolded outside one of the america's most eischenic landmarks. >> reporter: wendy, this street behind me was closed for much of the day. however just a few blocks behind me, police are still searching for clues. think believe this was a long
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simmering future. >> i had just walked into the lobby of my building when i heard five gunshots. >> confronted a former co-worker, shot him three times and as the man lay dying on the street. witnesses described the scene. i opened the window of the ninth floor. >> reporter: a construction worker alerted police. >> he pulled his .45 cal bear semiautomatic pistol from his bag and fired on the officers. who returned fire killing him. an additional nine individuals were either wounded or grazed during the exchange. >> reporter: two women and seven men we are hit by gun fire.
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mayor bloomberg says those victims were possibly shot by police as they tried to stop johnson. johnson had an ongoing feud with a co-worker which ended in this king. our first thoughts -- and thanks got nobody else was seriously injured. mayor bloomberg says all meanwhile, police are searching and -- to try to figure out why that relationship ended in violence. back to you. >> thanks, chris. jim rosen field was in manhattan at the time of the shooting.
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he has move. >> reporter: this is a tourist eischen, so you can imagine the chaos, as the shooting played out right at the start of the workday. this played out on busy fifth avenue on the openingeck, others headed that way 5th avenue was closed as were side streets. they were obviously shaken while many cake to see the aftermath. we found one couple from ireland on their honeymoon still okay about coming here. we also found native new yorkers understandably concerned about gun violence. >> it does give you a bit of a shaky feeling.
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definitely i would come back again, but it would always be in the back of your mind. >> we have to worry about terrorism, and now -- i've been living in new york all my life. i have to be aware of everything i do from now onivities mayor bloomberg reiterated how relatively safe new york is, one of the safest big cities in america, but he added there are still an awful lot of guns out there. in midtown manhattan, jim rosen field, news4. now to a developing story. we are awaiting reaction from a republicans. which he called to announce he is staying in the senate race. leaders from his own party want him to step down. el tonight akin does not sound like he has any plans to change
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his mind or his campaign. >> i'd like to be clear on our message today, and that we're going to be hear through the november election. and we're going to be here to win. >> congressman akin does not plan to attend the gop convention next week. >> mitt romney and paul ryan compare tone. >> romney sparked new controversy when he reminded the audience that he was born in michigan, then joked that no one would ask to see his birth certificate. so. >> democrats immediately blasted the remark. >> later he added that president obama was born in the u.s. in the meantime thousands of delegates from around the country are keeping a close eye on the track of isaac.
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organizers are already taking precautions now. kim martucci has the latest. . this just in, the hurricane center has issued a tropical storm watch in effect for all of the florida keys, and that's just the latest update. here is isaac right now spinning. it's expected to make landfall tonight in haiti. the winds are up to 65 miles an hour. here is the path. the path will be taking it up into the gulf of members ko by the end of the weekend. it looks like the official path will keep it off the florida peninsula, taking it in towards the western florida panhandle come wednesday next week. so we'll be keep an eye on this
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closely. >> thanks, kim. a republican party leader's watching the storms because 65,000 people are arriving in tampa to attend their convention. nbc's jay gray is live with more on how they are preparing. >> reporter: it will be a tough go through next week. a lot of people up and down the florida coast watching to see exactly what happens. it's already building in intensity. it continues to grab strength. winds and rain are already picking up the next target before the storm turns toward florida. >> florida hurricanes are still hurricanes. we're still at risk. we need to take everyone seniorsly. we need to be prepared not
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afraid. >> lee county officials are already mapping out the plan. >> we're able to ramp up and be ready. florida is already fine the effects. gas prices jumped overnight. crows have installed rain shields in tampa where there's growing concern, as 65,000 show up for the republican national convention. >> in terms of an actual evacuation, that is my call. >> a call the mayor hoping he'll never have to make. the kurn photographs shows a glancing blow, but experts understand that path can change quickly. >> hopefully we'll watch it pass
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and do nothing more. but we will be ready. >> than fall is still -- in the past of this storm. to make -- and to prepare for this storm. back to you. >> thank you, jay. >> a second man wanted in the chase that led to the death of a police officer has turned himself in. police officers adrian mars was killed on monday when he car ran off interstate 95 and overturned. he and his partner were chasing two men i had sigh what they thought might be a stolen car. the man who's accused of shoot ago security guard is competent to stand trial. a judge handed down that ruling
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during a preliminary hearing today. meanwhile, the security guard now out of the hospital. jackie vincent was in federal court today. a court-ordered mental health evaluation haas determined that floyd lee corkins will be able to stand trial. when judge alan kay asked corkins to enter a plea his defense attorney replied not guilty. corkins, who volunteered at a gale community organization u. walked into the lobby of the family research counsel council last week and shot the security guard after saying, quote, i don't like your politics. the group organized a show many part after chick physical lay's ceo made controversial statement. the security grd managed to wrestled gun away, and 15
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chick-fil-a sandwiches in his backpack. johnson has released a statement saying i am thankfully 0u69 hospital. my condition continueses to improve. i want to thank everyone for the support and prayers during my recoveries. >> he waived his right to a speedy trite. his next court ammance will be. still ahead, another unusual bank break-in enchts. new details about the man accused of opening fire on dozens of people in a movie theater. a lifetime ban for lance armstrong after he stops fighting. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care. but nothing is free. obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare, changing the program forever. taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers.
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raising taxes on families making less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars. free healthcare comes at a very high price. the romney-ryan plan will restore medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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we have new video from syria tonight. it appears to show an aerial bombardment. this was posted on the internet. nbc news cannot verify its authenticity. there are reports from syria that a government wear plane bombed an apartment building in the southern part of damascus. human rights activists say 21 people were killed. those numbers cannot be confirmed. newly filed court records allege that the man who shot up a movie they're in aurora, colorado, had told a classmate that he wanted to kill people, and he did that four months before the shooting at the theater. >> that is part of a contention made by prosecutors. it's a motion released today. they want access to james holmes' reports from his time
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when he was studying neuroscience at the university of colorado. holmes' lawyers say that the pressure should not get ac. a norwegian court has ruled that the man wo confessed to killing 77 people, most of them teenagers at camp is sane and he can be sentenced for that crime. the court handed down ten years to life for andress brevik. the court will decide whether to send that sentence indefinitely. he sent off a bomb in oslo and attacked the youth camp in 2011, he said he wanted to protect norway from being taken over by muslims. lance armstrong has been banned for life and stripped of
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his seven times. nbc as mark barger has more. >> reporter: after more than a decades of doping allegations, cyclist lance armstrong gave up the fight to clear his name as the u.s. antidoping agency wasted no time today reacting. >> it's a powerful reminder to athletes that doping never pays. >> it was ready to testify about his doping activity. armstrong chose not to challenge the organization, saying in a statement that its process was one-sided and unfair. >> the agency doesn't bring the cases frivolously. i think he was facing an uphill battle. >> reporter: earlier this week, a judge threw out armstrong's
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lawsuit. >> it's failure to rebut the very serious charges means that he's effectively acknowledging they substance. >> but he's always insisted that he never used performance-enhancing drugs. >> absolutely not. >> never. >> not once? >> not once. >> reporter: his longtime sponsor nike said it would stand by the 40-year-old cancer survivor and the livestrong organization that armstrong founded to assist cancer care and research also voiced its support. >> we may see a temporary effect, but he's a hero in the community. >> reporter: now officially no more. now mark barger nbc news. we have a tropical storm down there still creating some half rho. >> yeah. it's going to make landfall there, then probably head across
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cuba. then on the other side monday entering the southern gulf of mexico. all eyes on florida. and the florida keys now has a tropical storm watch in effect. so a lot to cover, and we'll see if we can't keep this thing in the gulf of mexico. either way it's probably going to make landfall next week in the u.s. the official track has it aiming toward the western florida panhandle. great to see you. temps today were pretty warm despite the clouds that roll into town. we managed highs well into the 80s. 88 is what we officially have. our average high is 86 it looks like this weekend we'll get some rain. 83 is where we are at right now. the humidity is 49%. all right. around the region, here are the numbers.
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79 is the cool spot. you guys are at 81 at the moment, but here are the showers. most of us will stay dry with the clouds. we have one coming down. they're just a nice soaking rain, and towards gainsborough we have one, just a handful. you folks to the south of d.c. will be seeing the showers gro more numerous here is the latest, so he has strengthened over the last several hours, and come across cuba like this. here's the official path forecasted path. things can change with this. what you want to know is tampa is about here. this is the forecast, a category
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1 hurricane with winds of 75 miles an hour, probably about monday, about 3:00 in the afternoon, bringing in in towards the western florida panhandle as a tropical storm. where that moisture go, by the way? it looks like it might bump as far northeast, as southeastern virginia, but the models, none of it brings the moisture here over us. instead we'll be getting some of this moisture from a trough the low pressure on the coast i think tomorrow evening is our best chance for a steady rain. sunday is looking slightly better, but it still will be we had tomorrow morning spoke they showers, and then in the afternoon there comes that rain, 7 a to 80. sunset tomorrow night is 7:48. here's the extended forecast. the weekend is kind of hit or miss. saturday is a little more wet
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than sawn. after this hurdle, we'll bell keeping an eye for remnants from isaac, but again the models seems to want to take it toward southeastern virginia, and then off the coast, keeping us at this point dry from any of isaac's headaches. okay. good. sounds good. thanks, kim. coming up tonight, a massive construction project. plus the conventional political campaigns that kick into high gear after labor day. why that's not the case in have a have this year. tiger is lurking as the pga stops in new york. the redskins add some legendary names to their all-time greats. as the bubble burst, which as the bubble burst, which receivhe's made his choice.h
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but what choices will women be left with? just like mitt romney, paul ryan would get rid of planned parenthood funding. in congress, ryan voted to ban all federal funding for planned parenthood and allow employers to deny women access to cancer screenings and birth control. and both romney and ryan backed proposals to outlaw abortion even in cases of rape and incest. for women... for president... the choice is ours. i'm barack obama, and i approve this message.
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a mother is devastated.
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she wants to know why anybody would want to hurt her teenage daughter. amber stanley was 17 years old. she was an honors student and a model. she wanted to study to be a doctor. she was killed inside her home on wednesday night. she was in bed. pat collins has our report. >> i'm so hurt in my heart. she was my baby. >> reporter: irma gaither speaking out for the first time since her daughter was murdered inside their home. >> reporter: can you think of any reason why anyone would want to kill amber. irges none. none. the people that knew her. she was a nice girl.
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she was a nice person. she was a loveable person. >> 17-year-old amber, a high school senior, she had a promising future. she was an accomplished model an honestors student. she talked about becoming a doctor. all those dreams destroyed violently wednesday night when a masked gunman kicked down the door of her home, went to amber's bedroom and then opened fire. if you could sit there now and look into the lens of that camera and talk to the person responsible for amber's death, what would you say? >> why would you want to hurt her at all? for what reason? it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in prince george's county, i'm pat collins, news4.
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right now the impair state building is open against after a shooting there by a store employee who had been laid off earlier. police say the man jeffrey johnson shot a former co-worker outside the building this morning. the gun man and its co-worker were killed. all of that according to police and witnesses. a tropical storm warning has been issued for south florida tonight. the system is expected to hit haiti and the dominican republic causing winds and heavy rain tonight. republican leaders preparing for potential extreme weather at the party convention that starts on monday in tampa. the dashboard video shows dramatic moments after a suspect stolle a car with a mother and her 20-month-old child inside. it was a carjacking that happened last year in baltimore. today that suspect pleaded
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guilty to two counts of kidnapping. the video shows the mother jump out with her child. both of them were injured. police say the suspect could be facing even more charges. this time around in the presidential background, presidential battleground the work started months ago. >> reporter: forget relaxing by the pool -- >> are you supporting president obama? >> reporter: forget the golf course. hundreds of northern virginians on both sides of the presidential contest have traded in their summer leash time for a role in one of the most intense get out the votes efforts ever waged in the commonwealth. the obama for america campaign has opened 36 offices across virginia. in the manassas office
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volunteers are preparing for what they're calling a women's weekend of action. harriet carter in august of 2008. this time she jumped in much earlier in may, gives at least 20 hours a week. >> i don't know what we're going to do if the president doesn't get reelected. >> sharon day is a newcoming, signing on to help earlier this summer. she spends one day a week. >> one work shift a week is not enough to give to a campaign that is so important. >> mitt romney volunteers have already made 1 million voter contacts. >> we are making thousands of calls from offices across the state. door knocking, seven days a week. >> for jan, a desire to help mitt romney has him doing campaign work, even though he's works the phone banks. they thrives on door-to-door
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calls every thursday. >> i've been out every afternoon when it's 90 degrees out, they can see the sweat off my brow, so they realize that i'm -- this is important to me, and i hope and i think sometimes that transfers increasingly volunteer -- they can take them home. we'll have complete coverage next week. we'll have live coverage of the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. d.c. police and the fbi vitting this morning's attempted bank robbery in the m & t bank in georgetown, surveillance video show the suspect in a why
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tyvek jumpsuit. just a week ago someone in a similar bodysuit broke into a bank of america in woodley park with a similar mode of entry. someone tried to rob that same bank about a year ago. no money was taken in any of these break-ins. a warning for drivers in northern virginia this weekend. i-66 west of the beltway will likely bess more backed up than unusual. v dot is working on the 495 expressway project. work will be done in four phases. crews will be dough mealishes excavating, paving and then putting up the road the worst sunday night when the 495 south ramp to 66 west will be shut down. v-dot advises drivers to take route 50 or other nearby roads. >> certainly if you know your
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way around the greater area, anywhere in here, you know there's a lot of routes east and west that can get people off of 6. country machined morning, people will find the commute many, many better. vdot says delays could be at least half an hour this weekend. a national civil rights leader suggested that d.c. citizens should be nor aggressive in demanding rights in congress or statehood. tom sherwood reports. >> mayor gray was among 41 local citizens arrested last year on capitol hill. they were promoting voting rights and statehood for d.c. citizen, a long-running political fight with no end in sight. on the wa mmt u politics hour
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friday, naacp president benjamin jealous said his influence group might help the activists. >> as soon as they're ready, we're willing to help across the country. i think it's frankly time to go into a more militant phase. they've had some success, but needs tore more aggressive. >> to have a take no prisoners approach on this issue, because it's been going on far too long. >> d.c. vote executive director says his group does plan to step up activitiesivities we need something bigger, more sustaining than the efforts offer the last year-plus. even the democratic party this year is not promoting statehood in its convention platform. the gop platform outright opposes it. d.c. vote concedes a series of scandals in city politics, also
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isn't helping the city's image. >> yes, certainly a distraction, the work must continue and the work must kin down at the conventions. >> reporter: in the district, tom sherwood, news4. coming up on our broadcast, a long and winding high-speed chase. >> and a big celebration for our hometown olympic heroes. >> how are we looking, kim? >> a little wet out there. it's a preweekend workout. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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three people locked up as a high-speed chase near miami. police followed a silver mercedes as it weaved in and out of traffic. at one point it went against the traffic. the car finally crashed into a fence and the pleat caught the
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suspects. the driver of that car was taken to the hospital. the paralympic games kicked off sunday. claire loomis hit the cauldron. she was paralyzed from the chest down after a horse accident and became the first person to complete a marathon in a bionic suit. when she walked the london marathon earlier this year. the symbol was lowered over the tower bridge. it will remain there until september 15th. a big party under way right now at the bethesda metro plaza. go on over there. taz dan hellie there. congressman chris van hollen is present, as are other celebrities as the city celebrates its three olympians. katie ledecky -- ledecky is
6:40 pm
there, or she brought home the gold. scott parsons is a slalom kayaker. that party will continue until 8:00 tonight. we kind of wish we were there. >> yeah, we do. >> we love all of this. lou, what you got? >> you can always tell what's going on in sports by the barbershop. the barbershop says, man, we have made it to football season. there's a game every single night. joe flacco flaps his wings for the ravens, roster spots narrow for the redskins receivers, plus [ obama ] i'm barack obama, plus and i approve this message. [ male announcer ] you work hard. stretch every penny. but chances are you pay a higher tax rate than him... mitt romney made twenty million dollars in two thousand ten but paid only fourteen percent in taxes... probably less than you now he has a plan that would give millionaires another tax break...
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and raises taxes on middle class families by up to two thousand dollars a year. mitt romney's middle class tax increase. he pays less. you pay more. alking i've been mney's middle class tax increase. doing is that it's given me time to reflect on some of life's biggest questions. like, if you could save hundreds on car insurance by making one simple call, why wouldn't you make that call? see, the only thing i can think of is that you can't get any... bars. ah, that's better.
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it's a beautiful view. i wonder if i can see mt. rushmore from here. geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance.
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we have 83 inside the beltway, but eased back to 79 in gaithersburg. reston, too, joining the crew at ft. belvoir. i'm keeping an eye on a handful of very light showers. no lightning, so don't expect to hear the thunder. approaches a deal, and backing in towards calvert county. off to the west here right along the potomac and straddling 95, a
6:44 pm
few more showers, very light and falling apart. so your forecast tonight, just a couple. a little rainy, especially later in the asp, highs reaching for 80, but a lot of us putting on the brakes at 77. something about the 80 best -- >> yes. >> i'll bet i know every single one of them. i didn't know them personally. >> vintage. >> is that the word? >> vintage. it's crowded at the facility, but cuts are getting ready to
6:45 pm
happen. you can't make the club if you spend a lot of time in the rehab tub. buffett members of the tub club is anthony armstrong. he's missed a major time nurse ago right shoulder injury, and this has not been the year to be hurt, as zachary keyes tells us, the position is loaded. >> every day is an evaluation day. when you have more competent is it, it's more interesting toward the end. >> reporter: one of those guys is al dread robinson, last week six catches for 104 yards. he's young and unproven, but right where you want to be, on the coach's mind. >> the one play he made, you know last week, was pretty impressive. >> at preseason is all about individual evaluation, which creates an interesting dynamic,
6:46 pm
building friendships and fighting for jobs. >> it's tough, man. you want guys to do good, you want to be a standout guy, but it is what it is. >> reporter: he let his play do the talking, by returning a punt 91 yards for a touchdown. you'll need to catch some balls to make the team. armstrong has been sidelined by a shoulder injury. >> i try not to look at it as pressure, but i know time is running short on opportunities to perform. you've got to make up a lot of ground. >> reporter: is it difficult not to look around and see what else else is doing and what you're competing against? >> yeah, that's always on your mind. so i work harder and try to compete. >> how do you stay focused? >> it's a b, you know. i love this game and willing to do whatever i can do. >> these guys are hoping to do get the opportunity.
6:47 pm
if they make a big play, obviously he has a chance to go somewhere else. zachi quiche, news4 sports. thanks, zach. here are the ten you've got waiting for. those names revealed during the redskins welcome home lunching. here's rg3 looking as dapper and jim vance at the marriott. there's recently retired clinton portis. thank goodness he doesn't dress up as southeast jerome. named most valuable players from last season, davis missed the last four games due to a drug
6:48 pm
suspension. he's just happy to get a second chance. >> after all you've been through, you've learned a lot, but i know where i'm at. eye appreciative. i want to thank dan snyder, definitely believing in me to bring me back this year, giving me the opportunity to play. saturday's required television watching, skins and colds, right here on nbc4 starting at 4:00, followed by the redskins postgame report. players not the only group being evaluated tomorrow. many, including your truly, will be up in the press box. you've been watching some of the work, and let me say, dicey. >> it stinks, downright stinks. go ahead. >> what's more disturbing is commissioner roger goodell says the replacements for the regular-season games are worth while to ensure longtime improvement for officiating.
6:49 pm
>> really? >>? >> raven hosting the jaguars, second quarter, ballots more up 3-0, joe flacco finds anquan boldin. that will work. 10- 0. flaggo wasn't dodge. looking down the field, 32 of his 103 yards right here. he threw for 266 yards, ravens looking good. the titans mosting the cards and jack locker ready to go. second quarter finds nate washington, right to the end zone. two tds for locker in the game. third quarter noun, kevin kolb is in for arizona. this is to the wrong jersey. colin mccarthy has a bunch of friends going with him the other way.
6:50 pm
titans win over arizona. golf approaches the end of their weekends. tiger woods comes in a the 3 under -- a little side note. i like that shirt. at 5 it's a birdie. tied for eighth for tiger woods. nick watt any is tied for the lead. this is why. 2 understand today, 800 for the tournament. with sergio garcia for the lead. here is your shot of the day. just watch. yeah. that's right in there. >> sweet. >> that's right in there. that's a hole in one. >> that's pretty good. >> can you do that? >> are you kidding? not even if i threw it. >> roberto castro getting it done. done. the phillies
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but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times, then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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facebook is launching a new app for iphones and i pads, twice as fast as the old one. it rebelt it from scratch after people complained it was too slow. photos and colts comments are expected to load faster, and you werible to like a photo. people can download it free from the app store. there you go. >> so the weather this weekend. >> good day to stay inside and watch football? >> we'll bell here keeping you company. i know we'll have an update at halftime. i think sunday better than saturday. next week we're looking dry. if you get your car washed on monday, i think you'll get a good five days out of it. >> thanks, kim. you know, there are some people in this town who are
6:55 pm
really upset with the nationals. now, to be sure, the ire is not directed at the team. not much tore mad about whether a team first in the in the meantime l east with almost a lock on the playoffs. no, the bad vibes flow to the ownership or whoever it is that's refusing to pay metro more when to stay open later. relatively speaking we are not talking about a huge chunk of money. it's a bit over 20 grand action some of this could be refunded. two of the other franchising in the city/rather luteinly putting up the cats. they refuse. they insist the city should pay, by that they mine and by
6:56 pm
taxpayers they made washingtonians whose numbers in the stadium are way fewer from those anywhere else in the area and bechron. i remember a game i went to a few years back, i would say there were more philadelphiians in that stadium than the population of all four quadrants of d.c. together. as they say on espn, c'mon, plan! ? the excitement and joy has got to more than compensation for a few,000 that it might cost the teams that those you thises of fax can ensxwroi it in the melt rho cards all the way back to the parking lots. this one is about shutting down strasburg. i don't know what to think. one day it is absolutely take him out of there.
6:57 pm
the next is no way, we have a world series that we're looking at here. i have no idea. you listen to sports talk radio, they talk like rizzo is crazy. i'm not so sure. we have a long-term contract and a long time to look at this kid pitch a payable. owner how much did atlanta go to the change and how many times [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care. but nothing is free. obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare, changing the program forever. taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers. raising taxes on families making less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars. free healthcare comes at a very high price. the romney-ryan plan will restore medicare funding
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and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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