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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  August 24, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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we're seeing frightening moments from new york. new voi shoideo shows the momen
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police took down a suspect outside the empire state building. on the streets of washington, police say they had reason to shoot a man in a busy neighborhood tonight. and we're tracking isaac. new developments on the path coming in to storm team 4. we're beginning with the video that shows a confusing scene as police hunt for a killer. >> it happened on new york's 5th avenue after a disgruntled designer allegedly shot and killed his boss this morning. we need to warn you the video you're about to show includes images of that suspect just seconds before he was shot and killed by police. the gunman is highlighted in the video. he's walking down the street as two officers confront him. dozens of bystanders begin scrambling for their lives. in fact, when the shooting begins. in the end, two people dead includin the shooter. nine people were wounded. nbc's pei-sze cheng with more on the good samaritan who helped police catch the gunman. >> reporter: a closer look at the securityideo shows jeff
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johnson in a suit walking calmly on 5th avenue until he hears police behind him. so he reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a gun. the nypd released the video to show why two officers fired their weapons, shooting johnson and killing him. chaos erupted amid one of new york's most famous sites. police followed the man and stood over him, firing five shots. he tried to make his getaway on 5th avenue, but police caught up with him thanks to a good samaritan. >> a construction worker who had followed johnson from west 33rd street alerted to uniformed police officers who were on post in front of the empire stated building. >> we have multiple people shot in front of the empire state building. >> two civilians shot. the perp is shot. >> we have one down. >> reporter: rush hour in
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midtown. shots multiplied. >> i only saw the woman who had been shot in the foot. obviously she was upset. i saw the man dead on the ground in front of the empire state building. >> i heard a lot of shots. after the sixth or seventh shot, i heard screaming, yelling. i saw the body. >> i just got shot. i just got shot. they're going to rush me to the hospital. >> reporter: one officer fired nine times. another seven times. the suspect may have been hit seven times by police, and nine other pedestrians were likely injured by ricochet and graze wounds from the shoots fired by the officers. >> [ bleep ] does something like that happen here? you never expect something like that -- in a high-traffic area. that's the last thing that you expect. >> the blocks around the empire state build regular back to normal tonight. that wasn't the case much of the day. jim rosenfield continues our team coverage. >> reporter: busy 5th avenue is reopened tonight. earlier today, you can imagine, you hr about multiple
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casualties outside the empire state building. in the wake of 9/11, you immediately think terrorism. but it's also thanks to that mindset that police were stationed all around this iconic landmark. quickly going after the gunman and shooting him dead. authorities also quickly putting out the word this wasot a terrorist act but a workplace dispute. then you realize the hail of gunfire was right on 5th avenue at the start of the workday. nine innocent bystanders grazed or shot, possibly from ricochet from police bullet. unsettling? you bet. >> we have to worry about terrorism. now we have to worry about guys shooting up other people. it's something that as a new yorker -- i've been living in new york all my life, i have to be aware of everything i do from now on. >> it does give you a shaky feeling. definitely, kind of -- always in the back of your mind. ripe th ri
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>> reporter: this is the second tourist incident where police have opened fire on a suspect. the last involved a man with a knife near times square. the mayor today praised new york city police officers for their so-called heroic action and reminded us that new york is still the safest big city in america. in midtown manhattan, news4. back to you. a developing story tonight. d.c. police say a man was shot after threatening a woman with a butcher knife. the officers went to 4th street southeast at 7:00 tonight. it happened in front of the cascades apartments there. somebody called to report domestic violence. a neighbor says she got to the scene moment after the shooting. witnesses still were talking about what happened. >> he was arguing with his girlfriend and wanted her to leave. he came outside with a butcher knife. >> officers tried to intervene. they asked knowledge that to put down his knife several times. he failed to three. and went toward the officers. at which time they shot him. >> that man was taken to the hospital.
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said to be in critical condition. the two officers involved in the shooting are on routine administrative leave during the investigation. this is dramatic video from a police officer's dashboard camera. it shows a woman and her child jumping out of a moving car. as they escape, the carjacking suspect is behind the wheel. today teran white pled guilty. that carjacking happened a year ago. tonight, we return to where it all began. >> reporter: this started here at this gas station in west baltimore. police say that white forced his way special the woman's car with she and her baby in the back seat and then drove off. look as the mother rolls out holding her 21-month-old baby after being kidnapped. police video captured what led up to the escape last july. white sideswiped a police car on the shoulder of 495, and her 20-month-old baby was inside. police say the front tick motan
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him to let she and the baby out. he sped. at one point you see her waving her arms. the trooper continued to chase the kidnapper into montgomery county. >> a mile behind you. >> reporter: at 100 miles per hour, all the way to i-495 and connecticut avenue, suddenly the car slows down, and that's when the mother rolls out on to i-495 with her baby. police box white in, forcing him to stop. and they arrested him. >> you bitter not move that car! -- you better not move that car! >> reporter: prosecutors will ask a ask to sentence white to 40 years in prison. his sentencing is on november 21. in baltimore, news4. you can expect big traffic delays at northern virginia -- in northern virginia this weekend. tonight the virginia department of transportation is shutting down several lanes along i-66 west at the beltway. crews all will close lan of the exit ramps leading to 66 west. then beginning on sunday night,
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the southbound 495 ramp to 66 will be completely shut down. during that time, you'll have to take little river turnpike. everything is expected to be reopened by monday morning. crews are doing work on the express lanes project there. a unique view of tropical storm isaac. the international space station captures the system as it makes its way toward the gulf coast. a tropical storm warning in effect now for south florida. tonight, as the system is passing over the caribbean. isaac isn't expected to grow into a hurricane until next week when it makes landfall. storm team 4 meteorologist kim martucci is tracking the system right now. kim? good evening. the latest has tropical storm isaac now five miles an hour stronger, packing winds of 70 miles per hour. and there is now a hurricane watch in effect for south florida from ocean reef on the east coast west to bonita beach. it will go across haiti tonight
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and cuba tomorrow and weaken. it will strengthen as it enters the warmer waters. expected to make landfall in the florida peninsula sometime late tuesday and wednesday next week. we'll have more on isaac and of course i'm tracking raindrops as they threaten our weekend plans. i'll see you in a bit. >> thanks. no matter what the weather, parties are on the agenda in tampa. public citizen, a watchdog group, is claiming that lobbyists will bypass ethics rules that forbid parties honoring a member of congress. instead, the events will honor groups rather than individuals. nbc news obtained the private schedules prepared for gop fundraisers. one event called a salute to the house and senate energy and commerce committees will take place on tropicana field. that's the city's baseball stadium. we will have complete coverage, of course, of the republican national convention. we'll have live reports from tampa starting sunday night. also we'll have live coverage of the democratic national
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convention in charlotte next month. president obama is not going to be speg of virginia when he visits charlottesville next week. that school denied his request. leaders of the university did not want to cancel classes on the second day of the semester, nor did they want to pay for security. also because the school is exempt from federal and state taxes, it would have to provide an equal opportunity to mitt romney. senate candidate todd akin hopes a plea to supporters will help his bottom line tonight. he has lost millions of dollars in support from gop leaders after claiming that women cannot get pregnant from legitimate rape. today akin reaffirmed his decision to stay in the race, speaking in his home state of miouri. >> apparently there are some people who are having trouble understanding our message. i'd like to be clear on that today th today, in that we going to be here through the election and we'll be here to win.
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>> akin hopes to raise $212,000 by midnight. the u.s. anti-doping agency stripped lance armstrong of his seven tour de france titles today and banned him from competitive organized cycling for life. armstrong's not in profit and endorsements have not suffered at all from that. in the last 12 hours, his cancer awareness organization has collected 25 times the money that it does on a normal day. sponsors such as nike and anheuser-busch say they will continue to support him. arm strong says he is innocent. he just doesn't feel like fighting it unless, he said, the playing field is leveled. the redskins on the eve of their first preseason home game. it will be a solemn start tomorrow. a moment of silence before the game to honor a fallen prince george's county police officer. adrian morris died on monday when his car ran off i-95 in
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beltsville he'll and his partner were pursuing two men allegedly in a stolen car. tonight both suspects are in custody. some younger football players will also be starting their season in the area tomorrow. a rally for pop warner players kicked off the weekend at the rose dale rec center in northeast washington. pop warner a big deal in the city. more than 3,000 kids age 5 to 15 play in this league. big party in bethesda tonight to celebrate the return of that town's three olympians. hundreds showed up at the bethesda metro plaza to honor the medal winners. zetlin was the only american to qualify in rhythmic gymnastics. nbc 4 took part in the festivities. in a news4 exclusive, a grieving mother talks about losing a child, an honors
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student with a bright future. coming up, one thing the mother wants to ask her daughter's killer. the makers of the two -- top two smartphones go head to head in a high-stakes battle. but it's apple who is celebrating a very big win. and we'll show you a lion [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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this bipartisan reform successfully reduced welfare rolls. on july 12th president obama quietly ended the work requirement... gutting welfare reform. one of the most respected newspapers in america called it, "nuts!" saying, "if you want to get more people to work, "you don't loosen the requirements -- you tighten them." mitt romney's plan for a stronger middle class
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will put work back iwelfare. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message. a happy reunion for a mother and her newborn baby that was kidnapped from a hospital. police say a 19-year-old woman posing as a nurse took the newborn boy from magee women's hospital in pittsburgh yesterday. the child's mother says she did not realize the baby was missing until she and her family were about to be discharged.
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she says the suspect went to great lengths to fool the nurses and the hospital staff. >> she told me she was the nurse. she told all the nurses she was my sister. she said she was taking him for a physical. she took him. that was the last i seen of him. >> the baby was missing for several hours. surveillance video helped police track the suspect to a nearby house where they found the newborn child. that suspect was arrested and charged with kidnapping. a news4 exclusive tonight. for the first time a prince george's county mother is talking about the loss of her daughter, a young woman who was a promising honors student. 17-year-old amber stanley was shot to death in her bedroom. she was a model, she dreamed of becoming a doctor and going to harvard. her mother spoke to news4's pat collins about her loss. >> i'm so hurt that -- my heart -- it's like it's ripped out of my chest.
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she's my baby, and -- >> reporter: irma gaither speaking out for the first time since her daughter amber stanley was murdered inside their kettering home. can you think of any reason why anyone would want to kill amber? >> none. none. the people that knew her, you know, she was a nice girl. she was a nice person. she was a lovable person. >> reporter: 17-year-old amber, a high school senior. she had a promising future. she was an accomplished model, an honors student. she wanted to go to harvard. she talked of becoming a doctor. all those dreams destroyed violently wednesday night when a masked gunman kicked down the door of her home, went to amber's bedroom and then opened
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fire. if i could sit there and look into the lens of that camera and you could talk to the person responsible for amber's death, what would you say? >> i would ask them why would you want to kill her? to brutally kill her that way? why would you want to her her at all? for what? for what reason? it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in prince george's county, i'm pat collins, news4. "news 4 your health" tonight. a new warning about a popular home remedy for treating sinus problems. the centers for disease control is reminding people to use boiled, filtered, or distilled water when using something called a netty pot. the cdc issued the warning after discovering two deaths were linked to the use of the netty pot in louisiana last year. in both cases people contracted a condition that they call a brain-eating amoeba from their
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own household water systems. officials say the salt packet provided with the netti pots are not enough to sterilize tap water. a victory for apple today. a jury decided that samsung ripped off apple's iphone and ipad technology to make its own smartphones. the jury ordered samsung to pay apple more than $1 billion for patent infringements. it is the incumbent nakz of more than a -- culmination of more than a year of litigation. apple said the look and technology of samsung's devices was far too similar to the ifountain a iphone and ipad. samsung is expected to appeal. this lion in romania didn't like his new home. was larger, but he didn't like it. he tried to escape. he's 6 years old. he became upset after he brushed up against the electrified fence in the compound. things got worse. he panicked. he tried to climb that fence. and then he jumped on the fence and held on to it while his handler was preparing to shoot
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the animal with a tranquilizer gun. then he thought let me talk to him and see if i can calm him down. you know, it worked. and the tranquilizer was not needed and the animal calmed down. he'll get used to his home. moving's hard. new place is hard for every species, i guess. >> be called the lion whisperer. good for him. >> yeah. right. >> we want them to be happy. >> we need a hurricane whisperer down in the tropics, don't we? >> you know what, is the anniversary of -- 1992, hurricane andrew. >> oh. >> category 5. florida doesn't remember that. gosh. 175 mile-per-hour -- >> i remember that. >> bad news. way back, 1992. tonightrise tonight, eyes are on isaac, still a tropical storm. in our back yard, we're watching rain showers that are slowly developing. great to see you. 78 under mostly cloudy skies. winds are calm, not too bad. it's a mild evening, and any showers that we've had so far
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have been spotty. but they will be more numerous tomorrow. in fact, here's your saturday planner. 8:00, looking at temperatures close to 70. damp out there in places with clouds around. no sunshine really. not much tomorrow, that is. 1:00, showers around. i think a steadier rain is still possible by 6:00. we'll probably sneak in a high temperature close to 80 degrees. but most locations putting on the brakes in the 70s tomorrow. and there they. we've got 70 up in frederick. 72 at manassas now. southern maryland, 75. down toward leonardtown, fredericksburg, 72. and annapolis now, 78. by the way, at 12:17 tonight, annapolis, that's your high tide. it's probably going to be 3/4 of a foot higher than average. you folks that live in the areas that are affected by the higher tides know what i'm talking about. here are the handful of showers. mainly south of town toward fredericksburg this evening. and as we look at the lows tonight, down in the middle 60s, you might have showers. the rest of us cloudy most of the overnight. these showers continue to pester us throughout the day tomorrow.
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and they're going to last into sunday. if you force me to pick the better day this weekend, i'm going with sunday. but it is not going to be rain free. now let's head on down to check out isaac. winds are now at 70 miles per hour. not quite a hurricane. still a tropical storm. it's going to go across haiti tonight. then strengthening in the open waters as it enters the southern gulf on sunday. the water temperatures are 86 to 90. which is perfect for breeding stronger storm. becoming a category 1 storm in the gulf of mexico and probably making landfall in the western florida panhandle as we think about tuesday into wednesday. highs tomorrow, as i mentioned, around 80. as we plan ahead into the week, we are going to keep it a little touch and go, as i mentioned through the weekend. but then we dry out starting monday into next week. with highs average, around 88 to 86 which is normal for us. so we'll be watching isaac for you guys as it goes across land. it's probably going to weaken and then strengthen again on
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sunday. >> all right. okay. thanks. >> you bet. coming up, a wild ride at the fair. but dangling 100 feet in the air may not be your idea of fun. >> don't think so. and the nats needed more of tyler moore again the p
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so we have sports and the nats have the first of three in philly. >> they're good, but they've got chinks in the armor. >> who's good? >> the nationals. they do have chinks in the armor. >> we can't win them all. >> no, but you want them to win -- >> i'd love it. bring it on. watching the nats these past few nights i've come up with the following certainty -- with the strasburg shutdown inevitable, if pitchers like jackson and detwiler continue to struggle with no run support, this post season is going to be dicey. and the gentleman to my left,
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well, that vance's view is going to be heated. trust me. some gold in the house at citizens bank park for the highlights. olympians honored before the game. bad news for the nats. kendrick will pluck michael morris on the hand right there. >> ouch. >> morris would leave the game. x-rays on the hand were negative. sigh of relief there. bottom fire, edwin jackson on the mound. two on, two out for jimmy rollins. he pokes one to left. john maybry and lance knicks come to score. phillies up. jackson went three inning, struck out eight but allowed three runs. top seven, one on for tyler moore. and this would be a little ray of hope. a two-run shot. moore's seventh of the year. wouldn't be enough. the phillies go on to win the game 4-2 over the nats. os hosting blue jays. and this fan's first-ever game is one to remember thanks to
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this guy. chris davis. having himself a night. bottom of the second and watch out -- this is headed toward you, tall street. the 66 utah street homer in camden yards' history, tied at one. bottom of the six, 3-1, os. davis with two home runs -- make it three. a two-run shot. first time an oriole has hit three home runs in the game since 2006. '06. blue jays, four. tomorrow's redskins-colts game by the numbers. 60% chance of rain. draft pick number one versus draft pick number two in game number three. 90-player roster needs to get to 75 by the 27th and down to 53 by the season opener. got it? good. skins' last preseason opener is in tampa. tonight the bucs host tom brady. and -- tom brady got hit. and that's all we have for sport tonight. >> okay. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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but nothing is free. obama is raiding $716 billion from medicare, changing the program forever. taxing wheelchairs and pacemakers. raising taxes on families making less than one hundred twenty thousand dollars. free healthcare comes at a very high price. the romney-ryan plan will restore medicare funding and protect and strengthen the program for the next generation. [ romney ] i'm mitt romney and i approve this message.
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- howie mandel. from the movie, "the bachelorette," lizzy caplan.


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