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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  August 25, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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right now tropical storm isaac strikes. coming up, the vulnerable areas in danger. plus how the d.c. area is ready to respond to help those in the disaster zone. a dramatic escape on the beltway. a mother jumps with her child out of a moving car. we have more on the crime that led to their daring run. plus a look ahead to the hyped up matchup at fedex field today. hail to the redskins. we are ready for the season. good morning, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm richard jordan. welcome to "news 4 today."
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it is saturday, august 25th, 2012. everyone is tracking tropical storm isaac as it gains strength and comes closer to becoming a hurricane. winds have at clocked at 45 miles per hour, just shy of hurricane strength. today it's expected to slam haiti and cuba, where rains could potentially cause deadly flooding and landslides. isaac's track has also shifted, putting the keys, southern florida, and possibly even tampa back in its sights. >> as the storm moves closer to the u.s., emergency officials in our area are getting ready to help out. today volunteers in fairfax will pack supplies that can be shipped to the gulf coast and organizing shelters. 17 emergency response vehicles in our area can make the trip if called upon. >> let's get the latest on isaac's track. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein tracking the storm's move. it is just south of haiti,
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the southern coast of haiti getting slammed with high waves and heavy winds and heavy rain beginning to move in there. ahead of there, there's some showers and thunder showers in south florida not associated with isaac. right now winds are at 60 miles an hour. it's moving northwest at 14 miles an hour. here is the latest track. it may become a category 1 hurricane. this is by midnight sunday night near the keys, the florida keys, perhaps near key west by then. then near ft. myers by perhaps predawn on monday. then during the damon day, looks like it may pass just to the west of tampa. although tampa is still in the cone of possibility. and then it does look like during the day on tuesday maybe coming ashore just to the east of mobile, alabama. for us now, we've got showers around. a few sprinkles in the metro area, showers in southern maryland moving in later today. the local forecast coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> tom, thanks. >> isaac's shifting path has gop leaders keeping a close eye on
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the storm as the party's national convention draws closer. yesterday some event locations and local businesses put up window protection. they all served double duty guarding the building from both flying objects thrown by isaac and protesters. organizers are also making more than 13,000 umbrellas available and putting up more tents for guests to use in between event venues. the storm is forcing at least one person to postpone their trip. vice president joe biden says he won't make a planned stop in tampa on monday. the obama campaign says the change was made to allow emergency officials to focus on isaac. biden still plans to stop in orlando and st. augustine on tuesday to counter republicans' message during the national convention. campaign officials wouldn't say if biden would reschedule his stop in tampa. we're going to have complete coverage of the republican national convention. aaron gilchrist and julie carey will bring you complete coverage
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from florida and coverage from the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. nasa is once again forced to scrub the launch of an unmanned spacecraft. bad weather will postpone the launch until tomorrow morning. the atlas 5 rocket will send two spacecrafts to study radiation around earth. the two probes will try to solve the mystery of how energy is created. nasa will try to launch the spacecrafts at 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. a traffic alert for drivers in northern virginia. expect some big delays this weekend on two of the area's most heavily traveled roads. last night crews shut down several lanes on i-66 at the beltway. some lanes on exit ramps leading to 66 west have also been closed. starting tomorrow night, the southbound 495 ramp to 66 west will be completely closed. during that time, you're going to have to take little river turnpike. everything should be reopened by monday. the closures are for work on the express lanes project. metro riders can also expect
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delays this weekend. crews will be making track repairs on the orange and red lines. on the red line, trains will single track between grovener and medical center as well as between tacoma and forest glen. on the orange line, buses will replace trains in between vienna and east falls church for work on the silver line extension. all of the work is expected to wrap up by monday morning's commute. now to new york. police release surveillance video showing the gunman in the empire state building the shooing. two officers confront him as he's walking down the street. in the end, two people are dead, including that shooter. the gunman almost got away after killing a former co-worker. a good samaritan helped police find him. abc's paisey chang has the story from new york. >> reporter: a closer look at security video shows a man walking down fifth avenue until he reaches into his briefcase and pulls out a gun.
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the nypd released this video to show why two officers fired their weapons, shooting johnson and killing him. chaos erupted in midtown in front of one of new york's most famous sites. police say johnson followed the man onto east 33rd street and stood over him while firing five shots. he tried to make his getaway up fifth avenue until police caught up with him, thanks to a good samaritan. >> a construction worker who are followed johnson from east 33rd street alerted police officers who were on post at the empire state building. >> we have multiple people shot in front of the empire state building. >> we have two civilians shot. >> reporter: it was rush hour in midtown. commuters and tourists alike ran for cover as the shots multiplies. >> i only saw the woman who had been shot in the foot. obviously, she was very upset, and i saw the man dead on the ground in front of the empire
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state building. >> i heard a bunch of shots, and after maybe the sixth or seventh shot, i heard screaming, yelling, running. i saw the body on the ground. >> i just got shot. i just got shot. they're going to rush me to the hospital. >> reporter: one officer fired nine times, another fired seven times. nine other pedestrians were likely injured by ricochet and graze wounds from the shots fired by the officers. >> how does something like that happen here? you never expect something in a high traffic area, that's the last thing you want to expect. >> reporter: it's not clear how many times johnson fired his gun at police, if any. they're going to have to wait for the ballistics tests to return before they can determine that. reporting from midtown manhattan, i'm paisey chang. back to you. a homicide investigation this morning in riverdale, maryland, where a woman was found dead inside her apartment. prince george's county police say they were called to the home
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on kennedy street near kenilworth. this was around 8:30 last night. when they arrived, they found a woman with trauma to her upper body. investigators searched the area but found no signs of a break-in. no word on any leads in this investigation. a d.c. man is in the hospital after being shot by police while he was threatening a woman with a butcher knife. it happened around 7:00 last night on fourth street southeast in front of the cascades apartments. someone called to report domestic violence. when police arrived, the man was asked to put down the knife but refused and started to move toward the officers. that's when they fired. the man is in critical condition, and the officers involved are on routine administrative leave during this investigation. this morning investigators say the deadly train derailment in eliquette city caused more than $2 million worth of damage.
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howard county police are considering reopening roads near the accident site. they'll make a decision based on the clean-up process. the 22-car derailment killed two teenage girls monday night, burying them in coal. tonight one of the victims of the derailment will be laid to rest. rose mayer's funeral will be in elicott city. she was a nursing student at the university of delaware. and nash was studying education. tonight's redskins game will begin with a moment of silence for a prince george's county police officer. fans will honor adrian morris before kickoff. morris died monday when his car ran off interstate 95 in beltsville. he and his partner were pursuing two men inside a possibly stolen car. police say they now have those two men in custody. time is 6:09. coming up next, the saga continues. why penn state is facing a new
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lawsuit in that sex abuse scandal. the escape confrontation and the dash cam video that started it all.
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attorneys for the man who tried to kill president ronald reagan have asked to step down from the case. six attorneys say john hinckley and his family can no longer afford to pay them. a judge is expected to rule in november if hinckley can leave st. elizabeth psychiatric hospital in d.c. for more than ten days. but attorneys say the hearings have taken so long that the hinckley family is behind on legal bills, and they can no longer afford to represent him. one of jerry sandusky's victims is suing penn state over how it handled complaints against the former assistant
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coach. the victim said school officials deliberately avoided reporting sandusky to authorities. he says it proves officials care more about the school's reputation than the safety of children. the university spokesman had no comment about this lawsuit. later today, the school's board of trustees will meet to discuss the sanctions against them. they'll also talk about the search for a new university president. police in baltimore release dash cam video showing a harrowing car chase from last year. taren white pleaded guilty to stealing a woman's car with her and a baby still inside. >> reporter: this all happened in a gas station in baltimore. police say that white forced himself into the car with a woman and her baby in the backseat and then drove off. take a look as the mother rolls out of the car holding her 20-month-old baby after being kidnapped. police dash cam video captured what led up to the escape in july.
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white side swiped a police car, and her 20-month-old baby was inside. police say the frantic mother begged him to let she and her baby out. he sped on the beltway. at one point you can see her wave her armds out the window. the trooper continued to chase the kidnapper into montgomery county. at 100 miles an hour all the way to 495 and connecticut avenue, suddenly, the car slows down, and the mother rolls out onto i-495 with her baby. police box white in, forcing him to stop, and they arrested him. >> you better not move that car! >> reporter: prosecutors will ask a judge to sentence taron white to 40 years in prison. his sentencing is on november 21st. in baltimore, i'm shimari stone. news 4. >> i get chills every time i see that. any mother, i think, watching it, it's hard to watch. glad they're okay. it may be the preseason, but
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there's a lot of pressure on today's red skinds gaskins game. >> we're going to break down the matchup by the numbers. plus find out the price fans will be willing to pay to be part of the action. >> and tom kierein is back with your forecast next. [ male announcer ] since 1996 welfare recipients were required to work.
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welcome back. it is the last weekend of summer for kids out there having to go back to school on monday. >> a lot of premieople going to out there and shopping. you've only been back 19 minutes, tom. >> the most wonderful time of the year. if you're about to head out early, have an umbrella handy because we're going to have light sprinkles over the next couple of hours, and then live rain from the nbc 4 city camera. first light of dawn beginning to light up.
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it's all cloudy now, 74. dewpoint at a rather humid 65. no rain at reagan national right now other than just perhaps a few sprinkles. temperatures around the region generally in the upper 60s to near 70, including fairfax, montgomery, arlington, prince george's county right near the chesapeake bay low to mid-70s. elsewhere across maryland, virginia, upper 60s to near 70. shenandoah valley in the mountains. low to mid-60s in the morning. and the storm team 4 radar showing just a few sprinkles here in northeast, southeast washington, and heavier showers beginning to move into the northern neck and southern maryland, eastern shore. locally, just a few sprinkles. getting light rain in calvert county, st. mary's, southern charles county, and farther west across the potomac and into fauquier county getting just a few sprinkles. all of this coming from a trough of low pressure sliding along the atlantic coast throughout the day today. it's already bringing moderate
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showers, thunder and lightning, south of richmond. this is going to eventually make its way up here early morning. the rain here, we certainly do need the rain. all these areas in the blue might get an inch to an inch and a half. here's the scale. everything in the lavender could be two inches or more, which includes along the chesapeake bay, southern maryland, and the eastern shore. they may be getting heavier amounts. hears your hour by hour forecast for the day. by 9:00, scattered showers around. a few showers around noontime, upper 70s. might get into upper 70s near 80 by late afternoon. not going to be constant rain, but some passing showers maybe with thunder and lightning. are you going to the game? skins and colts, 4:00 p.m. at fedex field. showers are likely. might get lightning too. if that happens, they may have to suspend the game. it will be near 75 through the game. here's your evening planner if you're going out this saturday night. we'll have maybe a few scattered showers and flashes of lightning this evening as well all the way until around midnight. by then, we'll be down to around
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70 degrees. storm team 4, four-day forecast for sunday. we may get a little sun back tomorrow. perhaps a morning shower, then a little sun breaking out, partly sunny, rather steamy. getting kind of humid. we've gotten used to low humidity the last few days. looks like it's going to return for a bit on sunday, might get an afternoon thunder shower. a smaller chance today, and warmer, up into the mid-80s tomorrow. monday, back to work and school. school is open for the district of columbia and for montgomery county. going to be in the upper 80s. going to feel like summertime and rather humid. might get storms on tuesday. wednesday, thursday, friday, looking like it will be in the 80s and morning lows 60s. pleasant pattern coming up next week. >> bring the poncho to the game, the rain poncho. >> or an umbrella. >> we need the rain also too. >> we do. looks like a good chance today. >> all right, tom. thanks. all eyes will be on fedex field today as the redskins take on the indianapolis colts. it will be the battle of newly
6:23 am
drafted quarterbacks as robert griffin iii squares off against andrew luck. >> both teams commemorating the highly hyped matchup. selling t-shirts for $35. it's preseason, folks. as for the game later today, lou holder has the preview. >> good morning, everyone. a 4:00 p.m. start for the redskins this afternoon as they host the colts. not playing for the home team, cory licktensteiger and orakpho. the key matchup at the quarterback position. number one draft pick overall for the colts, andrew luck, and the number two overall draft pick, robert griffin iii for the skins. a hyped matchup that even produced t-shirts for the event. but they're playing it oh so cool. >> we told each other good luck in our careers and moved on from there. he's trying to lead his team. i'm leading my team.
6:24 am
i never truly will get to face andrew because he doesn't play defense. that's the one thing i'm say and continue to say. >> i don't speak for him, but i'm sure he feels the same way. it's not too hard not to get caught up in it. we have much bigger things to worry about. i'm worrying much more about what their defense is doing than what any opposing quarterback, who he is, what they're doing. that's no slight to him in any way, and i'm sure he'd say it the same way. it's a team game and not buying into it, i guess, is how i handle it. >> luck and rg3 later today. crucial game for others trying to make the squad because cuts are coming. skins need to get the rosters down to 75 by monday and down to 53 before the regular season starts the second weekend in september. that's your skins preview. i'm lou holder. and this morning recently retired redskin clinton portis
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will be joining us in studio. we'll get the take on his award-winning and at times colorful career. that's coming up later on "news 4 today." some football players will start their careers on the field today. pop warner football kicks off in the district. last night players opened the weekend with a rally at rozelle rec center. pop warner is huge. lance armstrong is in danger of losing his seven tour de france titles, but he seems to be getting more support than ever. his nonprofit cancer awareness organization live strong reports it's collected 25 times the money it normally does in just the past 24 hours. and some of his sponsors, including nike and anheuser busch have stated they will still support him. the u.s. anti-doping agency is working to take away lance armstro armstrong's tour de france titles and ban him from cycling. armstrong recently dropped the
6:26 am
appeals from the usada and said he's tired of fighting accusations he took steroids. and an event benefitting armstrong's organization is set to kick off. >> the 24 hours of booty will start this afternoon. teams of bikers will ride around a 2.5-mile loop around the columbia gateway business park. this is for 24 hours straight. >> and that money is going to go to the lance armstrong foundation and the adults. >> yesterday after he made this announcement he wasn't going to fight it, they saw 25 times the amount of donations to the foundation. so a surge in donations to cancer survivors. if you're looking for a job, why military vets may not count out this opportunity to find some work. >> and the resources available today as another round of students prepares to head back to school.
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hi, everyone. good morning. welcome to "news 4 today." i'm richard jordan. >> and i'm angie goff. it is saturday, august 25th, 2012. we are tracking tropical storm isaac as it picks up steam in the caribbean. it is now just shy of becoming a hurricane. >> today it could cause major problems in haiti and cuba, and hurricane watches are now up in florida. nbc's jay gray has more on isaac's movements and how people are preparing. >> reporter: high winds, rain, and an angry surf in the dominican republic as isaac intensifies and turns its attention now to haiti. as many as 400,000 on this battered island still living in makeshift tents 2 1/2 years after a devastating earthquake with no place to hide and no way to protect what little they have left. >> 80% of the population is
6:31 am
living under the poverty line. nobody is really prepared, and nobody's living in proper conditions to be safe now. >> reporter: safety is a growing concern along isaac's forecast path, which shows the storm gathering strength in the warm waters of the gulf as it rushes toward the shoreline. >> we need to be prepared, not afraid, but prepared and ready to take action to protect ourselves. >> reporter: emergency planners in leed county, florida, are already making their plan. >> we're making sure our supplies and equipment are in place and functional so we can ramp up and be ready. >> reporter: things are ramping up in tampa now, where isaac could be an unwelcome guest, joining 65,000 visitors in town for the republican national convention. >> hopefully, we'll watch the storm pass and not have to do anything more. we're ready if we have to be. >> reporter: prayers and preparations shared by hundreds of thousands watching and waiting along the gulf coast. jay gray, nbc news, ft. myers.
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>> let's find out where isaac is right now and where it's heading. >> meteorologist tom kierein has been busy all morning can traing t tracking the storm. what's the latest, tom? fortunately, it weakened overnight. there is heavy rain and wind moving into haiti. the center of circulation is just south of haiti. already now it is regaining some strength after it did sort of weaken a bit overnight. the winds are generally around 60 miles an hour, and the track is moving northwest at about 14 miles an hour. it's going to be passing over cuba later today and during the day tomorrow. then by early monday morning, it may be near key west, and then just to the east of around dawn ft. myers, florida, that's on monday. during the damon dy monday, pas just to the west of tampa. tampa just to the west of the cone possibility. it may be a hurricane then with
6:33 am
winds around 80 miles an hour. it may be coming ashore perhaps near tallahassee and apalachicola, florida, and then weakening rapidly as it moves over land to the north. we'll be into the metro area with showers the next couple of hours. have an umbrella handy if you plan on heading out early this saturday morning. our local forecast and a look at the rest of the week and into next week coming up in just a few minutes. back to you. >> many to, thanks. the speech by romney's wife ann at the republican national convention is moving but not because of the weather. officials say florida senator marco rubio gave up his speaking spot to mrs. romney so she could speak during primetime tv coverage. mrs. romney originally was going to speak monday when no broad ka cast was planned. rubio will still have a prime speaking spot before romney's acceptance speech. we'll bring you live reports
6:34 am
from tampa, florida, tomorrow night and bring you live coverage from the democratic national convention in charlotte next month. >> president obama will head to charlottesville, virginia, next week, but he will not speak at the university of virginia because the school turned him down. university officials say it has nothing to do with politics. they don't want to have to cancel the classes on the second day of the semester. they also don't want to pay for the extra security for the event. if the president did speak at the school, the university would have to provide equal opportunity for mitt romney because it's exempt from state and federal taxes. virginia's role as a key battleground state is also making a hotbed for unusually early get out the vote campaigns. both campaigns have been working in the state for months to sway voters. president obama's campaign has opened 36 offices in the commonwealth with more on the way, and mitt romney volunteers have already made more than 1 million contacts either through phone banks or door to door visits. volunteers for both campaigns say they are energized by the efforts.
6:35 am
>> one work shift a week is not too much to give to a campaign that is so important. >> i've been out in the afternoon on days like today when it's 90 degrees out. they can see the sweat coming off my brow. so they realize that i'm -- that this is important to me, and i think sometimes that transfers that little bit of enthusiasm will transfer to them. >> the campaigns are also using virtual phone banks for the first time. that allows volunteers to call from the comfort of their own home. in a news 4 exclusive, the mother of a murdered prince george's county girl is speaking out about the heart breaking night her daughter was killed. earlier this week, a man broke into the home and shot 17-year-old amber stanley while she was asleep. stanley was an honors student who was hoping to become a doctor one day. news 4's pat collins spoke to amber's mother about her loss. >> i'm so hurt, and my heart is like it's ripped out of my chest.
6:36 am
she was my baby. >> reporter: irma gaither speaking out for the first time sips h since her daughter amber stanley was murdered for the first time inside their kettering home. can you think of any reason why anyone would want to kill amber? >> none, none. the people that knew her, she was a nice girl. she was a nice person. she was a lovable person. >> reporter: 17-year-old amber, a high school senior. she had a promising future. she was an accomplished model, an honored student. she wanted to go to harvard. she talked of becoming a doctor. all those dreams destroyed violently wednesday night when a masked gunman kicked down the door of her home, went to amber's bedroom, and then opened
6:37 am
fire. irma, if you could sit there now and you could look into the lens of that camera and you could talk to the person responsible for amber's death, what would you say? >> i would ask him why would you want to kill her, to brutally kill her that way? why would you want to hurt her at all? for what? for what reason? it doesn't make any sense. >> reporter: in prince george's county, i'm pat coins, news 4. the man accused of shooting a security guard at the family research council will make his next court appearance in october. floyd corkins pleaded not guilty to assault and handgun charges yesterday afternoon. he's accused of walking into the d.c. headquarters of the conservative lobbying group and shooting a security guard. corkins waived his right to a speedy trial so his lawyers could prepare their defense. he will be held without bond until his october court
6:38 am
appearance. it's the last weekend of summer for yet another round of students. today kids in montgomery county can prepare for the first day of school with a back to school fair. the free event runs from 11:00 this morning until 2:00 at the carver educational services center in rockville. it features something for everyone, including information and resources for parents, health screenings, kids activities, and even free school supplies. free shuttle buses will also be running from several area schools to the fair all day long. kids and community members in the district are getting ready to get back to school with the city's annual beautification today. 4,000 volunteers will spend the day sprucing up the inside and outside of 115 d.c. public schools to get them ready to welcome students on monday. they'll be doing everything from cleaning to painting and landscaping from 8:00 this morning until 1:00 this afternoon. the city doesn't need any more volunteers, but you can still help by'd dropping off books an
6:39 am
other school supplies. >> we want to remind you our backpack for kids drive is still going on. with the help of you, we are distributing more than 3,000 backpacks across the area, and a special thanks to our viewers for the apple federal credit union and comcast. our parent company. they are our partners in this project. you can still make donations for us to buy more supplies and backpacks at check this out. this is one of our faithful weekend morning viewers. ruth richard. she says she made the trip all the way out to our drive just to say hi and drop off a check so we could buy more supplies. ruth, we know you're watching. we want to say thanks. >> time right now is 6:39. next some free options of things to do on this saturday. plus those food trucks aren't just for the work week. why several of the mobile eateries will be in the spotlight today.
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today more than 40 companies will look to make things a little better for thousands of vets. they're holding a hiring event for veterans today at walter reed medical center in bethesda from 10:00 to 3:00. it's part of the 100,000 jobs mission that focuses on getting vets back in the work force. companies like cisco, hostess, and jp morgan chase look to fill about 5,000 jobs in d.c. there are still plenty of great things to do both inside and outside our area, and the great part is some of those things, they're free. danella sealock is at the super screen with what's free in the dmv. >> here are some fun ideas or free and fun things to get into today and tomorrow. first for today, you can get the last chance to check out the comcast film festival. bring your blankets or your lawn
6:44 am
chairs to the midpipe plaza in rockville, listen to music from d.c.'s own chris styles bacon, and watch the matt damon movie, "we bought a zoo." the music goes from 5:30 to 8:15, and the movie will begin at 8:30. also tonight is a free dance performance that's part of the annual dance d.c. festival at the kennedy center's millennium stage. you can catch asia in masquerade from 6:00 to 7:00 p.m. tomorrow sunday fun day is the writer's center. you go there and listen to three poets that have recently released new collections. that's in bethesda, and it's from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. >> all right, danella. the "today" show is coming up next on nbc 4. let's find out what they're working on. >> lester holt joins us live from new york. good morning, lester. >> good morning, richard and angie. tropical storm isaac, as you all know, gaining strength as it rips across the caribbean. we're live in the middle of the
6:45 am
storm. we'll also get the latest forecast on where it's headed. also ahead, the latest on gunfire and chaos that erupted outside the entire state building in new york. we've got new details about the shooter, including surveillance video in the seconds police opened fire on him. plus she's been keeping a low profile for months. what's next for casey anthony now that she's off probation? and more compromising pictures, even video of prince harry, could they be on the way after his trip to vegas? this morning why some are saying we may be seeing more of the party princess. prince, i should say. all that and more when we get started on a saturday morning here on "today." >> lester, thanks. business ladies of loudoun county strutted their stuff at the fall fashion preview. the annual show held at the belmont country club featured fashion from 16 local businesses. image consultant annette harris talked trends and tips, put on
6:46 am
by the loudoun chamber. i served as emcee of the event. it was a whole lot of fun. they really have such a great, tight knit community there, and really all about vamping up business in their area. looking good doing it. >> if you want to look at today, you might need a couple of accessories, perhaps an umbrella. >> your hairometer is probably telling you it's turned more humid, and it's going to stay that way today. clouds over capitol hill. that's a live view from our nbc 4 hd city camera. might get rain moving in shortly. but somewhere along the way, something went horribly wrong. george allen voted for trillions in debt while voting to raise his pay four times,
6:47 am
then voted to keep special tax breaks for oil and gas companies and took over a half-million from them. worse, allen went to work for them.
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6:49 am
this weekend marks 20 years since one of the worst hurricanes in u.s. history, hurricane andrew slammed florida, louisiana, and the bahamas with winds of up to 175 miles per hour. the category 5 hurricane caused more than $26 billion worth of damage. it's the third costliest hurricane in u.s. history behind katrina in 2005 and ike in 2008.
6:50 am
i covered ike in 2008, and i was a kid in miami during andrew 20 years ago. so i remember that too. it's kind of weird to think because andrew starts with an "a," and already this season we're at isaac with an "i." how many storms are developing out there. >> the "i" storms are the ones that really sort of affect us, ivan and isabel and irene. now isaac. fortunately, isaac is probably not going to affect us, but it is certainly affecting the caribbean and haiti now. as we take a look outside here, we don't have anything to worry about this morning. if you're about to head out and run some errands or do other outdoor activities, you'll be okay for the next couple of hours. just some clouds around, maybe a few scattered sprinkles. reagan national at 74. good morning. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. this morning looking at temperatures around, we have it near 70 in the nearby suburbs and the rural areas. some locations of virginia and parts of maryland are in the 60s.
6:51 am
that includes the shenandoah valley, farther west out of the mountains, western maryland and west virginia. southern maryland near the bay, they're getting scattered sprinkles from near easton to cambridge and across the bay from southern calvert county over near calvert cliffs and farther south across st. mary's county and into the northern neck of virginia getting some moderate downpours near chincoteague now and over the next hour or two. elsewhere, just a few scattered sprinkles in fairfax county and down 95 torts stafford and spotsylvania. all of this coming from a trough of low pressure centered over cape hatteras. that's going to be tracking along the mid-atlantic coast through today, tonight, and into tomorrow. as a result, we're going to have a lot of cloudiness as well as scattered showers coming through from time to time. we need the rain. how much rain?
6:52 am
all these areas in blue might get an inch or more. that includes eastern subshaurs. some of these areas in lavender could get over two inches. farther to the west and north, there may be an inch or so here in the western and northern suburbs. out of the mountains, probably not much at all. here's your hour by hour forecast throughout the day. by 9:00 a.m., scattered showers in the mid-70s. by nighttime, likely showers moving through in the upper 70s. maybe flashes of lightning reaching near 80 by midafternoon. sunrise 6:31. sunrise 6:48. if you're going to the game at fedex field, kickoff at 4:00. there may be showers and lightning around. they might have to suspend the game briefly. it will be in the mid-70s through the game with passing showers. if you're going to the game, you're going to want to dress accordingly. as we get into the evening hours, are you going out this saturday night? you may be dodging some showers as well as seeing some flashes of lightning in the night sky this evening. by midnight should be back down
6:53 am
to around 70 degrees. then any rain activity ought to taper off and end early tomorrow morning. partly sunny on sunday. afternoon highs mid-80s. there's a small chance of a late morning shower and about a 40% chance of an afternoon thunder shower on sunday into sunday evening early. then monday, back to work and school. more school systems opening up on monday. we'll be in the upper 80s during the afternoon. going to feel like summertime and rather humid. tuesday a front comes in late in the day. might trigger showers and thunder showers to be followed by pleasant late summer weather wednesday, thursday, and friday. i don't think isaac, based on the way the track is going now, is going to be affecting us. probably going to dissipate when it goes into the first part of next week. >> that's good news. >> thanks, tom. coming up, the record ocean city is trying to break today despite the weather. and a big night for an area high school football team. how they performed on national tv. [ male announcer ] some think obamacare is the same as free health care.
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it was a big night in baltimore, and high school football is upped wnder way. >> lou holder has all the highlights in this morning's sports minute. >> good morning, everyone. your sports in a minute starts with a double dose of bad news for the washington nationals starting a three-game series in philadelphia with the phillies. top one, michael morris at the plate, and ouch. take another look at this. kyle kendrick plucks him on the hand. x-rays on the hand were negative. bottom four, edwin jackson on the mound. two on, two out for jimmy rollins, and he pokes one into left. john mabry and lance nix comes in to score. jackson went six innings, struck out eight, but allowed three runs. top seven, one on for tyler moore. this the only bright spot. a two-run homer, moore's seventh
6:58 am
of the year. it wouldn't be enough as the phillies go on to win 4-2 eeove the nats. in baltimore, o's hosting the blue jays. chris davis is the designated hitter. he's also the designated home run hitter. davis with not one, not two, but three homers, including one that landed on utah street. baltimore over toronto, 6-4 the final. high school football already kicking off. good counsel traveling to nevada to face bishop gorman. jared solomon and ryan smith hook up for the gaels. they give good counsel their first loss since october of 2010. up a couple of levels, and the big guys playing today, skins and colts. 4:00 p.m. right here on nbc 4. stick around for the post-game show immediately following the game. that is your "sports in a minute." i'm lou holder. have a good day. if you are a foodie, today you can sample some of d.c.'s most popular food trucks and watch one of them be crowned king. today is the first annual funky
6:59 am
fresh foodie fest. the food truck festival is being held from 1:00 to 9:00 today at the d.c. fairgrounds. for $75, you can sample food from the trucks, do wine and beer tasting, and listen to bands. one of the food trucks will be awarded the winner of this year's trucky awards. you can buy tickets online at a bizarre record attempt will happen today in ocean city. city planners are looking to break the guinness world record for most bikini clad women at one time. they're hoping to get more than 1,085 women of all ages in their two pieces. it's part of the uptown beach bash this weekend. the bikini parade will start at 3:00 this afternoon. it's free for anyone looking to be a part of the world record. >> good thing you always have your bikini with you. >> i wear a one piece. >> you can run out there right after the show. >> better have your umbrella in your


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