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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  August 29, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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ago. right now it is impacting the commute. an update in just a moment. first, though, the latest on hurricane isaac. new orleans is getting hammered right now. the storm is stalled over the gulf coast. this is a live look right now. it's hard to tell but the winds are whipping, the rain pouring down. police going door to door in one parish where water is overflowing a levee. flooding is going to be a big concern there all morning long. first, good morning to you. i'm europen yang. >> i'm richard jordan. aaron gilchrist is at the republican national convention. we're going the get started on hurricane isaac. it made landfall and does not appear to be going anywhere any time soon. right now isaac is a category 1 storm with 80-mile-per-hour winds. it's essentially pashed over the gulf coast. it's moving just seven miles per hour. flooding remains a very real concern. many areas are being drenched with more than an inch of rain an hour. also receiving repts that water has begun pouring over a levee near baton rouge,
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louisiana. residents are being told to move to higher ground immediately. 6:0 is. time for weather and traffic on the ones. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein taking a look at hurricane isaac in its path. tom? >> it has moved inland over southern louisiana. south of new orleans which is getting hammered right now with heavy rain, high wind, gusting to 80 miles an hour at the new orleans airport and all across southern mississippi and southern louisiana, winds are guesting to 80 miles an hour. the greatest threat is the rain. we've been telling you, the rain bands are coming through all day long today because it's only going to be creeping in speed very slowly west of new orleans through much of the day. all these areas in yellow could get as much as 10, 15, maybe 20 inches of rain by this time tomorrow morning. it is a category 1 hurricane with 80-mile-per-hour winds. tracking west northwest only eight miles an hour. staying category 1 through much of the day today. then becoming a tropical low as
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it moves over louisiana tomorrow. then across arkansas and louisiana. rather, missouri, illinois, indiana. then headingoward us maybe for parts of the labor day weekend. right now we are under a clear sky. a gorgeous morning in the low to mid 60s around the metro area. 50s in the mountains under a clear sky. reaching the mid 80s. breaking news in fairfax county. 6:02. run person is dead in a fiery tractor trailer crash. this is on a ramp from the fairfax county parkway. tracy equals is live on the scene now with more. tracee, good morning. >> good morning. we're learning more about this truck driver and accident. it is still jam packed here. we have multiple closures in this area. the fairfax county parkway and 95. look here behind me. i mean, it's just completely gridlocked. there is an absolute mess. let me give you a close look as to what happened here early this morning. according to fairfax county
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police and also virginia ste troopers. a tractor trailer tipped over as it was going on to the ramp on to northbound i-95, that truck was a tanker carrying fuel, overturned and then there was just a huge explosion. fairfax county fire and ems say the driver sdid in that crash. the truck driver who spoke to the driver had just filled up just down the street here in fairfax county loaded up with that fuel before this accident happened. this is what police are saying about all the road closures that are going on right now. >> we currently can't give an estimate until the fire department is complete at the scene making sure that it's going to be safe to enter. as far as 95 goes, we're going to have three lanes open. and as soon as we can open up the fourth lane, we'll open the fourth lane and interstate 95 north will open up as soon as we can. >> reporter: so right now,
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northbound 95 to northbound fairfax county parkway 286, northbound 286 to northbound 95 all closed. the two right lanes on 95 at fairfax county parkway heading northbound are also closed at this point. lots of closures around here. you're going to want to avoid this area. and with more on how to do that we're going to go to danella sealock in the studio right now. >> watch this for you. this is a mess. i would avoid i-95 all together. you can take route 1, take backlet road instead. you can take franconia springfield parkway. but again, i would avoid this all together. delays are significant. let's head over to maryland. still keking on other roadways southbound 270 low from 85 to clarksburg road. no accidents here but you are seeing delays. here's a live look at shady grove. volume is increasing but travel lanes are open. over to 50 in maryland, not looking bad at all. live look as you head inbound at 410. outbound as well. nice and clear at annapolis all
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of the way to d.c. connecting to new york avenue. no issues to report in that area. eun and richard, back over to you. >> thank you. it's the moms who have always had to work a little harder to make everything right. it's the moms of this nation, single, married, widowed, who really hold this country together. >> women were the focus for ann romney as she took center stage. mrs. romney aimed to show the softer side of her husband and it gained ground among the group that the governor has struggled to win over. today the focus will shift to paul ryan. the wisconsin congressman a arrived in tampa yesterday. he will attempt to make the american people learn more about his views and goals and these of the romney/ryan ticket. bob mcdonnell's daughter will speak tonight as well. jenin mcdonnell will speak. she served in iraq. a fellow veteran who was wounded in combat will join her on stage. governor mcdonnell tried to
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get the focus back on the economy when he took the podium last night. republican says more states would have an economic record like virginia if mitt romney were elected president. mcdonnell bested about the common wealth's low unemployment rate and budget surplus. he says a president romney would deliver prosperity to more americans. >> one who has created jobs in the private sector, who understands the economy and who has actually balanced a budget. heck, for that matter, somebody who has actually passed a budget. >> he went on to say that prosperity is not unique to virginia but is a trend with republican leaders me said republican governors need seven of the ten states with the lowest unemployment rates. it was all about being a tough guy for governor key note speaker chris christie. he called president obama an absentee leader who was not doing the job america sent him to do. he said november was an opportunity for republicans to step up and make a change. >> it's been easy for our
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leaders to say not us, not now. in taking on the really tough issues. unnor nately we've stood silently by and let them get away with it. but tonight, i say enough. tonight i say together let's make a much different choice. tonight we are speaking up for ourselves and stepping up. tonight we're beginning to do what is rights and what is necessary to make america great again. >> a programming note now tonight "nbc nightly news" will air at 6:30, half hour earlier than normal so we can bring you the redskins preseason game against the tampa bay puks at 7:00. then nbc news coverage of the republican national convention will air immediately following the game. today president obama will stop in charlottesville. he's been visiting college towns in swing states. he will not be speaking on the university of virginia campus the school officials there did not want to cancel classes this
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early in the semester or pay for security. ahead, one of the most popular redskins cut. plus, the big question being raised by the controversial book about the osama bin laden raid. right now, hurricane isaac is stalled over the gulf states dumping some heavy rain. you're taking a look at what the situation is now. he is getting slammed. thousands are in the dark. thousands are inwe're sitting on a bunch of shale gas.
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weather and traffic on the ones. good morning. i'm storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein. 6:11 on this wednesday morning. delightful morning under way, under a clear sky. high pressure over the region bringing us low humidity. fresh and cool temperatures. all the areas in light green in the 60s. that's most of virginia around maryland and the eastern shore. dark green areas, shenandoah
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valley, mountains in the 50s. hometown forecast, franconia in fairfax county by 8:00 or so this morning, upper 60s and sunny. then by noontime, near 80. sunshine, hour by hour for the whole region today, highs reaching mid 80s with sunshine and low humidity this afternoon into this evening. delightful. i'll have your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. good morning. >> good morning, tom. still tracking breaking news. live look from chopper 4 over the accident. along i-95. that's really on the ramp here to fairfax county parkway. emergency response workers are blocking the right lane of i-95. you are seeing delays on i-95 as well as you cannot access fairfax county parkway. you can see delays are growing. i'll show you travel speed. it's massive right now. to get from prince william parkway to get to the beltway, right now that will take you 27 miles per hour. almost 30 minutes to make that commute. i can tell you right now delays are going to just increase as the morning continues.
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let's head over to the district right now. checking the district no, accidents in the district or along the beltway or in prince george's county. now, back over to you both. >> danella, thank you. 6:12. it is 67 degrees. the new investigation just launched into the death of a world leader. isaac arrives. the hurricane is hammering the gulf coast right now. flooding is a huge concern this morning. we're going to
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beep-bop-boop-bop boop-beep. [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive
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and you could save hundreds." call or click today. there's been concern about new orleans levees but it's the city's transformers that have been failing so far during isaac. this camera captured transformer failures throughout new orleans. that's left hundreds of thousands of people in louisiana in the dark. right now more than 300,000 people in the new orleans area don't have electricity. here's a live look at new orleans as you can tell, dark out there from some of those power outages that richard mentioned. feeling the brunt of the storm right now. isaac is moving just seven miles per hour. the city could be seeing torrential downpours for much of today. flooding is a major concern elsewhere along the gulf coast. this is in gulf port, mississippi. we're hearing reports of storm surges of 11 feet.
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news4's melissa mollet is tracking this. >> let's look at this video. that is in gulf shores, alabama. take a look at that rain. take a look at that wind that sand moving across the road right now. again, a levee in louisiana being overtopped. deputies are going door to door telling people in that area to get to higher ground. officials say there is already 12 feet of water inside the homes there. just a short time ago a 83-mile-per-hour wind gusts was measured a lake ponchartrain. tens of thousands of people had to be evacuated from low-lying areas in both mississippi and louisiana, we will keep an eye on things for you throughout the morning. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. and coincidentally, today marks the seventh anniversary of hurricane katrina. it killed more than 1800 people
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and caused more than a billion dollars in damage. new orleans mayor says his city is much better prepared for this storm than it was for katrina. the time is 6:17. you can buy the new book about the raid that killed osama bin laden next week. the retired navy s.e.a.l. who wrote the book says bin laden was shot in the head as he looked out his bedroom door. that contradicts official accounts describing bin laden shot ducking back in his room, possibly reaching for a weapon. the publisher moved up the release date for "no easy day" to september 4th. it was supposed to be released on splenth. it bumped "50 shade of gray" from the top of the best-seller's list. a french court is looking into the death of former palestinian president yasser arafat. arafat's wife believes he was poisoned. just last month they said they found high levels of radioactive elements on his clothing. there are also plans to exhume arafat's body and palestinian leaders plan to call for an
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international investigation by the u.n. the leader died in 2004 after falling seriously ill in what was believed to be a massive stroke. the redskins will get their final tune up before the regular season. they take on the tampa bay buccaneers in the fourth and final preseason game at 7:00 tonight. someone will be missing from the redskins preseason finale. chris cooley, the skins released the fan favorite yesterday after eight seasons with the burgundy and gold. cooley was the longest tenured player on the team. he's battled through several injuries though and he says he had no hard feelings about being released. >> this organization has changed my life in every way for the better. and i appreciate it. i've loved every minute of playing here. it's been -- it's been a good ride. it's been a pleasure. >> the redskins also released kicker graham gano yesterday and
6:20 am
replaced him with billy cundiff. steven strasburg probably wants to forget last night's game. he gave up seven runs in the loss to the marlins. the most runs strasburg has ever given up. the fifth straight loss, too. the braves won last night, which means the nationals first place lead sh runk to just four games. >> let's see how the weather is going to hold up for that redskins final preseason game tonight. >> tom kierein is here with the forecast. >> looking beautiful this morning. this is a live view from nbc4 hd city camera. plane just taking off from reagan national airport. a clear sky. got fresh breezes blowing down the potomac out of the north northwest. bringing in low humidity. 69 at reagan national under a clear sky with light northerly breeze. temperatures are in the 60s to 50s out in the shenandoah valley and in the mountains this morning. farther east, closer to washington, we're in the low to mid 60s around the metro area.
6:21 am
right near the bay it's near 70 degrees. four-day forecast, afternoon highs, mid 80s today. lots of sun and low humidity. low humidity in place again tomorrow. 60s in the morning, afternoon highs, upper 80s. more humid on friday, near 90. steamy humidity on saturday. ahead of trap call showers maybe from the remnants of isaac here. sunday, labor day and tuesday, storm team4 seven-day outlook. i'm back with a dramatic look at what's going on in new orleans. that's in ten minutes. what's going on with our traffic now? here's danella. >> thanks, tom. still tracking breaking news. here's an update for you on the crash along fairfax county parkway. the exit ramp still shut down near northbound i-95. emergency response worker now just blocking the right lane. earlier they were blocking two of your right laps. but as you can see as chopper pans out, delays are pretty significant right now along i-95. we'll check the travel speed for you. 23 miles per hour. 33 minutes to get from prince
6:22 am
william parkway to fairfax county parkway. once you pass fairfax county parkway, though, the lanes open up and it's not so bad for you. let's head over and look at the dulles toll road eastbound from reston to the beltway. clear no, accidents. no major delays. first you're hitting the brakes past 234. these are the usual delays. then again around 50 you're slow in that area. it's not so bad as you make your way to nutley and continue to the beltway. richard and eun? 56 degrees now. ahead, why d.c. drivers are getting a very bad rap this morning. the change that will be
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welcome back. in the future, new cars and trucks will get better gas mileage. the obama administration issued new standards that will double it by 2025. right now the standard is 28.6 miles per gallon. that will grow to 54.5 miles per gallon in 13 years. automakers will need to introduce new technology to make cars and trucks more fuel efficient. d.c. is known for their
6:26 am
worst traffic in the nation. now we have the tight of having the worst drivers. annual survey by insurance company allstate ranks d.c. dead lost on its list of safist cities to drive in. the average d.c. driver goes just 4.7 years between accidents and is 112% more likely to get in a wreck compared to the national average. baltimore came in second to last, the safest city sioux falls, south dakota, where drivers go nearly 14 years between accidents. >> drive safely out there. >> yeah. 6:26. ahead, a teacher is accused of -- what is a teacher is accuse of doing on the first day of school. plus, the surveillance video a di distraught wife will hope will solve a vicious crime. hurricane isaac.
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right now it appears gulf coast rest dents won't be getting relief from hurricane isaac for the rest of the day. here's a live look at new orleans now. isaac made landfall for a second time a few hours ago. it's creeping along at just search miles per hour. that means the rain and wind may not let up for hours. and new orleans isn't the only place that's getting punished right now. also gulf port, mississippi. we're going to have more on exactly what the gulf coast is dealing with. first, good morning. i'm eun yang. >> i'm richard jordan. aaron gilchrist is on assignment. >> this video is just come pentagon ing into our newsroom. is is the damage from isaac. this is new orleans a little while ago, as you can expect to see much more of this throughout the day as isaac continues to dump rain and winds there and elsewhere along the gulf coast. >> right now, meteorologist tom
6:31 am
kierein is on the storm4 weather deck with a look at how difficult it can be to stay on your feet when a storm hits. hey, tom. >> yeah, by contrast here it's clear, cool, and calm. hardly a breeze. barely blowing. by contrast, look what's been going on in new orleans. a couple minutes ago. this is jim canner to. one of the strong gusts, the squalls coming in from isaac. right there on canal street. let's listen. the winds are gusting 80 miles an hour and wind-driven rain continuing to pummel new orleans now. here's what it looks like. the view from space and the radar showing it is inland. isaac spinning away and strong squalls of heavy rain and high winds pummeling new orleans now. and these areas you see in the yellow, that's where they could get 10, 15, maybe as much as 20 inches of rain southeastern
6:32 am
louisiana, southern mississippi, throughout the day today. raining at an inch an hour or more at rates like that throughout the entire day. bebe c by contrast, dry and cool. 60s in the region. hour by hour throughout the day today, by 8:00 a.m., sunny and cool. upper 60s. and then by noontime, with low humidity in place, great for your lunch hour, near 80. a wonderful sunny and dry afternoon with highs reaching the mid 80s. i'm back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. eun? >> tom, thank you. 6:32. breaking news in fairfax county. police are on the scene of a deadly tractor trailer crash. this is a along i-95 northbound at the fairfax county parkway. the truck somehow rolled and burst into flames. let's go to danella sealock with a look at the delays. >> eun, it's a mess this morning. here is the scene now. this is on the ramp to fairfax county parkway. traveling northbound i-95 you cannot get on or off of fairfax
6:33 am
county parkway. you can see quite an active accident scene here. as chopper is over the scene, also getting able to take a look at the delays. delays are serious. really as you make your way from dale city on i-95, it's slow going all of the way from fairfax county parkway. the right lane still blocked by emergency response workers. again, big delays. please avoid i-95 to allow cruise time to work. checking out other roads in our area. you can see not too bad here. as far as delays. seeing delays just a bit as you make your way westbound on 50 in maryland heading from 201, slow to new york avenue and also seeing delays outer loop. back to you. >> 6:33. this morning police hope new video will help lead them to the people responsible for brutally beating a man in the district's eastern market neighborhood. they packed a community meeting last night. kathy lanier spoke about her efforts to stop a spike in crime. police released this video showing a man trying to use the
6:34 am
victim's credit card at a gas station. the victim, 29-year-old thomas maslin is still in the hospital. he was found unconscious nearly two weeks ago. he was walking home after a nationals game when he was attacked. his wife hopes someone will recognize the man. >> absolutely critical that people watched the video and that we figure out who is responsible for this because, i mean, there's a very good chance it could happen again. >> his wife says he is slowly making progress after going through two brain surgeries. this morning an 8-year-old is recovering after an suv hit him while he was riding his bike. it dragged him 30 feet before stopping. last night paramedics airlifted the boy from mt. vernon highway and suri drive. they believe he rode into the traffic on his bike and the driver could not avoid him. that driver stayed on the scene and has not been charged. montgomery county police need your help finding a a. man who was 23-year-old old.
6:35 am
he was last scene at the falls shopping center in rockville. he is paralyzed and uses a motorized wheelchair to get around. family and police are concerned about his mental well being. if you have seen this man, call police. a lawyer for the maryland teen accused of shooting a classmate on the first day of school says his client did not  mean to shoot anyone. he says 15-year-old robert gladden jr. brought a shotgun to perry hall high school to intimidate pubullies. the gun only wednesday off when teachers rushed him. a special needs student was critically wounded in the exchange. he is still in the hospital. gladden is charged as an adult with attempted murder. mean why, his stepfather is also facing charges this morning. police arrested andrew piper for marijuana and illegal firearm possession after visiting the home yesterday. a substitute teacher in loudoun county is out of a job ter she showed up drunk for the first day of class. it happened on monday. jacqueline barnes has been with
6:36 am
the loudoun county public schools for less than six months. the school says she had no interaction with students the morning of her arrest. this morning we're learning a local soldier fighting the war in afghanistan has died. 42-year-old staff sergeant jessica wing of alexandria died monday in a non-combat related incident in kuwait. she was assigned to the 126th aviation regiment stationed out of maine. military officials have not released any details about what led to her death. time is 6:36. a year after a martin luther king jr. memorial was unveiled, the inscription will be fixed. right now it reads, i was a drum major for justice, peace, and righteousness. critics including poet maya angelou say it is not a true quote. it makes dr. king sound arrogant. the memorial sculptor is expected to change the inscription next month or in october. time right now is 6:36. ahead, he says he's humled.
6:37 am
how a man risked his own life to save some local children. the local couple who started their life together on a high note. plus, a crash, then an explosion. breaking news overnight that is causing big backups. a look at the forecast. weather and traffi
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welcome back. the rain continues to pour down in new orleans. here's a live look at the big easy. isaac made landfall nearby early this morning as a category 1. it maintained its strength and does not appear to be weakening soon and isn't going anywhere, either. isaac is moving seven miles per hour, which ch means the gulf coast residents are in for a long day. >> those people are dealing with that today and it's going to be a couple days when we could possibly get a taste of isaac, too. but not today. >> no. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein giving us a pleasant forecast for today.
6:41 am
tom? >> exquisite sun rise over the potomac. live view from our nbc4 hd city camera. time for your weather and traffic on the ones. bood morning. 6:41 on this wednesday morning. the air is fresh and cool. temperatures around the region are in the low 60s. prince george's, arlington, fairfax, montgomery counties. low 70s. rural areas in the shenandoah valley and the mountains are in the upper 50s this morning. hometown forecast for silver spring, montgomery county, upper 60s by 8:00, 8:30 this morning and sunny. by noontime, for the lunch hour, sunny and near 80. all around the region hour by hour today we'll have low humidity in place. highs reaching mid 80s by mid afternoon. seven-day outlook and the latest on isaac in ten minutes. danella has a look at traffic now. >> good morning. here's a live look from chopper 4 over the scene. the tanker crash still active at fairfax county parkway. the good news on i-95 though, travel lanes are now open.
6:42 am
earlier you were missing your right lane but now that right lane has opened as chopper pans over to the delays along i-95. still out of dale city, northbound, it is a slow commute for you. giving your travel speed in this area looking about 43 minutes to get from prince william parkway to the beltway. very slow. but good news is your travel lanes are open. connecting on to 395 though northbound from the beltway slow to seminary. no accidents. 14 minutes to get to the 14th street bridge. richard, back over to you. >> thank you. new this morning, police are investigating a double shooting along pond street in northeast d.c. the shooting happened around 2:00. police say two men were shot. one in the arm and one in the leg. both were taken to the hospital and are expected to be okay. so far, no arrests have been made. this morning we're hearing the first 911 calls from a boat crash involving a maryland lawmaker. two boats collided last week sending four children and two adults to the hospital. >> i saw people fly in the
6:43 am
water. i don't know. they may be okay. they may not. i'm not sure. >> there was one boat flying that seemed like full throttle and the other was towing some kids. >> you did see people? >> absolutely. they all had life preservers. >> he admitted to drinking while he was operating his boat. so far, no charges have been filed. a day before mitt romney formally epts his nomination for president, his running mate paul ryan will address the rnc crowd. gop leaders hope it will help americans get wisconsin congressman a little bit better. our own aaron gilchrist has more on what's ahead today at the convention from tampa. >> reporter: hey, good morning, guys, from tampa. on the schedule today really just one thing. the session will start tonight at 7:00 and there will be some speeches this evening but the big speech tonight that everybody will be listening for is that of congressman paul ryan. the running mate that mitt romney has chosen and, again, the idea is to paint a picture
6:44 am
of mitt romney and who he would be as president and how paul ryan would fit in as his vice president. we spent time today speaking with nbc nightly news anchor brian williams about what exactly needs to happen in order for mitt romney and paul ryan to do well at this convention and in november. >> voters need to come away from this convention saying, all right, that's mitt romney. okay, that's his family. that's his story. here is the choice. you know, we dust off the same cliches at these things, you know that don't you? everybody has to give the speech of their life and the voters have never had such a clear and distinct choice between the candidates and the directions they offer for the country. well, it's all true. and it really is true at this gathering. if this is marketing, if h is a television show, they need to tell us all about their product. >> paul ryan's scheduled to speak tonight in the 10:00 hour in prime time. that will be on broadcast
6:45 am
television. and we will see what message he's able to communicate to the american people. of course, julie carey and i are here in tampa and we will have reports through the evening. >> virginia governor bob mcdonnell's daughter will also speak tonight. she served in iraq as an army platoon leader. fellow veteran who was wounded in combat will join her on stage. governor mcdonnell will try to get the focus back on the economy when he took the podium at the convention. republican says more states would have an economic record like virginia's if mitt romney were elected president. mcdonnell bosed about the low unemployment rate and budget surpluses. he says a president romney would make small businesses a priority. >> we need a president who will say to a small businesswoman, congratulations. we applaud your success. you did make that happen. you did build that in america. >> mcdonnell went on to say economic prosperity is not
6:46 am
unique to virginia but it is a trend in states with republican leaders. he says republican governors lead seven of the ten states with the lowest unemployment rates. fellow governor and key note speaker chris christie took the role of the tough guy. he called president obama an absentee leader who wasn't dogs the job america sent him to do. and he said november is an opportunity for republicans to step up and make a change. >> it's been easy for our leaders to say, not us, not now, in taking on the really tough issues. and unfortunately we've stood silently by and let them get away with it. tonight, i say enough. tonight i say together, let's make a much different choice. tonight we are speaking up for ourselves and stepping up. tonight we're beginning to do cha what is right and what is necessary to make neck great again. >> a reminder about programming tonight here on nbc4 "nbc nightly news" will air half hour earlier at 6:30 p.m. so we can
6:47 am
bring you the redskins preseason game against the tampa bay buccaneers at 7:00. nbc news coverage at the republican national convention including congressman's paul ryan's speech will air immediately following the game. tracking hurricane isaac as it wreaked havoc along the gulf coast. live look at new orleans where hundreds of thousands of people are in the dark right now, flooding is also a major concern there. and elsewhere along the coast. and it doesn't look like things will be getting any better any time soon. it is moving just seven miles per hour as you can see it hammering new orleans there. that is where nbc's daniel lee is riding out the storm. she joins us live now. danielle, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. now, the wind is coming down through here in the french quarter and also the rain. as you walk along the street you may be able to see the damage of the debris. a palm frong that was ripped from these trees. a there is a pretty large sign that's just hanging on in the wind now for a couple of hours
6:48 am
dangling. surprisingly so because most of the signs we have seen here have gotten ripped off the buildings and sent down the street. we're also paying close attention to the streetlights. we have seen some of them fall from the sky and then hit the ground shattering. they actually set off some car alarms in the process. right now at the last report more than 400,000 people are without power. even though energy employ eeses are driving around, there's nothing they can do about it until the winds die down. >> all right. we just lost danielle lee. she was reporting live there from new orleans. as you can see, we mentioned power outages are a problem. heavy rains and flooding there. we'll bring you the latest right here on news4. of course, the storm is causing concerns about a possible spike in gas prices. but it appears the damage may not be as bad as first feared. cnbc has that story. good morning. >> good morning. actually the opposite of higher prices is. aing. energy prices, oil, gasoline,
6:49 am
natural gas are all lower. it appears for now the storm has spared gulf coast refineries and rigs from any major damage. oil and gas companies have shut most facilities in the gulf of mexico, cutting output from the region 90%. that was done as a precautionary measure. still have to wait and see how that affects its actual output. back to you. >> great to see you. a hero is honored for risking his life to save others during a violent storm around here. he got the award for bravery and courage last night. he helped dozens of children, coaches and parents get to safety as a roof blew off a dance studio in spotsylvania. a wall fell on him bricking his leg, back, and risk. it's going to take a few months for him to fully recover from his injuries. he says it was all worth it. mullins also received an award from state senator brice reeves, commending him for his dedicated service to the community.
6:50 am
good for him. wish him a speedy recovery. the time is 6:49. we just were live in new orleans and we saw that we lost the signal. that's going to happen when you have these strong winds blowing through. they are trying to make the best of it out there. >> it's still a hurricane. and it's creeping just southwest of new orleans. now, here is the latest radar and cloud composite. and it is showing heavy rain. those bands of yellow and orange, you see spinning there in the northern part, that's what's pummeling new orleans now with winds up to 80 miles an hour. and rain falling at one- to two-inch-per-hour rates. it's going to unfortunately move very slowly throughout the day today, creeping through southern louisiana, just west of new orleans. so new orleans is going to get these continual bands coming in off of the gulf and pounding the metro area around new orleans with heavy rain, all these areas in yellow could get 10, 15, as
6:51 am
much as 20 inches of rain for southern mississippi and southeastern louisiana. then the storm kraeps into northern louisiana by late tonight and into tomorrow morning. and then heads farther knot into arkansas. right now it is a category 1 hurricane maintaining category 1 strength throughout the day today. a tropical low throughout the depression there and creeps up through arkansas through late tomorrow and then into missouri, indiana, through the weekend. by the end of the weekend, getting closer to us. we could get some tropical downpours from that. but it's going to be pleasant because now and then thanks to a big ear of high pressure that is pushed in, brought in a clear sky with low humidity. right now it's fresh and cool. we're in the 60s. 50s shenandoah valley into the mountains. later this afternoon we will climb into the mid 80s with humidity in place and lots of sun. more of the same on thursday. getting more humid on friday. highs near 90. steamy saturday, upper 80s. some of the tropical showers
6:52 am
from the remnants of isaac may be here sunday, labor day, and again on tuesday. richard? >> tom, dhanks. breaking news in fairfax county. a person is dead in a fiery tractor trailer crash. this is on a ramp from the fairfax county parkway to i-95. tracee wilkins is live on the scene with more for us. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. still looking at a lot of closures. looking behind me here you can see if you're trying to head northbound on the fairfax county parkway you're not going to be able to get on knob 95 right now. that's where this accident happened involving this tanker truck full of fuel. let me show withdrew what it looked like earlier this morning. now, the truck was on that ramp, about to get on 95 when it lost control, flipped over, caught fire. we're told, according to the virginia state troopers, that that truck was carrying 9,000 gallons of fuel. now, the driver died in that accident, according to fairfax county fire and ems who spoke with another driver who said he had just seen this truck driver
6:53 am
flip or fill up at the fuel depot of fairfax county parkway shortly before this crash. >> he was up under the rack together loading. so it just kind of hits close to home. you know, you just see a guy and theks thing you know he's not here anymore. >> now, here are the latest closures. northbound 286 to northbound 95 is closed. far right lane of i-95 northbound remains closed but the three other lanes and hov lanes are open. also, exit 166 b, which is the entrance ramp to route 286 northbound, remains closed. as does the ramp from south route 286 to route 1. a lot of closures there. with more on how you can get around on this, we're going to go back to danella sealock. >> slow 95 heading northbound. i've been urging drivers to avoid it all morning. solid delays as they go from 123, jammed solid as you make
6:54 am
your way to fairfax county park we. good news is once you bear that, passing fairfax county parkway, it's not bad as you make your y towards the beltway. checking for delays in maryland. not bad passing 202 but as you make your way towards new york avenue you are underspeed. your travel speed, 29 miles per hour. 11 minutes to get from the beltway to 295. it looks good past the national harbor on the inner loop and outer loop, no issues to report. as you continue on the beltway heading towards the wilson bridge, travel lanes are open. in both directions on the wilson bridge you are starting to see volume. no major delays just yet and no accidents to report. eun, over to you. >> thank you. a couple of dare defrls from arlington took their love to new heights when they tied the knot. bob ewing and his bride recently wed on top of seneca rocks in west virginia. that summit is 900 feet up and they did the crime on their
6:55 am
wedding day. tux, wedding gown, and all. >> we love going out there so we got engaged out there. and she said she wanted to get married on the summit. i said, absolutely. >> the dress is my mother's. it's a very simple dress i could tuck into my harness, so i wasn't restrict nedney of my movement because it was pretty much jammed into my harness. >> wedding dress and a harness. heard it all now. it would clearly be impossible to fit a whole wedding party up there so the ewings held a party the next day with family and friends wishing them all the best. >> how are they going to pass it down? and the other great thing is maybe this sets a precedent for the rest of their marriage. let's hope so. >> let's hope they can stay on solid ground here, a little less excitement with the future here. before we go, we want to give you one last update on hurricane isaac. the rain is pouring down in new orleans. live look at the big easy. isaac made landfall this morning
6:56 am
as a category 1 hurricane. it does not appear to be weakening soon. 400,000 people are without power right now. there are evacuations in some low-lying parishes in louisiana. tom kierein here with the last check of the storm. >> there's the radar showing it spinning away there. now, after it's moved inland it has hardly moved in the last three hours. pretty much sitting in the same spot, spinning away, bringing in bands of very heavy rain and very high winds, gusting to 80 miles an hour. all right. thank you. >> that is "news4 today." thanks so much for sharing your thanks so this country was built by working people.
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