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tv   News 4 Today at 5  NBC  October 1, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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cloudy skies. later this afternoon a few showers will roll in, emily west and southwest of -- especially west and southwest of town with highs upper 60s to poe reasons -- potentially low 70s if we get enough sunshine. new rain down to the south. that system will be approaching for late today and tomorrow. currently 43 in martinsburg. fog there. 51 in fredricksburg and 48 in culpeper. we're 54. frederick is 45. a dense fog advisory frederick county, maryland maryland north and west till 10:00 a.m. half mile in petersburg. we've had patchy fog there, three-quarters in gaithersburg. it's really generally west and northwest of town. temps this morning as i said in the 40s and 50s. there is your dense fog advisory till 10:00. it does look like it's going to be a comfortable afternoon. highs upper 60s to low 70s. let's check in with beverly farmer in for monika. good morning, bev. good morning. northbound 95 out of fred
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rigsburg, early slowdowns are -- fredricksburg early slowdowns are easing. the overnight road work had you down to single file. that's why we still see heavy traffic on northbound 95 passing route 3. the closer you get to 17 falmouth, the better the pace. after that clear sailing. quantico, dumfries, up toward springfield on to 395. east on 66 overnight road work cleared on the ramp that would take you to 495. getting insides the beltway through falls church on into rosslyn, nice light volume. no issues there. incident free on the maryland beltway, i-270 corridor, building volume out of frederick. outer loop into silver spring, no surprises passing new hampshire avenue. volume still light. your next check of traffic at a:09. -- 5:09. the occupy movement in d.c. kicked off a year ago today. >> the anniversary has occupy organizers ready to remind people about their objectives.
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9news now reporter kristin fisher is live at farragut square where protesters' plans may cause problems for commuters this morning. good morning. >> reporter: it may certainly cause some problems traffic wise at least. these occupy d.c. protesters have planned two demonstrations to mark this one-year anniversary. storm k street and shut down k street. the first one will be leaving from right here in farragut square in just two hours at 7:00 a.m. the protesters are going to be targeting about 30 of the usual suspects. that includes banks, businesses, government agencies all along the k street corridor. goldman sacss, freddie mac, the imf, the american bankers association, u.s. department of justice just to name a few. for people who work at those places and who work in the k street area, you know what you're going to be dealing with. these are the same kinds of demonstrations you saw one year ago. it was exactly one year ago today that occupy d.c.
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protesters first started camping out in mcpherson square. remember, they lived there for almost four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police in february. now expect to see them back for what they're calling a full week of resistance starting with all these protests on k street this morning. and occupy k street's twitter feed retweeted a picture last night from a user called occupy eye. here's the picture, the caption reading "the finishing touches are being put on the one-year anniversary. join us tomorrow 7:00 a.m. when it all kicks off. you can expect to see all the signs and posters. nobody out here just yet. no police just yet but of course d.c. police, u.s. park police well aware that these protests are going to be taking place. so expect to see a lot of folks out here very shortly. i just want to hold this up and point out one thing. the occupy d.c. protesters have
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put out this map. they've been circulating it online for a few days now. all of these little squiggley marks here, those are all signs of the major traffic arteries in d.c. these are things like dupont sir qal cal, logan circle -- circle, logan circle, all the main arteries. this shows that these protesters are going to be targeting some of the big thoroughfares as commuters try to get to work this morning. you might want to avoid those big traffic circles if you can and plan for a few extra minutes on your morning commute if you're headed for downtown d.c. back to you guys. >> kristin fisher live with that update at farragut square. we'll have more later this morning. mike? the investigation into a deadly plane crash in spotsylvania county, virginia is expected to take months. 48-year-old john morton, jr. and his 13-year-old son kyle died in saturday night's crash. virginia state police say the father was practicing takeoffs and landings at the private
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shannon airport when the cessna plummeted into a mobile home park near the runway. it's believed he spent many of his final moments, the pilot did, trying to avoid hitting some of the mobile homes on the ground. no one on the ground was hurt. the driver of an suv involved in a fiery four- vehicle crash is facing drunk driving charges. d.c. police say more charges are pending. sunday morning's crash in the petworth area of northwest sent six people to the hospital, including two police officers. at last word two of the victims were listed in critical condition with burns. two officers suffered minor burns while trying to free them. authorities have not released the names of those involved. a coal-fired power plant in alexandria that has drawn the scorn of environmentalists for decades is closing today. it in 1949 but had been forced to scale back its operations in recent years to comply with the clean air act. alexandria mayor bill yulely
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tells wtop the city plans to develop the site into a retail space. jessica doyle is here with your money report of the morning. >> welcome to the fourth quarter which is starting right now. let's hope this is a stronger one for stocks. over the last three months the dow was up 4%, nasdaq up more than 6% and s&p 500 added almost 6% but the quarter went out with a whimper. checking the numbers the dow stands this morning at 13,437. it fell about 49 points on friday. nasdaq was down by 20 and the s&p 500 was off by about 6. more americans are defaulting on their student loans. more than one in ten borrowers have been defaulting on their federal student loans nowadays. the default rate hit 13.4% in the latest report. that is a 14-year high and up from 8.8% a year earlier. for profit colleges are reporting the worst results. that lunch you get from the food truck in d.c. is about to
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cost you a little bit more. starting today, the trucks will have to charge a 10% tax just like all brick and mortar restaurants. before that the food trucks paid the city a $1500 flat rate annually but some trucks are saying they may give you a little bit more food since you're paying a little bit more money. >> what do you have for us in the next half-hour? i'm watching your money and your pets. we'll talk about pet insurance coming up. >> thanks, jess. today we'll learn new information about the search for jimmy hoffa's body. that story is coming up. >> plus, the president and mitt romney have two more days to get ready for their first debate. >> ahead in sports, the redskins are back to 500 after nearly letting a big lead slip right through their fingers. we'll be back.
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>> your weather first on this monday morning. grab a jacket. 40s and 50s out there. a little fog north and west of town from some of the showers yesterday evening that left a little moisture in. we may see low 70s this afternoon. here's a look at the day planner. clouds will be increasing while we'll have morning sunshine. upper 60s, maybe low 70s with a chance for a few showers late this afternoon. best chance of that will be west and southwest of d.c. i'll be back in about five minutes talking about some rain for tuesday. right now over to beverly
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farmer. she'll let you know what's happening with your morning commute. what's not happening is the road work. they cleared it between fredricksburg and 17 falmouth. that's the good news. northbound 95 moving at a better pace now finally coming up from route 3 across the rapahannock river and heading up toward quantico. a good pace there to head into springfield. it's getting a lot better. your next timesaver traffic at 5:17. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. it is 5:10. here's what's making news this morning. a bombing this morning in eastern afghanistan killed three nato troops and their translators. an american soldier and contractor were killed this weekend. with those deaths the death toll has now reached 2000 u.s. troops since the invasion started in 2001. today police in michigan are expected to announce its soil samples taken friday include the remains of teamsters' boss jimmy hoffa. crews dug up a concrete slab at a suburban detroit home and found no obvious remains. a up tipster claimed -- a
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tipster claimed he saw a body buried at the site right after hoffa disappeared. we're two days away from the first presidential debate. jim lehrer will moderate wednesday night in denver. president obama attended a rally in nevada last night. he'll stay there to finish his preparations and talking points. mitt romney is in denver already. he'll stay there to finish his preparations. dozens of dogs whose time at shelters had run out have a new lease on life this morning. more on how area pilots helped rescue the animals coming up at 5::0. the nationals magic number to clinch the division is stuck at one. >> next after showers early this week, howard has some gorgeous days ahead in his seven-day forecast. you'll want to stick around for that. krystal conwell : we see a lot of problems with the...
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number of students that we have. resources. materials. things that the children need... on a day-to-day basis. anncr: question seven will help. the department of legislative services says question seven... will mean hundreds of millions of dollars... for schools...from gaming revenues that would have... gone to other states. and independent audits will guarantee the money... goes where it's supposed to. krystal conwell: i think people should vote for question... seven because i think it will be a great benefit to children.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. 5:14. 54 degrees in the newsroom. >> you all tuckedin there, mike? >> we're all kind of bundled up. it's freezing in here. >> we're having fun with the hvac system here. >> we're having fun. >> the wind through here has got to be 5 miles an hour at least, if not 10. so the windchill in the studio makes it what? 7 degrees. >> moving right along to weather that applies to you, here's howard. >> go help them tuck in here or something. weather wise, our bus stop forecast -- you've got to get
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yourself there. i know you have your blankie. we have temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. grab a jacket or extra blanket, maybe one of those snuggies. patchy fog north and west of d.c. this morning. we're going to see a little sun early. then the clouds are going to thicken up. the afternoon could be a cloudy one. we could have showers. best chance will be south and west of town. if you're going out to nationals park this evening, maybe see the nats climpleg the nl -- clinch the nl east, there's a slight chance of a shower. game time serve in the middle 50s. visibilities north and west of town, we've got issues. from gaithersburg to westminster through howard county. now we're less than a mile here. it's northwest of town, martinsburg, hagerstown with visibilities near one-quarter of a mile. also up there, that's where we've got the dense fog advisories frederick county
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west till 10:00 this morning. locally those visibilities could be a quarter mile or less. it's dry on the radar but look to the south and southwest. south of roanoke on i-81, you're running into the rain. there's a slow drift to the whole storm system off to the north. that's why i think we may see a shower late today. better chances will be tonight and especially on tuesday. tease temps are chilly -- these temps are chilly. in many areas we're in the 40s. centreville 48 degrees. college park 50 but bowie 49. scott over at andrews at 54 degrees. outside on the michael & son weather camera, quiet this morning. 54 under partly cloudy skies. dew points in the upper 40s. humidity 83%. this is the shower activity. see this little batch? there it goes. that's what we had yesterday afternoon. we have all this rain in the deep south coming into the tennessee valley. this is lifting to the north and northeast. this is why we're going to have that threat of showers starting late today. i'll put the future cast in
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motion. may be a tough time for some of these showers coming in but we'll see a few around 5:00. some showers overnight. tomorrow waves of showers. i don't know if it will be a constant rain. don't think it will bebut waves of showers. a warmer period the next couple of days. today 72. with some luck maybe a late shower. tonight a few showers. not nearly as chilly, 50s and 60s. tomorrow 80 with waves of showers. maybe a rumble of thunder. a warm wednesday 84. can't rule out an isolated shower in the afternoon, especially east. we're still staying nice and mild thursday and friday. it's 5:17. beverly farmer is in for monika samtani with timesaver traffic. pretty good on the roadways right now. the light volume out there as you leave frederick on southbound 270. even in the poor visibility issues, the pace has been good past 109. let's good both visibility wise and pace wise to get past the truck scales into germantown, gaithersburg, rockville. no issues 270. montgomery county beltway, just building voluming heading into silver spring. virginia drivers 66, your pace
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has been good. coming in from front royal, east into manassas, centreville, fair oaks and vienna, the pace is pretty good. just little heavier volume at the sudly road interchange in manassas. the overnight road work on 395, the heaviest volume getting to the 14th street bridge. light coming from landmark to get past washington whenever and the -- boulevard and the pentagon. your next check of traffic at 5:24. back to you. >> thank you, beverly. he might have lost his job if he had not hit the last kick last night. the redskins kicker talks about the redskins' narrow win. >> the nationals are oh so close to officially becoming national league east champions. highlights coming up in sports. let's take another look at the question of the day. according to parents magazine, dads are much faster than mom at doing one of these things. is it a, changing diapers, b, making school lunches, or c, putting a newborn to sleep? >> here's a look at a response
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you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. terry writes, i'm going with a. anything that smells that bad you have to be quick. >> they may be quick at it but it might go on backwards. log on to the facebook fan page. we'd love to hear what you think. we will have the answer in our 6:00 show.
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. 5:21 of the your weather first. a little fog toward martinsburg
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and hagerstown and rural areas of montgomery county and howard still holding on to low to mid-50s. the clouds inching up from the south. the afternoon features the clouds slowly drifting north with a spotty shower, especially west and southwest. andrea and mike? >> thank you, howard. it's official. both d.c. area baseball teams have now made the playoffs. >> he nearly cost the redskins the game yesterday but he pulled it out in the end. kristen berset has the details in your morning sports. good morning, everybody. it was tense. it was a nail biter and it sure didn't look like the redskins were going to be victorious but just as delast week, rg3 drove his team down the field, the final part of the game and this one at least had a happy ending. the redskins scored 21 points in the first half yesterday against tampa bay, but the bucs came roaring back in the second putting up 18 unanswered points. it was less than to minutes to goap. rg3 took command, marched his
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team down the field using his legs to get them into field goal range. however, nothing is certain. billy cundiff already missed three field goals on the night but this one right through the upright. redskins beat the buccaneers 24- 22. >> for me it felt like it was a real test. i really felt like it was something i was looking forward to which is kind of crazy. you miss three kicks and a lot of people want to say let's just get the game over. i wanted that chance, a chance to prove to my teammates that they can trust me. >> the nationals also having a rough day yesterday wrapping things up in st. louis. ross detwiler who was actually the starting pitcher when the nats clinched a spot in the playoffs couldn't help his team clinch the division. detwiler lasted less than three innings in his hometown. the nationals lose this one. the orioles for the first time in 15 years, the baltimore orioles are headed to the post season. they have done all they could to secure a spot. they swept the red sox
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yesterday to stay atop the division and thanks to the rangers beating los angeles angels last night, the orioles are now playoff bound. how exciting. two teams from the dmv going to the playoffs. that's a quick look at sports this morning. i will be live from nationals park starting at 5:00 today for hopefully a champagne celebration. have a great monday. >> we hope. maryland residents have new laws to live by today. that story is coming up. >> plus, we'll take a look at whether wet insurance is a good idea for you and your furry family members. beverly, over to you. >> right now we've got light volume around the area which is good news. one issue we're hearing about in north west impacts tiny -- piney branch road near blare road. outer loop of polesville road still running at a good pace into silver spring. you're watching 9news now. we'll be right back. good monday morning.
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good morning. welcome back to 9news now. first day of the week, first day of the new month october. i'm andrea roane. >> you will feel fall when you step outside. good morning. i'm mike hydeck. thanks for joining us. beverly farmer has timesaver traffic. she's in for monika this week. here's howard with your weather first. >> temps in the 40s and 50s. you're probably noticing some color here and there. in some of the mountainous areas, skyline drive, there's a lot of color out there already. leaves coming down, too. really starting to feel like the season. here's a look at our day planner this 1st of october, this monday morning with temperatures running in the 40s and 50s. 54 in town but we're down to 43, 44 in the cold spots. by noon 57. partly to mostly cloudy. there could be a couple of showers before the day is over, especially west and southwest of town. highs upper 60s to low 70s. although i'm thinking most of the day, most of us will be rain free, even though we're seeing some showers down here.
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that may be the problem later. this morning jackets for sure. low to mid-40s north and west. low to mid-50s south and east with some fog being a real concern now in parts ever the seen dough ya valley, hagueerstown, martinsburg, westminster half mile. so we'll watch these areas north and west where a dense fog advisory is in effect till 10:00 this morning. for us we're looking at temperatures this afternoon which will make it into the upper 60s, low 70s. more rain on the way for tonight and tuesday. let's go to beverly farmer at 5:29. she's got timesaver traffic. outer loop of the beltway volume still light building into silver spring. the pace is good across the american legion bridge. on the outer loop toward tysons, inner loop toward bah these today, just the building volume. visibility is not too bad. north and west as howard mentioned may see issues with fog. if you're traveling in on 66, the volume building toward manassas getting into the centreville interchanges but overall front royal into falls church should find the lanes
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open. all the overnight road work out of the way. virginia beltway, i-95 travelers have seen delays coming up now toward quantico as you leave aquia harbor. the overnight road work in fredricksburg is gone. 395 through landmark and headed for the 14th street bridge all lanes are open. your next check of traffic comes up at 5:39. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. tomorrow marks the ten-year anniversary of the shooting that sparked the d.c. sniper case. >> convicted sniper lee boyd malvo is now talking about the crimes. malvo says, quote, i was a monster. he is now 27 years old and is serving a life sentence with no chance of parole. his fellow sniper john allen mohammad was executed four years ago. the pair was linked to 27 shootings nationwide, including ten murders in the washington area. the supreme court begins its new term today. sunday, six of the court's nine
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justices attended the annual red mass at st. matthews cathedral in northwest washington. the mass prays for the judges to have good wisdom and make good decisions. the archbishop warned not everything contemporary is good and society needs its ancient foundations. same-sex marriage is among the topics the supreme court coulding taking up this term. today marks one year since occupy protests started in d.c. and protest organizers plan to make their voices heard later this morning. 9 news now reporter kristin fisher is live at farragut square with a preview. good morning, chris continue. do we see any protesters nearby? >> reporter: no protesters just yet, but it's still pretty early. they've been busy over the weekend distributing, trying to get the word out about these protests and they've also been circulating these maps online. it's important because it's a map that kind of shows where the main arteries are into d.c., in and around the k street area. it also shows the direction of
5:32 am
traffic. it kind of goes to show you these protesters are indeed trying to stir things up down here, kind of make a mess of the morning commute. if you're planning on coming to k street this morning, just be prepared, plan a few extra minutes and avoid the busy traffic circles if at all possible because we don't see anybody just yet, no police, no protesters but you know they're coming. let me show you what i'm talking about. just last night somebody by the name of occupy eye posted a picture on twitter of someone putting the finishing touches on a sign that will be used in this morning's demonstration to mark the one-year anniversary of occupy d.c. this movementle started on wall street. then made its way down to washington about a year ago. protesters camped out in mcpherson square and freedom plaza for over four months before finally getting kicked out by u.s. park police after several arrests, lots of controversy surrounding their encampment there. now today you can expect to see them back for what they're calling a week of resistance
5:33 am
starting with these two protests on k street this morning. storm k street will start at 11:30 leaving from freedom plaza. those protesters trying to catch the lunch crowd. and then shut down k street will start at 7:00 a.m. right in the middle ever the morning -- of the morning rush. they'll be targeting about 30 banks, businesses and government agencies all along the k street corridor, including places like gold man sachs, freddie mac, the imf, the american bankers association and the justice department. we can expect dozens of protesters marching up and down here trying to just cause some problems at these 30 targeted businesses and government agencies. it all starts at 7:00 a.m. leaving here. hopefully it won't tie up traffic too much. police are clearly aware of this and they're going to have people out to make sure nothing really gets out of hand but i would plan for a few take minutes if you're going to be traveling to downtown d.c. this morning.
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>> good advice. kristin fisher reporting live from farragut square. a virginia man is due in court today following an armed standoff friday night. police evacuated alexandria's bell haven marina for hours after they say a gunman fired shots there. then used a ding gi to head out to a sailboat in the potomac river. 41-year-old john watson was taken into custody. no one was hurt. he's scheduled to be arraigned today for assault. there are new laws on the books in maryland starting today. an exception to the child safety seat law has been repealed. now all children under the age of 8 need to be in a safety seat regardless of what they weigh. prisoners will no longer have to pay child support while in jail. employers are now prohibited from requiring or even asking workers or job applicants to disclose their user names and passwords on personal and social media sites. the state's gambling laws have been modified to make
5:35 am
exceptions for sports games like fantasy football. a smoking ban at radford university in virginia narrowly wins supports from student. just over half the student body approved the measure. smoking currently is allowed 25 feet away from campus buildings. the new probably would ban all smoking on campus. the measure now goes to student affairs executive council for considering. -- for consideration. if you're just waking up, it's time for another your money report. >> jessica doyle is not only watching your money but also watching your pets, specifically their health. >> that's right. years ago if your pet got sick, your options were limited. nowadays there are cancer treatments, transplants and ways to help you afford all that care. >> reporter: pets make us feel better all the time. >> puppies are good medicine. >> reporter: when they get sick, we do all we can. kiplinger's personal finance reporter jessica anderson loves her dog bailey. when he got sick in the spring,
5:36 am
getting him the best care was a no brainer. >> he started having seizures this year. we were told we had to go to the dog neurologist because he might have a brain tumor. >> reporter: the bills added up fast. >> after an m.r.i. and spinal tap, turns out he's healthy but he has epilepsy. >> reporter: so far $3,000 on vets and pills and that's with the pet insurance anderson took out on bailey years ago. >> i'd say i got about $700 back from the insurance. >> reporter: in 1997, there was just one company that offered pet insurance. today there are 11 and plans differ widely on costs and benefits. if you have an otherwise healthy pet, you'll probably break even on a policy. >> if you do have a major medical issue like he's in an accident or has epilepsy or comes down with some other illness, then it really does pay off. >> reporter: peace of mind has value, too, especially when you're talking about the
5:37 am
smallest member of your family. >> bailey is adorable. pets and their care are big business. americans spent $51 billion on their fuzzy friends last year. that's more than we spend on child care as a nation. veterinary bills accounted for a quarter of all those costs. so pet insurance, do you take it out or not take it out? you have to have a very honest discussion with yourself to say am i willing to go through cancer treatments with my pet. if you are that person, get pet insurance. >> you have to read the policy. my dad had two dogs and it saved them a ton of money. >> there are some pet insurance policies nowadays that pay up to 90% of your costs so you really want to do your research before you sink down the money and pay for it. >> like with yules, pre- existing conditions, does that affect whether you can get the policy? >> the company that jessica took out her policy with, yes, preconditions are not covered
5:38 am
but others do. you really need to do your research for this stuff. >> thanks, jess. still ahead, campaign 2012 news but this time it's from south america. >> plus, area pilots give dozens of dogs a second chance to find great loving homes. we'll be right back.
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welcome back. a chill out there. grab a jacket unless you like to be cold. it's in the 40s in many of the suburbs with patchy dense fog north and west. our day planner calling for sunshine early but the clouds are going to thicken up by midday. this afternoon there could be a shower or two, especially west and southwest of town. look for highs upper 60s to lower 70s. full seven-day forecast in five minutes. right now beverly with timesaver traffic. volume building out there howard but no big deals. beltway as you make your way through college park either on the inner loop to head down toward greenbelt and andrews on the outer loop past route 1 corridor, nice and light. building volume through silver spring on the outer loop of the
5:41 am
beltway. your next timesaver traffic at 5:49. back to you. i'm been copying through the day's daily deals, e-mails and retailer websites to find you deep discount. here are some of my favorites. need a new camera? sears is offering a fuji film fine pick 16 megapixel digital camera. it's going for $69.99. normally about 200 bucks so that's deep savings. it's available in red, blue and black. you're getting free shipping on this one. get your ride sparkling like now. $29 gets you an express mini detailing, 65% off at empire auto detailers in beltsville, maryland. you'll find this deal on gilt city. time to put the marigolds out in the front yard for the fall. you'll pay 50% less at merrifield garden center. pay $25 and get $50 to spend at multiple locations. the deal is good on groupon.
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if you have an offer you've seen or you're a local merchant with a deal for our viewers, i would love to hear from you on facebook. some area pilots took part in a huge rescue operation this weekend. >> they flew more than 300 dogs to safety. the dogs are from private shelters in north carolina and were scheduled to be euthanized but a group called pilots and paws got involved to make sure the animals got a second chance. >> we remember the joy samantha gave us. because of the joy is a man ga gave us -- samantha gave us, we know every dog we budget in the airplane will do this for something else. the-- >> the dogs who landed here went to foster homes in northern virginia. pilots and paws estimates it's rescued 12,000 animals a year. oh so cute. >> look at that face. >> he'll be in someone's home for sure. >> like in a minute. >> denver takes center stage in campaign 2012.
5:43 am
we have more on the preparations coming up. the search is on for the greatest pumpkin of them all. >> who's birthday is it when it comes to celebrities? former president jimmy carter is 88. julie andrews is 77. >> actor randy quaid saved the day in independence day is 62. he made us laugh in the hangover in the campaign actor z. galifinaakis is 43.
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good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. our time is 5:46. a chilly start to the week. a new start to a month. get us going, howard. >> we'll be dry this morning. some patchy fog out there. looking pretty out there in the
5:47 am
afternoons lately with the leaves turning colors. this afternoon maybe not as pretty with clouds rolling in and potentially a shower or two before the day is over of the here's your bus stop forecast. we have the patchy fog. i'm saying grab a jacket. low to mid-40s in the outer suburbs. we're sitting in the low to mid- 50s with sunrise not until 7:04. it's early november once we get into the daylight saving time. by lunch time mostly cloudy, 67. we're going to struggle to get to 72 for the high this afternoon with a 5:00 p.m. reading of 67. by then there could be a couple of showers around as winds turn toward the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. those southerly winds will keep us from dropping all that much. in fact, this evening we'll be in the mid-60s for the nats game. phillies in town trying to clinch the nl east. i don't expect temperatures to really drop all that much during the overnight. visibilities an issue. half mile to a mile from westminster down 27 toward the airport montgomery county.
5:48 am
hagerstown to martinsburg, quarter mile visibility. reduced visibilities in the mountains of west virginia. here in d.c., 5 to 10 mile visibility, no problem. with the fog the national weather service has issue add dense fog advisory from frederick, maryland to winchester, virginia north and west till 10:00. some of the visibilities a quarter mile or less. we had some showers yesterday afternoon and evening. this morning it's down in the virginia-north carolina border. heavier showers there coming up i-81, approaching lynchburg and roanoke and blacksburg this morning. that moisture will lift toward the north and east. some drier air in place. so only a spotty shower later this afternoon. better chance for us tonight into tuesday. mid-40s north and west. we're 54 in town. it's 54 in prince frederick. it was 48 from charlie in catlett. 50 in newland and 60 right on the bay. the water temperature of the chesapeake still rather mild. on our weather camera, good visibility under partly cloudy
5:49 am
skies. 54 at reagan national with a north wind at 5 and the dew point 49. there go the showers from yesterday afternoon and evening out into the atlantic but check this out. lots of rain coming out of the deep south into the tennessee valley now into southern virginia. looks like the bulk of this will be with us tomorrow so tonight and later this afternoon a few showers roll in. tomorrow as this is on top of us, that's when we'll have waves of showers, some thunder possible. maybe a couple of heavy downpours as well. 72 this afternoon. 50s and 60s tonight as opposed to 40s and 50s this morning. a warmer day tomorrow, around 80. even warmer wednesday with partly sunny skies and isolated shower. we could be low to mid-80s on wednesday afternoon. still looks pretty nice thursday and friday, upper 70s to around 80. a little front comes through saturday, temperatures in the mid-70s. it's 5:49. monika is off but we've got beverly farmer watching the traffic for us. we had fire rescue and police responding to an accident reported to be on northbound 270 close to the
5:50 am
interchange with 109 in hyattstown. northbound on 270 checking for the crash. could see activity along the right side of the camera underneath the sign. southbound slows to look and looks like the flashing lights southbound on the left side was some of the response from the southbound side. so early delays out of urbana past this incident although the accident is actually on the northbound side of 270. northbound 95 still slow volume delays from stafford regional airport to get past quantico. then the slowdowns 95 virginia as you make your way past the prince william parkway. pace good into springfield on to 395 where all your lanes are open. 66 slowest ride in manassas, centreville. just forming volume there. inside the beltway looks good to get through falls church. issue on piney branch road in northwest impacts finally branch near blair road. tree and wires down there. your next timesaver traffic at 6:00. back to you. >> thanks, beverly. making news now at 5:50, the cleanup is under way in
5:51 am
tokyo. a tycoon hit last night. it's blamed for at least one death and 150 injuries. it shut down train travel and forced airlines to cancel more than 600 flights. what was cubbed carmageddon two is over in los angeles. crews shut down a ten-mile stretch of the 405 friday for a bridge demolition project. l.a.'s mayor thanked the drivers for heeding the warning to ascroid the -- avoid the area and the freeway. it reopened ahead of schedule overnight. venezuela is holding its presidential election in six days. while most polls show the incumbent hugo chavez in the lead they also show the opposition candidate is gaining on chavez. a crowd of possibly 100,000 people rallied in support of the challenger yesterday in came rack cuss. the focus of campaign 2012 turns to denver this week, the site of first presidential debate. mitt romney plans to campaign there tonight. >> he'll debate president obama three times in the coming weeks and there will also be one vice
5:52 am
presidential debate, this as a new presidential poll out this morning has the president with a 51% to 44% lead over governor romney. susan mcginnis has more. >> reporter: more than 11,000 people packed a high school in las vegas sunday night to listen to president obama. >> with' win nevada again -- we'll win nevada again. >> reporter: it was the president's last scheduled appearance before the first presidential debate on wednesday. >> governor romney, he's a good debater. i'm just okay. >> reporter: romney fit in another rehearsal after church in boston on sunday. he's been practicing since june. his running mate paul ryan says this will not be a defining moment. >> i don't think one event is going to make or break this campaign. >> reporter: but apparently not everyone got the memo to downplay expectations. >> thursday morning you're all going to be scraffing your heads saying -- scratching your heads saying wow, we have a barn burner the next 30 days. >> reporter: the last -- the
5:53 am
debate will focus on the economy. in an op-ed, romney has said the president has shown weakness in the middle east. he says president obama has heightened the prospect of conflict and instability. he does not understand that an american policy that lacks resolve can provoke aggression and encourage disorder. white house aides say the president is looking forward to debating foreign policy with mitt romney. >> this president promise add few things in 2008. wee end the iraq war. he did. wee take the fight to al qaeda and degrade them. he has. >> reporter: romney is said to be planning a major foreign policy speech to be delivered in the next few weeks. it's 5:53. let's take another look at the question of the day. according to parents magazine, dads are much faster than mom at doing one of these things. is it a, changing diapers, b, making school lunches, or c,
5:54 am
putting a newborn to sleep? >> here's a look at a response you posted on the wusa9 facebook fan page. hard one but i'll go with c. my us brand was good at that and still is but with our 120-pound dog, i'll find them often on the coach snoring together. >> very cute. >> i like that. >> log on to our facebook fan page. we'd love to hear what you think. we'll have the answer in about an hour. a new movie wins big time at the box office this weekend. jess, over to you. >> ladies, do you think you have what it takes to start a company? coming up two women who did just that after meeting on a soccer field. the secrets of their success. you're watching 9news now. ♪
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welcome back. 5:57. your weather first. we've got a chill in the air this morning. lots of 40s in the suburbs, even patchy fog in the shenandoah valley and north of town. we'll go throughout the morning hours. more sun north, clouds increasing from the south. by lunch time mid- to upper 60s. this afternoon becoming mostly cloudy. we could see a stray shower or to, especially south and west of washington. this weekend's box office results were a surprise for industry analysts. the animated film hotel transylvania obliterated the competition grossing $43 million in its debut weekend in
5:58 am
theaters. it's the biggest debut ever for sony pictures animation. it features adam sandler as the voice of dracula. the action film looper starring bruce willis debuted in second place. the cop drama the third. trouble with the curve and the house at the end ever the street round out the top five. hole wane not too far away -- halloween not too far away. less than a month. because the search is on for the world's greatest pumpkin, the great pumpkin farm in upstate new york weighed entries this weekend with a $5,000 prize at stake. >> you have to have the right seeds and a lot -- we start in april and it goes right through. we literally cut this thing off last night. it's a lot of water, a lot of fertilizer, probably about an hour's work of watering every day. fertilizing twice, three times a week. >> i'm really proud of my
5:59 am
pumpkin. every year we go home and carve it into a jack-o'-lantern. i'm proud to have it here. >> the first place pumpkin weighed 1500 pounds, just 2 pounds heavier than the second place finisher. another fair in massachusetts, they claim a rhode island man produced the first pumpkin ever to weigh more than one ton. leaders of the topsfield fair say the huge pumpkin tipped the scales at 2009 pounds. a lot of pie. thank you for watching 9news now at 6:00 a.m. i'm andrea roane. i'm mike hydeck. monika is off today. beverly farmer will have timesaver traffic in a moment. >> right now howard bernstein has our weather first for the first day of october. >> a chilly start to the month. down to the low to mid-40s in many areas. nice and crisp out there of the got some rain on the way. it's going to bring warmer temperatures also. this morning reagan national clear and 55. we'll be 67 by noon. the skies partly to mostly cloudy. we could get into a shower or th


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