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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 6, 2012 9:00am-10:30am EDT

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in here to be honest. >> you're in a climate controlled studio, richard. not all that hard to manage just yet but yes indeed some much colder air is on the way. temperatures to get your weekend started are delightfully mild. what a beautiful, bright blue sky over washington this morning. still 67 in town. 64 in martinsburg, west virginia. 70 solomon's island and 66 at the naval academy. there are one or two lonesome showers to the north and northwest of winchester. those are headed generally northeast bound so you folks out toward hagerstown and into southern parts of south central pennsylvania be on the lookout for a couple little drops. as you can see here the cold front which is coming through today doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. a widely broken line of light showers there. so a couple showers out to the west of 81 here this morning and really even though there is a scattered shower chance around town today the vast majority of your saturday will be rain free. but once the front goes by temperatures are really going to start to take a tumble. virginia tech the hokies on the road in chapel hill taking on
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the tar heels today. summer lingers down and across the tar heel state. 80 degrees at kickoff, at 12:30 this afternoon. more of your college football forecast coming up. back to you. >> thanks. later today a massive demonstrations expected in maryland in support of the dream act. hundreds are set to march in support of the law which would help undocumented immigrants afford higher education. news 4's derrick ward is live at langley park where the rally is going to begin and has more on today's none administration. >> reporter: good morning. i'm going to borrow from the words of john lennon. you may see they are dreamers but they are not the only one. a thousand people plan to take part in a march today in the name of justice, dignity, and access to higher education. the maryland dream act provides in state tuition rates to maryland's immigrant children regardless of their immigration status provided they've been living in maryland for three years, attending high school in the state, paying taxes, and applying to a college registered for selective service, and also are planning to seek full
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citizenship. marches like this have been going on all over for the past several months but they feel it is important now to get the word out. there are 14 questions on the ballot here in prince george's county alone so a lot of people are vying for attention for the cause. they think this will definitely help. with me now is gustavo andretti the organizing director. tell me more about what this dream act means to folks here in maryland. >> it means everything. it means the opportunity to fulfill our dreams, fulfill higher education, be who we want to be. let it be known in this country that we are accepted. that we belong. and that if we live in maryland, we have lived here all of our lives, we have paid taxes in maryland. we deserve in state tuition just like everybody else. >> reporter: and briefly what does ituúnñgu? a marching band,
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attention and reasons to come out in support of this and register to vote to be on the ballot in november. we are live in langley park. back to you. >> thank you, derrick. new this morning virginia state police are expected to release the name of a trooper who was killed while directing traffic. the accident happened on route 30 near theme park way in hanover county. police say the trooper was directing traffic along route 30 as people left the state fair in kings dominion when an suv hit
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him. he was taken to a nearby hospital. >> one woman and four men were shot along north capital street along 9:00 last night. police are now trying to figure out if the victims were targeted or shot at random. we spoke to a woman who lives nearby. >> i'm kind of scared because it's in my neighborhood and i have my daughter i'm trying to get home and i'm worried. i want to just go to my house. >> we're told one victim is in critical condition and the other four are expected to make full recoveries. maryland authorities say a man who died after falling into a charles county lake didn't know how to swim. according to reports the 29-year-old man was fishing in trinity lake west of mechanicsville last evening. he fell into the lake and divers found his body two hours later. the man was a member of the local amish community and leaves behind a wife and child. three people have prince george's county firefighters to thank for saving their lives.
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this was about a fire that broke out yesterday morning at a ground level apartment on 85th avenue in new carrollton. firefighters had to use a ladder to rescue people from the upper level apartment. that included a four-month-old baby. no one was hurt but the fire caused about $20,000 worth of damages because they're still trying to figure out exactly what started the fire. now to an update on the outbreak of meningitis. there are now 50 reported cases of the virus in seven different states including maryland and virginia. the death toll stands at five right now. one person has died in virginia and another in maryland. health officials are working to try and contact thousands of patients who received a steroid shot for back pain. the contaminated steroid appears to have come from a pharmacy in massachusetts. this type of meningitis is not contagious. starting today metro riders can see some controversial ads at several stations. the ads from the american freedom defensive initiative suggest radical savages. metro tried to delay the move
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amid the deadly protests in the middle east but a judge ruled yesterday saying metro must comply by monday night. these ads will be displayed at the georgia avenue, u street, takoma park, and glen mont stations. people in fairfax county now have more time to pay their personal property taxes. annual car tax payments were actually due last night by midnight but the website that accepts the payments kept crashing. officials say they fixed the problem and pushed the deadline back to midnight tonight. to pay your car tax online head over to fairfax this weekend is a bargain hunter's dream. virginia is holding its sixth annual tax free holiday on certain appliances. there are some restrictions. the appliances must be under $2500 and they must have the energy star or water sense label. the event is going to run through monday. for a complete list of items that qualify as tax free, just head on over to our website nbc and search tax holiday.
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this weekend d.c. foodies will be able to take part in two major food festivals. first taste of d.c. kicks off today. more than 50 restaurants are taking part in the festival on pennsylvania avenue. this is between the white house and the capitol. ben's chile bowl also hosts its second annual world chile eating championship. as a precaution please shut down several roads surrounding the event. admission is $10. all restaurants have at least one taste menu item for $3 or less which is nice. today also marks the 23rd annual taste of bethesda. more than 60 restaurants are taking part in the event in woodmont triangle. admission is free. taste tickets are sold on site in bundles of four tickets for $5. >> stuff your face today and tomorrow you'll be in a food coma and there is your weekend pretty much. >> we also want to point out that out in manassas they have the manassas festival. in virginia as well as clifton days so a lot of stuff going on all around. the time is 9:07.
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up next the football suspensions that could impact maryland's game against wake forest today. >> and see the controversial play that helped determine who the nationals would face in their first postseason game tomorrow. and run, ride, or walk. the challenge that can make -- help benefit people with disabilities. and reach out to us this morning also on facebook and twitter. search news 4 today. we'll be back right after this break. i approve this message. mitt romney: "i'm not in favor romney's being dishonest here an independent, non-partisan liberals will raise taxes on the chairman of that so-called romney's former company. gingrich was there too. it's not independent. it's just not true.
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good morning! wow. want to start the day with something heart healthy and delicious? you're a talking bee... honey nut cheerios has whole grain oats that can help lower cholesterol. and it tastes good? sure does! right... ♪ wow. delicious, right? yeah. it's the honey, it makes it taste so...
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♪ well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy. in just two weeks you have the chance to join athletes and celebrities to help change lives. it's ant audi best buddies challenge. the walk, run, and bicycle ride helps create opportunities for those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. joining us to talk about the event and its mission is aaron thompson a best buddies ambassador and also the captain of team rosetta stone. thank you so much for joining us, ladies. >> thank you. >> i want to begin with you because i know one of the
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challenges is for companies all across the area to hire more people with special needs. when did rosetta stone decide to do this? >> three years ago because tet leone is honorary chair and he is on rosetta stone's board and introduced us to anthony shriver and came in and talked to tom adams who is our ceo, our chairman now. and talking about how we could help with dpsh-help people with learning disabilities and intellectual disabilities to connect with others and help them also find jobs and help our community and so it was a way that we decided to get involved and we did the event for the first time three years ago. and then we met erin. we hired erin a year later. >> that's what i wanted to ask. how did the two of you get together? and what has happened since then? >> i met erin at the first
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challenge that was here three years ago and erin was the speaker at the vice president's house the night before. and she came in when we had a job about six months later i think it was. and we posted the job and we worked with best buddies to find some candidates for the job and we met and she interviewed. i don't know if she wants to talk about that. >> well it's proof that this challenge really serves also as a networking opportunity. erin, my next question is for you. how has best buddies made a difference in your life? >> it has made a big difference. i have made so many friends and one-to-one friendships. >> what is your favorite part about the job? >> it's about raising money and having a lot of fun. >> but it's also a lot of work because not only are you working but working out. you told me about participating
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in the best buddies challenge coming up on october 20th. are you going to be cycling, running, walking? >> doing the 5-k walk. >> wow. tell me how you're training for that. >> kind of like walking and being all prepared and it will be a lot of fun. >> there will be a ton of big names there and mikaela maybe you can talk about that. >> we have anthony shriver, maria shriver, ted leone and carl lewis has been there all three years. sugar ray is singing. and so it's an exciting time. it is a great opportunity to get everyone together and we're all working for one mission to raise money. and at the same time we're also getting to work out and we have team building and it's a lot of fun. >> sound like a win-win deal all around. we know our own celebrity doreen gentzler is going to be joining as well right?
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>> yes. >> you mentioned sugar ray. are you excited about this party? >> i am so excited yes. i'm already all pumped up. >> practicing dance moves right? >> yes. >> you guys are going to be rocking it at best buddies challenge. more information for viewers? >> best find out, you can post, you can sign up and join us because there's still time to do that. you can ride, run, or walk. you can do the hundred miles if you have it in you. and you can also donate. that would be great. it would help us with programs like best buddies to have people like erin join our company. it's a wonderful thing. >> mikaela, erin, thanks so much for joining us. now over to richard. coming up next home from war. how a little girl reacted when she saw her soldier mom for the first time in months. and don't let the sunny morning fool you. we've got some big changes moving in. chuck bell is back after the
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sometimes it can be a challenge to find stuff to do that won't break the bank. >> today is columbia heights day. there is going to be lots of music, food trucks, kids zone, plus more. it is at the harriet tubman elementary field. also happening today in college park is a tennis play day. it's at the tennis center at college park and is a celebration in honor of nickleodeon's worldwide day of play. the tennis activities and games are for kids ages 5 to 10. there is also germantown oktoberfest at the high point farm in clarksburg. that's from 9:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. and tomorrow now it's the last day for oktoberfest in reston. it's at the reston town center from noon to 8:00 p.m. now enjoy your weekend. >> i was there last night. people were definitely filling
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the beer garden. >> oh, really. imagine that. >> it was rocking. i was leaving the movie and i was like darn it i have to go work tomorrow morning but it was good times. a lot of people expecting to go outside. there are so many festivals and the taste of d.c. going on. >> many, many things to do. if you're going to taste of d.c. today is the day to eat the cool treats and tomorrow is when you go for the two alarm chile. >> oh, man. >> much better weather for chile eating tomorrow than today. today is the perfect day for a nice cold cut sandwich or something like that. beautiful weather. temperatures today probably not into the 80s like we have for the last three days in a row. but nonetheless temperatures will be warmer than average and we'll put well into the mid 70s, upper 70s for a lucky few today and you folks down south in fredericksburg and stafford there might be one or two neighborhoods that make it all the way up to 80 degrees today but most of us will fall short of the 80-degree mark. 67 now at national airport. winds are out of the south averaging 8 miles per hour. winds will remain south and southwesterly here through at
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least the front half of the day. cold front coming through this afternoon will turn that wind around to the northwest and you'll totally notice when the front goes by your house. 64 in martinsburg now. 65 in charlotte hall, maryland. 66 for you folks down in the burg. fredericksburg. it's 66 in gaithersburg, maryland. there's your saturday planner. there are a few showers way out to the west right now. show you those on radar in just a second and there as risk of a quick passing shower as the front goes by during the afternoon today. most of your day will be dry. wouldn't cancel any plans. there are a couple light sprinkles up here in the panhandle of west virginia headed up toward hagerstown. most of those are going northeast bound and there is not a whole lot else out there. as i widen the view the weather front is stretching all the way from the great lakes down into the middle mississippi river valley but the air mass in place is very dry. so a lot of the rain drops are getting eaten up as they come east of the mountains. so, yes, there is a chance for a few showers today but it will not be heavy or long lasting rain chances. temperatures 60s to near 70 ahead of the front.
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42 degrees right now in columbus, ohio. that is the air mass coming our way for tomorrow. so passing showers off and on through the day today as the weather front goes gliding on by. should be through by aaround the time the sun goes down tonight. skies will clear briefly but more clouds come rushing back in first thing tomorrow and tomorrow is going to be way colder than today. much colder indeed. cloudy skies and a chance for off and on scattered showers through much of the day before high pressure builds in and keeps us in the middle of an october chill for much of the next two t three days. so today sunshine now but becoming mostly cloudy. a scattered, quick moving shower or two is it. today's the last of the warm days. highs mid to upper 70s. then tomorrow cold and wet. two words you probably weren't expecting to hear after a day like today. highs tomorrow struggling to get back into the low 50s around town. 55 our high tomorrow. that might occur before the sun is even up. the rest of the seven day there temperatures staying noticeably cooler than average through at
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least tuesday. in newport news today, 73 degrees. a quick chance for a shower there. the richmond spiders on the road in philadelphia taking on the wildcats of villanova. 69 degrees. a 6:00 kickoff tonight. it'll be breezy up there in philly and turning a little cooler as well. more football coming up. >> thanks, chuck. wake forest is set to play maryland today in college park and they'll face the terps without four of its top starters. the school suspended six players because they violated team rules. the suspended players include the team's second leading rusher and its leading tackler as well. the school has not given details as to what rules those players violated but turning now to major league baseball, the orioles on the next round and the nets, angie, the nats are packing their bags for st. louis. >> carol maloney has the details in this morning's sports minute. >> good saturday morning everyone.
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i'm carol maloney and your sports minute starts with the nationals finding out who they're playing. the cardinals and braves game, first wild card game in major league baseball history. neither team wanting to go home. the cards go up 4-2. wild play here bottom 8. simmons flies out to shallow left but the cardinals miss it. umps call it an infield fly rule. simmons ruled out. atlanta fans are furious with this call. a 19-minute delay to clean up the bottles. the cardinals hold on and win, 9-6. that means the nationals will be traveling to st. louis. here's the schedule. so far the first two games are at busch stadium and both are day games. the first one should tip off right in the middle of the redskins' third quarter tomorrow. nats finally back at home on wednesday. the home game start times are still to be determined. al wild card game, orioles visiting the rangers. first playoff game for the birds
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in 15 years and the os came to play. putting out five runs against texas and it's closing time for jim johnson. gets david murphy to fly out and the orioles win it, 5-1. they move on to the american league division series where they will host the yankees tomorrow. college football note for you. terps hosting wake forest in college park at 3:30 today. and that is your sports minute. i'm carol maloney. i hope your saturday is a good one. >> thanks, carol. turns out michael phelps is not just king of the pool but he is also not too bad on the links either. check this out. the champion swimmer was competing in the pro-am golf tournament scotland when he sank that 50-yarder. that is longer than the pool he usually swims in. in fact he might now hold the record for the longest televised pike to be made. >> just what he needs. another record. right now hundreds of people are running with the wounded warriors. the 5-k race raises money for
9:26 am
the wounded warrior transitional housing project. the proceeds will be used to build traditional homes for wounded warriors in the vincent hall retirement community in mclean, virginia. today's race started at 8:00 a.m. at mclean square but that is along old dominion drive. one service member got to give her daughter a surprise after coming home from afghanistan. every year little brooklyn would pick pumpkins with her mom sergeant first class catherine corsin. she was deployed to afghanistan earlier this year but was released earlier than expected and surprised brooklyn at the end of the hay bale maze. >> what are you doing? look at me. let me see your face. >> you can see brooklyn refuses to let go of her mom after getting surprised. the two then continued their annual tradition of picking out some pumpkins for halloween and i think the picture says it all.
9:27 am
no words are needed. no faces needed either. >> well i bet there will be a lot at home. >> very sweet. >> the time is 9:26. next, safety concerns over honda minivans and suvs. and why the pain at the pump just got a little worse for those that live out west. how a maryland school is not letting its location stop it from giving students a chance at a unique learning experience. we'll have that coming up. let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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good morning everyone. welcome to news 4 today. i'm angie goff. >> i'm richard jordan. it is saturday, october 6th. time to get a check on ur forecast. >> that is why meteorologist chuck bell is standing by. surprised me out there. you're out in the elements. >> absolutely right. a beautiful morning to be
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outside. today short sleeve weather for sure. if you're going to spend any time outside today shorts and t-shirts is all you'll need though we won't be in the 80s like the last couple days. it is still going to be awfully nice to be in the great outdoors today. plenty of sunshine coming through the sky here in northwest washington. current temperature right here at the station at 68 degrees already. 67 downtown at the airport. 70 degrees in calvert county, maryland this morning. 70 degrees also in diehl and shady side. 64 now in bristow, virginia. rap hannah county temperatures in the low 60s. mid 60s in the panhandle of west virginia with a couple light rain showers now moving toward hagerstown and northern frederick county so a couple showers out to the west here through this morning and there may be a quick little passing shower coming through the metro area this afternoon. not looking for a lot of rain and whatever we get won't last long but it will be mild today. temperatures mid to upper 70s. tomorrow's highs only in the low 50s. the cavaliers are on the road taking on the duke blue devils in durham today. the 3:00 kickoff sunny, warm, 83
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degrees there. and the terpins are at home in college park taking on the demon deacons of wake forest. 71 degrees for a kickoff temperature and a slight little chance for a shower. but no big deal. weather will not be the problem at the maryland game today. >> let's see, chuck, if you're going to be out there tomorrow. have a feeling you'll wrangle your way out of that. >> there might be a protest. >> we're in negotiations. >> thanks. we'll see you later. the verdict in the trial of pope benedict's former butler is in. paulo gabriel was sentenced to 18 months behind bars for stealing church documents and leaking them to journalists. he faced up to four years in prison. the vatican court says the sentence was reduced because of a series of mitigating circumstances including that gabriel had no previous record. defense secretary leon panetta says u.s. officials are investigating the arrest of two men reportedly connected to the deadly embassy attack in libya.
9:33 am
the two tunisian men were arrested wednesday but it is unclear whether they are considered suspects. the u.s. ambassador to libya along with three other americans were killed in an attack on the embassy on september 11th. panetta says officials are still looking into whether the men were connected to al qaeda. the fbi says friendly fire is likely to blame for the death of a federal agent in arizona. nicholas ivy was killed and another agent injured in tuesday's shooting. police have arrested two men who could be connected to the incident. the agents were responding to an alarm that was going off near the arizona/mexico border when they came under fire. a chinese factory that produces iphones is shut down for now as thousands of workers have gone on strike. the employees at fox con factory are upset over increased quality control demands and being forced to work during a national holiday. a labor watch group says workers beat quality control inspectors after management ignored their complaints. this is the latest in a long line of problems at fox con factories.
9:34 am
last month 2,000 workers were involved in a giant brawl. safety investigators are looking into a possible recall of some honda minivans and suvs. the national highway transportation safety administration says they have received complaints about the honda odyssey and honda pilot for model years 2003 and 2004. the vehicles reportedly allow drivers to remove the key when the transmission is not in park. that could result in the car rolling away. the safety probe affects more than 500,000 cars. mechanics say soda and coffee could be to blame for the recent seat issues on american airlines. it's an issue called coking. over the years spilled drinks might have gummed up the locking pins that keep the seats in place. american is expected to be back at full service today. the airline was forced to cancel close to a hundred flights over the past two days because of the seats coming loose. new this morning the pain at the pump. it's getting worse by the hour on the west coast. right now regular gas is at more
9:35 am
than $5 a gallon. the average price per gallons up 36 cents in a week and 12 cents overnight. that's 67 cents more than drivers in california paid this time last year. there is also a gas shortage at some stations. >> still down from the fire in august. exxon mobil's facility in torrance suffering through power interruptions. it's tough to find gasoline because refinery production is taking a big drop. let's talk about us. gas prices across the east coast are inching higher near $4 a gallon. and we just checked. right now a gallon of regular in d.c. is as low as $3.86. that's five cents down from yesterday. filling up in maryland cost an average of $3.70. $3.60 in virginia and $3.87 in west virginia. new security rules take effect this weekend for new york students taking the s.a.t. or a.c.t. in the wake of a massive cheating scandal. students must present a photo i.d. before the test and their photo will appear on the test
9:36 am
admission ticket. last year 20 high school students were charged with hiring recent graduates to take the test in their place. thousands of anxious shoppers shut down a busy street in san francisco. they were lining up to shop at the unique low department store boasting low cost japanese fashions with a techie twist. shoppers can pose in front of digital mirrors which show the outfit in different colors. this is the company's fifth store in the u.s. the first one though on the west coast. i bet someone is already planning to buy her ticket out there. >> i just want to see the cool mirrors. do they conform to your body? i tried to look it up online and couldn't find it. next the choice some maryland educators are making to give students the extra edge. >> chose to come here because it had a bad reputation a. >> coming up how a school is overcoming the odds to help student make the grade. also ahead the dance craze that is going global.
9:37 am
the interest that has everyone into gum-gum style. you're watching news 4 today.
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in this weekend's box office preview nicole kidman plays a death row groupie trying to free john cusack from prison. she enlists the help of a journalist played by matthew mcconaughey who brings his kid brother along for the ride. the paper boy is red r. >> liam neeson's skills earned him a role in "taken 2." the former secret agent who rescued his daughter in the original now needs her help. criminals captured the spy and
9:41 am
his wife on vacation overseas "taken 2" is rated pg-13. >> the muscles respond to electricity. >> science class sparks a bad idea in this movie. he's a good student and devoted dog owner but when his pet pal sparky dies victor takes his home work to the next level and brings the dog back to life. franken-weenie is rated pg. i hear it's pretty good. the dance craze that has taken over seemingly the entire world. it's got more than 380 million views on youtube. people everywhere are busting a move to this catchy song. >> that's right. and some say cy is the next justin bieber. we'll take a closer look at the phenomenon. >> on july 15th the korean
9:42 am
rapper named sai uploaded a new music video on youtube and it has taken the world by storm in less than three months. ♪ >> it's had a huge successes specially on the billboard charts. it's number one on the digital charts. it's number one on the youtube charts. and it hit number 28 for the first time last week on our charts the top 40 main stream. >> reporter: though the song is sung in korean that doesn't stop people here from listening to it. sai's dance moves where he pretends to ride an imaginary horse is one of the reasons why high school kids love the video. >> i feel like everybody should go out and learn the dance because it's awesome and just catchy and everyone should just go. >> learn the dance and you'll have the time of your life. >> even shy tyler loves doing the dance. >> every time it comes on we are up and dancing and having a g time. by the time we're back on the air we're just, sorry guys. we've been dancing. it's always a good time. love it. >> reporter: not everyone thinks
9:43 am
this is the best song they've ever heard. some are even surprised a song sung in korean could be so popular here in america. >> i think it's a little ridiculous because we have so many people that are viewing it including children who are in school, children in high school. they're playing it popular on the radio stations and you can't understand anything they're saying. >> reporter: but these high school students say with the catchy beat and cool dance moves the language of the song doesn't matter when you're having fun. >> i actually have no clue what he is singing about. it's just catchy. i just go ahead and dance to it. >> you only need to know one phrase. you just get into it. >> reporter: as everyone keeps dancing the number of views on youtube will continue to climb. >> i don't know what they're saying either. >> having grown up in korea, it's just a very up and coming, affluent neighborhood where people shop and it is very hipster. >> okay. they ride horses everywhere? >> i think he actually stole
9:44 am
that from baliwood. give him credit. >> a quarter billion youtube hits. yikes. >> i know. can you do it? he's like the big daddy. >> how do you say sunny and nice in korean? >> i don't know. >> well we'll figure that out. >> we'll be right back.
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the time right now just three minutes from 9:50. we're creeping up on the 10:00 hour. >> loving it. >> things are turning. >> we can feel the end of the show coming very, very close now. the fact that it's beautiful and nice outside is making it even harder to stay at the office but, yes, good-looking day to get your weekend started. if you really enjoy the mild weather, this is it everybody. you need to get outside and enjoy it while you can because tomorrow i promise you we'll feel far more like the end of
9:48 am
november. as opposed to today which will feel like mid september. beautiful weather outside for you this morning. still plenty of sunshine getting through increasingly thick mid level cloud deck outside first thing this morning but still more than enough sunshine getting through to see your shadows. 67 now at national airport. temperatures on their way up. we should be about 70 degrees by 10:00 a.m. and keep on climbing on into the mid and upper 70s for highs in many spots today. 63 in hagerstown. there are rain drops in far northern and western maryland. show you those on radar in just a second but now temperatures already closing in on 70 in many neighborhoods and the light, southerly breeze. a mild day today. there is the little patch of rain showers near hagerstown right now. that is going northeast bound into southern parts of pennsylvania. it's a long and just ahead of the weather front which is promising the big cooldown for tomorrow but the air mass east of the mountains is very, very dry. so as the front is coming through it doesn't have a lot of moisture to work with. scattered shower chances remain
9:49 am
in the forecast but rainfall amounts will be very, very light if you get anything today. 70 in ocean city but 42 in columbus, ohio. that's where the cool transition is coming through. the front coming through the metro washington area today between 4:00 and 6:00. you'll know when it goes by. you actually feel the wind shift back around to the northwest and that'll start ushering in the much cooler weather. skies will be briefly clear tonight before another batch of clouds rolls in here tomorrow. little area of low pressure zipping along on the very speedy jet stream will wring out a couple showers here tomorrow. again, not a lot of rain but tomorrow not much if anything in the way of sunshine and temperatures struggling to get into the low 50s tomorrow. so a huge cooldown compared to today. for today no complaints. becoming cloudy. a quickly moving scattered shower or two is going to be it. the big story is that today we'll be in the mid to upper 70s. tomorrow's high temperatures upper 40s and low and mid 50s. so much colder tomorrow. if you're headed out to the
9:50 am
redskins game, start looking for the warm weather gear now because you'll need it. here is the all important seven-day forecast. upper 70s today. low to mid 50s at best tomorrow. and still staying shy of 60 degrees on monday. better weather by tuesday and wednesday. the nittany lions of penn state hosting the wildcats of northwestern in state college today. 60 degrees. a slight chance of some showers but no big weather problems. michigan is on the way to west lafayette, illinois taking on the boilermakers of purdue. 51 degrees. breezy and chilly there. the game right here on nbc tonight. notre dame. the hurricanes. in chicago at soldier field. 45 degrees. breezy and cold. i have to suspect that the weather may very well favor the irish over the tropical hurricanes. yes. >> i think everyone would agree with that. but the hurricanes are a good team. they can pull it out. all right. is your computer running slow do you think it might have a virus? >> before you pay a pricey computer shop some students in prince george's county might be
9:51 am
able to help. news 4's seth lemon is here live with the story. part of our education nation series. >> good morning. geeks, nerds, techies, whatever you call them they're good with computers. the tech savvy high schoolers are getting hands on training in a field that's known to pay very well. think of them as computer geeks. in training. >> i'll give you ten more seconds. >> these freshmen at fairmont heights high school are taking classes in the one-year-old i.t. academy. >> i've never had any class like this before so it shows me a new side of what we can do. >> reporter: students choose to focus on computer programming or engineering. >> tell me what is going on. >> reporter: the teacher and program coordinator colin white says the classes help them get professionally certified right now. >> they come into this room and i think it really energizes them for the rest of the day because they really feel they've done something. >> reporter: across the hall in the distribution center and
9:52 am
repair shop these same students work as technicians. >> all of the county's school computers come here first and the students are actually the ones that do the initial set up giving them real, valuable work experience. >> i chose to come here because it had a bad reputation. >> reporter: the high school sits just east of washington. >> it's not the safest neighborhood. >> reporter: there were security concerns at first about bringing costly electronics to the school. principal nicholson fought back and said the biggest misconception about her students is they have nothing to offer. >> they come here broken. they come here below reading. our job here is not just to teach them academics. our job here is to ignite curiosity. >> mr. white is igniting the flame. he is a computer teacher that starts his classes with an english lesson. >> we have a vocabulary quiz on friday. >> reporter: and he's already seen results. >> okay. >> well the i.t. academy plans to open its repair shop to the
9:53 am
community very soon and they even plan to replace those cracked iphone screens at a fraction of the cost and some of those phones will help mr. white take his kids to silicon valley. >> do you imagine how much these kids will save in the future? they can fix their own iphones and computers? >> yeah. they charge a bunch for those services. what you don't know will cost you. >> that'll translate into the real world quickly. >> yes. real dollars. >> all right. thank you very much. >> great report. well, this morning we're getting a look at what's inside the pages of kids post. here is eun yang. >> this week on kids post on tv an exhibit that teaches children about the news. how to find out which paw your dog likes to use. plus nature and technology and how the two can fuse. joining us once again is tracy grant of "the washington post" kids post. great to see you. let's start with an exhibit about the news and how you can use the news and art at the national gallery. >> this is very cool. shop with the news is a new exhibit at the national gallery. in sunday's kids post we not only introduce kids to some of
9:54 am
the amazing art that's in it. we explain to them how they can do it. for example this is a laurie abramson work that weaves together the "new york times" and the china times. it's really fascinating. the exhibit also includes this picasso. you can see where he uses le journal at the bottom. very recognizable. in sunday's kids post we tell kids how he -- and this is a paper mache piece. we tell kids how they can use the newspaper. kids post the comics, sports section, to create their own works of art just like those that they can see at the national gallery. >> very fun. next is your dog a lefty or righty? i didn't realize dogs could have a lefty or righty. >> i didn't either but it turns out unlike humans which are 90% right handed dogs are 50/50. and in tuesday's kids post we give you tips for how you can tell if your dog is lefty or a
9:55 am
south paw. for example if you put peanut butter on the dog's nose which paw does he reach for it with. what paw does he paw at the back door? and if your dog knows how to shake what paw does he shake with? you can figure out if your dog is a lefty or a righty. >> very cool. finally technology and nature and the two combined. >> the lowell school in northwest d.c. has done this amazing project where they -- the third graders learned about the trees that were on the grounds at the school and they recorded facts about the trees and now there are signs up at the trees. you go along with your cell phone, punch in a code, and you can take an audio tour of the trees on the campus at the lowell school. so it merges kids' love of technology, gets them outside, puts the two together, and it's open to the public as long as you go during nonschool hours. it's very fun and we talk about
9:56 am
it in tuesday's kids post. >> terrific educational experience. tracy, thanks so much. for fun family activities visit nbc or "the washington post".com and click on kids post. that is kids post on tv this week. i'm eun yang. >> we always learn something from kids post. >> i know. >> you said your dog is a righty. >> he always shakes with his right paw. >> i have to see what mine does. >> i bet everyone at home is getting peanut butter right now to see what happens. >> i love it. four minutes from the 10:00 hour. tysons corner is one of the most well known parts of town. >> coming up why it could soon be called something else. and the new rules in d.c. that will keep the spirits flowing just a bit longer. and the shocking stunt happening right now. you're watching news 4 today.
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enjoy the warm weather for now. we're getting ready for a dramatic drop in the next 24 hours. >> plus, the electrifying stunt that a daredevil is doing right now on this saturday morning. surrounded by electric current. >> he was buried alive. he does it all. >> all right. good morning. i'm richard jordan. >> i'm angie goff. thanks for joining us for news 4 today. it is saturday, october 6, 2012. a very pleasant start to our holiday weekend. >> that's right. but how is this holiday weekend going to finish? let's find out from meteorologist chuck bell. good morning everybody. the weekend is off to an absolutely beautiful start. a lot of activities going around. bike rides, old car shows, football games. anything and everything going on in the great outdoors today. we'll have very nice weather for it. there is a live view from our sky watcher camera here in high northwest washington looking out to the west. still plenty of blue skies out there. temperature now 69 at national airport. 74 at annapolis. 66 in inwood, west virginia.
10:01 am
66 in front royal, virginia. 68 down on the grounds of the campus of the university of virginia. here is your saturday planner. one or two quick little showers northern and western maryland here through this morning and only an isolated little shower chance around town today. rain chances really lower than 30% but just not completely zero so don't be completely shocked if you get hit by a quick little shower. that's it. tomorrow the reversal of fortunes no doubt. cold and chilly with showers tomorrow. so be ready for it. howard university kick off 1:00 this afternoon. only a quick little shower chance there. 76 degrees against the ratlers of florida a&m. bowie state university on the road in murfreesboro, north carolina. 75 degrees down in carolina and west virginia. hoping they don't need to score 70 points to win again this weeks against texas down in austin. >> chuck, thanks. here is a look at our top stories this morning. hundreds are expected to gather for a rally in support of
10:02 am
maryland's rematch. this is a live picture right now as people get ready for this demonstration. the rally goes from langley park to the university of maryland. a very pumped up crowd there. the dream act would help cut the cost of higher education for undocumented immigrants. it is on the november ballot for maryland voters to decide. critics say maryland's rematch would cost taxpayers too much to subsidize higher learning for undocumented immigrants. virginia state police are investigating an accident that killed one of their own. it happened along route 30 right outside kings dominion last night. police say the trooper was directing traffic for people leaving the state fair when an suv hit him. he was taken to a nearby hospital where he died. police will release the trooper's name later today. the washington nationals now know their division series opponents. the st. louis cardinals defeated the atlanta braves last night in the wild card game to advance to the next round. games one and two are in st. louis and then the series shifts back to d.c. for the rest of the best of five series. >> go nats.
10:03 am
some d.c. bars will be open late into the night this columbus day weekend. the d.c. alcohol beverage regulation administration gave permits to allow the bars to serve alcohol until 4:00 a.m. on monday. that is two hours later than usual. this is the first test of a new city policy allowing extended alcohol sales before holidays. and we found mixed reviews on the new policy. >> it's been a sleepy town. so anything to maybe spice up the night life. i think it helps businesses. i think it's a good thing. >> bad idea. >> why? >> because it's more drinking. more accidents. if you plan on going out sunday night keep in mind metro rail is only open until midnight. >> now to decision 2012 where president obama is taking the day off. the president is planning to spend today with his wife after they postpone celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary because of wednesday's debate.
10:04 am
he will be heading to california tomorrow for a campaign event there and mitt romney will be in the swing state of florida today scheduled to speak at a campaign event in orlando as he hopes to keep his post debate momentum going. government officials and economists are firing back after some republicans claimed yesterday's jobs numbers were manipulated. minutes after the jobs numbers came out former ge ceo jack welch said the government tweaked the numbers on purpose to help the president. the unemployment rate dropped to 7% to 8% from 8.1%. officials from the bureau of laib statistics say the numbers are almost impossible to manipulate. general electric is the minority share holder of nbc. a nail polish company with facilities in maryland is set to layoff more than a hundred people at the end of the year. simple colors owned by revlon is closing the beltsville facility and the company said it would be eliminating 250 jobs as part of a global reorganization.
10:05 am
good news for a metro rider this weekend. you don't have to deal with too much track work. crews will only be working on two lines. on the red line trains will single track between judiciary square and fort totten. on the orange line trains share a track between stadium armory and cheverly. the work continues on monday because of the holiday. everything should be back to normal tuesday morning. now to the future of metro and its new fleet of train cars. the transit agency released this video complete with l.e.d. screens and new safety features. they will replace some of the 1,000 series cars that have been in service since 1976. metro pledged to phase the cars out following the deadly crash in 2009 that killed nine people. the new cars should be ready to go next year. tysons corner is now just tysons. the name change is unofficial but with the new urban development and metro line county leaders just think it sounds better.
10:06 am
nbc 4's keith russell talked to some residents who aren't buying it. >> dropping the word corner from the name tysons corner. is that change for the namesake of change? >> i don't really see the point. it seems like a waste of time. and money, resources. >> instead of a name change they should think of getting more parks in place, trying to fix traffic issues. there is a lot more on the table than changing a name. >> the chairman of the fairfax county board of supervisors sees the change as a short-hand way of describing a big transformation. an area currently known for great shopping, being home in the future to 100,000 residents and 200,000 workers with four new metro silver line stations. >> no longer is it a little sleepy crossroads. it is more than a tysons corners shopping center. tysons is going to be an exciting downtown. it's going to be hip.
10:07 am
it's going to be modern. it's going to be a place where people are all ages are going to want to live, work, play. >> reporter: as always changes to any area with a long standing history and reputation have two schools of thought. those who feel they are the fabric of the community and desire to keep every stitch of that fabric in place. people come into the area and don't know tysons corner but it has been tysons corner forever. why clang it? no need. stupid. >> reporter: and those who for one reason or another don't have a connection strong enough to care. >> i'd be fine with it. doesn't change my day. >> reporter: the change is unofficial. just because the county refers to it as tysons doesn't mean they expect you to. the ability to see things in different ways, that is the name of the game. in fairfax county, keith russell, news 4. the time is 10:07. we've heard of people going above and beyond for their pets but we've got a story you have to see coming up with the dog that just could couldn't be separated from his owner.
10:08 am
and a response from starbucks after word got out that it's running low on a seasonal favorite. we're not just on the air. we're online. join us on facebook and twitter right now. just search news 4 today. we are back in a minute.
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take away his toys and he'll play with a stick. take away their bikes and they'll still find a way to get where they're going. but if take you away early childhood education... slash k-12 funding... and cut college aid for middle class families ... they won't go far. yet that's exactly what mitt romney wants to do... pay for a $250,000 tax break for multi-millionaires. if mitt romney wins, the middle class loses. priorities usa action is responsible for the content of this advertising. it prevents murder. that's how domestic violence advocates describe a unique facility for abuse victims. as jaqui bensen reports it's getting national attention. >> you have to go through the
10:11 am
court system. >> reporter: the serene face of 26-year-old anna valdez no longer shows the effects of the day in 2008 when her husband bludgeoned her with an 18-pound crucifix and slit her throat. he stopped only after being shot by police and is now facing life in prison. valdez now helps other women through the montgomery county family justice center. >> you have to find a babysitter, someone to drive you because you don't have a car, you know, places are too far away. >> all the services available in one place. >> reporter: video hearings are the latest tool used at the center. the facility located a block from the county courthouse in rockville helps domestic violence victims avoid potentially dangerous contact with their alleged assailant. >> now we can provide all the services necessary here at one location which is a safe and secure location that they certainly don't have to meet up with the potential abusers. >> reporter: since it opened in
10:12 am
2009, 4,000 victims mostly women have made use of the center's facilities. they can relax and fill out forms in a nonthreatening atmosphere. they can bring their children without having to find a sitter or leave them alone at what can be a scary, unsettling time. this is called the relaxing room. it's the pleasant place people can bring their kids and take a look at this. a beautifully decorated area for children with books and art work donated by local businesses. states attorney john mccarthy says one of the biggest hurdles for his office is letting domestic violence victims know that there have been changes in the law designed to help them. >> if you're forced to leave your job because you feel threatened and have those transitional periods where you are really worried about how i'm going to put food on my table and a roof over my kids' head you're eligible for unemployment benefits. >> the family justice center also provides resources on immigration and legal matters for domestic violence victims. in rockville, jackie bensen,
10:13 am
news 4. prince george's county firefighters are rolling out a breast cancer awareness effort this month. they'll be using an engine that's been outfitted with a special pink covering. this is awesome. they hope to call attention to the 250,000 people diagnosed with breast cancer each year. they'll hand out breast cancer information to anyone who asks about the pink fire truck. many firefighters will also wear pink gear to raise money in the fight against the disease. >> some of those firefighters wearing pink were actually at the fire last night. >> i know. i saw that in the pictures. >> great. >> very good for them. we're learning about a story of a man and his best friend. >> a dog slips out of his new york home last week and walks one and a half miles to the hospital so he can see his owner. john dolan was in the hospital for a few days and apparently his 7-year-old husky named zander couldn't handle the separation and walked to the hospital. an employee found him on the
10:14 am
street outside the building where dolan was being treated. >> i mean, he was either on his way to new jersey and stopped by the hospital because of the smells of the bacon and food from the cafeteria or he was coming to see me. i don't know. it's an incredible story. i didn't believe it either. you know, it's funny. right, big boy? huh? >> yeah. the dolans adopted zander from a shelter five years ago and nursed him back from starvation and said he has been like a son ever since. how did that dog know where the hospital was? >> maybe he lives five minutes from the hospital. >> a mile and a half. wouldn't take that long. a speedy dog could get there. but nonetheless. >> makes for a great story. >> absolutely right. dogs are clearly everybody's best friend. >> at least i think so. >> speaking of the weather story, a little confusing. >> i will bring clarity to your weekend forecast in two minutes. don't go away.
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talk about getting into the halloween spirit. this is the latest challenger for the world's largest pumpkin. ron wallace the owner of the giant gourd is set to take his pumpkin to the great pumpkin weigh off. it is in rhode island. last week wallace set the world record in massachusetts with the pumpkin weighing in at 2,009 pounds. he thinks this one tips the scales at 2300 pounds. >> all right. so for many it is a sign of fall, starbucks pumpkin spice latte. there are reports of a possible shortage this season. oh, no. "the wall street journal" says the drink is so popular it's causing stores to run out of the ingredients for the seasonal drink. some are complaining online about having to break the bad news to customers but starbucks officials say while supplies sometimes run low there is no pumpkin shortage or pumpkin spice shortage.
10:19 am
everybody just relax. >> i think this is a gimmick. trying to get people out there to go buy this. >> i would not want to tell a caffeine addict first thing in the morning we are out of your favorite latte. >> but the pumpkin spice flavor has become so popular. you can find it in a keurig. there are alternatives. >> good stuff. >> there certainly are. >> not the end of the world. >> today isn't the best pumpkin spice latte day because it is going to be warm again and it is harder to drink warm drinks in warm weather. but tomorrow all you starbucks be on the ready. tomorrow could be a rush on warm drinks because cold air is coming in and coming in fast. by this time tomorrow temperatures will be almost 20 degrees colder than it is right now. so outside as you look live from our city camera view, cars zipping up and down the george washington memorial parkway there just to the north side of the airport and then over the river we go. there's the u.s. capital building on the far side of the river. 69 degrees right now in washington. winds are fairly light still out of the south averaging less than
10:20 am
10 miles per hour. winds will remain out of the south and southwest ahead of the cold front. once the front goes by you will notice the change because the wind will turn back around to the northwest and could be quite gusty at times especially for you folks in the higher elevations north and west of town and right alongside the chesapeake bay. temperatures for now though climbing into the upper 60s and low 70s. not much rain left here on storm 4 doppler radar. a couple sprinkles in southern pennsylvania and there may be one or two more quick little short lived sprinkles ringed out as the front comes through later this afternoon. don't expect a lot of rain, five-minute little long shower is it. i wouldn't cancel any outdoor plans. temperatures in the upper 60s now here but low 40s back across parts of ohio. that's the cold air that's coming our way. the front itself may wring out a quick shower. that's it. most of our quick shower chances will be done by sun down. then overnight tonight clearing out briefly but clouds come right back rushing in tomorrow and a little area of energy in the jet stream may wring out
10:21 am
chilly, light rain showers tomorrow. temperatures struggling to get back into the low 50s for highs tomorrow. compared to mid and upper 70s today. so becoming cloudy. a quick little shower. that's it to worry about today. temperatures well up into the 70s. then for tomorrow temperatures struggling again to get into the low 50s with plenty of clouds and rain chances around. so redskins fans be ready to bundle up in fedex field tomorrow. there's the all important seven-day forecast. temperatures cooler than average sunday, monday, tuesday. now the three games we care most about. missouri at home taking on vanderbilt, the commodores. 47 degrees at 7:00 for the kickoff there. welcome to the s.e.c. missouri. then for carolina this is going to be good. down there at the stadium in columbia, south carolina also a 7:00 game. the dogs are coming over. the savannah river they're going down too. >> that's what the carolina fans have to say no doubt. and my beloved sooners still trying to put the pieces back
10:22 am
together after the k state kick down from a few weeks ago. on the road, the red raiders of texas tech out there in lubbock. breezy, freezing cold degrees. 48 degrees at 3:30 in the afternoon. it's going to be windy and cold down there. hopefully that -- >> some are still upset about this. >> very upset. every time we lose i take it very personal. >> thanks, chuck. up next the jolting ambitions of a celebrity daredevil. >> stay with us everyone. you're watching news 4 today. [ female announcer ] pillsbury crescents on their own are wonderful
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today plenty of great college football up on the docket. wake forest travels to college park to play the terps. it is another game between service academies at navy taking on air force. virginia heads out to tobacco road to play duke. virginia tech will be nearby taking on north carolina. howard welcomes florida a&m university and bowie state travels to north carolina to battle chowan university.
10:26 am
>> all right. well daredevil david blain is in the middle of his most electrifying stunt yet. the stuntman is currently standing in the middle of a million volts of electric current at new york's pier 54. blain started this stunt yesterday and will go for the next two days. spectators can type messages to blain and actually control the electricity around him. this stunt is also being streamed on youtube. in the past blain has been buried alive and encased in a giant block of ice. >> looks like he's being tas ii. the next bond film will be out soon and daniel craig will be hosting tonight's saturday night live. he loosened up his comedy muscles thursday night on late night with jimmy fallon.
10:27 am
he says he is having a good time but will probably stick with action films. >> a huge amount of stuff i don't really understand. i look for good funny scripts and they don't exist. it is kind of a collaborative effort to make it good so i'll leave it to the people who know what they're doing. >> the bond movie franchise will also celebrate its 50th anniversary this week. the next installment sky fall opens november 9th and you can see daniel craig tonight on snl on nbc after news 4 at 11:00. >> i like adele's new song. >> the new bond girl. coming up next is "inside the redskins." >> we'll be back tomorrow morning starting at 6:00. until then have a great saturday.
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