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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 8, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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good morn, everyone, welcome to news 4 midday. i'm barbara harrison. >> i'm keith russell. it's monday, october 8, 2012. a man has died after being shot several times by montgomery county police during a standoff. the incident started around 3:00 this morning. police shot the man several times with his girlfriend and three kids looking on. news 4 megan mcgrath has more. >> reporter: there was some pretty tense moments in the silver spring neighborhood this morning. it all began with a 911 call. a 22-year-old man armed with a gun told the dispatcher he
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wanted police to shoot him. in the end, that's exactly what happened. police say they opened fire after the man confronted them with a handgun. a woman and three children could be seen through the window of an ambulance, seeking shelter following their early morning ordeal. they appeared shaken but not hurt. also startled, neighbors who awoke to the sound of gunfire. >> i was laying in bed and we heard -- sounded like seven shots. we heard an officer yell for him to get on the ground. we ran upstairs and started looking out front and it looked like the whole police department was outside. >> reporter: it all began about 3:15 this morn. police got a disturbing call from a 22-year-old man. >> who started stating that he was armed. he wanted to kill himself or wanted to die. and he wanted the police to kill him. we began talking with him and also trying to determine where he might be. >> reporter: police tracked the man to this home on woodland
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drive in silver spring. inside the house, his 23-year-old girlfriend and the three children she was looking after. >> we told the girlfriend, who's an adult female, keep the door locked, stay away from the basement door, and don't let him in. >> reporter: as police negotiated with the man in the backyard, they safely ushered the woman and the kid out the front of the home. but things took a violent turn about an hour later when the man allegedly moved toward police with a gun in his hand. police fired, striking him several times. he later died at the hospital. now, did the man come to this home to hurt his girlfriend? well, that's unclear. police say it's all a part of the investigation. in silver spring, megan mcgrath, news 4. this morning, a man is recovering after being shot by police in belatensburg. officers were called to the 55th avenue area around 7:00 last night to talk to a woman who reported being threatened. shortly after police got to the scene, an officer says a man
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with a knife approached him outside. >> fronted the suspect, gave him several verbal commands and ordered him to drop the knife. the suspect refused. in fact, advanced on the officer. the officer, fearing for his life, fired his issued firearm and struck the suspect. >> reporter: police say the suspect suffered nonlife threatening injuries. at last check, he was in stable condition. police are looking into the death of a man whose body was found on the doorstep of a home in northern virginia. police were called to the 5400 block of broad moore street in the alexandria section fairfax county early sunday morning. they found the body of the 30-year-old. police say he had trauma to his upper body. sources tell news 4 the victim appeared to have a wound to his head. police believe the victim knew the killer. they do not believe there is any threat to the community. >> in just a few hours, you'll see new controversial ads at metro stations promoting israel.
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the transit agency initially refused to post the ads but a judge forced metro to install the ads by 5:00 p.m. today. we are live at the u street station in northwest washington. tony, what makes these ads so controversial? >> reporter: well, i got to tell you, it's the message. matter of fact, there are no pictures on the poster. matter of fact, its message is shorter than a paragraph. those few words are causing quite the outrage among metro pass passengers. >> seems pretty zionist. >> reporter: its message, powerful enough to cause many riders and residents of the district to speak out against it. >> everyone has an opinion. don't have to agree with it. and i don't. >> reporter: pamela gellar, executive director of the american freedom defense initiative, is the voice behind the ad, telling jt online that it's accurate, also adding that the acts jihad are savage. >> this country is built on the first amendment so, you know, if
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you want to put it up, put it up. >> reporter: this judge sided with the american freedom law center recently after it filed suit against washington metro transit because they rekwefrted a delay in putting the posters up. >> i mean, i don't thing it's speech if they're try to advertise. >> reporter: today, those posters will be put up at the u street metro station as well as stations at tacoma park and glen mount. she already has successfully placed the posters on trains in new york city and buses in san francisco. most posters have not gone up yet. we have not gotten a time line as to when they will go up yet. live at the u street metro station, tony tall, tal, news 4. meteorologist veronica
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johnson is in for tom kierein and joins us. >> still a little chilly. well, it's going to stay chilly today, guys. i'm sure you've noticed all the clouds we've got across the area. a few sprirnkles and light showers. it's going to be chilly. on top of that, it's going to be wet later today. we started out this morning in the 30s and 40s. it was our coldest start in more than five months. a look at the readings now. at 50 degrees. we're at 46. that was one of the spots that started out in the 30s. rockville and bethesda now at 46. it's 46 also around manassas. right now, we've got clouds across the area. that's some of the rain that's trying to fall. it's going to take a little while to saturate the air and get rid of all the dry conditions and see some of the moisture start to fall around here. i don't think we're going to
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have any heavy rain today. it will be on tap for not just the afternoon but right through the evening. this afternoon, 50 to of degrees. you'll need a jacket and umbrella. we'll have conditions coming up for tomorrow morning. cold start today so how low will it be tomorrow. >> thanks a lot. let's see if we had lighter traffic because of the holiday. >> what can you tell us? >> things are looking good out there right now. not a lot of interstate delays because of the holiday. smart problem in the outer loop. construction there causing just a slight delay. each direction if you're taking mass transit. all lines on a single schedule. same situation on the orange line now. single tracking between stadium armory and chevily. time to bring the heat to
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st. louis again. they took the first one this afternoon. a chance to go up two games to one in the best of five series. timer moore, the surprise hero in game one. he drove in the tying and winning runs. the nats beat the defending world champs 3-2. moore admits he had a lot of nerves flowing. >> coming off the bench, and then i -- you know, it's crazy, but i've been in that situation before and i was able to calm myself down and put the barrel on it. >> game two begins just after 4:30 this afternoon at busch stadium in st. louis. and we want you to show you nats pride. send those picks of you, yourself, your pets, your family, your friends. send the nats picks to >> and that ball is hit well to
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left. back to the track. to the wall. it's gone. >> fans might not be sending pictures after last night. the os fell to the yankees 7-2. the game started more than 2 1/2 hours late because of rain. the or or yell, the yankees, will square off at camden yards. they're hoping to learn how extensive the concussion is that he suffered over the weekend yesterday. rg3 got hurt on this play in the third quarter of the game. he remained down for several minutes and was wobbly as he got to his feet. he tweeted he's okay and hopes to play next week but he has to clear the concussion protocol before he can practice or play again. teammates say hits like that are part of the game. >> he's a tough kid. obviously, we just wish the best for him. he's very important.
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you know, that's the nfl. you have injuries. >> he's taken some hits this year but -- and every time you kind of hold your breath. but this time unfortunately he went down. i just hope he's okay for this week. >> as we said, rg3 must first clear the nfl's concussion protocol before he can practice or play again. today, governor martin o'malley is teaming up with baltimore ravens player brandon abijio to support same-sex marriage. last month, the linebacker made headlines when he appeared in a video by marylanders for marriage equality. maryland is one of three states with same sex marriage question on the ballot this november. it's 10 minutes after now. mitt romney is giving a foreign policy speech. what the candidate is expected to say. plus, the wedding video
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new this morning, venezuelan president chavez has been re-elected. he wins after a tight race. he told supporters late last night in car racas he would sit down with opposition leaders to work for a better venezuela. >> you're looking live at the virginia military institute in lexington. in less than 30 minutes, mitt romney will deliver a major foreign policy there. the speech called the mantle of leadership mark, his tenth address on foreign policy since the summer of 2011. according to early excerpts, he will criticize the president's passive leadership in the middle east by saying, quote, i know
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the president hopes for a safer, freer and more prosperous middle east allied with the united states. i share this hope but hope is not a strategy. we cannot support our friends and defeat our enemies in the middle east when the words are not backed up by deeds. romney is closing the gap in the latest poll according to the politico/george washington university poll. if the election were held today, 49% would vote for the president and 48% would vote for romney. today, he'll announce the establishment of the caesar chavez national monument. yesterday, the president spoke at a fund-raising concert. he poked a little fun at himself, at his recent debate performance. >> everybody here is incredible professionals. they just perform flawlessly night after night. i can't always say the same. >> tomorrow, the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio.
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>> after last week, there's a lot more riding on this thursday's vice presidential debate, that's for sure. vice president joe biden has taken a break from the campaign to prepare. biden has suggestled he wants to address the differences between himself and his republican counterpart. a week after president obama's lake laughter performance in his debate with mitt romney. kid rock is joining republican vice presidential candidate paul ryan on the campaign trail today. the singer is attending a rally tonight in rochester, michigan. this isn't the first time he's attended gop events. kid rock attended a fund-raising event in michigan in august. he was also at the republican national convention in tampa. it's not raining but it is still cloudy. >> right, it is still cloudy. the rain is still coming. temperatures today are going to be pretty low. so late fall chill, wet, damp.
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it might as well be yesterday, right? the weather is certainly getting our attention. that's for sure. we had our coolest start. our coldest start since april the 28th. started out at 45 degrees in d.c. other locations north and west started out in the 30s this morning. i wanted to start out by showing you the national temperatures. we're not the only ones dealing with this cold blast. 45 in chicago. minneapolis, minnesota, at 46. that cold air has made its way down to the south with texas and little rock. even atlanta, just 59. temperatures, many of the big cities running well below average. around here, some 15 to 20 degrees below average for d.c. 50 is our current temperature. east wind at 6 miles an hour. told you about the clouds and the rain coming.
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just really even though the radar looks busy, it's light showers and a few sprinkles. we'll see this fill in a lot more over the next hour to two hours. as the bigger rains move in. out of kentucky, out of tennessee, this rain will last for a while. through the afternoon and the evening hours. probably winding down tomorrow morning. i think it's going to hang around a little longer. high pressure is out now. we've got showers for today. what's bringing it, this area of low pressure is streaming right over us. down through the northern neck a little ways as well. then sunshine through the day tomorrow. wet for today. turning partly sunny tomorrow. should be milder tomorrow too. talking about highs today in the mid-50s. tomorrow, low 60s. on wednesday, high pressure yet again out ahead of this front.
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we'll probably have our warmest day out of the workweek getting into the 70s. it's umbrella and jacket weather. your high, just 50 to 56 degrees. for the evening, 42 to 49. chilly with rain likely for the evening. i'm not expecting anything too h heavy though. a quarter to half-inch of rain depending where you are. another cold start tomorrow. upper 30s to low 40s. 72, the high temperature on wednesday. again, our warmest day out of the workweek. we've got dry conditions coming up on thursday. dry conditions. some sunshine. and then as we look toward the next couple of days, the weekend should be milder. better than this past weekend. 65 to 72 degrees. certainly hoping for that. because it was a crummy weekend. tried to get to october fest in the cold and the showers.
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didn't even -- >> successful? >> unsuccessful. i went to two and neither was free. so we need better october fests. >> maybe better next weekend. >> you get us some better weather. >> let's head out to the roads, see how things are moving. >> any changes to report? >> it's columbus day. federal holiday. interstate's not dealing with any serious accidents now but we have a bit of a construction delay bon the outer loop of the parkway. traffic getting by to the right. causing a slight delay each direction. 395 looking fantastic heading north right now. duke street. no problems there. takes about 12 minutes to get from 495 to the bridge at 57 miles an hour. >> it's now 11:20. still ahead, the struggle of taking care of a love one with alzheimer's disease and the effort to find a way to treat thoses who are suffering.
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we have advice for yoga beginners and those with experience. >> first, here's a look at what's hot on let me tell you how i will create 12 million jobs
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when president obama couldn't. first, my energy independence policy means more than three million new jobs. many of them in manufacturing. my tax reform plan to lower rates for the middle class and for small business creates seven million more. and expanding trade, cracking down on china, and improving job training takes us to over 12 million new jobs. i'm mitt romney, and i approve this message.
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tell me, what comes to your mind when you hear the word yoga? well, you may think it's just seemingly impossible poses. here to change your mind is our guest with a yoga pose of the week. good morning. >> hi. >> first, introduce us to your guests. >> here, pregnant, almost nine months, lea. next to her is liz. >> lea and liz. so change our mind with this pose. explain it to us and tell us the purpose. >> okay. before they do it -- >> tell us what pose we're going to do.
11:25 am
>> triangle pose. the shapes of triangles in the pose which helps to lengthen the back and strengthen the legs and i improve the breath overall. >> let's show the pose. >> yeah, great. so lea is going to be doing this version of the pose which is called evolved triangle. as you see lea, you might be able to tell, with her side open, she can really release the back. motion into the legs. >> while we talk about the be y belly, you've mentioned that lea is nine months pregnant and do in less than a month. this is an exercise that women can do till they deliver. >> they can. especially poses like this. great for legs.
11:26 am
great for labor. >> how about liz? this can help the back? >> yeah. >> for those people who have chronic back problems. >> as we were talking, a lot issues of the back. a pose like the one liz is doing really opens up. you can see how low the back is and how long she can get there. people with low back pain and back problems should modify the pose. >> so this is the modified beginner's pose. >> even how you can modify the beginner's pose. liz is doing more advanced pose. she might just stop right there. you see how her angle is much higher up. she's getting this nice long line. so basically this is a great way to lengthen the back.
11:27 am
this opens up the back. >> so certainly multiple benefits in this triangle pose. we'll see you again next week with your pose. lea, good luck with the pregnancy. liz, thanks. coming up, a violent end to a wedding celebration. how the party got out of hand and how the bride even became a victim. plus, why one community is debating a complete ban of youth football.
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right now, mitt romney is at the virginia military institute in lexington to deliver a major foreign policy speech. the 30-minute address called the mantle of leadership is republican's tenth address on foreign policy since the summer of 2011. president obama is wrapping up his fund-raising trip in california. he's announcing the
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establishment of the caesar chavez national monument. tomorrow, the president will hit the campaign trail in ohio. also right now, crews are searching for a missing virginia teenager. from chopper 4, you can see the search crews gathering. searching for brian glen in fairfax help fairfax. the 17-year-old vanished last monday. surveillance video shows him buying doughnuts and walking into a parking lot that morning. this morning, police are trying to figure out what led to a brawl between two wedding parties at a philadelphia hotel. the fight ended with one man dead, several people injured and at least four people arrested. nbc's francis cohen reports. >> reporter: it was anything but bliss on this be wedding night in philadelphia. guests of two separate wedding parties duking it out. >> is was watching.
11:32 am
>> it was out of hand. >> reporter: that's the voice of 15-year-old max. a guest at the hotel. he witness the wild brawl and recorded it on his cell phone. >> yeah, they just started punching each other. >> reporter: police said 75 to 100 people were fighting. off certains say they were outnumbered and called for backup twice. investigators believe the melee r originally started between members of one wedding party. the situation went downhill from there. at one point, a bride is seen falling to the ground. several people are injured. one man believed to be the uncle of the bride died of a heart attack. a night of celebration that
11:33 am
disintegrated into chaos. right now, police in colorado hope a new clue can lead hem to a 10-year-old girl who hasn't been seen in three days. jessica left for school friday but never showed up. yesterday, search crews found her backpack and water bottle. police hope that children in that area may have seen her or come forward with information. tomorrow, a judge will sentence former penn state coach jerry sandusky. today, prosecutors and sandusky's lawyer will meet with the judge for presentencing hear. a jury convicted him of abusing children. his attorney says his client admits he made some bad decision but he says sandusky is innocent of all the charges. >> his mistake isn't bad judgment.
11:34 am
so he should have realized. but he has always maintained his innocence. >> the 68-year-old could receive life in prison. 2, 1. liftoff of the space x falcon 9 rocket. >> another privately owned rocket is in space. it's headed to the international space station with 1,000 pounds of cargo. you might remember a similar march back in may. it will stay there for three weeks before returning to earth. among the cargo delivered, chocolate and vanilla swirl ice cream. it's in the freezer actually.
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>> wow. i'm sure they'll be happy to get that. we'll check in with veronica. feel like some chocolate swirl ice cream? >> we certainly feel like we've been in the freezer. >> i would request hazelnut. send something different. but you're right, it is quite chilly out. we had a cold start. cold enough to let the ice cream sit for a while. clouds right now. any minute, i'm expecting the rain. i'm out here with a light jacket on. if you're out today for any long periods, you're going to need a nice warm jacket or a light coach. in the 40s now. 46, montgomery county. spots in and around shaw there and green belt. coming in at 47 degrees right now.
11:36 am
what we're getting is light scattered showers. later today, we're going to be turning it over to more showers. so just shy of gables, that's the best chance of rain. we'll continue to see the rain move through to the evening hours. it's going to stay chilly. just getting up to 56 for a high. that is it. >> i guess a lot of folks glad they're getting to stay home today. >> yeah, i would be. let's talk about folks who didn't get to stay home. the folks who are busy on those roadways. >> it's not too busy on the int interstate. we do have a problem between the legion bridge and gw parkway. causing a slight delay each way. all metro line trains on the weekend schedule. if you're taking a red line,
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single traffic between judiciary square. you will see delays between stadium armory and chevorily. >> nearly half of all children with autism have run away from home. the researchers found in most cases the kids were not confused by where they were. they typically ran off to find a place they enjoyed or avoid a situation that made them anxious. doctors say this makes sense given that autism patients often lack the social skills to effectively communicate their feelings or to know when it is appropriate to check in with parents. some parents and school board members across the country want to pull the plug on high school football programs. they feel sport is too dangerous. redskins fans saw how vileant football could be yesterday.
11:38 am
robert griffin iii suffered a could concussion. >> reporter: for many americans, the high school football season is the best part of the year. >> my favorite sport. >> reporter: that fun comes at too high a price, says new hampshire doctor paul butler, a retired physician. the father of three who now sits on the dover school board wants to shut down the high school football program for good. he believes the risk of concussions and long-term brain injuries to players is too high. >> i think it's bad to take this away. i think it's worst to continue. >> reporter: not surprisingly, a controversial call. >> i think it's overly radical. and it's not supported by medical evidence. >> reporter: the school board released a statement saying dr. butler's opinion is his own. and that the termination of the football program has not come before the board and is not on any agenda at this time.
11:39 am
still, parents were quick to speak out. >> the backing is there. you know. jim mcmain came out and said he's suffering from dementia. there's an issue. >> if you are going to look at sports in general, look at them all. you can't just pick football. >> reporter: concussions are serious, particularly in kids. >> the younger the brain is, the more vulnerable it is. >> reporter: symptoms are often subtle and easily missed. emergency room visits for sports related brain injuries including concussions have gone up 60% in ten years. and for boys, the rates are highest in football. >> from the nfl all the way down to pop warner youth football, unprecedented steps have been taken in the last several years to make the game safer. >> reporter: more than half of the states in america including new hampshire have concussion laws to protect student athletes. at eastern tech in maryland, players take brain function tests to determine if and when they can play after an injury.
11:40 am
>> it will tell me how severe my injury is. >> reporter: banning football altogether may be extreme but the proposal has triggered a passionate debate. nbc news, new york. the pharmacy at the center of a deadly meningitis outbreak has voluntarily recalled all its products. the nucleew england compounding center says the move is just a precaution. the center for disease control reports 91 cases of fungal meningitis in nine states connected to the massachusetts health facility. seven people have died including one person in maryland, another in the virginia. they were all treated with contaminated steroids for back pain. a breast cancer survivor says she had to undergo an embarrasseding patdown while going through airport security. she was trying to catch a flight in kansas city. she went through the body scan and was pulled aside for a
11:41 am
patdown. she has silicon breast implants and significant scar tissue. she says she explained that to the tsa agent. what happened next left her mortified. >> i was standing here with my arms in the air, somebody's feeling my chest, and everybody's looking at me wondering what does this woman have on her chest? >> detrick says the agent never offered her a private patdown. tsa released a statement saying sometimes it's necessary to do a physical patdown when the body scan detects something out of the norm. they say they try to make the process as minimally as invasive as possible while keeping passengers safe. the man behind one of the biggest fund-raising efforts is talking about his very public breakdown. jason russell is the creator of the charity invisible children and director of the kony 2012. both campaigns against guerrilla
11:42 am
leader joseph kony who is known for abducting children and forcing them into a militant movement. he was caught naked and pacing on a san diego street corner. this morning in a very candid "today" show, he says he was overwhelmed with the film's overnight success. >> my mind couldn't stop thinking about the future. i literally thought i was responsible for the future of humanity. there was a moment where i was not in control of my mind or my body. >> russell also told "today" he's hard at work on his next project. another movie. and a march here in washington on november 17th. he says at one point he just snapped but after prayer and treatment and yoga of all things he now feels he has it back together. >> it's great he has it back together. i don't know if it's still the same project for ugandan children. >> it's a movie that is the same
11:43 am
topic. not the same movie but the same topic. the time now, 11:42 right here on news 4 midday. a sitcom writer uses her talents to raise awareness about alzheimer's.
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are greeting cards seriously on the way out? you might have to go to the event instead of sending something? it looks like they could be a thing of the past. "the boston globe" reports hallmark is closing one of its greeting card plants in kansas. doing so reduces production by a third and cuts about 300 jobs. experts say more and more people are using social media to contact people for those big events. the markets are open today and stocks are starting the day lower. let's check in with cnbc's hampton pierson. he joins us live with more on that and the rest of the day's business headlines. >> we have u.s. markets trading lower. after a weak forecast on the asian economy. we've got the dow down about 43 points. the world bank is how the wioutw
11:47 am
forecast that says asia's economies won't grow as much as expected this year. and could worse be and last longer than expected. the world bank forecasts a 7.7% gdp for china this year. exports to asia have been one of the few bright spots for the sluggish u.s. economy. stock in united health group has been up nearly a dollar. on news the health insurer plans to spend about $4 billion on a major brazilian health services provider. walmart and american express are teaming up to provide shop earps with a reloadable prepaid card. it's an alternative to debit and checking accounts with no minimum balance. it allows for deposits by smart phone and mobile bill pay. bluebird will be available next week at more than 4,000 walmart
11:48 am
stores nationwide. tomorrow's the start of earnings season. american companies are expected to report a profit decline for the quarter that just ended. a closely watched survey of companies on the standard & poor's index says it could be the first overall decline in profits in 11 quarters. no news today from the government bond trading markets. they are closed for this columbus day holiday. keith, back over to you. >> hampton, happy columbus day to you. it's estimated as many as 5 million americans may have alzheimer's disease. the group's network is pushing to find a way to treat and prevent the disease by the year 2020. this television sitcom writer is one of the founders of the group. she join us to talk about a play on stage this week that will raise money for the cause. good to have you with us. >> thank you. >> tell us why this is an important issue for you, finding
11:49 am
a cure for alzheimer's. >> to me, i saw my mom who was a towering person. i mean, everyone thinks their mother is larger than life. i sure did. so my mother got -- was invited to kennedy's inaugural because he said she won the state of new jersey. i mean, she was phenomenal. i saw this towering lioness of a woman cascade downwards into the chasm of alzheimer's. >> it is a scary disease. you found a way to look at it a little differently. we know when you wrote for "designing women" and "family ties" you found a way to tackle some serious issues in a funny way. i mean, you talked about aids and abortion and race relations. in a comedy situation. >> there's nothing funnier than that. >> yeah, but those are serious issues. but how are you able to incorporate comedy into something as serious and as
11:50 am
upsetting as it was for you with alzheimer's? >> well, you can't -- i can't get through life without, you know, comic relief. without laughing at the absurdity. it's a tragedy but it's, you know, the insanity of life. and so i would watch my mom. at the beginning, she would end up -- she crawled into the showroom, the window at sak's fifth avenue in new york because she thought she saw her aunt there as would be of tne of the mannequins. >> there are some funny moments. and if you can laugh about them -- >> and she got it too at the beginning. you know. because if you -- if you don't laugh, you'll cry. >> that's true. >> my alternative is laughing, not laughing at, but laughing
11:51 am
with. and just the absurdity of life. >> well, you've got some pretty important people to read from your play. where will that be and when? >> it will be at the phillips collection in washington, d.c.ed on wednesday so anyone who wants to can go to surviving get tickets or see who it is. playing it will be diane rheem. mary lou henner from "taxi." and terry moran from "night line." >> all reading parts from the play. >> big guns, big guns. this is important to all of us. because for me it's a woman's issue. it becomes, you know -- 66% of those with alzheimer's are women. >> is that because we outlive men? because we live so long? >> somewhat. but not all.
11:52 am
and certainly 66% of caretakers which is 15 million are, you know, are women. more women. so it's -- as patty murray, a senator, said, this is the breast cancer of this decade. this is what we have to, you know, do something about. >> we got to be on your team. we got to get rid of it, find a way to cure it. i think that's great. all of us against alzheimer's. >> thank you so much for having us. and we need you. we need everyone in your audience. >> all right, thank you again for coming. i can't wait to hear some of the funny lines you write. still ahead, another day of food fun in d.c. plus, meteorologist veronica johnson will be back.
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chopper 4 is live over a serious accident in wheaton. as you can see here, it looks like a truck crashed into a tree. bringing the tree down on a van. now, we're working to learn if there are any injuries. the intersection is shut down and it looks like it will be shut down for a while. stay with news 4 and for updates throughout the afternoon on this breaking news story. we've got a happy ending to the search for a dog missing since an attack last week in northeast washington. murray is back home today after
11:56 am
the washington humane society found him yesterday. here are some pictures of him being reunited with his family. on friday, murray's owner was jogging with the dog when she was confronted by another jogger. murray slipped out of his collar and disappear as the man then apparently tried to sexually assault the owner. murray has a broken leg but is expected to be fine. today is the last day for foodies to get your grub on. to enjoy the taste of d.c., the event features 30 specialty beers. more than 50 of the district's best restaurants and food drugs. admission only $10. taste d.c. is from noon to 7:00 tonight. if you try to drive there, pennsylvania avenue will be shut down between 9th and 14 streets. the streets will reopen in time for your drive tomorrow. jay-sooe at a concert in new york city this weekend. jay-z
11:57 am
ja jay-z on the subway. they say he gotten the brooklyn bound train into barclays center where he performled the last of eight concerts there. pat lawson join us with a preview of things to come. >> good morning, barbara. of course washington's biggest football star rg3 is recovering from that big blow on sunday. we'll take a look at his status after he got knocked out of the game. lady gaga gets ill during a concert. what she had to say to fans on twitter afters incident. also coming up tonight, a consumer warning for parents potentially dangerous baby cribs and bedding are sold even though there are serious safety issues. it's a story that all parents should see. that's at 5:00. we're going to get a final check of our forecast. >> we showed the video of folks walking around.
11:58 am
if you're going out for a taste of d.c., you're going to need a nice warm jacket. 50 to 56. of course, don't forget the umbrella because it's wet weather come u. we'll fall from the 50s to the 40s by midnight. rain should be falling and another cold start to the day tomorrow so we'll start out in the 30s again. >> take that jacket, get some soup, get some chili, stay warm. >> we'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. midday. have a terrific day.
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