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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  October 16, 2012 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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ph.d. from yale. masters, johns hopkins. assistant professor, american university. adjunct professor, yale. dr. ruth hamilton allen. killed this morning in reston. she was 68 years old. it happened at her mother's house here on geddys course where they say a family meeting turned into a case of murder. police say the victim's brother, charles hamilton, shot and killed his sister dr. allen and they say their mother, 91-year-old marian hamilton was there. and that she was the one who called the police to the scene. charles hamilton transported away and later charged in the murder. dr. allen, they say, had come to the house on geddys court to discuss a family matter when she was shot. all of this police activity drew a number of neighbors to the scene. >> i've never heard of anything
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happening like this before in this area. it is a sad situation. >> reporter: now dr. allen lived a couple miles away in this reston home where friends and family stopped by throughout the day to offer condolences to her husband. >> ruth is a great neighbor. i mean, we've been here since '98. and really enjoyed being our neighbor. it is a shock to us that she was killed like that. >> reporter: dr. allen was active in the bahai faith. her fellow church members working on ceremony to help commemorate her life. live here in reston. i'm pat collins, news4. a critical night in the presidential campaign. president obama and mitt romney will face off for their second debate this evening. the president's performance in their first affair was widely panned. but mitt romney's campaign got a bump in the polls and some much needed momentum. nbc white house correspondent christen welker is at hofstra university with a look at what
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tonight might bring for both candidates and their campaigns. are you hearing anything about the strategy that both sides might employ tonight? >> reporter: good evening, jim. i think from president obama's perspective, he certainly feels as though he needs to deliver a more aggressive performance tonight. as you know, his first performance was seen as being lack luster. basically, a race in the momentum that he had built up over the summer so i think you will see him sort of challenging mitt romney a little more tonight. at the same time, he has to be careful to walk a fine line to challenge him without being rude. without crossing that line. so i think that's what you'll see from president obama when it comes to mitt romney, look, what he is doing is working. he softened some of his tones on some of the more controversial issues between the two candidates during that first debate. whether it be tax or abortion. so he will likely continue with that. that's what republican strategists are telling me. they say, look, his strategy is working so far. he is catching up in the polls.
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and the conservative branch of his party are quite happy with what they're seeing. so i think that is the charge for both candidates. this is a town hall format so that creates challenges and potentially some unscripted moments. saturday night live likes to grab on to those so both candidates have to be careful to not walk into that trap. but both know that a lot is riding on tonight. >> you talk about those moments, with the internet they live on for years and years and years now. thanks so much. we'll be checking back of course throughout the evening. you can watch the debate tonight starting at 9:00. and stay tuned to news4 at 11:00 afterwards. angie will be handling the social media and getting feedback from viewers. you can weigh in with your comments on facebook, twitter or nbc while mitt romney is preparing for the debate, his running mate, paul ryan, continued to stump for votes in virginia today.
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a new gallup poll shows romney ahead of the president. 50-46%. news4's julie carey is live in fredericksburg where romney supporters feel momentum is on their side heading into the debate. >> reporter: they sure do. for the mitt romney/ryan paul supporters, today offers a political double dip. first they get to hear from vice presidential candidate paul ryan at about 6:30 tonight. then everybody heads home for the main event. the second presidential debate. like up early to get a close-up for paul ryan's rally, these supporters know this is just the first for two big events. while they're eager to hear from the gop's vice presidential candidate, they are equally ready to watch the second presidential debate a few hours later and they have high hopes mitt romney will build on the momentum he picked up after winning the first debate. >> i hope he wins again. that's my best thought. that he will win again. >> a repeat or thereabouts.
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i think he can make a clear case. >> reporter: this romney/ryan campaign said he is not for decisive a victory as last time saying the town hall set-up makes it suffer. >> because of the format, the town hall, that it is very difficult for anybody to really win. it doesn't sort of lend itself to making points. i think if you try that, you probably will alienate some of the people. so i think for the most part, both will try to show empathy. >> i'm inquiring about whether or not you're voting for obama. >> reporter: not far away. they are confident president obama will be more aggressive than in the last face-off. >> i'm hoping he will actually come out a little more about his plans. i'm hoping that he will actually talk at romney. i felt romney told a lot of untruths last time and i think the president was being presidential.
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he was being very court just and kind. i want to see a little more vinegar in him this time. >> reporter: today though, just another example of how determined the romney campaign is to try to cap you are virginia on election day. paul ryan in the commonwealth making two stops. and like after the last presidential debate, the first place mitt romney come after the debate is back to virginia. he'll be in leesburg tomorrow. report now, reporting live. news4. >> a good day for a rally. we saw some sunshine. cooler temperatures are coming tonight. storm-team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer has the forecast. >> we're at temperatures below average. the temperatures now, 64 degrees. the average high is around 68 degrees. winds right now out of the north at about 12 miles per hour. that is a much cooler condition. when you have those winds on a cool afternoon, the wind helping to make it feel a little bit on the cooler side. take a look at the numbers across the region. we'll be sitting into the 60s
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for the most part. but upper 50s tort cumberland, maryland, 61 in gaithersburg. 64 in manassas. overnight lows will be in the 30s. most of you in the 40s. i'll show you where we see those temperatures and what to expect the next few days in my forecast. >> it's happened again. another robbery at the university of maryland students. last night, two students became the latest victims near college park campus. it all happened around 9:30. the students were jogging along calvert road near princeton avenue when they got to the intersection, two suspects were standing there. one of them pushed the students to the ground and pulled out a gun. the students handed over some cash. the two suspects took off. it is the latest in a string of robberies near the university in recent weeks. our prince george's county bureau chief tracee wilkins will have more coming up at 6:00. service on the red line was delayed today. the incident happened just
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before 11:00 this morning. a man was hit and killed. the man was hit by a train headed toward shady grove. tonight there's controversy over an immigration policy that is he saiding this year. a move that one person is saying it is the wrong approach to control the immigration population. jim has the story. >> reporter: this is known as 287 g. it gave local law enforcement agencies the ability to act as immigration agents. if they arrested a bad guy. they could check his immigration status. if he was here illegally, they would refer him or her to immigration officials to start the deportation process. the program was humming along under george w. bush when 60 local agencies signed contracts with federal immigration and customs enforcement. it slowed way down. so to cut costs, the feds have been looking to phase out 287 g and replace it with another program called secure communities.
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prince william county officials got word via e-mail that they say secure communities will take the teeth out of local law enforcement's ability to get dangerous criminals out of their communities. especially if it is their first brush with the law. an i.c.e. spokesman said it is more consistent, efficient and cost effective in identifying and removing criminals and other priority aliens. but kory stewart points out what he calls a big difference in the two approaches. >> if somebody come to the united states left fieldly, and they're apprehended for the first time, secure communities will not have that person in their database and that person would not be identified as an illegal alien. under 287 g, law enforcement personnel actually determine whether or not that person is here legally or not. >> the county says it has nabbed 5,000 criminals under 287 g. the board met today and is calling on i.c.e. to extend the original programming for another three years. it has announced plans to shut it down at the end of the year.
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>> thank you. when we come right back at 5:00, she was just 14. when diagnosed with lung cancer. but now a local dancer doesn't miss a step. how she fought the disease and is back on stage. today was the deadline for metro to have all cell phones usable at underground stations. why metro is far from making that happen. plus, how grabbing lunch from those
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vote for question seven.
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progress to report about the man who received a full face transplant with the university of maryland medical center. here's a picture of richard norris from hillsville. doctors say he now eats primarily by mouth. he can taste and smell and he is regaining his speech. he can even smile. this is how he looked six days after his surgery. he had just had both jaws, his teeth, his tongue replaced along with the nerve and muscle tissue from his skapt to his neck. this was norris before his surgery. he had been injured in a gun accident in 1997. finally, this is the way he looked before the accident. norris got the face transplant in a 36-hour operation in march. lung cancer at age 14.
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that's right. 14 years old. tonight, the story of a maryland teenager battling a deadly disease that usually affects adults. doreen the gentzler is here with the story. >> reporter: for most of us it is no big deal to catch a cold. it usually means fatigue and congestion. for 14-year-old danielle gibbs, that was the first sign of something much more serious. >> i would be in dance class. after we did the dance, i laid on the floor. i thought i was out of shape. >> reporter: danielle gibbs is a bright student with a passion for dance. so when she was struck with a pretty terrible cold, she powered through. dancing every step until near exhaustion. >> i was so tired. i couldn't breathe at all. and i was always coughing like really badly. >> reporter: when her breathing developed a wheeze, the doctors thought it was asthma. when asthma medications didn't work, they looked at it deeper.
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it turns out something was obstructing her bail to breathe. >> danielle had actually had a tumor on the inside of her air way. and this tumor grew so that it was completely blocking the air way. >> i was about to cry. when you hear about cancer, it is like really bad. >> reporter: danielle's tumor, about the size of a small plum, is called a typical carcinoid. usually doctors need to remove either a big part or the entire lung. but that type of surgery can leave patients with a big scar and a long recovery period. >> she was a young ballerina. i think of ballet dancers and nobody wants an incision that big across her back. >> reporter: so her surgeons decided to try something more complex but also, better suited to a young patient like gibbs. using an inoperative video camera, she would go through the arm pit to cut open the air way,
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remove the section with the tumor, and then reattach the healthy lung. >> she was out of the hospital very quick and was able to return back to ballet very soon after. that's the advantage of this type of approach. where there's less cutting incisionwise for the skin incision. less trauma to the muscles underneath. less pain. >> i am so thankful. i mean, every time i bring something to dr. marshall because i am forever indebted to her for saving danielle's life. >> reporter: it has been two years since danielle gibbs was diagnosed. she said she's back to being a typical teenager and making lots of time for dance. she practices for hours each day. >> i can pretty much do everything. i can pretty much run across the street and breathe fine and dance fine. and do everything. >> she is a beautiful girl and she has a bright future ahead of her. she is still screened to make sure the tumor hasn't come back
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but doctors say it is unlikely that this type of cancer will return. lung cancer is very rare in children and they don't know why some get it. danielle wasn't smoking but they are finding more cases in nonsmokers. >> a good partnership between doctor and patient. >> that's a wonderful story. >> wave partnership with longevity. we're doing a walk for lung cancer in two weeks. two weeks from sunday, november for y 4th. we want to you come out and walk with us for longevity and lung cancer research. a great story there. and i'm sure hopefully we'll see a day like today. because out there right now on the national mall, it is absolutely gorgeous. in last year's walk was fantastic. and they're looking to me to provide great weather again. i'm hoping i can do that this week. as far as our temperature go, we're looking at plenty of sunshine with high temperature at 64 degrees. a little below average.
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our normal average is around 68. so below average today but not bad. with all the sunshine you really can't get a much better fall day. winds out of the north at 12 miles per hour. that wind is creating a little chill in the air. that's really about it. 59 in hagerstown. 63 in frederick. 67 in fredericksburg and along the way, the river at 64 degrees. no rain to talk about. we won't see any chances for rain over the next 24 to 48 hours and probably beyond. as we get toward the end of the week, he with could see that change a little bit. if you're thinking about heading out toward bermuda. we don't have anything here. but out toward the east. there is a hurricane. it is called hurricane rafael. you haven't heard about it because it wouldn't impact us directly but here it is, with winds of 85 miles an hour. just past bermuda. tropical storm warnings. they should not get the strongest wind from this. the winds are at 85 miles an hour. it is moving quickly at 26 miles an hour. it will be away from bermuda and
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not even going to affect canada. this will move to the open waters. pretty much a fish storm. it could give us a little high surf if you're thinking about heading toward the beaches over the next couple days. for our weather, high pressure. nice with plenty of sunshine. great day today. high pressure sinks to the south tomorrow. that means more mild air for the day tomorrow as we get near 70 degrees. maybe even a little above average and then especially above average on thursday. have another front that's going to come through. it should stay to our west on thursday. so right now i think thursday will be dry. just about all day long. i do speck this rain to move in. overnight thursday into early friday morning. i have a chance of showers on friday. clear skies, a cool evening but still nice. the temperatures 53 to 58 degrees. tomorrow morning, cold in the suburbs. some areas could see some frost. in the cities, temperatures remaining in the 40s. 49 degrees in the city. tomorrow afternoon, a mixture of sun and clouds and a really nice
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afternoon. temperatures, 67 to 72 degrees. the winds becoming southerly and that help the temperatures to move up. still above average on thursday and on friday. both days coming in around 73. more clouds on thursday and friday. the best chance of rain would be early on friday during the day. and then right now, the weekend looking really, really nice. if you have any plans this weekend, don't cancel them. probably make more plans. >> we'll do that. thank you. straight ahead at 5:00, gallaudet's chief diversity officer talk for the first time since they was put on leave for signing a petition on same sex marriage. local troops are recognized for their hard work overseas. now their mission is complete. in sports, dan will be along with the best plays from week six in the nfl including that remarkable run by rg3. >> and
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time for best plays of the week. >> there's one in particular we can be stop about. the best play for redskins fans, one that will be remembered for a long, long time. rg3 record setting run was the only thing that happened in the nfl this week. we start with some great catches in our plays of the week. first in the bucs/chiefs game. josh freeman throws for a leaping michael williams. and williams cruises in for the score. the buccaneers blow out the chiefs big time. 38-10 is the final. how about the packers games? james jones got two of airplane rodgers' touchdown passes. great one-handed touch against kareem jackson.
5:25 pm
there is the toughest individual thing to do in sports, i think. the longest touchdown of the week. belonged to this man. jacoby jones of the ravens. he dared to feel the kickoff. eight yards deep in his own end zone. he finds it, turns the corner and he is gone. you know the kicker is not going to get him. look at that guy. he is jogging into the end zone. 108 yards and a touchdown dance. you've got to like. that you have to do the dance. the luckiest catch goes to the falcons. you don't see this every day. off the helmet. douglas is there to make the grab. a great adjustment on the catch. watch this. off the helmet. catch it while he's falling down. nice play. more from the chiefs/bucs. dexter mccluster ends up in enemy hands. 37-year-old rhonda barber. a foot race and nobody will catch the kid. i can call him a kid because
5:26 pm
he's my age. 37 years old. 77 yards for the touchdown. he has been around forever. the best play from that game still to come. michael caine's punt is blocked. shawn gets him in the end zone or thinks he gets him. but he tries to throw it and it is intercepted by edgar jones for the touchdown. quite a moment. of course the most memorable play of week six took place with the redskins clinging to the lead in the final minutes and looky, looky here. rg3. turning on the jets and he is taking it to the house. 76 yards for the game stealing touchdown. and then the fed-ex flop or the landover leap. i think we'll come one a new name. look at those girls. they are not letting him go. he said i tried to get down but
5:27 pm
i could not so i decided. i have a feeling robert griffin iii is just getting started. >> armed and dangerous. a 7-eleven heist caught on camera. >> was the use of force justified or did police cross the line when a university ♪
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let's fast forward. a family tragedy in fairfax county. a brother shot her sister to death this morning in front of their 91-year-old mother. the victim, dr. ruth hamilton allen lived on geddys court in reston. her brother charles is in
5:31 pm
custody. the two were arguing over a family matter. >> president obama and mitt romney are getting ready to face off in their second debate tonight. that's at 9:00 on nbc 4. share your thoughts on the debate. we'll be monitoring your comments on facebook, twitter and nbc and angie will have a full report. while romney debates for the debate, paul ryan is in virginia. he held a rally today in lynchburg and he is in fredericksburg in less than an hour. now let's fast forward to the weather, doug. >> a beautiful afternoon. that will turn into a beautiful evening. you may need the jackets but that's what you expect during the month of october. take a look at this shot. over there toward the woodrow wilson bridge and the potomac looking very, very nice. not a cloud in the sky. out there as far as temperatures go, 64 degrees in washington after hitting the high today of 65. morning antown, west virginia at 60 degrees. 56 in pittsburgh. cooler air trying to make its
5:32 pm
way in as high pressure continues to dominate. it will be a cool night. what do i show you what's in store for the rest of the week. >> thanks. the controversy of gallaudet university. the chief diversity officer was suspended after it was found that she signed a petition concerning same sex marriage. as jackie bensen shows us, today she finally told her story. >> i'm dismayed that gallaudet university is still a university of intolerance. a university that manages by intimidation. a university that allows bullying among faculty, staff, and students. >> reporter: with a sign language interpreter, dr. angela mccaskill talked about what she call the nightmare her life had become since it was learn she signed a position in church to support a referendum on same sex marriage. she blame the university and a
5:33 pm
same sex faculty couple for her predicament. >> in this very moment she derld that the signature meant i was anti-gay. no one has the right to decide what my signature meant. >> reporter: in a statement released today, gallaudet president said while i expect that a resolution of this matter can be reached that will enable dr. mccaskill to continue as our chief diversity officer, this will require that she and the university community work together to respond to the concerns that have been raised. mccaskill's attorney said he is concerned the university will infringe on his client's first amendment rights. >> the fact that they still want to know where she stands on this issue is still regarding her constitutionality rights. >> reporter: the one thing everyone can agree on, the intensity of election season is one reason there was so much attention paid to this matter. in annapolis, jackie bensen, news4. police are looking for these two men in connection with an armed robbery at a 7-eleven in
5:34 pm
wood bridge. it happened early sunday morning at the store on daily boulevard. the men had guns and demanded money at the counter and then took off. the clerk was not injured. a cell phone video clip remains the key piece of evidence in day two in the trial of two prince george's county police officers. they're accused of beating an unarmed university of maryland student. but today, testimony focused on a phone call as chris gordon found out. chris? >> reporter: excessive force was used in this case. that is the conclusion of the prosecution's expert witness. an officer who trains police. he said he counted a minimum of 12 baton blows by two officers in a matter of seconds. he said they had the legal right to bring the student to the ground, but once the student was down and not resisting, they should have stopped.
5:35 pm
video from this incident led to an investigation which resulted in this trial. the defendant james harrison denied to internal affairs that he was one of two police officers seen in cell phone video hitting the student jack mckenna with a baton during maryland's basketball victory over duke in march of 2010. harrison told an investigator with internal affairs, he did not recognize anyone in the video. but now harrison is on trial for using excessive forceful harrison's co-defendant at this trial on charges of assault and misconduct is officer reginald baker. the prosecutors called lieutenant dexter mckinney as a witness. he testified that he is a friend of baker. and was called into internal affairs during its investigation of the incident since he was on the scene that night. mckenney said baker called him the next day to apologize saying he was sorry it happened. he was not proud of it. but baker's defense lawyer william brennan suggests baker was apologizing for causing fellow officers to be call into
5:36 pm
internal affairs for questioning. the defense contends the use of force was justified. one officer who was there testified today, it was a riot. we were charged several times. it was a stampede of humans yelling and cursing at you. throwing bottles,ausing concern for the safety of the officers there that night. >> reporter: the defense is quoting from prince george's county police, training materials to try to show the jury that if there is a physical assault or threat of an assault against a police officer or others, then the use of force with a baton is authorized. that's the latest live in prince george's county at the courthouse. chris gordon, news4. >> all right, thank you. a former educational aide and youth programs supervisor pleaded guilty to having sex with a 17-year-old male student.
5:37 pm
30-year-old laurie haggins even had the student's baby. she pleaded guilty in court last week. she was an aide and the cheer leading coach at wilson high school in northwest in 2010. the student attended a different school. haggins now faces up a year in prison. sentencing is set for december. next on news4 at 5:00, a salmonella scare in peanut butter. the retailer that is pulling containers off store shelves. jesse jackson jr. is now facing a federal probe into his campaign finances. the latest
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1234679 another member of the national guard just returned
5:41 pm
home. the men and women were members of the military police battlon. they came home sunday afternoon following a ten-month deployment. today they were honored during a special ceremony outside the d.c. armory in southeast. they were officially relieved of their duties. >> we welcome the brave men and women of the 273nd military police company. >> some 1,200 d.c. national guard members have been deployed overseas over the last ten years. two lost their lives. they were also honored at today's ceremony. >> an exciting new learning opportunity for students at d.c.'s hart middle school in southeast. they are part of a teach to one math program. d.c. public schools chancellor kaya henderson introduced the program. every student is assigned a laptop computer and sits in one of two large open classrooms. the teachers designed individual learning plans based on the level of skill each student has. still ahead, at 5:00,
5:42 pm
talking on your cell phone in an underground metro station was supposed to become reality. but that's now a long trucks in
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
about to cost you more.
5:45 pm
theest to get cell phone service throughout the metro service hit a big bump in the road. metro was supposed to have evs is at all of its underground stations by today. >> now they've asked congress for more time to get this project done. news4's darcy spencer explains why the work is taking much longer than expected. >> no bars. >> right. no bars. >> reporter: no bars means no cell service for this at&t wireless customer who is grabbing a morning train at the underground courthouse metro station in arlington. >> people are in transition. coming to and from work. and it is nice to have that contact to get e-mails, to call a friend, maybe to have them pick you up at the metro. >> reporter: right now underground wireless service is available in 20 of the busiest stations but riders will have to wait at least another three years for the rest tunnel system to get wired. >> my biggest issue is that sometimes the metro line doesn't
5:46 pm
work. so i can't let my boss know that hey, i'm going to be late. >> reporter: the initial deadline to have the system fully wired by the four major carriers was today. congress gave metro an extension until late march. but metro officials say it is more like the work won't be done until the end of 2015. >> what? >> reporter: too long? >> too long. maybe try the silver line. that might be more updated. it will be brand new. >> reporter: the metro spokesman says the officials are forwarding a mandatory upgrade today outlining the progress and projected time line for cabling the tunnels. they're not providing a specific reason for the delay. they say it is a tedious labor intensive process being completed by the cell phone carriers under the supervision of metro employees. they also say no one initially had a full grasp of how long and complex this project would be. >> to be honest, it really don't bother me.
5:47 pm
it is not like you're trying for two hours. >> i don't like it. i feel that when i need my phone the most, i'm not going to be able to use it. >> reporter: a metro official told me that expanding cell service in the tunnels is a work in progress. and that the delays are not impacting metro funding. in arlington, virginia, darcy spencer, news4. let's get an update on the weather. >> doug? >> take a look at this. a great shot taking a look across the potomac toward the woodrow wilson bridge and alexandria where temperatures right now are sitting at 64 degrees. winds out of the north at about 12 miles per hour. when are we going to see the rest evening? we are going to start to school a little bit. down to 59 in gaithersburg. 61 in camp springs. once again, we're talking about the middle of october. you expect some cooler numbers. that's what we have out there this evening. as we make our way through 9:00, temperature around 58. 54 by 11:00. going down to about 49. this is in the city. 49 here and about 50 by the time you step out the door around
5:48 pm
7:00 a.m. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. the sunrise around 7:20 as our days continue to get shorter and shorter. no rain out there. we're not going to see any rain. as a matter of fact, not a cloud in the sky. we saw a few clouds earlier but those have since gone by the wayside and we're seeing some clear skies. that's going to allow temperatures to cool. down into the 30s to the north and west. there could be some areas of frost but it won't be a big deal because we've seen a freeze there. we're not talking about frost advisories. the only areas would be around the district where temperatures are nowhere near that. high temperatures back into the upper 60s to around 70 degrees for most of us. it should be a beautiful day tomorrow. and then i think even nicer on thursday. a few more clouds on thursday with a high of 73. 73 as well on friday with about a 40% chance of showers.
5:49 pm
most of those should be early. the best chance will be overnight into friday morning. saturday and sunday. the weekend looking very nice with highs in the upper 60s. close to 70. that coming with plenty of sunshine. especially during the day on sunday. nice and warm next monday and tuesday. the weather looking good. >> thank you, doug. eating at d.c. food trucks is about to cost you 10% more. a new report shows why students with private sector loans may be headed for trouble. >> also, why it matters where you get an international driving permit. liz crenshaw is here with the details. if you are finding that you're shelling out more money for your favorite food truck dishes, you are not alone. it is because you are paying a new tax. there is a new 10% food tax which started at the beginning of october. it is the same tax that is charged to meals you buy in brick and mortar restaurants. >> i'm still going to come to food trucks any way.
5:50 pm
>> i think it is fair to have the same tax apply to these guys as the subway. >> i'll still eat it. a small price to pay. >> d.c. estimates the food trurk tax could bring in nearly $3.5 million over the next four years. looking for a good deal on student loans? consider the federal loans if you want to avoid problems like extra fees. the consumer fiction protection bureau release ad new report today detailing problems reported by students who use those private sector loans. first, it found that private student loan borrowers have a hard time figuring out just how much they actually owe after they graduate. students also report getting the run-around from servicers and not being able to get a straight answer on any issue from the servicing staff. and finally, the cfpb reports even responsible borrowers find themselves locked into loan term with no room for negotiation no matter the circumstance. if you would like to file a
5:51 pm
complain about your situation with student loans, visit consumer if overseas travel is in your future, don't fall for ads claiming you can get an international driver's license from anon line ad. the federal trade commission is cracking down on marketers claiming to sell those international driver's licenses or permits and will even sell them to you if your u.s. driver's license has been us is pemded or revoked. and they were ground ever gouging charges as much as $350 for one of those permits. the ftc says the only legitimate places to get your international driving permits are aaa and the american able touring alliance. both require you to provide a photo copy of your valid and current state issued driver's license and the fee for a permit to drive internationally is only $15. so don't get scammed by that nonsense. and the folks will go to the food trucks any way. 10% or not. >> you're exactly right. >> going for the food. >> it is only fair. >> thanks.
5:52 pm
let's check out the stories that are trending online today. >> first up, a not so sweet development for the creators of south park. show creators are being sued over a character being known as king lollipop. a man named xavier wardlaw claims the south park duo stole the idea for the character from his series lollipop forest. that's a show for kids unlike the adult themed south park. which is well known for lampooning both fictional and real life figures. they claim south park defiled his wholesome character. the official announcement is expected tomorrow. record with tonight is that beyonce will be performing at halftime of the super bowl. the associated press broke the story. super bowl xlvii takes place february 3rd at the super dome in new orleans. she sang the national anthem at the 2004 super bowl game. a salmonella scare that forced the recall of thousands
5:53 pm
of jars of peanut butter is now expanding. the heinz nut company has said as a precaution, it is recalling 2 million pounds of peanuts in the shell. the nuts were sold in stores including walmart and dollar general in bags that read, heinz salted jumbo virginia peanuts. the peanuts were processed in the sunland plant in new mexico. some jars of peanut butter sold at trader jois over's. coming up next. jesse jackson jr. now faces a federal probe into his campaign finances. >> the latest on his health as he takes a leave of absence. coming up at 6:00, the romney campaign is focusing on virginia a couple hours before the second presidential debate. a local leader in charge of the
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maryland schools are number one in america because we invest in them. but we can do even more. every year marylanders spend five hundred and fifty million dollars at casinos in other states. question 7 keeps that maryland money in maryland through expansion of gaming in maryland. it will mean hundreds of millions of dollars for our schools. as governor, i can promise you, that money will go to education. that's the law and that's what we'll do. vote for question seven.
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andñ÷ev ñ÷'ñ
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illinois congressman jesse jackson jr. is under new scrutiny. >> out of sight for much of the past four months, he is being investigated for possible misuse of campaign money. nbc's michael isikoff has more. >> reporter: it is the latest probe into jesse jackson jr. law enforcement sources tell nbc news the fbi is in the final stages of an investigation into whether the illinois congressman used campaign funds for personal expenses that reportedly included decorating this washington, d.c. home. which was briefly put on the market for $2.5 million last august. >> campaign finance law clearly prohibits candidates from using their campaign funds for personal use. if he was using his funds to buy furniture for his home, that would be flat out illegal. >> a spokesman for jackson who has not been seen in public for months even while he run for
5:58 pm
reelection decline comment. but the sources say jackson's lawyers met with federal prosecutors in washington last week. asking them to delay any decision on bringing charges until after the november election. the feds gave no insurances, said the sources. top illinois democrats monday brushed off questions about the new probe. >> my thoughts are with the family. he is obviously dealing with some personal issues. >> reporter: but one illinois political analyst said that while jackson is likely to win reelection, the probe could ratchet up pressure for him to step down. >> the cumulative drip on the series of scandals, certainly adds a great deal of pressure on him personally. >> we measure champions not by how quickly they get knocked down but how quickly they get up. >> reporter: once a rising star in politics, he has been involved in a swirl of controversies both his ethics and personal life. in 2009 he was investigated over
5:59 pm
allegations he directed a top fund-raiser to offer $1 million in campaign funds for then governor rod blagojevich in exchange for naming jackson to the barack obama senate seat. jackson denied any wrongdoing and no charges were brought. according to an nbc news tally, jackson has missed 225 consecutive roll call votes in the house since last june when he took a leave of an sense for treatment of what his staff called a mood disorder. >> we have a congressman who stopped talking. no communication for four months he hasn't said a word to anybody. >> the webb, the daily track, tracked him down yesterday. he said yesterday i'm not well and he has two doctors' appointments every day at george washington hospital. now at 6:00, round two of the presidential debate. >> a family argument turn to murder. a woman allegedly shot by her


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