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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 29, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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>> sandy barrels up the coast and onto land tonight. rts of the east coast are under water. hundreds of thousands are without power. and new york city appears to be among the hardest hit. tonight, pictures continue to come into our news room. >> we have team coverage. crews all over the area. let's begin with doug cameron tracking the storm. doug, what are we looking forward to next? >> we're looking forward to this storm beginning to weaken. it's trying to do that, but not yet. they just put out a new statement -- the national weather service put out a new statement. it still has sustained winds of 75 miles per hour in parts of the area. those are coming right over northeastern parts of maryland and delaware. we're continuing to see winds gusting over tropical storm force in new york, philadelphia, washington, latest wind gusts are 47 miles an hour after a 60
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mile an hour wind gust. it may be coming down a little bit, but we're going to continue to see these periodic gusts throughout the rest of the night. you can see exactly where the center of circulation is right here. there's the center coming right over the northern portion of the chesapeake right now. it will continue to the west, right along the mason dixon line. let's zoom on in. you can see this band here, a fairly heavy band of rain and wind continuing across the region. washington, down toward waldorf and winchester. southern fair fax county around springfield, over towards centerville, back to the west. around gainsville seeing some fairly heavy rain and ha is only going to continue as we move on through the rest of the night tonight. the winds, we're almost done with the winds. at least half way through.
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but the trees are still going to be sr. susceptible. the ground is so saturated, it's no longer able to hold the trees up. we're going to continue to see that. we still have a 60 mile an hour wind gust. this reported for two hours in a row. 47 in washington. 48 miles an hour over towards the baltimore region and down toward pax river, around 43 miles per hour. i want to show you the windchill. we're talking about a land falling hurricane. it ee's not unusual to see a st in oblgt. but it is unusual to see these numbers on the backside of a hurricane. the windchill in winchester, 39. 39 in washington, d.c. after the deratio, the concern was very hot houses as we were going through the middle of a heat wave in the summer. now the concern is actually being very, very cold. hopefully, you stocked up on firewood, if you have any. but, again we'll continue to
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keep you undated right on through the rest of the night and into the day tomorrow. >> in fact, trees have been falling all night long. houses, roads, cars and pow r line. shomari stone is in bethesda in a neighborhood where those people are in the dark and might be for quite a while. shomari? >> reporter: well, jim, not only are they in the dark, but a lot of folks can't come down bradley boulevard. the creek perpendicular to this roadway has now jumped the banks and i tell you, it has extended over 30 minutes it was down i'd say we were on the other side and it continues to move up here on the roadway. it has not receded. there is more water u according to the crews out here, and they're parked nearby to make sure people stay away from this area. in fact, the crews that come right down this roadway and continue to move the logs that,
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you know, have snapped from the different trees around here, a lot of trees are down, as you mentioned, jim. and that's why crews are recommending that people be incredibly careful. when you come outside, they rem that you stay inside. this thing could be dying down, but the thing is right now, at times, as you can see, it continues to pick up a little bit. you can hear it with those branchs and the trees swaying back and forth. it's important for folks just to be careful when you come out here. guys? >> shomari stone, thanks. >> some of the trees that are falling onto houses, richard jordan is in northwest d.c. tonight where some homeowners are going to have a lot of cleaning up to do once sandy leaves town. richard? >> reporter: yeah, doreen, we're getting just another strong burst of wind and that's what keeps bringing these trees and branchs down. some of them really small and then just a few minutes ago,
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this large branch came down. it snapped and just fell. right in front of our eyes. we heard a loud pop and all of the sudden, half the tree was there on the street. and then the real big one, the heavy duty one. that is that giant tree right there. this one fell onto a home here in northwest d.c. you can see the root system there. so imagine what's on the other side. that large tree fell right on to the roof of someone's home and there were two people inside. let's take you to the video. those residents were just fine. they were not hurt. nay say they were just taken by surprise. they say all of the sudden, they heard the wind picking up. it would pick up and calm down. and, in one of those moments when the wind picked up, there came this loud bang and the tree was on top of the roof and into their home. the neighbor's house also got clipped. fortunately, d.c. firefighters and police came out. they checked the home out and
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gave the residents an opportunity to go inside, get a couple of things and then they went on over to their next door neighbor's house. that seems to be the big issue out here, these fallen trees. we have seen a few power lines down, as well. a lot of trees coming down. not all of them as big as this one, but, still, certainly as it's been mentioned before, the ground is extremely wet. every step you take, you hear that squish. so you know the ground is extremely wet and that's how you have a situation like this where this giant tree basically gets uprooted falling onto these people's home. it will be a day or two before crews can come in here and see whether or not it's save. but certainly, they've got a lot of damage to clean up here. reporting live, richard jordan, news 4. >> richard. thank you. this huge and powerful storm has made every kind of travel
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difficult. air travel is at a standstill. flight operations were suspended until furt ir notice. is. >> adam tuss has more from national airport and a look at when planes might be in the air again. >> reporter: well, the wind has been picking up all throughout the night. of course, you can't fly in this type of weather. flights cancelled very early on today here at d.c.a. out of dulles, the last flight went out about 1:30 in the afternoon. b.w.i. marshal, the same story. and tomorrow is going to be anything but a normal day at the airports. definitely expect delays if you are trying to get out and most likely, cancellations. there will not everyone any airplanes. they have to be flown back in here before you can get on your airplane to get to where you need to go. transportation leaders telling us it will probably be days before everything gets ironed out and back to normal.
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some people just resign to the fact that they're going to be waiting here for a number of days. adam tuss, news 4. >> some new pictures coming in. take a look at this scene from the port authority in new york city. this is from a surveillance camera at the path subway station in hoboken, new jersey. that happened shortly before 9:30 tonight. you can see the water gushing in there. >> and we've heard reports that it might take days, four days, five days or more to pump all of that water out of all of those stations in new york and in new jersey. this storm slammed into new jersey earlier tonight. and coming up, we're going to have an update on the conditions
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on the coast in maryland and delaware was pretty wild for a few hours. but they seem to be getting a break there now. wendy is live in rehobeth beach where things are looking different. wendy, still all calm? >> reporter: yes, it is calm. the thing that we noticed now is the temperature is really starting to plunge a bit. it is getting noticeably cold here now. we're at low tide, so the ocean
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has receded back. we have our beach back and you can -- it's just looking like sort of a stormy night here. the wind is still a bit blustery. we deponent haon't have the dri at least anymore. the chief of police says reho rehobeth came through all of this in tact. all in all, nothing what they were anticipating and we're very thankful for that chlts we have a lot of affection for this town and this whole coastline because this is where we play in the summertime. so it's good that it came out okay. it's calm. some people earlier were coming out of their homes, there was an evacuation, a lot of people left. but you see a couple or two coming up the sidewalk, boardwalk, just kind of to check the place out. the big discussion is new york. that's another city that we have a great affection for and we're watching the images coming out
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of there and that's pretty rough. but we're glad that we don't have images like that and we don't have the problems that they were anticipating here. back to you. >> it is, indeed, a terrible situation up there in new york. but, doug, like you said, it doesn't come as really a surprise. it was forecast. >> it was forecast. and that's really the amazing thing about where we are now as far as forecasting these storms. we were talking about this storm coming in for over a week now. it was always between the mouth of the chesapeake and over towards the boston area and continues to shrink and continues to shrink. within about five days ago, we had the jersey shore and the new york area pegged. thank goodness for those people who did still see water coming in from the bay and from the ocean, but thank goodness they did not see the full force of this storm as did the people up towards the jersey shore and up towards new york city. they are going to be cleaning up
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for many days up there and potentially weeks to come. off in the distance, you can see the winds are blowing. wendy mentioned that she's starting to get on the cold side. yes, for sure she's on the cold side of that storm. it's making its way inland. as it does, it is drawing air right out of canada, right across the great lakes, it's snowing in the mountains and then that cold air is wrapping right around the area. right in through portions of delaware and right on out into atlantic ocean. that's why this is no longer a hurricane. it now has cold air enveloped in it. it's very much like a nor'easter would be. it's almost a nor'easter right now. that's what we'll continue to see. j.f.k., 80 mile an hour winds. bishop's head maryland, 70 mile an hour winds. look out, maryland. pax river coming in at 60 miles an hour. this was a little bit earlier,
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annapolis coming in at 5 inches. wildwood, new jersey nearly 9. those totals have continued to pile up. here's the center right in here. it is going to pass just to the north of baltimore. baltimore county in the rain and wind. northern baltimore county, they're going to see their winds fairly die down. they've probably already done so. but to the south, we continue to see our winds and the rain across parts of the area. once again, that will continue overnight. out towards leesburg through fairfax and falls church. you will continue to see the moderate to heavy rain. here's the latest wind gusts. 47 in washington, 49 right now in camp springs. not exactly sure why we lost these. but last hour, winchester was coming in at 60 miles per hour. 12:00 a.m., i think we'll continue to see heavy rain.
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this is over the next hour. gusts to about 60 miles an hour. this is the critical time. by about 5:00 a.m., areas of rain and notice our wind gusts drop down to about 45, maybe 50. so we're starting to get a little bit better. and light rain by 10:00 a.m. with windchills in the 30s. i think the cold air is going to be more of the story during the day tomorrow. after we get through this heavy wind. and we still have a lot of trees that can come down because of the saturated ground. so we're going to continue with the strong winlds throughout the night tonight. we'll continue to keep you posted. right now, the backside of this storm, as we're talking about windy getting cold and everybody seeing winld chills in the 30s. the backside of this storm is something completely different. veronica johnson with a little bit more. >> this cold air has been around for a while today. i'm going to take you back some 12 plus hours and show you what's been taking place throughout west virginia where
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the snow has been accumulating. it's been coming down at some instances today at a rate of one inch per hour. from elkins down toward, bekley, you've got spots towards snowshoe and bluefield, west virginia. winds gusting up to 45 miles per hour. traveling on those roads, a little difficult to say the least. they've got heavyweighted snow here that's really coming down. heavy on some of the tree limbs. because of that, they're taufking about power outages across the area. we have power outages because of the trees coming down, but look at these limbs. you get the snowfall ratios is what we've got out there. this is a heavyweighted snow. snow shoe mountain resort sending us this picture where they already had 7 inches. look at that, the ground covered very quickly today. they are expecting about two feet of snow over 2,000 feet and
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as much as three feet of snow over 3,000 feet. cumberland, oakland, down towards lurae, charlottesville could also see a little bit of snow. and i wouldn't be surprised if wednesday there's a few flakes that come into leesbest of your recollection, winchester or culpper. and look at some of the current windchill readings throughout the area. 39 what it feels like in d.c. feeling like 35 in gaithersburg. you need gloves on. you almost need some long underwear on. by tomorrow morning, this is 6:00 a.m. windchill readings in the 30s. 32 the factor, perhaps, even, as low as that in fredericksburg, virginia. same things for areas east around cambrige and ocean city.
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kind of a raw day coming up tomorrow. we still will have clouds throughout the area and there will still be some rain left falling throughout the area. >> i want to take you through the next few days as we say good-bye to sandy during the day on tuesday. winds will continue at 30-40 miles an hour. it will be rather windy and temperatures will be about 47 degrees tomorrow with those windchills in the low to mid 30s. wednesday, a high of 54 degrees for your halloween. showers likely thursday, friday, saturday, sunday all looking at a little bit better with drier conditions, temperatures clouding to near 60 degrees. the weekend right now is k looing good and we're going to need et because, again, i think we've got some clean-up on our hands. >> not going to be a great halloween, either? >> probably not. some areas are cancelling halloween on wednesday. a lot of kids going to be upset about that. but it's obviously for safety
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reasons. >> probably a good idea. thanks, doug. c2cflz outages to the estimatingses of damage to the size of this storm. the numbers surrounding have been, in fact, staggering. >> the storm came ashore earlier in new jersey. jay gray is in cape may, new jersey. >> hurricane sandy barrelled in to the northeast technically down grouded,v$1a the storm still delivering a ferocious blow as it came ashore. téjter storm. at its peek, extending 700 miles wide with hurricane-force winds stretching out 175 miles from the center. more than 50 million people could be afekted. the storm has knocked out electrici electricity, downing trees and power lines and wreaking havoc for everyone in its path. many listened to the early morning to evacuate for those who chose to ride out the storm. >> if you're still able to hear
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me, we need you to hunker down and get to the highest point possible in the dwelling that you're in. we will not be able to come and help you until daylight tomorrow. >> areas made land fall in southern new jersey near portion of the city'sá!v storms took down a construction drain lower manhattan. low-lying areas of the city are now under water in some places. only the roovs of cars can be seen. millions are also woult power. >> this is a once in a long time storm. the surge is very high. we expected it to be high. it's in fact slightly higher it's in fact slightly higher than what was forecasted.may, inland, residents can only watch and wait for daybreak to see exactly what sandy has left
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cial area. cn1 hi winds are causing major damage around our area. still reports of toppled trees are coming in from college park, tacoma park and laurel. >> darcy is live tonight where there is yet another tree down. >> reporter: officials have been telling us for day that is this storm was going to be dangerous. it was going to be costly and cause a lot of damage. this is exactly what they were talking about. take a look here. a very large tree fell down in apartment complex and smashed nine vehicles. that's according to prince
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oxon hill. this tree fell down a little bit earlier this evening. sounded like a!rlo]osion. cu(: sortnis the crack, she knew exactly what it was. take a look at this car here. it is a nissan, maxima. and the woman who owns this car lives right here in this building. she says she was asleep and came out and found this extensive damage where the car fell right on the roof. let's hear what she had to say about this damage. >> this reall tree came down with the gust of wind and it just took my roof and my hood off of my car. >> reporter: what impack t wh do going to have on you? >> i need to go to work. i have bills to pay. it's really important. it's a necessity. >> reporter: good insurance? >> yes, definitely. >> reporter: so you feel you'll
11:28 pm
be covered? >> yes, confident. >> reporter: what tos%ht makem ther kii suddenly falls over? 7g+ñ 7g+ñ i was look a there wasn't going to be more damage. >> reporter: so, again, we're here on southview drive in oxon hills. this is the root of that tree. and if you look at the traje trajecto trajectory, it fell straight down onto several vehicles here t.wn onto several vehicles here been spoke ho everywyíqkb cars to the other side of the qzi+ken8ot. á nine vehicle owners 54&2 this damage. xe4;osb2rk insurance. l;r@%yirv6 have insurance and / talking aa terrible storm
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reportin to me. uho0cl talking1938,9 i terrible storm back agn sé storm2 9 wasaró predi sate l= it's cled a long island wentw and we had storms that are benchmarks. s tpp through. today. óaa% that =ma. }usxb>f they were }usxb>f toigp< they don't heed theq thousands and thousands of trees down. that would definitely not happe.
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that'skx forecasting today is you're we sl come. ga to xñaj little bit more. mp seeing the rain and seewhg wind. still, some r stor >> you can actually see the area right here. that's the center coming right through the mouth of the river. over towards the baltimore area. and this little zurj right here is going to continue to make its way down through gaitherburg. the winds with this could be 60, maybe 70 miles an hour. maybe trees around the olney area, maybe around the -- what am i thinking of?
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it has been a long day. rockvi lurks le. so we're going to continue to watch this as it moves ontowards the region. notice, this is the last two hours. this band of heavier rain has not moved over the last two hours. so you know we're seeing some heavier rain out there right now around the region. we will continue to see that throughout the rest of the night tonight. some will start to calm down. the winds will start to subside. but, once again, we're still seeing some high wind gusts. 52 in martinsburg. right now, near 50 miles an hour. so we're not quite done with the winds just yet. we're not quite done with those trees coming down. take a look at the rainfall totals. nearly four inches of rain in washington. nearly six in annapolis. nearly six towards pax river. about 1.8 inches in fredericksburg. so, once again, we're going to
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continue to watch as this rain continues to come down. over the next couple of days, we dry out by thursday, friday, saturday and sunday, we've got some sunshine. >> all right, thank you, doug. it has been quite a day. a storm that doug has told us is one for the ages, in fact. we are going to now go to change everything and we'll go from this storm to jay leno. have a good night.
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