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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  November 6, 2012 4:00pm-5:00pm EST

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have more as this day goes on, live from nbc's democracy plaza. full coverage begins tonight on "nbc nightly news" and election coverage starts live at 7 p.m. eastern, 4 pacific time. for now, i'm lester holt, nbc news, new york. . watching the storm. the latest track is in and parts of our area could get rain and snow. storm-team 4 meteorologist veronica johnson will tell us how much and when. but first, decision day after months and months of campaigning. billions of dollars spent. the election is finally here. the final push that could decide the course of the country for the next four years. this is it. good afternoon, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we are on the trail with president obama and mitt romney.
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and we're also watching the polls in your neighborhood. we begin with news4's adam tuss in battleground virginia. he joins us live. the lines have been long today. >> reporter: here at this polling place, the line has been about two and a half to three hours long all day. right now, it is moving. that's the good news. it still stretches down the hill and then has to go into the building. waiting to be a part of history. some in the cold shade dance a jig to stay warm keeping the feet moving. once inside the door, greeted by reality again. the line here snaking around corners. twisting and turning before the finish line finally in sight. >> it has been long, a big wait. i've had to cancel two meetings for work so far. i may even spend up spending a vacation day just to vote today. >> for those who can't wait that long, a chance to rest until their partner waiting in line gets close. some saying there should be more help on hand but most taking it
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in stride. big crowds and long lines. the norm at other locations in northern virginia. at this gym in arlington, happy to have made the mark. >> it is a long time. i'm going to think about early voting next time. make it simpler. it is a great day. it is a privilege to vote. >> reporter: now, of course, the after work crunch starts. a good game plan. getting the mindset that you'll have to wait a bit. reporting live, news4. >> virginia's senate race has been getting a lot of national attention. democrat tim cain and his wife ann cast their ballots in richmond, virginia. the former governor was in line just after 7:00. he planned to visit a few voting centers in richmond before gathering with friends and supporters at the richmond marriott to await election results. republican senate challenger george allen cast his ballot before the sun came up in alexandria. he and his wife susan voted.
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they made several stops. he heads to the hotel in richmond later tonight to wait for election results. d.c. voters have been waiting through long lines today to cast their ballots. this is the scene at h.d. cook elementary in northwest. the long started outside. continued into the building and wrapped around the gymnasium. at some precincts, the crowd varied in size from a long wait to a quick stop inside to vote. the work is not done for mitt romney. the tight presidential race means a day of last-minute campaign stops before pushing for votes in ohio. romney and his wife anne kacht their ballots near their home in massachusetts. nbc's jay gray continues our team coverage now. he joins us live from the romney campaign headquarters in boston with what this evening has in store for the form he governor.
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visiting a couple of key swing states this afternoon and through the day before showing up here for election night. he started in ohio and then to pittsburgh. something he is trying to do last night in new hampshire. let's give a listen to what he had to say. >> the last months of our campaign have seen the gathering of strength. a real movement across this country. look at the size of these crowds. i understand that there are a few thousand people outdoors who couldn't get in. >> and the significant crowd expected here tonight as well. either plate tonight, either a concession speech or celebrate a hard fought victory. that is the latest live from boston. back to you, jim, pat. thanks. president obama will watch election returns tonight in chicago. today he stopped by one of his campaign field offices.
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he thanked volunteers in person and on the phone. for their work on his behalf. steve handelsman has covered every step of this presidential caaign. he joins us live in chicago to wrap it all up. it is all over except the voting and the countdown. >> reporter: you would think so. would not you? thanks. you would think they would take a rest today. they've debated, they've gone all over the place. they've gone between those seven, eight, nine, battleground states, most notably around virginia again and again and again. and they did it again today. you had mitt romney and paul ryan. joe biden in ohio. but not president obama. he was here in chicago taking it a little bit easy. went by the election headquarters. did the thing they do that looks so great on tv and has to be great if you're the one that called. president obama picked up the phone and called supporters in wisconsin. high, this is barack obama. yeah, that barack obama.
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thanks a lot for your help. and then got a little bit serious. this is his last day of his last campaign. he talked about himself, the american people and his opponent. take listen. >> i want to say how grateful michelle and i and for all the families, all the communities who have welcomed us into their homes in some cases. in some cases worked so hard and i want to say to governor romney, congratulations on the spirit of the campaign. i know his supporters are just as engaged and just as enthusiastic and worked just as hard. we feel confident we've got the votes to win. it will depend ultimately on whether those votes turn out. so i would encourage everybody on all sides just make sure that you exercise this precious right that we have and that people
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fought so hard for us to have. >> reporter: he says he has the votes to win. what he means is he hopes he's got the votes to win. they do their own polls. the nbc marist poll, a handful of polls show this race really, really close. so you can count on it going in eastern time, that the president and his top people here are going to be watching when the polls in virginia close. 7:00. 7:30. then 8:00, florida. then they'll know if they've got the votes to win. live from obama, election night headquarters in chicago. i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> a long line of maryland residents who want their voices heard today. some voters at the community center here tell us they've waited more than three hours to cast their ballots. there were some frustrations in the long lines but most of the voters seem to be in good spirits. reports from other precincts
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said there was a long wait in the morning but the lines seemed to improve as the day wore on. voters in maryland are casting their ballots on several initiatives today including whether to uphold same sex marriage. question 6, as it is known, also permits religious institutions to decide whether they'll perform ceremonies for those couples. if it passes, maryland would be the first state in the country to legalize same sex marriage by voter referendum. maryland voters also weighing in on question 7. it would allow table games at casinos like roulette and poker. the measure would also permit a sixth casino to be built in prince george's county. here's what you need to know before you head to the polls if you haven't done so already. all voters in virginia will be required to show some form of i.d. there are at least 30 form of valid i.d., including an i.d. card from your employer. it doesn't have to be a photo i.d. don't forget, poll opening and closing times are different from state to state. virginia polls will stay open in
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the 7:00 tonight. d.c. and maryland polls close at 8:00. stay with news4 for continuing coverage of the election. we'll have updates on all the local races and issues throughout the evening. over the air and online. tune in to nbc 4 or go online to nbc for special web only live streams, starting at 7:00. other big story this afternoon, the weather. it is about to take a turn and it means some of us getting ready could see some rain, even snow. >> veronica johnson is keeping her eye on this storm system. >> both of my eyes, actually. depending on where youley, guys, will depend on what you get. this is a storm system for tomorrow that we're talking about. today, cold. temperatures under the cloud cover. 15 degrees cooler than average. look at the numbers across the area.
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down into loud oun county, 45. fall church, 45. green belt at 46 degrees right now. and on the radar, you can see to the south. number 7, virginia. the leading edge of some moisture. that is the storm system. it will be a coastal storm for the mid-atlantic. wednesday and thursday as it continues moving northward. it depends on where you are as to what we will see here. the way it is right now is that some of us will see rain. isolated spots will see rain and snow and everyone gets the wind for 7:00 through 9:00 p.m., we drop from 43 to 42 degrees. chilly. the other thing is the clouds will be increasing. nothing has changed. it looks like a low impact starting wednesday. a high impact event in the red for the coastal areas. right toward southern new england. we're talking more about what i think will be the most critical time period for us, even though it is a low impact area across
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the area. i think it will be the time when we'll to have watch some of those isolated spots north of us. i'll have the details coming up. >> it is an election day edition of news4 at 4:00. coming up, how new york and new jersey are struggling to vote today in the aftermath of hurricane sandy. >> the states voting on whether to
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in a few hours, the polls
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will close deciding who will call the white house home. the president, waiting for election results tonight in chicago as we saw earlier. governor romney will be up in boston shortly. >> the damage left by superstorm sandy hasn't stopped people from heading to the polls in storm ravaged parts of new york and new jersey. elections officials there are characterizing the turnout as heavy today. keith russell joins us from the live desk with more. keith? >> thanks, pat. the power is still out for some and dozens of polling sites are unusable. the voters said the devastation brought on by the storm would not stop them from exercising their civic duty. it wasn't without its challenges though. some new yorkers reported long lines and confusion when they showed up at polling spots to cast their ballots. voting machines were set up in the hard hit far rockaway neighborhood of queens but voting was briefly delayed while poll workers struggled with generators. in new jersey, displaced voters were allowed to cast provisional ballots at any voting location.
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however, as easy as officials tried to make it, there was some major frustration. >> i've been here three time. they finally got the machines in. now it is jammed up. it is total chaos. >> i'm sure it will be because of sandy, a little chaos here and there. that's just natural. you have a big event with a disaster like sandy. but you can make your voice heard. >> still not known tonight whetr these problems for voters and those storm hit areas will delay the voting results. of course, we'll stay on top of the story all night long right here on news4. and also on nbc live with the latest from the newsroom. keith russell, news4. >> thank you. the weather has been good here. virginia, a lot of the swing states we know the forecast has been pretty good today for high turnout. >> a lot of folks stood in the cold this morning in line. >> 15 degrees colder than average. the time of temperatures today like a mid to late december
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today. so folks were bundle up for sure. now looking at this coastal storm, it is more and more east of that area. that's good for us. and better for those coastal communities. those areas that of course got hit so hard. new jersey, on northward. let's look outside and see what's going. on we've got cloud cover across the area. mostly cloudy sky. again, this is the storm system that is developing down to our south. an area of low pressure around south carolina, north carolina. today that rain has been, they've had wet conditions. atlanta, around jacksonville, florida, around columbia, wilmington, rain. now you can see where it's sitting. around the outer banks of north carolina. with big a mass of clouds, of course, the leading edge that's moving to the north through areas of virginia, coming into leesburg, gaithersburg, baltimore, annapolis. the leading edge of that cloud cover. in terms of what else is going on, this is a storm system that has a lot of dry air to overcome
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first. dry air outside. even when the precipitation starts showing up on radar tomorrow, i don't think it will be until we get into the early afternoon hours that we see really anything falling around here. with those storm system off the coast, right now it looks as though we've got dry air to overcome. the storm system that will be more off to the east. out to sea. our chances of seeing precip in areas right east of i-95 for wednesday. as well as thursday morning. there's the moisture. most of it off the coast of north carolina. raleigh is wet and earlier today, there is a little bit of snow trying to show up in the high spots of the mountains of north carolina. high wind watch. delaware all the way into southern new england to include boston where the winds along the coast could gust to 50, even 60 miles per hour.
4:18 pm
gusts could be 35 miles an hour. depending on where you are. watch what happens on the futurecast. you can see the clouds coming in. you can see the rain there coming at 6:00 a.m. then as the storm system makes its way north to northeast, that is rain, just grazing our area. so a chance of at least i-95 in areas east for maybe mixing with a little light snow as we get into wednesday night, early thursday morning. everything should be out of here. we've got that wind to contend with. not just for wednesday late but also for thursday morning. so it will be breezy sunshine coming back our way on thursday. high clouds, quite chilly. 38 to 44 degrees for the evening forecast tomorrow morning. breezy and cold. 27 to 35. those winds pick up during the afternoon so everybody gets touched with a little bit of wind. most areas seeing the light
4:19 pm
rain. some areas by thursday morning, seeing a little light snow mixing in. that's what i think could be the concern. we get into thursday morning with the temperature inside the beltway at 37. outside the beltway, perhaps low 30s. there might be a few isolated spots. around frederick county, aberdeen areas, up around 72, 70 possibly. we'll talk more about this storm coming our way. still ahead, the battleground inside the battleground. how northern virginia could decide whether the entire commonwealth goes for president obama or mitt romney. and we'll take another look at some of the key races that could decide the balance of power up on capitol hill. if you're living with moderate to severe crohn's disease,
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serious allergic reactions, and new or worsening heart failure have occurred. before starting humira, your doctor should test you for tb. ask your doctor if you live in or have been to a region where certain fungal infections are common. tell your doctor if you have had tb, hepatitis b, are prone to infections, or have symptoms such as fever, fatigue, cough, or sores. you should not start humira if you have any kind of infection. get headed in a new direction. with humira, remission is possible. . this is decision day. nbc deputy political editor joins us now with some insight on how virginia may figure into the race tonight. so domenico, let's look at what counties we'll be watching. what should we be for in the commonwealth which could sway
4:23 pm
the vote either way? >> i put my finger on a few places. think about prince william and loudoun counties are both swing counties. places that both george w. bush and barack obama won. and i would watch fairfax and of course, hen rico county. those are all places that should be fairly close but the president has a shot at winning. if mitt romney can peel off some votes there, then it is important to his path to do well in those places. one interesting stat, fairfax county, john kerry had won fairfax with 53% of the vote and got 45% overall. so plus 8 on the ballot in fairfax. in 2008, president obama won fairfax with 60% of the vote. certainly a bigger number and won the state with 53% of the vote. so 7 points, 7 1/2 points. watch tonight if president obama can get 57 in fairfax county.
4:24 pm
just one number, i want to see if that tips things. if he is at 57, maybe he is at 50 and that gives him possibly a win in virginia. just some fun with numbers. something to watch. >> we've seen a lot of early voting around the area. and early voting in virginia. how will that impact the results tonight, do you think? >> well, certainly, the president's campaign has worked very hard in a lot of states. virginia doesn't have the no excuse early voting that say, ohio does or some other places where they've been able to have a much longer period of time to be able to get a lot of that vote in. i know that the obama people are running drills in virginia. they've been running every weekend on get out the vote. the romney folks have an advantage. for those who say they would vote day of. the obama people are leaving nothing to change and trying to
4:25 pm
get as many people as they possibly can. the romney folks are very comfort in virginia as well. >> and we see romney out campaigning in two states today before he heads back to boston. you were mentioning earlier in the afternoon. four years ago the president worked right up until the end, too, and it paid off. >> it sure did. he was in indiana the day of. that may have tipped things slightly. the president, bill clinton, we saw how hoarse they were at that 10:30 at night event in virginia. and mitt romney has been barn storming this week and we've seen both sides this past week crunching in. state after state. and i mean, there are about nine states that are just up for grabs. and maybe seven now really toss-ups. of course, virginia is one of those states. how long a night do you expect it to be in virginia?
4:26 pm
>> well, virginia is an early close state at 7:00. earlier than almost anywhere in the country. so that is an important thing. and we'll know more about virginia earlier than a lot of places and a lot of us who like to watch county data and watch what's happening on election night will watch virginia very closely. we see the east coast sweep. how it winds up going. new hampshire, pennsylvania, virginia, north carolina, florida, going to tell us a lot. especially in some of those key counties that we were about earlier. >> all right. we'll be crunching the numbers with you. thanks so much for taking time out with us and sharing your insights. tonight, stay with us for a special election edition of nbc "nightly news" with brian williams. it airs one half-hour earlier tonight at 6:30. and our election coverage continues tonight at 7:00 with updates and analysis of the local as well as the national races. i like that mac there on the skating rink.
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>> as long as no one skates on it. still ahead, the election moments that are creating a all that buzz on social media. >> and the problems that have i got it when my internet here was faster than at my office.
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election day of news4 at 4:00. >> at 4:30, president obama will be watching the election returns in his home town of chicago. he spend the day thanking volunteers, playing a dave election day basketball and checking in with fema on recovery efforts from hurricane sandy. >> right now, mitt romney is his final campaign stop. the former massachusetts governor is working for last-minute votes in cleveland. romney stopped in other parts of ohio. plans to end the day at his campaign headquarters in boston. >> we have live team coverage on decision 2012 including the problems at polls and the moments creating the buzz on social media. >> but we've got a little buzz going here about the weather storm team. veronica johnson has the latest on the storm coming in. >> this is for wednesday afternoon, wednesday overnight, and thursday morning. it will be kind of grazing our
4:31 pm
area as it stays off the coastal out there right now, look at the temperature. 43, 45. 47 degrees in d.c., giving us the coldest election day ever today. last time we had 49 degrees, almost that low, back in 1970. kennedy versus nixon. a lot of folks dealing with the cold easily today to get out and vote. overnight, 27-45 degrees. a bundle-up morning. and then here comes the rain for some. and here come a little bit of snow, too. more details on that coming up. >> here's a live look at the capitol on this election day. where all the seats in the house are up for grabs. dozens of senate seats are up for grabs. a lot of folks will be watching the results coming in from the hill and about the result on the hill tonight. millions are going to polls
4:32 pm
across the country while most of the frustrations involve waiting in long lines, some places are dealing with bigger problems than lines. >> reporter: most voting went off without a hitch today with most voters taking in the gravity of the moment. >> it's exciting. it's a really important election. it is an honor and a privilege to be able to vote. and i would stand in line longer if i needed to. >> reporter: lines were long all over even before daybreak in smaller towns like greenville, north carolina. >> this is extremely important election that determines two different directions our country is going to take. >> reporter: certainly it was more of a struggle in the storm ravaged northeast with temporary tents, sheltered makeshift polling booths. and generators provided power that has been out since sandy hit. >> i'm sure it will be because of sandy, a little chaos here and there. that's just natural when you have a big event, a disaster
4:33 pm
like sandy. >> reporter: new jersey's governor brought up the same plea. >> get out there and vote. a lot of things in play in your life right now but it is a national election. it is important to vote. >> reporter: important but also frustrating for many whose patience has indeed been tested. >> i've been here three time. they finally got machines in. now the machines are jammed up. it is total chaos. >> reporter: after a chaotic weekend in florida, relative calm on tuesday. voters faced only long lines which was also the case from huntsville, alabama, to minneapolis, minnesota. nbc news. >> the news4 i-team is on voter patrol. if you see a problem when you go to the polls today, we want to hear from you. call the i-team voter patrol tip line.
4:34 pm
the fate of a maryland law known as the dream act will be decided tonight. it makes it easier for children of undocumented immigrants to attend college. it allows all maryland residents to pay in-state tuition regardless of their immigration status. if voters aprivate, lower tuition could kick in as soon as next semester. a corruption scandal in prince george's county inspired another question. question 3 would suspend the politician from office the moment he or she is found guilty and require automatic remove from the appeals process until it is complete. delegate jolene spearheaded it after leslie johnson pleaded guilty to a corruption case. she initially refused to step down. but eventually she did resign.
4:35 pm
in the district, vote letters cast their ballots to fill the council chair seat by kwame brown. the winner will complete brown's term which runs through january of 2015. brown, you will recall, resigned back in june after admitting he gave false information on applications to give bank loans worth more than $200,000. d.c. residents have a few more hours to vote on three measures folksed on preventing corruption in the wilson building. proposed charmter amendment 5 asks if members should have the power to expel a member for gross misconduct. the council would have to have a super majority. amendment 6 would make a person leave office and be banned from ever serve in office again. amendment 7 would apply the same penalties to the city's mayor.
4:36 pm
and make news 4 and nbc your election headquarters tonight. we'll have live continuing coverage throughout the evening. still ahead, we'll see what's buzzing on social media this election day. a developing story from fresno, california, this afternoon, one person is dead. four others injured. in a workplace shooting there. police say a 42-year-old man walked into an apple valley farms factory. he opened fire on co-workers and shot himself. two of the wounded are hospitalized right now, in critical condition. the third is listed in serious. the shooter is also in critical condition. police say they don't know his motive for the attack today. there is more to come on news4 at 4:00. we'll tell you why it could cost $100 to take a carry-on bag on to an airplane. and the election mome
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. a live look right now at democracy plaza in manhattan. the electoral map, under ice. nbc news, the entire political team, with brian williams tonight. a special edition of "nightly news" at 6:30. we've got some breezy conditions but otherwise a pretty nice evening to be indoors out there. the i voted sticker today
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. in just a few hours, we may know who the next occupant of this house will be. the campaign is over and now the balloting has begun. the president has ended his campaign. he'll be in chicago to watch election results. mitt romney meanwhile has been heading from ohio to pennsylvania to boston. the president played a little basketball today. perhaps to take a little of the
4:44 pm
stress off. >> a little bit of superstition. he likes to do that. and it has brought him luck before. >> it did. talk about frequent flier miles. they can cash in. this year it seem voters and candidates are taking their issues online more than ever. >> news4 angie joins us with what some are calling the social media election. >> social media is huge this election day. so far, there have been more than 1.4 million tweets about voting. that's 2,000 posts per minute. in fact, a pew research study says many have said they voted or plan to. social networks including twitter are overflowing with i voted post and pictures. #ivoted has the top trend. pictures of long lines of polling places from arlington, virginia, to calverton,
4:45 pm
maryland. glancing at the map, you can see turnouts in precinct, places that are big talkers. and election reveal political pictures from insta-gram from all 50 states. you can see battle ground virginia has lots of photos popping up from both sides. and tonight, starting at 7:00 p.m., nbc will live stream all of our coverage and we'll have special web only reports from myself, tom sherwood and wendy rieger. >> of course, we want to know about your voting experience. tweet at nbc washington using the #decision 2012. search for nbc washington online. timing is everything they say. at least this storm isn't hitting us on election day. how will our coastal communities be affected by this storm? >> as we all know, sandy did so much for the barrier islands, ocean city on northward.
4:46 pm
i think we can see some minor flooding. there will still be some gusting winds. it will be more on the coach. we've got the high tides coming up tomorrow afternoon around 1:00. then thursday morning, around 2:00 a.m. so with gusty winds, with the protection of those barrier islands. nng on northward. they could see some minor flooding. let's talk about what we could get around here. a gorgeous sunset. isn't it? it is beautiful out there. does that make up for how cold it was today? >> just a little. 47 degrees. the east wind setting up at 7 miles per hour. chilly conditions for your evening if you're going to be out as we head to 40 degrees by 11:00 p.m. thursday, tomorrow morning. another cold start for us. we started this morning. most locations in the upper 20s to mid 30s across the area. just as cold, i think, tomorrow morning. sun is up at 6:42.
4:47 pm
it will be dry for tomorrow morning. watch what happens from, through the overnight period up to tomorrow morning. here we are at 6:00 a.m. the clouds across our area. again, dry to start tomorrow morning. the morning rush, we're fine. even for the afternoon and evening rush. i think we'll be fine but not dry. i think we'll see some rain with that storm system. the bands of rain could be their way, at least a little bit more. areas, long and east of i-95. that's why i'm going with rain. a little light snow starting to mix in during the afternoon. but i do not think it will be by anywhere during the afternoon. it will be just too warm. and the winds will be picking up even here. so everybody will feel the effects of the wind. more toward the coast. less for the inland locations. then wednesday night into thursday morning. that's when we could have a few slick spots. temperatures will be dropping down to the 30s and with the best areas, we'll have a chance
4:48 pm
of picking up that precip. that northeast pocket. aberdeen, areas around baltimore. they could have a few slick spots and those shaded roads. a dusting on glassy surfaces. maybe even northern areas of d.c. so really a conversational event for us but beware that early thursday, isolated slick spots here in the cold. big warm-up though. look at friday, saturday, monday, tuesday, veterans day, recognize, on monday with temperature getting into the mid 60s. so a dry stretch and a long stretch after tomorrow. coming up, the woman who was so determined to vote that she did it while she was in labor. >> that's dedication. a
4:49 pm
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4:51 pm
. one issue getting a lot of attention today in los angeles is a requirement that adult film actors wear condoms. it is ballot measure b and it is supported by southern california aids groups. they say it is a workplace health and safety issue. poenlts say it could drive a multimillion-dollar industry out of los angeles. >> voters in three states will decide whether to legalize marijuana for recreational use today. washington, oregon and colorado have the measure on the ballot.
4:52 pm
poll show that it may pass in washington and colorado. that could set up a showdown between the states and the federal government which considers marijuana a dangerous drug. all of the initiatives would limit sales to people over 21. the marijuana initiative would be highly taxed and only be sold in specialty stores. a suburban chicago, a woman wouldn't let anything keep her from casting her ballot today. not even having a baby. her water broke this morning. her contractions were five minutes apart. the 21-year-old mom to be headed for the hospital. but on the way to the hospital, she made one little detour to the polling precinct. she said she just didn't want to miss voting in her first presidential election. >> wow, only happens once. voting for two. coming up, a look at the races that could change the balance of power on capitol hill. for all your news, be sure to follow
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4:55 pm
. as the voting continues, here's another live look at capitol hill where all 435 house seats are up for grabs tonight. dozens of senate seats. of course, republicans control the house and democrats are
4:56 pm
hoping to maintain control of the senate. with 33 of the u.s. seats in the u.s. senate being contested today, the results could change the balance of power on capitol hill. nbc correspondent kelly o'donnell takes a look at some of the country's key senate races. >> reporter: massachusetts is the main event in a party tug-of-war. a staggering $76 million spent. republican senator scott brown is widely considered popular and gets credit for working the democrats. >> it is nice to meet you. >> reporter: the pressure is on democrat elizabeth warren. a first time candidate, former obama official. >> it is bad for massachusetts and bad for this country. >> want to talk about gridlock. can you imagine that? that's what people tell me.
4:57 pm
>> reporter: republicans expect to pick up seats held by retiring democrats. in north dakota and nebraska. but could lose a seat in maine after olympia snow bowed out. >> the fight is a big deal and it has not gone very well over the last few months for the republicans. >> that's because republicans were could you pleasing on red state candidates that turned into long shots. in missouri, republican todd akin refused to quit after his comments about rape and pregnant nanny angered many women and fellow republicans. >> thank you very much. we've had a few knocks. it had been turbulence flying, you might say. >> reporter: claire mccaskill is favored to keep her seat. in in, rupert murdoch saw his number tumble, too, after god saying god intended pregnancies that result from rape. and 18 women, the most ever, are on the senate ballot.
4:58 pm
the former executive linda mcmahon has spent tens of millions of her own money to get the seat for republicans. and tammy baldwin could become the first openly gay senator. up against former governor tommy townsend. the most expensive senate race is in virginia at $82 million. two former governors, the democrat tim kaine pulling ahead of republican george allen. >> just two hours and counting until the first polls close. president obama and governor romney have crisscrossed the county for months. tonight, several states remain up in the air. there is so much anticipation for this year's election, people are waiting hours to cast their votes. >> almost two hours of standing out here. >> and the polls are pack in the battle ground state of virginia.
4:59 pm
voting on the president and the tight senate race between tim kaine and george allen. we've got live team coverage from the commonwealth, maryland and the district. election night has finally arrived. good evening, everybody. i'm jim handly. >> and i'm wendy rieger. news4 is your election station. we have julie carey covering the white house. darcy spender has been traveling around our area checking out those long lines at the polling places. we are going to start in richmond with julie. >> reporter: well, you remember four years ago virginia democrats and barack obama's virginia campaign were in northern virginia where they celebrated a huge decisive victory. romney's virginia campaign is set up. this time around the outcome is far less certain in virginia. gop presiden


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