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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  December 17, 2012 6:00pm-6:59pm EST

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in the u.s. senate. daniel inouye died, being hospitalized at walter reed for the last week. he was a world war ii veteran who earned the medal of honor when he lost his right away in 1945. he was first elected to the senate in 1962. senator daniel i oway was 88 years old. the question and grieving continues. another different day as family and friends attended funerals for the first of two young victims today. >> authorities say sandy hook elementary school could remain closed down for months, but school officials have found another building for the students to attend class. as investigators comb the gunman's home, they discovered a badly damaged computer and hard drive inside. we get the latest tonight from nbc's jay gray. >> reporter: good evening, jim and doreen. every day seems to bring a more difficult task.
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today this grieving community gathered for what may be the toughest, the first two of 26 emotional good-byes. four days ago is when the unthinkable happened here. now this heartbroken community begins a seemingly unbearable task. today the first two of 20 young children were laid to rest. 6-year-old noah pozner described as largest than life in the light of a family that includes a twin sister who escaped the gunfire. jack pinto was a determined athlete and avid sports fan. a love that helped to shape this card given to friends at his funeral. as the painful work of burying the victims begins, the meticulous investigation to understand how and why continues. >> the answers are for the victims, the families, the people of connecticut, that need to know and see a clear picture to exactly what happens here. >> reporter: police say sandy hook elementary will remain a locked-down crime scene for
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months. today crews pulled furnace from the unaffected chatrooms moving it to a school in a neighboring town, though it's still not clear when it might be used. >> they'll be excused, of course, from further notify. they're developing plans on how to best handle that. >> reporter: investigators are still gathering what they called significant evidence. they will not discuss specifically what's been seized, but there are reports the gunman's home computer may not reveal much. it was apparently smashed and torn apart before the killing spree. >> very painstaking process in forensic science. it's going to take some time to do that. >> reporter: and it will take some time to interview the more than 100 witnesses, including at some point the children who survived the attack. >> very, very tender, tender issue. i can tell you any interviews done will be done with professionals, with parents and with investigators. >> reporter: one that can only come after the heart wrenching
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process for these kids and this community, saying one final good-bye. an emotional struggle they will be forced to endure and repeat 26 times here. in newtown, connecticut, jay gray, news4. the tragedy and sandy hook may have changed the political calculus about gun control. a famously pro-gun senator is joining a mayor to question the rights to own assault weapons. steve handlesman joins us. >> doreen, thanks. the store i went to in fairfax, a lot of people in to see and to buy military style weapons before they figure they might not be able to. at a gun shop? chanel tilly, virginia today, tim was shooting his mini 14, an assault-style rifle.
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tim opposes any new bans. >> basically a punishing with a ban on it punishing law-abiding citizens. the law still says i can own an assault weapon. why can't i own it as long as i'm doing the right thing with it. >> mayor michael bloomberg is leading the push to change laws to curb new sales, and large-capacity clips. >> this is an outrage. we are killing each other, and we're the only industrial oozed country in the world doing it. >> reporter: in connecticut sunday, president obama vowed action, but nothing specific. >> in an effort aimed as preventing more tragedies like this. >> reporter: hundreds today went to the in. ra office in washington demanding more gun control, and a staunch nra backer joined the call. west virginia democratic senator joe manchin, an avid hunter, backed bloomberg. >> i don't know of anybody that
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goes hunting with an assault rifle. >> reporter: gun enthusiast angela brandon is thinking about new options after the shock of newtown. >> honestly i wanted to cry because of the children, but at the same time sometimes i'm not sure that gun control -- more gun control than we actually have is really the reason. >> reporter: ironically the rampage in connecticut has sparked record sales of weapons that buyers fear could soon be banned. senator manchin, democrat of west virginia, who just won reelection by being seen in part in hunter's garb, carrying guns, says his many, many friends in the nra need to get involved in this now whitehot debate. i'm steve handlesman, news4. there are more police officers around schools in our area today in response to the shooting last week. police in fairfax county are stepping up their patrols. they say it is not in response
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to any particular threat, but to give parents peace of mind during a time when anxiety is high. >> we wanted to make sure that the community knew that we were here, and we do care about our children. >> people need it. people are feeling vulnerable right now. people are feeling scared right now. >> inside the schools, teachers were told to acknowledge the shootings if asked, but to direct the discussions to the home rather than to the classroom. schools in our areas also took time to remember the victims. also to talk to the students about what appeared inside that school on friday. tracee was thissens joins us live with more on what that school dim did. >> reporter: they decided this was a tragedy too large to ignore and had to be addressed, but also had to be done in a
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very sensitive manner. at 10:00 this morning in schools throughout prince george's county, there was silence, silence for 20 children, and silence for six adults, all killed by a lone gunman in an elementary school. >> this is &grie of joining a nation in grieving. >> reporter: dr. crowley called for the moment of silence and joined students at district heights to take part of in it. u06÷tore//sf7# //sí the principal here says that since the tragedy in connecticut, it's been hard for her to think about anything else. >> everybody felt the impact, as teachers, administrators and parents. >> reporter: there are various drills where students practice everything from how to get out of the billing in case of a fire, to what to do if an exit
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is blocked. he practice in responding to a code red situation. >> one can't prepare enough for such a tragedy. >> reporter: working through this loss is something that the parents of this element tear school and schools around the nation are struggling with. >> i can't even put into words when i heard what happened. they were so young. innocent kids. >> reporter: for those charged with guiding children through the school day there's always a lesson to be taught and learned. that's what this moment of silence is about. >> i think it's an opportunity for us to discuss what's going on and comfort them. >> reporter: prince george's county school spokesman told me today when a middle school student was shot during a sniper attack while on his way to
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school, the school sim received letters from students around the country. they say they are expecting to also send herrers in support of the families there in connecticut. reporting live in district heights, i'm tracee wilkins, ws4. thank you, tracee. there was a similar seen outside -- police officers in a very visible presence. once again, they say there isn't a specific threat, but they were only trying to calm parents' nerves and children too, and reminding anyone who sees anything suspicious to give them a call. for a complete list of procedures, we invite you to visit our website. coming up in the next half hour, a being march to the national rifle association in support of gun control. there appears to be new optimism in the effort to prevent the nation from hitting what is called the fiscal cliff. president obama and house
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speaker boehner met at the white house today. they were together for about 45 minutes. boehner offered no comment to reporters. speaker boehner has reportedly offered to increase tax rates on americans making more than a million. president obama is pushing for a cutoff of $250,000 a year for individuals. if they don't reach an agreement, tax rates will go up. tim scott will take south carolina's rake resident senate seat, making him the first african-american senator from the south since reconstruction. he will also be the only african-american senator in congress right now. nikki haley selected scott today. scott is a republican. he says he will continue to be a fiscal conservative.
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boy, is it soupy out there tonight. dense fog has led to some major delays at vwi airport, among others. we're looking at delays where nearly 300 flights have been canceled there, but also many of the other airports, philadelphia, laguardia, all seeing major impacts from the fog. that fog has made its way back down into the metro region. we'll be talking about that through the rest of the night. you want to call ahead as far as your flights are concerned. take a look at the visibility. you can see the zoo lights here looking good, but at the airports were looking at big-time fog. quarter-mile visibility? many locations. less than a mile visibility, so take your time on the roadways, we will be seeing some of that very dense fog. as far as the temperatures go, we're looking at current temperatures in the upper 40s to around 50 degrees, extremely mild for this time of year, and
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it's going to continue to be mild this through the day tomorrow. your radar picture showing a wider view. back down to 9 south. we'll talk much more about when the rain moves in, when this fog moves out and when that cold air, moves in as well. coming up, people forced from their homes as a volcan shoots out chunks of molding rock. >> they marched for gun control demonstrating at the nra office on capitol hill. >> we're here today because the nra has blood on its hands. >> the shootings heat up the debate over guns. this is chris gordon, my report ahead on news4. a dramatic finish, nasa's plan tonight to crash two of its own spacecraft into the moon.
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government forces in syria are accused of killing at least 25 civilians last night. opposition leaders say the victims include women and children. the town is held by the rebels that came under attack after insurgents fired on several
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nearby checkpoints. forces are working to surround army troops. today syria's vice president said he does not think the army can beat the rebel fighters. there was a tearful funeral in india today for the nurse who was found dead after taking a prank call about the duchess of cambridge. her husband and children accompanied her body to native india. she was the first to answer the hoax cal. northern virginia -- all julie carey found out, new money for transportation is also going to be in focus. >> ply mae is that it's time to
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act now. >> that was governor bob mcdonnell's pitch to lawmakers to use the upcoming session to get behind the plan to boost transcription funding, but he hasn't revealed how he -- as -- he focused on shifting a half cent towards highway maintenance. those general fund dollars usually go towards things like schools, public safety and social services. >> i'm going to encourage the speaker and lead ner both houses to act now. we're out of excuses. kicking the can down the road is not a solution. >> before he details the plan, he's getting pushed back, not just coming from democrats. the house speaker is skeptical about a short legislative session, whether it provides enough time for big reforms. >> i certainly didn't say it's dead on arrival. it's a big issue that you have to do a lot of consensus
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building to get it passed, i think. >> democrats welcome the governor's focus on transportation funding, many of them say raising the gas tax needs to be part of any plan, but they question the use of sales tax money for roads. >> my concern is shifting from programs to help children and schools, so shifting that without another source of revenue i think is not sustainable. >> reporter: but reps argue general fund revenue is a logical source for rpgs money. >> the general fund belongs to the people, and if the people want to see a greater share of that used for their transportation infrastructure, then we should do it. >> reporter: the governor promises to detail the full plan before the next session starts on january 9th. julie carey, news4. towns near a volcano in center ecuador all on high alert tonight. thousands are leaving their
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home. the volcano is plowing ash eight miles into the air. four explosions were recorded yesterday. the blast blew windows out of buildings, scientists are concerned because the erussians are becoming more violent eruptions six years ago killed at least four people. cyclone eboni, that storm founded fiji it's the strongest one to hit that side in recent years. popular tourist resorts have been evacuated. search-and-rescue teams from australia and new zealand have been put on standby. so far no reports of anyone
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being killed. our weather has gloomy, foggy, cold and dreary. doug is trying to brighten things up with the zoo lights display. >> reporter: really an amazing display. the best thing about it, it is a free event. it's going to go on between now and january 1st, which is new year's day. a bit in the way of mist, but the weather is pretty nice. with me is debby jarvis from pepco. pretty amazing stuff. >> zoo lights is powered by pepco. it has been since the very beginning. we've been partnering with friends of the national zoo to bring zoo lights to the community. it's about energy efficiency, l.e.d. lighting, and that's what we're all about, helps our customers understand how if they save energy, they save money and save the environment. >> you're doing that being having them come down and talk to you. >> we have volunteers every night in the think tank.
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people come in, they get warm, we're giving on you backpacks. this one is for you, pickett you are of panda. >> glowlights to the kids. >> yes, this is your very own backpack and you have yours. rain shower volunteers are waiting to talk to anyone who wants to know more about save energy, save money and save the planet. >> reporter: huge partnership here at zoo lights. the weather is good tight. the fog helps, gives a bit of a glow to the lights. again, weather has become more of a factor this eastern with the fog. temperatures for this morning's low 48 degrees. that is still above the average high temperature. believe it or not december almost seven degrees above average the that's absolutely amazing. so far, ever potential.
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52 degrees the numbers. fog is the big issue. take a look at the numbers. temperaturewise we're around the upper 40s, and manassas, 48 in culpepper. take a look at the fog now, a dense fog advisory for most of the reason. areas of fog with less than a quarter mile visibility. around baltimore, right know at the airport we're looking good with four to five-mile visibility, so some flights are even being rerouted into dca. no rain to talk about right now, at least not real steady rain. there's more to the south, so we will see shower activity tonight, but we're not expecting a lot of rain from this event. but believe it or not, behind the coffee we will be warmer
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tomorrow as we see a bit more in the way of sunshine. temperatures should be in the upper 50s to near 60 for some of es, especially south and east. if you're coming up for zoo lights, you have pretty good days to do it. tuesday night, 51 degrees, and on wednesday 47 dlees, this is around 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. thursday night there is going to be rain. talk about thursday, thursday the next best chance for rain, maybe heavy rain, but then the cold air finally moving in, some arctic area with windchills only in the 30s on friday and saturday. much colder as we head into the weekend. coming up on "news4 at 6," a
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big crowned turns out to march on the national rifle association's d.c. headquarters. parents upset after a news4. coming up in sports in "the cooley report." two quarterbacks, rg3 and k.c.-1 that's kirk cousins. >> i'm going to give you one my
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>> a little treat. as "news4 at 6" continues. a nurled investigation is under way at a pope you lard park. pat collins has more on the search for a killer. >> i just heard it on the news and rushed over to pick up my kids. >> reporter: it's right behind this school. >> that's what i was saying. >> reporter: a saying of murder, in ft. lincoln park, right behind marshall elementary school. parents of students here on edge. very disturbing. very disturbing. i want onned to make sure i pick up my chin. >> police sources tell the story this way around 11:00 this morning, a woman walking her dog
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found the body of a man near a park bench. he appears to have been shot there was a cigarette. the crime scene is enormous. there's a maze of yellow take that runs this way and dr the may where the man was shot and killed. something that might lead them to the killer. >> and this is pretty unusual. >> reporter: this is a popular city park in the ft. lincoln community. so for something like this to happen, you can imagine what neighbors are saying. >> what is this world coming to? senseless deaths like that? behind a school?
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>> i don't think -- every time i come, you know, to see what's going on behind me. that's why i have my dog. >> reporter: according to a her sent home by the principal, students did not see the body in the park. all school activities today were held indoors, and will continue to be held indoors until police complete their investigation. live in northeast, pat collins, news4. >> thanks, pat. a 20-year-old college student has been charged in a stabbing that happened in a local campus dormitory. the man's name is francis mcgwire. police say he got into a fight on friday night, in arlington, virginia. mcgwire allegedly stabbed a victim who was found pleading in a dormitory hallway. he may face additional charges related to alcohol and drugs. now to the latest on the school shooting in connecticut.
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tonight the community of newtown is in mourning. family and friends said their final good-byes. connecticut's governor is calling for a moment of silence this friday. authorities say the investigation is going to be a lengthy process. the gunman's home computer was badly damaged, and police will have to conduct hundreds of interviews that will include the young survivors. very, very tender issue? any interviews will be done with professionals, with parents, and with investigators. >> police say san hook will probably remain a locked-down crime scene for several months. moving trucks removed furniture today to take it to a temporary building where the students will go to school after the holidays. that awful situation in connecticut is raising questions about gun laws in this country. today protesters marched to the nra offices on capitol hill.
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some people feel that association is preventing congress from passing new gun control regulations. chris gordon reports from the hill tonight. >> reporter: some of these marchers are taking a position on gun control for the very first time because of the shootings in connecticut. >> this is a great protection for unborn babies and no protection for once the babies get here? something is wrong with this picture. >> reporter: 20 children killed at sandy hook, six adults, the gunman apparently killed himself. it follows the shoot action in colorado and adds voices to the call for gun control, as witnessed by the size of this group demonstrating at the nra's capitol hill offices. >> i was here in the summertime when there was only ten of us in front of that same building when aurora happened. now i'm glad that more are showing up. unfortunately it takes incidents like this to get people organized. >> and demand that they stand
6:32 pm
down and get out of the way so congress can pass sensible gun control legislation. >> reporter: some have been fighting over this issue for a long time. >> i'm a ville my mother was slain by her ex-husband. i was an eyewitness to that. he then turned the gun on me. fortunately the gun malfunctioned. this is why i'm here today. >> reporter: there are passionate arguments on both sides. a worker nearby heard of demonstrators and showed up to present an opposing view. >> quite frankly i'm tired of the argument only be one-sided when there's a tragedy. there's only one answer and it's more gun control. well, this was a gun-free zone. the truth is if there was one teacher or one principal armed that could have come in and ended the violence. >> the nra has taken down its facebook page and hasn't tweeted
6:33 pm
since they should. to my request, the na said it's not giving interviews or making statements today the protesters are hoping to continue the discussion here on capitol hill. >> art that made his way back to his former elementary school here in d.c. today. vernon davis playing for the 49ers, the winning 49ers as of last night. he was in boston last night, but he drove eight hours to attend a holiday assembly at his old school. tom sherwood reports from trucedale elementary. >> reporter: in the lobby, all was calm. little children wearing holiday headgear needily lined up just like the teachers said to do for the holiday assembly. >> holiday message for today is cheer and generosity and
6:34 pm
inspiration. >> reporter: at trussdale inspiration campus and like schools across the country, educators just wanted a holiday season school event, but here there was something special. it's all about you all. are you all excited? yay! >> reporter: san francisco's nfl star vernon davis was back in his hometown after playing late sunday night near boston, he was passing out gives. the dunbar and maryland graduate said it was important for him to be there. >> reporter: you drove eight hours? >> we left at 2:00 a.m. it was important when i came back here. i remember when i was a kid, i always wanted that hero to show up. >> reporter: school business manager charles robertson has been here since 1993. >> vernon was very mature and very responsible. when he was at fifth and sixth
6:35 pm
grate. >> reporter: davis to youered over the children, many of the same age as those in sandy hook element tear school. >> very touching. it shows how much we to pay attention and love the kids especially right now. >> the aspirin wall was gl-- aspirin wall was glad to have the diversion. >> i hope the parents turned over the tvs over the weekend so the children had as little -- two marked cars were stolen in two days. they look like this one. the latest was taken from the 1500 block of princess street late friday night. another car was stolen thursday night on duke street. this one was found in -- a shotgun and police computer were missing. a man from guatemala was
6:36 pm
found with two pounds of cocaine in some stew jars at dulles airport. customs agents made the discovery. inspectors became suspicious, because the jars felt just a bit too heavy. the man was detained, but not charged with any crimes. customs agencies say he'll be send back to guatemala unless an asylum officer allows him to stay. the maryland horse racing industry has reached a ten-year deal. they signed the agreement with the thoroughbred horse men's association. it guarantees 100 race days a year. the 2013 racing schedule features 146 days of live racing at the major tracks. maryland racing commission will vote on that proposed schedule
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tomorrow. still ahead on "news4 at 6," a dramatic finish, why nasa is crashing two of its own spacecraft into the moon. >> and the new app. designed to help you stay safe while -- >> reporter: the weather picking up a bit. the fog has actually lifted. we're down here for zoo lights, a very nice night, but we're going to talk more
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big cooldown at the end of the week. the orbiters hit the surface at nearly 4,000 miles an hour. nasa says they planned that crash. they were nearly out of fuel. scientists wanted to make sure they didn't hit any of the places where the apollo astronauts landed. they were there to match differences in gravity. this holiday season is a popular option. take it to new york or philadelphia could cost you just $1 or $20. an app. can help you know if
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you're traveling safety. if the administration created the app. to check the safety reports of any bus companies. there were several deadly crashes, including this one in virginia last year. safety is important on board and before you even get on the bus. >> we would encourage -- is it an easily acceterminal. discount bus travel has become extremely popular nationwide. there are 750 million trips on those buses every year. dan is out there with chris cooley, who's got to be feeling chipper and cheery today after, what, a five-game winning streak? >> first time since 2007. talking about the two quarterbacks and the defense and anything else you want to talk
6:42 pm
about. >> whatever. i think it was 2005. we only won four in 2007.
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an athlete. my goodness. "the cooley report" after this. hello, everybody. i'm meteorologist doug kammerer live at the national zoo for zoo lights which goes on between now and the first of the year.
6:45 pm
they'll be open ever night 5:00 to 9:00 with the exception of christmas eve, christmas day and new year's eve, but this is a fantastic way to get out there and enjoy the zoo. this is a free event. okay, kids, go ahead and leave. say hi to everybody. they came over pretty quick. >> did you do the tubing? >> yeah, it was really fun. >> did you do the carousel? >> yes. >> which one should i do? >> it was really fun. >> reporter: i should do both is what they're trying to do.
6:46 pm
it's a sloor-power carousel by pepco, by the way. the temperatures are on the warm side take a look at the wider picture, and rain down to the south, actually severe weather, both those directions, but that's not going to make its way here. we'll see a few showers. overnight lows into the mid 40s. 47 in washington, 44 down in manassas, back into the 50s, it will be windy. temperatures dropping down into the 40s, and snow! >> yay! >> reporter: no, i'm just kidding. no snow in the forecast. you guys didn't get excited. they knew i was kidding, i guess. sorry, guys.
6:47 pm
>> that was just mean, doug. just plain mean. not that close to christmas especially. [ laughter ] dan hellie is out there with chris cooley. i heard chris saying something earlier about one-liners from cousins? i'm curious to hear about it. >> why don't we get right to that. the big story after throwing for 329 yards, winning on the road, the redskins now 8-6 due in part to a stellar performance by the guy you referred to as the other rookie quarterback. what is he saying out there on the field? he gets a couple big touchdown passes -- >> right away kirk is a natural leader. every time he enters the huddle, he says "team." then he calls the play. the one- -- those are not my one-liners.
6:48 pm
the first was firsthand we're trying to run the clock out. he gets off the headwet is kyle, comes into the huddle and says, guys, i want to talk to you for a couple seconds, i want to talk to you, first, protect the ball, second, stay in bounds. team. then he calls the play. my second one-liner that i loved i heard secondhand from rex grossman. he comes off the sideline, he says, rex, the fourth quarter, it's crunch time, we have to win this thing. he said, okay, kirk, go get them. >> i heard he says boo-ya. >> i didn't hear any in the game, bud i notice he's a big fan of boo-ya. >> he starts the interception, then the touchdown pass. what gusts on that. it looked like he was throwing into triple coverage on that pass. he threw it on a rope. >> we ran it up our keeper
6:49 pm
protection or bootleg protection. we give the quarterback a low to medium to hide read. i haven't really seen the read progress to the deep flow in our keeper game in three years, maybe once in the preseason. kirk comes out and finds the gale he's supposed to go to. tres's instincts is -- hankerson is a big player as well. >> the guy doing the colors he was amazed by the progressions, looking like a veteran quarterback. robert griffin iii gives him a -- kirk says time for you to take over the reigns, let's go to the playoffs. do you think that's the case? itches well, he'll have to prove he's healthy. i think he'll have a look tomorrow with the team doctors and trainers. we want to make sure he can play. you don't want to go into the playoffs with him limping around
6:50 pm
and not being ability to run the you don't want to risk further injury to your franchise quarterback. clearly kirk proved he can play. we want robert in there, there's no controversy. we want him in there if we can. >> i promised we would talk about -- by spectacular i mean he got really tough yardage. that was their game plan coming in totally obvious. >> he talked trash? >> yeah, someone got under his skin and he was talking a little trash. >> i like that. >> this is although whoa favorite part of my game. he looked at the running back coach who i like to refer to as afred's dad. and he says i was talking trash and looked at bobby t. and said, yeah, he's going to be mad, so he turned around and left. so you could tell he was running
6:51 pm
hard all game. defensively they were held opponents to three points, seven, seven points respectively. each of those games rob jackson has made a big play. i've asked and he's deliver. is this something you would expect out of the rob jackson? >> that's just the way it goes. >> jordan black is backup tackle has been suspended for the remainder of this season for using performance-enhancing drugs. most would think this is a huge blow. linemen are tough. i would be surprised if they did not play against the eagles. is that a fair assessment? >> i would be surprised to see
6:52 pm
guys not play. i heard about the injury today, so i don't know exactly what happened, just that he was a little sore. we have to talk about the wizards. john wall talked to the media for the first time in a long time. he got a bit of good news. he was cleared for some basketball-related activity. the wizards have the worst record in the nba, which is what john wall had to say about his prospects for playing in the near future. >> it's very tough on me. i wanted to play basketball, you know what i mean? i like the way the new guys, the attitude of the team. i feel like the team is better. it's tough when you have to sit -- we're giving it all, playing it hard every night. >> doesn't sound, though, like wall is going to be back any time soon. before we go and send it back to
6:53 pm
you guys in the studio, the giants laid an absolute egg. they have handed the division to you guys on the platter. all you have 20 do is win out. next week they play the ravens. what was your prediction about that game? >> i'm always going to predict the nfc east to lose. i think that's a good team guy. no one's going to hand it to us. i think no one in our locker room believes it's going to be handed to us. everyone is going to try to say you guys are the best right now. we're not buying into it we've been down all year, we have to play with that attitude. >> possibly hosting a playoff game first time in a long time. >> check me out on something. did i hear somewhere, i didn't see the fourth quarter, that the dog pound was gone for most of the fourth quarter? they weren't even there? could that be? >> after the browns scored that late touchdown, that bomb, they got pumped up again, but when
6:54 pm
the redskins marched down the field, that place cleared out in a hurry. did you notice?
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♪ ♪ [ children laughing ] ♪ [ female announcer ] sometimes, if you wish hard enough, you get exactly what you want for christmas. welcome to christmas town: a busch gardens celebration.
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discover the wonder at that's the way we roll.
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>> we'll be right back. one more check on the weather. have those children forgiven you? >> reporter: no, they've thrown a couple things at me, but other than that, they are gone. we're looking good temperaturewise, make tomorrow even upper 50s, but it will be rather windy tomorrow and on wednesday. still rather breezy. the rain moves in on thursday night into the day early friday. friday most of this should be dry, but friday will be the day we see big changes, much colder and very windy. if you want to come out to zoolights, come on out. tomorrow night and wednesday night looking great. and snow! they didn't carry, either. >> thanks, doug. a beloved movie prop has a
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