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tv   Meet the Press  NBC  December 24, 2012 2:05am-3:05am EST

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>> this chef's kitchen makes entertaining so pleasurable. the sleep cabinetry and maple floors beautifully complement the ceasarstone counter tops. cheese puffs are world famous. but first, i have to go get ready for my tennis match. the mo -- omni tennis court is built for durability and has an outstanding natural glass -- grass appearance. our local tennis pro is going to get me ready for our neighborhood match final. >> how are you? >> thank you. awesome. let's work on your form today.
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>> this stunning shoreline pool and a spot certainly sets the tone for this piece of backyard -- the shoreline pool and spa certainly sets the tone. we are facing west, glorious sunsets, and to be able to do your laps. >> thank you for visiting bessel lane. every minute on this property is joyful. >> still ahead, george is rescuing a family basement, and up next, a life of luxury with coldwell banker. >> "open house" is brought to you by coldwell banker real estate. for over 100 years, coldwell banker has understood the value of a home. coldwell banker, where home
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>> welcome back to "open house." next, the experts at coldwell banker are filling us in on the details of what the ultra luxury buyer is looking for. >> hi, my name is chris cortazzo with coldwell banker, here in malibu, california, home to some of the most luxurious properties in the world, notwithstanding some of the best weather, as well. i am here today to talk about the luxury market report. it looks like the home buying of the ultra luxurious consumer. location is the number one criteria.
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however, there are some new trends which are occurring, which are exciting for our marketplace. so who is being ultra luxury consumer? 72% are local, many are entrepreneurs, 54% are married with children, 39% of international buyers are coming from asia, and 62% are between 45 to 52 years old. in greenwich, conn., and in california, most are married with children, but in miami, they are more likely to be high- net-worth entrepreneurs. the report also asks, what interests the ultra luxury consumer when it comes to real estate? it should be no surprise that 79% of the agents say it is location that is the most
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important aspect for the ultra luxury buyer. a new phenomenon, seeking architecture. they are veering away from the spanish, mediterranean, traditional, ornate, into the more simplistic style, where you have a high ceiling and a lot of glass. in miami, it is all about lifestyle. they want premier schools, amazing views, and tropical weather. in greenwich, it is all about privacy. they want access to private schools. to find out more about this report, please visit >> coming up after the break -- >> no way.
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>> welcome back to "open house." now, george is helping a family finally finished repairing their home.
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>> this week's rescue brings us to queens, new york, to the home of the manuel family, he is a hero in more than one ways. he made sure his entire family got out safe when the home was burning down, and it is being put back together, but there are still some jobs to be done, and that is why we are here today. >> hi, i am lee manuel. >> and i am denise. >> a police of a surge in the new york city police department for over 18 years now -- i have been a police officer in the new york city police department. i have a chance to interact with the community. >> we have lived here since 2007. we have two girls, one 2, one
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some months. >> in 2010, we had the fire. denise was at work, and i and my daughter were home. i saw the smoke, and i knew we had to get out right away. that fast, the fire engulfed the house. i had never experienced anything like that before, and that is a feeling i will never forget, seeing your whole house on fire like that. the rebuilding process is tough. yes, for lack of a better word, it has been tough. contractors. >> insurance companies. >> insurance companies. >> at first, we were, like, "we can do this house in six weeks." we did not move back in until february 2012. we started in the basement. >> it is pretty raw.
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i definitely would like to make it into a place when we come home, a place of relaxation. >> a man cave. >> a man cave. >> he wants to turn it into a man cave. >> our whole house now. >> hey, what's up? how are you? >> good morning. >> good morning. i am here to surprise you with good news. we are here to rescue you. >> wow, wow. >> yeah. helping us out is our general contractor in our designer, courtney. >> we have to get to cameras before we can move forward on this. >> kind of chic. >> first, you have to get some
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stuff out of here so we can get to work. >> you do not want this getting in your lungs or in your eyes. some tips to make things easier by 1000 times when you are hanging drywall, when you have got it opened up and all of the studs expos, take a pencil, and mark we're all of the studs are -- opened up and all of the studs are exposed. take a pencil, and mark where all of this guns -- the studs are. >> a personal touch.
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>> whoo-hoo! >> all right, guys, well, we definitely got him his space back. >> three televisions, perfect. >> and considering the small space we had to work with, i think it is amazing. >> well, what do you say we show them? >> done. >> hey, welcome home. >> how is it going? >> how are you, my friend? >> good. >> the home is better than when you left it. are you ready to check it out? let's go. yes, you are ready. you know where the basement is. ok. shall we? three, two, one -- >> whoa!
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>> nice. >> no way. no way. >> you like it? it is nice. >> this is not the same space. no way this is the same slaves -- place. boy, this is unbelievable. >> you like it? all right. >> you have taken care of all of us. you now have a comfortable place to hang out and watch the game, listen to some music and enjoy the family. >> thank you. thank you. >> you are welcome. >> thank you, guys. >> if you or someone you know is
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in name of a rescue, email us your story. that's all for this week's episode of "open house." join us next week for more of america's top properties and design. and if you missed something on today's show, or you just want to see more of these amazing homes, head to you can also join our facebook family or follow us on twitter, @openhousetv. thanks for stopping in. i am sara gore, and i will see you next week on an all-new episode of "open house."
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>> announcer: from nbc news in washington, the world's longest running television program, this is "meet the press" with david gregory. >> good sunday morning. it's been nine days since the tragic shooting at sandy hook elementary in newtown, connecticut and the debate over gun control has been revived. here with us exclusively this morning, the man at the ten ter of that debate, the ceo and executive vice president of the nra, wayne lapierre. i want to get right to it.
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>> the only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. >> you proposed armed guards in school. we'll talk about that in some detail in a moment. you confronted the news media, you blamed hollywood and the gaming industry but never once did you concede that guns could actually be part of the problem. is that meaningful contribution, mr. lapierre, or a dodge? >> david, i said what i honestly thought and what hundreds of millions of people all over this country will believe will actually make a difference. i can't imagine a more horrible tragedy. we all have 5-year-olds in our family in some way. we all put ourselves in that situation and have tears in our eyes. the nra, we have 11,000 police training instructors, 80,000 police families, we're 4 million members and we set down and we said what can we do will actually make a difference today to make these kids safe?
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>> but not conceding guns play any role about the meaningful contribution? >> look, i know there's a media machine in this country that wants to blame guns every time something happens, i know there's an anti-second amendment history in in town, for 20 years they say it's because americans own guns. what every mom and dad will make them feel better when they drop their kid off in school in january is if we have a police officer in that school, a good guy, that if some horrible monster tries to do something, they'll be there to protect them. >> we'll talk about that and more specifics but you're talking about some of the old complaints you make againsts news media and such. nobody said it's only about gun, not the president or anybody else. i'd like to get to some the reaction to you on friday. a lot of people were frankly shocked by your presentation. he was the "new york post," conservative publication, and there's the headline "gun nut,
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nra loon in bizarre rant." and "the hartfrd courant." chris murphy "walking out of another funeral and was handed the statement. the most tone deaf statement i've ever seen. just the reaction to the reaction to your words? >> if it's crazy to call for pl putting police and armed security in our schools, then call me crazy. i think the american people think it's crazy not to do it. it's the one thing that will keep americans safe the nra iskb going to do that. we're going to support an immediate appropriation before congress to put them in school and we're going to work with asa hutchinson who has agreed to work with us, drawing on retired military, drawing on retired
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police, on former secret service and all these people that can actually go in and make our kids safe. that's the one thing that we can do. >> the one and only thing? you don't think guns should be part of the conversation. >> i think that's the one thing that will immediately make our children safe. >> is it the only thing? >> gun control, you could ban all dianne feinstein, do whatever she wants to with magazines, it's not going to make any kid safer. we got to get to the real problem, the real causes and tease what the nra is trying to do. i have peel all over the country calling me and saying, wayne, i went to bed safer last night because i have a firearm. don't let the media try to make this a gun issue. >> that's argument, it not fact. >> it is fact. >> a feeling is not fact. a feeling is a sense of reassurance, that's not what you're presenting. let's talk more specifically about what you're talking about, armed guards in school. there are successful examples.
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fairfax county, virginia has armed officers. there are examples where it hasn't worked. the columbine tragedy, it doesn't stop the tragedy. >> there were armed guards there and they didn't go in. they were under orders that if something happened they were to call the police for backup. >> they exchanged fires with the shooters. >> they are waited for the swat team to show up and the swat team sat outside and tried to figure out what to do. every procedure has been changed as a result of that. >> they exchanged fire with the shooters. your principle of having armed guard was the true at columbine, was it not? >> they've changed every police procedure since columbine. i don't understand why you can't just for a minute imagine that when that horrible monster tried to shoot his way into sandy hook school that if a good guy with a gun had been there, he might have been able to stop him. >> i'm just trying to test your
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views here, mr. lapierre about how it would actually work. how many do you think you have to have on campus and where? is it sufficient to have them at the front of the school? >> that's up to our police. our police do this every day. they protect the president, the secret service does. they protect the capitol, they protect office buildings. most of the media -- i know you don't have armed guards here but most of the media when i go around this country, they're protected by armed guards. why can't we protect our most precious research? there was a secret service study that was done. you know what it showed? it showed that the police trying to get there in time only stop 25% of the shooters. the rest of them are either stopped by somebody in the system or they turn the gun on themselves. that's a pretty darn good argument for putting a good guy in the system somewhere with a gun to help our kids. >> again, it may be the case. do you allow volunteers or do they have to be police officers? would you have volunteer forces there? >> i think you need police
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immediately because that's something that we can get done and i think what congressman asa hutchinson is going to look to do, and he got there long. we called him, deputy director of home land security, he's going to put together a program like they had in israel. israel had a whole lot of school shootings until they did one thing. they said we're going to stop it and they put armed security in every school and they have not had a problem since then. let's make our kids safe. let's not argue about this endless argument about gun role. >> would you concede as good of an idea as you think this is, it may not work because there have been cases where armed guards have not prevented this kind of massacre, this kind of carnage. you would concede that point, wouldn't you? >> i'm saying that if i'm a mom or a dad -- >> you're saying we ought to try. >> if i'm a mom or dad, i'd feel a whole lot safer with these great men and women on police forces -- >> you have to concede it may not work. >> nothing's perfect, david but, gosh, it's going to be better -- >> who pays?
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a third of the school already have armed policemen or armed guard there. would the nra be prepared to help financially? is it a budgetary matter feasible? would federal grants be necessary to provide this kind of fire power? >> we have all kinds of foreign aid we do. my gosh, we're doing $2 billion to train the police in iraq right now. with all the money in the federal budget, if we can't come up to do this, there's something wrong. we fund the child safety program right now as a model of the school for kids too young to be around guns. it teaches them if you see a gun, stop, leave the area. we have child accidents down to the lowest level ever in history. >> here's something you said on friday that struck me because this is really the nub of the argument about armed security. what if when adam lanza started
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shooting his way into sandy hook elementary school last friday he'd been confronted by qualified armed security? will you at least admit it's possible that 26 little kids, that 26 innocent lives might have been spared that day? is it so abhorrent to you that you'd rather continue to risk the alternative? >> because that's your standard is that fewer people should be killed. that's the goal here. and the standard is if it's possible, your words, if it's possible that lives could be spared, shouldn't we try that. that's your standard, isn't it? >> i'll tell you my standard is this -- you can't legislate morality. legislation works on the sane, the law abiding. it doesn't work on criminals -- >> if it's possible to reduce the loss of life, you're up for trying it? >> there are monsters out there every day and we need to do
2:30 am
something to stop them. >> if it's possible to reduce the loss of life, you're worth trying it, correct? >> i want it. that's what i'm proposing. >> let's stipulate you're right. let's say armed guards might work. let's widen the argument a little bit. here is a magazine for ammunition that carries 30 bullets. isn't it possible that if we got rid of these, if we replaced them and said can you only have a magazine that carries five bullets or ten bullets, isn't it just possible we could reduce the carnage in a situation like -- >> i don't believe that'ses going to make one difference. there are so many ways to evade that. you had that for ten years when dianne feinstein passed that ban in '94, it was on the books. columbine occurred right in the middle of it. it didn't make any difference. i know everyone -- this town wants to argue about gun control. i don't think it's what will work. what will work is this, i'll tell you this -- >> this is a matter of logic. anybody watching this is going to say i just heard mr. lapierre
2:31 am
say the standard is we should try anything that might reduce the violence and you're telling me it's not a matter of comensense that you if you don't have an ability to shoot off 30 rounds without reloading that just possibly you could reduce the loss of life, that adam lanza may not have been able to shoot as many kids if he didn't have as much ammunition? >> i don't buy your argument. there are so many different ways he could done it, endless amount of ways a mondster -- >> a federal judge wrote in the los angeles times "bystanders got to tucson shooter jared loughner and subdued him only after he emptied one 31-round magazine and was trying to load another. adam lanza, the newtown shooter, chose at his primary ammunition. i get it.
2:32 am
someone bent on mass murder who has only a ten-round magazine or revolvers at his disposal probably is not going to abandon his plan and try to talk his problems out. but we might be able to take the "mass" out of mass shooting or at least make the perpetrator's job a bit harder. >> i don't think it will. i keep saying it and up just won't accept it. it's not going to work. it hasn't worked. dianne feinstein had her ban and columbine happened. we have a mental health system in this country that's completely collapsed. we have no national database of these lunatics. 23 states -- how long ago was virginia tech? 23 states are still putting on a small number of records into the system and a lot of states are putting none. so when they go through the national instant check system and they go to try to screen out one of those lunatics, the record are not even in the system. i talked to a police officer the other day, he said, wayne, every police officer walking the street knows some lunatic out
2:33 am
there, some mentally disturbed person that ought to be in an institution is out walking the street because they dealt with the institutional side, they didn't want mentally ill in institutions so they put them all back on the street and nobody thought what happens when you put all these mentally ill people back on the streets and what happens when they start taking their medicine? we have a completely cracked mentally ill system that's got these monsters walking the streets and we've got to deal with the underlying causes and connections if we're ever going to get to the truth in this country and stop this. >> a lot of people would agree with that, there a lot of difficulties with regard to getting that kind of mental health information because there's privacy laws, states not contributing to a national registry. isn't par of the issue background checks? you got 40% of sales that go on without any background checks. are you prepared for broader background checks if you don't think the ammunition road is the way to go? >> we have baksd the national instant check system, backed
2:34 am
putting anybody mentally adjudicated into the system. you're going o go into the oh, it's a gun show loophole. what the anti-second amendment movement wants to do is put every gun sale in the country under the thumb of the federal government. congress debated this at length. they said if you're a -- a hobbyist or collector, a hunter in virginia wants to sell the gun to another hunter, they ought to be able to do it without being under the thumb of the federal government. >> if you want to check and screen more thoroughly for the mentally ill, why not screen more thoroughly for everybody and eliminate the fact that 40% with buy a weapon without any background check? >> we don't prosecute anybody under the gun laws right now. >> that's not responsive to the question. i hear you saying you can't do anything about high capacity ammunition magazines because it simply won't work yet you're
2:35 am
proposing things that might not work. you're standard is anything that has a chance of working we ought to try except when it has to do with guns or ammunition. don't you see that people see thoo as a complete dodge? >> nra supports what works. we have supported prison building, supported projects where every time you catch a criminal with a gun, a drug dealer with a gun, a violent felon with a gun, you prosecutor them 1 sh00% of the time. if you want to control violent criminals, take them off the streets. we supported instant check systems, getting the records into the instant check system. >> even the instant check system has huge holes just like the mental health registry. >> the biggest single hole right now if you're a felon and you walk into a gun store and you try to buy a gun and they go, oh, you're a felon and we're
2:36 am
going to turn you do, they let you walk out and they don't prosecute you. it's like bonnie and clyde. it like clyde goes in and tries to buy a gun. he goes back to bonnie and said i got bad news, they didn't sell me a gun. the good news is they let me go, they didn't do anything to me. they go about and commit their crime. >> is senator feinstein's bill to revive the assault weapon ban going to pass? >> i think that is phoney legislation. it's all built on lies. my gosh, people in the media, i reveer their communication skills but they have an obligation to be factually truthful. everything these politicians are saying about that is not true. they say see guns are more powerful, not true, that they leave bigger holes, not true, that they're weapons of war, not
2:37 am
true. they say they're military guns like our soldiers use, not gun. >> i haven't said any of those things this morning. >> i know. >> our conversation is about what i'm asking. you think it won't pass and you wouldn't support any reduction of capacity magazines? we don't think it works and we're not going to support it. i was in a cnn studio and they started running this footage of somebody shooting dianne feinstein's guns and saying these are the guns the nra wants to put back on the streets. i said i challenge the man from cnn to defend this story because you faked the story. they went to the range the following monday and showed the fire arms that were on dianne feinstein's ban list shoot no different and perform no different than the one she doesn't want. it all a lie. >> what about being part of this panel by the president. are you interested in a conversation with the administration about gun safety measures? >> if it's gun safety i think
2:38 am
the best person to represent the nra is congressman asa hutchinson on that. if it's a panel that's just going to be made up of 20 people that for the last year that have been trying to destroyed the second amendment, i'm not interested in sitting on that panel. the american people support the freedom. >> is there any new gun regulation that you could support? >> i'll tell what you would work right now. tomorrow morning, and the nra would be there every step of the way, if president obama would walk in and tell the attorney general of the united states to tell every u.s. attorney if you catch a drug dealer on the street with a gun, prosecute him and take him off the street, violent felon, violent criminal, take him off the street. >> so there's no new gun regulation you would support? >> this is what would work. >> i'm asking you a drirect
2:39 am
question. is there any enough drug regulation you would support? after the debates of the 90s and today, could we make the assault weapon ban better -- >> you want one more law on top of 20,000 laws when most of the federal gun laws we don't even enforce. if every u.s. attorney would do only ten cases a month that, would be 12,000 cases. if they would do 20 a month, it would be 24,000 cases. that would get the worst people in the country that are killing people off the street. right now, david, do you know how many cases we're doing in the whole country on prosecutingnd all the federal gun laws? take a guess. take a guess. >> you tell me. >> 6,000. it's pitiful. and the drug dealers and the gangs and the criminals know it and they go about their business and there are 25,000 violent crimes a week in the country and at the scene of the crime is the criminal and -- >> isn't it striking, mr. lapierre, that your goal is to
2:40 am
reduce violence in this country and i think back to the reaction after the oklahoma city bombing, the reaction after 9/11. nobody said there was one thing that was going to work. look at how extensive the federal government actions they thought, some worked, some don't. that was your standard. that's what you said on friday. if it's worth trying, why not do it. that's your position on armed guards and a lot of people would agree with you yet nothing will having to do with gun safety and up seem to excuse the role that guns play in violence in in society. >> the gun is the tool. the problem is the criminal. every police officer that walks the street knows if you want to control violent crime, take violent criminals off the street. richmond, virginia, they had one of the worst murder rates in the country until they put out the word if you're a drug dealer on the street with a gun, we're going to pick you up and you're going to federal prison.
2:41 am
they immediately cut murder with guns by about 60%, 70%. criminal operate outside the system. you got to get them off the street and into treatment. we're not doing this in this country. >> has the environment changed, mr. lapierre? the supreme court has confirmed gun owner rights in this country, mayor bloomberg was on the program last week saying you tried to get the president not to be reelected u, you failed i this effort. each said you don't have the clout that you had politically in this town in past debates. >> the american people, i know one thing about them, they value their freedom. when the reality of the consequences of what the politicians in this town and the media and elites want to do to their rights and take them away, i think they'll do what they've done historically, defend the freedom. the american public knows the scene of the crime, it's a
2:42 am
criminal and a victim. mayor bloomberg, new york city, if you're rich and your famous, you get your permit, if you're a .300 hitter with the mets ush get a permit, a big developer, you get a permit, wall street executive, you get a permit, the mayor's buddy, you get your permit. if you're a guy in the bronx, most in need of protection, you're flat out of luck. we're about the average guy, the noncelebrity, the non .300 hitter. the average guy in the country values his freedom, doesn't believe he can own a gun as part of the problem and doesn't like the media and high-profile politicians blaming him -- >> do you have the same clout you've always had politically if. >> our support is always the americans people, decade in and out. the strength of the nra is the american public and i believe they are on our side to defend freedom. >> bottom line, if there is an approach after newtown that
2:43 am
includes mental health, that includes gratuitous violence in our media, in our gaming industry and includes gun regulations, will you support it or oppose it? >> we are going to support what works, putting an armed guard in every single school, we're going to try to fix the mental health system, we're want people prosecuted, and we're going to protect the american people i think that's why people join the nra to protect their freedom. >> mr. lapierre, thank you for your views. >> thank you for having me. >> coming up, does the gun control debate have new momentum or will it suffer the same fate it has in the past? joining me democratic senator chuck schumer and republicans senator lindsey graham. >> plus, eight day before the mi fiscal cliff. what are the prospects for a solution? we know why we're here. to chart a greener path in the air and in our factories.
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we're back with senator chuck schumer of new york and lindsey graham. senator schumer, your reaction to wayne lapierre. he is saying any attempt the president makes at gun control legislation is bound to fail because it won't work and it's just a bunch of old arguments. how do you react? >> i think he's so extreme and so tone deaf that he actually helps the cause of us passing sensible gun legislation in the congress. look, he blames everything but guns, movies, the media, president obama, gun-free school zones, you name it, the video
2:51 am
games, he blames them. now, trying to prevent shootings in schools without talking about guns is like trying to prevent lung cancer without talking about cigarettes. he is so adamant that i believe gun owners turn against him as well. look, he says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. what about trying to stop the bad guy from getting the gun in the first place. that's common sense, most americans agree with it and i just think he's turning people off. that's not where america is at and he's actually helping us. >> senator graham, there are nra supporters, colleagues in the senate who are saying, look, let's not just make this a conversation about kbguns, it's got to be a broader conversation but i heard wayne lapierre say, no, he will not sign on to any new gun legislation. do you believe him?
2:52 am
>> i don't think there's anybody in the country that doesn't feel sick in their stomach. i can't imagine a worse situation than getting a call as a parent saying something that happened at hool, a shooting or anything else and you go there and your child is killed. so let's just start with that understanding. here's the conversation, we can talk all day long, we had an armed guard in columbine, an assault ban, neither worked. we're talking about preventing mass murder by nontraditional criminals, people who are not traditionally criminal, who are not wired right nor some reason. i don't know if there's anything lindsey graham can do in the senate to stop mass murder that's hell bent on murdering -- >> but there's got to be -- that can't be the default of legislators in our country that, there's not a public policy role to address mass violence when we've had the number of mass shootings even since 2007 that are show shocking.
2:53 am
the question from wayne lapierre is what did the assault weapon ban accomplish, preventing high-capacity magazines. that's something you're challenged by. >> the amount of gun violence since we passed the assault weapons ban and the brady law is down considerably. is it as good as it should be? absolutely not. but we have to keep working on this. and there are lots of different solutions. the pro-gun people who say don't include guns and the pro safety people like myself who say don't look at other solutions is wrong, just as you said on your show. we have look at a holistic solution. we cannot make the new normal one of these mass shootings every month and that seems to be what's happening. so much we should try all kinds of different things. >> so what do you do differently here? the american people have been here before, had you a weapons ban for ten years, it expires.
2:54 am
does the president want this fight? if he wants it, how is he going towin it? there a lot of difficulties getting a weapons ban through, questions but who it would work and even banning the high capacity magazines. what do you do different lily t what you've done before? >> how were we able to pass the brady law and assault weapon ban in the mid 90s? the average citizen was fed up with crime and on our side. because of those laws and other laws crime declined. now that these mass shootings seem to be almost the new normal, i think the broad middle will rise up and that will help us. in the last ten years the whole debate has been dominated by the small but militant number 3 million, 4 million nra people in the -- >> as a republican, do you think the nra has the same clout to be
2:55 am
absolutist about this, even if it means searching compromise it is may not look and maybe the entertainment industry has to accept compromises it may not like. >> i own an ar-15. the question is if you deny me the right to buy another one, do you make it safer? you try to get murderers off the street by better mental health detection, try to find ways that understands them who they are. i don't suggest we ban every movie with a gun in it and every video that's violent and i don't suggest you take my right to buy an ar-15 away from me because i don't think it will work and i do believe better security in schools is a good place to start. >> would you ban high-capacity magazine, senator? >> the whole goal is to interrupt the shooter, right? changing a magazine, can i do that pretty quick. the best way to interrupt the shoot ser to keep them out of the school and if they get out
2:56 am
of the school, having somebody who can interrupt them through armed force. i don't want to sit here and tell you we're one law away from solving this problem. this problem runs deep and runs wide. i live in south carolina-che,- e in new york. i understand how he was brought up. but people where i live other than christmas shopping all weekend have come up to me please don't let the government take my guns away and i'm going to stand against another assault ban because it didn't work before and it won't work in the future. >> i know we could talk about this indefinitely. but i want to move on and get to another seemingly intractable debate and that's the fiscal cliff. congress has left town and there's no deal here. senator schumer, the president is now proposing a smaller deal. are we going to avoid the fiscal cliff by the first of the year or not? >> i hope so. if you look at the final positions last monday of both the president and speaker boehner, they were this close,
2:57 am
they were this close to a solution. the president was about $200 billion higher on revenues, speaker boehner $200 billion higher on spending cuts. out of a $4 trillion budget, that doesn't seem insurmountable. so i hope they would keep talking. my one bit of advice to speaker boehner is this -- you cannot pass a bill with just republicans. on a broad thing like this, you need both and he has put himself with plan b in sort of an impossible position. he has to get these hard right guys to go along with him. if he were to say and the president were to say we're going to pass a bill with a majority of democrats and majority of democrats in the house and senate we could get a mainstream bill. i know he's worried about his speakership but what i found in my 37 years as a legislator, when you show leadership, when you show redirection and courage, even people who disagree with you will vote for you for speaker. i would urge speaker boehner to
2:58 am
abandon this plan b strategy and work on a bipartisan solution. >> senator graham, the question for you is could you vote for a bill that extended tax cuts for 250,000 and below, extended unemployment insurance as the president wants to do and in some way delays some of these automatic spending cuts? could you vote for that in the short term? >> no. if you want leaders, then you have to lead the president has been a pattic fiscal leader. he's produced three budgets and can't get one vote for any of his budgets. boehner will be tip o'neill. obama needs to be ronald reagan. would vote for revenues, including tax rate hikes, even though i don't like them to save the country from becoming greece but i'm not going to set aside the 1.2 trillion in cuts. any hope of going over the fiscal cliff must start in the senate. not one democrat would support the idea that we could protect 99% of americans from a tax increase. boehner's plan b i thought made
2:59 am
as soon as. to my republican kcolleagues, te the ronald reagan model is if you get 80% of what you want, that's a good day. i lime simpson-bowles. the president is going to get tax rate hikes. to my republican colleagues, if we can protect 99% of the public from a tax hike that, is not a tax increase in my book. chuck, maybe you and me and some other people in the senate can find a way to find this on the short term but on the long term there's not going to be a deal any time soon. >> you think we're going to go over the cliff? >> i think we're going to fall out of the fiscal tree. the big chance at the big deal is at the debt ceiling. that's when we'll have leverage to turn the country around, prevent from becoming greece and save social security and medicare. to anybody listening, i will raise the debt ceiling orchl if we save medicare and social security from insolvency and
3:00 am
prevent this country from becoming greece. no more borrowing until we know why we're in debt to begin with. >> let me say this. i don't think that using the debt ceiling and defaulting on our debt, my dear friend lindsey graham, one. my best friends in the senate, is the way to go. that's risking the united states. the president has said he is not going to hold the credit of the united states so someone can achieve a political agenda. doesn't count on bargaining over the debt ceiling. on taxes, i know it's hard for the republicans but the president ran on that platform, 250, no tax increase for people below but taxes for people above. 60% of the voters said they were for it in the exit polls, including some republicans and yet our republican colleagues by refusing to go along with revenues are risking the fiscal cliff and make no mistake about it. if we go over, god forbid and i
3:01 am
still don't think we have to, the american people are going to blame the republican party and they'll come right back and pass something. so i don't think the middle class is at risk. if we go over the cliff, our republicans colleagues will come back and go uh-oh and pass the bill we passed in senate already. >> can check hagel become secretary of defense if he's the republican's nominee? >> a lot of republicans have asked hard questions. i don't think he's going to get many republicans votes. i like chuck but his positions are really out of the mainstream and well to the left of the president. i think it would be a challenging nominations but the hearings will matter. chuck will have a chance to defend himself. >> will you support him? >> i'm going to wait and see what happens in the hearings. i've got questions with chuck and iran, hamas and hezbollah, his position toward israel, just afghanistan. i want to hear what he has to say. but very troubling comments by a future secretary of defense. >> senator schumer, should the
3:02 am
president make that nomination? >> well, that's his choice. i think once he makes it his record will be studied carefully, but until that point i think we're not going to know what's going to happen. >> can you support him? >> i'd have to study his record. i'm not going to comment until the president makes a nomination. >> we're going to leave it there. gentlemen, happy holidays to you both. thank you both very much for your time. i appreciate it. the fiscal cliff talks, cabinet changes, what will define president obama's agenda at the first of the year? to the best vacation spot on earth. (all) the gulf! it doesn't matter which of our great states folks visit. mississippi, alabama, louisiana or florida, they're gonna love it. shaul, your alabama hospitality is incredible.
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