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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  December 28, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EST

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chopper 4 over the scene of a deadly town house fire in
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greenbelt, maryland, off laurel hill road just a couple hours ago. no word yet on what started that fire, but, again, one person is dead. two others have been rushed to the hospital. we'll have a live report from the scene coming up in our broadcast. first, though, talk about the weather here. another round of rain and snow coming our way. a winter weather advisory goes into effect at midnight. this is not expected to be a significant event, but it could create some problems on the roads. crews say they're ready. the highways in virginia and maryland have been pretreated ahead of the storm. hundreds of snow plows are on standby as people do what they do when they hear bad weather coming. they stock up on supplies. doug's going to el us how just how much we can expect and when. doug. >> yeah, jim. we're watching this storm actually make its way in right now. i think the pretreatment of the roadways is going to help in a big way as we make our way through the night tonight into early tomorrow morning. 38 degrees at the airport. winds out at the northeast at 3 miles an hour. no windchill to talk about.
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it's a fairly nice friday evening. as we make our way into saturday morning, we're going to run into a few problems. this is why. take a look at the temperatures. 38 here. below freezing well to the north and west including manassas, leesburg, and frederick. that means anything that does fall will most likely start to stick on the roadways and of course on other surfaces as well. any of the secondary roads could be problematic early tomorrow morning. that's why we do have that winter weather advisory in effect. it does not include the district, prince georges county, fairfax county and down toward the south and east including all of southern maryland, you're not in that advisory. north and west we're looking at that advisory around the i-81 corridor and route 50 through lowden county, up 270 up into montgomery and frederick counties. those areas under the winter weather advisory overnight tonight into early tomorrow morning for the potential for accumulating snowfall. here's the storm, itself, right now. you can see a lot of moisture making its way our way. the snow well to the north. the rain well down to the south. we're seeing some of that right
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now starting to move in as snow in through portions of northern virginia and the western virginia panhandle. i'll let you know how much you should expect in your area and when the storm moves out coming up in my forecast. >> thanks, doug. as we noted, one person was killed, two seriously injured in a town house fire in greenbelt, maryland. we're on the scene now with the latest on this. >> reporter: good evening, jim. right now we're here at 2 court laurel hill road and before we show you video i want to set the scene here. these firefighters have been working vigorously putting out this blaze. you look right here and they roped off the air to keep people away. if you move a little to the left over here, you can see them coming down the street and up to the left over there, there's an extended ladder. and they're making sure that there aren't any hotspots inside this town home sparking up right now as we speak. let's roll some video from chopper 4 from up above. as you said at the top of the show, jim, two other people that were injured in this fire, we
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have one in serious condition, one not so serious. firefighters also tell me that someone died inside. now, they tell me that this place was fully engulfed in flames and smoke when they arrived. it started they believe on the first floor, jumped to the second floor, and ended in the attic. it spread rather quickly. the call went out around 9:00 and firefighters were here within minutes. once again, when we got inside the home, that's when they were actually battling it inside the town home. that's when they found a person who was dead. they have not released that person's name right now. they're still trying to determine the cause, and let's come back out here live. one of the things that the fire investigator tells me that he looks for is they're looking to make sure there were smoke alarms here and were they working? they also then try to identify a point of origin. where did this fire start? then they try to determine a cause. sometimes they can find that within minutes, other times it could take weeks. we'll continue to bring you updates on
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live in greenbelt, news 4. >> thanks. only three days left now and still no deal. tonight, senators mitch mcconnell and harry reid are talking about a potential compromise to avoid the fiscal cliff. mcconnell believes there could be a tentative agreement by sunday. this progress comes after president obama met with congressional leaders at the white house today for about an hour. >> i'm modestly optimistic that an agreement can be achieved. nobody's going to get 100% of what they want, but let's make sure that middle class families and the american economy and, in fact, the world economy, aren't adversely impacted because people can't do their jobs. >> if there is no deal, taxes will go up next week for most americans. there will be sharp spending cuts and 2 million people will lose their extended unemployment benefits. on "meet the press" this sunday, president obama will sit down for an exclusive interview with david gregory as the fiscal cliff deadline approaches.
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watch the interview this sunday morning at 10:30 here on nbc 4. a huge turnout at the what's called the nation's gun show in shantilly, virginia, today. thousands of people attended. some vendors sold out. it is marred by controversy following the shooting at sandy hook elementary school in connecticut. darcy spencer has our report. >> reporter: it's the second oldest gun show in the commonwealth of virginia and talk of enacting tighter gun control laws is drawing in buyers. >> a lot of people buying the assault-type rifles because they're afraid they're going to be banned. >> reporter: dealer bob starr says he sold every rifle but this one within an hour and 40 minutes on the opening day of the three-day show. why are so many people buying? >> one thing. fear. fear. >> this is the logic of the leaders of the nra to add more guns around our schools. >> reporter: there was an anti-gun protest outside the show, still hundreds of people
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lined up to get in even before the doors opened. this is the line just to buy ammunition. some folks tell me the prices for ammo have gone up in recent weeks. so they're stocking up. vendors say the crowds are driven by calls for a ban on assault weapons and ammunition following the shooting of children and adults in newtown. gary sattern bought a rifle at the show. >> there's a lot that can be done to control who purchases firearms as opposed to limiting what firearms are available. >> reporter: dale houseman and his daughter, alexandra, came to the show from rich nond. >> they're not evil things. they have to be in the hands of an evil person to be used for evil purposes. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news 4. there was a vigil in prince georges county today calling for more regulation on guns. a group of ministers and families held a demonstration in front of the gun store in district heights. they're calling for an end to the sale of assault weapons and high-capacity magazines. the owner of realco declined to
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comment. there's surveillance video that could help solve a murder chase on capitol hill. a camera recorded two men who police call people of interest in a deadly shooting early monday morning. 28-year-old jason was killed when he was sitting in his car in the 1200 block of c. street northeast. police believe he was the target of a robbery. there's now a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. the crime spree came to a dramatic end in southeast d.c. today. three men have been locked up now for series of purse snatchings. a woman called police after the suspects ran off with her belongings at a gas station this morning. minutes later the suspects hit a car, barely missed a woman pushing a baby stroller before they crashed into a metro bus. the robbery victim says she told the suspects that justice would catch up with them. she didn't think it would be that soon, though. >> i said, it's okay, that's okay, that is okay.
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that is why i told him what i told him. i was giving him a message. >> police say the suspect stole that car and a landover. they believe that group is responsible for more robberies in d.c. and elsewhere in maryland. a teenage girl is in critical condition after she was hit by a car in northeast d.c. police say the girl was hit at the intersection of new york avenue and 1st street shortly after 6:00 tonight. paramedics took her to a hospital. the driver stayed on the scene. police are still looking into it. no word yet on whether any charges will be filed. former president george h.w. bush is improving tonight in a hospital in houston, texas. they say he's even singing to his doctors and nurses. a spokesman for the family says the former president, who's 88 years old now, is alert and in good spirits. he's still in intensive care. he's been treated for persistent fever. the former president has been in the hospital for more than a
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month now. doctors say they're still optimistic about his recovery. well, now, it is pretty simple. redskins and the cowboys this weekend. win and you're in. otherwise go home. two teams play sunday night. nbc 4 right here. the nfc east title. that means sunday the home of the clark family in capital heights, maryland, will be a house divided. candace and janiece clark are for the burgundy and gold. good for them. the others are cowboy fans. perhaps therapy is on the way. while the kids watch at home on sunday, mom and dad, they're going to the game. >> it's nothing like 90,000 just going -- oh, my god. it's beautiful. it is beautiful. >> we'll be divorced on sunday. just for sunday, though. >> may be wondering about that guy in the middle. reginald clark is his name, reginald clark iii. he has a cowboys jersey on, but
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says he roots for the skins, too. the kids at school call him r.c. iii. coming up on the broadcast, tragedy on the tracks. the new clue that could help police find the woman who pushed a man to his death on the subway platform. also an outpouring of support for a toddler grazed by a bullet while riding on a metro bus. and a viral video showing that not all dads are fearless all the time.
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a 24-year-old woman has been arrested in connection with a sniper attack that killed two firefighters on christmas eve.
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dawn nguyen was william spengler's neighbor in webster, new york. in 2010 she bought a semiautomatic rifle and shotgun for him knowing he wasn't allowed to own a gun because he was a convicted felon. spengler used those weapons to ambush first responders then to kill himself. after he set a huge fire on monday morning. an effort tonight to help a 4-year-old girl shot and wounded earlier this month on a metro bus in southeast d.c. a facebook page has been created asking the public to make donations on behalf of 2-year-old cody. it features photos of the toddler including one that shows the injury she suffered in the attack. a bullet grazed her face. she and her mother were shot as they got on a bus. her mother was killed. police say the gunman was the girl's father who later killed himself. for the second time this month somebody has been killed after being pushed in front of a
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moving subway train up in new york. the latest incident happened last night in queens. as tracy strahan reports, this time there's no fight or chaos before it happened. >> reporter: it's the sketch the nypd wants you to see tonight. a heavy set woman around 5'5" with brown or blond hair last seen wearing a blue, white or gray ski jacket who's thought to be behind a brutal crime. >> on thursday december 27th, 2012 -- >> reporter: over the loud speakers for everyone to hear, this van from the nypd's detective bureau drove slowly around the 40th street subway station on queens boulevard this afternoon hoping someone would help them pinpoint the suspect behind a second nightmarish incident on a subway platform in less than a month. a fatal push that claimed the life of 46-year-old. >> i'm praying. >> reporter: a.r. was driving his cab near the subway station at the time emergency vehicles were rushing to his aid, unaware of his roommate whom he thought of as a brother was a target of
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such a vicious crime. >> police, ambulance, fire -- it's going, like, fast, fast, fast. >> that was tracy strahan reporting on that most unfortunate incident up in new york city. what i can say about what's coming our way is necessarily all that unfortunate. it could be a lot worses right, doug? >> it could be a lot worse. for some of us, just what you want. got the weekend, a saturday, why not have a little bit of snow falling? for others of us you're looking, saying, this might be a good day to get stuff done indoors. most of us will see a mixture of rain rather than snow. let's take a look. show you how we're dealing with things outside right now. partly cloudy to mostly cloudy skies across the area. that's going to be the way things are the next couple hours. as clouds continue to thicken, they will continue to lower and by early tomorrow morning i think most areas will be seeing some snow and, yes, i do mean most areas will see that snow.
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even around d.c. and down toward the south. now, for the record today we saw a high of 45 degrees. 36 the low this morning. the winter weather advisory is in effect, but only for some of us. we'll get to that in just a second. first off, the numbers. 38 degrees now at the airport. winds out of the northeast at 3 miles an hour. 27%, or 27 degree. dew point. humidity of 65%. we need the air to saturate just a lit bit more for us to start to see precipitation moving out of those clouds into our direction. now, temperatures are critical here. 32 in leesburg. 32 in gaithersburg. 30 in frederick. no problem seeing snow to the north and west. 36 in frederick. 39 in annapolis. 38 in washington. these are the areas that i don't think we're going to have many problems at all. you're at 33 right now. you may get down to freezing. temperatures tomorrow will rise for you. to the north and west, this is where i expect to see things sticking. nothing on the radar now in our area until you get back toward the west in through western
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maryland, in through portions of west virginia. that's about it. falling as snow. the main area of precipitation well down to the south and west. it's moving our way. see it's very close to the region right now. continues to get closer. i do think we'll start to see things by tomorrow morning. the high pressure we saw this morning with the chilly air moving out of here. here comes the rain and snow. notice at 9:00 a.m., just about everybody seeing something here. once again, rain to the south. snow to the north. we'll break it down for you. tomorrow afternoon, 5:00, this thing is gone. we're not going to see this storm linger at all. it will be a very fast mover. and behind it we're talking about more cold and windy conditions moving through during the day on sunday. sunday is going to be a very cold afternoon. snowfall forecast, down to the south, southern maryland, sorry, guys, you're not going to see any snow out of this. i think this will be all rain for you. it may start as a brief period of snow. i think it will be mostly rain. in the i-95 corridor, coal pepper, manassas, washington, rockville and up toward baltimore, i think less than an inch of snow. then moving over to rain. you may wake up to some snow in
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this area. then i think it eventually changes to rain which washes that snow away. to the north and west, this is where you an get the sleds out. 1 to 2 inches of snow around ft. royal, winchester, up toward frederick. possibly 2 to 3, maybe upwards of 4 in some areas. this is not going to be a big storm. heads-up for the secondary roads here. this is where i think we could run into a little bit in the way of some problems. this is our snowfall. this is where i think snow will fall. take a look. here's i-95. notice, everybody to the west has at least some snow on the ground tomorrow afternoon. down to the south and east, no snow accumulation at all. so that's why we have that winter weather advisory in those exact locations north and west of i-95. rain to the south and east. tomorrow morning, waking up, snow in most areas. rain to the south and east. temperatures 29 to 34 degrees. tomorrow afternoon, we'll see things change a little bit. a mixture of rain and snow around the d.c. metro area. rain down to the south and east. snow north and west. temperatures 36 to 41 degrees.
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the next couple of days, only 39 on sunday. but a windchill of about 27 all day. sunday night, a very cold night for the skins game. monday and tuesday, not bad, but another chance of rain or snow on tuesday. then really cold air as we head into late next week. >> starting to look like winter out there. >> about time. >> thanks, doug. breaking news out of virginia. a police officer discovered a man's body inside a vehicle. a vehicle was up a steep embankment at chain bridge road. homicide detectives are on the scene right now. police say the van was spotted crashing through a barrier wall on a service road before 8:00 tonight. coming up, we got sports. you know what's going on, right? jason is going to talk about it. stay tuned.
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used to be a guy named miles lane, worked a lot of big important fights, a referee. at the end of the instructions he always used to say, with a lot of risk, i'm sure, feeling right now, let's get it on. you know, it's time to play some ball. >> it's one of those games. >> jason, welcome here. jason is our new sports reporter. >> i've only been here a little while but i know redskins/cowboys. >> that's all you need to know right now. >> big-time matchup. this week robert griffin iii was named to his first pro bowl. today he picked up his seventh rookie of the week award. while alford morris and other redskins have had impressive seasons the cowboys know who the focus will be on this sunday night. >> they're an outstanding offense. there's no question about that. and robert griffin is a big part of what they do there. he's very dangerous. he can do a lot of different things throwing the ball and running the ball.
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they do a really good job with their scheme playing, you know, a lot of the offensive philosophy we've seen from coach shanahan through the years but also integrating a lot of the stuff we've seen robert griffin do in his college career. so they do a really good job blending those things and certainly the focal point of their offense. >> do a good job of staying out of lanes, getting out there, help the quarterback. he's a throw-first guy. no scramble guy. the guy can play. so we got our work cut out for us. going to be a good -- going to be a good kmaj fchallenge for u. we're looking forward to the challenge. to college now. we're going bowling. russell athletic bowl. virginia tech taking on rutgers in orlando. we pick it up in the fourth quarter. hokie. logan thomas airs one out to senior corey fuller. the baltimore native brings it in. 21-yard touchdown. we're tied up at ten a piece. this one goes to overtime. frank beamer hoping his team can pull it out. thomas finds marcus davis for a
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19 yard pickup. that would set up this jernell field goal trot. it is good. hokies win it. they avoid their first losing season since 1992. if you haven't heard by now, the wizards are pretty bad. they've currently lost eight straight games. the worst record in the entire league. tonight, though, that streak came to an end against the magic. nationals' gm mike rizzo in the building. you know the wizards like to show off in front of guests. huge win against the heat. r.g. iii in the building. second quarter, wiz down five. temple with the ball. cross-court pass to jordan crawford who knocks down the three. me led all scores tonight with 27. later in the quarter wizards down just two. crawford returns the favor. temple would knock down the trade. 13 points, and 6 assists for him. wizards up 52-51. later in the fourth, watch this textbook pass to mar tell webster.
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he finishes with the slam. wizards, they go on to win it 105-97. just their fourth victory on the season. mike shanahan and the redskins are busy preparing for their biggest game of the season, but not too busy to help a family in need. the organization got the word that a family lost peter in a tragic car accident a week ago, they invited the family to practice. his wife, toni, and twins jacob and lexie, were at redskins park to watch practice today. afterwards the family, huge redskins fans, got to spend time with r.g. iii and the entire team. autographs, taking pictures. just a first-class move by mike shanahan. the redskins organization had the family out to practice as soon as they heard about this horrific tragedy. >> great gesture by the organization. good to take time out of their day. hopefully they can pick up a win this sunday. >> a win on t
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been a rough week. we need a laugh. we're going to leave you with one of our favorite youtube videos of the year. it has more than 1 million hits and shows that dads are not always fearless. >> oh, my god. oh! >> that's the barnstormer ride at dollywood amusement park. that girl on the right, look at her hair. she is loving it. her dad is not loving it so much. even though he screams, never -- never again, never again, you know what he did? he got on there a second time.
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and you know what he did the second time? he hated it as -- there he goes. he hated it as much as the first time. while his daughter is having the time of her life. he will never live that down. or live up to it again. whatever the term. >> i want to know who put it on youtube. him, his daughter? >> i don't think it was him. i doubt that. that's it for
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- megan fox,


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