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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 1, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> an historic day in maryland, gay and lesbian couples across the state getting married on the first day of the new year. first up tonight at 6:00, breaking news on the fiscal cliff. talks on capitol hill. house republicans are meeting for the second time today to decide what to do with a bill passed in the senate early this morning. >> some house members don't like the deal because it doesn't include spending cuts. but if they opt to make changes, senate leaders say that there will be anyone around to vote on it. the issue would be left important the new congress to handle and whole process would start from scratch after the new members are sworn in later this week. jennifer johnson is live on capitol hill tonight with more on the back and forth we have seen all day today. jennifer? >> good evening. that's right. house went into session at noontime today. since then meeting after meeting but no vote. at this point it does not look like there will be a rote on the senate bill that passed at 2:00 a.m. this morning. it does not appear the house
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will vote on that bill. tense new year for john boehner as he meets with fellow republicans whether to okay the fiscal cliff bill passed overwhelmingly by the senate. >> the yeas are 89. the nays are 8. >> gop lead verse not agreed to let the house vote or amend the bill. >> i think more members want this to pass than are willing to vote for it. that's pair muff. some have principled opposition. you also have to be practical on what's the best deal you can get given the circumstances. >> reporter: vice president joe biden was back on the hill after helping to broker the senate deal. it spared the middle class the tax hike but raised taxes on those making over $400,000 a year. jobless benefits were extended for millions of unemployed but massive cuts to the military and other federal agencies were delayed for two months. democrats now want the chance to vote on the bill and as they say boehner promised. >> until now our speaker has said when the senate acts, we will have a vote in the house. that is what he sped.
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that's what we expect and that's what the american people deserve. >> to forge a constructive solution for the good of the nation. >> reporter: with an opening prayer appealing for compromise, the house went into session at noon. the republicans complained there's not enough deficit reduction. >> in the present plan, put nearly another trillion dollars of debt on the american people. >> reporter: some democrats is port the plan to prevent more financial instability. >> my district can't afford to wait few days and have the stock market go down 300 points tomorrow if we don't get together and do something. >> reporter: wall street jiters are one problem. without a deal that can go to the president. income taxes will rise for almost every american. as pat mentioned the senate apparently is done waiting if an amended bill is sent to the house to the senate mitt. senate leaders say they will not act on it. the whole fiscal cliff crisis will then be turned over to the new congress which comes to work on thursday. live on capitol hill, jennifer johnson, news4. >> thanks, jennifer. well, no relief in the
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weather. nothing but gray skies to start out this new year. around the district these are live pictures at union station. not much in the way of rain or snow, though. >> storm team 4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer taking a look at the forecast. how is it looking? >> right now not bad. saw a lot of cloud cover this january 1. believe it or not, over the last hour, temperatures have gone up by one degree. 45 degrees at the airport. winds out of the north at 8 miles per hour. we have a bit of a windchill but not all that bad. seen cloud cover throughout the day. not a lot in the way of rain or snow, though. that's stayed down to the south. mostly rain down around richmond. newport news and down into portions of north carolina. one what have sweden as far as temperatures go? we are on the mild side here. temperatures above average but look what is coming. 27 in pittsburgh. 28ing in state college. cold air moving in overnight. i will show you how cold we get in my forecast. prognosis is promising for secretary of state hillary clinton. as she is being treated for a
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blood clot in her head. the clot was found by doctors examining her recovery from a concussion she sustained last month. doctors say they are not sure whether the clot is related to the concussion. she's being treated with blood thinners tonight and is said to be making excellent progress. students who survived the school shooting in newtown, connecticut, go back to class this week. sandy hook elementary students will use a vacant school building in the nearby town of monroe. classes begin on thursday. sandy hook elementary school became a crime scene back on december 14 is when adam lanza killed 26 people and then himself. a connecticut attorney has withdrawn a $100 million lawsuit for a surviving student at sandy hook. the attorney wanted to sue the state for palg to prevent emotional trauma during the massacre. the crash site where a prince william county police officer died is now a memorial to his life. officer chris yung was killed yesterday in the crash while
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responding to a call. news4's david culver is live in bristow with more on tributes pouring in from around the country. david? >> reporter: here at the crash site a growing roadside memorial. you can seeehind me there were some flowers, candles, some cards. all sitting underneath a cross. all day today family, friends, even strangers have stopped by just to honor officer yung's sacrifice. >> we all need to pull together. you know. i mean, if it was just one of my family members, i'm sure people would come for are me. >> reporter: lois claiborne was one of several dropping off flowers at this roadside memorial today. she said there is a deeper message in officer yung's pass. >> we only live once. i think we need to just care about everybody and just love everybody and be nice. >> reporter: we saw groups of officers stop by just to reflect. not only from prince william county but other departments, too. they lined the street and shared a few words.
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officer young was a seven-year veteran at the department. he was killed monday while responding to an accident. his motorcycle hit you this minivan and caught on fire. the driver and passenger of the van survived. outside the garfield eastern district a shroud police car and motorcycle. he knew his fallen colleague well. >> one of the best guys on the department. >> reporter: which is why the officer is not surprised to see the outpring of is port on social media and around the nation. >> i mean, we heard from agencies from california to florida. you know. law enforcement is a tight-mitt family and -- you know, no matter where you are in the country or in the world, you know, you lose an officer, it is losing a brother, sister. >> reporter: tonight at 7:30 there will be a candlelight vigil for officer young. we see police officers out here in the parking lot of the super target. they set out yellow tape where they will holding the candlelight vigil.
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they are telling folks to bring your own candles. live in bristow, virginia, i'm david culver, news4. it is an historic day in maryland. same-sex couples are legally allowed to marry for the first time. baltimore's mayor pressieded over one of the first weddings in the state today. it was a dream come true for the newlyweds. >> jim and i met in 1977. i really didn't believe gay people wovr see the day they could marry. >> reporter: after 35 years as a couple, they were the first same-sex couple to be legally wed at baltimore city hall. the mayor as an ordained minister presided over the ceremony herself. >> it is a very emotional night. incredibly meaningful night. there are so many people who have a chance now to have the life that they wanted for themselves and for their family and i'm so proud of maryland. that we chose equality over
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hate. >> reporter: seven same-sex couples took their vows at city hall at 12:30 this morning. the culmination of what has been a long battle for supporters of marriage equality. the same-sex marriage referendum on the ballot in move was hotly debated but ultimately passed. >> i'm very happy. this is -- this is as happy as i have ever been and spend the rest of my life with bill legally and just showed a gay community it can be done. >> reporter: jim and bill have advice for other same-sex couples thinking of making a lifetime commitment. >> don't abuse it. be sure that it is love before you say "i do." >> maryland courts will start to perform civil ceremonies for same-sex couples tomorrow. it is being called a big win for the environment. a new law involving chick that took effect today in maryland. maryland becomes the first state in the nation to bannon arsenic additive in chicken feed. arsz nick was used by farmers to
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help fight the spread of disease in chicken houses but it is also a known core sin general. environmentalists say it had been contaminating the soil and groundwater for decades. the new year will mean a new fight over laws governor earning abortion clinics in virginia. it could mean costly renovations for some clinics who say that could put them out of business. mcdonnell's approval is not final. the virginia board of health will review the rules and it is expected to take a final rote on whether to make the rules mandatory in march. power surge may be to blame for a fire that seriously damaged a church today in prince george's county. that blaze broke out at the church in much oxon hill this morning. tracee wilkins reports. it is a test of faith for the congregation. >> i can't believe it. first of the year, this is where
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we have to meet. >> reporter: when the members of the church of oxon hill saw what was left of their building, all they could do was pray. >> there was no electricity. so we left, locked up, and went home. and they called me. 7:30 this morning, the church is on fire. >> reporter: the small church of 80 or so members was built in 1963. it has been a church home for generations. >> my children grew up in the church. and it is glad we learned that the power not only here to the church but the entire neighborhood went out last night. shortly after their services. >> reporter: fire investigators are looking into the possibility that the power outage may have some how ignited the fire. once electricity came back on in the church zblch very real possibility that when the power was re-energized something could have happened. something could have been left on. something could have had a power surge.
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>> reporter: atf is working with the prince george's county fire department to rule out the possibility of arson or some kind of hate crime. that's routine when are a fire involves a house of worship. >> atf is automatically called in to help us investigate a potential crime or the possible cause of this fire which could be very accident. >> reporter: this fire will mean a new beginning for this church family. it may not be easy. the good news is with no injuries and no one inside when the fire happened, they will all be starting over together. >> i was reminded by members of the church community when i was speaking with them that this is nothing more than bricks and mortar and wood, that the church is the congregation themselves. >> reporter: crews are working to shore up this church this evening. the atf and prince george's county fire investigators will be back at the church tomorrow to continue their investigation. they want to completely rule out the possibility of there bag crime here. at this point they believe that this may have been accidental
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but this investigation is continuing. fire investigators say that this fire caused more than $100,000 in damage. tracee wilkins, news4. a developing story related to the child sex abuse scandal at penn state university. the governor of pennsylvania says he plans to sue the ncaa over sanctions it imposed against the university for its role in covering up jerry sandusky's abuse of young boys. the sanctions in the case include a $60 million fine. it would be used to finance child abuse prevention efforts on a national level. state law make object to the money being spent outside of pennsylvania. it is still unclear mr. the lawsuit will seek to overturner on penalties against the university. ahead tonight on "news4 at 6:00," lining up for a glimpse of history. huge crowds get a look at the emancipation proclamation before it goes back into safe keep. >> a local school district making security changes when students go back to classes this week. the family of hugo chavez,
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stepping out in front of
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he taught me that. (anncr) join the thousands of people switching to suntrust's award-winning service. how can we help you shine today? the streets of pasadena. some of the highlights of the rose parade coming up. hill right now. majority leader harry reid just
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spoke on the senate floor and adjourned the senate for the day. putting more pressure on house republicans to either pass the senate compromise on the fiscal cliff or kick the effort down the road to next congress. it is a day of mourning in the ivory coast. and new year's celebration turned tragic early this morning when thousands tried to leave a fireworks show. more than 60 people were killed in the stampede. hundreds of others were injured. police say that most of the victims were children. a witness told reporters security forces showed up and tlig triggered panic. fireworks show was supposed to celebrate peace in the nation. all flights in and out of syria's largest city are canceled tonight after clashes between the military and rebel forces. rebel leaders threatened to target all aircraft. they believed the syrian government is using commercial craft to bring in weapons. fighting intensified today in damascus suburb. syrian military claims to have killed rebels during an air attack there.
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today the president of the syrian council called on other countries to help in the rebel cause. >> i hope that the community -- exactly what has been here and his duty. syria's civil war has now claimed the lives of more than 45,000 people in just under two years. the family of president hugo chavez is working to dispel rumors that he has died. chavez's son-in-law sent out a wheat saying that the 58-year-old is calm and stable. the venezuelan government canceled the concert due to his health. she in a cuban hospital suffering complications from as are pir torin effects that developed over the weekend. last month, he underwent his fourth operation for cancer. he is scheduled to start his sixth term as president next week. 2012 is in the books as one of the safest years ever for air
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travel. live look now at reagan national airport which is in the tail end of the busy season bp 3 billion people flew in commercial planes in 2012. all over the world there was one crash for every 5.4 million flights. that's the fewest ever on record. and the u.s. did even better. we haven't had a fatal commercial plight in four years. aviation officials credit better trained pilots and technology. >> what's significant about that is that we are improving by 50% over last year which was -- aviation's safest year previo previously. it is an incredible feat. >> airline industry analysts say air travel could get more crowded this year. airlines are expected to add more fees and cut back on flights in 2013. >> not seeing a lot of sun today. >> did you need it? >> always do.
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>> always. >> nice way to start the new year. >> would have been nice. sunshine, 70. palm trees. we saw plenty of cloud cover. temperatures, believe it or not, were still a little bit above average. take a look outside. we will show you how things are shaping up across the area. right now we have cloud cover across the region. clouds continuing to stick around. and those clouds actually going to help us a little bit tonight. keep our temperatures up. they will be going by wayside tomorrow and tomorrow is going to be a cold day. 45 degrees, high temperature today. low of 38 degrees. little bit above average for the high. well above average for the low. average low this time of year is 29 degrees. that's amazing. record low today, minus 14. set back in 1881. i don't think we will ever see that again in our area. here's just way too cold and with our records now at the airport, those numbers continuing to go up. 45 degrees at the airport now. winds out of the west or northwest at 8 miles an hour.
6:20 pm
gives us wind chills around 41. little chill in the air. 35 in hagerstown. 10 degrees colder in haguers than in washington. 39 in manassas. 39 in culpeper. 44 towards fredericksburg. easton coming in at 39 degrees. radar showing nothing across our region. way down to the south. there is some moisture down here. most of this mass not been reaching the ground. very dry atmosphere along the mid atlantic. even though it looks like we have a lot of rain coming our way, most of it has not reached the ground. even this in towards west virginia that looks like it is moving towards the d.c. area, i think we will stay on the dry side of this over the next 24 hours or so. many of you have been tweeting me. you have been on my facebook page and asking for snow. well, if you are waiting for snow, here's the good step for you. we didn't see much in the month of december. .2 of an inch of snow. 82% of our snow on average falls between january and march. so you can keep hope alive right there. at least a little bit over the next couple of months. we have chances of snow. not in the next week or so.
6:21 pm
breezy and cold. that's what we will follow this frontal bun dry. really cold tomorrow. with our windchill, i think we will only be in the low to mid 20s. tomorrow could be the coldest day so far this season. tomorrow night, definitely looks like the coldest night we have seen so far. many of you will be in the teens and that's the actual temperature. on thursday, still chilly. plenty of sun shine. little bit better as we start to moderate a bit. more clouds continued cool the evening. temperatures 32 to 40 degrees. winds will be on the light side. tomorrow morning, looking at mostly cloudy skies and a chilly start. 22 at some of the coldest areas to about 30. most of the kids heading back to school tomorrow. make sure had bundle up. winds out of the north at 5 to 10 miles per hour. move through the day tomorrow, clouds, some sun, cold and breezy. temperatures 35 to 39 degrees. that would be some of the coldest numbers we have seen. once again you add in that wind 10 to 20 miles an hour and maybe higher gusts and windchill will be between 25 and 29 degrees. a very cold wednesday. thursday still chilly.
6:22 pm
high of 41. 40 on friday. cold couple of days to start off the new year. and then saturday, high of 45 under partly sunny skies. nice day saturday. not bad on sunday. sunday will feel colder than saturday. but temperatures right around 45 and that's good for the redskins game as they take on the seahawks. that game coming in just after 4:00. game time temperature around 42. monday and tuesday looking good. especially if you like mild temperatures. i think we will be near 50 degrees on tuesday and some areas will be in the low 50s, maybe even the mid 50s. little bit of a warmup. we always have a little january thaw the second month, second week of january. looks like it is coming in this one, too. >> mild winter so far. it has been extremely mild so far. one of our warmest decembers ever on record, fifth warmest december on record. starting january. >> all right. thanks. >> thank you, doug. no sunshine here today. but it was a picture-perfect day
6:23 pm
in pasadena, california for the 124th annual tournament of roses parade. featured dozens of marching bands around the country. dozens of floats decked out in millions of flowers. new to the parade this year, float from the department of defense. it commemorate it is 60th anniversary of the korean war. few korean war veterans were on hand to ride on the float. still ahead tonight on "news4 at 6:00," mid night surprise for one couple on new year's day. as they well xwom the district's first baby of 2013. >> he is a cutie. controversy over the suspension of a 6-year-old. is he hold enough to understand the impact of a gesture he made at school? terps looking to make it 12 straight wins. in college football, it is bowl season.
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in just 15 minutes the light delicate layers add a layer of warmth to your next dinner. pillsbury grands biscuits let the making begin. that name, even outside of the redskins locker room. nearly 3,000 people took a ride home rather than getting behind the wheel. the soberride program started in december ended and this morning. nearly 400 new year's eve revelers gave up their keys. the group's president says would-be drunk driver was taken
6:27 pm
off every roadway every 74 seconds. this first day of the new year had a lot of folks out and about in the nation's capital. >> from the national mall to a new ice skating ring in southeast washington. there was a lot of hope and there were plenty of resolutions for 2013. tom sherwood is here with what he found. >> pat, my resolution is not to make any resolutions. a lot of people still do. from the old carousel on the nation all mall that draws visitors and all sorts of weather. >> resolution for the new year? >> resolution for the new year? to try my best to be happy and make sure my grandchildren are happy as well. >> reporter: what about her? >> she can take care of herself. ♪ let it snow ♪ let it snow snow let it snow ♪ >> reporter: to the new ice skating ring in southeast near nation
6:28 pm
national's park. most everyone had some type of new year's resolution for themselves or their families. >> new year's resolution, play more hockey. >> reporter: what's your new year's resolution you don't have to get on skates ever again? >> no. this is actually her first time on skates. our new year's resolution is to try new and different things this year. >> reporter: is this your first time a skates? >> in 15 years actually. >> reporter: there was even good cheer from this defeated cowboys fan. you are ice skating. i'm not sure it is any better than the cowboys playing football. >> it is cool. it is cool. we will be back next year. >> reporter: what's your new year's resolution? >> pray praying for the cowboys. no. praying for the redskins. hope they bring something home. >> reporter: congress still struggling with the self-imposed fiscal cliff. visitors and joggers on the mall were more focused on themselves than the political drama a few yards away. >> resolution to jog on new year's day? >> i didn't make a resolution. i run lee, four times a week. it is nothing new. >> reporter: you don't need a new year's --
6:29 pm
>> no. no. probably could stop drinking after last night. other than that, no, in no new year's resolution. >> to be a better person and prove my own demeanor. >> reporter: were you a bad person in 2012? >> i don't think so. i think i mid a lot of progress in 2012. i think i want to be a better sister to my sister and better daughter to my parents this year. have a lot of patience with my friends. >> reporter: for all we may plan for ourselves let's not forget our pets. do you have a resolution for your dog? >> train him. he is going to go after the squirrels. we are done with squirrels important the new year. >> i don't think that resolution is going to be kept either. jim and pat? here's what's happening at 6:30. breaking developments in the fiscal cliff stalemate. senate majority leader harry reid adjourned the senate until noon tomorrow. house republican leaders have met wise today to try to decide
6:30 pm
what to do about the bill the senate passed overnight. republicans don't like the bill but tomorrow is the last day of this session of congress. if a solution isn't found by then, the problem gets passed on to the next congress and negotiations are back to square one. grieving police officers and strangers are paying their respects today at a roadside memorial to a fellow officer. they dropped off flowers today to remember prince william county officer chris yung. he was killed yesterday in a crash on duty. he least behind a wife and three children. students that went to sandy hook elementary school in newtown, connecticut, head back to school on thursday. but they will be going to new classrooms set up at a vacant school and the nearby town of monroe. sandy hook became a crime scene december 14 after a gunman killed 26 people and himself. it is not clear whether the school will ever reopen. >> a first grader in maryland is suspended for something he
6:31 pm
reportedly did after the tragedy at sandy hook. and it is raising the question tonight -- can a 6-year-old really understand the implications of making a gun-shaped hand gesture at school? jackie bensen has our story. >> reporter: the attorney demonstrates the gesture that he says got his young client into trouble. the boy a is a student at roscoe nix elementary school. >> the week after the friday incident in connecticut, evidently he was pointing his finger at someone and saying pow. keep in mind that a 6-year-old is presumed not to be able to form the intent to commit a crime. >> reporter: home waen letter to the boy's parents informing them the 6-year-old should not return to school with his classmates. the school system does not comment on individual student disciplinary matters. but spokesman dana told news4 generally in an incident
6:32 pm
involving the behavior of our younger students we will make sure the student and his family are well informed of any behavior that needs to change and understand the consequences if the behavior does not change. he has spoken to his young client who told him -- >> we were playing and he certainly didn't say i was trying to shoot someone. i was trying to hurt someone. >> reporter: the school spokesman said the behavior that affects other students' perceptions of their safety is taken especially seriously. the boy's parents are set to meet with school administrators tomorrow and unprecedented move in virginia in the wake of the newtown school shooting. starting tomorrow, stafford county and the sheriff's office there says deputies will do checks at every public school at least once a day. it is the first time the county has ever called for daily police patrols at schools. the sheriff's office says it is all precautionary and not in response to any threat.
6:33 pm
police are looking for suspects involved in a metro bus stabbing in southeast. it happened early this morning on a 93 bus heading to congress heights. metro officials say that two women got into an argument with one of the suspects. it escalated and ended with one of the women being stabbed and the other being beaten with an unknown object. the police say they are looking for power men who got away after the altercation. metro riders told us that they would like to see more security on buses. police are looking at metro bus security video. hoping to get a good look at the suspect. as people across the country got ready to ring in the new year, thousands of americans waited in line here in washington to see a treasured piece of history. authorities at the national archives estimate that 10,000 people came to see the emancipation proclamation during a special lee-day exhibit that ended today.
6:34 pm
president lincoln signed the proclamation 150 years ago today. historians consider the proclamation a stepping stone to the ratification of the 13th amendment which abolished slavery. the original is rarely on display because of its fragile condition. the summit post office unveiled an emancipation proclamation stamp in honor of today's anniversary. the new forever stamp features the phrase henceforward shall be free. taken from the historic document. it also shows abraham lincoln's name and the year the paper was signed. it goes on sale tomorrow. washington area couple has lots to celebrate on this first day of the new year. namely the district's first baby of the year. born at med star washington hospital center. one of the first things 24 year-year-old elvira needs this new year's day is rest. after quick and exhausting work
6:35 pm
shortly after the clock struck 12:00 last night. they are pretty proud parents and they have plenty to be proud about. >> i got teary-eyed. i started crying. >> reporter: at five seconds after midnight, the couple welcomes little emily mendoza into the world. >> it was a beautiful thing. something that you don't forget. >> reporter: at 6 pounds and 10.8 ounces, 19 inches, little emily is the district's first baby of the new year. a bit of a surprise for her parents who weren't expecting her million after january 4. however, at 10:30 last night, elvira went into labor and quickly realized that little emily wasn't going to wait. >> she started getting pains and went wanted an epidural but it was too late for the epidural because she was at least search centimeters. >> reporter: nurses in the hospital's delivery and postpartum units were all abuzz about this bundle. >> oh, my gosh. we got the first baby. we never get the first baby.
6:36 pm
>> reporter: true it doesn't happen here every year. but the last year the district's first new year's baby was born at med star was 2009. >> welcome to the world. >> reporter: however, for little emily's dad, this year is the lucky year. >> like a sign. letting me know it is going to be good. >> certainly got off to a great start for them. medstar labor's unit is the busiest in the city bringage of 4500 little bundles of joy into the world every year. >> she is a cutie. >> they deliver a lot of babies. that's a cute one. >> waited just long enough. five seconds. >> barely waited. coming up next on "news4 at 6:00" tonight, drowsy driving. how sleeping aids can cause problems even when you follow directions on the label. >> 2012 was huge year for social media. we will take a look at what could be the next big thing in 2013. what's coming up in our weather? >> temperatures right now are on
6:37 pm
the cool side. not quite cold. take a look at 234u78s. 39 degree business 9:00 tonight. midnight coming in around 38. by tomorrow morning, we dinner's ready.
6:38 pm
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let me put you on webcan... lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup. d.c. area around 30 degrees. updated forecast coming up in just a minute. in 2013, it is estimated americans will fill about 60
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million prescriptions for sleeping pills. there is warning tonight. study out of ohio university shows that even occasional use of sleeping pills like ambien can increase one's chances of getting into a car crash. doctors say that the drug can stay in your system for up to 12 hours. researchers in ohio created a program to test the driving skills of someone under the influence of am grebien. 2012 was a big we are for social media. and you know what? there are bigger things just around the corner. >> angie goff has a look at some of the tech trends that could change the way you live, work, and play in the year 2013. ♪ this is crazy et? ♪ >> from viral video spoofs, record breaking moments, 2012 was a big year online in d.c.
6:41 pm
the question now, what is coming. expect more ways to pay with your phone with apps like level up. it uses a code to charge the card without exposing your number. the tap and slide show 2012 wave and point technology is in. leap lets you control event everything from answering e-mails to playing games with hand movement. in social media, facebook had a big year. new timeline, buying instagram. mark zuckerberg got hitched. more changes are ahead. for businesses, facebook will offer premium page was advanced tools to analyze commentses and customers. e-mail acquisition option will be available, too. as important twitter many wonder will it ipo. gross numbers show marketers are liking the plt form more and more. with an estimated receive knew of $1 billion by 2014 going public is a good question. what about going viral? if a south korean pop star with an invisible words can rule the
6:42 pm
world why not a fish mongerer from pakistan? ♪ >> reporter: the catchy phrase has hooked people into the new year. the clip reeled in more than 16 million views on youtube and already is an itunes hit. fish man, we have to come up with something. >> that's a lot. >> yes, indeed. >> what's coming up in sports? >> great sports. terps trying to keep their winning streak alive. after a record breaking the red
6:43 pm
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6:45 pm
test in the seahawks. that's all when "news4 at 6:00" continues. hello. welcome back. i'm doug kammerer. not a bad day on january 1. we start off the year 2013, temperatures a little bit above average. 45 degrees. temperature right now. our average temperature is 44 for a high temperature today. not too bad. winds out of the northwest, 8 miles per hour. we continue to see the cloud cover. those clouds may hold the temperatures up a little bit tonight. that's good news. tomorrow night they are going to be hold. 39 in gaithersburg. 44 in college park. 42 towards camp springs. friends in warrenton, hello to you. 39 degrees. how about front royal. front royal coming in at 38
6:46 pm
degrees. starting to see that cooler air making its way in from the north. you can see what's happening here. lot of moisture down to our south. we have a frontal boundary, cold front making its way down now. that cold front will bring in colder air. take a look at the mums. back towards front royal, winchester, coming in around 23, overnight tonight, 22 in martinsburg, 25 in gaithersburg. tomorrow morning, this is what you will wake up to 7:00. lot of the kids going back to school tomorrow. they will need to bundle up. i think the winds start to pick up especially when the sun begins to make its way up. we could see wind chills early tomorrow morning into the teens. fairly easily. even tomorrow afternoon, this may just be one of the coldest days we have seen so far of the season. 38 for a high in washington. 35 in gaithersburg. 40 towards fredericksburg. with that wind, upwards of 20, even 25 miles an hour. i think that will put wind chills between, say, 25 and 30 degrees all day long tomorrow will be a very chilly day.
6:47 pm
i will update you on what that means the rest of the week, weekend, and of course, redskins game coming up on sunday. you wi now to sports. >> we are starting off tonight with that other redskins rookie. the record breaker for sunday. >> alfred moore has been outstanding all season. you know what i like about him the most. >> rg3. >> that, too. alma mater. great guy and great player. biggest games of the season. best players on the redskins roster performed up to expectations. alfred has done that and then some. former sixth round draft pick rushed for over 1600 yards this season. that was second best in the entire league. morris remained only i eed cons season long. first season with the club broke the franchise single season rushing record and saved his best performance important last.
6:48 pm
in the sunday night matchup, morris ran for 200 yards and three scores to lead the skins to victory. his teammates have known all along. >> he looked like that since august. you know. when we didn't know who he was, we were thinking who is this guy alfred morris? but everybody knows who he is now. >> told everybody he has been the backbone of the offense. rg has been putting up big numbers. you know, withoutal presented, man, we won't be where we are now. >> what he is able to do week in and week out is phenomenal. especially the look write. get pounded like that, you know, for 16, 17 straight week, and not miss a game, it is pretty phenomenal. >> great running back. he is definitely a star in the mix. he's already a star. they plenty more years to come. >> i will never be the star. other people might think i'm a star. i'm alfred. i have been the same since way back then and not going to change. i will be the same guy when i walk in and nobody knew who i
6:49 pm
was, you know. i will still be that guy. i couldn't change even if i tried. >> this sunday the seahawks will make their way to fedexfield. this seattle bunch is similar to the redskins. both started rookie quarterbacks and relied heavily on the running games. making sunday's matchup even more interesting. seahawks come to the playoffs with a five-game-winning streak. russell wilson, he's thrown for 26 touchdowns on the season. quickly becoming a rookie of the year candidate. defense is also pretty good. league best 15 points a contest. head coach pete carroll realizes you don't need much motivation for these type of ball games. >> everybody is going to have great focus this week. just because it is the playoffs. you about here's something we are trying to create on a regular basis so when we get to this time, we have already been there and done that. that's the whole point. so we can play like we are capable and -- we will take what the result brings us.
6:50 pm
these guys have heard that message and heard that constantly for a couple of years now. hopefully, you know, lit make sense. it is about consistency when you get into this opportunity now. you got to bring what you got. and don't show up without your stuff on that day. we know how to do that. >> georgia bulldogs were one reply away from playing for a national title. instead after losing to alabama and the sec championship game the bulldogs had to settle the capital one bowl. why georgia and nebraska, bulldogs have one of the top quarterbacks in the entire country in aaron murray. picking it up in the third quarter. pound thing from two yards out. cornhuskers take a commanding 31-23 lead. murray and the bulldogs weren't done yet. murray hooks up with chris connelly. this a 49-yard touchdown. beautiful pass by murray.
6:51 pm
he just is getting warmed up. after the two-point conversion, knotted up at 31-31. murray had an outstanding day throwing for five touchdown passes. this one is to keith marshall from 24 yards out. bulldogs go on to win capital one bowl. 45-31. elsewhere the sec versus big ten theme continues. south carolina up against michigan. wolverines and -- gamecocks up 7-3. saunders adds to that lead. pun return the distance. 63 yards the other way. make it 14-3 south carolina. we skip ahead to the fourth quarter. michigan spotting their way back. gardner with the touchdown toss to jeremy. 17 yards. 28-27. old ball coach wouldn't be denied on this day. dim an thompson is going to find bruce ellington important the go-ahead score.
6:52 pm
south carolina. they go on to win it. 33-28. today was the terps' final nonconference game. maryland will start acc schedule play against virginia tech. first up, they had to take care of business. terps won 11 straight. today they pushed that number to 12. comcast center. maryland started in a hole. down welfare-3 in the first half. jumps in front of the pack. takes this one to the rack. strong finish. maryland down 14-3 early. later in the half, terps down just one. misses the three. terps get the rebound and kicked out total en. beautiful drive. maryland takes the lead 20-19. allen wasn't done. the second half maryland up big. 75-52. off the iup turnover.
6:53 pm
allen for the strong finish. he led the terps with 13 points. maryland won their 12th straight. 81-63. maryland keeps on rolling. hoping the redskins will do the same. >> thank you, jason. still to come tonight, you may have watched the ball drop in 2013?
6:54 pm
6:55 pm
6:56 pm
doug said month. some of the off-the-wall new year's eve traditions coming up. another check on the weather. >> i know one of is going to be happy with this. one of you likes it to be warmer. which one would that be? >> let's see. >> it is going to be a little bit warmer after a cold start. today is not too bad. tomorrow will be a fairly cold day. windchill feeling like 28. 41 on thursday. 40 on provide. and then a little bit of a warmup. 45 on saturday and on sunday. redskins take on those seahawks. temperatures 45 on sunday. right now looking like mostly cloudy skies. but should be dry for the most part. maybe some snow back towards the mountains. monday and tuesday, mild. temperatures 46 to 50 degrees on monday and tuesday. we could be a little bit that. i think all of next week looks a
6:57 pm
little bit like it could be above average. pat, you may get what you want. rest of us have to wait until the second in the half -- third week before we start to see the cold air move back in. >> your time is coming. >> it has to come back. >> better be. >> thanks. >> thank you, doug. more than 1 million revelers watched a giant ball drop in new york's times square at midnight. people in harrisburg, pennsylvania, welcomed the new year with a giant strawberry. meanwhile, in maybe orring lancaster, they drop ad giant red rose. all show i don't see the red in that rose. finally in the town of lebanon, they lowered a giant baloney encased in a metal grid. get it? lebanon baloney. pennsylvania's local customs. misystify you, just think it is only a month and one day now before the entire country will be looking to the people of punxsutawney for their ground hogg hog's prediction. [ male announcer ] this commercial is not about getting fios;
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