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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 3, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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furious. that raised taxes on the wealthy. >> reporter: boehner sounded a conservative theme. >> our government has build up too much debt. our economy is not producing enough jobs. these are not separate problems. tammy duckworth, the first disabled woman in congress. republican tim scott of south carolina, the only african-american now in the senate. where 20 women will serve a record. a moving movement republican mark kirk made his way up the steps of the capitol a year after he suffered a stroke,
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supported by senators from both parties. but bipartisanship will go on the back burner. in the fight ahead on defense spending, entitlement cuts and the debt ceiling. republicans warned president obama -- you got your tax hikes on the rich. it's time for deep spending cuts. >> the first step is for democrats to get over their fanatical commitment to guarding every single time the government ever got its hands on. >> reporter: in the senate and house action no big changes in the democrat/republican balance. that's a guarantee of continued gridlock. soon this could shuffle down government and imperil the u.s. economy. i'm steve handelsman s. news4, capitol hill. >> senator mark warner now becomes virginia's center senator after just four years in office. we'll hear his thoughts off
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immediate budget-cutting challenge facing the congress. secretary of state hillary clinton is expected to return to work next week. her spokeswoman says details are still being worked out. the secretary was released last night after being treated for a blood clot. she's now resting at home. doctors say they don't want her making international trips for a while. the spokeswoman said she's committed to testifies on capitol hill about the benghazi attack, but there's no date set yet. a former death row inmate will spend more time behind bars after nearly walking out of prison today. an appeals court issue issued a final -- the prince william cow judge had ordered him to be set free by 5:00 p.m. tonight. the murder conviction was overturned because of the allegations that the prosecute withheld evidence. an appellate court will hear the day later this month.
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last night the body of 23-year-old michael pose was found in the ventilation shaft of an apartment building in adams morgan. richard jordan joins us now with more on this story, and particularly how it was that poe ended up dead. richard? >> there were some posters soliciting information about the victim, posted up on this very street, just feet from where poe's body was ultimately found. clearly enough room for someone to fall through it. especially if they don't know it's there. d.c.'s police chief set it was a tragic accident. police sea hi felt and lost his life, a tragic end to a search
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many hoped would have a different ending. >> i imagined maybe he had go to a friend and they would find him. >> he rang in the new year at shenanigan's. his friends say he later called and was on the rooftop, but didn't specify where. wednesday night police responded to biltmore street and columbia road northwest to make the discovery. poe's family and friends posted fliers along that same street. poe's father put many of the posters imhimself. wednesday he said he feared for his son's safety. >> it's unbelievable the emptyness we feel. >> reporter: today he declined to speak, but the signs of his efforts to find his son are still seen across the area. d.c. police chief kathy lanier says the death doesn't seem to be a crime. >> it's very early in the investigation. right now it appears there's an accidental fall. >> too many mean say they are
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looking into the circumstances of that deadly fall. poe's father said he's very distraught, but he did want to express his gratitude to everyone who came out and tried to find him. reporting live, richard jordan, news4. thanks, richard. a mother has been charged with attempted murd. police say she tried to kill her 3-year-old daughter. police in triangle, virginia said that julie vasquez gave her daughter cough medicine yesterday afternoon. police say she wanted her dauger to fall asleep. she then for some reason lit a fire in the bathroom, but that fire became too intense, so she put the fire out. she then dropped her daughter off with a family member and crashed her car into the tree. she's in the hospital. the daughter wall street treated and released. two maryland women died in a car crash in jay maka. 50-year-old claudette grant and 34-year-old vanessa brown, they
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were both from up are marlboro. 76-year-old gloria capelefoehn of brooklyn, new york was also killed. all three of the women were in a car that collided with a mini bus. the driver of the car and fourth passenger who has not been identified, survived. three teenagers from arlington have been locked up, accused of firing bb guns at more than 200 cars. police say they shot at least 250 vehicles. and possibly as far away as west virginia. we're told some of the vehicles hit police officers. in one kay the suspect also took something out of a car. police say they expect to make more arrests in these cases. d.c.'s homicide rate has dropped to a 50-year low in 2012. there were 88 homicides last year. that is the lowest number on report since 1961. today still officials cited better coordinate between local and federal law enforcement agencies and outreach programs
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that targeted the city's youth. >> so it is not all about enforcement, but about collaboration, prevention, positive programs and arrested hopefully as a last resort. >> the police chief said neighborhoods growing in population could pose some of the biggest challenges in keeping the homicide rate low this year. right now family and friends are gathering to remember a prince william county police officers killed on new year's eve. the wake for chris young will continue until 9:00 took tonight at the hilton memorial chapel. his funeral is set for tomorrow morning at 10:00. young was -- when a minivan crashed into him. he leaves behind a wife and three children. >> final farewell for a longtime d. krrk activist. >> she died on december 22nd. today funeral services were held
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at the shilo baptist church on ninth street northwest. it was noted as a member of the electoral college. she protested what she called d.c.'s colonial status. she withheld her vote for al gore and joe lieberman. she was also very active on the early d.c. school board and was noted in fact for bringing one of the morse controversial superintendent to town, barbara sidemore. that didn't go well with the city and that soon ended. she was 85 years old. let's look at our weather. the coldest day around here since last february. storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer has the freezing forecast. >> february 12th to be exact. with temperatures that are well below average. take a look at the windchill, down to 30. we're at 6:00 at night here.
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this is 11:00. or that's about normal for this time of year. maybe around -- tomorrow morning, waking up to temperatures in the 20s. some of you did wake up with the teens. thanks action doug. the game, of course is on sunday in primetime, because everybody wants to see the redskins beat up on the seattle seahawks. they had their final full practice today. dan hellie has more. >> the seahawks have the number one defense in the nfl. there is a feeling they could be beaten.
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they think somebody that is brewing for quite some time. even from when coach shanahan first got here. >> the people kind of questions what direction is this organization going in, i think we all know we're not finished here, we're definitely not satisfied. >> he has not practiced this week because of a sprained ankle. one more note, dan stein berg at the "the washington post" has trolling the sports web sites. the skins are not a popular pick
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on sunday. our coverage tends. seattle is known for its flying fish. pat collins goes fishing in d.c. for seahawks fans. a record payout and fines for the deepwater horizon incident. how students copied on this first day back to class. plus why
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the civil war in syria is now in its 22nd month, and there are new accounts of even more violence and critical shortages of food and fuel. activists say a syrian fighter jet, a government jet fired on a gas station near damascus yesterday. dozens of people were in line for gas. they were killed. mean plil rebels say they have overrun several important airfield that the government use to launch atags. official tess united nations say more than 60 thousands people have been killed and no signs thatted conflict will be resolved.
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is sues the ship's operator for wrongful dismissal. he says the crews mishandled the response. delays evacuations action and then abandoning ships himself while some were on board. manslaughter charges are still pending. >> a lot of security today as more than 400 students from sandy hook elementary went back to school. >> good even, jim. as you might imagine today was a
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very important day as as they try to move forward. their focus, though, not on math or science, but -- >> for sandy hook survivors it's the first day in what will be a long and difficult journey. this part of that trip for many by bus, to a new school in another town seven miles away. >> the kids all got off the bus. a lot of them were happy to see friends he hadn't seen in a while. they're excited about the new school. >> reporter: almost three weeks after the attack that ended for 20 classmates and 6 staff members were lost. >> hard to imagine the kids being there, but also the teachers. we're trying not to keep talking over and over about the
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same stuff, and we want her to get back to normal. >> reporter: counselor and administrators say an important part of that process came today, as they returned under the watchful eye. >> the monroe police have work diligently so we can all feed very comfortable and secure. for what he calls meaningful policy changes. >> and during that search, counselors have committed to stake -- as long as they say they need them. we have learned late today that gl gl, the victim of gun violence herself will travel
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here tomorrow to visit with one of the families in the aftermath. that is the latest. i'm jay gray, news4. >> jay, thank you. tonight an unprecedented severalment blamed for the worst environmental disaster. the company also pleaded guilty. oil poured from the well for three months in the gulf of mexico. doug's here with more about our cold weather. february was extremely warrick, and you go all the way back to
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january of last year. we're finally see cold air move in. but if you're out and about, you definitely want to temperatures today got up to 38 degrees. that was the coldest day since february of last year. 35 degrees the current temperature. even with a 6-mile-an-hour wind, it feels like 30. this is at 6:00. where do you think we'll be by
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early tomorrow morning. i think we'll fall -- that had put ugh into 20s in dc. we are right in the middle. those will allow us to cool. chili conditions with plenty of sunshine. tomorrow it will help a bit. with lots of sunshine, it will still be chili. tomorrow it probably will feel a bit colder. still cool, but i think we get to 45.
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saturday looking like a pretty nice day. clear skies this evening. tomorrow morning we'll see temperatures on the cold sigh. so tomorrow could actually be the coldest morning we have seen in quite some time. tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny. seasonably cool. windchills all day in the low 30s. as we make our way through sunday, as we take on the seahawks, i think we'll be a-okay. the tailgaters were out all day. i expect the same this week. 47 degrees, the temperature at gametime. but nowhere in the 30s like we were last week. 45 on your saturday, then 44 on
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monday. is looks like that's when we'll see the trend. maybe we're talking the mid to um upper 50s come wednesday or thursday. >> i guess rain, doug? >> a pop quiz. >> thank you, doug. some georgetown residents are hoping a po templeally noisy development plan will just go away >> this is our home, right?
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>> a zoning board hearing is said for january 15th. still to come, the end of an era. we could buy just about anything you could ever want. also ahead, two ways to get your hands on official gnaw race apparel. could prince george's county budget cuts impact safety? that's what some firefighters are worried will happen. coming up on news4, we'll have that story. coming up in sports, london fletcher has been playing through pain all season long president he's finally getting rewarded for history as "news4"
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continues. the president's inaugural team is launching two souvenir stores, one online and one on the streets the the retail store is located a few blocks away from the white house. the online store is now up and running. souvenirs range from a ruler for $23950, to a $7500 medallion said. proceeds will go towards
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fund-raising for the parade, the balls and the other knock real celebrations. there's optimism with the 113th congress now in session. john boehner was narrowly reelected to a second term. on the senate side, former virginia governor tim kaine and the 11 new members took the oath of office. julie carey talked with kaine about what he hopes this new congress can accomplish. >> reporter: mark warner and outgoing senator jim webb led the way as he took the oath of office. fellow democrat webb decided not to seek reelection, paving the way for former governor kaine to follow in hi footsteps. this is the celebration that greeted virginia's new senator. 9 celebration will soon give way to the looming challenge of deficit reduction.
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in spite of the gloom left by the fiscal live mess, he comes armed with optimism. i had to govern at a time when we were reducing the side of the state budget. three more will soon be added, enough new blood he thinks to perhaps change the atmospherivities 50 newcomers, that's on lot of fresh air. >> i hope it would lead -- that's what virginians want to see. today warner quickly reminded
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kaine of the new status. >> the next great junior senator, our friend tim kaine. virginia's senior senator admits the fiscal cliff debacle is discouraging, but he too has renewed hope implts my hope is with 15 new members there will be a group to join those of us stirring the pot and hopefully we can get stuff done. >> reporter: outgoing senator webb leaves a signature accomplishment. he's pushed to create a modern-day g.i. bill has helped thousands of veterans get to
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college. his wife myrna took at his side. in an apartment building. it happened after he was celebrating with frejs. michael poe lived in clarks burg, maryland. a death row inmaid believed he may walk free. blue justin wolfe is still in prison. his 2002 murder conviction was overturned. firefighters of prince george's county are warning that proposed changes could put people's lives at risk. officials are considering a shift in how some of the fire stations are manned. tracee wilkins has our report. >> every minute counts in this department.
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you don't want to delay service. >> today volunteer fire fighters and other houses in the county. >> they just neat more people. >> they have ms. like 75 to 90 volunteers, but these folks have 9:00 to 5:00 jobs, some attend schools, so during the day they deform on career firefighters to help man this station. >> just recently we spoke with the deputy fire chief. he explained that the career staffing would be removed from station 11 during the daytime operations. >> that would lead the branchville station empty during the day unless they could find volunteers to fill in. there are four other county stations. one days you might have a crew, the next day nobody would be here. >> we have identified an area where other nearby stations can cover that particular area.
6:32 pm
>> in an effort, while meeting new contractual obligations with the career firefighters union, the chief is considering moving around some career firefighters. the union wants every engine to have a four-man crew like surrounding jurisdictions. as it stands, most prince georges fire engines are operated by two firefighters. >> what we're doing is strategically. >> no final decisions have been made about the changes. county officials say they won't put the public's saved in danger, but these volunteer firefighters are skeptical. >> there will get no one here. that will be the day that something drastic has to happen for this county to say, all right. a spokesman for the county says reassigning the career fire personnel is one of the many options under consideration. no final decisions will be made, we're told, without the approval of the county council and public
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input. after being a community fixture to nearly six decades, the anything you might need store bruce variety is getting ready to close the stores. shop owners say they're no longer able to afford the lease. bruce variety has been a place for find crafts, school supplies, costumes and a whole lot more since 1953. customers say it's a big loss. >> i think whoever owns the shopping center is forgetting that you injure everybody else. >> when you see the same face foss years and you know there's a relationship and they depend on you, it's that part that makes it difficult. >> the owners rpt sure about their exact closing day. they're currently working with brokers to find another location. so the skins have hometown advantage in the games sunday against the seahawks. at pat collins reports, it's not because seattle has not won a
6:34 pm
playoff game on the road in nearly three decades. rrp we call this story hometown advantage, washington, d.c. style. in the city of washington, you just don't find a lot of bold in your face seahawks support. unlike the local cowboy club, which through some strange mutation seems to grow and grow, seahawk fans are scarce don't you feel a little lonesome? >> no, i had it out with some of my co-workers this morning. it's all in good fun. i respect the redskins fans. >> come sunday aren't you going to be conflicted? >> no, i'm going to root for the seahawks, man. >> this is the pen quarter sports tavern, the official seahawks bar. they even have a brian bosworth jersey back here. it's also a denver broncos bar,
6:35 pm
and a chicago bears bar. there's not a lot of seahawk love here. >> zero. >> reporter: in d.c. there's just not enough sea hocks to form a flock or couvey, and certainly they won't out-shout kin fans. >> no way from you? >> no way for me. >> reporter: no seahawks for me? >> absolutely not. we want the seahawks to go out to sea where they belong. >> so on sunday in the stance, i don't think we'll have to worry about one of the nightmarish moments where visiting fans do a victory dance around us. remember, this is our city. this is our team. this is our home field advantage. in seattle they have a fish market. in washington we have a fish market, too. in seattle they throw fish. here in washington we throw
6:36 pm
fish. when it comes to football -- >> advantage washington! >> don't believe all that seahawks stuff. it's just a red herring, which i'm sure we have around here someplace. this is the first time i've ever had to wear rubber gloves to do a football story. at the fish market, pat collins, news4. >> patrick, go skins. >> with el eid like to see your redskins spirit. your kids, your house, your pets, or you decked out. skins fans, or tweet us, and use the hashtag skins fans. the executive for prince george's county is betting the beans that washington will win sunday's game the today a wager was made with the executive of
6:37 pm
king county in washington state. if seattle should win, constantine gets a supply of eight oclock coffee. if washington wins, he gets an assortment. they both also agreed to wear a jersey from the opposing team. coming up tonight, a question about whether there should be more bike lanes if the cyclists aren't following the rules. costco is getting some company. which major store is getting ready to move in. how are we looking, doug? >> we're looking cold. 67% of the nation now has snow cover, including about 50% of our area. that does not including washington, d.c., though. will there be a chance the snow over the next couple days?
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for our best price online of just $79.99 a month contact the verizon center for customers with disabilities for two years with a two-year agreement, at 800-974-6006 tty/v. plus get $300 back. next couple days right here. glue there was a new development at this hour in the high-profile case of a prison inmate in prince george's county. a former jail guard is now expected to take a plea deal. white was found strangled to death in his cell at the prince george's county detention center. anthony mcintosh who was the corrections office officer at the time was accused of trying to cover up the death. he was supposed to go on trial next week, but we have learned a plea hearing is now scheduled
6:41 pm
for tomorrow. d.c. is strict by becoming one of the most bike-friendly cities in the country. with more bike lanes -- more troubled for cyclists. >> our cameras caught several running red lights and breaking a number of other traffic rules. everyone to whoa we ahead agreed it's a problem that needs to be fixed quickly. >> it's teaching adults and children house to bike and pedestrian safety. >> there are plans to offer free bike safety classes, and the department of transportation is going to add stickers with bike safety tips to all of their red capital bike share bicycles. d.c.'s new costco store
6:42 pm
could get another big -- lowe's home improvement tore will open up shop nearby, d.c.'s first lowe's, located at 33rd and south carolina in northeast. the journal reports that construction could start as early as this summer. dan is having a look at what's coming up in sports? >> talking redskins, of course, we know alfred morris has passed clinton portis single-season record, but what does he have with riggins? p
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we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. 6" continues. hello, everybody. we're talking about a cold day. the coldest day of the year, coldest day of the season, coldest day since february 12th last year. not much of a wind, but still puts our windchill at 30 degrees. down to 30 in gaithersburg, 31
6:46 pm
in ft. belvoir. already 27 in huntingtown at 6:00. the winds will start to calm down, and we'll get real cold tomorrow morning. >> if you're in the suburbs, eye specially the extended suburbs, the upper teens. way down to the south, this is nothing coming at us anytime soon. >> so cold numbers by early
6:47 pm
tomorrow morning, so keep the kids nice and comfy. temperatures around 46 degrees, about 40, though. not a lot of wind. enjoy. 11, to know what we're talking about. >> i like that. >> good motivation. >> you just know that it's going to -- >> well, i hope that is the
6:48 pm
case. >> do you know that 4,744 days since the last home, bigger underdogs by the day. they are favored by three over the skins. >> the pressure won't be on rg3 and the offense, but it's on the defense. >> i think it's more of an -- you know, we won all our games in december, but i think it's a
6:49 pm
credit to my teammates and team in general. >> they have a quarterback with a scheme on both sides of the ball. hopefully, you know, we're where we want to be right now. the defense ha maligned. >> not -- at some point he'll be taking over for his father mike,
6:50 pm
but he says as long as we're in the playoffs, nobody on my start is interviews anywhere else. . and he got a little history lesson courtesy of our own on the football field. . our cameras in the final minutes of the cowboys game caught him on the sideline doing something very unafred-like. it reminded up of a moment with john riggins. i want to show you something. here it is. >> that was robert's idea, by
6:51 pm
the way. >> that's the playoff game in 1982. >> i heard about that. that's why he egged me to do it. >> i thought that was funny. alfred isn't like that, so i was giving him crap. his running back coach does not allow that. bobby turner is as old school as it gets. i think he got nervous about it. he already does his bat swing, which is almost too much for our running coach. >> it was definitely a thank you. we have the greatest fans in the world, if you ask me. i'm glad we got that win in front of the home crowd. >> reporter: it was not his idea, but he did have fun with
6:52 pm
the very first bow, but it probably will be his last. for our playoff edition. oregon and kansas state, they made in the fiesta bowl. last night another team that had got trounced. 21st racialed louisville, but something forget to tell louisville, jeff driskell and the gators starting with the ball. some are calling this the driskell cliff. he returns it 38 yards for the score. yes, going to the house. just like that.
6:53 pm
one of the finer quarterbacks in all the land. had throwing for 266 yards. you don't need two, just one. he should be an assistant coach back in the day. all right. back to the nfl, where peyton manning won hess sixth offensives player of the month award. tying another report. andy reid fired on monday after 14 years with the eagles. reid on the verge of becoming the new head coach of the kansas city chiefs. ray lewis close to signing a contract with espn. nhl lockout in day 110. encouraged by the meeting late
6:54 pm
last night. still leery of the commissioner saying today i don't
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we'll be right back. last congress had the lowest approval rating officially. back in february and then in august gallup showed only 1 in 10 americans approve of the job they were doing. more recently it did not endear -- an owner created a new sandwich called the congressional, filled with baloney. the sandwich just hit the menu, so it's too soon to know if the bagel shop customers are as fed up as the owner is, but she says she will be watching the new congress, and she will be hoping for a change. maybe she'd come
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