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tv   News4 Today  NBC  January 4, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EST

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some players admitting this is a new experience. this morning, you can still get tickets if you're willing to spend. good morning and welcome to news4 today. i'm eun yang. i'm aaron gilchrist. there will be a lot of burgundy and gold around today. if you own a redskins jacket, wear it. it's going to be cold and put on the pullover too. the redskins gloves, the whole nine yards. temperatures plunged overnight and we're not going to bounce back that much. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with the details. tom? >> wear your redskins snuggie too. under a clear sky in the metro area. this is where we have the coldest temperatures, as well as south and east of washington. west and north a blanket of clouds that held in a little bit. northern loudoun county, much of montgomery county,oward county cloudy as well as points north and west of there. as a result, temperatures are around the freezing mark. where it's cleared out, it's into the upper teens. prince william county, parts of western fairfax as well as
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fauquier. stafford and culpeper, near 20 degrees as is charles county and away from the waters in calvert and st. mary's and anne arundel. it's down to the low 20s now. hour by hour, by 8:00 a.m., we'll have the clouds coming and going. we'll have a west wind picking up. should be hovering around 30 degrees. by noontime, upper 30s. that wind increasing a bit. a gust to near 20 miles an hour early to mid afternoon. it will feel colder even though it's climbing low 40s. it will feel like the low to mid 30s with the gusty wind. sunsets at 5:00. by then, back down to the upper 30s with just a few clouds around. i'm back this ten minutes with a hometown forecast. mike cremedas in for danella this friday morning with your traffic. good morning, mike. >> good morning, tom. things are still looking great on the beltway and looking good on 66 east to 495. let's take a live look at the sudley road camera. lot of cars but things are still moving. you're also looking good inside the beltway at glebe road. it's about an eight-minute ride
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on eastbound 66 at 55 miles an hour. eun? mike, thank you. 6:01 right now. all lanes of wisconsin avenue are back open. crews finished repairing the 8-inch water main yesterday afternoon. they plan to finish repairs to the road after the rush hour this morning. today in about 2 1/2 hours, we'll get a look at the december jobs report. the economy added 146,000 jobs in november. analysts expect about 160,000 were added last month. economists warn that increase that could be short-lived though. they say the increase could be related to the aftereffects of hurricane sandy. unemployment is expected to hold at a rate of 7.7%. >> also today after a few days of delay, the house is set to vote on a measure that would allow more than $9 billion in relief for hurricane sandy victims. lawmakers sparked outrage this week when the housa jurned for the session without voting on the measure which is needed to pay for flood insurance claims for 100,000 people in the
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northeast. it's part of a larger $60 billion package approved last week by the senate. there is still a sticking point. congress has yet to negotiate the spending cuts. it could extend the current pay freeze beyond that spring expiration. this morning, idaho senator will be in court to face dui charges. the republican was arrested just after midnight on december 23rd in alexandria. he was pulled over after running a red light. he failed several sobriety tests and was found to have a blood alcohol level of .11. he's apologized for what he calls a mistake and won't fight the charges. he's due in district court at 9:00 this morning. today in prince george's county, a former jail guard expected to plead guilty in
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connection with an inmate's death. prosecutors say anthony mcintosh found ronnie white unresponsive in his jail cell in 2008 and he never told anybody. white was in jail accused of killing a police officer. a medical examiner ruled white's death a homicide but later said he may have strangled himself. mcintosh was charged with lying to law enforcement investigating that death. a trial on on strux charges was supposed to start next week. a virginia man will have to wait longer before coming a free man. yesterday an appeals court stopped plans to release this man, yus continue wolfe. he was convicted of murder in 2002 and sentenced to die. it was overturned after -- a federal appeals court will hear the case in richmond later this month. 6:04 now. funeral services set for a prince william county police officer killed in a crash. last night, fellow police honored officer chris young with a line of motorcycles outside a woodbridge chapel.
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young was a motorcycle officer killed in an accident monday while responding to a call in bristow. a private funeral ceremony is set to begin at 10:00 this morning. >> pnc bank is warning customers about unusually high volumes of traffic online. the bank says the uptick in online traffic is consistent with threatened cyber attacks. pnc says it's taken teps to block that traffic. this is an access issue not an issue of account security. as a result, some customers may not be able to log into online bank accounts. playoff preparations well under way for both the team and the fans as we get ready for the first home playoff game in d.c. in more than a decade. sunday going to be a grudge match with the team that sent washington packing before. the redskins come into sunday's matchup with the seahawks having won five straight games. but the redskins won seven straight games and over the last
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four games, their defense allowed less -- chris cooley knows how the defense could change the tide of the game. >> they've been physical. i think they're not afraid to get in your face. not afraid to talk to you, they're not afraid to hit you in the mouth. you definitely have to respect a team that isn't a front-runner that will get after it and do the little things right and seattle does that. >> the redskins most recent trips to the playoffs in 2005 and 2007 both ended in losses to seattle. we want to see your redskins spirit. send us your pictures of your kids, your pets, your house, everything decked out in burgundy and gold. e-mail them to skins or tweet at nbc washington and use the hash tag skins fans. there's going to be a lot of burgundy and gold. >> you see the flags on the windows. a lot of fun people will have with this game coming up. >> i'm so excited. why you might call the 'skins game the coffee bowl. >> plus, fact or fiction.
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welcome back this morning. we're getting a look at new pictures of mars from nasa's curiosity rover. this photograph was taken on december 19th t focus in on a priet crumpled object on the ground. it's dubbed martian flower. at first scientists thought it was a piece of plastic that fell off the rover. upon further review, it appears to be part of the rock, not debris from the spacecraft. cool, huh? >> we have weeds on mars. maybe the rover can pull that and get past it.
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>> and have green up there. >> 11 minutes after 6:00 on your friday morning. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. here's tom kierein. >> good morning. we are starting off cold this morning. we have some clouds north and west of the metro area where it's warmer. where it's cleared out from washington, our southern suburbs south and east, it's down to near 20 degrees right now. out of the mountains, many locations are near the freezing mark. we're going to hold steady here with these temperatures for another couple of hours. hometown forecast, falls church by 7:30, should be at sunrise and temperature in the mid 20s. by the lunch hour, should be sunny. the upper 30s and the winds beginning to increase too. here's the regional forecast. our entire region should reach the low 40s by early afternoon. winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. it will feel colder than that. your seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic. here's mike cremedas. good morning. >> good morning, tom. problem in dale city at gideon drive at smoketon road.
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the incident on the map. causing some delays. gideon drive is blocked in each direction. westbound smoketon road, left turn lane is shut down. that's causing delays. here we are north of the rest area. it's a 21-minute ride from the prince william to the beltway at 35 miles an hour. back to you. 6:12 now. 32 degrees. ahead, hillary clinton's life coming to a theater near you. what is wrong with you? >> plus a warning from the navy. why the military is taking on a dangerous drug. >> next, who is planning to pay a special visit today with the devast
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i'm me lis owe mollet at the live desk. nine people died after a shooting rampage in the philippines. police say the gunman was drunk and high on drugs when he opened fire this morning. among the dead, a pregnant woman and 7-year-old girl. the man was killed by police who haven't said anything about his motive. at the live desk, melissa
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mollet, news 4. new had morning, the 14-year-old pakistani girl shot by the taliban over her campaign for girls education is out of the hospital and on her way home. she left england's hospital a little more than an hour ago. she'll be readmitted in january, early february for cranial reconstructive surgery. iran agreed to hold talks with six major powers about its atomic program this month. but the date and venue have yet to be decided. the united states, russia, france, great britain, germany and china want to reign in the uranium enrichment program to be sure -- iranian leaders say they are not seeking nuclear weapons capability. former arizona congresswoman gabrielle giffords will meet with families of the sandy hook elementary tragedy. she'll travel to newtown, connecticut, for the meeting
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this afternoon. last month a gunman killed 20 children and six staff members. giffords was shot in the head two years ago at a campaign event in tucson, arizona. six others in that shooting died, including a 9-year-old girl. the gunman, jared loughner was sentenced to life in prison back in november. apologizing after a gun show ad ran next to an article about the newtown, shooting. the hearst connecticut media group runs the newspaper. the ad was for an antique gun show that starts tomorrow. the publisher said the ad's placement was an oversight and insensitive to oth. two other out of state newspapers apologized for the same mistake. suspended a first grader has changed its mind on how to discipline him. the 6-year-old was a student in silver spring, was suspended last month after pointing his finger at another student and reportedly saying "pow."
6:18 am
an attorney for the boy's family say the suspension was rescinded adding the boy and his family received support from across the country. the man accused of opening fire inside a colorado movie theater will be allowed to bring two people to testify on his behalf at a hearing next week. a judge ruled yesterday that two witnesses can testify in defense of james holmes at a preliminary hearing on monday. holmes is accused of killing 12 people and injuring dozens more in a mass shooting last july in aurora, colorado. it is not clear who the witnesses will be. a school board member in georgia is no longer in that position after a parking lot showdown with a high school student is caught on camera. take a look here. the teenager was trying to save a parking spot for a friend who had recently given birth. that's when the driver of that white van hit her and pulled into the spot. the girl had scuff marks on her jeans. she was not hurt. turns out the driver was the vice chair of the school board where the teen attends. she resigned from that position
6:19 am
yesterday. that former school board member also charged with reckless driving. secretary of state hillary clinton plans to return to work next week. clinton fainted and had a concussion last month, then spent four days in the hospital for a blood clot in her head. aides say she's resting at home and in close contact with her senior staff. hillary clinton's life could soon be detailed in hollywood. a screen writer from south korea is working on a script. right now the project title is rodham which is clinton's maiden name. it follows clinton in her 20s and tries to decide between her career and boyfriend. is that what i think it is? >> when was the last time you saw bin laden? >> three senators want the cia to prove it did not mislead makers of the movie zero dark thirt. that film depicts the 2011 raid that killed osama bin laden. the senate investigation revealed no useful intelligence came from harsh interrogation methods like waterboarding.
6:20 am
recently, though, acting cia director said the techniques led to some tips in the hunt for bin laden. the senators now want him to back up his claim and share information told to movie producers. the u.s. navy is getting the word out about the dangers of the synthetic drug known as bath salts. they're doing it in a way that's getting a lot of attention. >> what is wrong with you? are you sick? >> the navy released this video depicting a sailor using the bath salts which forces had toim la louis nate and become violent before winding up in the hospital. it ends with a message that it's not a fad, it's a nightmare. some called the video over the top. but the navy and doctors have said it's an accurate depiction of the dangers of the synthetic drug. the navy has a zero tolerance drug policy. there is already a bet between the mayors and now america's coffee capital is putting a cup of joe on the
6:21 am
line. prince george's county executive baker has a bet with constantine. the executive of king county in washington state. if seattle wins, constantine gets a supply of 8 o'clock coffee roasted in landover, maryland. if the redskins win x baker gets starbucks and other coffees from companies based in seattle. both men agreed to wear a jersey from the winning team also. friendly rivalry there. >> that's right. coffee is a big deal in seattle. that's a lot. >> get good stuff when they lose. 6:21 is our time. a look at our forecast on this friday morning. >> meteorologist tom kierein has our forecast. tom? >> good morning. dress for a cold morning before you head off to work and school. right now, clouds north of washington and northwest into the mountains south and east. it's all clear. that's where the coldest temperatures are. much of southern maryland is only near 20 degrees. much of northern virginia, only the upper teens to near 20. under the clouds, north and west, it's generally right around the low 30s to near
6:22 am
freezing. later today, we'll be climbing into the low 40s. here's the four-day forecast. lots of sun today. a bit of a blustery west wind. lighter wind tomorrow but cold. increasing clouds. good weather for the game on sunday. partly sunny with temperatures out of the mid 40s early afternoon down to the low 40s during the game. and then, sun returns and still remember cold and dry monday, tuesday. warmer, midweek. might get rain on thursday. now, mike cremedas, how is traffic? >> we have that problem, tom, in dale city. taking a live look at chopper 4. this accident is on gideon drive at smoke town road. gideon drive is shut down in each direction. getting word westbound that the left lane was shut down. that's reopening shortly. let's look at the map. you can see it's causing a delay on northbound 95 before springfield. still a 26-minute ride northbound 95 from the prince william parkway to the beltway at 29 miles per hour.
6:23 am
aaron, eun. >> thank you, mike. 32 degrees. presidential swag on sale. the most expensive item for sale in the inauguration store. up next, not what you want to hear as you get ready to hop in the car. we'll tell you what more driver
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive.
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there's a new study out that says 1 in 24 adults admits to falling asleep while driving. some people don't realize when they nod off for a second or two behind the wheel. drowsy driving was more common in men, in people ages 25 to 34 and in those who averaged fewer than six hours of sleep every night. >> the president's inaugural team is launching two souvenir stores. the retail store opens a week from today located a few blocks from the white house. the online store is already up and running. souvenirs are from a ruler to a $7500 medallion set. champagne flutes go for $30. some items will be sold at various washington hotels closer to the inauguration. proceeds go towards funding for the parade, the balls and other
6:27 am
celebrations. it will be in a museum in years. you can see it fine then. >> you can e-bay it too. big weekend coming up. 6:27 is the time. the police chase that ended up with a search for something other than a suspect. the concern this morning that one fire department is about to be left short-handed. even the redskins aren't used to this. which player told us he's usually planning his caribbean
6:28 am
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frigid friday. you are waking up to freezing temperatures out there. but a little warmup is on the way. good morning everybody. welcome back to news4 today. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it is cold. for some of you it is worse than others. depending where you live, big differences in the temperatures. >> meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm team 4 weather deck. cold enough for a hood this morning, tom, huh in. >> indeed. it is still winter and it's january. doesn't mean you can't whine about it. it is beginning to get windy. i can see a half-moon up there in the sky in the southwestern sky now. the wind is picking up a little bit. we've got the wind gusting to around ten mirror so 15 miles an hour. there's the view from space and
6:31 am
west of the metro area. temperatures in the lighter blue areas are around the freezing mark. but the dark blue areas down into the 20s. even a few scattered teens across northern virginia and parts of southern maryland this morning. it is cold from the mountains to the atlantic beaches up and down the atlantic seaboard. in the metro area, much of montgomery county near the freezing mark. in the 20s to near 30 degrees across fairfax and stafford and spotsylvania and fauquier. to the east, upper 20s. charles, anne arundel, many locations near 20 degrees. later today, with sunshine by 8:00 near 30. by noon upper 30s and during the afternoon low 40s and a westerly wind gusting to 20 miles per hour. that will make it feel colder than that. i'll be back in ten minutes with a hometown forecast. a look at traffic, mike cremedas in for danella. >> a live look at chopper 4. still the accident in dale city gideon drive at smoke towne
6:32 am
road. gideon drive is still blocked in each direction westbound. smoke town road has reopened. expect bailout delays on route 1 and on 95. here's a look at the map at the accident. backlick road, it's a 39-minute road on 95 to quantico on the beltway. new this morning, charles county police are searching for two suspects who broke into a liquor store in waldorfmewaldor >> the suspects jumped out of their u haul and took off on foot. police lost the dog temporarily. they found it a short time later. they have yet to catch either of the suspects. this morning, police in prince william county are looking for a 15-year-old girl missing for more than a week. megan louise knight of woodbridge disappeared the day after christmas. police say she was last seen
6:33 am
wearing black and pink pants and a sweatshirt. has no cash or credit cards with her. anyone with information is asked to call police. classmates are praying for a howard county teenager involved in a crash now in critical condition. police say jeffrey sinclair had four other teens in his car had he collided with a mack truck. the 18-year-old had just pulled out of the parking lot at mt. heb ron high school at route 99. other students say that stretch of road is a known problem spot. >> it's like a hill area, like hilly-type area. it's a harr drop to see. >> the four passengers and the truck driver were not seriously hurt. >> new teachers could be coming to virginia as part of a nationwide program. governor mcdonnell announced wred that he wants the state to participate in a program called teach for america. the program brings young teachers to work in struggling and underachieving sools for two years. he'll ask the general assembly to bring the program to the commonwealth starting this fall saying it will help close the so-called achievement gap between students of the
6:34 am
different backgrounds. 6:33 now. it is back to the playoffs after five years of disappointment in d.c. the redskins are on a roll right now. they've won seven straight. but they're also facing what has become one of the toughest teams in the league. the seahawks have the number one ranked defense in the nfl allowing 15 points per game and they are also on a hot streak right now having won search of their last eight games. but redskins players say there is a different peeling in the locker room this year. >> it's different. it's been a long time since i've been on a successful team. you know, i'm usually figuring out where in the caribbean i'm going to go to at this point. it's nice to still be playing. and have a team that's got a lot of excitement, a lot of potential behind them. >> happy to deal with the cold weather right now. a lot of experts aren't convinced the 'skins have it in them. the post says only 11 of 48 experts who predicted the outcome of the game have the redskins winning. if you are still trying to
6:35 am
snag tickets to the game, you are in luck. some leftover seats set aside for players showed up on ticket masters. the cheapest seats are $91 in the upper deck. there are only five tickets left. that's actually better than stub hub where the cheapest tickets are standing room only in the upper deck end zone. those are going for $85. if you were cure wrus about the most expensive tickets, $3,000 on stub hub for a seat in the dream zone. that is the first row right near the 50 yard line with all you can eat service. maybe someday. >> $3,000. crazy zone. >> make sure the last-minute ticket deals aren't too good to be true. the better business bureau says scammers are looking to make a quick buck off the playoffs. they suggest avoiding buying tickets from scalpers. they may be fake. if you use e-bay or craigs list, use a credit card or paypal. never wire transfer money that way you can dispute the charges if the tickets don't arrive.
6:36 am
if you happen to be a seahawks fan, there are a places you can find friends. you can try the pen quarter sports tavern. it's on indiana northwest. that's oat physician hangout. it's also the official barf the broncos and the chicago bears. depending who shows up, there may still be love there for you. his season has been almost impressive as rg3's, but had things happened a little differently, seattle seahawks quarterback russell wilson could have ended up on the same sideline. how the two rookies almost ended up as teammates. we want to see your redskins spirit. send us your pictures of your kids, your pet, your house, you all decked out in your burgundy and gold. e-mail them to skins fans at or you can tweet us at nbc washington and use the hash tag skins fans.
6:37 am
we're getting good pictures already. it's now 6:36. ahead, the one thing federal workers are hoping congress does not vote on. plus, a plan to build something in the heart of yorj town that has a lot of people hoping it strikes out. hail to the redskins ♪ >> somebody give that dog a bone. >> really. he deserves it. >> we will tell you about the pup with real redskins pride. sometimes you see something that makes you ask why. the escalator that really isn't worth it.
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it's a thing of beauty and significan significance. i rode the escalator seven times and it was a glorious experience. [ laughter ] >> doesn't take much for him, does it? >> can't tell if he's serious or being sarcastic here. there's a you-tube individual crow who posted a recent visit
6:41 am
to kawasaki japan. it's going viral because of his description of the world's shortest escalator. the guinness book of world records confirms it is indeed the shortest escalator. the video has more than 1.3 million views since posted on wednesday. >> i'm trying to wrap my head around there. the escalator is going down five steps. this a design thing, lazy thing? >> you think somebody complained about that and had to put it in? i i don't want to walk down four steps, five steps. you could jump that and get there faster. 6:41 is our time right now. here's a live look outside. >> tom kierein here with the forecast. good morning, tom. >> good morning, the first faint light beginning to show up on the eastern horizon. weather and traffic on the 1s now at 6:41. it's around 30 degrees around the metro area. but out in the rural areas south and east of washington, it's only near 20. north and west, in the low 30s.
6:42 am
silver spring montgomery county by 8:00 a.m., sill around 30 degrees. we'll have sunshine and sunny for the lunch hour. in the upper 30s. that's true throughout the area. the mid and upper 30s by noontime. here's the hour by hour forecast. lots of sun and a westerly wind getting blustery too. going out tonight? here's your friday evening planner. the breezes will settle down. we'll be down to the low 30s by midnight under a partly cloudy sky. a look at the weekend, the 'skins forecast, a look into next week, seven-day outlook in ten minutes. a look at traffic now. mike cremedas in for danella. >> looking good on the beltway. but the accident at gideon drive at smoke town. that will be clearing out fairly soon. unfortunately, we have a lot of bailout delays on route 1. on 95 north, let's take a look at poe hick road. the traffic toward the screen, a
6:43 am
34 miles per hour a 46-minute drive. today in less than two hours, the december jobs report will be out. the unemployment rate expected to hold steady at 7.7%. analysts expect 160,000 jobs were added last month. the increase should be short-lived and it could be related to the aftereffects of hurricane sandy. also today, we could find out if sandy victims will get billions of dollars in aid. the house is set to vote on the $9 billion measure. john boehner found himself the target of outrage when the houea adjourn ed to play for flood insurance claims. part of a larger $60 billion package approved late last week by the senate. >> a two-year pay freeze could be coming to an end for federal workers. president obama's 2010 executive orders stopping pay increases expires march 27th. that's what workers could see a
6:44 am
pay raise. don't expect more money just yet. congress could vote to extend the pay freeze as they negotiate the national debt limit and spending cuts in the coming weeks. in just a few hours, idaho senator will be in court to face dui charges. arrested just after midnight on december 23rd in alexandria. he failed several sobriety tests and was found to have a blood alcohol level of .11. he was mormon, he a pol yiezed for what he calls a mistake and won't fight the charges. a former jail guard in prince george's county expected to plead connection in connection with an inmate's death. he found the man unresponsive in his jail cell in 2001 and never told anyone. a medical examiner initially ruled his death a homicide. later though, he said that white may have strangled himself. mcintosh was charged with lying to law enforcement. he was supposed to go to trial next week. it could be a while longer before a former death row inmate
6:45 am
from virginia becomes a free man. yesterday an appeals court stopped plans with plans to release justin wolfe. he was sentenced to die but his conviction was overturned after allegations surfaced that the prosecution coerced a key witness. a federal appeals court will hear this case in richmond later this month. 6:45 now. today, family, friends and fellow officers of a fallen prince william county officer will say their final goodbyes. young was a motorcycle officer who died monday while responding to a call in bristow. young will be buried this morning in a private ceremony. he is survived by a wife and three children. >> pnc bank is warning customers about unusually high volume of traffic online. the bank says the uptick in online traffic is consistent with threatened cyber attacks. for several weeks it's taken several steps to block the traffic. this is an access issue, not an issue about account security. as a result, the bank says some
6:46 am
customers may not be able to log in to online bank accounts. >> every year cool gadgets are up veiled at the consumer electronics. some car makers are getting in on the act. hampton pearson is live with that. >> good morning. >> good morning, eun. toyota and audi are set to unveil several features for driverless cars. both automakers say they'll show off the high tech options and next week's consumer electronics shows. toyota outfitted a prototype lexus with radar and cameras that can detect other vehicles and traffic signals. audi will demonstrate a fee you are that lets a car find a parking space and park itself without a driver. walmart goes on against charges by rivals. its low price ads are misleading. best buy and toys r us complained to attorneys generals in several states that they make inaccurate price comparisons. it doesn't have an ample supply
6:47 am
in its stores. a walmart spokesperson says we know they don't like it when we tell people to compare prices. he says the company is confident in the standards associated with its ad campaign. back to you guys. an early look at a couple business headlines. >> hampton, thanks so much. all lanes of wisconsin avenue are back open temporarily after a water main broke in chevy chase, maryland. they stopped repairing the break yesterday afternoon. they plan to finish the road repairs after this morning's rush hour. metro riders who use the red and orange lines can expect delays this weekend. on the red line, trains will single track between shady grove and twin brook as well as between judiciary square and rhode island avenue. buses will replace orange line trains between ee vena and east falls church. all the work is set to begin at 10:00 tonight. should be wrapped up in time for monday morning's commute. firefighters worry that proposed budget cuts could
6:48 am
impact emergency response. crews are now considering a shift in how they man some fire stations. many use volunteer firefighters to help cover shifts. in an effort to balance the budget and meet contract obligations with the firefighters union, the chief is considering moving around some career firefighters. they want every engine to have a four-man crew assigned to it. >> every minute counts in this department. somebody's life could be on the line. you don't want to delay service sniept it's a strong possibility that fire and ems stations throughout prince george's county, some will lose career staffing. we're doing strategically. >> a spokesman says reassigning career fire personnel is one of many options. no final decision will be made without the council's approval and public input. people in prince george's county may notice more police in neighborhoods. officers just started a new crackdown on crime. each night this month an extra 125 officers will be on the streets. they'll patrol areas considered
6:49 am
transforming neighborhoods in prince george's county. the initial titive started with number of arrests last night. it's to not just cut down on crime but to get guns off the streets as well. neighbors in georgetown are hoping a potentially noisy development plan winds up in the gutter. the old georgetown park mall is being gutted and renovated. owners of the upscale condos above the construction are against the proposal to add a ten-lane bowl alley to the space citing a long-standing problem with noise. >> with all the alcohol, bowling and parties, that's our home, right, and we always like after work, we want to enjoy the quiet neighborhood. >> a zoning board hearing on the project is set for january 15th. developer is promising to work with homeowners to address their concerns. the forecast is what we want to look at now. tom kierein is here. >> a beautiful sunrise mr way
6:50 am
behind us. that's a live view. it's a little bit earlier now. but it is cold under this clear sky. gorgeous sunset picture sent in by summer donaldson. she took this picture over the weekend coming back from bethany beach posted to weather at that's where you can share your weather and nature photos. as we look at our sky now, there it is. the live view from the nbc4 hd city camera. sunrises at 7:27 under that clear sky. reagan national right at the freezing mark. got a westerly wind around 5, gusting to 10 miles an hour. wells elsewhere, temperatures near freezing. the western northern suburbs. however the coldest air is to our south right now. in fact, fort bell more only at 21 degrees. manassas at 18. only 20 in fauquier county, parts of culpeper, rappahannock and spotsylvania. look at huntingtowne in calvert
6:51 am
county. it includes anne arundel and charles county too. clouds are acting like a blanket holding in a little bit of warmth. it's hovering around 30 degrees. few isolated places in the mid 20s right now. the wind is going to increase a bit as we get into the latter part of the morning. by 8:00 a.m., the wind beginning to pick up a bit. we'll be in the upper 20s to around 30. just a few clouds coming through. for the lunch hour, should be all sunny. but that wind could be gusting up to 20 miles an hour. temperatures in the mid and upper 30s. but it's going to feel colder with that sharp wind. that wind will diminish, though, by tonight. if you're heading out, we'll be into the low 30s by midnight. mid 20s by dawn on saturday. tomorrow should be sunny in the morning. afternoon highs around 40 or so. clouds increasing. clouds coming in ahead of a front, a weak cold front coming through on sunday. it's only a slight chance of a flurry. highs reaching mid 40s early afternoon. then back down to near 40 by
6:52 am
game time. 'skins and seahawks, game time at 4:30 on sunday afternoon at fedex field and should be partly to mostly cloudy by then. hovering low 40s through the game. near 30 by dawn monday. sunny monday afternoon. low 40s and a bit milder midweek. could get rain on thursday. mike cremedas in for danella on this friday morning. good morning, mike. >> good morning, tom. still looking great on the beltway. still a problem in dale city. gideon at smoke town road, the accident is gone. lanes are reopened. but still bailout delays on 1 and 95. let's take a live look at the delays. chopper 4 also looking at the accident or disabled vehicle, rather, on 95 right near the 395 interchange on the left shoulder. 48-minute ride on northbound 95 from quantico to the beltway at 33 miles an hour. aaron? thank you, mike. the seahawks/'skins showdown will be with two of the best rookie quarterbacks in the league. both had record setting seasons. griffin set the rookie qb
6:53 am
rushing record. wilson tied peyton manning's touchdown record and both seemed to have a mutual respect for each other's talent. >> i definitely think we have similar qualities. i think that he does a great job of throwing in the football, running the football. both strengths of our game. i think the biggest thing is, i'm trying to focus on what i can do to help our football team win. that's my focus this week. >> i did get to meet him a couple times and talk to him. you know, great guy. like i tell you guys, i don't play against quarterbacks. it's not my job to compare us. you guys will do that for the next week. it's good to see him being so successful. at the same time, i want our defense to shut them down. >> how about this irony. both quarterbacks nearly wound up wearing the burgundy and gold together. head coach shanahan told usa today after drafting rg3 he considered taking wilson too. the seahawks beat him to the punch. shanahan says wilson is a guy he thinks highly of and was on his
6:54 am
short list. instead the redskins picked up another rookie, kirk cousins who played a big role in two games during the winning streak to end the season. >> there's another wilson with a lot riding on this game. that's because he used to play for the seahawks. corner back josh wilson was drafted by the seahawks in 2007. he spent three seasons there. in that time, he led the team in interceptions. a trade to the redskins means a return home for wilson who played in high school and tarred for the terps in college. that makes sunday's game so much sweeter. >> he's being from here. growing up here, i still remember in '91 we won the super bowl. rooting for my favorite kicker, chip low miller. i'm as excited as a player to be in this position but more as a fan of the redskins. >> love that blast from the past. i remember those guys. football is in wilson's blood. his father tim wilson played
6:55 am
eight seasons with the houston oilers. awesome. we're glad he's back and rooting for the 'skins again. >> a lot of folks are showing redskins pride this morning. take a look at the photos coming in. entire families, the neighborhood kids, the dog. somewhere that has a lot of snow in it. a lot of pictures pouring in as well. we appreciate you sending them and keep them coming in. we want to see all the pictures, you, your kids, your house, your car. >> is that a pony? >> look at that dachshund. >> of course, there's a pony with redskins gear on. >> e-mail your pictures to 'skins fans at or tweet them at nbc washington. use the hash tag skins fans. >> speaking of redskins pride, one fan is helping the spirit of the team's fight song go viral. >> it's a howling good time. >> touchdown redskins! hail to the redskins smoets
6:56 am
♪ hail victory [ dog howling ] that is bailey. a 3-year-old chesapeake bay retriever from college park. bailey's owner says in the you-tube post that the pooch has been a redskins fan since birth. >> like a good pooch should be. >> that's right. she can sing it right along. the whole song. >> who is better, the owner or bailey? >> give her a contract. >> yes. >> let's get our out of door forecast. tom? let's hope she's not growling instead of singing. >> here we go. good weather as we get towards sunday. cold and dry. keep the skin lotion handy. very dry in addition to the cold air. we'll have blustery winds later today. highs reaching the low 40s. more of the same on saturday. for the game on sunday, it's looking good. partly to mostly cloudy. back down to the low 40s for game time and cold and dry first part of next week.
6:57 am
mike cremedas, how is traffic now? >> gideon drive reopened. heavy delays as a result. 123 to springfield. 395 looking great. a live look north of duke street. a slight delay and worry-free at the 14th street bridge. aaron, eun. >> thank you, mike, for helping out when danella is on vacation. that is news4 today. thank you for starting your day with us. >> today show is next. we'll be back monday morning at 4:28 hopefully with a redskins win. until then, have a great day. make it a great weekend everybody.
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