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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  January 5, 2013 5:30am-6:00am EST

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welcome to "news4 this week." hi, everyone. i'm veronica johnson. we're going to show you some of the more interesting local stories making news this week. among them, a rare look at one of the most important documents in history. why it could be years before we get to see the emancipation proclamation up close again. "what's your workout?" the twist that makes this cardio class one of the best workouts around. plus this -- >> i'm really losing control. this is amazing. how a video game is inspiring a new tool that's taking drive tests off the road. and it's a washington insider's secret.
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we'll see who's behind one of the most exclusive cultural lists intown. first, there's a controversy brewing over certain speed cameras in the district, and it could prove to be costly. transportation reporter adam tuss introduces us to a police officer on a mission to get his ticket and thousands of others around thrown out. >> reporter: upset and angry about speed camera tickets. you usually hear it coming from our local commuters. >> it's a swindal, it's a way to get you out of your money. there's too many of them. >> reporter: almost never do you hear it from one of the d.c.'s own police officers. >> i'm outraged mpd, even though i brought it to their attention, did not do anything. >> reporter: he's a veteran of the force, receiptsly got two tickets rolling through the third street tunnel in his personal car. all fine and good if everything was legitimate, but sergeant robinson says that's not the case. you see, a long-term work zone
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has been in place, and the posted speed limit has dropped down to 40 miles an hour. the speed cameras here are still enforcing a speed limit of 45 miles an hour. sergeant robinson says that's a problem. even though the speed limit on the cameras is actually higher than the posted limit, the sergeant says it's not correct. >> you have to enforce the posted speed, and it has to be accurate. >> suggest robinson took this case to the dmv, which agreed there were discrepancies with the ticket and it should be tossed out. if that's the case with sergeant robinson's ticket, it could be the same with thousands of other tickets, costing the city almost $2 million. after the sergeant voiced his concern, he said he was punished. >> you didn't take into consideration what you've said? you've listened? but you haven't taken any action. the only action you've taken has been against myself, meaning that i've been removed from the program. >> reporter: robinson says he'll keep pursuing the issue.
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in northwest, adam tuss, news4. learning to drive without ever getting on the road, it could soon be a possibility in virginia. derrick ward shows us new video game-inspired simulator and why researchers say it could be better than the real thing. >> reporter: no matter how long you've been driving, you probably remember the road test, especially the part that was actually on the road. one day in the not so distant future you could be tested in this. this system is being tested in some motor vehicle offices. matt moncreith is working with the -- and you it test more that licensed applicants. >> it it did also be an assessment. >> things like hazards, road conditions, virtual surroundings and road feel can all by adjusted. this may look like a video game, but some of these test versus real-world applications, and they aren't that easy.
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how much attention do you pay to road signs? >> i don't know if you can see them, and then i need to remember and report which ones i saw. >> reporter: researchers wants to get a big enough sampling to fine-tune the scenarios. people we spoke to are kind of skeptical. >> i still have to spend time with an instructor. >> i think you need real experience sitting in a chair is not going to help you for real on the road. >> well, you know, i don't know if you get the sense of this by watching it on the camera. sitting here my brain thinks i'm on the road and i'm -- this time i avoided that a little more, but i'm feeling it. i'm really losing control. this is amazing, or very sad, because i've been driving for years. the project is still in the mockup testing phase. practical usage is a couple years out, but don't be surprised if one day the road to a driver's license winds its way through cyberspace. >> you're not going to take a new driver on the road and put somebody in front of them, blow
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out a tire or something like that, but maybe that's something we could do here. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. in the meantime i guess i'll be practices with more driving video games. in d.c. thousands lined up for a special look at one of the most important documents in our nation's history. the emancipation proclamation, lincoln's decree that you ultimately led to the freedom of more than 3 million slaves. aaron gilchrist takes a look inside. >> the fate of human dignity in our hands. >> reporter: hollywood's version for the sake of the 13th amendment. he tried this. >> it ravens right up with the declaration of independence as one of the great documents in u.s. history. >> reporter: the original preserved at the national archives, to some most the most significant works on human freedom. >> you know, when you actually hear about the documents, you read about it, but when you can see it up front and see
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lincoln's signature and all of the other provisions of the document, it brings the document to life. >> reporter: facsimile pages join page 2 and page 5, which bears the official seal of the united states and the signature of abraham lincoln. >> it was important, it was a military measure. lincoln did not do this for humanitarian reasons. he did it because he was able -- as a consequence of having having been commander in chief. >> edna green medford has written extensively on the proclamation. she says the goal was to preserve the union and throw the south into chaos. >> in the south's advantage was in its enslaved laborers. if you free them, if you tell them you don't have to stay there, you can go, and we will protect you've pretty much won the war. >> and committed the nation to the idea of equality for all. it's a fight that continues and the reason that thousands visit
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the national archives on this 150th anniversary. the light purposely dimmed for the xi biggs. over the years is the paper has been discolored and the ink has faded. >> so our strategy is to limit the amount of light exposure. that means to limit the length of time it's on display, and also to keep the light levels low. >> reporter: a strategy to preserve a record of our national new way of thinks, one that may not be displayed here again for years. in washington, aaron gilchrest, news4. despite a great season, there's one thing disappointing fans. why some people are having a tough time just trying to celebrate the big division win. if you feel like you said stop overeating, a new study st[ female announcer ] there are lots of different ways
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(bell ringshi. yes? you know those delicious granola bunches in honey bunches of oats? i love those. we've added more to every box. really? wow! honey bunches of oats. make your day bunches better. . rookie quarterback robert griffin iii has certainly gained a loyal following of proud fans this season, um-hmm.
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there may be few prouder than julie allen. she's rg3's grandmother, and she faithfully watches his games from her home in richmond, virginia. as a matter of fact, she says she never doubted her granddone would lead the team to victory. >> i tell him i love him, you know i was right. he said i know you were running. a beautiful sdwrob. a beautiful job. touchdown, beautiful. >> and as rigg 3's grandshe she says her nickname is rg3-g. all fans have a new way to show their pride, and it's something that we haven't had in more than a decade around here. official gear to celebrate the division title, but as tracee wilkins shows us, some of that gear has been tough to come by. ♪ hay to the redskins >> reporter: yes, and to the official distributor for finally releasing playoff gear.
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and these fans know good redskins gear. not everyone has a pair of redskin reeboks. >> what do you think of the shirts? >> i like them. >> they're pretty good. >> short-sleeved? >> not a problem. >> reporter: as long as it says champions. >> oh, yes. >> we need the championship wear. yeah. >> reporter: it's easy to celebrate when you can find your size. eric, on the other hand, isn't so happy. >> the x dpismts aren't out yet, but it's worth it. it's been, what, 10, 12 years since we won the division. >> reporter: he wasn't alone. a group of men waited for xx and xxl shirts, they enjoyed in highlights in the meantime. more shirts game, no xxs. but we did find xxs down the road at the sports authority, where they had two left. limited sizes weren't the only complaints. >> we've seen hats and i'm
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trying to see what t-shirts they have. >> reporter: where did you see the hats? >> first batch was at model's. >> and they sold out. >> i asked the guy where he got it from, got it from the corner. i said, well i'm going to go to the official store, and it's not here. >> reporter: there's some joy and some disappointment, but skins fans are used to that. >> this is what i expected, actually. i did. >> reporter: tracee wilkins, news4. just a little hard to come by. i guess you have to be patient. the regular treadmill workout gets a new twist. we'll show you why this serious cardio class works for anyone at any fi
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in news for your health, a common ingredient could be undermining a dieter's best intentions. that ingredient is fructose, a form of fruit sugar used to
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sweeten food and drinks. researchers say it also appears to trigger changes in the brain that can lead to overeating. scientists look at mri scans of volunteers ease brains and they compared how the brain reacted to drink sweetened with fructose verdict glucose. the images showed that fructose failed to show a signal to the brain that makes us feel full, but glucose did. the bottom line, read the label. another study might make students think twice about skipping gym class. researchers fouled that middle school students who are more physically fit earned better grades compared to the less active counterparts. the results don't make a direct link between exercise and academic performance, but researchers say exercise can help improve overall physical, mental and emotional health. well, it's a fact that has a lot of people headed to the gym, well, to get in better shape for
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the new year, and we found an old exercise with a new twist. it's a spin class on a treadmill. some people say it's the hardest thing they have ever done, so of course we asked them "what's your workout?" >> you can do it, guys. i need a faster pace. treadmill spinning classes a 45-minute workout. >> heart rates comes up. >> a lot of interval work and we work at all levels. we have some walkers, runners, hybrid, half runner half walkers, sprint work, hill work, lateral training. >> you're at zero, guys, nice and easy. >> it's just to condition people who don't want to necessarily run outside, they might have need issues or joint issues, and they really want to get in that different type of cardio conditioning. >> i'm a runner, but i sort of had gotten out of shape. i ended up doing more distance and running faster than i
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normally would on my own. >> third and final set. 30 seconds. you need more speed, add it in. >> i might have someone who has never even walked or run five minutes in their entire life to someone who does triathlons. i can challenge each person at a different level. >> it's not easy, by any means, but, you know, everybody has to start somewhere. >> our job as run coaches is to challenge the person by using a heart rate, really challenge the heart rate. >> this is the group exercise all about. it forces you to go faster and harder. >> you've got it. c'mon. >> it's extremely challenging. i would never work out that hard on my own. >> i just finished a workout with her and i ran five miles on the treadmill in one scholars. i've never done that before. >> yeah, i think that's the key there. you know you would not work out that hard on your own. push it. limetime athletics treadmill
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'cause i really love those smiles. we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook. here's a look at the new first face welcomed to the world here in d.c. this year. every add med star hospital was buzzing about baby emily anita mendoza. she was born five seconds after midnight on new year's day, 6 pounds, 10 ounces, and she gave the appearance a new year's eve surprise by arriving several days early. ooh! the new year brings plenty of ranking about the best people, places and things of the past year. there's one list you probably don't know about, but might wish
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up on. angie goff goes behind one of the most exclusive cultural collections. >> reporter: washington loves a good list, but there's one you won't find printed the paper on the cover of a magazine or posted online. >> i started new pages for 2012. >> reporter: one of the most exclusive lists inside the beltway. drew litman is behind it. >> i've never been more than 85 people on it. there are a lieutenant of washington power types, heads of agencies, chiefs of staff in the senate, but, um, we've got someone doing energy investment in bali. >> reporter: for nearly 15 years, litman has hand-pitched the group, best in books, film and movies. members in the list agreed to react or respond by e-mail with their top picks. >> who really is a culture maven. who is going to the movies every weekend. who is reading the most books, and it could be any books. >> i think there are people on
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the list who feel they need to bring their a-game to the list. >> jody arlington head pr in sundance and has been on the list for five years. >> i love reading everyone's responses. it's basically discovering new work, and to also kind of sharing the things that have really inspired me and i thought were fabulous. >> reporter: who else has access? among the list fehr trait commission's chairman john leibowitz, and john berman, media manager for the nfl. tom rosen field is among them and enjoys the back and forth. >> that's one of the astonishing things about this. it is at once intimidating and a little pompous, and also people are willing to say anything to -- even to strangers. >> reporter: members who fail to repl all with their thoughts risk being cut. litman already dropped 20 people this year including new york city deputy mayor howard
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wolfson. >> he hadn't replied in the last couple years. he's a brill implant guy, but if people aren't replying, the community could fall apart. >> reporter: meaning the former member didn't get the list just sent out. one of the best book conscious stag's leap." >> i think drew is brave, willing to argue for a james bond movie as one of the great works of art of the year, and other people are aghast at that. >> reporter: a town big on who you know, all agree this is one list with real connections. angie goff, news4. drew litman's list has never been published until now. we have the top 2012 picks in films, music and books on our website, just search "the list." hey, that's all for news this week.
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