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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  January 17, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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>> we've got to do a better job of advocating to make sure we have the facilities we need. >> they'll continue to review the options. the rote won't happen until february 21st. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. right now at 6:00, most of us don't have to worry about snow tonight. we have you covered on what you can expect. breaking news, a verdict in a case against a former d.c. police officer. plus the travel gan deals
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available at local holes for this inauguration. good evening, everyone. they will one thing, it looks like a monster of a storm. all the way into philadelphia and new york, but most of that not hitting the ground right now. let's show you what we're dealing with around our region. you notice the rain changing to snow, down around mineral county, spotsylvania, so it would be in the fredericksburg area in just a bit we're also not seeing a change in temperatures. that fall in temperatures. so that's why we're not seeing anything in that region. right around culpepper, a bit of a heavier ban, would not be
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surprised if this is making its way as snow. we still have advisories down to the south. we'll get new updated totals? just a minute. folks in fredericksburg saw snowflak snowflakes, but that has since turned into rain. david culver joins us live. >> reporter: right now, along route 3, i've been able to put away the umbrella. the rain has really slowed down a good amount. still vdot is focused on what will will happen later tonight. an early rush headed south out of d.c. into the commonwealth. many of the drivers left early to get a head start on the storm. >> we knew the weather was going to be bad, driving through it, so we got out of there around 12:00, 12 oomt 30 today. >> reporter: the traffic farther south looked much smoother. >> we have 35 trucks that are
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designated just for interstate 95. they'll be targeting travel lanes, ramps, bridges and overpasses. >> reporter: kelly hans -- the trucks lined up to get their fill. they hit 95 ahead of rush hour to pretreat, but they couldn't use the usual blind mixture. >> we're notal to use traditional de-icing, because it washes away with the rain in valuables. >> reporter: they'll stay out on the roads. >> i have a doctor's appointments in annapolis. am i worried? i've got to be there, so i'll just take my time. >> do you have anywhere to go tomorrow? >> no, i don't. i'll be sitting at the house. >> reporter: i also spoke with the assistant director of public works for the city of
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fredericksburg. he tells me he has 15 crews on standby at this hour. another 15 will come in tonight on standby should there be any snow that falls. they'll be the crewings that hit first, then they'll go out -- try to give them some space as they're out and about on the roads tonight. i'm david cull remember, news4. from fredericksburg, virginia to southern maryland, chris gordon joins us live from waldorf. what's happening there, chris? >> reporter: we're seeing rain and sleet, and we're waiting for snow. >> reporter: trucks loaded with salt and chemicals have been driving on highways that became slippery. because of the winter storm advisories, public school students were sent home two hours early. they wanted school buses off the road. parents think the early release
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with us a good idea. >> the more of us out of the way allows the county to do their job. >> tomorrow we have staff development day, so opportunities are not in school on friday or on monday for the martin luther king holiday. >> for shoppers, they stocked up just in case. >> just really play it safe, you know, getting something to keep in the house for a couple meals. if it gets nasty out, we don't have to fight the hustle and bustle. >> reporter: here in southern maryland, they're ready, come what may. >> i love snow. i do. i can sit though, though, and look at it. i'm not working. >> reporter: rain has made roadways slippery throughout maryland, causing a number of accidents, but it appears that rush how has been spared. the snow which could have made matters much worse. that's the latest live tonight from waldorf, maryland. back to you. this is a live look at the white house. here in the district we're not
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seeing any snow right now. >> however, the deep south is getting the brunt of the weather. this is -- some parts of center mississippi had about 4 inches of snow. for the latest on the weather anywhere at any time, you can download or weather app.. it's in the app. store or on google play. now to the breaking news we're covering, a guilty verdict in the trial of a former d.c. police officer charged with killing his girlfriend and young daughter. news4's jackie bensen is outside the courthouse with the jury's quick decision. i understand there's as in conference which we'll join in progress. >> reporter: doreen, you can see we're hearing from the family members. we're just going to put the microphone in front of someone who's been through a terrible things and heard a verdict day. do you mind if we just ask you, what was your reaction? >> like i said, today the
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vertebra was wonderful. he was found on all six of seven counts guilty. the jury seen right through his lies. it was wonderful to see him get caught. >> i noticed as her mother you were strong through the child, but when you talked about your granddaughter, that's when your strength just dissolved. >> yeah, because she really was an innocent victim. she couldn't defend herself at all. my daughter was a little older and, you know, the baby was just so senseless. it just kills me to know what happened to my grandbaby, you know. another thing is that she could have been saved, you no el. my daughter doesn't have a chance, but my grandbaby could have been saved. your reaction? >> god is good.
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god is good. i'm so glad. i'm so glad he found him guilty. i'm just so glad. it's hard to sit ten feet behind someone who a part of your life, and -- >> reporter: and you can see again the family of wynetta wright, parents, grandparents, family members, all here, all through the trial representing their faith that the best would happen, the best verdict they could hope to get after the terrible incidents of may. just a short time ago, the courtroom, a vertebra of guilty on all counts, including two counts of murder for former d.c. police officer richmond williams. reporting live in upper marlboro, jackie bensen, news4. thank you, jackie, a virginia woman was shot and killed after scherr opened her
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front door. police tell us someone knocked on the woman's door early this morning. she left in the 17600 block of washington street. she argued with the visitors who report dpli fired several shots and ran off. in about an hour, the newly remodeled colorado movie theater site will open for the first time. there will be a private remembrance and movie for the victims' families, first responders and hospital workers. some relatives of those killed are staying away, call tonight's events insensitive. james home also is accused of will enter a plea in march. the fate of hostages in algeria remains unclear. it is reported that forces have completed their operations, but the report does not disclose how many hostages survived or how
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many of the militants were killed. secretary of state hillary clinton called the situation fluid today. said the u.s. is hoping the situation will be resolved. >> we hope with a minimum loss of life, but when you deal with these relentless terrorists, life is not in any way precious to them. >> white house supposeman jay carney says there are many claims of spopt for the hose taj-taking, but so far none has been substantiated. when opening statements start tomorrow against john leopold, there will not be a jury. earlier today he waived a right to a jury trial, means a judge will decide the case. the decision came this morning in the second day of jury
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selection. he's accused of using officers from his security detail for personal and political benefit. he defies any wrongdoing. marion berry says the fbi tried to kill him when he was arrested more than 20 years ago. he told "u.s. news & world report" that the fbi tried to poison him. he made similar claims back then. the fbi cad the accusation absurd and disappointing. a warning tonight about a theories of theft from mailboxes in two maryland cities. checks are being stolen from outgoing mail. police say somebody is looking for mailboxes with the red flag. they're changing the name on the check and cashing it. the latest case happened on monday, but it's been happening since october. police say you should drop any important mail into a blue postal box or tailing it to the post office. still ahead, last-minute hotel packages are still valuable.
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some are quite lavish, some even have deals for your pets. >> why not? a list of schools closing was revealed today. five survived the time cut. five survived thwe're sitting on a bunch of shale gas. there's natural gas under my town. it's a game changer. ♪ it means cleaner, cheaper american-made energy. but we've got to be careful how we get it. design the wells to be safe. thousands of jobs. use the most advanced technology to protect our water. billions in the economy. at chevron, if we can't do it right, we won't do it at all.
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we've got to think long term. we've got to think long term. ♪
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thea27 care takes of the mall are rushing to preserve the grass. huge crowds four years ago destroyed the grounds. starting tomorrow morning, the crews will be putting down thousands of plastic sheets over a 6 1/2 acres of the mall. the terra-plastic as it's called sits inches above the grab allowing light and water to pass through. the multimillion dollar project will take two days to complete. locals and tourists alike are turning it into a vacation experience. some of the best hotels in town are offering luxury packages. jim handly took a tour, and found out if no money is an
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objects, the options are unlimited. >> reporter: it's not bo, and they're not secret service agents, but if you make the fairmont hotel your home, they come with the presidential detail package. >> the goal is to replicate the feel the first family is going through, being pampered, knowing you have deadlines, places to go, but doug it in style. >> four nights will set you back $100,000, but it doesn't top with the jacuzzi, you get a pair of rolex watches and culinary team at your disposal. >> from dom perignon, and caviar. >> even your own fido gets the first family treatment. >> they even have their own dining menu. >> welcome to the presidential suite. >> down the block at the ritz karl done, a car and driver will get you around town and fly you
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in am home first class. the ritz is out to crazy an exclusive washington experience, a behind the scene tour of some of the most iconic monuments, including walking the steps of the incoming president. >> serious swag comes with this package. you get a $5,000 shopping fry. >> saks fifth avenue, one of our partners, and they'll get you ready for the ball. this $100,000 package is loaded with plenty of personal touches. >> it's the little things likes the inaugural seal on the pillowcases. >> do you get to keep those? >> you do. >> absolutely. from the white house wine list, a trip to georgetown cupcake. >> it's priceless. it will give you memories to last the rest of your life. >> 3500 square feith it is mandarin orienta gives you a panoramic view. they call four nights here the potus package.
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>> it stands for precising over the ultimate seat. >> you can see -- >> the tidal basin, the marina, and you can also see parts of arlington. >> beyond the three bedrooms it's in the living room where you can gather 25 of your closest friends to take in the city views, and celebrate. the bathroom alone is as big as many rooms, then there's the library, dining room, three bedrooms, on and on you go, walking it is a workout. your run of the place includes the whole place. >> staying at mandarin oriental gives you access to the only four-start rated spa. and in case you were wondering, this is the bargain of the bunch, but in four-day deal has been just been snatched up for $15,000 a night. in washington. jim handly, news4. and news4 will be covering every aspect of the inauguration, reporting live from the parade and swearing in,
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our coverage start at 4:00 a.m. and continues all day long. we hope you'll join us. handley was looking just quite comfortable. >> yes, he was. >> my goodness. >> he's still there. >> so i have to admit to being a little disappointed. >> you know, i want some snow, i want to see a foot of snow outside my house, and i knew this one would be a tough one for d.c. to get any snow. i thought we would see this for about 15, 20 minutes.
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just south and west of richmond. we do have some snow in parts of our region. down into the southwestern portions of virginia. as the rain or snow begins to fall, it just evac rates right up. look at this, dry from washington to warrenton, that's the way it's been for hours. this is where the rain has been falling. this is the band of heavier rain and snow, and i do think as it moves through, this is when we'll see that shift from rain to snow. how much will fall? we'll have to wait and see. the rain has been falling. any snow that will fall will most likely fall on contact.
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windchill at 41, too. the winds are calm. we're going to stay at this higher number. 37 at leesburg. so not even too cool around the region, even if snow does fall. no proshs on those roads at all. that's what we're sealing right now. down to the south and west, a lot of problems on those roads. they are seeing the snow coming down, and this storm's really just beginning to pick up strength this is the area they could see.
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rain and snow toward the south, again light accumulation in most areas. isolated slick spots through the south. windchills in the teens. we rebound nicely a saturday. right now monday looks like a temperature of 36 to the day of inauguration. >> that's not bad. maybe late flurries, and look how cold we are next week.
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highs, 10 degrees below average. >> we have to be careful about some icy patches. >> that's about it. thank you, doug. the other thing we have to be careful about is saying bad things on the air a short while ago i said a word many -- i didn't realize my microphone was on. i'm so sorry. it was a mistake on my part. i apologize. i won't let it happen again. my bad. >> okay. cool. >> don't blame the station. it was me. you can send me nasty letters. >> stuff happens. moving on. why five schools in the district are saved from the chopping block. and schools take center stage in rich more. we are lives as congress takes on this controversial plan. >> the n affeldt ts welcome the newestia27ia27on as "news4 at 67
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a controversial big is being considered in virginia. julie carey joins us live from richmond some say that more gun rights is a better way to prevent another massacre like the newtown -- right now a committee is hearing from prince william county delegate bob marshall. there's been a lot of attention,
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it would allow specially trainings teachers, principals and volunteers to bring weapons into schools so far tonight, a bill too ban assault weapons in virginia around schools, that has already been rejected by the committee, and again we're waiting to hear results that would allow teachers and principals to bring guns into school that make sur1r50i68 unlikely. the committee did not reverse new standards for state abortion clinics. >> d.c. police officers were busy. city officials say they want people to be safe when they
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cross 17th and k streets in northwest. we're talking about pedestrians. so they're launching campaigns to educate walkers on what they want and shouldn't do if they cross the street. more than 900 crashes were reported in the city last year. people were warned with flyers earlier in the week. transportation officials want the able to flack and suspend it for multiple citations. >> people get away with things only so long. after a while they get caught. >> why would the government waste their time. >> according to "the washington post," unpaid tolls in the state totalled nearly $7 mill i don't onin recent years. american airlines gets a new
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look. the family re while and blue stripes are gone. they're replaced with a new logo and "american" in large letters. they say the rebranding is designed to reflect the company's passion for progress. it's the first makeover for the company in more than 40 years. we have breaks news tonight, a former police officers was found guilty of killing his girlfriend and baby date. richmond phillips was found guilty on all counts. prosecutors argued that phillips did not want to take a paternity test. police say he thought shy girlfriend and left his baby
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daughter inside a car to die in the heat. opening statements are said to begins tomorrow vdot crews have been treating them with salt and sand, and plan to continue doing so through outthe night as a precaution. we'll get an update. how is it looking? >> again, still raining, but switching over to snow, just south of fredericksburg. spotsylvania is seen snow right now, into portions of culpepper, and also when it comes to southern maryland, starting to see that rain change over. we'll continue to see that. once again here's where the advisories are down to the south. all the way back. we'll talk much more about this.
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once again, not a big storm, we'll just see that storm down to the south. by the way, heads up. shomari stone is live in the neighborhood with a news4 exclusive. shomari? >> reporter: we talked to the 16-year-old victim moments ago. we were in her living room. she was very sad. she is scared, fearing for her life and fought back. the teen also total me she was
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walking toward her bus stop near lourdes drive and hickory drive. >> i kept on walking, and he grabbed me. they're also going to remain vigilant in this community. live here in prince george's county. i'm shomari stony, news4. there are some big changes announced today to a plan that called for 20 public schools in the district to close next school year. tom scherr within is here with the details. >> some cools made the case to stay open, others will close.
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>> kya henderson gave final details to council members. they take the political here for her decision. >> it's one thing to hear what's going to happen. it's another to see the actual data and the outcomes that support what the intentions are. >> garrison elementary in the shaw neighborhood near downtown has about 250 students, far less than it was built to handle. it was put on her original list of schools to close last november, but since then school parents put up a fight, promising to boost enrollment, to draw more parents from the rapidly improving neighborhood. garrison will stay open. parents are delighted. >> i'm just happy. i found out when you called, so that was a good things. we have been wondering. we have a good rapport with the teachers and principal. >> henderson says her revised list is final. it will go into effect next fall and next year. the $20 million savings will be plowed back into school
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programs. >> we invest in our schools, with the access to the same diversion endorsework and enriching educational opportunities. >> reporter: the chairman says school closings are part of the overall. >> this isn't the end of the story. we have to change our way of doing business very quickly or we will be engaged in serial closings for the foreseeable future. >> we have the whole list on our web page, search cool closings. two men are under arrest in connection with the result of alonzo areola. police say flores used the flan belongs to diaz to dump the victim's body tuesday night. no motive has been revealed. lawmakers in maryland have come up with a compromise plan
6:36 pm
over who's responsible for injuries from dangerous dogs. new legislation would deal with the impact of last year's court ruling that said pitbulls are inherently dangerous. that decision made pet owners and landlords liable for dog attacks. the new law clarifies that responsibility, and would apply to all breeds, not just pitbulls. >> it relieves the privilege of the obligation to go out and find somebody that says, hey, that dog bit me. >> landlords would only be liable if they know or should have been known that a dangerous dog was being house odd their property. next on "news4 at 6,"
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ia27ia2 huge shipment of thb))h vaccine.ia27 are you still looking for the vaccine? safeway says the company just shipped an additional 16,000 doses to stores in our area. that's a total of 200,000 doses shipped to its pharmacies nationwide. the additional quantity is expected to help meet customers' demands. 47 stains are reporting widespread flu activity. doctors say the vaccine remains the best way do protect yourself.
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just 3% of virginia middle school students say they light up regularly, down 70% from 2001. smoking among high school students is half of what it was a decade ago from virginia. it felt from 29 to 13%. the virginia foundation for healthy youth says the decline is due to smoking prevention programs. metro has announced plans to fix a slew of its aging escalators. it's awarded a $151 million contract to the cohen corporation, they will modernize or replace 130 escalators. they expect the work to be completed by 2020. for a complete list of the escalators scheduled to be replaced, go to and search escalators. dan hellie is down at fan appreciation night. do they have ice at the verizon center? we've been waiting a long time. >> reporter: they do. we've been waiting forever. they missed more than 30 games
6:41 pm
this season. we are almost to the regular season. we're going to be talking about hockey, the nationals, who introduce their newest shutdown reliever. they are storming the court in
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"news4 at 6" continues. welcome back. 41 degrees at the airport. winds calm, and the windchill at 41. i thought we would at least see some flakes in the d.c. area, though once again not predicting anything big. what we are seeing stuff is just down to the south. if you live in these areas, you're not going to see a thing. dulles 39, 38 in reston, 38 down tards hundred dollarsingtown. you may see something in the way of snow. this is why. once again, the dough knit hole that we have seen here in and
6:45 pm
around this area, it's nothing but dry air. they've seen a mixture of rain, sleet, some snow. we are going to see it change over. i want to show you just down to the south of richmond and they do have some accumulation even on the roadways. their temperatures have fallen. they're about 5 to 10 degrees cooler than we are in our area. a look at the wider shot. you notice the snow on the back side. even severe weather down into portions of carolina, myrtle beach right now under a severe thunderstorm warning where it's snowing. i wouldn't be surprised if the national weather service dropped
6:46 pm
those advisories, too. this just didn't come together the way we thought it would would. culpepper, over towards huntingtown, 1 to 2 irchs to the south. 2 to 4 down to the extreme south. once again, that's about it. if you're traveling down i-95 south of quantico or fredericksburg, that's where you could return into some problems, especially closer toward the richmond area. tomorrow expect only a high of 38 degrees. saturday looks ghraib. 45 on sunday, and then the cold air arrives. ladies, the cold air will be making its way in. >> it looks like everybody better do their homework. let's go back out to the
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verizon ner. dan, to all those people realize the caps aren't playing an actual game tonight? >> reporter: there's a pretty good crowd in here continuing it's just a scrimmage. the home opener next tuesday, then they play again on thursday. just after 6:00 for a scrimmage that's set to start in a few minutes. earlier we caught of with the owner and asked him what the caps' philosophy will be like this season with the new head coach. >> i do have to thickle when they ask, what's the system? he wants them to play really good offense and defense and we need good goaltending. that sounds like a plan.
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i think the players like we'll open it up a bit. we have a lot of offensive talent. all procedure sports if your stars are performing well and they're happy, and alex is very fit, he played in russia during the lockout he looks great. adam will move him all over the ice. and that motivates alex. >> reporter: they are ready for action, rocking the red out here, so from caps to nats we go. to introduce their new closer rafael soriano, this is the highest paid relief pitcher in baseball, a two-year, $28 million contract, so the
6:49 pm
nationals apparently not afraid to spend money anymore. he should make a good bull pen even better, possibly the best bull pen in baseball. he had 42 saves for the yang yeast las year, so the ante officially up for the nats last year. this year the goal is to win the world series. the general is all in, and he clearly feels like signing this young man was the right move. >> rafy is a good fit. he's one hell of a closer. the strengthen the strength, keep moving forward and acquire assets to become the best ball club you can possibly become. he's here because he has great talent, great character, great ability, and has done it at the highest level. he's going to not only by a shutdown type of pitcher, but also a mentor to our young. and to get them to go to a higher level also.
6:50 pm
>> all right. get a little bit lower here. as you can see, as photographer chris kerwin pans off, the capitals taking the ice for the first time this season. they're going to have a scrimmage. if you're in the area, stop by. the doors are open, everybody can get in, and it is free. let's talk some college basketball. here's why i think maryland will be a very carey basketball team in about a month. they haven't even scratched the sursfas. they have a lot of potential. 14th ranked north carolina state last night. they didn't even play very well. north carolina state, by the way. these guys are the dancing turgins, i guess symbolic of the night, the pretty alley-oop. the terps and the billing ukrainian is jacked. maryland is down by one again. howard driving, and misses, but
6:51 pm
look who is there, alex lent for the follow. but wait, there's still time. just under a second left. nc state off the market. check out the reaction from coach turgin jumping for joy literally the fans rush the court. a lot of people say why did they rush the court? let the college kids have some fun. 51-50 was the final. >> well, it was awesome. it's such a grind for us right now. we just keep guarding. they went zone, a great move on their part. we didn't handle it well, but when alex did that, that was fun. i thought we guarded the last play pretty well, too. >> reporter: the first loss after ten straight wins for them for the wolf pack. how bad did you need this? i want we needed it, but life would have went on. you know, i've built young teams
6:52 pm
before and tried to get better, but if you look at our schedule, we had to get one back at home. and we got it. that's going to give us a lot of confidence at home, too, as we move forward. >> reporter: carol maloney with marge turningen, the wizards also in action last night, taking on the kings. the wizards led most of the way, rookie bradley beal had 26 points, made six three-pointers in this game. the wizard had an eight-appointed late, late in the game demarcus cousins just takes over. muscling his way inside, to tie it up at 91. the wizards did have a chance to win in the final seconds, but bradley beal just couldn't get it done. john wall will miss the tip-in, so the wizards lose by one. john wall also missed for free throws down the stretch that probably could have helped out. folks, chip kelly,
6:53 pm
introduced as the new head coach for the eagles this afternoon. he brings with him one of the high potent offenses. i guess the big question now is, will it be successful in the nfl? he did not answer the question to whether michael vick will be back. you can be rest assured that he will -- norv turner, the former head cough for the chargers and redskins, the new offensive coordinator for the cleveland browns. that will do it from heave at verizon center, where the capitals are having an open scrimmage. come on down, get a look at them be
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coming up next, one giant golden nugget. the discovery is next. okay. doug, one more check? >> yeah, one more check. this storm is just south of us. just south of fredericksburg they're getting hammer. take a look at us -- nothing. just south of fredericksburg,
6:57 pm
even spotsylvania county, you're seeing rain and snow move in. look at the lightning. they are see thundersnow down there. it did not make its way all the way up here. the radar picture is showing it change over. we will see it change over here. the high of only 38 tomorrow. this weekend nice a high of 47 bettered real cold moves in next week. we still have plenty of winter yet. >> yeah. >> i just want some snow. >> same here. >> just head south. an amateur prospector dug up a gold nugget worth more than $300,000. it happened near the city of bolerat in victoria australia this week. the amateur prospector prefers to remain anonment. he yew use a car detector when a noise came through the headphones.
6:58 pm
it was about two feet until grounds, weighs more than 11 pounds. appreciate metal experts note he was use a stast art metal detector. th
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