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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  February 12, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EST

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>> announcer: "news4 midday" starts now. two university of maryland students are dead. and now a search for answers after a murder/suicide this morning. an an emotional day at the pentagon. the legacy leon panetta is leaving behind as he says good-bye. and it's the first dave our amazing makeovers. the mom of a wounded warrior gets a brand-new rook. good morning. welcome to "news4 midday." i'm keith russell. >> and i'm barbara harrison. it's tuesday, february 12th, 2013. we start in college park. two people are dead, another person injured after a
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murder/suicide at the university of maryland campus. >> all three of university of maryland campus. megan mcgrath is live. >> reporter: it happened at this house behind me on 36th avenue. this is a rental like many of the homes on this block. the tenants, three university of maryland students. one of his two students turned on his two roommates shooting them before killing himself. a bullet hole through the rear window. the window of this suv shot out. and evidence of the fire that started it all. police release the photo of the damage. three university of maryland students live on the home in on 36th avenue. early this morning, police say one of the students lit a small fire in the basement. his two roommates also students at maryland confronted him. when they ran out the front door, shots rang out. jeff and george heard the
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gunfire from his house. >> all i heard was about six or seven shots going pop, pop, pop. then about 15 minutes later i heard the cops. >> we just heard what sounded like firecrackers for us. probably multiple shots obviously. >> reporter: both roommates were shot in the front yard. one die ted hospital. the other ran to a neighbor's house for help and is expected to be okay. the shooter then went to the back of the house and killed himself. at 1:30, the student police pout out a safety alert telling students. you can see the police tape. that's where the fire department went into the backyard to access the basement again where that small fire was set. now, police are still trying to notify the next of kin so they have not released identities. they are expecting, though, later this afternoon to hold a press briefing. we're expecting to get the events that led up to this
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bizarre incident and also the names of the students involved. megan mcgrath, nbc4. many. north korea is warning the u.s. its nuclear test overnight was just a first response to u.s. threats. the north says there could be, quote, second and third measures of greater intensity. right now the united nations security council is holding an emergency meeting on this matter. overnight, north korea conducted an underground nuclear test in the area. the blast was so strong it registered on the u.s. geological surveys a 4.9 blast. president obama called the test a highly provocative act. he said north korea's nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles pose a threat to international peace and security. he goes on to say the united states will also continue to take steps necessary to defend ourselves and our allies. taking a look outside right now. look at that shot. another mild start out there. but some more winter weather is
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on the way. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with the first forecast. good morning. >> it sure looks nice. beautiful sky over the region. we've had the sunshine since dawn. sun rises getting earlier and earlier, 7:03 this morning. a few clouds, northeastern maryland, right near the pennsylvania border. a few clouds as well towards charlottesville and zipping east. elsewhere, a bright and sunny morning. and a bit of a blustery wind that has settled down a bit. reagan national now 53. miding the mid-50s throughout the north central virginia. it's going to play a role with any snow accumulation tomorrow because the ground temperatures are so warm, it's going to get tough to accumulate any snow. right now, as we look closer around the metro area, reagan national is near the 53 mark near 50 in prince george's county. virginia county.
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right near 50 degrees are arlington and fairfax as well. i'll show you the latest indications of what may be happening, the timing and all of that. and the chance for any snow. and the weekend, seven-day outlook in just a few. >> okay. >> here's danella saealock with the first look at traffic. >> first, starting montgomery county traveling connecticut avenue, you're going to see a right lane block there. heading over to prince george's county central avenue approaching the beltway. just before you get to the beltway, the right lane will get you by the work that's in place there. 395 in virginia, southbound at edsail, you can see here. road is blocked. and you'll have to stick in the right lane to get by. barbara, back to you. president obama is spending today preparing for one of the most important of his
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presidency. he'll deliver his fourth state of the union address tonight. just minutes ago, we learned that he'll announce 34,000 u.s. troops will be brought home from afghanistan within the next year. that's about half of the u.s. force in that country. the white house plans on ending the war there by the end of next year. the president will also focus heavily on the economy tonight and the billions of dollars in budget cuts set to happen automatically phone march 1st. he's urged congress to pass a short-term agreement to avoid those devastating cuts. well, it may be the president speaking but much of the attention will be on the invited guests in attendance. here are some of the faces you'll probably see, rocker an gun rights activist ted nugent will be texas congressman stockman's gift. staff sergeant clint romesha will also be there. >> you may want to avoid driving around the capitol because of
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the state of the union. capitol police are closing constitution avenue between 2nd street northeast and louisiana avenue northwest. pennsylvania avenue between first and third streets east west. and east capitol between first and second streets. independence avenue between second southeast and washington avenue southwest. >> right now, jury selection has resumed in the trial of a man accused of killing a mother and daughter. prosecutors say jason scott killed them more than three years. police found their bodies in the trunk of a car. scott is serving years in prison for burglary and sex crimes pop. starting next year, students in spotsylvania schools will be beginning school after labor day. for the past few years, spotsylvania county started school, as you probably know if you lived there, in august.
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it's 7 minutes after 11:00. and coming up -- more on the developing story out of college park. three students involved in a murder/suicide just off of maryland's campus. two are dead. we'll have reaction from students coming up. plus, saying good-bye. defense secretary leon panetta addresses his department for the final time. and our victory meal is just 20 minutes
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we have breaking news in virginia right now. a crane has collapsed on to a church in mt. vernon. it's on the 8,000 block of hunt road. fairfax county fire says two people are hurt but they are expected to be okay. we have a crew on the way to the scene and we'll bring you more as it comes into us. outgoing defense secretary leon panetta said it's been an honor working to protect these united states. panetta spoke at the pentagon earlier this morning. he thanked everyone he worked with saying they all succeeded in keeping america safe. >> because of your great work,
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because of everything you do, we can say with pride that we have kept our country safe. and that's what it's all about. and that's something that i will be most proud of. >> his possible replacement as defense secretary, former nebraska senator chuck hagel. could move one step closer to being confirmed today. the senate armed services committee plans to vote on hagel's nomination today. speak egg of today, right now, lawmakers are meeting to discuss current and potential laws to help reduce gun violence. a senate judiciary subcommittee is holding a hearing to review new proposals as well as looking at the effectiveness of current gun laws. the director of the johns hopkins center for gun policy and research and family members of shooting victims will be among those testifying today. and this morning, the vatican says pope benedict xvi will not participate in the conclave to pick his successor.
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next month, more than 100 cardinals will meet at the cat v vatican to begin the closed-door ritual to pick. it takes a two-thirds majority to become pope. this morning on the "today" show father robert baron explained what the cardinals will look for when picking a new pope. here's what he had to say about what happens when when they meet to make that choice. >> they're looking for an evangelist. the primary task of the succession to peter is to announce that jesus has ridge from the death. under that rubric, you look at theological acome men, communication skill and knowledge of language. especial after john paul ii it's now taken that the pope should be the master of many languages. >> pope benedict will step down february 28th citing age and health reasons. the vatican says the pope has a
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pacemaker and its batteries were changed in secret just a few months ago. many people are taking guesses as who will become the new pope. cardinal peter turkson tops it with the odds of first black pope. cardinal mark ole leet. and cardinal francis arinze. all bets are off when it comes to folks in the northeast still digging out after this weekend's blizzard. residents in brook haven long island said they haven't seen a single snowplow. some people have been stuck in their homes for days. they called officials outraged about the lack of help. but the town supervisor, get
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this, is on vacation. and the head of the highway department is out sick monday. they did get a lot of snow there. tom's here to tell us what to expect of our weather in the next day or two. >> might be get a little bit tomorrow. not a lot. but the news is with the warm air we have now, the ground temperatures are warm. so a lot of that snow's going to be melting. that does fall certainly on many roadways it's just going to be wet is the way it looks right now. we'll have the timing coming right up. well, last week, i travelled to springfield elementary school. and talked to students who have already studied about snow. these are very bright second graders there at the springfield elementary school. teacher in the middle in back, caroline clayton. they're watching us right now. shoutout to all the second graders at the springfield elementary school. i'm sure they're laughing and giggling now that they're seeing themselves on tv. >> a great looking class.
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>> aren't they great? i had a lot of fun there at the springfield elementary school. they knew a lot about weather and we paid a lot of attention to the forecast and the severe weather. going to another school in alexandria. look at the photograph sent in by jack hurd, washington, d.c. beautiful sunset in waldorf, charles county last evening. a beautiful blue 53 at reagan national. by 2:00, hovering in the low 50s. and pretty much staying there through 4:00. by 6:00 p.m., back down to the upper 40s. northwesterly winds gusting around 20 miles an hour. elsewhere, temperatures right now in much northern virginia, mid-50s. arlington, fairfax. warrington towards charlottesville. northern virginia, low 50s.
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montgomery county, near 50. and let's go forward, as we got through the afternoon hours here. we'll have a clear sky. and then going forward tonight, we'll have a mostly clear evening. this is as of 7:30 tomorrow morning, though, we'll begin to see clouds closing in from an area of low pressure that's going to get close to us. it does look like 2:00, 3:00, sprim sprinkles of light rain coming in. and shenandoah west, they see snowflakes coming down. and by 5:00, a little rain. not heavy rain. northern district of maryland. that, too, is keeping the temperatures and the roadways above freezing. by 7:00, 7:30, a changeover from rain to snow. and then maybe for about another two, three hours or so, it's going to be snowing, big fat flakes coming down and just accumulating, mainly on grassy areas. maybe an inch or two is the way
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it's looking right now. we'll have another look at it later this afternoon. be sure to check in with veronica and doug. as we get in on thursday, some sunshine, over the weekend, we should have another chance of snow on saturday. way too early to say if that's going to be a significant storm. sunday, cold, 30s for high. sunshine back. sunday, monday, highs mid-40s. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. let's take a look at what's going on on the roads throughout. >> danella, what's the latest? >> just as i showed you, southbound, 385 at edsail. i'll give you a live look. your left lane is blocked. as you make your way southbound on 395. once you get closer to edsel, you're going to get through as you work your way through that work 16. fairfax nice and clear, as well
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as southbound. no issues to report. travel speed looking nice. 12 minutes to get from the beltway to the river bridge. >> the time is 11:18 right here on "news4 midday" -- still to come, new details for the manhunt for a former police officer on the run. why there's reason to believe he may have left the country. plus, the party is on in mardi gras action. >> that's hot, first here's a look at what
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we have breaking news right now. rain is not a problem for revelers celebrating mardi gras on bourbon street. that's not what we're talking about right now, we've got breaking news, a crane has collapsed on the 800 block of hunt road. firefighters say two people are hurt but expected to be okay.
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we're looking at live footage of chopper 4 over the scene right now. again this, is in mt. vernon. a crane has collapsed on to a church there in mt. vernon. fairfax county fire said two people have been hurt but they're expected to be okay. we do have a crew on the way to the scene. we'll bring you more as it comes to you. again, this is live footage from chopper 4. live pictures. right now, what i started to say, rain is not a problem for revelers celebrating mardi gras in new orleans. it may be soggy out there but no one thinks much about that. tourists are thrilled with the dancing and drinking and watching of parades going on down there today. it's all running up to mardi gras, fat tuesday, which is actually today. the rain hasn't stopped the party. restaurants and hotels say they still have lanch crowds. ponch chos are selling as well
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as beads. >> speaking of parties. here's some parties coming your way. two events will be held in washington today to commemorate the 204th birthday of abraham lincoln. the first event will be a replaying at ford's theater. then in an an hour, an annual ceremony will take place at the chamber. it's taken place since warren g. harding arranged the lincoln memorial dedication story. and we're following a developing story in college park right now. two university of maryland students are dead in a murder sioux side. >> process, a deserving makeover for a deserving woman. we reveal this mom's new amazing look. and another rush for winter weather on the
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right now on "news4 midday," police are looking into a murder/suicide involving three students at the universities of maryland. police say all three people lived together in one house off of campus. they say one housemate started a
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fire in the basement. when two other housemates confronted him, officers say he shot one of them and then turned the gun on himself. one is expected to survive. this happen add at 1:00 this morning. university police sent a text alert to students on campus. students have been shocking. >> reporter: yeah, shocked and, keith, as you can imagine, this is the topic of talk here on campus this morning. although we do not know the exact relationship of the students involved quite yet, it has a lot of the folks we talked about this morning, vee var re evaluating their relationships with heir roommates. >> it's sad. it's right across the street. >> i can tell parents are definitely worried. >> reporter: he has a class this morning after just hearing the news of the murder/suicide of two fellow students. news that not only has caused
11:29 am
fear against the student body but fear that they're aware of. >> people are going to play it safe, try to be nice to their roommates. >> reporter: the news alarmed a lot of students. >> really scary. i can't imagine, i don't know, that makes me really nervous. >> reporter: but for the most part, students said they do feel safe in and around the university campus. >> i feel okay. of course, stuff is going to happen every now and again. overall, i feel fine. >> i consider something like that to be a freak accident pour those who make the situation less bleak. >> reporter: but the news is difficult to hear. many say they wouldn't elect to live off campus. >> i don't know. it makes it harder. >> those who know they have people to room with are going to be a little worried. >> reporter: and, keith, investigators have not yet released the names of the victims involved. their still trying to tell the
11:30 am
next of kin. news4 is going to continue to stay on. i'm tony tull, we'll send it back to you. today, there is increased security along the u.s./mexico border because an ex-police officer wanted for murder might have gone south. federal officials say christopher dorner might have crossed the border. dorner was fired a few years ago from the lapd. and it's believes his attacks are part of a revenge plot. >> to be targeted because you took an oath to protect others, to have your family targeted because they're related to you, that is absolutely terrifying. >> police have also put up billboards highlighting the $1 million reward for information on dorner. back this way, d.c. police need your help identifying a man who sexually assaulted a 15-year-old girl. the attack happened over the
11:31 am
weekend in an alley near the 3200 block of wheeler road. that's just blocks from the congress heights metro station. police say she was walking when a man with a gun forced her into an area, sexually assaulted her and took off in a dark blue car. if you have any information please call d.c. police. in other news, those who use the dulles toll road today to be a crucial day in determining whether tolls will remain in check for the next several years. a committee will take up governor bob thompson transportation plan. he says $300 million would help fund phase 2 of the metro silver lawn project. that would offset the projected toll hikes on the mcdaunl road. road. he wants to raise the sales tax. >> i think we can work to get a transportation program to work with the speaker. >> there definitely are behind
11:32 am
the scenes and in front of the scenes positive discussions taking place. and i think that's a very good sign. >> the full senate could vote on the transportation plan as early as tomorrow. the national weather service now says a tornado that tore through mississippi had winds of 170 miles an hour. this amateur video shows the moments the tornado hit hattiesburg in the southeastern part of the state. more than 80 people are injured. two of them critically. but no one died. mississippi's governor said a 30-minute warning gave people enough time to find shelter. three tornadoes are also suspected to have touched down in alabama. let's check again with thomas kiaran with our forecast out on the deck. tom? >> good morning, it's a beautiful february day. gorgeous skies and a bit of a breeze coming through. lots of sunshine. there's the jefferson memorial. temperatures in the low 50s around the metro area.
11:33 am
near 50 in montgomery county, low 50s, arlington, fairfax. and in parts of prince william and parts of maryland. most of the rege will be peek out in the low 50s this afternoon. mid-50s, holding steady the northwesterly wind bringing in chilly air. it's go to come a battle between that sun and wind as far as the temperatures are concerned. and then overnight tonight, we'll have it down to the low 30s by overnight tomorrow. then cloudy through the rest of the day. then rain, by then, mid and low 40s by midafternoon on wednesday. rain midafternoon, changing over to snow after sunset. wednesday night, might get an inch or two accumulation mainly on just the grassy areas. melting on roadways tomorrow evening and ending before dawn on thursday. thursday afternoon, with bright sunshine, should be in the mid-40s. and then on friday, a bit
11:34 am
milder, 30s, afternoon highs may make it into the 50s. average high this is 46. average low is 30. and then into the weekend, we have another chance for some snow. right now, too early to say if it's accumulating snow. we'll have highs upper 30s, near 40. sunday, sun returns, sunday/monday, into the mid-40s. that's the way it looks. barbara. >> thank you, tom. for the third straight year, dwi airport set a record for the new year. 26.2 passengers took off in 2012. southwest airlines and its subsidiary air tran led the way seeing 71% of all passenger traffic last year. another record set last year, the airport reported its 500 millionth customer. that's a look there. but what about the roadways, danella, that's a question for you. >> i head up i-270 and tell you
11:35 am
travel lanes are both both directions. here's a look at father hurley boulevard. north and southbound nice and clear, between frederick, all the way to rockville, connecting to the beltway, a live look at 66 and chain bridge road as you make your way event and westbound. westbound headlights coming all the way through us to hay market. the drive will take 12 minutes. barbara, over to you. >> thanks, danella. more than 50,000 u.s. servicemen have been wounded since the start of the wars in iraq and afghanistan. and this week, we're honoring the families who spent countless hours trying to nurse the wounded warriors back to health. each day this week, we're giving a deserving lady, a mother or a wife, of one of those wounded warriors a makeover. and we start this morning with jessica lopez. ♪
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>> reporter: yesterday, we enjoyed what has become a tradition during valentine week here on "midday" we honored some of the wives and mothers of wounded warriors. many are a long way from home. taking care of their loved ones being treated in our local military hospitals. one of those moms is jessica lopez from california. who are you here with? >> my sons, corporal lopez, joshua. her son lost a leg. >> he was injured in the marines in combat. he had severe injuries which resulted in having to amputate this right lower leg. >> do you have friends and family here? >> yes, i do, i have my husband and my six children. >> we wanted to give jessica a much deserved day, something she hasn't had in a while.
11:37 am
we did it with the help of p.r. partners salon. >> it's been a little bit since we had a haircut, correct? my recommendation is to go in and shape your hair up. >> really cool, trendy clothes. >> reporter: we also got help from neiman marcus. >> they say the third floor is one of the most relaxing places at nbc. >> reporter: jessica took a look at the latest styles, something she hasn't had the time to do in the last year. >> what kind of jewelry do you like to wear, hoop earrings, bracelets, necklaces? >> reporter: then there was makeup from bobby brown cosmetics. >> take a look at the liner. that's pretty. you have that little bit of drama. you're still wearing the liner. the liner's not wearing you. >> thank you. >> reporter: jessica said she was thrilled to have this special day of pampering. >> i appreciate it very much. i haven't had time to really do me as people call it so having a
11:38 am
me day was really very nice. i appreciate it, thank you. ♪ >> okay. so this was jessica yesterday before the makeover, standing right here with us. and here she is today. fantastic. you look absolutely beautiful. >> thank you. >> and i see you're still having a hard time holding back those tears. >> yes. >> what do you think? >> i feel very pretty. i love it. >> what was it like yesterday going through the whole makeover? >> it was exciting. i was so thrilled. everybody was so friendly and so kind, so informative, walking me through the steps of how i can keep up with the look. >> you look fantastic. do you like your haircut? >> yes. >> let's talk about it, who did you make the decision what to do with her? >> well, she already had bangs or a fringe. i just went in and detailed it a little more to frame her face.
11:39 am
then brought up the layers and also brought up the length to kind of even it out and bring her face out. >> and michelle, tell us about the bobby brown cosmetic. >> she has beautiful eyes. we definitely wanted to play up the eyes. we kept everything neutral on the eye and gave her a winged liner to bring the eye out. >> and lisa from neiman marcus gallery. >> jessica is a rock star when she walked in. we wanted her to look polished. >> leather pants, look at that. >> yes, very relaxed chic. >> what did your son think when he saw you? >> he just thought i looked really pretty. >> that's fantastic. now, we hope you'll get to see the rest of your family. we know you've got a husband and six kids back in california. i know they'd like to see you. you can send them the video. >> exactly. >> we're so glad that you're able to do this. your son is doing much better, you told us. we saw video of him this
11:40 am
morning. he's learning to walk with his prosthetic leg? >> yes, he's doing very well. he's very motivated. that's the key thing to be motivated. to be strong-minded. he's a fighter. he's definitely a fighter. i'm very proud of him. >> we're happy that he's doing so well. he's being treated at the hospital here at walter reed and getting better every day. >> yes, thank god. >> thank you so much, jessica. would you tell us, are we going to be surprised when we see all the other wives and moms. >> yeah, you're going to be surprised. they look beautiful. >> are they getting excited? >> they're very excited. very grateful and very excited. >> they did a wonderful job, you really did. >> so we have other folks coming to tell us about what they did with our other makeovers tomorrow. annalisa, thank you so much. >> absolutely. >> and micah and lisa, thank you so much. all the goods and services provided been provided by p.r.
11:41 am
partner salons, bobby brown cosmetics and neiman mack customer zazza galleries. thank you. you also have a facial coming up from dr. burgess. >> thank you very much. still ahead at 11:41, shopping on twitter? one credit card is making that possible for you now. plus, pampering yourself this valentine's day. dr. burgess, as we mentioned, is here with ways to get a healthy glow. she says give your honey some raw sugar.
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>> announcer: you're watching "news4 midday." if you live in the state of maryland expect to pay a little more for natural gas. the general assembly is set to vote on a $2 per household raise in prices to help pay for improvements to older pipelines. opponents say it will let companies charge customers for upgrades before the work is
11:45 am
actually done. over martin o'malley has not indicated whether he will sign that bill. well, if you haven't checked your credit score, you may want to look into it. a new report says as many as 40 million americans have errors on their reports. common errors, misspelled names, birth dates and addresses. even wrong payment history. those mistakes can keep you from getting a loan, qualifying for lower interest rates and even a job. if you find an error, you should immediately contact the agencies. turning to business news on wall street. we'll check in with cnbc's berth bertha coombs. she joins us live. >> reporter: good morning. the dow jones industrial average, over 14,000 this morning. as investors look at the state of the union speech, the president is expected to comment on jobs.
11:46 am
and the national safety transportation board is looking at whether microscopic fragments in the dreamliner 7ys could have sparked and caused the planes to be grounded. meanwhile, they're considering a ban on large lithium aircraft batteries like those used in the 787. the boards of amr, the parent company of american airlines is expected to announce the deal as early as thursday. the combined airline would result in the world's largest carrier in the deal is approved by regulators. and with american scompraes you can already buy things with coins now am mex is making it pocket to by by tweets. use special hash tags they can buy special items like gift cards on an xbox with discounts.
11:47 am
and with free shipping. i guess they want to see the power of twitter on that one. >> i know. well, thank you. >> see you. are you looking for pamper yourself this valentine's day? i know i am, i want to pamper myself all the time. it could start with a healthy glow. dr. cheryl burgess, our resident dermatologist joins us this morning. we were talking at the break, what you're doing at your dermatology center actually ties into the program that barbara featured with the makeovers of some of the families of the wounded warriors. >> correct. last year, we participated. we offer microdermabrasion to the family of the wounded warriors to give them a little break. a lot of them are from out of town to give them a break and come to get pampered. >> i thought of people want to get pampered. this is your client, yazmin.
11:48 am
>> we'll show everybody how you can pamper yourself, men, women and look great. what can we do? >> yes, it can be very affordable. right here i have raw sugar and sea salt. it doesn't matter which one you do, i prefer more the sea salt for oilier skin and dry skin. >> most people instantly turn to the sugar. >> they may. and if you have acne, actually, the sugar is therapeutic as far as killing bacteria. and you just put a little bit of honey in both of the preparations. and i'm just going to mix it up. and i'll show you what it feels like. >> if that's all you need, we're only talking $4? >> probably less than that. probably a dollar or less than a dollar, okay. this is the preparation with the sugar. i'm going to put a little here on the back of your hand. you see how it's exfoliating the skin? >> wow, i don't know whether to
11:49 am
rub it in or eat it. >> well, you can do both. but watch your hypertension with the salt. so you can rub it in. it can dissolve. the more you rub it, it can dissolve. you just wipe it off the skin once you leave it on. you see how it's a different texture? >> yes. >> for the most part, they both do the same thing as far as exfoliation. and then those who don't want to be messy and who are kitchen bound, per se, there are certain preparations. this is just one by neutrogena. the same concept in that it has a aluminum oxide crystals in it so it's more like a sand. and again, it's a much finer sand. but you can see there's a little exfoliation that you can feel. >> i like the sugar better. >> and you scrub the skin. and it takes off those loose layers of skin. and it gives a nice glow to the skin. >> this is definitely easier. >> okay. >> and then for yazmin --
11:50 am
>> so you have yazmin as a client. let's take a look at yazmin before you did your work on her. let's take a look at the photos. >> in the photos -- >> naturally, this is the video. >> this is the video but there are photos that show her before with a little bit of dryness, flakiness on the skin. what are you doing there, scraping the skin? >> it uses aluminum oxide crystals that are blown on to the skin at a high velocity and sucked up at the same time. it's almost like sandblasting. and this is done in the office. and we went over the entire face and this is the after result. and she's ready for valentine's day. >> and that's a wow. that's quite a transformation. >> so if you have dry patches, scaly patches, it's excellent for that. >> and it's not a facial. >> it's not really considered a facial. even though that's pampering and people love facials with the
11:51 am
steaming and all the moisturizers especially if you're a dry person, but anyone can use an exfoliation system. you can do it inexpensively by things you may have in the kitchen. or you can purchase things in the drugstore like cva or ulta sephora. or the office procedure which is more intense. you get a little more for the buck. >> we can come and see the good dr. burgess. >> yes, i look forward to the families of the wounded warriors. we'll be seeing them soon. >> i know all of their skin will be glowing. fabulous segment. nice to meet you. congratulations. you look great. the time now 11:51 on "news4 midday," coming up the sport you likely won't see during the summer olympicses in 2020. plus, d.c., is it really going to the dog? two local pups
11:52 am
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new this morning. a surprise announcement from the international olympic committees. one of the oldest sports is out now beginning in 2020. wrestling will not be a core olympic sport. wrestling dates back to the modern olympics of 1896. it does not mean that wrestling will be out forever. it could show up again. wrestling now joins another list of sports for pining for inclusion. those are baseball and karate. well, tonight, the westminster kennel club will announce who wins the title in show. two pooches are in the running. jewel, the american foxhound won the best in group for the hound category. and honor, the bichon frise took
11:56 am
the best. and they're from georgetown. the two will go up against the five other group winners tonight to see who takes home best in show. check out the nba standings this morning. remember when the wizards were the last team to get a victory? now, they're racking them up in bunches. i'm going to make this story simple for you. they won again last night beating the bucks 102-90. it's their season high fourth straight win. that's great. but they're only 15 and 35 this season. that's not great. but the story comes down to this. this was a team that was dismal at the start of the year now, they're playing better when other teams are playing worse. when you improve the end of the year, that's all you can hope for. meantime, georgetown hoya fans are up this morning. now just a half game behind syracuse. georgetown, sixth straight win comes hours after they found out they moved up to 15th in the
11:57 am
last ap poll. the hoyas hit the road to cincinnati saturday night. and pat lawson joins us from the newsroom with a preview of things to come. coming up at news at 4:00, 74 that mothers want to hear. brand-new research that mothers take for granted every day and the risk of autism. also ahead, why teenagers could be banned from eye tanning beds in virginia. and news4 investigation takes a look at websites and the listings you see on your computer. we'll have those important stories coming up starting at 4:00, barbara. >> thank you, pat. we continue to follow breaking news, that crane collapse in northern virginia. julie join us on the phone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we know two workers were taken to the hospital forever treatment that involved
11:58 am
an accident of a crane that fell on a church steeple. it was quite a sight here. fire officials tell us that this crane attached to the truck was up over the steeple. and the two workers were up in a basket, inspecting the cell tower that was on top of the steeple. the crane started to topple and the operator realized it and was able to ease it down most of the bay before that collapsed. we're told that the two workers -- >> keep us posted, julie. we'll check with you later throughout the day. >> we'll see you in the morning. don't forget to join
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