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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  April 14, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the gun debate set to begin on the senate floor. republican senators leaning toward supporting more regulation. >> two people hurt when their home caught fire in the middle of the day. what dogs sniffed out that has investigators looking at arson as a possible cause.
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a woman's fight to protect pregnant workers after her doctor told her boss there were limits to what she could do. >> we shouldn't be made to choose between our job and having a child. >> good evening. first tonight, a news 4 exclusive. a woman's fight to protect women in the work place. she lost her health benefits and was put in limbo when she wasn't allowed to come back to work because she was pregnant. tonight she spoke to darcy spencer. >> reporter: this doctor's note landed her in limbo. she could work. wanted to work. but was told to sit on the side lines because she was pregnant. now her case is changing maryland law. >> do you want to get on the swing? >> uh-huh. >> reporter: peggy young delivering letters and packages for ups in 2006 when she became pregnant with trinity. she want to the company nurse. she said go become to doctor. get a note with restrictions.
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when she brought in the note recommending she not lift more than 20 pound. she gate stunning response. >> they basically told me that, go home, we don't have anything you can do until you are no longer pregnant. you are a liability. >> despite her efforts, she was not allowed to return to work until after trinity was born. she lost her pay and health insurance and couldn't get unemployment. >> i was willing to work. i was willing to do my regular job. they wouldn't let me. >> she felt what happened was not only wrong what illegal. she took her fight to court and lost. >> we shouldn't be made to choose between our job and having a child. sharon gustafson is young's attorney. >> so far the courts said that what ups did was not illegal. we believe it was. we believe it violated the clear terms of the pregnancy discrimination act. >> he introduced legislation, banning what ups allegedly. the bill passed the maryland
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general assembly awaiting the governor's signature. >> we have to make sure we are sending a message to maryland employers and workers, we value maryland workers we will not tolerate back door discrimination in maryland against women. >> i am hoping the law will help more women that want to have babies and working not have such a difficult time with it. >> now, i was not able to reach ups to comment on the story. in a statement in the "baltimore sun," ups stated that the courts val dated the company policy does not discriminate against pregnant workers or violate americans with disabilities act. young's attorney, petitioned the u.s. supreme court to hear her case. jim. >> darcy spencer. keep us posted. thank you. fire fighters in howard county are close to putting out a brushfire. a picture of what it looked like, whiskey bottom road in laurel. fire fighters arrived at 9:00. 40 are trying to get the flames
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under control. and no reports of injuries. this week kicks off the start of the gun control debate. senators consider the background check proposal from senators and some republicans senators appear to be on board. the senator from maine tells nbc news she will vote for the measure, mark kirk from illinois and arizona's john mccain have indicate they'd could too. today, senator, praised, senator collins for early support. florida's marco rubio defends his on session to the bill. >> for her to take the courageous stand in the state of maine that has tremendous gun ownership like west virginia it will make my friend and colleagues both in the, on the democrat and republican side take a pause. >> they are highly ineffective. protect the right of law-abiding sit snz to possess weapons. >> gun control activists protested in fairfax. comes as a guns right group,
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citizens committee tort right to keep and bear arms, broke with the nra and endorsed background check measure. >> a deal on immigration reform could be announced on capitol hill this week. it's been compiled by a bipartisan group of senators. known as the gang of #. it its expected to include measures to increase border security and address undocumented immigrants who are living in the united states. the bill is expected to be formally announced tuesday. to the weather now. cloud moving in tonight after a sunny weekend. storm team 4 meteorologist, emelia siegel in for chuck. what we can expect on the drive to work tomorrow? >> good evening. good evening at home. heading to work tomorrow, an isolated chance of shower for those of you living south of d.c. right now, we are looking at a temperature of 60 degrees. cloudy skies for the most part across the area. acting as a blanket to keep some of the daytime heat in. our overnight lows are not going to be as cold as they have been. here is your day planner for tomorrow.
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on your monday. and that threat of an isolated shower between 7 and 10:00 m a. 7:00 a.m., at 55 degrees. a spring jacket for tomorrow. 10:00 a.m. 61. breezy during the afternoon. mainly cloudy skies. notice no chance of rain at that point. coming of in a little bit. a look ahead to the next seven days for. now, jim, back to you. >> we'll see you then. new video of a house fire that took several departments to bring under control in glendale, maryland. this fire broke out at the home on glenwood drive around 2:00 this afternoon. prince george's county fire officials say it started on the first floor and then spread up to the attic. it took a half-hour to put out the flames. nobody was hurt. but officials say the fire did about $150,000 in damage. and investigators are looking at arson as the possible cause of this house fire in northeast today. d.c. fire took this photo of flames shooting from the building on 50th street this afternoon. police say they're looking for a man who was seen running from the house during the fire. they also confirmed that an arson dog detected petroleum in
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the bedroom where the fire started. neighbors say they feel for the family who lives here. >> they may possibly lose a member of the family. the lady was very old and burned badly on her hand and face. so, i mean, and -- it's horrible. >> tonight we are told a 93-year-old woman and 58-year-old man are in the hospital. officials say they're both treated for smoke inhalation. the search continues to night for a virginia woman who police say abducted her son. a felony arrest warrant issued today for rebecca sarrafin. wanted on a misdemeanor. her ex-husband said she was to drop off their son last monday. but she never did. joe sarrafin thinks police think she may be headed west. they found her car abandoned in are longton. inside they found what appeared to be pay passport photo of the 5-year-old boy with a different hair color.
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friend, family, gathered in centerville to celebrate the life of erin peterson one of 32 people shot and killed in the virginia tech shooting massacre in 2007. tuesday marks the 6th anniversary of the shooting to. day peterson's family held its annual gospel concert at mount olive baptist church. the event raises money for the erin peterson fund. the scholarship fund awarded more than $107,000 to aspiring college students. >> we are following all the developments on the korean peninsula. tonight the u.s. says it is ready to have peaceful talks with north korea if they agree to stop the bluster. as andrea mitchell report, it appears, kim jong-un is closer to launching a test missile than talking with american leaders. >> the contrast could not have been more dramatic. in pyongyang, runners from around the world celebrating tomorrow's birthday of kim jong-un's grandfather, the nation's founder. in tokyo, john kerry reassured
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japan the u.s. will defend it. the obama administration would negotiate th pyongyang under the right circumstances. >> what we ought to be talking about are the possibilities of peace. i think there are those possibilities notwithstanding the rhetoric and the provocations. >> japan was under the flight path of north korea's last missile test in february. and is now protected by u.s. provided patriot missile defenses. and kerry found strong support for luring pyongyang back to disarmament talks. >> the u.s. will do what is necessary to defend our allies, japan, republic of korea and the region against provocation. but our choice is to negotiate. our choice is to move to the table and find a way for the region to have peace. >> north korea rejected an idea friday from south korea for talks. still as kerry took a few moments to visit a 14th century buddhist temple in tokyo and
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meet local residents. >> oh. >> some experts believe there is a peaceful path out of this crisis. >> i think kim jong-un has basically run out of bluster. we are clearlien the end game now. maybe it will end with a fireworks display, maybe with a whimper. i think he is going back in his box. >> so far no sign north korea is any closer to stopping nuclear testing or ending threats to its neighbors. two things it would have to do if it wants diplomatic talks with the u.s. >> tomorrow is april 15th. in case you forgot. taxes are due in a little over 24 hours. if you are worried that the irs might target you for an audit. well you should be especially if you on a small business. a new study shows people in d.c., among the most likely to cheat on their taxes. found a large cluster of potential tax cheaters in d.c., san francisco, los angeles, atlanta, and houston. good news is that the ir audits 1% of tax returns every year.
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former president george w. bush is now a grandfather. his daughter jenna bush hager gave birth to her first child. margaret laura hager after her grandmothers. she will go by mila. jenna bush hager, contributing correspondent for the today show. a big month for the bush family. george w. bush presidential center dedicated later this month on southern methodist university in dallas. a fire that did major damage in prince george's county. what investigators are saying about the garage fire that torched several cars. plus, police narrowing their investigation into the killing of two public officials in texas. and, how is this for spring snow. a foot of it fell in a part of the country today. tell you who is feeling with this next. coming up on "sports final." gi o gonzalez can't stop the bleeding as braves' bats blast
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the nats. at the masters a man from down under comes out on top, to wear the first green jacket. and lorenzo alexander jones us in studio for the roundtable. he has a been to peck wiick wit. that's all coming up after the news o
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the fire that destroyed several cars in a garage is suspicious. it started with a car parked outside. it quickly spread and destroyed at least four vehicles. also caused explosions that woke some people up. no one was hurt. services return to
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georgetown university's chapel tonight after vandalism forced it to close briefly this weekend. the university president, john dejoya says primary damage to furniture and fixtures. vandals didn't touch any religious symbols. students were asked to report anything suspicious. >> person of interest in custody tonight in connection with the murders of a district attorney. his wife and assistant da near dallas. eric williams appears to be the primary focus. former justice of the peace booked yesterday on charges including making terroristic threats. and investigators searched the home. more tonight on how residents are dealing with the tragedies. >> lord, protect them. >> reporter: among the hundreds of people who wrapped around the
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kaufman county courthouse praying sunday afternoon. >> if you have faith in god he will answer you. he know it going to foresake you. after the murders, many people here are resorting to their faith to restore normalcy. prayer here at scoffman county courthouse is not rare. it happens almost on a daily basis. they parade for peace. hope. and healing. >> i pray for the others in my community. the families who have been affect by what went on. my prayer is for them and the community. >> following sunday's services, congregations from across the county united for the massive gathering. >> we have been seeking god for answers for our community. that's why he is starting to answer us now. >> troubles. trials, tribulations. this is in god's hand.
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god is in control. >> williams the person of interest in the case was convicted a 2012 burglary and lost his justice of the peace position as a result. he is being held tonight on $3 million bond for the terrorist threat charge. mother nature brought a spring snowstorm to north dakota and other parts of the northern plains today. a foot fell in the bismarck area this weekend. now they're used to rough winters. even in north dock dock this was one of the bigge-- even in nort dakota this was one of the biggest snowfalls on record. >> soccer season is starting in an hour. not going to happen. i am not liking. i've don't really like north dakota right now. if the's not fun. >> the storm forced interstate 94 to be closed earlier today. heavy snow and high wind caused almost zero visibility on the roadway near the montana border. none of that here fortunately. in fact a warm-up coming right? >> yeah, we'll see our temperatures warming through
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wednesday. a week we are looking at above average temperatures. there are nuisance rain chances in the forecast. early this week. and might it delay the soccer game for 30 minutes. and is it going to be a soaking rain? no. a look outside. tranquil across the area. looking at cloudy skies. cloud acting as a blanket tonight. so temperatures won't get as cold as they have been the past few morningings. waking up tomorrow morning. heading to work. kids going back to school x pect temperatures generally in the low 50s. your weather headlines. and warming during the week. 67. and talking temperatures. wednesday through friday. and the upper 70s. there is an isolated chance of a shower. some shower chances tuesday and wednesday. we will talk more about that on the seven day. expect widespread rain to arrive friday. mainly during the second half of the day into the overnight hours. temperatures right now, in the
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50s. or low 60s. washington at 60. fred wreck at 52. culpeper, 59 degrees. tomorrow morning starting off your monday. temperatures between 47 and 53 degrees. there its the chance of a shower tomorrow morning. mainly to the south of d.c. areas like fredericksburg. culpeper, manassas. cloudy skies. have the umbrella handy. know you won't need to use it. this is that precipitation that we'll be tracking. tom will been tomorrow morning. updating the forecast. this is where we will pull that chance of a hour shower from tomorrow morning. tomorrow, we are dry. seasonal. breezy. bit of a chill in the air. you will notice. temperatures tomorrow afternoon a round 68 degrees. talking 68 in washington. martinsburg, 67 for a high tomorrow. your allergy forecast, the major pollens, juniper, maple and birch. monday, tuesday, and wednesday.
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expect the pollen count to remain high. with just some sparse rain chances in the forecast. let's take about the rain chances. tomorrow morning, a 20% chance of a shower mainly south of d.c. otherwise, cloudy skies. breezy, 68. tuesday. 30% chance of an afternoon shower. however the threat of a shower really confined to western maryland and valley. metro area remains dry tuesday. high of 75. for wednesday, notice we are warmer. 79 for wednesday. 30% chance that everybody is dealing with an afternoon shower. or even a thunderstorm. otherwise we'll have a mix of cloud. sunshine, wednesday. feeling more like sum r that day. than spring. much of the same for thursday. keeping the slight chance of a shower out of the forecast. thursday. high of 78. friday, 77. we have that rain moving through later in the day. looking awhat th aing aat what
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our weekend. breezy. cooler. 65, saturday. 61,sunday. >> little roller coaster there. >> spring. >> thank you, amelia. >> extra excitement during the president's race mascots and professional teams tried to join in the fun and get in the way. the fighting blue hen from delaware. slap shot, the capitals mascot, the hoya, the list goes on. tom did make his way to the finish line for the win. coming up. reports tonight a terps star is leaving for the nba. plus the masters, decided by a playoff. the thrilling finish at a
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>> this was a very exciting finish despite the weather. but before we talk some golf and masters, let's get to college basketball. some very big news in the sport. as first reported by yahoo! sports.
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center, alex land will enter the draft. a loss for the terps there. georgetown sophomore otto porter jr. will hold a press conference tomorrow with head coach john thompson the their. no official wird ord if he will leave or stay. hoyas. to golf. tiger woods unable to make a push. the finer w finish was spectacu. adam scott, won the green jacket. scott a runner-up in 2011. here he is tied with angel cabrera. the birdie, give him the lead. scott trains it. the aussie is fired up. that moved him to mean us 9. pressure was on cabrera. and he came up huge. he won here back in 2009. he looked ready to dupe ao it a. second shot, 18th. amazing. birdie the hole. move to a tie with scott. sending the masters to a
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playoff. after both men parred the first hole. cabrera. birdie. this looks good. just barely misses. he would tap in for par. leaving the door open for scott. 32-year-old. with the 15-foot putt here for birdie. and the win. this is going to go right in. adam scott wins the first major. becomes the first australian to ever win the masters. gio gonzalez, nats trying to avoid the sweep. and gio, 1-0, atlanta. two on for chris johnson. he is going to take the pitch up the middle. and on top. 3-0. and simmons takes, a three-run shot. and lead it 7-0.
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and since becoming a nationals player. braves, the sweep. 9-0. and on the mound for the bird. yanks up -- 1-0. gardner, crushing this pitch to right field. and a o-run homer. gardner. and the shot there. and for the yankees. and top of the ninth. and dealing for the yanks. chris davis, goes down swinging. the weekend shutoff. the fifth of his career. yankees take the series. they win it. 3-0. coming up on sports final. the nationals player takes the blame for today's loss. hear what he had to say about it. d wade not resting against the bulls. show you how the die naming duo fared against chicago.
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and pro bowler, leaves for arizona. stops by the studio. and it is bittersweet. and carol maloney joins me on sports final. sportlook, every day we're using more and more energy.
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