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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  April 30, 2013 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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the president is crying wolf, he is chicken little. no problem. >> reporter: steve happndelsman has more. >> reporter: jim, thank you, back to syria, some in washington think that the president softened the line regarding syria and the use of chemical weapons. president obama made clear he is considering military moves against the syrian government. >> and the potential for taking additional action. >> reporter: but only if he is sure they used chemical weapons. >> if we end up rushing to judgment without hard effective evidence, then we can find ourselves in the position where we can't mobilize the international community to support what we do. >> reporter: to win support, the president is sending secretary of state john kerry to russia, where the other big issue will be boston. the russians did not share all they had on the tsarnaevs. and american agencies failed to
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uncover the plot. the president's ordered a top-level probe but is not appoi pointing fingers. >> the fbi performed their duties, department of homeland security did what it was supposed to be doing. but, this is hard stuff. >> reporter: so is gitmo, where a hunger strike by war on terror detainees has mr. obama demanding to know why congress keeps the prison open. >> all of us should reflect why exactly are we doing this? >> which is essentially what the president is saying about congress and sequestration. he says it is not fair, even though he is looking at air travel, instead of doing what he wants which is ending across the board spending cuts. the investigation into the boston marathon bombings is now expanding to focus on u.s.
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intelligence officials. president obama says the director of national intelligence will review just how the fbi and the cia and other government agencies handled information they had on the suspect, tamerlan tsarnaev before the attacks. we have also learned that investigators have collected dna from tamerlan's widow, kathryn russell. they will compare that sample to female dna that was found on the remnants of one of those bombs. top terror experts gathering in d.c. today to talk about the aftermath of the bombings. the police chief says it is key to figuring out when people cross the line from radicalism to extremism like what happened in boston. and washington, d.c., not that long ago was the -- considered the murder capital of the world. we had 500 murders a year when i started here. in the last four years we reduced homicide by 56%. and i can tell you how we did
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it. intelligence. >> chief lanier says that officers did stop one person on sunday during the marathon, and that person was carrying two backpacks. turns out the man was a member of the media. for the first time ever, backpacks and duffle bags will not be allowed on the infield at the preakness race. that was changed after the boston bombings. only clear liquids will be allowed. the race is on the 18th, more than 800,000 people attend the event every year. and april is almost out of here. hopefully, april showers will exit as well. doug, what do you think? >> april showers bring may flowers. that is what is happening today. today is april 30th. tomorrow, may first, bringing us sunshine, that will help everything come out of the woodwork. right now we're sitting at 59 degrees, the visibility is getting better. the clouds are raising just a little bit. the rain moving off to the west, the winds are still out of the
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northeast at about four miles an hour. we have light drizzle out of the area. the storm team 4, we're continuing to see the rain and drizzle throughout the rest of the evening, making its way through the east. if you're down to annapolis, the temperatures are falling through the east. 57 degrees at 7:00. 56 by 11:00. 55 by 6:00. watch out for fog, drizzle, early in the morning i'll show you what may will bring as we head into the first week coming up in just a moment. thank you, doug. it took thieves only about a minute to rob a cartier jewelry store in chevy chase this morning. they smashed the glass, grabbed what they wanted and took off. during the police chase the suspects took off and ran away. aaron gilchrist has more on the dispatch calls. >> reporter: yes, they tried to shake the cops, driving up wisconsin avenue into bethesda, over bradley lane, down connecticut avenue into the circle there. i want to play for you some of
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the radio traffic between dispatchers and montgomery county police during the chase. >> they're entering the circle, request permission to continue pursuit. passing eagle mar street, huntington street. >> reporter: montgomery county police chased the suspects for about three and a half, four miles, calling off their pursuit when one of the supervisors you can hear over the radio traffic because of weather they wanted to end that pursuit into d.c. the latest from the live desk, back to you. thank you, aaron. the team coverage continues now, with mark segraves outside the cartier store. >> reporter: well, jim, the montgomery county police normally keep a high profile line here between the d.c. and bethesda line. many of the high end stores here behind me, hire the montgomery county police officers for security. in fact it was an off duty
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officer who spotted the masked men running out of the store and he gave chase. >> i am actually surprised because the security seems pretty sharp around here. so -- >> reporter: this is not the first time thieves have walked into a store in our area, smashed the display cases and made off with thousands of dollars worth of merchandise. this surveillance video from a recent robbery, pentagon city is the same way the robbers attacked the cartier store here in chevy chase today. in each case, the robbers wore mask and gloves and were in and out in less than a minute. >> i mean, that is really terrible. because we have -- this is like a place for seniors. and you know, we have all the people walking here. it is kind of dangerous. >> reporter: an off duty police officer was working as a security guard in the area and saw suspects running out of the store. he chased them into the district but it was not a violent crime. so police stopped chasing the car. about 40 minutes later, d.c. saw
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the car and another chase ensued. that ended when the police car crashed. the officer was taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. the suspects have not been caught. >> it is nerve racking to hear something like that. because that makes you kind of afraid to go into the store, so. >> reporter: now, montgomery county police tell us that in order to get in here you have to actually be buzzed in by an employee. they say they believe that one of the robbers actually got buzzed in without a mask. they hope the surveillance video will give them his picture. they say they're going to continue to investigate this and will release the picture if it identifies the man, recording live from chevy chase, mark segraves, news 4. and three people in custody after they allegedly tried to rob this pawn shot in suitland, maryland. an armed security guard was there, the vehicle later crashed on savannah street in southeast. police arrested everybody.
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we're also told that the security guard suffered some minor injuries during all of this. also, in suitland, we now know the name of the man who was stabbed and killed during a home invasion. that story was breaking news in our broadcast last night. the victim's name is nick botti, somebody broke into his house yesterday afternoon in the 3800 block of regency court. his friend tried to take him to the hospital but crashed the car. and the victim died at the hospital. and it is official, the fireworks will go on. news 4's tom sherwood lights up this story. tom? wendy, the fireworks were on the sequester chopping block. now, they will be bursting in air. the annual fourth of july fireworks at the washington monument. they draw a half a million people to the national mall for the national birthday celebration. but this year, budget cuts
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caused by the federal sequester had the u.s. parks service uncertain if it would spend the $250,000 for the fireworks incident. >> my english is not perfect. i think that is the thing -- it has to remain, you know. >> reporter: now, has work continues on the repairs to the iconic monument, the park service decided the fireworks will take place on july 4th. there is good news. >> good news, we finalized the plans about the fourth of july mier fireworks and they will go on as scheduled. >> reporter: the official says they have hiring freezes, and found other situations rather than cancelling the fireworks. >> it is a signature moment. people love to come, it is a big event, during the festival people come, have a good time
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all day long. >> reporter: a and the fireworks are not the only good news on the mall. they say three major museums, aaron space, and natural, will extend the hours until 5 p.m. the other staffs and offices say the exhibits will be open. and u.s. parks say they will have a full force on duty on the fourth of july. a local teen kidnapped for his sneakers. we'll report how police managed to rescue him. and president obama, today revealed what he told jason collins about becoming the first current nba player to announce he is gay. a new call for the local football team to change its name. and we'll tell you how
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. you're watching news 4 at 6:00. the man accused of sending poison letters to the president, a u.s. senator and a judge may have tried to get rid of evidence that tested positive for the poison, called ricin. federal prosecutors filed new documents in the case of a man from mississippi who has been charged with sending those letters earlier this month. an fbi affidavit shows items
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dumped by james dutschke last month tested positive for the deadly substance. they include a dust mask recovered from a trash can near his old martial arts studio. investigators say they also have evidence that dutschke bought the beans that are used to make ricin on line. and a 15-year-old tried to make some extra cash by selling his air jordans on craigslist. but instead, several men kidnapped him in a local shopping center parking lot last night. but a police officer with a quickly saved that teenager. news 4's jackie benson is live in annandale with a warning from police after all of this. >> reporter: wendy, police say the teen did the right thing by meeting the prospective sneaker buyer in a parking lot here. but they say he probably shouldn't have done so alone and
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at night. detectives say this 15-year-old found these men here, the 15-year-old had arranged to meet them here to sell the sneakers he advertised on line, on craigslist, according to sources. instead after the teen got in the car, they robbed him at gunpoint. luckily for him, the police officer was on patrol in the area and saw them. >> he saw the vehicle without its lights slowly creeping across the parking lot. and so he went ahead, did a stop. there was a teen. a young man in that vehicle who motioned some sort of distress signal to the officer. >> reporter: under arrest, marion kenny your, cypenn, and hall, and robinson, 19, all four live in maryland. police warn anyone who sells on line to take precautions like meeting in a public place, and bring a friend. >> make sure adults know where
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you're going. >> reporter: young friends agree. >> they think they don't need to think about the risk. the world is very different. >> reporter: all four men in custody are charged with armed robbery and abduction. reporting live in annandale, jackie benson, news 4. and here is doug with optimism in the forecast. >> yes, tomorrow the first day of may, may obviously has to be sunny and nice, right? >> there you are, it just has to be. >> hold on, i hate to bust you out. is there bad optimism? you said yeah, and there is good optimism. i'm just saying. carry on -- >> i only have so much time. we have commercial breaks for this. let's go see what is going on out there right now. let's show you some of the best optimism i have right now across the area. we have the cloud cover right now across the area. a little bit of a pessimistic day right there.
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we have the drizzle, the clouds, rain across the region, too. and high temperatures that were well below average once again, a high of only 62 today. the average high, 71 degrees, so nearly ten below average, and we have been below average for nine of the last 11 days. it is about time we start to flip the switch a bit, but it will take time to do it. 59 at the airport, this is the reason why we're cooler and why we have the drizzle. the easterly flow, winds out of the east at 10 miles an hour. coming right out of the ocean, straight across the chesapeake, into the region, everybody is on the cooler side. look at cambridge, 54 degrees there, 58 fredericksburg, 51, the warm spot in leesburg and culpeper, even though it was raining we saw about a tenth of an inch in annapolis, 100th of an inch in leesburg. most of it on the drizzle side
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with showers. and that is what we have once again across the region now down towards the south. along i-95, fairfax county, prince william county, and stafford county seeing the rain along 66, over towards annan and fairfax. herndon and reston, you move to the north, gaithersburg, rocksburg, down to gaithersburg, mt. airy and damascus. once again you will probably need the small umbrellas, not the big ones, we're not seeing a lot of wind with it. the smaller ones will work. take a look, see the little spin and swirl in the atmosphere. well, this is an area of low pressure across the coast, combining with high pressure to the north. and that is why we had that easterly flow. we'll continue to see the easterly flow right through the night tonight. more clouds, drizzle and fog as you make your way in through early tomorrow morning. then we start to see something
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happ happened here. the area of low pressure shifting to the south. tomorrow, clouds, then we'll see sunshine during the afternoon of the then on sunday, the area of high pressure moves down closer to our region. that will move the cloud cover farther to the south. and right now thursday i'm calling warm, even though we'll still be at or below average. warmer than it was during the day today. this evening, areas of drizzle, showers likely, cloudy, cooler, temperatures in the upper 50s, tomorrow, more drizzle, areas of fog, showers, 51 to 55 degrees, the winds will be on the light side. then i think we start to turn the corner a little bit. early clouds, sunshine, a better afternoon, i think. temperatures 67 to 72. this is where the optimism comes into the forecast. over the next couple of days, here you go. 71 on thursday, 71 on friday, nice on saturday. going 69. but i have a suspicion we may hit the 70 degree mark once
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again. we'll look at a sunday with a high of 73 degrees, 73 again next weeks. after a couple of dreary days -- >> that is good optimism. >> thank you for calling me out on that. today, president obama took time out of his news conference to talk about jason collins, who is the nba player who became the first pro-active athlete to admit he is gay. today, the president said he is proud of collins. >> for, i think a lot of young people out there who you know, are gay or lesbian who are struggling with these issues to see a role model like that who is not afraid. i think it is a great thing. >> well, i know that in my personal life i'm ready. and i think the country is ready for supporting an openly gay basketball player. >> that was collins talking this
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morning on his first tv interview with "good morning america." collins says he didn't intend to be the first gay basketball player he says it just worked out that way. coming up, a new push to get the redskins to change their name. the wife of a d.c. man brutally beaten on capitol hill took the stand today. we'll hear what she had to say. and there are new pedestrian crossings, sending mixed signals. even the d.c. mayor wants to see it for himself after the news 4 report. and coming up, strasburg and arm problems, coming up later. and a new basketball coach. he didn't have to travel very far. plus, he is not a kid anymore. getting ready to protect t
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. when news 4 first reported this last week, there is a new pedestrian rosie i crossing in well, today mayor vincent went to check it out. adam tuss has more on some that like it, but others say it is too confusing. >> reporter: smart safety device? or just too confusing. we told you about this intersection at the area of north connecticut and hampton
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street. it is getting mixed reviews. >> well, i think it is confusing. >> very, very good, i work here ten years now. i've been here ten years, and saw four accidents. >> reporter: mayor gray dropping in to check out the set up today. remember's it works like this. press the button, the lights flash yellow, then turn solid yellow, the red light comes on, cars stop and the pedestrian gets the walk sign. the mayor looked at the situation. >> we think this will improve the pedestrian safety in the city, and those who don't observe it will be ticketed. >> reporter: after a record low on the pedestrian problems, this carries a price tag of $126,000 according to t-dot. and some estimates show that the cost of the hawk signals can go
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as high as $200,000. >> worth every penny. >> reporter: bill steinman works in the area close by. he says after seeing close calls and accidents, something needed to be done. >> it is running the gauntlet, this is very dangerous. it will make it better. >> reporter: back here in chevy chase, you have to wait until the light turns red, the cars are supposed to stop. you get the light signal and can go across. the next one of the pedestrian signals going up at 11th and florida, northeast, where there is a recent accident. adam tuss, news 4. and this involves a train and several vehicles, including a tractor-trailer. take a look at the pictures coming in half an hour ago. this is from the air, this train was hauling people. as you can see it was scattered everywhere, including really smothering the tractor-trailer
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that it hit at a nearby intersection. this is all up folding in union county, southeast of charlotte, just outside of charlotte, north carolina, on old charlotte highway. four people have been taken to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries, but what a mess this has made. we watched the train about seven or eight minutes ago from the scene. so traffic from the intersection will be able to flow right through there soon. but once again, the traffic is flowing again. and a jury to resume deliberations tomorrow in the trial of a man charged in a high profile assault. prosecutors say the man nearly beat a father to death in the eastern market area last year. pat collins is at d.c. superior court right now where the victim's wife testified today, pat? >> reporter: jim, there is a lot at stake here. if tommy branch is convicted of all the charges against him, he
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could face a maximum penalty of more than 100 years in jail. the two key pieces of evidence in this trial? testimony from one of the robbery suspects involved in the incident. and surveillance video from a gas station showing the suspects trying to use t.c. maslin's stolen credit card. and then today, today powerful testimony from the prosecution's final witness. t.c. maslin's wife. she has been his crusader. his caretaker. and today, she was his voice in this high profile trial at superior court on the stand, abbey maslin, wife of t.c. maslin. he was robbed and beaten to the
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edge of death last august on capitol hill. one of three men charged in the case. 22-year-old tommy branch. he is the one on tria here. branch had an aluminum bat that they say he called his barry bonds. and the prosecutors said branch hit mr. maslin in the head with that bat, causing severe brain injuries. >> the very first few weeks, he was in and out of a coma and thrashing and there was not even a personality in this. >> reporter: on the stand today, abbey maslin said her husband has had six operations. and many rounds of rehab. she says today he walks with a limp and has limited use of his right arm. she says he has trouble communicating. it is difficult to tell what he is understanding and what he is not. recently, doreen gentzler talked to the maslins as they continued to work on his rehab.
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>> i just focus on it, that it it. i just want to do it. and i got a long ways to go, too, to be honest. so i am not worrying about that. and i'm just going to move forward, keep working on it. >> reporter: the jury deliberations, they continue tomorrow. live at superior court, i'm pat collins, news 4. and an emotional day for family and friends and colleagues of a fallen officer from prince william county. officer chris yung, his name was the latest added to the law enforcement memorial in northwest d.c. officer yung was killed on new year's eve while he responded to a call after the mini van crashed into his motorcycle. >> brought back -- emotions that i had. when i found out that i lost my brother. >> the call that he responded to the day he was killed, he volunteered for. it spoke to the kind of commitment and sacrifice that he
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made every day. >> reporter: the driver accused of hitting yung was indicted for reckless driving in february and is due in court in july. there is a new effort under way to block the county executive's automatic takeover of schools in prince george's county. the group is about to launch a petition drive. they hope to collect 8,000 signatures. that would be enough to keep the law from going into effect on june 1st. they also wanted to turn the takeover bill into a referendum for the election in november. and that way residents, they say, could decide whether the takeover is a good idea. as part of a plan, county executive baker would have the power to appoint three new members to the school board. and choose the new superintendent. the governor of virginia is defending his personal and political relationship with a company that does business in the state. bob mcdonnell says he did not give special treatment to star
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scientific, a dietary supplemental company. julie carey has more. >> there is nothing going on that in any way impairs my ability to be an effective governor. >> reporter: the virginia governor, bob mcdonnell, defending the position for allowing his daughter to accept a check for her wedding from one of the campaign donors, a check that was never officially disclosed. the information has been in the spotlight in recent weeks. the governor answers questions just hours after "the washington post" reported that the fbi is now looking into the relationship between mcdonnell and williams, mcdonnell told reporters he couldn't answer questions about ongoing investigations. but he stressed williams's check to his daughter didn't buy the company ceo any favors. >> nobody in my administration has been given any special consideration because of their
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friendships or donations to my campaign. because of any gifts they have been given. >> reporter: the governor also stressed that under virginia law gifts to relatives don't have to be reported. but what about how it looks? do you believe there is an appearance of impropriety, at minimum? >> i think i reported the gift as i believe the law required it to be disclosed. >> reporter: but virginia's democratic party chairman says many office-holders do report those gifts anyway. >> it is a little difficult to understand why you would not report and disclose gifts that are given even if it is to a family member. i think most legislators typically do that, updaand it i little strange that our governor wouldn't do it. >> reporter: the governor is convinced the disclosure rules need to be tightened. >> i certainly would support taking a look at whether or not gifts that are given to a spouse or gifts given to children
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should also be disclosed. >> reporter: now, the contribution disclosure question has become an issue in the virginia governor's race. the democrat, terry mcauliffe is proposing a ban on gifts over $10,000. republican contender cuccinelli wants gifts to be disclosed within ten days, including from immediate family. and a d.c. council member is the latest to push for a new name for washington's nfl team. a group of native americans recently launched a court battle to strip the team of federal trademark protection. now, the councilman is introducing a resolution to get rid of the name "redskins," which has been criticize as derog a atora. >> i think it is wrong, racist, and not fair to continue to use it. >> he suggests the name red tails.
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it would honor, he said, the tuskegee airmen. also he says that would allow the team to keep its color and fight song with only a few minor changes. when we come back, things get way out of hand at a clergy fraternity. fists flying. and closing down several streets. and doug, will we get a break? >> take a look guys, i want to show you what is happening. the easterly wind, take a look at what it does. on the east side of the mountains, temperatures in the 50s, 59 in washington, on the east side,
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you're watching news 4 at 6:00. the backpack, on the street outside the discovery channel caused commotion this morning. police in silver spring and the bomb squad checked it out. a few streets near the discovery headquarters were shut down for a while, then the all clear was given. the buildings were not evacuated. and you may have a hard time getting through security next time you fly but bwi, which opened a new checkpoint today. the nine-lane security area
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replaces a smaller checkpoint at concourse c. the airport also opened a new connecter between the b and c terminals. you should make the trip to the gate faster once you get through security. and several college students are in a hospital now after a fight, a fist fight broke out at the university of arizona. it was at a fraternity party, the fight started sunday at the off-campus at arizona state. several young men not students fought with members of a fraternity. police say the fight involved baseball bats and even guns. five guys who were not students have been arrested. and so when are we going to be able to put the umbrellas away? we're sick of this. >> doug is tracking more rain in the forecast. but he is optimistic, and he says he has got good optimism, what about you? >> well, that is good to hear. we have a little hockey we'll
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talk about. playoffs are almost here, two goalies, one goal as the capitals and rangers get ready to face off. why one baseball player felt he needed to pie himself last night. plus, the latest issue with steven strasburg's
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you're watching news 4:00 at of. and hello everybody, and welcome back, right now meteorologist doug kammerer in the storm system. take a look at the region, no real storms, but there is one storm bringing all the cloud cover across the region. evening forecast tonight, 59 degrees, cloudy, a little bit on the wet side. some of the rain now pushing out of the d.c. metro region. 58 at 7:00. 57 by 9:00 and 11:00, cloudy skies, expect to see more clouds and drizzle as we make our way through the evening hours. and expect the temperatures to stay about the same. they will drop maybe one or two or three degrees. 61 at leesburg, reston and herndon, 50, and crownsville, coming in at 59. the storm team 4 radar showing
6:44 pm
the shower activity. you can see a lot of grain here, not everybody seeing the rain, but if you are, it continues with the drizzle. calvert county and to the west, montgomery, frederick, howard, all seeing that, prince william, woodbridge areas all seeing light rain so you will continue to need the umbrella through the night. we talk about a storm, a little tiny storm here in the atmosphere, the swirl combines with an area of high pressure to the north. continuing to give us the easterly flow. as i said to the west, temperatures in the 80s here. we have a southwest flow, we'll break out big-time. but that is not going to happen. i think we'll stay in the easterly flow, temperatures at the average. 54 in gaithersburg, leesburg and
6:45 pm
fredericksburg, annapolis at 50 degrees, tomorrow, we start off with drizzle, fog and cloud cover. but then by tomorrow afternoon the northeasterly push may actually help to clear us out. you will stay with a little more cloud cover to the west. temperatures in the upper 60s, to around st70 degrees, i think you will be seeing much more average temperatures. jim and wendy, i hope -- you're giving me a hard time today. i hope you give as much love and attention to dan healy as you are me, just saying. >> count on it. oh, yeah. also we'll pay attention to jim ha handly, with more people taking the metro. >> they wouldn't have to worry about getting shut out by metro. verizon center has announced a deal now with metro to extend service if playoff games go late. metro tells us if the game goes
6:46 pm
past 11:00 on a night where metro closes at midnight the transit system will stay open until 1:00 a.m. the fans will be able to gather at the center up until 12:45. an announcement will be made during the game if extended metro service will be proud. so happy watching and riding. from the live desk, i'm jim handly. >> thank you, that is good news, because the last thing you want to do is look at your watch while you're there. and we'll have more in a minute. but first, though, heard some comments today about strasburg that o-- i mean, guys were sayig -- they have never known, what did they say a firearm thing not to be an elbow problem, which is way more serious than what we're hearing about it. >> well, hopefully you hope it is the first time for everything. any time you hear strasburg, any time they hear about steven strasburg's pitching arm being tired, sore or tight there is a cause for concern.
6:47 pm
after the loss last night, the manager said that strasburg was experiencing a tight form. today, the gm said that he is fine. and they attributed his forearm situation to electric stimulation before the game. so my guess is he won't do that any time soon. he struggled from the get-go, walkin the first battery phase, the first of four walks in the game. he ended up with four strikeouts, but didn't look right. the manager, still just one and four this season and has not won a game since opening day. here is the skipper and the ace after the game. >> i think i was -- he was in there with the doctor, just got a little tightness in -- i think in his forearm. so they're going to -- put him on some medication. but you will get a report from the doctor. but i mean, a lot of times he is shaking his elbow, and stuff like that to stay loose.
6:48 pm
this is the strasburg seen morrow frequently. that coupled with the ball going everywhere. >> i felt good out there today. just fighting through -- you know, commanding the fastball and the speed. and you know, just one of those days. i'm not missing my next start, i'll tell you right now. >> my guess is he will probably be out there. orioles, mariners, zack briton out there for the birds. facing former orioles, robert andino, come from the right. seattle taking a 6-2 lead. and buck showalter checking on something. look at this, britain is not looking, oh, right in the shoulder. not a really hard toss but obviously caught briton by surprise. he was checked out. the orioles go on to lose, briton, okay, 6-2, the orioles
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on the losing end, all right, if the caps are going to advance deep into the stanley cup playoffs it will be a child leading them. 23-year-old holpi, going 10 and one for the capitals. he has experience playing the rangers. last year he stood his own against the wily veteran. he was impressive in his first season. but in the end, henrik lundqvist has the victory. rangers and capitals hope this year will be a different story. >> i imagine he has more confidence, than last year, like we all said he is one of those guys. so mature, he knows how to handle the pressure and get himself ready. it is not necessarily everybody doubting him like last year. and him having to prove himself. now it is him continuing to play. >> he has developed every year,
6:50 pm
came back this year and played really good again. so i mean, he is coming like the goalie, he has the mind set. he wants to win. so that helps our team. and -- hopefully, we'll have a good republun here. >> a lot is always made of the goaltending. it really had nothing to do with each other. the folks on their game, they all know he is going to perform. he is a previously, one of the best in the league. so we know what to expect. our job is just to make sure we do what we know we're capable of in order to win? if we do that, we'll come out on top. >> game one between the caps and rangers coming up on thursday night at verizon center. college hoops time, they were looking for a head basketball coach for the first time in 13 years. today they found him, in mike
6:51 pm
brennan, brennan has work to do. majority coach john thompson the third on hand to see his former assistant take the reins. their ties lead back to princeton. now he will try to bring them back to the top of the conference heap. >> we just want to be competitive every year and bring in the best players we can, great students and kids, like i said. we want to be competing for the patriot league championship every year. i think that is our goal. and i think that is everyone's goal in the league, every school's goal. that will be ours. we have everything in place to be able to get there. >> i heard you say this during the sound bite. that is the key, he can go out and recruit, and is a former assistant, also. >> he will get good players. all right, what is worse than having to play in a six hour and 32 minute baseball game? losing a six-hour and 32 minute baseball game. that is what happened last night
6:52 pm
to the angels, we were in oakland, the longest game in angels and a's's history. bottom of the 19th. brandon mistake finally ends it. his eighth bat of the night off the eighth pitcher. a walk-off home run, the a's win, 10-8, and look at this. he is so happy, he gets the pie, and the -- you play a game for 6 hours a and 32 minutes and hit the game-winning home run, you deserve to pie yourself. he was having a good time out there in the bay area. >> good for him. >> look at that. >> man, they should give anybody who stays to the end of the game they should give them free tickets for the rest of the season, that is a committed fan. >> we'll do a little research on that. >> 27 people left. >> he doesn't know what he is talking about. >> that is an optimistic number. >> there
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6:56 pm
let's get another check of the forecast. >> normally, it is just a three-shot. dan, i'm glad you're here. i have some stuff for you, you doing a little golf this weekend? it is going to rain on you. taking a look outside, it is rain, people ask hey, can we get out and play in the month of may. looks like shower activity, if you have the early tee time or going for an early walk tomorrow you can see it through prince william and faukier, along the beltway region, cloud cover early, temperature of around 70 degrees, 71 on thursday as well as friday. both thursday and friday looking pretty nice. average temperature, 72, 73, so we'll still stay at or a little below average, but i don't think there is going to be too many complaints with numbers like
6:57 pm
that over the next couple of days. we love you, thank you. there is this place in china, they are in the middle of their sixth annual festival, featured at the festival is a line of elaborate art that includes 107 sand sculpture. will you look at this work? this is sand, by the way. this thing stretches for more than a mile and a half. it is a record-breaker there. a chinese-record keeping organization certified this as the longest sand sculpture along the coast in china. and i would venture to say anywhere in the world. >> wow, look at the scale. >> these people know how to hold a festival. this thing runs until october. now there is one little issue here. if you will notice, they're not that far from the water line.
6:58 pm
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