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tv   News4 Today  NBC  June 5, 2013 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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bey. fairfax mostly in the low 50s and as is the rest of rural virginia, too. the rest of maryland down into the 50s. by noontime we should be in mid-70s, a light south easterly breeze. fredericksburg, by noontime should be in the mid-70s and sunny. a look at the rest of the week is coming in about ten knit. >> for the first 4 traffic office, this is what we're working on -- traveling northbound on i-270 an earlier crash past shady grove, closer to i-370. the car crashed, left lane crashed into the guardrail. still waiting to clean up the guardrail close to the roadway. as of now, the left lane is blocked. it's very early so stick to the right and you'll be able to get by. shooting over to i-95 at prince
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william parkway, accident off to the right lane. i'll be back in ten minutes. rich art george at the live desk. >> parts of the russian subway system are at a stand-still. there was a major evacuation. a fire forced nearly 5,000 people to get off the trains and scurry to get out of the way. moscow streets are crowded with people. many of them trying to get to work, walking to work. russian media reports a power cable got fire on a central metro line, connects the kremlin to the lenin library. 45 xhirtz were hurt. most suffer from smoke inhalation and 75 went to the hospital. it is considered one of the most reliable subway systems in the world. today family, friends and colleagues will attend the
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funeral for new jersey senator frank lautenberg. bill clinton and hillary clinton will deliver eulogies. after the funeral, his casket will head to u.s. capitol where it will lie in repose until tomorrow. he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery friday. he died monday from pneumonia. chris christie announced a special election will be held in october to fill lautenberg's senate seat.the primary will be august. christie had the option of appointing someone, but he said that wouldn't be fair to the voters. >> i believe the people have the right to make that decision. they need to have a voice and a choice. i'm giving to them. >> the special election will happen three weeks before the general election. christie is up for re-election. he says the timing had nothing to do with politics. we're seeing new poll
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numbers that show just how americans feel about the recent irs scandal. 10% of people have a lot of confidence in the u.s. 45% have some confidence and 43% have little or no confidence. most americans still have confidence in the military. 67% say they have a lot of confidence, that's actually down nine points ago. 27% have some confidence. 4:33. also new this morning, the house is ignoring veto threats by passing the first spending bill for 2014. the $73 billion measure provides funding for military construction and veterans affairs and is meant to clear a backlog of health claims that have kept hundreds of thousands
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waiting. republicans are assuming the cuts will stay in place. house republicans are defying president obama's desire to close guantanamo bay. they voted to keep the center open by upholding a current law, blocking taxpayer funding being used to renovate prisons in the u.s. which could be used to hold a suspected terrorist. virginia governor bob mcdonald facing new questions about his relationship with a wealthy campaign donor. "the washington post" reports he attended a luncheon at executive mansion in 2011 to promote a new dietary supplement. some aides urged him not to attend. the chief executive has donated more than $100,000 to the campaign and paid for the kairting bill for the governor's
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daughter. awe developing story from overnight. it could be the biggest scandal in sports history. the report that says the mlb is getting ready to suspend players for at many as 100 players. >> the susan g. komen telling us why it's getting rid of one of it's most
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the susan g. komen three-day walk will not be returning to washington next year. organizes posted a message to facebook yesterday saying enrollment has dropped over the last four years. participation fell 25% last year alone after the organization announced plans to stop giving grants to planned parenthood for breast cancer screening. komen's event in d.c. this october is expected to go on as scheduled. today the baltimore ravens take the trip down i-95 to be honored at the white house. president obama will host the super bowl champs at noon. this is from march. three players who left the team in the off-season will not make the trip, they include anquan boldin who plays for the team the ravens beat in the super bowl, the 49ers. soon waiting for the metro could be more like going to a concert, that's because the
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metro is auditions people to perform at local stations. ♪ you can turn to ♪ everyone look now i'm surrounded ♪ >> ba ♪ baby come closer >> 15 spots to perform at metro station entrances. the ones who make the cut will be entertaining passengers in rush hour through november. the winners will be announced next week. a northern virginia high school is those who are entering the military. several generals helped inspire the kids for their mission ahead. our community salutes of northern virginia put on this enlistment ceremony for the third year. the organization's motto is first to say thank you. so, very appropriate ceremony
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last night. and this is a national organization with chap terse popping up all over the country doing this great deed for young people going into the military. >> absolutely. we say hats off to those who decide to join right after high school. >> absolutely. coming up on 4:41 now on this wednesday morning -- another chilly -- i'll say chilly. >> i wore a jacket, tom kierein. >> and you have your shawl. we're calling this june-tober. feels more like october not june. it's near sunrise and only near 50 degrees. closer to washington, nearby subur suburbs, low to mid-50s. near washington it's near 60 degrees. with the strong june sun, it's warming up. we should be in the low 60s by 8:00. noon, mid-70s. partly sunny afternoon.
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temperature up to near 70. sunrise at 5:43. sunset will be at 8:30. by then it's going to be getting back down into the 60s again. big changes on the way for the end of the week and weekend. you want to see that seven-day outlook in just ten minute. now a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. for the first 4 traffic office, i'm tracking early morning construction. this is coles roadblock the right lane. still checking on early morning accident, i-270 northbound, north of shady grove. as you approach i-370 you'll see the left lane blocked because of accident clean-up. prince william parkway, northbound, it's absolutely clear. now, let's go further south, dumfries road, travel lanes are open. same sorry northbound, no delays. back over to you.
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>> thank you. just how much access to the outdoors do you get for leisure? new numbers out compare d.c. to the rest of the country. what we're learning about the strength of a deadly tornado that ripped through oklahoma. and the rare occurrence in the trial for an
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good morning. pakistan's parliament has just elected nawaz sharif to serve as prime minister. this was expected as the vote was considered a formality after last month's election. he is prime minister for the third time. he was previously forced out in a military coup in 1999. now he'll face widespread blackouts and military attacks. he will be sworn into office later today. at the live desk, i'm richard
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jordan. we're learning at least 20 major league baseball players could be suspended within weeks in what would be the largest perform enanc performance-enhancing scandal in years. this is word that the center of the scandal is expected to cooperate. alex rodriguez, former n.l. mvp, ryan braun and melky cabrera have all been tied to the clinic. the players could be hit with 100-game suspensions if their ties are confirmed. today an american soldier will plead guilty to one of the most serious war crimes in decades. robert bailz admits he went on a deadly rampage in afghanistan in march of last year. the military says he killed 16 afghans in two villages. most of the victims were women and children. he will avoid the death penalty by entering the guilty plea. he'll still be sentenced to life
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in prison but he may be eligible for parole at some point. also today a second round of potential jurors will be questioned for the trial against accused crimes boss james "white request" bulger. 250 are called in today on top of the 450 questioned yesterday. the judge hopes the final 12 jurors and 6 alternates will be in place by friday. unlike other organized crime cases, these jurors will not be sequestered but their names will be kept secret until the end of the trial. bulger faces a laundry list of charges, including deaths of 19 people. today thousands expected to attend a public memorial service for four houston firefighters killed in the line of duty. the service will happen at reliant stadium following a procession through houston. the firefighters died while battling a fire at a hotel last friday. part of that building collapsed, killing them and injuring more than a dozen others. the cause of that fire remains under investigation. 4:47 now. this morning you're invited to a
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public hearing on taxi cab safety here in d.c. this comes after more than 150 complaints about harassment or assault by drivers against passengers or passengers against drivers. today's meeting stargts starts at 11 a.m. the wilson building. it comes on the heels of the murder of a taxicab driver, solomon okohor. those who knew him saying it just proves driving a taxi is a dangerous business people don't understand, tax drivers, it's a real danger, it's business but we have families to feed. >> d.c. police have two suspects in custody, ercell overton charged with murder and joshua king was also taken into custody on unrelated probation violation. more charges could be brought against king. montgomery county police
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need your help to find a burglar. investigators say this guy broke into a home off natalie wood lane in bethesda in january. he snapped a picture of himself on a cell phone. the home was for sale, apparently. no one was in it at the time. two others have already been arrested and charged in this case. but this guy, who took his own picture, he's still on tlut. there's a $10,000 reward for information that leads to his arrest. you have another chance tonight to weigh in on possible bus services. changes along the i.c.c. mta wants to cut three commuter routes. it would take money it spends on routes 202, 203 and 205 and use it toward more popular routes. there will be another public hearing on the proposal tomorrow in gaithersburg. you may see more inspections like this one on the way to work this morning. police are checking more than 1 million trucks and buss across
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north america this week. they to want make sure the vehicles are running safely and their drivers aren't too tired. large trucks were involved in more than 3200 crashes nationwide in 2010, according to the federal motor carrier administration. after a decade of planning a new multisport stadium under construction in loudoun county. community leaders held a ground breaking for the new edle manl financial field. the virginia cavalry fc soccer team and loudoun hound will play at that stadium. >> there's so many kids, being in the fastest growing county here, that i want kids to know what i got to experience when i walked into yankee stadium for the first time. >> the new 5500-seat stadium opens next may. it's part of a new development called one loudoun. right now firefighters are battling a wildfire in new mexico. health officials issued an advisory for people living in the northern parts of the state
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because of that thick smoke you see there. it is affecting the air quality. so far the thompson ridge fire has already scorched 4400 acres in santa fe national forest. only 5% contained. we now know 19 people died from the tornadoes and flooding in oklahoma. the severe that swept through friday with the widest tornado ever recorded. officials say the twister in el reno, oklahoma, was 2.6 miles wide. the winds topped 250 miles an hour, making it ef-5 tornado, the highest rating for tornado. the tornado in moore, oklahoma, was the same strength. two back-to-back tornadoes, that's unusual, isn't it? >> yeah, but unfortunately the tornado activity is now waning and we won't see any more huge ones like that for the rest of the season. here, well, we have had some gorgeous weather. this was the view up on skyline drive yesterday.
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you could see for miles and miles and miles. spectacular visibility. post your pics to now, first light of this day showing up. a few high, wispy clouds. humidity not too bad. dew points down into the low 50s. few from space showing a few high clouds drifting over us. you need a jacket this morning. a chill in the air. it's only in the 50s in montgomery, loudoun, most of virginia and maryland, right in the district it's in the low 60s. southern maryland, eastern shore in the mid-50s. panhandle of west virginia, most of maryland, into west virginia, only 50 degrees on this june morning. here's how we look today, your
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hour by hour forecast. ought to be in the mid-70s by noon. upper 80s by mid-afternoon with clouds coming and going. another chilly night, by midnight down to the low 60s. during the day on thursday, increasing clouds and into the mid to upper 70s. showers may roll through thursday night. off and on showers, rumbles of thunder. that may linger friday night, perhaps midday saturday. may get a little sun back. partly sunny sunday and monday, chance of afternoon storms, highs in the 80s. things settle down on tuesday. another hometown forecast. now a look at traffic with danella. >> good morning. in the first 4 traffic office. between chevy chase lane and the beltway, paving operation happening there in both directions north and southbound on connecticut avenue. use caution. you'll see workers out there holding up signs telling you to slow down.
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that's exactly what you should do. over to i-270, keeping my eye on early morning accident northbound, as you travel northbound at i-370. that earlier accident is cleared. but the left lane is blocked because the driver crashed into the guardrail. so, just want to show you shady grove as you make your way northbound. you'll see the accident. get over to the left lane. volume on i-270 light in both directions. in fact, i-270 southbound, travel lanes are open, connected to the beltway. no issues between i-270 and i-95. both directions you're clear for accidents and congestion. >> thank you. in news 4 your health, cooler temperatures can affect mosquit mosquitos. researchers at virginia tech found mosquito eggs hatched in cooler temperatures make them more likely to carry viruses like yellow fever and west nile virus. they have a temperature-based immune sensitivity.
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this morning d.c. is getting high marks for its parks. the trust for public land ranks the district sixth. it's ranked on zero to five for park benches, we scored zero. d.c. did not get the fifth bench because of low scores on park sizes and lack of playgrounds. minneapolis took the top spot, boston, sacramento, san francisco all tied for third. we have beautiful parks. we just need to up a little -- >> i have two playgrounds within a six-block radius where i live, so it's interesting. >> the playground is my backyard basically. chrysler owners, should you be headed to the dealership? >> why the automaker refuses to issue a recall despite known safety concerns. plus, why president obama could soon step in the middle of a patent dispute between two cell phone
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the panel says they violate a patent held by a rival. samsung. both tech companies are in a worldwide legal battle over patents. samsung says they will appeal the ruling and the president could step in and lift the ban within the next 30 days. >> the ipad 4 will be out --
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>> and everything else will be object sew lute. brand new numbers out on public opinion. just what do americans think about scandals plaguing the obama administration. the overnight emergency that forced a family out of their home. we're learning about plans happening today to remember a high school student killed in a skateboarding stunt. good morning. welcome to "news4 today." we're off to a chilly start this wednesday, june 50. we're off to a chilly start. >> good morning, tom kierein. >> right around -- as we get toward june 21st and temperature right now under this partly cloudy sky are feeling un-june like. 'r


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