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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  June 17, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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ranging impacts. good morning. it's monday, june 17, 2013. we begin with breaking news. >> right now, some raids happened this morning at seven eleven stores in virginia and new york. the stores, more than a dozen of them in total. involving smuggling workers in from pakistan, money theft and money laundering. 7 eleven saying it is cooperating with the investigation but it has no further comment. as soon as we get more information, we will pass it along at the live desk. >> thanks, melissa. a traffic alert. a water main break along quaker lane. the road is closed between seminary road and we are there.
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>> reporter: they're doing prep work, removing some of the asphalt. they're going to start excava excavating that pipe that broke early this morning. we're told it is a 12 inch pipe. this is what it looked like this morning through the cracks in the road. they had to close down all lanes. all of the lanes on quaker lane between seminary and duke street. and that has been the situation all morning long. no traffic has been able to get through. they've identified the utilities. they want to make sure they don't hit any gas pipes. they have finished that work. now they are going to begin digging up the water main itself so they can begin to make the repairs. now, this is going to take several hours. what they're trying to do is to open up the right two lanes. run one of them south. one of then north in time for the evening rush hour. that is the plan.
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whether they can do it or not remains to be seen. they're just really starting this work here. it's been an issue for peep who use quaker lane. it's a big commuter route. it has caused some traffic tie-ups. they're hoping to get things, at least some traffic moving through the area in time for the evening rush. just a few moments ago, the fbi announced a milestone in its ten most wanted list. the agency named its 500th addition to the list. it just happened at the gnneuse in washington, d.c. walter lee williams is wanted for sexual acts with children. he is a forrer university professor. a journalist helped create the most wanted list back in 1950. a hazmat team is trying to figure out the chemical that sickened people at a home. one man was taken to the
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hospital. paramedics were called back to the home early this morning when several residents and employees got sick. a hazmat team is evaluating the air to determine exactly what made people sick there. taking a look outside, we've got some sunshine getting through out there. but some of you could see some showers moving through. team 4 meteorologist joins us. >> yesterday, it got quite humid. stayed humid overnight and through the morning. we've had a few passing showers south of the metro area through the morning hours. otherwise, it's been partly sunny. rather steamy day. temperatures are beginning to warm up as we look at the view from space. we've had cloudiness. the clouds are breaking up now. lots of sunshine. still all cloudy in southern maryland and the lower part of the eastern shore. that's where they've had some passing sprinkles off and on through the morning hours. right now, just getting light
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rain, right along the atlantic beaches. there's another shower that's beginning to form that might turn into a thunderstorm. it's way out in western maryland. that may hold together and come toward washington a little later in the afternoon. just past 11:00 in the morning. temperatures are right around 80. we'll warm up a bit this afternoon. look for the chance for thundershowers. i'll tell you when i think they may be coming our way. just a couple of minutes, barbara. >> thank you, tom. new this morning, u.s. treasury secretary jack lew is kicking off national small business week. he took a tour of a minority owned construction company in rockville. live outside construction. >> reporter: this particular company run by two women. two minority women. it was started by their parents in 1985 but they took it over just a couple years ago. they say without the small
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business loan, this company would have never existed. >> it was difficult to say the very least. imagine an immigrant family with a very thick accent. and just a dream. the american dream. that if you company here, you can make it better and you can make a difference for yourself and your community and your family. >> reporter: it's a tough business for these sisters, owning an asphalt manufacturing and construction company in a male dominated industry has its struggles. every itday, these two sit back and reflect on what they have accomplished. taking the business over from their parents who started the business with the help of a small business loan. >> to have the u.s. department of treasury be able to help organizations, companies like ourselves, be able to have that kick start, to come in, into the local economy, and, therefore, make an struinstrumental differ. >> reporter: today is the start
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of national small business week. treasury secretary jacob lew came by the company. he took a tour of the facility and got a chance to see how critical small businesses are to helping the local economy, especially in our region. >> show other women, show other minorities that you can do well in this business, that there are opportunities, and that if you stick with something and you persevere, that you will be successful. >> the idea of dreaming, of becoming manufacturers, it was a dream that when we would talk about it out loud, everyone around us would just squash it. >> reporter: without the small business loan, this $60 million-plus company never could have flourished without the help of local lenders. >> you have the sba, you have the treasury. you have local community banks who believe in us. >> reporter: there's a lot that
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encompasses a small business. i was talking to the owners this morning. one thing they were talking about is their employees. they still have one man who was the very first hire working at the company. it's been a good couple years for them. >> all right, thank you. right now two people are in the hospital after a shooting in southeast washington. the shooting happened just before 2:00 along g street. we're told one victim was shot in the face. the other victim, a 17-year-old girl, was shot in the leg and chest. we're told both victims were taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. police are not releasing any details about a suspect or a motive in this case. a fire displaced a family in the district. the fire break out just after 11:00 last night on 14th place and c street. that's in northeast washington. no one was home when the fire started and no one was hurt. the cause remains under investigation at this time. and today a county executive
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will make his first appointments to the county's board of education under the new law that went into effect this month. baker has the authority to appoint three members and the county council can appoint one pers person, the four new members will be sworn in this afternoon. this is all part of baker's plan to overhaul the county school system. and right now, president obama is in northern ireland for the g-8 summit. why the meeting could be a test of his international leadership. and they're coming down to the wire. some of the decisions the nation's highest court could make starting today. and a nightmare
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stay with us.
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right now, edward snowden, the former nsa contractor who reviewed top secret surveillance programs and information about those is now answering questions online. take a look at the guardian website. the 29-year-old started taking questions at 11:00. he has so far answered one posted by the writer who revealed his story. glenn greenwald asking him how many sets of documents he disclosed. and if anything happened to you, do they still exist? he answered, the u.s. government is not going to cover this up by jailing me or murdering me. the truth is coming and it cannot be stopped. people asking all kinds of questions, everything to why he came forward to whether he'll ask for u.n. refugee status. this started about 13 minutes ago. no word on his whereabouts. he was last known to be in hong
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kong. at the live desk, melissa mele, news 4. president obama is in ireland for the g-8 summit. the president and other world leaders will spend the next two days discussing several issues including national security and trade. >> trade is critical. but it is not alone a silver bullet. it has to be part of a comprehensive strategy that we pursue on both sides of the atlantic. that's what our people deserve. i very much look forward to working with my fellow leaders to make it happen. >> the crisis in syria will also be likely one of the hot topics, especially when obama works with the russian president. russia has been one of the syrian government's key allies. new this morning, receiving word that britain may have its own government surveillance scandal. the guardian newspaper's reporting the british spy agency gchq, which stands for
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government communication headquarters, hacked into foreign diplomats phones and e-mails during international conferences. according to this report, they stole passwords at a g-20 conference in 2009. how did the guardian get this information? it appears to have come from former nsa contractor edward snowden. looks like he's got lots to talk about. both spying programs are bound to get attention this week. a couple of former u.s. vice presidents are also going public with their opinions on the leak. and for more on that and other political stories, we have with us nbc news senior political editor mike murray. >> let's begin with -- well, dick cheney and al gore commenting on the nsa leaks. what do they have to say? what is their opinion? >> we have an issue of strange bedfellows going on here where dick cheney is siding with the obama administration saying this kind of nsa surveillance is a good program to be able to have. you have al gore who's criticizing it, saying it
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violates people's fourth amendment rights. what we've seen so far politically is you've seenives themselves with libertarians and some tea party types who are opposing this. the establishment by and large backs these programs. but it has kind of created these strange alliances which we don't see that often here in washington, d.c. >> it wouldn't be too surprising that cheney would support it. since didn't it start under the last republican administration? >> correct, but what you're seeing now is you end up having cheney for the first time really kind of applauding the obama white house, which he doesn't do too often. then you have al gore criticizing the obama white house. that's why the strange bed fellow situation's going on. >> you said the leak is likely to play out at the g-8 summit. what do you think will happen?
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>> one you talked about where you had british and u.s. intelligence services spying on folks at a conference in london in 27009. that's never a good backdrop to have. all our reporters are reporting that everyone's assumed at these conferences people are trying to spy however you can. you're doing what you can. but this is just bad timing, particularly you have these eight world leaders sharing the stage together. it adds to the sense there is a little bit of tension going on. one of the developments that came out is the former russian president who preceded putin as president, he was spied upon. so was the united states trying to make some delegate talks with russia regarding syria, it's never a good opportunity. >> but you say it's a good opportunity for president obama. how? >> it's a tough month for the president, whether it's nsa surveillance, questions about the irs and its targeting the tea party and conservative sounding groups.
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the latest kind of mess is regarding syria. we learned right before the weekend that the administration's going to be giving limited arms to people. that really hasn't pleased anybody, whether it's the hawks or the doves regarding this. president obama's trying to broker an international situation with russia and get this resolved. syria is trying to get something accomplished. at a time when his numbers have gone down and people are questioning his international leadership. >> i'm looking forward to the class picture of the g-8 summit. >> we always get one of these. i don't think they're going to be wearing the funny garb they often do. these leaders realize they can't have embarrassing pictures of themselves. >> they could be kilts. kilts in ireland? no, that's scotland. >> but we will see a class photo. >> good to see you. for more, check out first read on nbc some people forced from
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their homes by a deadly wildfire in colorado are being allowed to return. the black forest fire near colorado springs is nearly 60% contained. firefighters are creating a fire line to keep it from spreading. steady rain moved in, helping firefighters to get a better handle on that fire. they hope to have it under control by thursday. the fire burned 22 square miles, killing two people and destroying nearly 500 hopemes. making this one the most destruct itive wildfire in com colorado's history. you have some rain in some areas? >> a little bit. for the record, they do have kilts in ireland. >> okay, i haven't -- >> today would be a good way to wear one. you need some ventilation. as we started off this morning though with a gorgeous sunrise.
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the view over the potomac river. the sky was ablaze. watermelon colored sky over the potomac. reflecting that gorgeous sunrise this morning. post your pictures to weather at there's your view of the sky now. it's partly cloudy. getting some darker clouds beginning to build. right now, 80 degrees. dew point at a steamy 69. a breeze around 15 miles per hour. the speckles of green, those are showers passing to our south. now a shower is beginning to develop out in western maryland. right now, in the low 80s. some of the locations that we have, low to mid-80s, may get briefly into the mid-80s during the middle of the jerafternoon. most of the mountain regions, up near the pennsylvania border, it's in the 70s. it's right near 80 right near the chesapeake bay. showing this cluster of showers here.
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no lightning with this yet. don't have any reports of it yet. it is coming to garrett, allegheny counties. just about to move into the panhandle of west virginia. may be getting closer to winchester in the next half hour or so. no severe storms yet. expected highs this afternoon should be making it into the mid-80s. it will be accompanied by some increased humidity. and here, by 1:00 this afternoon, maybe a line of some showers and some thunder or lightning passing by us. during the rest of the afternoon, by late afternoon, a few more scattered showers. maybe a brief rumble of thunder as they come on through. i do not anticipate any severe storms. here is your hour by hour forecast today. a chance of storms will be ending. partly cloudy by midevening. and then tomorrow morning, the 60s. again, tomorrow, another day a lot like today. maybe some afternoon thundershowers. highs in the 80s.
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a greater chance on wednesday. a lot of clouds around. maybe a shower or thundershower. lower humidity on thursday and friday. the outlook into the weekend, great for beach and pool weather or for wearing a kilt on saturday and sunday. should be partly sunny in the 80s. >> as long as it's made out of ceariel - catching that man who kidnapped those three girls in ohio. coming up, the new report detailing the astonishing number of times investigators were actually on ariel castro's street.
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opening this week. first, here's a look at what's hot on investigators are trying to figure out what caused an ride to get stuck in the air with dozens of people on board. take a look at this video with crews rescuing on the ride in london. nbc news cannot verify the authenticity of this video. we know crews rescued dozens. some people were stuck at least an hour. until help arrived. this morning, a finalist in the miss usa competition is response
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papay inequality between men and women. are seen as the leaders of this, so we need to try to figure out how to create education better, so that we can solve this problem. >> that was miss utah, marisa pole. that response didn't help her she was up. instead, miss connecticut erin brady took home the title. a plea for help from a prince georges county family this morning. what they're asking owners.
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a reason a big carmaker is issuing a recall. plus some showers rolling pipe1÷6q tom has your forecast coming up. right fellowap3w] the le inh main pipe that broke along quaker lane in alexandria. crews hope to have two lanes a. president obama is meeting with fellow worldf-d0yç ]t nddyy+a!jó at the% livelao"g the 'esk.ehwyvg08ngñ of the key issues on the agenda russian president putin. melissa is at the live desk.
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>> federal agents digging up a field in myí they say after extensive interviews with an ageing mobster whogeexi wh station saw-o cf1 o in that a federal judge did agree there is enough evidence to issue a 0. those cases include one on affirmative action. as well as the defense of marriage act. the court's decision on those could set the precedent for years to come. well, even though the court hasn't ruled yet, weem learned this morning how the news media is covering those decisions. a story out this morning found stories about same section marriage had five times asp statements supporting the issue than opposing it. the center looked at nearly 500
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stories from late march to early may. however, puew says many of thos stories were on opinion polls. it turns out police were called to the same street that ohio man accused of holding three women captive for nearly a decade lived on. more than 1,000 times they were there during this ordeal. that's according to nbc news. aerial castro pleaded not guilty to hundreds of charges last week. the women were freed from castro's home just last month after ten years. they've not spoken publicly but would have to testify in the case does go to trial. if you live in virginia, you helped pay for vitamins for governor bob mcdonald, for his dog, that is. you also paid for his sunscreen and his body wash. according to "the washington post," he used taxpayer money to pay for stuff he should have
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bought on his own. "the post" says someone told them they should pay for the items themselves. they reimbursed the state for some of the person items. it isn't clear how much they paid. a prince georges county family is hoping someone will company forward about a deadly crash on the highway. they say this 22-year-old was involved in the crash. they say she survived the crash only to be run over when she got out her car. police believe she was hit by several cars including a tractor trailer. no one stopped to help her. >> but someone knows something. and we're a family. we're a loving family. and we just want to be able to get closure to this whole thing and understand what it is that happened to our daughter so we can have some peace. >> anyone with information about this crash can call maryland state police. today, two people accused of setting a series of fires on the eastern shore in virginia are
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expected in court. they face one count each of arson and conspiracy to commit arson. police believe the duo is responsible for most of the 77 arsons on the eastern shore since last fall. police arrested the couple in april. in court documents, smith told investigators he set 55 fires and bundik set 15 fires. police have not released a motive in this case. new this morning, the u.s. and cuba will resume talks on starting direct mail service. the mail talks have been on hold over demands cuba release alan gross. the man was working as a contractor at the time. he was arrested three years ago. he gave internet access to a small jewish community. he's currently serving 15 years in a havana prison. now to the big squeeze on some flights. american airlines is planning to add more rows to most of its fleet by taking away leg room.
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nbc's tom cost speello reports. >> reporter: those romantic days of flying are long gone. today, boarding feels like a cattle call. and the space we pay for is shrinking. seats and leg room. american airlines which is merging with us airways says it will likely add more seats to economy seating. >> i don't know how they can cram any more seats in. >> reporter: the standard airline seat is about 17.2 inches wide with 31 inches leg room. sometimes less on short haul flights. more on international flights. but standard leg room has shrunk by 3 inches over the last 10 to 15 years. in fact, over the last 50 years, the average american is an inch taller, 24 pounds heavier, and yet the airlines keep cramming in more seats, giving you less and less space. >> reporter: american is only considering what many airlines have already done. installing thinner seats or moving rows closer together.
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united says it's added six seats. southwest says it's added six seats to its 737s. spirit airlines says it uses the maximum number of lightweight seats that the faa allows. and they don't recline. a spokesperson says this allows us to offer customers even lower fares and make us more fuel efficient. >> we need more leg room for people my height it. >> reporter: most airlines do allow you to pay for extra leg room. >> just buying a passage on an airplane is what we're getting. a passage on an airplane, on a tin can in the sky. from that point on, just add up all the fees. >> in just a few minutes, we expect to learn more about the unique solar powered plane that's currently calling dulles home home. those involved will sit down with the energy secretary at
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noon. it landed at dulles just after midnight saturday night. the plane uses no fuel. instead, it's the first plane to fly day and night just on solar power. it's in its final stretch of a cross country flight from san francisco to new york. we're going to check again with tom kieran for the latest on our forecast. he's at the storm team 4 weather desk. you're actually outside now, tom. any rain out there in our area yet? >> no. we've had showers passing south of us. right now, it's partly sunny. you can see the dappled sunlight in the lawn behind me. we have some building cumulus clouds and a blue sky now. it is rather humid. you can see clouds over the potomac river. that's a live view from the nbc 4 city camera. on this monday, though, it has turned more humid than it was over parts of the weekend. over the last few hours, those little speckles of green, lower part of the eastern shore, just some light sprinkles. but there's one area that's looking like it's trying to
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develop maybe into thundersho r thundershowers. just had some thunder and lightning right there on the border with west virginia and maryland and that shedding off to the south and east. just a brief downpour. that, if it holds together, may be getting closer to the rest of virginia and perhaps into the metro area by around 1:00 this afternoon. right now, it's in the low to mid-80s. it is rather humid. later today, those passing thundershowers possible. about a 40% chance. if you hear thunder, get inside. we'll let you know if any storms are threatening your neighborhood. more of the same tomorrow. maybe a better chance of some showers on wednesday. each day, i don't think they're going to be severe. thursday, friday, lower humidity. beautiful weather. getting a little hotter. more humid for the weekend. great beach and pool weather. saturday and sunday. that is the way it looks, barbara. >> thank you, tom. from jackie kennedy to ernest hemingway, a series of
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documentaries are giving us a new view of some of the most fascinating people and events. you can see them in our area beginning this week. it starts on wednesday. the director is here to tell us about it. when does it start? >> june 19th. >> i think we have a little video we can show on the film. it's called "letters to jackie." let's see a little of it here. >> i think it's been confirmed. either way it turns out, you have my deepest sympathy. >> it's a beautiful film i understand that's about letters that were written to jackie kennedy right after the assassination of her husband. it's very moving because some of these people were actually located who wrote these letters. >> as you said, this film looks at the extraordinary volume of letters that she received. after two years, she received
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over 1 million. representing an incredible cross section of peep in the country. we're going to be having a number of those original letter writers at the festival. some of them were you children when they wrote the letter. >> and that's your first movie. >> that's right. >> that will show on wednesday. where will that be? >> tickets are still available so hopefully people will join us. >> will it be just one showing? >> it is just one showing. >> there's another film called "muscle shoels." this host of very, very famous musicians who i guess use the studios there? >> ""mussel shoels" has become the place of an extraordinary recording studio.
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it's both a portrait of the musicians but also a portrait of this very unique place. >> i saw a little bit of it. the beauty of that city or town or whatever, it's a countryside, really, isn't it, out in the middle of nowhere, this recording studio. i guess why all these famous people like to record. >> there's a feeling there's something almost magical in the air that creates this extraordinary sound. so it's really -- it looks at -- you get to see incredible footage of wonderful icons of american music recording. >> you will be in several locations this year. >> we're both in our original home at the afi silver in silver spring maryland. this year, we're expanding into downtown d.c. so we'll be at many iconic videos is up as the national portrait gallery, the american history museum. so a nice campus down in the penn quarter area.
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>> how can people get tickets? >> you can show up at the screening venues, you can go online and purchase any ticket online, at >> you can find out what's showing, where, and you can show up and buy the tickets. >> that's exactly right. >> great to hear about this. it's always a really wonderful event here in washington. thank you for coming. in news for your health this morning, a potential breakthrough in the fight against cancer. why scientists say they may know the disease that spreads, or how diseases spread. plus, why a new report says parents might not be doing enough
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this is just into the newsroom. fairfax county police investigating a shooting inside
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an apartment in the 5500 block in the bailey crossroads area. again, fairfax police investigating a shooting inside an apartment there. at the live desk, news 4. what are you having for dinner tonight? chances are you're going to have fish instead of beef. a new report from the u.n. and department of agriculture shows more people are eating fish than beef. the number of fish coming out of fish farms has increased six types over the last 20 years. doctors aren't too shocked about that. they say more and more peep are realizing fish is a very healthy protein. turning to business news, let's check in with cnbc's jackie deangelis. she joins us live. >> hi, barbara, good morning. markets up this morn. the dow is up right now 161 points. this was after seeing some volatility last week. all eyes are going to be on the fed's two-day meeting which wrapped up with a statement and
11:47 am
press conference with the fed chairman on wednesday. investors want to know if the fed thinks the economy's strong enough to pare back its stimulus programs. ford received lots of complaints about the did i cffi of using its touch screen system. this as gm is expanding a recall of suvs to 480,000 vehicles as an electrical short could cause a fire. the recall affecting the 20 2006/2007 models. details are scarce but reports speculate that facebook could come out with a new rss reader to replace google's outgoing news reader. it may update its facebook home app with a new physical phone partnership like it has with htc. a new report shows most
11:48 am
parents are not doing enough to keep up with what their kids are doing online. there are more opportunities for kids to wonder around the internet. nbc reports. >> reporter: the study by internet security firm mcafee found a growing divide between parents and children when it comes to communication. about safe online practices. 72% of the adults surveyed at mitted they lacked the time or energy to keep up with their children's activities on the internet. >> and they're letting their kids do whatever they want. and they're just assuming that there's no trouble and no risk. >> reporter: the advice from online safety experts is for parents to engang their kids right now. especially because it's summer when young people tend to be less supervised. >> figure out what the platform is that your child likes. learn about snap chat. if your child is on facebook.
11:49 am
i think you should start an account of your own. you don't have to be a prolific poster but you should experience the environment a little bit. >> reporter: and says the footprints they leave on the internet will follow them well into adulthood. >> before they meet your child in person, an employer most likely will look at your child's information. >> reporter: though they may not thank you now for saving them from regrets that could come later. nbc news. scientists say they may have discovered why cancer spreads. researchers at the university college in london say there is a chase and run effect where diseases and healthy cells follow each other around the body body. the group says the next step is to develop a treatment to stop this chase and run effect which would keep cancer tumors from spreading. when you hear that someone is having liposuction, what do you think that person might look like? probably not like this guy.
11:50 am
that's right, he eats we, he exercises but he says he's having the procedure to harvest his stem cells. he's not alone either. p people are having liposuction because doctors recently discovered that fat contains epbre embryonic stem cells. one day scientists think they'll be able to use those cells to create any issue in the human body. our time right now is 11:50. a special homecoming. why one soldier's father's day stood out. plus, meteorologist tom kieran will be back with another check on the forecast.
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we're celebrating some big honors here at nbc 4 today. we attended the emmy awards this weekend in baltimore. news 4 today was honored with best morning newscast. executive producer brian calla
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han and former producer mike schwartz accepted the award. also honored with the best moderator award for foodies d.c. and our promotions department won an award for news promo image. congratulations to everyone. we're officially in the summer wedding season now. a new survey says planning a wedding is becoming more high tech. david's bridal says 59% brides and grooms are using social media to find inspiration for their wedding. that includes browsing sites like instagram for ideas. more couples are e-mailing save the dates. and as for the dress -- >> digital fittings are the hot et nhottest new thing. texting photos while they're in the fitting room to share with friends and family. >> even though brides may be
11:55 am
sending photos out of their address, most people agree reposting that picture of the bride to her groom before she steps on to the aisle is definitely off limits. this morning, we're getting a look at a special homecoming for one soldier. about 250 soldiers were reunited with their loved ones. one eastern wife brougarmy wife he has never seen before, his daughter. he got to meet and hold his 2-month-old daughter willow for the first time on father's day. the group returned home after spending seven months in afghanistan supporting security forces there. taking a look now at some stories we'll follow. a private jet with former president george w. bush on board makes an emergency landing. we've got the latest on that. a strange solar powered airplane lights up the night sky. 9/11 operators switchboards in
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virginia, 911 operators that is, but it's not a ufo what is it? and coming up tonight on news 4 at 5:00, the painful death of a family member is made even harder for a local woman thanks to facebook. liz crenshaw helps her navigate the social media website to try to figure out how to get the page of her ligate sister remov. the clouds are beginning to build. we've got the humidity in place. it's kind of a recipe for early summer thundershowers. they are beginning to develop far north and west of us. they're heading off to the south and east. maybe getting close to winchester. about half an hour or so. just maybe a passing shower with a little thunder and lightning. temperatures are in the low to mid-80s. won't warm up much more for the afternoon but could get a passing thundershower. probably not severe.
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then overnight tonight, partly cloudy. the 60s tomorrow morning. tuesday, afternoon highs in the low to mid-80s. and then maybe a little greater chance on wednesday. persistence east-northeast flow bringing in some cooler air off the atlantic. so we may have some passing showers, maybe a thundershower on wednesday. after that, some lower humidity should move in. thursday and friday looki ing delightful. over the weekend, 80s. have a great day. >> i think a lot of folks want to get the rain behind us. >> it's looking good for the end of the week and the weekend. that's news 4 midday. we invite you to tune in at 4:00. i'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. for news 4 midday. have a terrific day. .
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[applause]. >> welcome back to "access hollywood live". on post father's day monday. [applause] kit and i,


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