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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 28, 2013 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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good evening i'm chris gordon, burning the midnight oil tonight, congress has been working all evening. we are going to show you live pictures now as members of the house are still on the floor. the house bill would delay most of president obama's health care law. they will call it a night in about an hour. here is where we stand at 11:00 on a saturday night. if a deal bus not get down in less than 49 hours, monday night at midnight, there will be a government shut down. tonight the republican majority will vote to shut the government down. >> you are not silencing the
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voice -- >> republicans forged ahead with a bill that would keep the government in business until december. >> this is a program that is too expensive for people to afford. >> we are going to give the president a stark choice. >> the senate won't take it up, the president won't sign it, house republican ares are shutting down the government. >> because of that, not all republicans are onboard. >> i do support what is in that, but we can't let the government shut down. >> the bill is passed the title is amended. >> the house bill is unlikely to ever reach the white house, but
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if it does, president obama has vowed to veto it. on capitol hill, brian moore, news4. >> tonight darcy spencer talked to some people who are still holding out hope. she joins us live. >> reporter: members of congress are still busy here at work. we talked to several people here on the national mall some did not know that we were on the bin k of a shut down. the federal government is oathing closer to a shut down the house gop attempting to undo health care reform. we talked to people on the national mall tonight many of them tourists. >> no, i don't because there is no telling what will happen when
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the government shuts down. that is an unknown territory and the stuff that we have seen from the sequesters there is that could devastate the government. >> yeah, if there is nothing open, then they are not going to come. while it appears that a deal won't happen, many still have hope that it will. we cannot shut down >> it happened 18 years ago. >> it was a risk. but, what are the questions? >> dc mayor vince gray has taken step to protect the district in
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the case of a shut down. he has declared all operations to be essential so he says if the government shuts down, he says dc will stay open for business. >> get updates from the shut down all weekend long from nbc washington.comand social media. >> new at 11:00 tonight a maryland family is happy to be together after a fire broke out in their heavy chase home. neighbors say they could see dark smoke coming from three floors of the house, no one was hurt. tonight police are looking into the murder of a dc man. 34-year-old battle was shot several times. officers found his body on 30th
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street he died at the hospital. the last two victims of the navy yard shootings were laid to rest today. family and friends gathered to remember sillr rylvia frasier. she was a network community administrator. her brother remembered the legacy she left behind. >> i think she was immortalized by her life. all the people in the church and the people who knew her were unable to come and they know and will be able to speak her name. >> she lived in charles county maryland. a funeral was also held for mike rigil in maryland. he worked as a security guard at the navy yard.
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police say that suspect shot him and then took his weapon. he is remembered as a loving and steadfast protector of his two daughters. the spirit and tradition at the navy yard was revived today. the festival was packed with residents and visitors eager to get things back to normal after that deadly shooting. neighbors say they wanted celebrate their neighborhood. >> this community loved celebrating and we love mourning together when we have to. i think i'm out here for both to mourn those from the navy yard. >> some long time residents who have attended the festival for years say this was the biggest turn out yet. next, a new report highlights a
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failure that may have led to the deaths of 19 firefighters. explosions heard mile as way. >> she wanted her daughters to wear her wedding dress and how a mother manageed to track down her stolen heirloom. >> we are looking at warmer temperatures tomorrow. today we were in the upper
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syria is though vowing to cooperate with weapons inspectors. damascus will begin allowing inspectors to secure and destroy the country's chemical weapons stock pile. that is the first step in removing 1,000 tons of chemical weapons by 2014. it also calls for consequences if they fail to comply. civil rights leader jesse jackson is in cuba tonight and hopes to visit with ellen gross. he says he was providing
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internet service to the jewish community service there. jackson is in cuba to meet with religious leaders to discuss u.s. relations. explosions injured 16 firefighters, 3,000 people were evacuated. residents were taken to a nearby village. the blasts were so powerful they could be heard up to 20 miles away. investigators were looking into arson as one possible reason for the fires. communication problems lead to more questions about the deaths of firefighters. how a woman set up a sting operation to get her stolen
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long awaited answers tonight for the family members of the 19 firefighters killed in this summer's arizona firefighter fi. investigators are saying the three month long investigation did find that radio communication between the rescue team and support staff was down for 20 minutes before investigators were taken down by the fires. utah woman had her wedding dress stolen. she decided to meet the seller
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face-to-face. woman showed up with the stolen wedding dress and was arrested. and now they will get the chance. >> how about a little sunshine on a cloudy day? >> we are in with cloud cover. as we go into tomorrow, we are going to see plenty of clouds again. the
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it is a chilly morning. we will be getting sunshine but clouds quickly build like they did today. plenty of cloud cover as the sun goes down the clouds start to break up. that is what we are going to see tomorrow. here is your day planner. 6:00 am, plaartly sunny skies.
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mostly cloudy again north easterly wind generating those clouds across the area. during the afternoon comfortable and cool typical for this time of year. 74 for the high temperature. as the sun goes down we are going to get in on the late afternoon sunshine. wondering on the fall colors i'll tweet that information and you can check it out on twitter. high temperature of 74 degrees. we are warmer but still plenty of clouds around on monday. tuesday, it is october 1st, can you believe that? look what happens to our temperature. tuesday in the low 80s. 82 mix of clouds and sun and we
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remain in the low 80s through next weekend. we are not looking at any rain until next saturday night. up next 39th season of snl begins right here live. tina fey returns to guest host for the 4th time since she left the show. "snl" is preparing for seth meyers. cecily strong will join him on the anchor desk. coming
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red's my color. i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad. for 30 years i've worked as an obgyn, my job is to protect the health of women. so i'm particularly offended by ken cuccinelli. cuccinelli wants to make all abortion illegal ... ... even in cases of rape and incest. ... even to protect a woman's health. i want a governor who's focused on schools and creating jobs, not someone who wants to do my job. who's ken cuccinelli to interfere in the lives of women across virginia?
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so tonight the terps, i think maryland will be ranked in the top 25. the mountaineers did help them out today. we have learned more about the terps today. maryland thrashed west virginia
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in baltimore. they upset the 11th ranked oklahoma state. oklahoma state with the touchdown when jw walsh gets intercepted by ishmo banks. and banks is going to dive into the end zone. this was originally ruled down. but it was reviewed. later on getting this first start at quarterback, he is going to throw one up to kevin white. west virginia takes a 14-7 lead. cowboys down three. ben grogan field goal to tie it. west virginia go on to stun
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oklahoma state 30-21. uv on taking on pittsburgh. james coner bullying his way into the end zone. pitt takes a 7-0 lead. quarterback drew wattford ludsing the snap. two fumbles in the game. tom savitch drops back and finds him for the score. they beat virginia 14-3 panthers 3 and 1 on the season. navy on the road. the hill sttoppers second quart. running the action here the quarterback gets crushed by an drew jackson. reynolds down on the field. he did not return to the game.
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the hilltoppers were doing just fine. andrews from 11 yards out finds paydirt. two touchdowns on the day for him. western kentucky go on to win 19-7. georgetown loses to princeton today 15-22. tomorrow, jones will fill out the card for the final time. davy johnson ending his career in arizona. nationals, he did his part. bottom of the fifth, he catches him looking here. five strike-outs and 7 shout outs for him. tracee crushes this one to center and this one is over the pool, a solo shot gave the nats a 2-0 lead.
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two on and two out but soriano gets owens to fly out to left here. that is his 43rd save of the season they go to onto win 42-0. tonight a preview of the regular season opener capitols visiting the black hawks. ward taps that into the goal. caps 3-3. we are headed to over time br k brooks shot is blocked. blackhawks win in over time 4-3. those same two teams will play in the same place chicago tuesday night the regular season opener. thank you very much >> more than 2500 people took advantage of the allstate
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community shred. it was held in largo, it is a great way to prevent against identity theft. go to and take part in our next community shred. have a good night and be safe.
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you're watching c-span. at 4:30, it's speech house, a slide show of congressional members on their summer vacation. but first we go to prince george community college in maryland, where president obama is speaking in support of the affordable care act. [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you. thank you so much. thank you so much. as many of you know, next
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tuesday, the insurance exchange for the affordable care act will be open to the public. while this is exciting news for americans, polls show that many are confused of the details of the law. some have criticized me for failing to explain p better. so today i've asked regular americans to come out and tell you how the affordable care act will change your life for the better. regular people like jennifer ozborne, a sales clerk here in maryland. >> thank you, thank you mr. president. let me start by saying, i am psyched for obama care. >> there you go, i love that enthusiasm. >> now that i have free health care, i can get sick all the time. free medicine, ya. >> well, that's not really how it works. >> i've stopped washing my


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