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tv   News4 Today  NBC  October 2, 2013 6:00am-7:00am EDT

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hometown forecast arlington, by noon there should be near 80 with bright sunshine. a look at near record highs for the afternoon coming in about ten minutes. good morning, danella. how is traffic? >> here is what i'm tracking now. the roads, they still look really good. rails, that's what you're seeing, a couple of delays. traveling in charles county along 210 heading to prince george's county even to the beltway you're clear. this is a closer look 210 approaching the beltway. 210 on the beltway very light volume. inner loop and outer loop. no issues in either direction. clear commute as you head to the wilson bridge. now if you're on twitter, make sha sure you follow us. now over to the rails. 302 on the vre train still 20 minutes delayed. behind it, aaron, 304 and right now they're at a five-minute delay. danella, thank you. in a couple of hours lawmakers return to capitol hill hopefully to attempt to break the stalemate that has led to the
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government shutdown. the senate will convene at 10:00 this morning and the house will get back to work at about 10:30. republican aides say the house will attempt to pass mini funding bills. and some new details about what federal employees can expect as the shutdown drags on. richard jordan is live with more. >> reporter: aaron, federal workers are taking a big hit. just about anyone coming down through the national mall is going to see some changes. a lot of roads are blocked leading to the big attractions. all the monuments and even if you do get past the roadblocks, all you're going to find are gates like these that are closed. even a padlock there to keep it locked up tight. now the rule of thumb is if it's a typically a free attraction, a free museum like the smithsonian or the national zoo, that will be closed. if it's something you have to pay for, you should expect that will be open. but you'll definitely want to do a little research, go online to
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make sure if you are heading out to one of these places it is open for business today. a lot of the government websites will have a notice they're not being updated because of the shutdown and that's a good indication they are likely not open. now the big impact is going to be for those workers, those who are furloughs and those who are not furloughed. they will stop seeing paychecks arrive at the end of the week on october 5. they will also not see any contributions that are made to their student loans. that will stop as well. those who are working, restrooms and federal buildings will not be cleaned as often if at all. also, the cafeteria, the dining rooms, the places those workers eat lunch, that won't be open as well. and all of those workers that are on furlough are being told to stay off of their mobile devices. now at 10:00 this morning some of the furloughs workers will be at the natural history museum passing out information for tourists about what's open and what's not. at the national mall, richard
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jordan, news 4. president obama has canceled trips to malaysia and the philippines because of this government shutdown. secretary of state john kerry will represent him at a business conference next week. the president is still scheduled to travel next week. president obama will head to rockville tomorrow to discuss the government shutdown. the white house says he will visit to talk about the impact the shutdown is having on the economy. this and the looming battle over the debt ceiling could hurt small businesses. answers on to many questions you may have about the government shutdown. that includes a list of what's opening and what's not. just search shutdown. breaking news now. a man is dead after a confrontation with prince george's county police. news 4's megan mcgrath is live with the latest on this. megan, bring us up to speed.
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>> reporter: aaron, we just got a briefing by police and we've learned some new information. the police officer involved, the officer who fired the deadly shots, he's a seven-year veteran of the prince george's county police force. also, we are told that there was a large foot chase that preceded the shooting here. take a look and you can see the large area cordoned off here. this is the back parking lot behind the lighthouse apartments in calverton. we're told that the foot chase was about a quarter of a mile or so. now this began to unfold at around 2:00 a.m. this morning. police got a 911 call from someone in the air qrearea. they said they could hear a woman screaming get off of me. police officers arrived on the scene. that's when they found a woman bleeding on the scene here in the parking lot area. they also saw a man running away. officers began to chase that man and that's where the foot pursuit went on, was in the back
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parking lot area by the tree line. there was some sort of a confrontation between officers and that man. one of the officers, again, a seven-year veteran, opened fire. the man was struck and killed here on the scene. whether that man was armed or not, that is part of the investigation. police are not releasing that information. what i can tell you is i did talk to someone who lived in this apartment complex. they report hearing two shots fired in this incident. no names have been released at this point. the woman who was found here on the scene was treated on the scene. megan mcgrath, news 4. aaron, back to you. our coverage of the historic government shutdown continues through the next hour. we're asking the question on everyone's mind, how long could this shutdown last? plus, the huge tradition and f rivalry in our region that could be in jeopardy because of this fight. and we are looking ahead to the possibility of breaking -- record breaking heat today.
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what you need to prepare for this morning. this morning. weather and traffic on the 1 february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first.
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welcome back at 6:10. you want to keep an eye on news 4 tomorrow to find out if the navy/air force toob game will go on as scheduled. it's set for saturday in and annapolis. the defense department canceled all collegiate activities. the naval academy says it will announce by noon tomorrow whether that game will be played. the academy says it doesn't know if any of the games would be made up if they were canceled. a number of local restaurants are making sure federal employees do not go hungry during this shutdown. >> they are offering free burgers, sandwiches, other treats. they include z burger, tailor gourmet and pork barrel. you can see a complete list at time for weather and traffic on the 1s. storm team 4 meteorologist
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tom kierein is here to tell us about a little warm-up. >> just when we thought summer was over, it is making a return. the summer zombie is coming back. right now temperatures, though, are feeling like autumn. it's down into the 50s, most of the met the row area be and the nearby suburbs. it was going to rapidly warming as we get through the rest of the morning, in fact, by late morning it will be near 80 degrees. hitting the upper 80s. the record set at 89. we'll be near the record high for the date. how much long er will this heat wave last in october? that's coming in a few minutes with your seven-day outlook. danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. light volume in our area, we're going to take a closer look. a medical emergency for folks traveling inbound arlington memorial bridge, your right inbound lane is blocked. you will see police on the scene there. up to i-270, a clear commute for folks except for the minor
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delays southbound between 80 all the way to 95. they are slow and this is your volume. aaron and eun, whaback over to . locked out of their own wedding. a couple and their guests will be kept from getting to their ceremony. breaking news, an officer involved shooting in prince george's county. a live picture from the scene. our megan mcgrath gathering new information about the confrontation that led up
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[ telephone rings ] good evening, this is flo. [laughs] yes, i'm that flo. aren't you sweet! licensed phone-ups available 24/7. call 1-800-progressive. welcome back at 6:15. we continue to follow breaking news in prince george's county. one person is dead after a confrontation with police. chopper 4 is over the scene in beltsville in the calverton section. of the shooting happened along twin lakes drive. news 4's megan mcgrath is there. look for her live report in the next half hour on nbc 4. the big story is the federal government shutdown. we are one day, six hours, and 15 minutes into the shutdown. the numbers are quickly adding up, too. the shutdown costing $12.5
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million an hour. since this newscast started almost two hours ago the the federal government has lost $25 million. in less than four hours the senate will resume the effort to end the shutdown. the house convenes at 10:30. overnight president obama canceled two trips, one to the philippines and one to malaysia. we are joined by the deputy political editor. when and how will the shutdown end? >> there's no end in sight to this. there needs to be some movement interest house republicans to say that they're not going to try to defund or delay the health care law when that already started having people sign up for it yesterday and, you know, i talked to house leadership aide who said to me we're more united than ever, our guys have been in the fight and now they want to win it. what is winning exactly in this?
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there's no end game that we can see where they are satisfied. >> let's talk about the senate, then. we know that for the tea party folks their constituents are behind them all the way. house speaker boehner, his job is on the line if he were to schedule a vote in the house, the president for that matter, what incentive do they have to bring this to an end? >> i think the president and democrats want this resolved more so than some of the tea party conservatives in the house because in large measure they ran on shutting down the government. that's why you saw president obama and senate democrats the reject some of the more popular measures like funding the va, funding national parks because those are politically palatable items and they feel you can't pick and choose what kind of government you want. you don't like the epa? the government is shut down. you don't like the department of education? it's shut down.
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>> sort short of a citizens revolt there's nothing to happen qui quickly. >> the stock market, does it tumble? it's something to watch. polling on republican sides, does that change? we've been talking, well, if three-quarters of americans don't agree with republican strategy to delay the health care law, well, if you lack at republicans in the polls they're split or in favor. several couples who dreamed of getting married at national memorials in the district will need to make new plans. the park service closed the jefferson memorial because of the shutdown. michael and his fiancee were one of the couples planning on marrying there this saturday. they went there on their first date in 2009. >> we're trying to take it as best we can and realize this is not going to keep us from getting married. sunday she will still be my wife
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and that's what matters. >> they will tie the knot at the reception venue. they be and other couples affected can reschedule the weddings when the government reopens. there were 24 weddings scheduled on the mall in october. it is now 6:19. eleanor holmes norton is fighting to keep funding for workers. she thanked colleagues who voted in favor of keeping the district government open during the shutdown about but that move did not pass. vincent gray can declared all workers essential but that is only for a few weeks. representative norton called workers innocent bystanders in all of this and hopes congress does not hold their status at bay. and stay with news 4 for continuing coverage of the government shutdown and how it impacts you. 6:20 is your time now. thousands of d.c. residents taking advantage of new online
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health insurance exchanges. it opened yesterday. more than 3,300 people created accounts by 3:00 in the afternoon. about 400 people submitted applications. it is part of the affordable care act that a lot of folks are going to be able to sign up for. the insurance exchanges might have been too popular on the first day in business. we heard sites freezing or crashing. many had trouble getting on because of heavy traffic. this is a testament to how many uninsured americans are shopping for coverage. it's proof the government can't handle this, say critics. for answers about the affordable care act, you can calculate how many various plans will cost you. approaching 6:20 now on a wednesday morning. we're already at 64 degrees and the sun is not even up yet. a warm start meaning a warm day.
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storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is here with some answers. >> you are going to have this october heat wave continue. yesterday afternoon reagan national got to 85. i think we're going to be even warmer than that. here the storm team 4 weather center, reports of fog in the rural areas. the bus stop forecast in the mid to low 60s with sunshine and a light wind. sun rises at 7:05 and then a rapid warm-up after that. temperatures by late morning should be in the upper 70s. by noontime up around 80 degrees or so then in the afternoon hitting the mid to upper 80s throughout most of the region with bright sunshine, not very humid, though, and then this evening temperatures dropping back down into the 70s and low 60s by dawn tomorrow. afternoon highs each day into the mid-80s. storm team 4's seven day
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outlook, sunday still summerlike with afternoon highs in the mid-80s. not until monday into tuesday, some passing showers with highs in the 70s. i'm back in ten minutes with the hometown forecast. how is traffic now, danella? good morning, tom. we have to head to the scene where the fire department is on the scene of an earlier house fire. if you're traveling addison road at eads street prior to central avenue, you may see at least one of your lanes blocked. back over to the arlington memorial bridge, inbound right lane blocked earlier because of a medical emergency. up to the top of the beltway, nice and clear. if you're traveling route 29, no issues. folks traveling i-95, no problems. here is a live look at the beltway at colesville road. traveling on the out er loop, te
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drive time looks great, ten minutes from i-95 to i-270. eun? a heads-up for drivers. the roads managed by the na national park service are closed because of the shutdown including beach drive. those who use popular trails may want to plan a new course as well. the c&o canal trail is closed. it runs from georgetown to cumberland, maryland. the part of the capital crescent trail that runs in the district is also closed. it is now 6:23. this morning the shutdown is not affecting rail service. but that could change. metro says trains and buses will run on a regular schedule. the agency says it will remain open through the shutdown. if it lasts several days it could make adjustments to service. they will run their regular service today. >> as congress works to end the sh shutdown, president obama will meet with members of the forum,
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a group made up of wall street ceos, they will meet with jack lew. the white house says the discussions will focus primarily on the need for congress to raise the debt ceiling. banks like jpmorgan chase and bank of america are scheduled to attend. closing arguments set to begin in the child abuse case against a young fairfax father. 21-year-old david thatcher is accused of killing one of his 6-week-old twin daughters and hurting the other one. thatcher originally confessed to police. when he took the stand monday, he said he made up the story because he thought investigators would go it easier on him. the infant that died suffered blunt force trauma to the back of her head. the surviving girl is living with her mother. new this morning, some d.c. residents stranded in jacksonville, florida, will head home. the airport is back open. two suspicious packages were found, one in a terminal. the other in a parking garage. police say one was deemed, quote, destructive and had to be
6:24 am
destroyed by the bomb squad. no planes were allowed in or out for five hours. all flights right now to jacksonville, also look to be on time. check your airlines before you leb the house, though. police say no arrests have been made. >> we're digging into the politics behind this fight and the action we expect to see on capitol hill in a few hours. plus, while federal workers are not being paid, the perks congress is still getting on top of their big salaries. of their big salaries. >> get re[ taps baton ]ratures
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[ imitates robot ] everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. right now as the federal government is shut down, many employees are waking up and staying home. we've learned u.s. secretary of state john kerry will go in his place. we'll lay out what we expect to see in congress.
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breaking news in prince george's county. a large portion of twin lakes drive roped off due to a deadly police involved shooting. this is in the beltsville area in calverton, one man died, the officer was not hurt. this all started with a disturbing 911 call and then a chase. megan mcgrath is at the scene gathering information. we'll get a live report in just 15 minutes. to storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein who is tracking possible record heat today. >> a clear sky, an exquisite crescent moon in the sky. the first light of day beginning to show up and it's feeling like autumn now. we are down into the 50s most of the region. that includes about all of virginia, west virginia and maryland. our nearby ysuburbs around washington generally in the upper 50s including prince george's county, much of fairfax county, arlington, alexandria, falls church and mid and upper 50s as well as the district of columbia right near the bay waters near 60.
6:29 am
and then a rapid warm-up today with sunshine through the morning. temperatures by 8:00 a.m. still in the mid-60s, by 10:00 upper 70s. by noontime right in the city. the low 80s. elsewhere upper 70s. near 80 by noontime. sun rise at 7:05. hometown forecast, montgomery county, rockville upper 70s near 80 there. by noontime bright sunshine. so dress for a summerlike day. we'll take a look at the afternoon forecast highs. how hot it will get in about ten minutes. danella, how is traffic? >> good morning, tom. start i starting to track delays and an accident. first delays, minor, not bad. d.c., 295. a bit slow southbound as you head to east capital street and towards 395 you are a bit sluggish there. now we're going to shoot over to 395, northbound 395. seeing delays, heads up. there is a crash in the hov lanes as you make your way to
6:30 am
duke street. at one point just one lane was getting by and it does look like the police on the scene have stopped traffic in the hov lanes so now your lanes are temporarily blocked in the hov lanes rate now blocked at duke because of the accident here. a heads-up. this accident came in as a potential entrapment that may take time to clear. may be about best to use the main lanes instead. aaron and eun, back over to you. 6:31 now. congress will try again this morning to end this government shutdown. right now there is little indication this will end anytime soon, when congress returns to work this morning, it is back to square one as every proposal was defeated. house republicans say they may vote on the same funding bills that were voted down. why would the results be any different today? >> this time the bills may need a simple majority to pass, not the two-thirds majority. they will convene this with about four hours from now. tracie potts is live with more
6:31 am
on what's expected to happen today. good morning. >> reporter: they're going to take another look at those bills that would restore funding for national parks and museums, some veterans benefits, the district, but they failed last night with fewer votes needed. they may pass the house but will likely come to a screeching halt in the senate where democrats are saying absolutely no way, we're not doing this piece meal. we need a bill, a clean budget, to get this government running again. that's the word from harry reid on the senate side. john boehner, the house speaker, has a problem because he has some republicans who want to move forward with that clean bill and some conservatives in the party who are dead set against that. they want to deal with affordable health care. the american people and these federal workers, as lawmakers point fingers at each other blaming each other for the shutdown. >> speaker boehner and his band of tea party radicals have done
6:32 am
the unthinkable. they've shut down the federal government. now for us that's hard to comprehend as being good. for them, they like it. >> i think it's fair to say none of us want to be in a shutdown and we're here to say to the senate democrats, come and talk to us. this is how we resolve our differences and can work our way out of this situation. >> reporter: the senate reconvenes in about 3 1/2 hours, the house shortly after that. right now no indications of any compromise that will get 800,000 federal workers back to work. aaron and eun? >> thank you, tracie. hundreds of thousands of federal workers will be home because of the government shutdown, members will continue to receive their salaries. they will still have access to free parking at the airport. the world war ii memorial, just like dozens of other landmarks
6:33 am
around the country closed to visitors. barricades couldn't keep the men who stopped normandy from visiting the spot created in their honor. they visited d.c. as part of an honor flight paid for by donations. they were met with locked gates but they were eventually moved, those dwats were, and police stood aside so they could reflect and remember. >> beautiful tribute this is. that ought of these young people ought to do this. >> i think this is absolutely beautiful. i just can't get over it. >> a viewer sent us this picture of the veterans returning home to mississippi after touring the memorial yesterday, police tape in hand. members of the military were spared furloughs because of this government shutdown. >> congress passed a last-minute measure to keep paychecks coming. civilians on military installations weren't as fortunate. that is military leaders offering apologies. >> we want you to know that we care about you deeply. we're very sorry you're going to be going through this and we
6:34 am
really do want you to know that you have our sympathy right now as you go through this very difficult situation. >> colonel bill knight issued from commander of joint base andrews. the base will remain open but services are being shut down. stay with news 4 as we work to cover every angle of the impact the shutdown has on you. head to for some freebies local businesseses are offering to furloughed employees. in prince william county a judge will hear from lawyers trying to get an accused drug kingpin off death row. justin wolf was convicted for the 2001 murder for hire of a drug supplier. the prosecution is accused of coercing a key witness. an appeals court is trying to figure out whether wolf should be released from prison. wolf has been on death row since 2002 the. and this afternoon d.c. mayor vincent gray will officially open a new police training facility. the new facility is on the grounds of the old mpd shooting range. police chief kathy lanier says
6:35 am
that new building will provide realistic simulations for recruits and for officers. today's ribbon cutting is set for 1:00 this afternoon. the government is losing money by the minute because of the shutdown. the huge price tag this fight carries. >> and the messages online or on twitter. federal workers say they will not reply to e-mails or tweets. why a simple response could cost them their jobs. 6:36. good morning. clear andcal. jupiter in the southern sky. that crescent moon hovering on this wednesday morning. if it feels like
6:36 am
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a reminder if you are one of the hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers sitting at home today, you can't check your work e-mail. >> according to "the washington post," it is illegal to check your work e-mail during the government shutdown thanks to
6:39 am
the anti-deficiency act first passed in 1884. >> federal agencies say if you do check your work e-mail at home you could get fired. >> one of my friends who works in the federal government pointed out how then are you supposed to find out when you can come back to work? >> that's a good question. >> we'll tell you for sure. >> we'll let you know. >> keep it right here. >> we approach 6:41. >> beautiful looking sky out there as you look live at the nation's capital. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein with more on your forecast. tom? >> that is summer looming on the horizon. it will arrive later today but feels like fall now. as the day progresses temperatures will quickly warm. in fact, by 8:00 by mid morning in the upper 60s and then by noontime should be up around 80 degrees and hitting mid and upper 80s by midafternoon.
6:40 am
the record high 89. we'll take a look at those records, how unusual they are for october. your seven-day outlook, how is traffic, danella? >> a couple things to look out for and i'm tracking, keep in mind you'll see beach drive in northwest closed between wise road and broad ranch road. delays in both directions because of the accident 395. this time it is southbound as you make your way to duke street, all of your southbound lanes are blocked. aaron and eun, back over to you. breaking news in prince george's county. investigators say a police officer shot and killed a man after responding to a 911 call. we will go live to news 4's megan mcgrath with the chase that happened before that shooting. >> more fallout from the government shutdown. how it forced the president to change his schedule overnight. >> and the message a worker may >> and the message a worker may hand if you you are near the
6:41 am
february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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oh, please don't call me "pumpkin." no, white chocolate and pumpkin. oh! pumpkin. ha-ha! pumpkin is back at dunkin' donuts. hurry in for delicious pumpkin coffees and lattes today. america runs on dunkin'. congress needs to get their act together, seriously. >> congress needs to be turned over somebody's knee and spanked real hard. >> as ingaggravation about the government shutdown grows, president obama will be in washington a little longer than expected. just a few minutes ago we
6:44 am
learned he has canceled trips to malai malaysia and the philippines. secretary of state john kerry will represent him at a business conference next week. the president is still scheduled to travel on saturday night. the white house says those plans could change as well. 6:45 now. for the second day federal work ers are having their work day canceled as congress tries to break the stalemate and we're learning more details about when their last paycheck will be cut. richard jordan is live on the national mall where some federal workers will be volunteering today. richard? >> reporter: aaron, that's right. these workers won't be stay iin at home. they will be coming out to the natural history museum and be playing the role of tour guide. they will be helping to direct people to see what's open and what's not and that's because a lot of things are closed just like this. the gate is shut. the padlock fastened there at the bottom and this is going to be the case at all smithsonian museums as well as the national zoo, all the monuments are off
6:45 am
limits. there are roadblocks keeping people from getting to that. these workers out here today will be feeling the impact to the end of the week, on october 5, that's when paychecks will stop going out to those furloughed workers. the workers that are still working will not be seeing restroom cleaning in the federal buildings as well as a lot of the cafeterias and dining rooms, they are going to be also closed today so they will still be feeling the effects of the shutdown but come back out live here, you are going to see little puddle there, just along the curb. the sprinklers were on here early this morning. they have been shut off but they were on. they got the pavement wet. even though some people are not working, some things are still working out here on the national mall. aaron and eun, back to you. >> richard jordan live for us, thank you. well, let's check in with molette green now at the live desk with new numbers. molette? >> eun, every passing hour of
6:46 am
the day the government shutdown is costing all of us a lot of money. here is how it breaks down. $12.5 million per hour, $300 million a day and $1.6 billion after a week of work and services, the government is unable to perform. this estimate from economic consulting firm ihs global insight. now president obama has already warned of dire consequences. some experts agree saying the economy is already weakened by continued high unemployment. and we're still not certain if and when these 800,000 furloughed federal workers will get back pay when this is all over. that's t latest from the live desk. president obama will head to rockville tomorrow to discuss the government shutdown. the white house says he will vis visit. the company owned by women and minorities pro-vadz material for
6:47 am
road construction. the obama administration warns this and the looming battle over the debt ceiling could hurt small businesses. the d.c. council passed a contingency plan to keep city workers on the job. the council passed emergency legislation to pay workers using money from a preserve account. it could keep city services open for a couple of weeks. the move comes after d.c. mayor vincent gray declared all 33,000 district workers essential. the federal office of management and budget has not responded to the mayor's declaration. 6:48. despite the shutdown there are several things you can still do. you can still get your social security benefits, some payments could be delayed, though. those receiving food assistance through the federal snap program will continue to do so. we checked with maryland and d.c. they will continue to pay nutrition assistance for women, and children. >> the president of the university of virginia is concerned about federally funded research project at the school. she says those projects will continue for now but they could
6:48 am
be suspended in the future because of the shutdown. sullivan wrote a letter to the students saying our leadership is working to identify options, available sources of temporary funding and other contingencies should there be a prolonged government shutdown. stay with news 4 and nbc news for continuing coverage of the government shutdown. you can logon to anytime for updates. breaking news now, a man is dead after a confrontation with a prince george's county police officer. news 4's megan mcgrath live with what's happening now. >> reporter: they still have the large section of the parking lot here cordoned off. we are behind the lighthouse apartment complex. this is where the foot chase took place that preceded the shooting here. a seven-year veteran of the prince george's county police department opened fire, shot and killed a man here early this morning. now this all began to unfold at 2:00 in the morning. that's when someone in the area called 911. they told the dispatcher that they could hear a woman
6:49 am
screaming, get off of me. officers arrived on the scene. they found a woman who was injured. she had blood on her upper body. they also saw a man running from the scene. officers began to chase that man on foot. they went about a quarter of a mile, we're told, through this parking lot. ultimately there was some sort of a confrontation. the officer opened fire and shot and killed the man. it is unclear at this point whether the man was armed, whether the man attempted to come at the officer. all that have still under investigation and they have not rehe'sed many other details. no names, no ages of those involved. we do know the officer has been on the force for seven years and the investigation still ongoing here. the parking lot is still off limits to a large number of people trying to get their cars and get off to work this morning. reporting live in calverton, megan mcgrath, news 4. back to you in the studio. >> megan, thank you. time to check the forecast now. 6:51. time for weather and traffic on the 1s.
6:50 am
>> tom kierein is back with us this morning. >> we thought august was gone -- >> not quite. >> like a zombie it has arisen and it lives in october. there is the sky over the potomac now. clear start, 64 now at reagan national. we have a calm wind but it's not very humid. so it's not twg to feel like august humidity. but we'll have some august heat moving in as we get into the afternoon. right now feeling like autumn in the 50s throughout most of maryland, virginia, and west virginia. and our nearby suburbs in prince george's, fairfax counties, now in the mid-50s, closer to washington we're in the upper 50s, in alexandria, falls church and right in the district as well near the bay it's around 60 degrees. we'll be near record heat this afternoon. details on that. chuck bell joins us. good morning. >> you're right. flirting with 80 degrees again. here is how warm it's going to be. we're forecasting 88 today.
6:51 am
the record is 89. we will be within a whisper of it today. the next couple of days, even it we stay in the mid to upper 80s, move up into the low and mid-90s. saturday's record 96 set in 1941. that's the all-time record high temperature for the month of october. i've been looking back at the warmest october on record, 2007. the first week of this october will be within a tenth of a degree of the all-time record warmest first week. tom? >> we're on track to repeat that and the bus stop forecast for students, you can wear your t-shirts and short sleeves. sunny and in the low to mid-60s between now and 8:30 this morning and then rapidly warming after that, temperatures by noontime, much of the region should be climbing right into the low 80s much of the region. we'll have it into the upper 80s by midafternoon, and that is near that record high. lots of sunshine throughout the day. then back into the 70s tomorrow morning and another summer and october day tomorrow and, again,
6:52 am
friday and saturday. each of those days highs reaching the mid-80s. sunday also still feeling like sum isser time. beach weather for the weekend. highs in the 80s. next chance of rain and cooler weather monday and tuesday. danella, good morning. how is the commute now? good morning, tom. still seeing problems in our area. we will head to i-395 for folks travel northbound delays heading all the way to seminary road and you are seeing a rubbernecking delay because of the accident southbound. a live look from chopper 4. traveling southbound just the center lane is getting by at duke street. there is a car off the roadway here and then also on the right side you could see the tow truck is loaded and ready to tow the car out of the roadway and here it is right now, traffic southbound temporarily blocked. there's been moments of stop and go. as police work to clear this accident. so if you're traveling southbound 395 expect delays, again, only the center lane getting by at duke street.
6:53 am
this one 6 westbound near route 50. luckily just off to your right shoulder lane. aaron and eun? thank you. of it is 6:54. molette green is following some breaking news that people in maryland will want to hear. molette? oh, yeah, eun. somebody hit it big last night, $289 million. the winning ticket bought in maryland. lottery officials say in anne arundel county. in case you haven't checked your ticket, we want to put up the winning numbers. there they are. if you are a winner and you want the cash payout, it's worth about $130 million. i'm poe lmolette green. the head women's basketball coach at georgetown and one of his assistants on leave after accusations of misconduct. a statement released before midnight said two weeks ago there were concerns about, quote, unprofessional conduct and the use of inappropriate language by head coach keith brown and assistant coach tim valentine.
6:54 am
so far no conclusions have been made about their conduct. brown is entering his second season as head coach. >> the president of howard university is retiring. sydney ribeau says he will retire in december. last month moody's downgraded howard's credit rating and dropped 42 spots in a ranking in "u.s. news & world report." the current provost and chief academic officer will be interim president. and we've just learned why president obama postponed his trip to malaysia and the philippines. the white house says it can't get its staff in place because of furloughs associated with the government shutdown. we will continue to stay on top of every development. the senate will convene in about three hours. the house will convene about a half hour after that. house republicans may vote on the same funding bills that were rejected last night. this time they may need just a simple majority to pass instead of the two-thirds majority
6:55 am
needed last night. and we will be on the national mall this morning as furloughed federal workers volunteer their time to help tourists handing out leaflets outside the natural history museum directing visitors to attractions that is are actually open. as they learn their last paychecks will come at the end of the week. and the "today" show will pick up our coverage in a few minutes. peter alexander will be live on the national mall and you can logon to throughout the day for updates. to our forecast with tom now. >> and october, its heat wave continues. today we will have our temperatures climbing into the upper 80s during the afternoon with lots of sunshine. then as we get into the evening hours, we'll be back down into the 70s and the heat wave it continues for the next several days. we will be into the 80s on thursday, friday, saturday, and, again, on sunday. the next chance of rain monday and tuesday. danella? well, tom, the rails are not looking bad. a minor seven-minute delay. 892, metro, vre no problems
6:56 am
there. beltway, your drive time in montgomery county on the out er loop. easy 11-minute drive. you've seen it slower from i-95 to georgia avenue, that's your drive time. thank you for starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back with weather, traffic, and any breaking news and we're right back here at 4:26. hope you will join us then. hope you will join us then. have a great day. ♪ for a store near you go to
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good morning, destructive, that's what police are calling one of two suspicious packages that forced the evacuation of a florida airport overnight. an fbi investigation now underway. we're there live. the blame game, millions of americans voicing their anger overhe government shutdown as both parties and the president point fingers. so who will blink first? and mia's story. mia farrow speaks candidly to vanity fair on woody allen, scandals in their marriage and questions as to whether frank sanatra could be their son aus real father. today, october 2nd, 2013. >> announcer: from nbc


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