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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  October 2, 2013 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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votes scheduled at this point today. we are told that the house may schedule votes like they did yesterday where they try to piece meal and return funding for different parts of the government. right now we are still in a shut down and the conversation in both houses is focusing on the affordable care act. democrats coming to the podium and saying that republicans are hijacking the process and having the government shut down. on the house side, many republicans taking to the podium. peter king did say that the tea party is trying to hijack the party and keeping the shut down in place and keeping the affordable care act a part of the conversation. republicans may hold meetings to try to get it moving. we have yet to see it. senators from virginia and maryland have events scheduled from people who are affected by
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the shut down. we will bring you that as soon as we get video in. back to you. >> since federal workers are not on the job, some are volunteering their time to help tourists. richard jordan is among those out on national mall right now. rich order? >> reporter: the workers are distributing these flyer who is say what is open and closed. the group gathered in front of the natural history museum which is closed with the other smithsonian museums. they don't know how long it will last, but if this continues on for the days to come, not only will they be out of work, but out of their homes too. the signs of the shut down are posted. despite the closings, further workers impacted are doing their part to make tourists feel welcome. this group of federal workers in green tee shirts are handing out
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guides. there is a message behind the movement. >> we want to make the public aware of how many people are being harmed. they need to take care of their families and a lost federal workers live paycheck to paycheck. >> d.c. is a disappointment for those who are visiting. >> i spent several days at the national archives and i lost three days of research time. very expensive days to me personally to be here to do this research. they decided they are going to shut the building down. >> most roads are blocked, but parking lots are open and empty. the spaces are a clear sign federal workers are off the job. patrick said his wife is a government contractor impacted by the shut down. >> it's not easygoing in because today is the last day. she is working on ongoing projects. >> a third of federal workers
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are furloughed come this saturday. the paychecks will stop. student loan kopt bugs are on hold. for those who are still working in federal buildings, rest am radios may not be cleaned and diming rooms and cafeterias are closed. nonessential personnel must turn off their mobile devices during the shut down. >> i can't fathom how the government can get itself into such a mess to happen to the people of the united states. it affects people from all over the world here on business. >> the workers said they have done their jobs to move america forward. this put all of that to a halt. they say again they don't know how long it will last, but they will be out here every day as long as they can. >> richard, thank you. we have team coverage today. let's go to megan for what she
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can tell us with what's going on with the shut down. megan? >> they are advocates of the head start program and have seen first happened their children blossom. hay have come to washington to urge congress to stop the cuts. >> this is my daughter raquel. this is the first day of school getting on the bus. >> she watched her daughter thrive, but without the program, she said it would have been difficult. >> everything is very structured with her now. she has a routine. she sings and knows her alphabet and songs that relate to the alphabet. >> the head start program is a holistic approach to boosting achievement providing educational and health services to disadvantaged children and their families. it has been a tough year for the program. first came a more than 5% across
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the board cut in funding under sequestration. now the government shut down is putting the squeeze on federal grant money. as year wrong grants expire, there is no one to process the new request. >> we have given our children a one, two punch. 20,000 being affected with the shut down. that's over 70,000 poor children who can be denied an opportunity of a lifetime. >> the trickle down effect is being felt. a lot of people staying home from work, a lot is not being done. the folks at the rally said there were about 23 head start am prs nationwide that were impacted so far. in november, november 1st, there is another round of grants set to expire. if the shut down drags on, more and more programs will feel the impact.
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live on capitol hill, news 4. back to you. >> we have a heads up for drivers. the the roads are closed because of the shut down that includes beach drive and rock creek park. those who use popular trails may want to plan a new course. the 185 mile trial from georgetown to maryland. the part of the trail that runs in the district is also closed at this time. we have answers on to many questions you may have about the government shut down that includes a list of what's open and what's not. search shut down at a best selling author has died. let's go to aaron gilcrist. >> tom clancy has died. the information coming from his publisher to nbc news.
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apparently according to the "new york times" he was in a baltimore hospital where he died yesterday. tom clancy behind the biggest set of sellers. 17 bestsellers. the hunt for red october and many of his books turned into movies that were blockbuster hits. at the age of 66 we understand he died yesterday in a baltimore hospital. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> turning to the weather, look at the blue sky. return to summer. we will have warm temperatures. let's talk to tom about that. >>. >> calendar says it's october 2nd, but it will feel like august 2nd. we have summer and october weather that began to move in. got to 85 yesterday afternoon. now we have a gorgeous blue sky over the region. feeling like summer and starting to look a little bit like autumn. a tinge of color with the trees there. this live view from our nbc 4 hd
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sky watcher camera overlooking northwest washington neighborhoods. the forest starting to see some color. a lot more color will be showing you the latest foliage updated reports from the region coming in a few minutes. 81 at reagan national. temperatures in the suburbs with the mid- to upper 70s. 82 in culpepper. it is feeling like summer and temperatures this afternoon may be getting close to the record high for this date. we will lock at that in detail this half hour. back in a few minutes with the seven-day forecast. >> see you in a few minutes. we are working to learn more about a deadly police-involved shooting around 2:00 a.m. someone called police to twin lakes drive after hearing a woman scream get off me. when lease arrived they found a
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woman bloeding and a mbleeding. one officer caught up with the man. the officer fired, killing the man. the details of the confrontation and victim's name have not been released. the police officer was not hurt. the woman is expected to be okay. >> closing arguments under way in fairfax county for a young father accused of child abuse. david thatcher is accused of killing a 6 week old twin and hurting the other one. he originally confessed, but when he took the stand, he said he made up a story because he thought they would go easier on him. the infant that died suffered blunt force trauma to the back of her head and the surviving child lives with her mother. >> opening a new police training facility on the grounds of the old mpd shooting range. d.c. chief said the newingly will provide realistic simulations for recruits and
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officers. today's ribbon cutting ceremony is at 1:00. montgomery county leaders talk about a solution raising maryland a minimum wage. it raises the state minimum wage to $10.10 an hour by 2016. they are urging them to pass the increase when they return to annapolis next year. right now, president obama is making changes to his travel plans. coming up, what we have learned about the trip that he is expected to make this weekend and why he won't make certain stops. plus, a big winner. a i winning ticket for the $189 million mega millions lottery was sold in maryland. if you could
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we now know why president obama postponed his trip to malaysia and the philippines. they can't get staff in place with furloughs associated with the government shut down. john kerry will represent him at a business conquest. he is scheduled to travel to indonesia next week. he will head to rockville tomorrow. the white house said he will visit m lewis construction to talk about the impact it is having on the economy. the administration warns this and the looming battle over the debt ceiling could hurt businesses. no end in sight to the government shut down. do minnico joins us. >> the house is going to try to pass this series of funding
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measures on three items related to the va, the parks and d.c. city government. they were not able to pass that last night because they needed a 2/3 majority to do so. this time they will bring it up and need a simple majority, but that opens up the possibility for democrats to bring up procedural test votes that could mean we see where some republicans might be on a clean cr. all of that doesn't matter because the senate will reject it and the white house threatened to veto it. >> they just want to see these guys start to work and get something done. >> it always is. when one side said you don't do something about a law we dislike, we will shut the government down, it becomes something people should pay attention to. >> what is the latest message? >> our team is united. they have been in the fight and want to win the fight.
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no one can say what winning actually means. it means getting some of the health care law stripped out. it's not something president obama is going to do. democrats equated it to when someone said to you i want to punch you in the face. they say i don't want you to punch me in the face. let's negotiate about how many times i can punch you in the face. >> it is starting to sound like that. how long could this last? is it i kn i know you don't have a crystal ball. >> people's paychecks, they are still getting paid right now, but we are into that period where they are not going to get paid in about ten to 14 days. that's a pressure point. the other one of course, the am looking debt ceiling october 17th. that i think what is really happening is speaker boehner had been trying to get conservatives off of this talk and on to the
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debt ceiling and instead we may wind up with both. >> this could affect ken cuccinelli's campaign for governor. why? >> he is very aligned with the tea party caucus in the house. they are getting a lot of coverage and blame for the shut down. he's supposed to campaign with ted cruz and he is seen as an architect between what's happening in the house. that could upset a lot of voters. a lot of government workers and a different stripe than other parts of the state. >> thank you so much and see you tomorrow. hopefully we will have better news. for more from the political team check out first read on nbc >> hundreds of thousands of of workers will be home because of the shut down, but members of congress will receive their salaries.
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i team found other things that has access to free parking spots and the banks. they will remain open as well. and what a beautiful day. some good news we have to tell you today. it is gorgeous. a return to summer. put on the shorts and head out. >> this is not that unusual, pu we will be near record heat. by this morning about an hour before dawn, one of my twitter followers got this shot. >> that's beautiful. >> the gorgeous crescent moon. just about 10 or 15 minutes before the sun came up, you could see the crescent moon and the eastern sky. that was the view from the storm team 4. city camera this morning. sunrise at 7:05. i took this a little while ago of flowers here. reveling in these mild temperatures. even though it's feeling like
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summer, it's looking like autumn. the adirondacks into maine and vermont. off to the west, these areas in the orange are going to see good color. much of the high spots at west virginia. above 3,000 feet and good color showing up in the yellow zone in areas about 50 or 30 or 40 miles negotiate. there is the blue sky. dew point at 59. it is comfortably dry. they have a westerly wind that will play a in how hot it's getting. temperatures near 80 and nearby suburbs in maryland in the mid- to upper 70s. further west in the shenandoah valley, around the mountains and around the bay. mid- to upper 70s as well. highs in the metro area will
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make it into the mid- to upper 80s in washington across northern virginia and the nearby suburbs in maryland by hid afternoon with lots of sunshine coming out of the west. just enough for a down slowed to allow the air to compress and give us hot temperatures by 2:00, 3:00, 4:00. the record for the day is 89 set back in 1986. it will be near that, i think for washington by perhaps around 2:00 or 3 clack. temperatures drop back through the 70s and by dawn tomorrow, the low 60s and we will keep this summer pattern going into thursday, friday, saturday, and again on sunday. each day we will have temperatures reaching the mid 80s. then the first part of next week we will likely get needed rain on monday into monday night and tuesday. should be cooler with highs in the 70s. average high is the low 70s.
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you can stay in touch and stay connected with me and social media and twitter and facebook and the weather 24-7. download the storm team 4 ap on google play and the itunes store. >> see you again shortly. coming up u the freebies local businesses are offering people affected by the shut down. the groundbreaking moves the pope is making this week. here's a loo
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keep it right here. the defense department suspended all intercollegiate competition at service academies because of the shut down. the naval academy said they will announce by noon if the game
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will be played. they don't know if any of the games will be made up if they are canceled. a number of restaurants and businesses are making sure federal employees don't go hungry. they are offered a free pass to work out for free workouts. several theaters ever r offering free movie. search freebies. we are getting new information. coming up. the information they are sending to workers off the job. new information on a threat that shut down a florida airport. what a man under arrest told security screeners. security screeners. will we break the weather record
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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we are one day, 11 hours and 30 minutes into the shut down that is costing $12.5 million an hour. that means since the shut down began, they lost more than $443 million. right now the senate and house are meeting to find a resolution ending the shut down. president obama canceled two upcoming trips, one to the philippines and to malaysia. >> more world war ii veterans are in town. they are breaking barriers to tour the site that shut down. live there now, mark? >> the barriers were taken down about 40 minutes ago. dozens of veterans were here. about an hour ago this was empty, but members of congress led by michele bachmanner to
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down the barrier under that arch. that's the ramp that many of these vets were coming in. mean in whole chairs. they were all sprinkled throughout members of the congress and senate. they came through together and then walked these veterans down here to the memorial. we had one veteran on his bugle playing taps for the crowd. there barriers up around this location, but the veterans are coming in. woe have not seen one person from the park service or park police here who would even try to stop these people from coming through here. i just spoke to michele bachmann and she is clutching the yellow tape sheer to down and plans on keeping that as a memento for today. we talked to many of these veterans who have come from all over the count radioy and more are planning to come. buses are lining up all over the
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memorial. >> thank you. more on the message lawmakers are sending to federal workers. let's go to aaron gilcrist. >> we are learning that the president invited the congressional leadership to the white house for a meeting. all four being invited to the white house for a 5:30 meeting. you are looking at a live picture from the senate where several senators have gotten folks who have been furloughed together to talk about how the furlough is impacking them. a few you see, barbara mccull ski calling on john boehner to let your members vote on the budget matter that has been before going from the senate to the house several times over the last few days. i want you to hear from one person in particular. a meteorologist at the national weather service is responsible for building storm models. you remember sandy hit in
11:32 am
october of last year and she talked about what she is feeling about this furlough. >> we are here to save lives and protect property. i am proud to be a civil servant for this nation. i want to get back to work. like all of my colleagues who work are if the weather service and are furloughed. in my facility we had babies born in two years. imagine all those young families with both parents as federal employees, furloughed. >> we understand the movement in the house has been that several votes have been scheduled on many budgets as we saw yesterday in the house. at least three of those at this point have been knocked down. they will not move forward and again the president invited the house speaker and senate majority leader and harry reid and nancy pelosi as much as mitch mcconnell to come for a meeting about this government shut down and the coming battle
11:33 am
over the deficit they will be look at in a couple of days. back to you. >> thank you very much. we will stay on top of everything going o. he will be bringing it to us. eleanor norton is fighting if are funding for d.c. workers. if the statement becomes long-term, they thanked colleagues who voted in favor of keeping it open. that measure did not pass. they called d.c. workers innocent bystanders and declared all city workers essential. they passed a plan to pay city workers from a reserve fund in the shut down. the shut down is not affecting rail service, but that could change. trains and buses are running on schedule. the agency said it will remain open through the shut down, but metro said if it of theulas several days and ridership drops, it could make adjustments to the service. the trains are running regular
11:34 am
service today. stay with us as we work to cover every single angle of the shut down. head over to for freebies offered to furloughed employees. so much of the shut down debate centers around house republicans. uninsured americans can sign up for health care, but the first 24 hours were rocky. tom costello reports. >> from east coast to west, health insurance is a possibility for tens of thousands of uninsured americans. >> too many accessing it right now. >> within a few hour, millions tried to logon. most met cliches and gridlock. >> i keep getting this error page. >> she tried enrolling, but the system was not budging so she
11:35 am
called customer service. >> 15 minutes into the second call. i spent almost 20 minutes on the phone now. we started about 35 minutes ago. >> many republicans said they were not surprised. >> from reports around the country, it seems obama care is off to a rocky start. >> the president insisted it was a sign of how many people want health insurance. >> we are going to be speeding things up to handle all this demand that exceeds anything that we had expected. >> some state's websites were working. among them, california, connecticut and colorado. steve and jan were quick to sign up. he has tuberculosis and heart disease. >> we racked up $20-30,000 in debt. >> they offer bronze, silver, gold and platinum. an uninsured family of four
11:36 am
could buy silver coverage for $178 a month and deductibles max up at $5,000 and out of pocket maximum would be 10, $400 a year. >> looks like you do qualify for one of the plans. >> 53-year-old kimberly went to a clinic to sign up. >> it's a lot off your mind when you don't have insurance. >> a lot of people believe in this and want access to a provider. >> the obama administration is hoping that 7 million will sign up in the first year that obama care is up and running. 50 million americans in this country go without insurance in this country. >> amanda barrett lives in the district and joined president obama in launching the affordable care act and said her health insurance costs $1200 a month, but that will change since she enrolled. >> i did a little investigating
11:37 am
and it's $300 a month or no. because i have ms i do an infusion once a month that costs $5,000. there is no way i could not be covered. >> barrett said she moved back to d.c. to start a business and she is hiring. >> police have a suspect in custody for a suspicious package scare. 39-year-old coz vick was arrested early this morning and is being held without bond. he told security screeners he had a bomb in his backpack. investigators have a luggage scale with a microchip and a remote control device. a second man was arrested for seconding suspiciously. police say he is not connected to the hoax. planes were grounded for about hours because of this, but they are back on schedule this morning. >> we are going to check in with tom who is outside on the
11:38 am
weather deck to tell us what he is feeling out there. nice and warm and getting warmer? >>. >> it is. it feels like a summer day. it looks like autumn and it's starting to turn color. there is a live view from the city camera. as we look at temperatures, it is near 80 degrees. around the metro area, parts of virginia and elsewhere were in the mid-and upper 70s. the afternoon highs in the upper 80s today. this summer in october weather will continue for the next several days into the weekend. highs in the 80s each day and a break on monday and tuesday. are these record high temperatures? is this record heat? let's get with chuck bell and find out. >> good morning, tom. we will be within a whisper. today's record is 89. as you saw with the seven-day forecast, we are forecasting 88,
11:39 am
but it's like low hanging fruit. the only record high up through the 11th that is below 90. all the other records are 90 or better except for today. today's 89 was set in 1986. we could tie or break it today. as you see here on the rest of the forecast, mid 80s is still plenty warm and nowhere near the records. saturday's record is 96. the warmest ever recorded here in the month of october. we will be well bof average and ten degrees above average and the record pace. >> the average highs in the low 70s. this is well above average. >> thank you both. right now pope francis is holding a groundbreaking meeting that could lead to bigger changes. nbc's michelle kosinski reports. >> this is not any vatican meeting. pope francis and eight cardinals
11:40 am
including an american are talking real change. >> this is all a big deal. >> it is. what the pope is saying that the vatican is here to serve the universal church. >> they are looking at rewriting the vatican's constitution. the pope has spoken out in interviews, with an atheist, tackling had head on things the church doesn't address. criticizing the vatican structure itself. they have been narcissists, flattered and thrilled. >> he has thrown the rule back. not the cad company or the bible, but how they do things. the church should act like a poor missionary. not so easy when the catholic church is a multibillionaire. the bank just released a report thanks to pope francis's
11:41 am
insistence on transparency, revealing profits that quadrupled. they want to examine the bank and reform it as necessary. if a homosexual person is of good will and in search of god, i am no one to judge. saying it is necessary to explore bigger roles for women. >> do we realistically expect to see change? >> there should be organizational changes right away and there could be women running many of the positions here. >> the pope has done things differently from day one and people embraced him for that. he said our lives should not be centered around money and it's not christian to not know who your neighbors are. >> thank you very much. still ahead, the dark side of foreclosures.
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hired to clean out homes. caught cleaning out the wrong homes. they could shut down weddings they could shut down weddings playing on the natio what's your healthy? woman: for our daughter, emily, it's going home.
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. >> >> at the news 4 live desk, a pennsylvania appeals court said jer issy sandusky does not deserve a new trial after being convicted of sexually abusing young boys. they didn't have enough time not testifying on his own behalf and that the judge mishandled the jury instructions in the trial. a three-judge panel disagreed. the lawyer for the assistant coach does plan to seek a review. serving up to 60 years in prison. that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> a reminder if you are one of
11:46 am
the hundreds of thousands of furloughed workers, you cannot check your e-mail according to the "washington post." it's illegal to check your work e-mail during the government shut down thanks to the anti-deficiency act passed in 1884. if you check your work e-mail, you can get fired. several couples who dreamed of getting married at the national memorial this week need to make new plans. they closed the jefferson memorial. michael and his fiance were one of the couples planning to marry there on saturday. it holds a special place in their hearts because they went there for their first date in 2009. >> it's frustrating that this happened. everyone wants their wedding to be how they picture it and something they can look back at years later and think fondly of. we are not quite going to have this because of this.
11:47 am
>> the two will now tie the knot at their reception venue. the park service said the couple can reschedule when the government reopens, whenever that will be. 3424 weddings scheduled on the mall for october. >> stocks are taking a nose dive on day two. hampton pierce joins us for the latest. >> we have stocks in negative territory on day two with a little hope for resolution. we had disappointing data on private sector job growth. checking the major averages, the dow is down and the s&p down eight points. president obama is meeting with the heads of leading banks with lawmakers in the white house digging in if are what could be a long fight. wall street is also concerned about the shut down and perhaps an even bigger battle in two
11:48 am
weeks over the debt limit and the ability to pay the government's bills. just in the last 30 minutes, we got word president obama will meet with congressional letters from both houses and both parties around 5:30 at the white house. 166,000 private sector jobs were added to payroll according to the processor below the forecast. those numbers for the private sector jobs for both july and august were revised downward. the only employment barometer we will get. we don't get the report on friday because of the shut down. early estimates are putting the government shut down cost at about $300 million a day or more than $1.6 billion a week on work and services not being performed. back to you. >> hope you will have a great day. see you later. we want to show you a dark side of the foreclosure crisis when
11:49 am
you fall behind on your mortgage. parchg banks will hire a contractor to take over your house. sometimes the contractors have made terrible mistakes. innocent homeowners are the victims. >> just weeks ago, nicky bailey pull into her driveway and walked into her house and got the shock of her life. strange men had broken in and taken her stuff. >> i look and there is my bedroom furniture in the back of a truck. i said excuse me, what's going on? they said my house is being foreclosed upon. >> the men said she was late on her mortgage and they were there to repo her house and had thrown most of her stuff in the trash, destroying it. >>. >> i had a love seat and a computer desk and a sofa over here. empty. gone. >> here's the problem. nicky's house is fully paid off. the men were at the wrong
11:50 am
address. >> it is awful these companies can go in and take your stuff. >> that's the place right there. >> we wanted answers. we tracked the contractor down here. deep in the mountains of west virginia at the end of a dirt road. >> jeff rossen from nbc news. we are doing a story about nicky bailey. how do mistakes like this happen. shouldn't you double and triple check addresses? >> he didn't want to talk, but he was hired by one of the biggest companies in the industry. safeguard properties. here's how it, woes. banks hire them to go to foreclosed homes to inspect and clean them out, according to the "huffington post," homeowners in 31 states have sued them, accusing them of unlawful break-ins. >> the homeowner's worst nightmare. >> the attorney general is seeing safeguard after getting
11:51 am
hundreds of consumer complaints. >> they have a profit incentive to break into their homes and lock them out. every thing they do, they charge for. >> say they people are living there? >> people are clearly living in the homes. >> they said they will vigorously fight the suit. it works to preserve properties and follows a rigorous procedure of checks and balances and tries to resolve mistakes. the company won't comment on specific cases like nicky's. >> i had a couch here. right over here. >> she is just trying to get paid back for all she lost. >> i hope it never happens to anybody again. these companies make sure they have got the correct address before they start destroying somebody's life. >> that was jeff rossen reporting. officials they say need to keep better tabs on the contractors. if this happens to you, you are helpless.
11:52 am
you have to go to court to have a chance of getting your stuff back. our time is 11:53 and coming up, the winning ticket for the mega millions was sold in maryland. tom will be back with another
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the government shut down is affecting ford's theater. president lincoln was assassinated at that theater. it is a national park service site. we called this morning and they say tonight's performance is canceled. the theater may be forced to postpone the rest of the run. it is part of the lincoln legacy project focussing on diversity and equality. it focuses on when a gay student was killed in laramie, wyoming. lots of messages like this are upon poing up. this is from michelle obama.
11:56 am
due to congress's failure to fund, the updates on this account will be limited. staff at the residence could be cut from 1700 down to 129. maryland lottery officials say they will have more details for us later at the lottery millionaire. there was only one winning ticket and it was sold in anne arundel county. you can see the winning numbers. 7, 10, 30, 37, 53, with a megaball of 1. the jackpot is worth $1 kwip mikwip -- $189 million. >> the heat is on. 83 now at noon at reagan national.
11:57 am
later today should be into the upper 80s. elsewhere the low to mid 80s. chance of rain monday and tuesday. >> that's the news on midday today. tune in if are news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and 11:00. we will be back here tomorrow morning for news at mid-idate. see you in the morning.
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>> that's brittney's new song. it's catchy. >> classic brittney. it's the brittney we've come to know. that leg pump right there -- >> the hand out. >> she's not busting out moves in this thing. i miss the days with britney spears killing it on the floor. it's a great song. >> it's got a lot you have stuff in it. they show


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