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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  October 4, 2013 4:00pm-5:00pm EDT

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1-year-old daughter in the car. carey's family is here in washington from new york trying to collect her body and trying to get temporary custody of her daughter who is in protective care in washington. i'm barbara harrison. >> barbara, we are learning new details about miriam carey's history of mental health problems. law enforcement tells nbc news she was diagnosed with psychosis and post partum depression. she was off her medicine and wasn't aware of where she was. sources also say carey may have thought president obama was stalking her. for more on what police found in her connecticut apartment today, we go to nbcs abbi. >> reporter: police just wrapped up their search in miriam's apartment. they did take out evidence, including a computer. they are hoping somewhere in all
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of that there are answers as to what led this connecticut mother to go on a dangerous rampage. authorities swarmed the apartment yesterday afternoon after the connecticut plates traced back to the address. the hazmat crews were here and bomb squad was here. the search spanning 16 hours. all residents had to be forced out. the street turning into a crime scene, a lockdown situation. the people who lived here were allowed back on scene this morning, back inside, including some of her neighbors who are in shock she could be capable of something like this. >> you don't believe that something this huge could be sleeping on the other side of a wall from me, you know? it's nuts. >> it's weird. she lived next to me. i have seen her a bunch of times. i didn't know her. >> reporter: she doesn't have a criminal history here in stanford, the police chief confirmed his department is
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familiar with her. he would not elaborate on that at this time. this investigation still very much unfolding. in stanford, back to you. >> we'll have much more information on the capitol police response to the shooting here at 5:00. for the latest information on the investigation, visit pat? no to the government shutdown. both sides are stepping up the pressure, but no deal to put 800,000 federal furloughed workers. john boehner blamed democrats of refusing to negotiate. president obama said he's happy to negotiate, but can't do it with a gun held to the american people's head. we have seen confrontations at the war memorials forced to close because of the shutdown. emotions are running high as veterans and tourists come to washington to pay respects to the fallen. a different tone at the world
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war ii and vietnam memorials. here is what some of our cameras caught as veterans arrived at the closed memorial. >> we have waited to come here for years. we were wondering if we could get in. >> well, all i can tell you is the site is closed and i understand your need. >> she was very nice to us. she was very nice. we respect the closing. coming up at 5:00, mark segraves will have a live report from the vietnam memorial and more on how authorities are managing the closure and the crowds. the white house is blaming republicans because president obama will miss some summit's in asia in the days ahead. the president decided last night secretary of state john kerry will sit in for him in indonesia. mr. obama already canceled plans to stop in malaysia and the
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philippines during the trip. white house officials say the president will stay behind to press his case for republicans to allow an immediate vote to reopen the government. because of the government shutdown, we are not getting the latest jobs numbers. they would have released the september report today, but can't because of a lack of funding. only 3 of the 2,400 employees at the bureau are working right now. the monthly jobs report includes the unemployment rate. the numbers are watched closely and influence policies and investment decisions. the national cathedral wants to help cupping that had to cancel their weddings. they are inviting couples to tie the knots at the gardens. at least two dozen couples has to postpone their weddings that were supposed to take place on the sites on the national mall. the weather is great here.
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other parts of the country are bracing for a tropical storm. >> is karen going to have an impact on our weekend weather? >> no. it slowed down in terms of when we could see the first rain drops here. we have had sprinkles showing up on storm team 4 radar. that was earlier this afternoon. we are quiet right now. just a little bit of instability showers down south. it's where the bigger rains are, the gulf of mexico, central gulf of mexico, what you are looking at, the outer most bands of karen's rain starting to make their way northward. you can see a tropical storm. winds at 50 miles per hour. here is the track, folks. land fall somewhere east of louisiana. late saturday night, early sunday morning. look at the turn. it goes from north to northeast and takes an aim toward the mid-atlantic, our area. we will pick up the rain from karen as well as a cold front in the area. i'll tell you how much rain we
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could get and when the heaviest will hit in a couple minutes. >> we are just getting started here on news 4. a frightening moment for a group from baltimore. what caused a school bus to crash and roll off the road and how they were able to escape. four days into the shutdown, federal workers starting to feel the pinch as some worry about paying their bills. >> routine traffic stop takes a frightening turn. a man got out of his car and started
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we're getting new details about a deadly accident this afternoon. two vehicles crashed on route 3 and route 32 in millersville. two people rushed to the hospital, one died. route 3 was closed for awhile after the accident.
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take a look at this video. scary moments on the way to school for baltimore county students. their bus rolled over as they were heading to pikesville le school. the kids and the bus driver managed to get out on their own. five of them and the driver went to the hospital with minor injuries. the baltimore county schools are investigating the cause of the crash. call it a welcome repercussion of the government shutdown, a smoother commute from the roads to the rails. how much easier it is for commuters to get around in traffic. >> summer like weather rolls around. it's not here to stay.
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the government shutdown is keeping some federal workers off area roads and rails. >> is it translating into an easier commute to those who have to work? adam tuss has the story from 395 in arlington. >> reporter: well, is it one of the unintended side effects of this government shutdown a better commute? let's look at things along 395 near the pentagon this afternoon. that traffic, normally in this area is crawling at this point on a friday. right now, not so bad. you can see here traffic is moving a little better than normal. we have heard from some people
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who say it depends on what area you are in. commuters are telling us things are easing up. >> it's kind of good, even though the government is shut down, i feel sorry for the people, but it's an easier commute now. >> reporter: her commute has been cut by 15 minutes because of the shutdown. it's not just on the roads. metro says its ridership is down about 20% over the last three days. riders have certainly noticed. >> it's not as crowded. >> reporter: pedestrians say they have noticed fewer feet on the streets. back here now along 395 near the pentagon is the traffic continues to make its way tonight. coming up, news 4 at 5:00 and 6:00, we continue to track the ride at home plus hear from more people telling us about their commute during the shutdown. in arlington, adam tuss, news 4. pass a budget, please. >> that's the sentiment from a growing number of furloughed
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government workers. she works at the goddard space flight center. she feels they are being used as political punching bags. >> i have been there since '94 first at a contractor and then a fed. i like working for nasa. i don't like being dised by people saying my job is not important. >> they have two children. she feels fortunate to have the support of her husband's job, but it doesn't make the government shutdown any less disappointing. >> turning to summer weather in october. how high is the mercury going to go before we cool off? >> it could get close to what it is now for a couple more days. you are looking at the fall color, but we have the high heat. july, august type heat across the area. let's look outside. you have noticed a few clouds that made their way into the
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area during the afternoon. not a big deal at all but earlier today, they did manage to squeeze out a little bit of moisture. nice afternoon out there right now. again, we get the high heat without the high humidity. as far as the sprinkles go, we are going back to 10:00. a few parts of the area up around carol county, western areas of howard county, just a little bit of a sprinkle, you noticed that around 10:30 and 11:30 this morning. hyattsville to burtonsville and even fairfax. that's exactly where meteorologist amelia segal is standing by at the big event taking place in fairfax. >> reporter: well, veronica, we are here live with the storm team 4 x 4. people are getting ready for fall this weekend going on saturday and sunday. chuck bell and david culver will be here throughout the day
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tomorrow, myself and julie carey will be here during the day on sunday. you can come on by and say hi. when we got the storm team 4 x 4 here earlier today, the weather station reading a temperature of 90 degrees. let's take a walk to the back of the truck. we are tracking the temperature. look where we are right now. not too much movement. coming in at 88 to 89 degrees. it is warm everywhere. washington coming in at 89 degrees. temperatures until 7:00 to 8:00 p.m. to remain in the low 80s. after that, we slowly slide into the 70s as we work toward midnight. for all the events going on here, head to coming up at 5:45, we'll be back here live. i'm going to give you the detailed forecast of exactly what to expect here this weekend on saturday and sunday. that's at 5:45. with more on your temperatures in your neighborhood over the
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weekend, we are going send things in to veronica. >> for us, it's another terrific evening. we have very few clouds across the area. those that we have had moving on out. early tomorrow morning, sunshine. maybe a bit of patchy fog in the low lying areas. i'm calling tomorrow afternoon hot. today, a sprinkle came through. the same deal tomorrow. there's 3:00 saturday. a few blobs of green there. light, isolated showers. you could see the same thing sunday. monday and tuesday are the big days around here when things could turn wet. we sure need rain. moderate rain, we could see thunderstorms around the area late monday afternoon, monday evening going into tuesday. all that moisture coming up ahead of a cold front. moisture from karen, which has yet to make land fall. you are looking at temperatures around the area tomorrow morning, very comfortable in the upper 50s to mid-60s.
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again, more like august/september type conditions than october. as we take a look at the hour-by-hour forecast, 71 degrees at 8:00 a.m. tomorrow. today, we warmed fast. we hit 83 degrees by 11:00 a.m. i do think there will be spots like stafford to the south that could get a high temperature of around 90 degrees tomorrow. that is quite capable of doing that. the winds tomorrow will be out of the southwest. storm team 4, four day forecast, 87 degrees on sunday. great weekend coming up with just a little bit of humidity. you might notice a touch of that this weekend. still very comfortable out there. the heat ends on sunday. we are going to cool down next week to highs in the 70s across the area. monday, the day we could see quite a bit of rain. monday evening, especially. possibly heavy with the cooler temperatures coming our way. later in the newscast, i talk
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about how much rain we could get from the weather systems. prince harry makes an appearance. where he touches down today and when we are going to see his brother, prince william again. the most expensive necklace in the world on display and in the world on display and we'll have the lates
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"i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad." these are birth control pills. more than half of american women use them at some point in their lives but ken cuccinelli sponsored a bill that could have made common forms of birth control illegal, including the pill. cuccinelli was one of only five senators to support this "potentially radical intrusion into domestic, family and individual decision-making" why is ken cuccinelli interfering in our private lives? he's focused on his own agenda. not us.
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right now, word of a serious accident. barbara harrison has details at the live desk. >> we are hearing several cars crashed in virginia. med evachelicopters have there. this happened at route 50 near snickersville turnpike. the roads will be shut down for several hours. drivers should find several routes to get through the area. several cars involved in a crash in the middleburg area. pat? prince harry arrived in australia today. he's in sydney to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the royal australian navy. tomorrow, he'll inspect a fleet of ships. the prince and his brother have been keeping a low profile since the birth of william's son,
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george. he will host a soccer match on monday. pope francis visited the italian town. he spent part of the day meeting with mentally and physically challenged children. we have more on that and the pope's message for the cath lynn church. >> reporter: this is his first visit here and he's trying to refocus the catholic church on the poor and those society often forgets. one of the highlights of this pilgrimage has been a visit by the pope to a sender for mentally and physically challenged children and adults. i was struck watching him go through and greet each one of these children or young people and take time with them. he blessed them, he kissed them and, in fact, one young man reached out and grabbed the pope's cross. today, the pope is literally
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walking in the footsteps of his name sake. he renounced his worldly possessions and catholics believe responded to the call of god to rebuild the church. today, pope francis is trying to do the same thing. he warned the church, it must strip itself of worldliness. that follows up on a theme he said all week long. he met with a group of eight cardinals to figure out how to restructure the vatican to overhaul it so it responds to the 1.2 billion members instead of being vatican centric as the pope called it. the eight cardinals are with him include iing the pope from bost. american catholics approve of the pope according to a new poll. 89% have a favorable or very favorable opinion of the pope. only 4% voiced an unfavorable
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opinion. 68% of those surveyed agreed with his comments saying the catholic church should not focus so much on homo sexuality and abortion. 23% disagreed. we are learning more about the suspect behind the wheel of a car. the latest on her mental state and what her former boss has to say about the deadly accident. day four of the government shutdown with no end in sight. president obama speaks out during a lunchtime trip.
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welcome back at 4:30, i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse. we are getting new information about thursday's chase and shooting on capitol hill. the family of the woman shot and killed after crashing into a white house gate is here in the district. miriam carey's relatives are here from new york to officially identify her and try to get temporary custody of her 1-year-old daughter. sources tell news 4 police shot 26 shots at carey during the pursuit. sources tell us her mental health had been deteriorating since last year and she thought that president obama was actually communicating with her. >> it's day four of the government shutdown. >> and new at this hour, the house is set to vote tomorrow on more minifunding bills. >> still no sign of progress toward reopening the government. news 4s steve handelsman is live
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on capitol hil with the latest. steve? >> reporter: thanks. good afternoon. first, a footnote to this, the house, as we have been reporting for a couple days has been voting minispending bills, which the senate democrats refused to take up. the one the house will vote on to make sure the officers involved in yesterday's shooting get back pay will be supported by democrats. so, here on capitol hill today, both sides were talking in a bigger sense about the need to negotiate, but not doing it. >> we want to work! >> reporter: on day four, a protest outside the capitol where house speaker john boehner said he's irritated about which party is winning the shutdown stand off. >> this isn't some damn game. >> reporter: boehner demanded negotiations with democrats. reopen the government and bring fairness to the american people under obama care. it's as simple as that.
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it has to begin with a simple discussion. >> reporter: seeming in no rush, president obama took a walk on this sunny, warm friday to a nearby sandwich shop. >> i'm happy to have negotiations with the republicans and speaker boehner on a range of issues, but we can't do it with a gun held to the head of the american people. >> reporter: after yesterday's scare and word that some of the federal police are working without pay, house republicans moved to make sure the cops get paid retro actively. >> the tea party people are nuts. they shut down the government and do what they are doing. >> reporter: tea party leader, ted cruz insisted the health care law has got to be stopped. >> it's costing millions of americans. they are losing jobs and not finding jobs. >> reporter: it's 12 days until the crisis merges with the dangerous debt ceiling fight.
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speaker boehner said today, we should not default on october 17th, but he didn't rule that out saying spending has to be addressed. i'm steve handelsman, news 4. >> thank you, steve. the naval academy is an agency feeling the impact of the shutdown. more than half the faculty is furloughed because they are civilians. it's more than 900 professors. the academy is trying to get them to cover extra courses. it has to cancel several classes including physics and engineering. the u.s. military academy in west point and the air force academy have had to furlough civilian workers. if you are a federal worker who has been furloughed, you can go back to school for free. georgetown is offering six free courses to anyone out of work because of the shutdown. they will be held in
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georgetown's downtown campus. there are some open seats for all six classes. >> stay with news 4 throughout the government shutdown. follow the developments on gorgeous way to end the week. we are worried about the weekend. well, maybe we don't need to worry. >> let's find out. how about it, v.j.? >> you can worry about the fact it's going to be hot again. we are dealing with heat, the level of temperatures we have been witnessing and feeling over the last two days. the other thing we are dealing with this weekend, i'm going to be out doing yard work. a lot of our lawns are getting dry, certainly the flower beds because of the lack of rainfall. what you are looking at is the last 60 days, the rainfall deficit t. counties that have been impacted the greatest. prince george's county, howard, through d.c. and fairfax. loudoun county, these are the areas that are down about four inches in rainfall. in just a couple minutes, i'm going to tell you how much rain
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i think we could get out of karen and the cold front for next week. surprising testimony during day two of the amanda knox retrial. a convicted mob murderer is standing by her testimony her brother killed meredith kircher, not knox and her then boyfriend. lucy told the courts in 2011 her brother committed the murder. today, she stood by her previous testimony. the court ordered a new dna test at the knife of the center of the case. neither knox or her exboyfriend were in court today. if you are one of those people who take photos with food, check this out. the surprising effect that it could have on how much you eat. >> make us hungry and thirsty, right? also ahead, what started as a racist comment turned into a huge blessing for a waitress.
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the gift
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all right. if you decide to take a nap on the job, make sure you are not on camera. in the middle of a speech, the camera pans up to north carolina republican george holding, there he is, the presiding officer at the time.
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holding was caught with his eyes closed, head in his hands. eventually, he looks right into the camera realizing he had been caught and sits upright. a newlywed facing two counts of murder appeared in court for arraignment. she is accused of pushing her husband off a cliff at montana's glacier park. they were arguing, she pushed him off the mountain. they had only been maried eight days. she was having second thoughts about the marriage. alex rodriguez is suing major league baseball and commissioner bud selig. he's suing for torch rouse interference with his contract and business opportunities. in other words, a-rod is saying he's the victim of a witch hunt by major league baseball.
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it comes as he appeals the game suspension for violating the performance enhancement drug policy. a waitress received a $10,000 tip this week. she made news after a customer at the red lobster where she works wrote a racial slur on the receipt. she posted it on facebook and it went viral. someone in california posted the story on and collected donations for her. they collected more than 10,000 bucks. >> words cannot tell how thankful, how genuine and how blessed i feel that -- that those people had a heart to give to me when they didn't know me. >> she says the money came at just the right time. she used some to pay off student loans and the rest is going to a
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new care facility for her family. if you happen to get a $10,000 tip yourself, you probably won't be able to afford this. this is the most expensive necklace in the world. the massive yellow diamond at the center of the necklace is word 55 million bucks. it's more than 307 carats, surrounded by 90 white diamonds. it's acomp anied by a security guard, and motion detectors. >> you need a pair of sunglasses. you have heard of sleepwalking, what about sleep texting? it's happening. what's got people grabbing their phones in the middle of the night. >> part of the country bracing for tropical storm karen. veronica, what is the weather like and going to be like here? >> not too bad.
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as you said, karen, this really is the weather story. a sizable storm in the gulf of mexico. less than three days before we could see the impacts
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the former boss of the woman who led police on the high speed chase on capitol hill says she was stressed out after the birth
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of her daughter. she worked for dr. barry weiss as a dental hygienist. she was fired after patients complained she was too rough. there were moments when she was hot tempered but didn't go goo into details. >> she came in, did her job and left. the rest of the office was, you know, a family feel to it. she was, you know, on the outside. she chose to put herself on the outside. >> carey was fired in august of 2012. police sources say her mental health began declining more seriously this year. >> barbara harrison has details on a drug bust at a local home day care. barbara? >> police in howard county, maryland say a man was growing marijuana in his home, which has a licensed day care center inside. david anderson is charged with producing and distributing
4:44 pm
marijuana in the home. he's out on $35,000 bond right now. an anonymous tip led police to get a search warrant that revealed a very sophisticated growing operation under the house. they seized a handgun and ammunition. the state suspended the day care's license now. at the live desk, i'm barbara harrison. fema is recalling some furloughed workers to help prepare for tropical storm karen. the shutdown forced 83% of fema employees to take leave. they will return to headquarters in washington and field offices along the gulf. the white house did not say how many fema workers will be headed back to work. most of the recalled workers will head to the gulf region in a few days. tropical storm karen already brought 50-mile-an-hour winds to the region. >> jay gray has the latest. what is the situation like out
4:45 pm
there right now. >> reporter: hey pat, jim. as you can see, the sun is coming out. a beautiful day with a nice breeze. take a look along pensacola beach. this is the day officials are saying get ready. do what you need to do. these conditions are going to deteriorate quickly over the next evening or so and into this weekend. this is a storm that may not reach hurricane status, but still expected to gather intensity before it makes land fall. we could see winds edging on the hurricane status, 60 to 65 miles an hour. we are going to see a driving rain. some areas could see ten inches. that's a concern when it comes to flash flooding. a lot of people are saying we are going to get one more day in at the beach, then head to higher ground. a lot of officials in louisiana through this part of the florida panhandle say now is the time to be prepared. if you are going to stay, make
4:46 pm
sure you have the supplies you might need for a couple days without electricity. if you are going to leave, do so sooner rather than later. it may not be a hurricane, but it's still going to pack a punch. >> jay gray on the scene there. thank you, jay. >> here in our area, we are not expecting too much in the way of rain or the impact of the hurricane? >> not for the weekend. i'm looking at karen as our insurance here. we haven't gotten a lot of rain from the weather systems that moved through with a cold front coming up, might not get much. i think karen will help ensure that maybe we get a little more this time than how we have done over the last couple weeks, certainly. it's been so dry. let's take a look outside. i know you have been enjoying the day. all that green across the area. just a little bit of fall color showing up. in a couple minutes, where some of the biggest fall color is showing up. see any color on the storm team 4 radar? i don't. there's nothing right here.
4:47 pm
down to tsouth, even around some of the high spots of the mountain, sprinkles showing up. right here, the outer most bands, karen starting to hit the shore around louisiana. the land fall is expected to be east of new orleans. might make a second land fall first east of northerly, then again around mississippi. here's the cold front that i'm talking about marching across the country. itis bringing big snows. there's what's left of karen on monday afternoon. here is what i'm expecting. this is the rain starting during the afternoon. moderate to heavy rain coming monday night. i think we could see thunderstorms out of this during the afternoon and evening hours on monday. as far as rainfall, we are down some four inches. i think we could see over an inch and a half of rain by late tuesday. possibly even more down to the south of d.c. across areas of central maryland.
4:48 pm
look outside and we have a clear sky. mostly clear at 11:00 p.m. 74 degrees is the temperature. 68 degrees at 5:00 a.m. we have a nice start for tomorrow, the temperature topping out at 66 degrees. highs across southern maryland anywhere from honeytown at 86 and 83 near the water in annapolis. warm spot down south king george and fredericksburg, 88 to 89 degrees for a high tomorrow. there may be one or two neighborhoods out there that hit 90. this is just crazy during the early fall. that's why we keep saying more summer like conditions. that's where we are going to have through the weekend. you folks in northern virginia, manassas, warrenton and fredericksburg, 88 to 89 degrees. we'll have the short pants on. here is a look at the fall color. most of it in the mountains, eastern areas of west virginia
4:49 pm
and some of the high spots there around canine valley. weekend looking great. right now we have monday wet, tuesday wet. big umbrella days here. possibility with the morning rush on monday but the afternoon and evening rush could be slow on monday if we get the big rains from karen and the cold front. back to you. >> thanks. in news 4 your health, strides against breast cancer. a new study found that simply going for a walk can signific t significantly reduce a woman's risk of developing breast cancer. woman who walked an hour a day lowered their risk 14%. woman who engaged in an hour of vigorous exercise reduced their breast cancer risk by up to 25%. october is breast cancer awareness month. >> foodie websites could be ruining your appetite. it's according to the journal of
4:50 pm
consumer psychology. constantly looking at sites like instagram and pinterest may leave you without an appetite. they asked them to look at pictures of food, then gave them peanuts. people who saw salty foods didn't enjoy it as much. it's a classic example of sensory boredom. one way to diet, i guess. >> one way. you have heard of sleepwalking, of course, what about sleep texting? >> nbc has more on the latest medical condition that comes from sleeping with your cell phone. >> reporter: some people just can't seem to disconnect with the world, even when asleep. you have heard of sleepwalking, what about sleep texting? seriously, it's a real thing. >> i have never heard of that. that's weird. >> you text doing everything else, so texting while sleeping seems believable. >> reporter: your brain is asleep, but your thumbs pounding
4:51 pm
away. >> i have received texts and completely forget by the time i woke up. >> i have done that. i'm texting and the next morning i don't remember texting that. >> reporter: a sleep expert has seen a number of sleep texting cases. >> people have, for years done things in their sleep whether it be sleep talking, which is common, sleepwalking, sleep eating. if a device is within arms reach and a person has a tendency to have any of those unusual sleep behaviors, easily now, they could sleep text or sleep e-mail. >> reporter: we asked the question, wouldn't the screen light wake you up? >> most of the devices aren't that bright. in order to be awoken by light, it has to be an intensely bright light. >> reporter: goes to show there's a medical condition for just about everything and many of us can't get away from our phones. >> i think it shows the power of technology in today's day and
4:52 pm
age. that's something you go for subconsciously. >> to avoid developing this condition, put your cell phone in another room or turn it off. >> get it out of there. coming up, frightening moments captured on dashcam video. >> a driver pulling out a gun and beginning to fire at highway patrol officers. patrol officers. >> reporter: i'm jackie february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration.
4:53 pm
even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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tonight, a movie premier is called "matthew shepherd is a friend of mine." the national cathedral will host the premier. monday marks 13 years since his abduction and beating in a remote part of wyoming. they believe the attack is because he was gay. the screening is part of the screening to honor lgbt victims of bullying. we are just getting a first look at dramatic dashcam video of a deadly police shootout on an oregon highway. we warn you, the video may be disturbing to you. miguel almaguer reports on it. it ended in the death of a father of three. >> reporter: it started as a routine traffic stop outside
4:56 pm
portland, oregon. >> please get back in the car for me. >> reporter: in seconds -- >> sir, get back in the car for me now. sir! >> reporter: the exchange became deadly. >> sir! >> reporter: investigators say john allen ii opened fire on a state trooper for no apparent reason. >> sir! >> there were words exchanged on the side of the freeway, but it happened very quickly. >> reporter: he was in the army, he appears to empty his clip. the state trooper, who survived was amazingly just shot once. allen took a bullet to the chest, but stayed on his feet. >> shots fired. i have been hit in the side, i'm okay. suspect left. >> reporter: allen was found slumped over in the car a half mile away. also in the vehicle, his three children, 10, 13 and 15 who were not injured. >> it's upsetting because he was
4:57 pm
trying to take his children on a road trip. >> reporter: the case into the dramatic shooting is now closed. what triggered the gunman may never be known. miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles. new details emerging right now over what made 34-year-old miriam carey come to washington and into a deadly confrontation with police. >> there was some sort of mental health issue. >> miriam carey's boyfriend contacted police saying he feared for the safety of their child. her family says it was post partum depression. her boss says she was short tempered. >> we now know police fired a total of 26 gunshots. >> we heard pop, pop -- >> not knowing she had a toddler in the car with her.
4:58 pm
good afternoon. i'm wendy rieger. >> i'm jim handly. we have a team of reporters tonight, folks, working to learn more about the top story from the driver's mental health to police communication issues. we begin with news 4s pat collins who learned how many shots were fired yesterday and saw the family of the woman who was killed. pat? >> reporter: jim, two things going on here today. more details about the car chase and deadly confrontation here at the u.s. capitol. all this while the suspect's family comes to washington to meet with the medical examiner. relatives of miriam carey at the medical examiner's office to identify and claim her body. miriam carey, a 34-year-old dental hygienist from connecticut shot and killed by police yesterday after a wild car chase from the white house
4:59 pm
to the u.s. capitol. she was unarmed. her 1-year-old daughter in the backseat of the car. her family spent an hour in the medical examiner's office, then got into a car on the backside of the building. a family spokesman said this -- [ inaudible ] >> reporter: yesterday, in her black infinity car rammed into a guard post at the white house then drove to the capitol at a high rate of speed. some clocked it at 80 miles per hour. on the west side of the capitol, around garfield circle, a confrontation with police. as she drives away, law enforcement sources say police fired off nine shots there. but that car kept on the move. the final confrontation, sources tell the story this way. they say it happened in front of the office building on constitution avenue northeast. am


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