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tv   Today  NBC  October 5, 2013 7:00am-8:00am EDT

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the media in a brief yet insightful news conference about the miriam they knew. they said she was smart and fun and her actionis were completel out of character but they have a lot of questions about what happened that day. >> we don't know why miriam ended up going to d.c. we don't know at that time if her depression contributed to her going and taking that ride. we don't know what was in her mind at that time. >> the sisters went on to ask for a formal notification of miriam's death from d.c. police and also spoke about the need to try and not judge their sister before all the evidence comes to light. >> the actions of d.c. police are now being questioned. should they have fired on an unarmed woman and what really happened? pete williams continues our team coverage and walks us through the chaos. >> the chaotic events begin here at one of the security checkpoints on the perimeter of the white house grounds.
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at 2:12 in the afternoon miriam carey's car turned into this drive way and hit temporary fencing and started backing up striking a secret service officer causing minor injuries. >> from there she speeds up pennsylvania avenue toward the u.s. capitol going 80 at one point. police thought it was all over when she got just below the u.s. capitol when they managed to get her stopped but it escalated. >> she jammed it into reverse striking a patrol car and took off again. this time they fired trying to stop her. nine shots but she kept driving looping around traffic circles and on up past the capitol building with bullet holes visible. >> it ends on the other side of the capitol. she was coming up constitution avenue when police opened fire. she saw these barriers that pop in the street had been raised so she shifted in reverse to try to
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turn around and police say in the course of that she backed into this police guard booth. >> 17 shots in that location. only afterward did she discover her 1-year-old child was in the car unharmed. chuck runs the police executive research forum. he says police are trained not to shoot at fleeing cars but there's a constant worry about car bombs. >> you have terrorism. policing in washington d.c. is a lot more complicated. they have to protect the u.s. capitol and the white house. they're concerned about terrorism. >> one thing people often ask is why not just shoot out the tires. >> these things happen very quickly. one police officer was already hurt. they tried to get into the white house and now they're trying to get into the u.s. capitol. these things happen almost instantaneously. >> the outcome may have been different thursday if one thing had changed the officers communication system. secret service agents that first
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pursued carey could not warn capitol police officers because the agency's two-way radio systems were not compatible. it was the same issue on september 16th when federal cops at the scene of the navy yard shooting couldn't communicate with each other. >> they couldn't talk about what was going on or communicate where the shooter was. >> some police agencies have radios meant for tow trucks and cab drivers. >> budget problems delayed the upgrade since 2007. a union member says it could be a month before new radios arrive. >> two and a half weeks after the deadly shooting the navy is mulling over the idea of a redesign. it could create a different feel to building 297 and give it a softer feel more respectful of the victims. the navy doesn't plan on tearing that building down. the renovations and repairs will cost about $6.4 million.
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>> we're beginning day five of the government shutdown. the house will be in session later this morning. we'll take a live look now at capitol hill. lawmakers will vote on a bill to retro actively pay 800,000 federal workers on furlough. they passed measures to reopen food assistance programs as well as fema. senate majority leader harry reid said the senate would not take up the bills. the white house is threatening to veto the bills saying congress should reopen the entire federal government. >> congress needs to think twice about the global message the government shutdown is sending. he says congress should end the shutdown now. kerry is leading at an economic summit in indonesia. president obama cancelled his plans to attend because of the shutdown. and the shutdown is now impacting a company that works closely with the military. the defense company said it will
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furlough 3,000 workers starting monday. the company said many of those employees can't work because their offices are located in government buildings that are now closed and some of their work also requires government inspection. the number of furloughed workers will increase each week if the shutdown continues. >> in prince george's county, the friendly face-off that will have police and fires looking to settle a score. >> and the building helping police respond to any situation. we have an inside look. >> while we're on air, we're always online. join the conversation. join the conversation. all you have to do is search announcer: see yourself at tasc, helping to create a safer world for our future leaders
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and for everyone. see yourself designing the next vital solution to get ahead of evolving cybersecurity threats. see yourself at tasc, creating integrated intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance solutions that deliver information where, when, and how it is needed. see yourself advancing homeland security efforts to protect americans at home and around the globe. join tasc and see your engineering and technology expertise help solve the nation's most pressing and complex challenges. see your career without limits at tasc.
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the mass shooting at the navy yard reinforced training
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for this anywhere in the city. there's a training facility that creates real life conditions in an urban area. we got an inside look. >> the d.c. police dog was real and so were the d.c. emergency response team. all being done on a new $6 million mock up of an urban street. it allows training 27/7 in any kind of weather or light. the facility includes hollow top buildings and rooms. >> the tactics we use if we were entering an active shooter scenario in a school is different than entering an active shooter scenario in an office building. >> the chief lead reporters on a tour of the facilities getting a tour of other law enforcement groups looking for different training. like learning to repel from office buildings and garages and
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guiding bomb seeking robots up steps. there's a gas chamber where recruits learn not to panic as they put on masks. something the chief still remembers. >> it's a horrible experience. it is a horrible experience. all of us went through it but you really do understand the value of it. >> news 4. >> today, prince george's county first responders will hold their second annual battle of the badges barbecue cook off. the fire ems department will take on the police department. it's part of the community expo going on in largo. it runs from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. and the cook off is at 2:00. >> a good match up there. firefighters are known for their cooking. stiff competition. >> we'll see. >> not even a week old but problem with the new health care website. while they're taking it off line for a few hours this weekend. >> and the emergency work to
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brace for tropical storm karen. we'll talk live with jim cantore. >> but first, here's chuck bell. good morning everybody. there's a first look at the advising sun first thing this morning. get ready for another little taste of summertime this weekend. i'll let you know how long it's going to last and when the
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people trying to sign up for the affordable care act online will have to wait longer. the administration took the site down temporarily to fix a couple of issues. the application function of health will be unavailable throughout the weekend. the technical issues stemmed from the high volume of traffic on the site upon the launch on tuesday. millions of people from the 36 states the site actually services were stopped in their tracks as they tried to apply during the down time. equipment will be added to andel more traffic and consumers have until december 16th to enroll for coverage that starts january 1st. leaders in prince george's county will help people sign up for the affordable care act today. the health connecticut bus will be rolling into laurel high school and there will be people to help you sign up at the healthy living fair.
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the website crashed almost as soon as it opened because of all the demand. >> right now, first responders are holding an emergency drill at virginia hospital center in arlington. crews are responding to a mock fire on the hospital grounds to provide hands on training for emergency staff. the exercise will not effect normal service tats hospital. it will last until noon. >> severe weather swept across the mountains in the midwest over the last couple of days. look at the wreckage. a series of tornadoes tore through nebraska and iowa. tornadoes touched down destroying towns. at least 15 people were hurt in the twisters but no fatalities have been reported. the weather channel is reporting that 17 different twitters might have been on the ground at once in the region. homes, businesses, and schools were effected by the storm knocking out power to thousands. >> those are linked to the same weather system that dumped three feet of snow on the dakotas.
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they were accompanied by 70 miles per hour winds. authority hearsay to issue a no travel advisory in the area and school and main city services have been suspended until the weather calms down there. >> we are complaining about the hot weather and humidity and then you see that and we have no room to talk. >> when things are out of balance on one side of the country we're out of balance on both sides. so the extreme cold is helping to shove the record warm air northbound up the eastern seaboard. we're in store for another serious dose of summertime weather with temperatures back near 90 degrees today and part of the lingering effects of summer, not quite done with tropical storm season yet either. jim cantore my buddy down there in pensacola, florida. good morning, jim, what is pensacola doing to brace for karen? >> not much. they fuld lifeguard stands off the beach. those are about 45,000 a pop. they sit on sleds so they just
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come and wheel them back along the sand and get them out of the surge zone. 48 hours ago we were all from louisiana into the florida panhandle looking at the potential of a minimum hurricane at land fall and 48 hours ago you have to make those preparations. so festivals and things like that, the triathalon is shutdown. it's still a beautiful time to be at the beach and the best kept secret because the summer masses are gone and you can come down here and have the beach to yourself but there were thousands of people on the beach yesterday. the problem was rip currents. that will continue to be the problem today. it will be another nice beach day. this thing is barely hanging on to tropical storm status. i expect wind and rain from louisiana into the florida panhandle and eventually, sure, some of that moisture will get pulled up ahead of the front and make it's way all the way up the eastern seaboard. so the continued humidity there
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is absolutely expected. so i don't think i've ever seen a low level swirl as well defined as this one has sitting in the gulf of mexico. it looks like a pacific system you would see where it goes over the colder water of the pacific and sits for awhile. it's almost posttropical but there will be winds probably 30 or 35 miles per hour and once we start interacting with the front, i think some rain from louisiana all the way up the eastern seaboard. back to you. >> thanks, jim. everybody sees jim cantore and wondering if their vacation plans are safe. a minimal impact from the storm. thank you, jim. here's the way it looks in washington this morning. your nation's capitol. what a gorgeous sunrise coming up. it looks like summer and feels a lot like summer outside. 70 degrees right now with 87% humidity.
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really summertime lingering on here into october. we made 90 yesterday. our first 90 degree day in october since 2007. it has been awhile. so to get your weekend started it's dry and most of us will be dry all weekend long. not much of a rain threat this weekend. could see a spot shower in northern maryland or the mountains of west virginia today or tomorrow but rain chances low otherwise. 61 degrees in manassas out across the piedmont. two miles in culpepper and three miles of visibility. pockets of thick fog this morning. the air mass is so warm and once the sun is up that will eat up the fog quickly. jim was talking about tropical storm karen barely hanging on. winds at 40 to 50 miles per hour now and not much strengthening is expected. holding on to minimal tropical storm strength over the course
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of land fall. we'll keep a close eye on it. the moisture will come across georgia and the western carolinas. 2:00 on tuesday morning, the moisture starting to come back in our direction. we need it. it's been dry around here since the last part of july, early august. so we had two months of well below average rainfall. this will help quite a bit. our main threat for rain will come up, starting about lunchtime on monday until about sun down on tuesday. that's when the bulk of the rainfall is going to be here but it shouldn't last all that long. we could see some spots, one to two inches of beneficial rainfall but in the meantime get ready for another area of summer like weather here. not anywhere as cool and we should be this time of the year and another says letter for tomorrow. today, partly cloudy and hot. a spot shower possible but most of us stay dry. highs today and tomorrow, upper
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80s to near 90 degrees with very low rain chances today and tomorrow. but monday and tuesday, a 70 and 80% chance for rain respectively. behind the rain chance, things get closer to average around here for temperatures back down into the 70s. a lot of great college football, air force and navy at 11:30 in annapolis today. 83 by games end. no chance for rain in that one. hard to pick a winner. we're not going to do that. i don't pick sides between air force and navy. >> i would pick navy because my dad was a navy. but west virginia at baylor today. the winds will be whipping in w waco. it's a 12:30 kick off. 75 at kick off. 85 by games end and the big one, sooners taking on the horn frogs of tcu tonight.
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temperatures in the 50s. they were near 90 yesterday and had severe weather out there this morning but by game time tonight should be clear skies and a nice north wind for an ou win. >> another one. >> we're hoping for 5-0. >> thanks, chuck. >> why getting around using metro could be a problem today. >> if traffic wasn't heavy enough why it could get worse. >> and this morning see inside the redskins at 7:30 right after our show. that's followed by nbc's sports coverage of the president's cup
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allow yourself extra time if you're taking metro this weekend. several stations are closed for track work. union station, and union square are closed. free shuttle buses are run instead. metro center will only serve blue and orange line trains. expect delays on the blue, yellow, and green lines. everything back to normal monday. >> nice weather is expected for the final weekend of the virginia state fair and so is a lot of traffic. we want to take a live look now at 95. it looks like things have picked up just a little bit but overall lanes are pretty much wide open. that's not going to be the case in a few hours, though. congestion is expected. fair organizers are urging people to use less travel
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getting to the park. using route 1 and 301 might ease the traffic. fairground parking is free. the virginia state fair wraps up tomorrow. >> it might not feel like it but fall is in full swing and millions of people around the world are getting ready to host oktob oktoberfest. it's today. while they enjoy the party several streets will be closed off. restricting a lot of the street parking there. organizers think everything should be packed up by 10:00 tonight. >> tonight, you can see miley cyrus -- >> do you want to see more of her? >> i think i've seen enough. >> the 20-year-old will host saturday night live. you can watch her right here on nbc 4 after news 4 at 11:00. and then you can see more of my l -- miley on the "today" show and this after overnight really
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provocative pictures of her came out. when you think she couldn't push the envelope more. >> we'll see. tonight she might go further. >> all right. >> she's like a wrecking ball. >> maybe she should leave that envelope alone. >> seal it for life. >> all right. so something that we're looking forward too, the weather. >> feeling like summer. near 90 today and tomorrow and almost no chance for rain this weekend. >> good. that will do it for news 4 today. thanks for joining us this morning. morning. >> we' important videoconference we knof the day.r most hi! hi, buddy! that's why the free wifi and hot breakfast are something to smile about. feel the hamptonality.
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the following is a presentation of the redskins broadcast network. coming up today on "inside the redskins" -- on nbc 4, the redskins won their first game this year, beating oakland, 24-14. the defense came up big while offense got in a rhythm and put the game away late. we'll look back on the action from sunday. we'll hear from robert griffin iii and his teammates, head coach mike shanahan on sunday's game, and preparing for the bye week. the redskins wired up, a taste of late night. a piece of redskins' legacy and more coming up on "inside the redskins".
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hi, everybody, welcome to "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. i'm rick "doc" walker. the burgundy and gold travelled and got a "w". first win of the year, robert griffin iii continued to look better despite playing in the dirt and in front of a hostile crowd. >> how does it feel? >> feels good. we had to get a win for the bye and find a way to do it, defense played great. offense played great when we had to. put points on the borpd a good overall team win. everybody's excited. we'll have a good flight back home, enjoying the bye-week making the most of the situation,ing 1-3 come back get
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on a winning streak. >> feeling more comfortable each week? >> yeah, the more you play, the more comfortable in any season. i think everybody's seeing the offschedule plays come and trying to point to that. but you know, to me it's not even about me or the injury, it's about us as a team. we played better today and that's why we won. >> reporter: do you know losing morris and all of a sudden helu stepped up. >> he's a capable back. he'd be a starter. you know, he's our guy, no doubt about that. we want him to get out there. it happened by the bye-week. >> reporter: it was like 30. >> as long as we throw 30 balls, we win, i'm for it. >> feel like it had something to do with us losing, you know, i made a dumb mistake, get suspended. they did a great job, holding the line. i'm ready to play football.
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>> reporter: did you watch? >> watched the game, i watch every game. >> reporter: were you alone? >> no, had people around me. keep people around you, keep you encoura encouraged. if your by yourself and get down it gets worse. i'm happy to watch my boys. >> reporter: the assistant coaches were satisfied with performance and looking to improving over the bye-week. >> good to finish with a win. other than that we know what we've got to do, we hit a mullig mulligan, a start to the season. come back to this thing and be right back where we started from. nice experience to get these guys acclimated to what we wanted to do finish strong, get a nice victory. also play well on defense, all of the young guys starting to get acclimated, getting confidence for those buying and get them going. >> reporter: has jordan's progress surprises you? he's your third down tight end at this point. >> it really has. it's been a pleasant surprise.
7:33 am
he's done a great job mentally and been impressed with his ability to pick things from that standpoint where he can do things protection wise in the route game. and he's competed well in the run game as well that you saw in detroit. pleased with his progress and ability to pick things up quickly. >> reporter: head coach mike shanahan relieved to get the first win of the year. and looks forward to the bye-week. the coach's press conference is brought to you by long&foster. >> i've seen things happen throughout the national football league that, you know, hey, you just got to focus on the job at hand. once you get too carried away, to me that's when a team goes one way or the other. you have to know what gives you a chance to win. and that's doing the little things the right way. and sometimes if you don't do all of the little things the right way you lose a game. all of a sudden the sky's falling. the sky's not falling. you've got to go back and do the little things right way. if you've got that mind-set, players believe in the work, then you've got a chance to
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overcome anything. and even though we won the football game, we know we didn't play one of our better games, especially offensively. and when that happens, then you've got a football team that has a chance to get better. >> coming up next on "inside the redskins" -- the skins take their team photo, a piece of redskins legacy. redskins' late night. as we go to break, time to meet one of the burgundy and gold. >> logan paulsen, tight end, ucla. used to be very superstitious but i try to stay away from that now. i find it distracts from my focus. if i can have any superpower it would be the teleport. favorite pregame meal, spaghetti, chicken, bowl of fruit and some salad.
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okay. hail to the redskins hail to victory braves on the war path fight for old d.c. i'm not a talented guy. i'm one-dimensional. i were to appear in a talent show, i'd try not to make a fool of myself. we're back ineu"i
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redskins" on nbc 4 i'm rick "doc" walker. defense was stout, offense came to work. and the skins were victorious. here's some of the highlights from the black hole. >> with the snap. looking, looking, gets hit. he's going to get snacked. rac gets the second, second of
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the year. >> from the zone end zone. it's blocked. it's blocked. in the end zone. touchdown. flint back to pass on first down. he's going to throw it down the right sideline. pauling, catching, makes the catch, caught. he's marked down at 21 yard line. it's moore who takes the snap. looking, looking, fires over the middle. it's caught. it's a touchdown. the raiders extend the lied. first and ten redskins at their own 20 yard line. they need something to happen offensively here. looking, looking, over the middle, fires, caught. at the 34 yard line. it's the redskins' first down. third and goal at raiders' 18. rg3 takes. dump-off over the middle. garcon. to the right, inside the 5, to the pylon. almost got in. what a run. looking to get on the board. the kick is up. and it's good. he's got time. runs out of time. it's picked off, picked off by the redskins.
7:39 am
it is all the way in for a touchdown! back to pass. trailed by ryan kerrigan. coming clean, his fourth sack of the year. morris alone behind rg3. stretch play to the right. looking for a cutback. inside the 5, driving down to the 3 yard line. robert takes, going inside. it's a touchdown. touchdown, redskins! pierre garcon. the redskins take the lead! takes the snap. steps up, gets hit. hit again. he's going to go down. he's going down. linebackers are in tight. back to pass. hit again. another sack. he goes down again. back-to-back sacks. got time. hit from behind. he fumbles. the ball's loes. cofield gets. cofield recovers. seventh sack of the game for the redskins. first and ten at the 42.
7:40 am
play action. robert's got time. under heat. spins away from one man. throws off to the right. it's caught at 225, 25, leapfrog, to the 14 yard line. up the middle, inside 10, to 59. touchdown, redskins! quarterback sneak. not much running room. dropped in down in there. whistles all around. redskins football. he coughed it up on the quarterback sneak and the redskins force yet another turnover. zero on the clock. game over, redskins win their first of the year. final score, washington 24, oakland, 14. >> coming up tonight and every saturday night, we'll actually -- sunday morning 1:30 a.m. on nbc 4 redskins late night as chris paul entertains us as only he can. here's some of what to expect late night on nbc 4. >> sure it does. the redskins are off this weekend so we've got a chance to
7:41 am
tack a breath. you know what's coming up next week? >> what's that. >> dallas week. dallas week is next week for the redskins. and the irony here is that the redskins haven't started really fast, we know that. they won their last game, they're in the win column. because of the division, this game at dallas could be for first place. you know, there's a long way to go, throw. it's too early to really talk about that. but the fact is, this is a big game. you know what happened last year in dallas in zblfx i do. >> 28 points in the second quarter. >> oh! >> yes. rg3 was the man. >> i cannot wait. and next week, we're going to have our very special redskins/cowboys rivalry week edition. >> never been to dallas. >> never been to dallas. you can expect to see that again for all of you 'bamas who never made the trek down there. you'll wear the colors shame on you. larry michael, my man.
7:42 am
anytime. come on back. >> coming up next on "inside the redskins" -- we'll see how the team's photo went. we'll check out the redskins' legacy as well as wired up as "inside the redskins" continues on nbc 4.
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welcome back "inside the redskins" on nbc 4. the skns took their annual team photo this week, showcasing their great chemistry as a team. here's an exclusive look at the annual redskins team photo.
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ >> each week here on "inside the redskins" we mike up a player and we find out what happens next. last week's play 60 charitable event we miked up dorrell young and he gave us great moments. it now time for redskins wired up presented by verizon fios. >> this is our house! it's our night! it's our division. it's our job to win it. this is it. put it on the line.
7:47 am
we'll start fast, finish strong. on three. >> one. >> what's this? this is cute. this is cute. >> last but not least, fullback, darrel young. >> military's special to me, to come out and see you guys are going to have fun with us today. what's your parents doing, they're real heros. we're asked to run 100 yards and entertain you guys. your parents are putting their lives on the line every day. hail to the redskins. have fun, have fun, have fun. there it is. there it is. if you beat me, you've got to clap. got to clap the whole time we're out here if i beat you. ready? don't cheat. don't cheat! i like it. give plea some. keep going, give me some.
7:48 am
i like it. let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go. let's have a little fun. let's spice this up a bit. here we go. what we're going to do everyone's going to race. losers got push-ups. go in. go in. all right. let's go. that's what i like to hear. feels really good to be here having fun, being out there with mill faerp what their parents are doing every day, it's an honor to be here, having fun with their kids while they're doing what they're doing. >> there you go. footwork.
7:49 am
footwork. i love the redskins. >> coming up next on nbc 4 we'll pick up the story of the super bowl xxii champions, before break let's check in on some of our fans and harris teeter's tailgater of the game. >> this week's wish is the michi family from fairfax, virginia. they will receive $200 in harris teeter gift cards. remember, harris teeter is the perfect place to get all tailgating need including freshly prepared food, redskins cakes and cupcakes, made-to-order party planners and our beef perfect for the grill. harris teeter, official grocery store of the washington redskins.
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time for this week's tips
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from the doctors at commonwealth orthopedic. the pros the redskins turn to. this week, dr. mark mcmahon. >> thank you for being with us. how long does a hip replacement typically last? >> depending on the use and stresses on the hip, including weight, typically last at least 20 years. hard bearing surfaces may last as long as 30. >> what typical age do people get hip replacements? >> younger and younger, probably the average age that i work on is 60 years of age. >> commonwealth orthopedic, the official orthopedic and physical therapy partner of the washington redskins. sports question for the expert at commonwealth orthopedic go to welcome back "inside the redskins". i'm rick "doc" walker. weep honor the super bowl xxii championship game on "inside the redskins". the team faced a tough minnesota team in the nfc championship
7:54 am
game en route the super bowl in san diego. let's pick up the story, brought to you by geico. >> san diego here we come, redskins got them on the run. led by williams. san diego, here we come. >> another shot at the nfc title, this time on the holy ground of rfk stadium. for the second time in three games, the redskins would face the vikings. it would be another war of wills between two heavyweights and the ticket to face the denver broncos in super bowl xxii came down to one play. >> fourth down and four. wilson takes the snap, looking left. throws into the end zone. incomplete. >> i kind of thought it being completed.
7:55 am
but then i see it bouncing on the ground, saw darrell green with his hands up in the air and i knew that we were going to the super bowl. it was a great feeling. people say you've been before. i've got to tell you, i wanted that thing so bad. >> good afternoon from jack murphy stadium in san diego, california. the road to super bowl xxii stops right here. >> experts predicted another tight game for super bowl xxii, most favored the broncos for one reason, elway. he had been named the nfl's most valuable player, only one individual honor was left -- super bowl mvp. attention williams received had less to do with his play and more with becoming the first african-american quarterback to start in a super bowl. an honor williams embraced and still treasures. however, more important than starting a super bowl was how number 17 finished it.
7:56 am
>> joe gibbs didn't bring doug williams to san diego to show off a black quarterback. we know he why we came here, we came here to work hard and win the super bowl. >> tune in all season to hear the full story of the super bowl xxii champion. that's it for this week's "inside the redskins". don't forget to tune in tonight for the mike shanahan show at 7:30 on nbc 4. thanks for watching. i'm rick "doc" walker. we'll see you next week.
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the golf channel on nbc and the pga tour are proud to present live day three coverage of the 2013 presidents cup. early morning just outside columbus, ohio, in a competition which started back in 1994 and a competition which has been dominated by the united states winning seven of the first nine presidents cup. first two days featured a couple of weather


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