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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  October 9, 2013 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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compromised a lot. and you know, this isn't a game of chicken. "news4 at 11:00" starts now. >> government showdown in its ninth day now. tonight, a deal to end a national embarrassment. charity has stepped to take the government's place to pay the death benefits to family members of military troops killed overseas. house speaker john boehner sat down with minority leader nancy pelosi for 45 minutes today. neither side reported any progress. tonight you'll hear what president obama says about the gridlock on capitol hill, but first, a look at how this budget standoff is impacting people's lives and their health. jackie bensen is live to tell us why hospital emergency rooms could soon be full of thousands of extra patients. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, the district's second largest low-income health care clinic says it may have to close its doors if the stalemate on
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capitol hill continues. mary's center and its clinic in mt. pleasant have been part of the community for decades. most of its 30,000 patients don't have private health insurance. half of them are enrolled in medicaid, so the federal government rei'm burrses mary's center for the care. but that money has been frozen by the government shutdown. >> many of our clients already have been told not to come back to work. they work in restaurants, they work in delis, so the food path is coming through the city is not there for them. so they're going to be losing their jobs. many of those patients are uninsured. >> reporter: the clinic is often filled with parents seeking medical care for their children. >> many people who have children here, they really need this kind of place. >> they're really into the community and they want to make sure that everybody that comes here feels like a part of it. >> reporter: if the nearly $600,000 due from the federal government is not received by october 18th the clinic staff won't get paychecks and patients
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will be left with very few options. >> if they close the doors the emergency room is going to be used for earaches, it's going to be used for stomachaches. >> reporter: mary's center is trying to line up a loan to cover its cost but it takes time which is fast running out. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. tonight lawmakers are contending with a potential economic crisis. the debt ceiling needs to be raised by next thursday or the government will default on its debt. in an exclusive interview with president obama, i asked him about that and about whether there's any hope to ending the gridlock on capitol hill soon. >> you've described the possibility of the government defaulting as catastrophic. >> yeah. >> right now some republicans seem to be downplaying the possible effects of that. how worried are you about the effect all this will have on the financial markets? >> i don't know where they're getting that analysis because
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there isn't a businessperson or financial expert or economist who agrees. they think this would be a devastating goal that would have long lasting effects. >> while this is happening a lot of people are struggling. >> right. >> and suffering. >> right. >> where is the hope for compromise? >> well, keep in mind that the democrats have already compromised a lot. this isn't a game of chicken. you know, there are people being impacted as you said, every day. and obviously in the d.c. metro region people are effected that much more. >> to see our entire interview with president obama head to our website new tonight, a spokesman for senator harry reid says there's nothing more to say about a dispute with d.c. mayor vincent gray. our camera recorded the exchange today. >> i'm on your side. don't screw it up, okay? i'm on your side. >> this started when gray left his capitol hill news conference and walked in to reid's standing right next to him.
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gray then questioned reid on support for allowing d.c. to spend its own tax money during the shutdown. that's when reid made his comments and walked away. d.c. delegate to congressman stepped in claiming reid was not upset about what happened. gray said he doesn't know what reid meant. to our weather now. a nor'easter moving up the coast. the system has dufred several inches of rain down in norfolk. doug, what can we expect out of all of this? >> the one thing we can expect is more rain as we move on through the next couple of days. storm team 4 radar right now, one thing you notice we've got dry patches across the area. rain is still going on. most on the light side as we've been talking about. leesburg, frederick all coming in on the light side. heavier rain around fredericksburg. the winds have shifted out of the north. meaning that we're getting dryer air. the winds are going to shift back to the north and east and heavier rain along the eastern shore will come our way. as we move through the evening, we expect to see the heavier
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rain. how much rain can we expect right on through the next 24 hours? well, some areas may be one to two inches more of rain than we've already seen. i think this is going to continue not only for the next two or three days but maybe the next five or six. a young girl in charm county, maryland, says she's being taunting and teased after stepping on the scale in gym class. students get weighed as part of that county's physical education program. but as erika gonzales reports, that girl says it's causing her severe self-esteem issues. >> and it just started getting worse and worse. >> reporter: 12-year-old savannah says she's tormented by girls at her middle school. this after having to get on a scale for her gym class. >> they say i'm fat and that i should stop eating and i need to lose weight. >> reporter: so much, in fact, she says she's not eating much and has contemplated taking her own life. >> i figured that if i wasn't here they really didn't have a reason to be mean. >> reporter: in her pe class, savannah and other students are
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weighed and tested on their physical fitness. >> if you have a charles county student, between third grade and up, you are -- you do get on a scale. >> reporter: charles county public school says this fitness program has been part of the state of maryland's curriculum for years. >> we want to produce physically literate children into adulthood. >> reporter: milton summers is where savannah goes to middle school. while she says her teacher pulls her and the other students aside in order to check her weight, her height, and her body mass index, she says that doesn't mean that the other students don't find out about it. >> she projects her voice very loudly so you can hear her. >> reporter: meanwhile, the county says parents can opt out of the fitness exam without it affecting their student's grade. >> the purpose of physical education is physical education. >> reporter: in charles county, maryland, erika gonzales, news4. neighbors are on alert after thieves break into homes stealing thousands of dollars worth of jewelry and silverware.
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jim handly has the details on this from our live desk. jim? >> doreen, tonight neighbors in this quiet community in western leesburg tell us they are taking precautions now after burglars made off with about $87,000 worth of valuables. we're just getting a look at what was taken. antique china, jewelry, silverware, and stolen from at least two homes. the first incident was reported last month. a resident tells us someone got inside through an unlocked door. another incident occurred last thursday just two miles away, again someone entered through an unlocked door and made off with valuables. >> lock my doorss a lot more, on our cars, just watching our actions. >> it concerns me greatly. it's a quiet, safe neighborhood. >> we're also learning tonight these incidents are just two in a series of burglarieses in that neighborhood. police are asking anyone who may have seen something to call detectives. at the live desk, i'm jim handly. >> thanks, jim.
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new tonight, the man who opened fire on a courthouse in west virginia was a retired police officer. the mayor of wheeling, west virginia, says the man was a 20-year veteran of the force and retired 13 years ago. u.s. marshall says the gunman fired up to 25 rounds at the court building today before security officers shot him. one person was injured by shattered glass. that gunman died later at the hospital. tonight a warning from police after a series of bump and run carjackings. there have been several incidents over the past couple of weeks in d.c. this morning the suspects struck again but this time it was a different outcome. were respoke to that woman, her name was mary walker jones. she was on her way driving to work. she stopped at the stop sign here northeast 7th street and l street. suddenly she tells us a black acura bumped her from behind. she got out to look at the
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damage. a passenger in that acura stepped out of the car and tried to carjack her. mary walker jones says, not so fast. she then jumps in her car trying to grab her purse. that's when the alleged carjacker gets spooked, hops back into acura, and they speed away. mary walker jones tells me that tonights she's relieved to have her car but she's still shaken up. >> why didn't you just let them drive off? >> well, because i was really actually thinking that i needed to get my purse out of the car. and when the little -- little guy that was carjacking me got out of his car to come and ask me, you know, was i okay, you know, i looked at him and he looked at me like 13 years old. and so -- he was smaller than me. and so when he took off and ran to my car, i was like, oh, my god, you know, he's going to take my car. >> reporter: now, this is one of several bump and run carjackings in the district. police are investigating and they believe that they are
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possibly all related. live here in northeast d.c., shomari stone, news4. new questions over virginia guber toial candidate terry mcauliffe. joseph caramadre pleat it guilty in 2012 to stealing the identities of terminally ill people. he bought death benefits and collected when they died. an indictment released today in a federal fraud case against caramadre alleges that mcauliffe lied to a federal official investigating that businessman. he was one of many investors who profited from the scheme. mcauliffe said he had no idea about the allegations. he has not been charged in the case. mcauliffe and his campaign are donating the $74,000 of investment profits to charity. republican rival cuccinelli called it another chample of mcauliffe doing business with, quote, highly dubious individuals. coming up tonight, details behind a dramatic rescue to get
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rioters back on the ground. plus, a news4 i team investigation on a disturbing trend. why old drugs are making a comeback and the deadly consequences. keep one of our iconic landmarks clean.
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ten people stuck high up in the air for more than an hour tonight. they were on a roller coaster down in or land do and all of sudden the thing just stopped. it's called the rip wide rocket.
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it's at universal studios. it was stuck just before they reached the top of the first hill. the fire department down there helped get the riders off. nobody injured. also tonight, new dangers from old drugs. government health records obtained by the news4 i team show a lethal spike in drugs from generations ago. >> scott reports nows there's fear those drugs have become too cheap and too easy to find. >> reporter: mike gym bell grew up during woodstock when lsd was popular and fashionable. lsd was just one of his addictions. >> drug made me an animal. it made me someone else. >> reporter: heroin, too. >> you had your own parents' house robbed for money. >> oh, yeah, yeah, oh, sure. that was the, you know, whatever, jewelry, silver. it didn't matter. whatever it took. >> reporter: two generations later he says he's seeing a comeback of these drugs in maryland. >> it's actually one of my husband's favorite pictures of him.
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>> reporter: tony says she remembers the moment when she learned her son who long struggled with addiction had experimented with something new. >> then he used that word heroin for the first time. >> reporter: she and her family found dan in his bedroom in baltimore county. >> my oldest boy was -- tried to give him -- was giving him cpr and i was calling 911. went to the hospital and the doctor came in and said that, you know, there was nothing they could do. i tried to scream and nothing came out of my mouth. and i just watched my sons just crumble. >> reporter: after hearing the story the news4 i-team found a surge in the use of and deaths from these old drugs. heroin deaths in northern virginia jumping from 9 to 22 in one year. in maryland, heroin deaths surging statewide from 245 to 378 in 2012. inside the maryland state police drug lab investigators say the increase is unmistakablunmistak
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>> marijuana still is number one drug but heroin is definitely number two. >> sharp increase. >> yes, a sharp increase. >> reporter: maryland state health department records on drug overdoses say the spike in prices for pills for prescription drug addicts is fuelling the shift to heroin and other old drugs. he says heroin prices plummeted because supply has spiked. death from methadone also rising from 103 to 117 in virginia in one year, according to common wealth medical examiner reports the news4, i team reports. lsd use is up nationwide. tony says her son's addiction was at first invisible. >> can you believe he was able to hide this? >> he did it for a while. hid it for a long time. he was -- he became a functional addict. >> maryland's governor's office the state has increased drug treatment, 20,000 more people getting treatment from the state
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in 2012 than did in 2009. and the governor himself says, quote, we're losing more people to heroin than to homicide. scott mcfarland, news4 i-team. doug is here with a look at our weather and this rain is going to be with us for a while, huh? >> it is. and i think it's going to be with us overnight and some of the biggest rain i think will come early tomorrow morning. that's going to effect rush hour tomorrow. probably going to need extra time when you step out the door. look outside right now. we'll take you out towards union station. the flag is blowing in the wind. winds at five to ten miles an hour at union station, downtown. closer to the water and out there towards the river, rain continues to fall across much of the area. so if the rain has become on the lighter side and even seen some dryer spots. winds have shifted more out of the north, winds are going to shift back to the north east with this batch right here. seeing the winds out of the northeast in cambridge, upwards of 20 to 30 miles per hour. as you can see here, as we widen
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on in or actually zoom on in to parts of the area, that's what we're looking at around washington and waldorf and we're going to continue to see that making its way toward the north and east. here's that dry slot. here's the really heavy rain just on the other side of the chesapeake. that's going to continue to make its way towards the north and west. the center of circulation is down here toward the south. here comes that big bulk of rain with that moisture coming right off the atlantic ocean. area of low pressure interacting with an area of high pressure. it's not going to move a whole lot. this is a blocking pattern. east to northeasterly flow will continue. the rain, the wind will continue. this is tomorrow afternoon at 5:00. most of the heavy rain up toward the north. tomorrow afternoon, i think a little bit lighter. and then it moves farther north during the day on friday. still seeing the shower activities. we're not talking heavy, heavy rain here. we're not talking super-duper winds but it's going to be more of a nuisance type storm but it's going to rain a lot. 57, the current temperature.
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winds out of the north at 17 miles an hour at the airport. take a look at the wind gusts. these are future wind gusts through tomorrow around 8:00. 34 in washington. 30 miles an hour. notice right along the chesapeake, this is always the area that gets these coastal storms the most. we're talking 44 miles an hour in annapolis and steady rab and heavy at times. inch and a half to 2 1/2 inches with coastal flooding. this will minor coastal flooding. winds gusting 30 to 40 miles an hour. towards i-95 corridor you can expect this, around manassas and fairfax, one two to two inches. minor tidal flooding along the potomac. not too worried about that. rain is steady but periods of rain and winds gusting 20 to 30 miles an hour. no trees down but it is going to be a nuisance for you if you're out and about during the day tomorrow. one thing you will neat, the umbrellas and rain jakckets wil be a necessity. through the day on friday and probably saturday. saturday shs not a lot of heavy rain. same deal for sunday.
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30% chance of rain. highs only in the 50s and 60s over the next few days. i do think we will start to dry out a little bit coming up on monday and tuesday. we're still talking a chance of rain on monday. and that may even include next wednesday, too. so only one day of the next seven looks to be dry for the most part. >> sounds soggy. >> soggy. that's a good word for it. >> thanks. >> thanks. sports coming up next. sports coming up next. rg3 says he's feeling
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february, 2013. a landmark transportation bill is up for consideration. even though it's backed by republican governor mcdonnell... ken cuccinelli joins tea party republicans to block the plan. but terry mcauliffe believes it's time to break through the gridlock in richmond. mcauliffe presses democrats to support the bill. and the bill passes. terry mcauliffe. putting virginia first. "i'm terry mcauliffe, candidate for governor, and i sponsored this ad."
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i told you we were going to
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win this game. how do you feel about it? >> you in your dreams. i hope you dream i win the lotto. >> that's a good dream. >> i just dream football. >> me, too. me, too. >> actually not, but go ahead. >> washington and dallas have been rivals for 53 years. there have been countless important games, but some would argue this is a must win for both teams. the skins want to prove their win over the raiders wasn't just a fluke and the cowboys are trying to validate their owner's claim they are super bowl conte contender. good news for the skins, they're well rested and most importantly, healthy. alfred morris was forced to the sidelines with bruised ribs in the win against the raiders but the bye week has done him some good. he says all is well and he'll play against dallas sunday. the second year running back not the only one returning from the bye with a new sense of purpose. shaky start this season, rg3 says it's time to get back to being himself. >> every guy has got to look in the mirror and say what can he do better?
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that's the message coach gave us and that's the message we have to take on. look at yourself in the mirror and say what can i do better to help this team win. for me in general it's just going out and being the playmaker they need me to be. >> at the end of the day you're 1-3. look at what you did well and what you did poorly. and we worked at least the last couple of days on things we did poorly. so we can win a few more games. this is a strechl. you've got to start playing the best football now. whatever stat you do have, they don't mean anything right now, but you want to start playing good football and hopefully we can do that. >> they keep saying this is a new story for them now. of course you can catch the game right here on nbc 4. it begins at 7:00. kickoff is scheduled for 8:30. so the redskins want to play their best football right now, meanwhile the best baseball is happening right now. the pittsburgh pirates have become the nation's underdog. the secinderella story. people are cheering for them, even here in d.c. that have no reason to be fans except to root
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for a team that hasn't gone to the dance in over two decades. tonight iwas the big ball. game five against the st. louis cardinals. busch stadium. check out the desi beliecible m there. he rips it into the bullpen. freeze clutch in october. cards pitcher adam wainwright. when they did hit it, this is what happened. diving stop to take a hit away from neil walker. look, almost. wainwright struck out six. bottom eight now. now 3-1. matt adams. deep inside the stand. into the stands in right. another two-run shot. his first post-season home run. cards lead it 5-1. finally, top nine. wainwright going for the complete game. he's got two men on. two strike, alvarez.
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that's the game. one run allowed on eight hits. cards now 8-1
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a man down in south carolina is getting national attention tonight for helping spruce up a d.c. landmark even though the government is shut down. this photograph was taken today and posted on twitter. it quickly went viral. he is carrying a south carolina flag as he mows along behind the
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lincoln memorial. he said he felt obligated to clean up the d.c. monuments while they wer when our little girl was born, we got a subaru. it's where she said her first word. (little girl) no! saw her first day of school. (little girl) bye bye! made a best friend forever. the back seat of my subaru is where she grew up. what? (announcer) the two-thousand-fourteen
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subaru forester. (girl) what? (announcer) built to be there for your family. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru.
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for the first time ever, i am supporting a democrat for governor. i am proud to support terry mcauliffe because he's focused on creating jobs for the commonwealth. i hope you'll join me and vote for terry mcauliffe for governor. >> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes comedian whitney cummings. cooking with ann romney. the music of lissie. and products that should never merge. and now, jay leno! [ cheers and applause ]
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♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> jay: thank you very much. thank you. thank you. welcome. welcome to "the tonight show." well, folks, the stalemate continues.


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