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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 22, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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here's what's coming up on "early today." 50 years ago today the united states changed forever as
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president john f. kennedy was cut down in the prime of his life and service. plus some airlines are saying no way, others are welcoming the change. the senate adopts the nuclear option thrilling the president. and using play time to encourage girls to become engineers. "early today" starts right now. this is "early today" for friday, november 22. good morning. i'm mara schiavocampo. 50 years ago the nation lost its 35th president when john f. kennedy was struck down by an assassin's bullet. jackie kennedy to steal the spot light among the excited crowds. brian williamsrt
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>> reporter: at the third texas stop in fort worth even though it was late and raining people lined the streets to see them. the kennedy's spent their last night together at hotel texas. the next morning the president emerged to greet a crowd of 5,000 outside. >> i appreciate you being here this morning. mrs. kennedy is organizing herself. >> reporter: and when she appeared mrs. kennedy made a stunning entrance wearing the now-famous pink chanel suit, white gloves. >> i am the man who accompanied mrs. kennedy to paris. i am getting somewhat that same sensation around texas. nobody wonders whathnson and i
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>> reporter: the hat industry complained he was turning other men against it. that day he was given a statset. >> i can't let you leave fort worth providing you some protection against the rain. >> i'll put it on in the white house on monday. if you come up there you will have a chance to see it then. >> reporter: the last flight from fort worth to dallas took 13 minutes and the first couple emerged into bright sunshine. the crowds were big and the president and first lady headed to the fence line to shake as many hands as possible.
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from there it was on to an open car and his drive into downtown dallas where history was waiting ten miles away. >> that was brian williams reporting. that moment in history is forever captured in an iconic picture. zapruder filmed the motorcade. it stands out as one of the most important piece of evidence. the scene captures the detail. perhaps no other city feels it more strongly than dallas. today is the first time the city officially marks the day of the assassination. ter: the images of
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memories still echo from dealey plaza. >> john f. kennedy died at approximately 1:00 central standard time today here in dallas. >> reporter: the shock and pain from one of america's darkest moments a half century later is yet to fade. >> i was 13 when he was assassinated. i know exactly where i was the minute he was shot. it changed my outlook on the world. i was stunned. >> reporter: specifically dallas, texas. >> dallas was known throughout the world after the assassination by this stigma. >> reporter: the events of the day still haunt the city. the texas school book depository where the deadly shots were fired, parkland hospital where john f. kennedy was rushed after the attack and where our nation
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learned our president was dead. >> and when i heard the shots i thought some idiot fired the shots as a demonstration. it was inconceivable to me that the shots would have been directed at kennedy. >> reporter: a reporter found himself in the middle of a story that would change the country forever. >> it usherered in, opened the door to all of the nightmarish things that seized the country by the throat for the rest of the decade of the 60s. >> reporter: and now still seems to have a hold on the nation's heart and soul. jay gray, nbc news, dallas. >> after the fateful day came the funeral. one of the memories was the riderless horse. a young soldier was assigned to lead him that day.
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>> when i started working with blackjack he was a middle aged horse. i think he was about 16 and calm, knew his job. when he was a young horse when he first got there he was wild and very controllable. he was starting to dance, starting to throw his head. i said i don't know what is wrong with this horse but i am in big trouble. >> he said he did everything to control the horse. he said there was an upside to the wildness, no one tried to crowd the procession. as you heard people were in shock then, as well. >> i feel like i missed out on that whole thing, the whole camelot, the ora of it. it wasn't our generation's thing. that is why i like today because i learn. >> and seeing images i have never seen before so it
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switching gears to amazing surveillance video to sunday's violent storms in the midwest. keep an eye on the wood frame house across the street. the video shows the tornado blowing it away in a matter of seconds. officials believe a total of 1,500 homes were lost in one day's worth of violent weather across from 12 states. for more on the weather bill karins is here. the power of a tornado never ceases to amaze me. >> how strong of a tornado to make the house be gone. the blue car drives up and turns around and barely gets out of the way of the twister. we have a lot of active weather right now and this weekend. we have snow, freezing rain, cold temperatures plunging down. it is 30 in oklahoma city. that cold air is heading south. we have a lot of wint weather
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on the map. we have a light band of snow through areas of wisconsin. we have rain through texas and into louisiana. we have a lot of heavy rain in spots where we usually don't get it. phoenix, arizona had a half inch of rain overnight. here is the forecast. we have the desert flooding to deal with. we have the freezing drizzle and arctic air. a whole complex of stuff across the country and that means travel delays. that's your national forecast. here's a look at the weather outside your window. today ahead of the cold front we could see a few thunderstorms that includes areas of louisiana. we will watch new orleans with that. colorado light snow possibly. and one of the other things getting buzz, it looks like a possibility on wednesday of next week, the busiest travel
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the year a major rain storm going up the east coast. >> that is not good for travellers. mother nature is not cooperating. the senate goes nuclear and president obama is thrilled. and the new trend to use instagr instagram. plus, x box one hits shelves friday.
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welcome back. with a single vote on thursday democrats change the senate rules in a way not seen in almost 200 years. senator harry reid called for a vote to end the minority party's rule for nominees. the rule passed. 14-year-old chism has been indicted on murder, rape and robbery charges in the death of
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colleen ritzer. reverend billy graham was released from the hospital on thursday after a two-day stent for respiratory problems. apparently instagram isn't just for posting selfies. more and more people are using the app to buy and sell guns. authorities worry about potential legal loopholes. the fcc on the verge of making air travel better or use. the use of cell phones is being reviewed. while some will enjoy the connectivities others will not be able to stand it. >> no. we have done surveys and by far passengers do not want that. passengers do not want cell phones and i can promise flight attendants don't either. turning to business. the dow jones above the 16,000
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market for the first time in history. wal-mart plans to match amazon's free shipping deals during the holidays. customers who spend $35 or more they get free shipping. this friday it is microsoft's turn. sony play station sold a million consoles in the first hour. we'll see if x box does, too. macy's is wasting no time as crowds gathered to check out their famed holiday window displays. and this ad is getting a ton of attention. it promotes toys that encourage young girls to become engineers. coming up after the break richard lui has the sports highlights including a touchdown celebrationt that caused a goal post to get a little cockeyed. the
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50 years since the assassination of president john f. kennedy tom brocaw looks back at that day. time forpo richard
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lui. >> good friday. it was a no-show for a-rod. his attorneys did show for the final day of his appeal of the 211 game suspension. an arbitrator will decide by january. meanwhile alex rodriguez could sue baseball. saints jimmy graham, a former college basketball player dunking on the goal coach. it tilts left. the grounds crew grumables. new orleans wins 17-13 in a squeaker. used to play with action figures as a kid. now calvin johnson nicknamed mega tron gets his own action figure. it is not any other action figure. it is a transformer. >> does it transform into the shoe? >> it is a three-item package. thursday college football.
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central florida did not need typical game to beat rutgers 41-17. college hoops. new mexico against alabama birmingham to overtime. another three sends it is double ot. lobos win. in nhl columbus on a power play. calgary loses 2-1. the dallas mavericks wanted to pump up fans so they released a video of the incredible hulk for their game against houston. the mavs pull out a comeback win over the rockets. did you see that movie? >> i did not. inside nba hosts running around t shaquille o'neil slipp
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>> that's a big fall. shaq getting a couple of chuckles. for the second time this weekend oklahoma thunder fans another $20,000 half court shot. fifth one this year. got a handshake from jay-z, too. >> you know what would be worth $20,000? if he got to shake e's hand. >> happy friday. just ahead monty python's gift to the world and mtv hands the key to the channel to miley cyrus.
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front for you as we go throughout the next three days. today it shows up in the northern plains. by the time we get to saturday the arctic front blasts through minneapolis. look at chicago. 30 for a high, windy and cold. a lot of snow showers. and then by the time we get to sunday you wake up sunday morning to big changes on the east coast. 32 for a high in new york. that is going to be it. >> yieks. >> it is a big day today, bill. do you know why? >> is this a hunr games.
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the new installment was almost not available. "catching fire" almost received an r rating. producers removed the error. at a press conference yesterday the monty python comedy group announced a show in london. look at that blaze. the fire was due to the electrical shortagter n explosi a judge has found amanda bines mentally competent. jackman encourages all fans to get screened after his
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carcinoma. miley cyrus taking over mtv for her birthday. the channel devoted to miley and the shows she loves for 24 hours. >> not 24 hours of just her. >> she is like a curator. i'm mara schiavocampo. this is "early today." we hope this is just your first stop of the day on nbc.
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right now on "news 4 today," a frant aic search for survivors in eastern europe after a
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grocery store ceiling collapses on shoppers. plus, remembering that fateful day. the tributes planned here in the district and in dallas as our nation marks the 50th anniversary of president john f. kennedy's assassination. 4:26. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. a more mild start to your day with morning temperatures above freezing for the first time in a couple of days, but a line of showers is rolling into our region. >> it's what's behind that rain that could impact your weekend plans, though. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here with the big changes you'll see throughout the day. good morning, tom. good morning. a milder start this morning. storm team 4 radar is showing a few sprinkles right along the pennsylvania border. we've had a few passing south of washington near the mouth of the tidal potomac. getting a few sprinkles north of frederick, maryland. that's going to be tracking right along the pennsylvania border. elsewhere we have a lot of clouds around starting off this
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our temperatures are generally in the mid-40s now in prince george's county, montgomery, fairfax county. in the dk it can dk we're in the upper 40s. upper 40s near 50 right now, right near the chesapeake bay. alexandria, arlington, falls church mid-40s. now let's check the friday morning early traffic. any problems, danella? yes, tom. unfortunately, tracking a disabled tractor-trailer. traveling i-95 southbound this morning, route 1 in woodbridge, you're going to see a left lane and center lane blocked by the tract tractor-trailer that's in the roadway. so folks are getting by single file to the right, but they are waiting on heavy duty tow truck to come and tow the car out of the roadway. for now tying up the left side of the roadway. good news traveling the inner loop at vandorn, just watching this earlier work zone here also in the left lane but it's clear so inner loop and outer loop no ib use. back at 4:31. thank you.ppeance for a man
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accused of shooting four people. victor coley has been in jail in d.c. since his arrest earlier this month. he apparently got into an argument with a man. police say he went back to his apartment, grabbed his gun, and fired it to a crowd at a bus stop. one man was shot the in the head and chest. coley is charged with four counts of assault with the intent to kill. gaithersburg police are in the middle of a manhunt this morning. yesterday afternoon officers found a man shot to death in front of an apartment building near north summit drive and park avenue. this is less than a mile from gaithersburg elementary school. parents anxiously waited for their children as the school was put on lockdown for more than two and a half hours while police looked are for the shooters. area res tents are concerned that these two men are still on the loose. >> i'm a little worried because it's right here. >> worried.


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