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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 22, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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accused of shooting four people. victor coley has been in jail in d.c. since his arrest earlier this month. he apparently got into an argument with a man. police say he went back to his apartment, grabbed his gun, and fired it to a crowd at a bus stop. one man was shot the in the head and chest. coley is charged with four counts of assault with the intent to kill. gaithersburg police are in the middle of a manhunt this morning. yesterday afternoon officers found a man shot to death in front of an apartment building near north summit drive and park avenue. this is less than a mile from gaithersburg elementary school. parents anxiously waited for their children as the school was put on lockdown for more than two and a half hours while police looked are for the shooters. area res tents are concerned that these two men are still on the loose. >> i'm a little worried because it's right here. >> worried.
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>> at this time police have not told news 4 of any suspects or leads from this crime. the name of the victim is also being kept from the public as police are having issues contacting the victim's family. caught on camera, police are using this footage of a brutal beating in northwest to help them find the people responsible. take a look and you can see two men kicking and hitting someone laying on the sidewalk. the attack happened near medstar washington hospital center last saturday. police are offering a $10,000 rewardtion leading to an arrest in the case. the virginia state senator who is in the hospital recovering from serious stab wounds is in good condition. students at the university of virginia and the charlottesville community held a vigil for senator creigh deeds on campus. they signed a poster to be delivered to him. medics air leaded deeds there on tuesday. police believe the 24-year-old son, gus, stabbed him in their home and then killed himself. it is time to get another check of the forecast. it does feel milder now. we'll have big changes coming up. >> let's check in with tom
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kierein. winter will be arriving by the end of the weekend but today kind of a balmy day comparatively. right now it's in the mid-40s much of the region. a lot of clouds around. we'll stay cloudy through the day. might have a little sunshine in and out later this morning. and then by noontime in the upper 50s. we'll be hovering right near 60 degrees by early in the afternoon. mid to late afternoon may get a few passing light showers coming through. those may continue off and on into tonight. but ending, i think, by dawn tomorrow. and as we look at temperatures as you head out the door this morning, in the mid to upper 40s around the metro area near the bay. out of the mountains it's in the mid-40s and throughout much of the region we are going to have just a few passing sprinkles this morning, mainly north of the metro area. right now we are getting a few sprinkles of light rain near hagerstown and north of frederick, maryland. these are tracking east right along the pennsylvania border. now, danella, how is our friday
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morning traffic? well, tom, around the beltway that's where it's nice and clear, but i-95, folks traveling southbound this morning still seeing the broken down tractor-trailer here tying up the left side of the roadway. cars are getting by. again, just single file to the right. you can see the flares are still out. over to 395 northbound between duke and seminary. you can see here cones are still up and so, again, the construction here has the right side of the roadway getting by. left side is blocked. taking hov, nice and clear. 395 southbound nice and clear as well. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. >> we'll see you then. danella, thank you. news 4's molette green is following breaking news from the live desk. eun, good morning. we're following a horrible scene out of latvia. the certificasearch continues f survivors buried in debris after a grocery store roof collapsed. at least 26 people died in this disaster in the country's capital when 5,200 square feat of this roof came crashing down. this happened during the busy evening shopping rush hour. among the dead, three
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firefighte firefighters. 36 people suffered injuries and had to be taken to the hospital and many were pulled from the rubble after large sections of the store's high walls and nearly all its front windowses were destroyed. officials ruled out terrorism or natural disaster. they're focusing on construction related violations. i'm molette green at the live desk. back to you. 4:32 is your time right now and this morning thousands are making their way through downtown dallas to mark the 50th anniversary of president john f. k kennedy's death. the site of that horrific scene will be the center of the event. readings of kennedy's speeches and a performance by the naval academy men's glee club. bells will toll to mark the exact moment kennedy was shot. this is actually the first time the city of dallas is officially observing the anniversary. d.c. is one of many cities across the country that has events planned today to celebrate jfk's life and to mark his untimely death.
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president obama has declared it a day of remembrance and that all flags be flown at half-staff. there will be a ceremony at jfk's gravesite in arlington national cemetery this morning. military leaders, ambassadors, and jfk's sister, jean kennedy smith, will lay a wreath at the eternal flame. if you're looking for are a way to honor jfk's legacy, the newseum has a full day of event. they will screen several documentaries on his presidency and death, also panel discussions about his death, and fwalry talks about two exhibits dedicateded to jfk. then around 1:30 news footage from 50 years ago today will be shown at the exact moment the shots were fired. and news 4's wendy rieger is in dallas for us today to cover every moment of the remembrance events. she will join us live from deal y plaza.
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ex morgploring new ways to together on security issues. we expect another republican to enter the race. larry hogan is expected to announce in annapolis for change maryland. hogan served in former governor erlich's administration. three other republicans are already running for the nomination. david craig, ron george, and businessman charles lawler. a murder case centered around a victim who blinked to identify his killer will be back in court today. defense attorneys want a judge to review the bond conditions for jermaine hailes. this all goes back to a 2010 shooting in capitol heights that left melvin pate paralyzed. earlier this month a judge ruled that video could not be used as evidence in the trial. some neighbors are pressing police for answers this morning
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worried there is a killer on the run. ron kirby was shot to death in his home on elm street more than a week ago. immediately after the shooting police say there was no danger to others. but with no arrest and investigato investigators, they are worried. >> maybe not like a random burglary but i don't know. maybe it was. >> the chief says it's still early in the investigation and leads are very important to the case right now. a big day for prince george's county with a major new outlet mall set to open in less than five hours, but getting to the big grand opening could be frustrating. also ahead, the seats are cramped and you no longer get a meal but could peace and quiet be the next thing on the way out when you fly? the push to unlock phone restrictions on flats. and this line of showers is not the only thing that will have an impact on your weekend plans. the changes throughout the day.
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welcome back at 4:39. while you watch you tv, it could be watching you. lg electronics is investigating a claim some smart tvs bounce back personal information on home viewing habits. the allegations started after a 45-year-old british man said his tv was logging the channels he watched presumably for the
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company even after he turned off a tracking feature. in a statement lg said customer privacy is the company's top priority. possible good news for avid texters. at&t, sprint, and t-mobile will stop charging for premium texting services. those are the texts that allow you to vote during a show, send you weather alerts, or give you the opportunity to donate to charity. the attorney jgenerals from 45 states work together to stop those party charges but there is no word on when those charges may stop. well, looks like peace and quiet on a plane could be going the way of the in-flight meal as the federal communications administration is considering easing restrictions on cell phones. it would allow people to talk on their phones during air travel as long as the flight is cruising above 10,000 feet similar to rules in europe. the proposal would give passengers the chance to send e-mails, text messages, and download data as well. the idea will be proposed at the commission's meeting december 12. >> this is causing a lot of
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debate whether or not you want to hear someone else's conversation, how loud are you speaking on the cell phone. >> that's the thing. on amtrak people will lean over and sort of whisper in their phones. that's fine. then you have the loud talker having a full-on conversation. >> we've had some loud talkers without the cell phone. >> we've been told to stop talking about this. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. >> starting off this morning we have some low clouds passing over the region, don't have any rain here but right along the pennsylvania border there is some cloudy 47 at reagan national. 40s through 8:00. mostly cloudy. a little peek of sun midday and it'll be in the upper 50s by noontime. then during the afternoon about a 40% chance of a passing sprinkle. we're getting those along the pennsylvania border, now passing well north of the metro area. and coming up in ten minutes a look at the cold blast for the weekend, when it arrives. the danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. still clear traveling along i-270 heading up there right
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now. e trip from frederic may maryland, clear. of as you make the commute through germantown, passing germantown road heading to the beltway in both directions, no accidents to it report. now on the beltway itself traveling the inner lap and outer loop from i-270 heading to the american legion bridge, lapping around to the wilson bridge, travel lanes are open. aaron and eun? thank you, danella. trying to be clever in the hopes of saving a few bucks. why breaking the rules could come with a criminal record. and we're watching the roads for you with tens of thousands of shoppers expected to descend on the new outlet mall. the problem that could make
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welcome back at 4:44. grand opening today comes just in time for the holidays. the new tanger outlets begin business in just a few hours. getting to the stores could be tricky. you've probably seen the
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construction jusoroff the beltw. megan mcgrath joins us live from the tanger outlets. >> reporter: i came in from northwest washington. i got a little turned around. this is a new traffic pattern for me as it will be for a lot of folks who come out here today. there is some sign aage but not lot of it. harbor view road, also the main entrance off oxon hill road. you can see off in the distance we do have an electronic sign here so they have some signage directing people around but there is going to be a learning curve here. and we are expecting a big crowd this morning. 20,000 people are expected to come here and start shopping today. they open their doors at 9:00 a.m. that, of course, is just at the end of the rush hour. a lot of folks are going it to be getting here using the
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beltway, so we a traffic delays in the area as people head out to check out all the new shops at the tanger outlet. now if you are coming by the beltway, keep in mind that the access to the outyou lets you're going to have to get on to those local roads, or the local exits, so do not take the thru lanes on the beltway or else you're going to miss the exit. you're going to have to pass it, turn around and weave around so that's something to certainly keep in mind. now we, of course, are going to be monitoring the traffic situation all morning long. first 4 traffic, danella, will be on top of it. take a look at our twitter account. i'll provide updates throughout the morning as well but a lot of excitement about the opening of these outlets. they officially open at 9:00 a.m. but we could start seeing traffic delays and people showing up even earlier than that. back to you in the studio. we'll check in with you in a b bit. thank you. the new tanger outlets should be big business for prince george's county. we broke it down by the numbers. they expect 20,000 people to
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expect square feet of shopping. there are more than 80 stores including a new h&m, and a nike factory outlet store. all that shopping is expected to generate more than $6 million in tax revenue for prince george's cou county. 4:46. news 4's molette green following breaking news from the live desk. that's right, aaron. d.c. police are investigating a deadly shooting in the district. they say a woman has died after she was shot in the 4900 block of "g" street in southeast d.c. when they got to the scene about midnight, they found the woman there suffering from the gunshot wound. she was taken to a hospital and later pronounced dead. no suspects or motive yet early on in this investigation. that's the latest now back to you. later today we may learn more about the chews that led police to arrest this teenager for killing a popular teacher in massachusetts. yesterday 14-year-old philip chism was indicted for first-degree murder, aggravated
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rape and armed robbery. prosecutors say chism's algebra teacher tried to talk to him about a test. they say chism attacked and killed her and then dumped her body in the woods behind the school. prosecutors are pushing for chism to be tried as an adult. new york congresswoman grace ming says the knockout game may be the reason she was punched in the head earlier this week according to "u.s. news & world report." someone held her up at 8 and e street, not far from the metro station. the thief took off with her bag. she is okay. the knockout game is when you punch a passerby in the head with as much force as you can. the goal is to make the person lose consciousness with one punch. this morning more parents are stepping forward and speaking out against a woodbridge daycare center. last week news 4 told you about two workers at minnieland academy fired for allegedly abusing the children, accused of stepping on children's toes,
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spr spraying them with full pressure hoseses, even dipping them in wading pools. now we're hearing from the owners of that daycare facility. >> a few former staff members recently defensemmonstred some unaccept nl behavior. upon learning of the situation, authorities and terminated all staff involved. >> parents we spoke to are contemplating legal action but they can't say for sure if their children were direct victims of the abuse. news 4's molette green following some more breaking news from the live desk. aaron, we're following a fiery scene in china. take a look at these pictures. you can see large amounts of black smoke and chattered concrete slabs. this is the aftermath of an oil pipe explosion it at the k country's largest oil refiner in an eastern port city. it happened when workers were making repairs to a ruptured pipe. 22 people were killed in the blast. many others injured. what made it even scarier for folks there, there is a shopping mall nearby. authorities there have ruled out
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t terrorism as they continue to investigate how this happened. molette green it at the live desk. back to you now. today a glimpse of what underground parking could be like at the national mall. a group teamed up to design a potential project. this underground parking garage would have enough spaces for 1,000 cars and buses and sit under the mall's turf grass. it would also house a water protection facility that could collect rain watt thor for mall irrigation. right now this is just an eidea laid out in an exhibit. you can see it are for your seven at 11:00 at connecticut avenue and k streets in northwest. concerns are once again being raised about the design of a memorial to dwight eisenhower. they say they object to the towering columns and large metal taps tries that are part of the design. the commission raised similar concerns about architect geary's plan this summer but voted to approve the general concept. the group will provide written concept to designers next year. 4:50 now. you won't have to deal with any
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closed stations on metro but you trip may still take a while. the orange and blue lines will face the biggest delays. trains will operate every 24 minutes on those lines starting tonight at 10:00. things will move faster on the red line where trains will run every 8 to 16 minutes. metro isn't just fixing up tracks. they're giving the inside of some cars a new look. metro is replacing carpet with slip resistant resilient flooring in 5,000 and 6,000 series cars. riders told metro they strongly prefer the flooring over the carpet. it is also much easier to clean, as you can imagine. it has a longer life span and makes the cars brighter. they have already had the new flooring involved. it will come standard in the new 7,000 series cars. >> i think people who like the flooring instead of the carpeting hope it will be cleaned more often. let's go to tom kierein now, 4:51. it didn't feel that bad walking
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>> are you ready for a little february on your weekend? >> no. >> winter coming for the weekend. it is milder this morning. temperatures in the mid-40s. the bay is near 50 degrees now right on the bay waters. farther west, the shenandoah valley into the mid to upper 40s and we have a lot of clouds that have been passing over overnight. in fact, they are producing a few sprinkles south of washington the last couple of hours but now they're gone. rate now just the low cloud cover here over the metro area. storm team 4 radar showing a few sprinkles that have been moving quickly along the pennsylvania border exiting frederick county and they're now moving through southern pennsylvania and staying away from the metro area. we have -- as we go forward here, though, still a possibility of mid morning a few spri sprinkles. these areas in green are zones of potential light rain and some sprinkles maybe by noontime north and west. could get a few sprinkles as well as by midafternoon.
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and by then,, temperatures will be around 60 degrees. then overnight tonight any rain activity will be ending, i think, by midnight. looks like the timing much of the rain will be earlier. so giving us a partly sunny saturday and it'll be in the 40s in the morning near 50, maybe midday saturday. then it's going to drop down to the mid-30s by saturday evening with gusty winds and then down to the 20s by dawn sunday. winds may be howling through the trees during the day sunday especially in the morning. afternoon highs just into the upper 30s on sunday. some of those winds on sunday could be gusting to 30 males an hour. wind chills just 15 to 25 on sunday. and remaining cold monday but a lighter wind. then if we get to the big travel getaway day for thanksgiving, could get some rain and wind tuesday night into wednesday. thanksgiving day part ly cloudy. highs low 40s. danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. still tracking some work zones in our area. we'll head up to i-95 in
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maryland. southbound at 198 the work zone there is tying up the left side of the roadway. you can see it's still in the road here. looks more like it's moved to the left shoulder lane. heads up i-95 in this area. stick to the rate to get by. we're going to shoot over to route 50. nice and clear here from bowie to the beltway, landover road. that's in both directions. i'm back in ten. aaron and eun, over to you. thank you. a frantic rescue mission now even more tragic. still ahead on "news 4 today" at 5:00, brand-new developments overnight after a car full of children plunges into the water. plus first, d.c.'s street car lines are not even running yet but we're seeing firsthand the hassles riders could soon face. and could the state of maryland be close to breaking apart?
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well, it wasn't the fastest commute in the region. the street car project test run went slower than expected yesterday. news 4's transportation reporter adam tuss was onboard. he went five blocks in 60 minutes. pedestrians on cars can kept blocking the tracks. d.c. transportation leaders say starting december 1 people with cars that get in the way of a street car's progress will be getting towed or ticketed. street cars should be up and running on h street next year. a surprising new trend on metro has some brazen people skipping out on their fare. take a look at these people and there are a lot of them, all of
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them are slipping in and out of the station without paying. news 4's i team found this year alone metro has seen a 20% spike in tickets issues for fare evasion. in fact, 3,200 people were busted system wide already in 2013. you can see dozens of people slipping in and out of the emergency gate exit. metro police are cracking down and the punishments are stiff. >> up to $300. that gives you a criminal record. >> topping the list of fare evasion was pentagon city followed by anacostia. at the end of the line stops including new carrollton and shady grove were also big for fare skippers. another reason to buckle up when you get into the car this morning, today fairfax city police will launch a click it or ticket campaign looking out for drivers not wearing seat belts as well as other traffic violators. police can write you a $25 ticket for not buckling up and this campaign will run through thanksgiving day. new numbers show us just how
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many drive are ignoring maryland's hands-free law. state police told a frederick news post they've written more than 1,600 tickets for talking or texting while driving. that's just since october 1 when the state ban started. before that drivers holding cell phones and talking could only be given a citation if an officer pulled them over for another violation. the tickets start at $75. >> 4:58. a joint effort by three local governments to raise the minimum wage is taking a step forward. a montgomery county council committee approved the hike to $11.50 an hour by 2016 setting it up for a full council vote be on tuesday. the d.c. council hopes to bring it up by the first week of decemb december. prince george's county has deferred a vote until montgomery county acts. law make remembers concerned about potential fallout among business owners. a group that wants five maryland counties to create their own state will hold its first official town hall. the group wants allegheny, carroll, frederick, garrett and washington counties to break


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