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tv   Today  NBC  November 23, 2013 2:05am-3:01am EST

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♪ oh now mama do you hear me i'm calling out your name ♪ ♪ [ cheers ]
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from nbc news, this is
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"today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. hi it's try day, friday. november 22nd. of course, we have the newest filler on the block that makes a face-lift the thing of the past. >> what is that? >> it is something called juvaderm with a new twist. >> it is a big day, november 22nd, date my brother was born. ♪ happy birth day to you >> atl was born at 11 pounds, ten ounces, something like that. he was like a turkey. he came out big and chunky -- >> and now he's tall and lean. >> he sure is. >> it is the very sad anniversary as well of the 50th anniversary of president kennedy's assassination. >> it is, yeah. >> still a lot of questions out there about that whole thing.
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>> and it is funny how this is one of those things that when this anniversary came around, it has been in every paper for a week or more. something that captured -- >> a lot of people remembering where they were when it was actually announced. you were not born then. >> i was like a lot of august babies, august 1964, all of those babies were conceived during a dark time when everyone was scared. >> people needed comfort. >> yes. speaking of comfort, let's move on. these are great pictures. >> you want comfort. you've been sending in all week long, we're so grateful, your pictures with you and your doggies. there was hoda with blake. >> look at his eyeball. get off me. off. o-f-f. that's what he's saying. there is kathie. >> with my rembrandt. >> i have a crummy one and you have a good one. you saw the pictures. you sent us photos of you sleeping with your puppies. >> oh. that's like marmaduke.
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>> how adorable are they? what are some other ones? >> i guess we'll let cats in. >> i didn't know cats were going in, amanda, but -- >> look at that puppy drinking out of our mug. >> that's cute. yeah, that's wine. >> you know that old joke, it never fails, never fails. you note difference between how much your wife loves you and your dog loves you? you can put them both in the trunk and four hours later see which one is happy to see you when you let them out. >> i love that one. it's an early friday funny. if you were wondering of a way you can think outside the box during thanksgiving, the turkey, the trimmings, we thought we would give you decent ideas on turkey out there, kind of -- i guess not alternatives, but just -- >> they're alternatives, yes. >> baskin robins has come out with the turkey ice cream cake. it is glazed with caramel. >> caramel. >> whatever. praline.
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coating. look at this. look how it looks. >> it looks -- i'm sorry, i know what they're going after and it is sweet, but it looks like a gynecological something. >> oh! >> it just does. it looks like the turkey's ready for -- >> an exam. >> the smear, if you know what i mean. >> there is also -- >> you're not going to taste that, are you? >> apple cranberry stuffing ice cream. >> here's the thing. >> sweet potato and candied pecan. >> looks all the same. i bet that tastes great. >> salted caramel thanksgiving turkey. >> here is the thing. i like things to taste the way they're supposed to taste. i like my mother's stuffing. i don't want ice cream to taste like stuffing. i'm a purist and a traditionalist. >> we have potato chips the other day and they tasted like french toast, pringles. >> i don't like that at all. i'm happy for those of you that
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love it. a pack of these flavors is $65. >> we're drinking -- >> it is called stringy jack pumpkin wine. >> i'm sure a lot of people are going to like it. i'm going to tell you right now, i smelled it, i'm not going to like it. you taste it. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're -- >> it's not -- it's spicy. tastes like a -- >> like a cider. >> a cidery kind of wine. don't drink it. you won't like it. >> i know. i don't want to hurt these people. i bet they're lovely. >> $16 at okay. anyway. >> now something i love. >> we have been waiting for this. >> you may need this after thanksgiving. all righty then. what are they called? >> shreddies flatulence filtering underwear. why is girouard off today? i wanted girouard. [ flatulence noises ] we wanted girouard to model these for us, dag gone it. >> these acty
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>> these are scientific. >> they absorb the odors of flatulence. >> anything. >> odor vapors become trapped. >> and it is all in this little -- >> neutralized by the garment and it is reactivated by just throwing it in the washer. is there a panel back there? >> a panel thing in there that apparently is scientifically guaranteed to stop this from happening. [ flatulence noises ] >> oh, gosh. that is so sick. they're $30. they come in men's or women's. in case you're wondering. $30. [ flatulence noise continues ] >> i do have to say, you know what, that never gets old. >> can we do it the whole show, please? >> every time. >> i'm going to wear these on my head. scooter mcgrude, we love him. >> he comes up with those little funnier than this? >> nothing.
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he came up with 100 things you should never say -- >> one more, one more, please, please. one more. [ flatulence noise ] >> okay. 100 things you should never say to a cop. take a look. >> i am not here. >> had some complaints about the noise. >> i have complaints about your breath. my god. i was not speeding. do you brush your teeth. you ned to start flossing. i didn't know i was speeding. my eyes are shut. this isn't even my car. i stole it. if i were you, i would let me go. you are dreaming. you're dreaming. here you go, officer. that's the fake one. you don't see that? i don't know how fast i was going. i was on the phone. i was texting. no, i don't know how fast i was going. i bet you're going to tell me, though. bad boy, bad boy, what you gonna do. don't you have anything else better to do? >> those are pretty good. those are pretty good. >> not as funny as your friday funny.
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>> thank you, facebook fan gabby stone. the husband and wife are in the grocery store doing thr weekly shopping. as they walk down the beer aisle, the husband grabs a 12 pack and puts it in the cart. put that back, says the wife. we're on a budget right now and you don't need beer. husband lets out a sigh and puts the beer back on the shelf. as they continue shopping, they turn down the beauty aisle. the wife says, we need to stop so i can get my face cream. why you to need that, says the husband. his wife turns to him with a flirty look and says, because it makes me beautiful, honey. makes me look beautiful. her husband looks back at his wife and says, so does the beer and it is half the price. thank you, gabby. not as funny as a great -- [ flatulence noise ] thank you. >> delayed. all right. >> timing is everything. okay. time for that, we celebrate new moms and adorable additions to their families.
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first johnson baby of the week, ella mary lenae wicks. born september 21st in pittsburgh, pennsylvania. her mom says her daughter loves the family poodle, sam. and they're already best friends. >> our next johnson's baby of the week is cooper matthew dunning born october 1st in amherst, new york. his parents offered this advice to parents, don't worry about doing everything right, all parents make little mistakes. >> now to a baby born on october 2nd in georgia. mckenzie rayne johnson. her daughter is already looking at the world around her. >> our final johnson baby of the week is annika sky nielsen. i'm so sorry. annika sky nielson. she was born september 24. her middle name is sky, because both parents are pilots in the national guard.her dad is curre in antarctica, but he'll be home inime for thanksgiving.
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>> if you want a chance for your baby to appear in our today's johnson baby of the week, go to >> we're wearing purple today. i am. hoda didn't get the memo but she has it in her heart. today is purple with the purpose day. to support those in the fight against pancreatic cancer. it is currently the fourth leading cause of cancer death in the u.s., anticipated to become the second by 2020. >> wear purple today to show your support. >> you will later when you change for lunch. >> i will later. real quick, don't forget, we're doing that thing called cut the creep. >> that music doesn't help. >> it is about weight creeping up on you during the holidays. if you want to put the brakes on that, madeleine wants to help you. we'll pick three women who usually gain weight during the holidays and all they want to do is maintain. >> it is going to be thrilling. it is important, though. it really is. >> maintain. no change. >> go to, hit th divorce, suddenly an empty nester or caught in a miserable job.
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whether you're battling through a divorce or recently lost your job, it sometimes is hard to pull yourself back together and get back on track. >> here to help you is leslie jane seymour editor in chief of "more" magazine and dale atkins. >> and one of our viewers,
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jennie praul whose plea for help on our facebook page caught our attention. >> welcome beautiful ladies. >> we should start with jennie. you did something very brave. you got on our facebook page and you had been married for many, many years and suddenly your life just kind of hit the skids, didn't it? >> it did. >> tell us what happened. >> i met my husband when i was 13 years old and he was 14 and we have been together ever since and married 33 years, been together almost 40 years and just like everybody, challenges in our marriage, and in the end, he decided to go his own way. and so starting out all over again. >> your divorce is almost final. not quite. >> right. >> you found yourself sort of alone for -- for a time. and you said no particular skills in terms of a job opportunity. >> right, yeah. it was a wife and mom and i loved it and i did my job very well and it is worth something. >> it is. >> in cases like jennie's, a lot
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of women say, i want to pull the covers over my head, want to curl up, you don't know what to do, do you? >> it is very hard. i want to say she looks so amazing. i read her facebook page, i was, like, what am i looking for, look how great she is, she's beautiful, pulled together. one of the first things you can do is start pulling together, if you really don't know where to start, get together a group of people who have been with you since high school, some from when you were in your 20s, 30s, who can sit down with you and remind you of who you were, what your interests were, we call it a personal board of directors. and that might get you started. you can make a list of skills you may have forgotten about, passions that you may have forgotten about, and they will say, i always remembered you as a great, you know, turkey trainer. >> loved horses. >> she loves. and you can then at least start creating a list that way. and then somebody else might say, remember you were really good at math, or you were really good at organizing people. things like that. >> emotionally, sometimes it is hard to get there.
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>> it is very hard. i think the fact you started with sometimes we want to pull the cover over our heads, it is an important thing to recognize. and to allow yourself to know, my gosh, i'm really terrified. however, with what you're suggesting with getting your friends around you and family members who are close to you, you can then say, but wait a minute, little by little, i'll step out. you reached out to kathie lee and hoda. you have friends. that's the acknowledging of the fact that i feel this way, but what am i going to do next, it is very, very important. then you can take these steps with work, and how you feel, and, you know what do you do about the resume gap, all of those things you can go forward because little by little you're feeling better about yourself and you're not doubting yourself. >> how do you go about getting a job when you don't -- you don't have a lot of skills that are applicable, what should you do? >> that's one of the things you do, assemble your group and what you have to remember, the hard thing today, i hear so many people say, i sat around and i sent out thousands of resumes
2:23 am
and no one is responding and i'm doing all this on social media and that's because 70 to 80% of jobs stay because of the crisis we're in are done by who do you know? and i heard about this and the networking and it is really a fact that it is a study and it is who do you know, i heard there is an entry level here, i heard there is something going on here. that's also part of the networking. >> what is the thing you're most afraid of, jennie? >> life. i'm afraid of starting all over again. i lived an entire life the first 52 years and now i've got an entire life ahead of me and i have no idea how to take the first step. >> not knowing. >> yeah. >> that can be a great thing, can't it? >> that is the opportunity. and that's the joy. and at 52, we have -- >> and beautiful. >> and beautiful. we have the opportunity to look and see -- we have a wisdom that we didn't have at 22. when people say back on track, i always say, wait a minute, you don't want to go back on that track, that track is gone. you want to build your new track.
2:24 am
and what does it look like and what is it about? you're not starting over. you're starting now. and when you start now, you have all of your skills, you have all of your strengths, you have a whole world about yourself that you are going to bring to this next job, relationship, everything is based on who you are now. when people say to me, i don't know what happened to my life, i don't have a life anymore, you don't have that life, but so much of what you still have is still in you, and that's what you put as you go forward. >> her passion is horses. don't you think you should go into -- every day you wake up, go where your passion is. >> horses and art. i have value, and i know i have something to bring to the table. but, like you said, on a resume, it doesn't look that -- >> we want to know what happens with you. keep us posted. i'm sorry we can't let this discussion go on and on. >> we're so glad you did get in touch with us. >> thanks so m us ow how you'r, sweetie. we're going to save you a ton of money.
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♪ girls it is time for bobbie's buzz. >> author bobbie thomas shares the buzziest products. >> today, products you want to tell your girlfriends all about. >> the holidays are here. sometimes i have the mentality, one for me, one for you. i was really excited to share one of my latest obsessions. this is cosmo's lay and go cosmetic bag. you can also put other things in here, but watch, when you cinch it up, your makeup, you can just grab it and go, i'm doing it wrong, but this way -- >> that's fast. >> but when you want to use your cosmetics, it is so great. >> they're all out. >> they're out, and then you don't have to put them away.
2:30 am
this makes it really easy. you can do this with all your other stuff for your desk, baby things, et cetera. this is another why didn't we think of this invention. >> what is it? >> these are key socks. no show socks. we have a picture of three different models showing different ways to use it. but when you have pants and you want to be warm and want to show the bit of the heel, isn't that so smart? >> cute. >> such a good idea. so kudos to this person, key, genius idea, $12 a pair. >> i love that. >> last but not least, claire sonic has made so much buzz in the beauty industry with how it helps clean makeup off your face. this is sort of the comparison in the beauty world where this buzzes, a beauty buffer from pop, and it will help you spread with sonic technology the cream or foundation all over your face evenly and a lot of people are excited about this.. i have to say -- >> your skin looks glowing. >> it helps with the circulation.
2:31 am
my favorite part is it depuffed my morning eyes. >> when do you mean it buzzs? >> it buzzes and puts your cream or foundation so it is like wax on. and then wax -- ah! and then wax off. >> it's working. >> thank you, bobbie. >> everything is online. >> everything is online. if you're looking for an age appropriate movie for your kids -- >> our panel of real moms is here to tell you. and if you want to erase the wrinkles on your face, we have the latest cure. >> right after your local news.
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we're back on this try day friday with more of today and real moms. the ladies who gathered to review the latest family films. >> jessica shaw, senior writer for "entertainment weekly". >> mr mcnamara, i'm sorry. that's a little far away from
2:34 am
me, i'm old now, a fan dango film mom. >> and joy reed, mom of three and managing editor of >> hello, ladies. >> shall we start? "hunger games," everybody is in. what do we think? >> "catching fire". this is part two. it is really, really good. i loved part one. part two is gorgeous. the costumes are insane. the scenery, they shot in hawaii, it is incredible. what i like about it is though there is violence, because katniss and pete peeta, they're on their victory tour, they have to fight another round of game, the violence is not sensationalized. >> that's what you hated about the first one. >> i cringed. what age do you think this film is for? >> i think 11 plus. 11 is the youngest. know your kid. most of the intense scenes like that are off camera, and it is more about the psychological auma oit for katniss. i think it really puts the weight in it.
2:35 am
>> did you like? >> i loved the film. my kids read the book and are interested in it. the series was target toward tweens. that's the age group which "the hunger games" took off. my kids loved it. my youngest is going with a bunch of friends, 14 years old, and they're all going to see the film in a big group. it has a built in constituency and as a parent, you love it too. it is great action, great costumes, beautifully shot. >> so raves. >> raves. >> disney has something called frozen, right? >> yeah. it is a disney animated musical about two sisters who happen to be princesses and the frozen kingdom. i think it is the most relatable princess that we have ever seen, anna, voiced by kristen bell. she's awkward, trying really hard to be taken seriously. and she's just adorable. so is the snowman olaf. he is amazing. he will melt your heart. >> people are comparing it to "the lion king," the music. >> the other princess is incredible, yeah.
2:36 am
>> your kids, joanne, a little older, but maybe too old? >> my kids love these movies. they're older but they love animated films. i think they would enjoy it. the snowman, adorable. >> a movie about sisterhood, nice. good message. >> haven't seen that a lot. that's great. >> let's talk about "thor," that's already killing it. >> number one at the box office. >> made over $150 million already. it is another superhero movie, "thor," played by chris hemsworth, another one of the marvel avengers universe. i don't think this is more or less violent than any of the other superhero movies, but if you've seen the avengers, similar fare. >> okay. >> what i liked about it was that it plays -- hollywood has redemption movies, give them a second chance, and really get into the struggle. there may be second chances, maybe they aren't the way to go sometimes. >> "the christmas candle", a the writer of the book. tell us what you thought of it.
2:37 am
>> it is a wonderful family film. there is hollywood family films at this time of the year. it appeals to family audiences. this one is a family movie, very heart felt. especially for religious audiences, somebody who cares about the christian theme. it is perfect for that kind of audience. >> susan boyle is in it. >> first on screen kiss. >> she was pretty good, very natural in it, didn't you think? >> yeah. she did her job. also set in the 1890s. that's probably the caution -- i think kids tend to not like movies made in the olden days. i thought this was a better film to go see for faith-based couples to go see in theater. >> thanks, ladies. it is a course in zoology and thanksgiving lesson combined. david is here with all american animals for thanksgiving. and the knife free face-lift that will shed years off your life, one woman takes a crack at it coming up right after this, live. [ female announcer ] this is laura.
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do you have a big event coming up and you want to look a little younger? there is a brand-new facial filler on the market that claims it can plump you up. >> plump you up. some are calling it the knife free face-lift which can last up to two years. dr. janine downey is here to tell us about it and show us how it is done. our patient lynn is it -- >> isapon. >> and we promise not to show you anything that hoda can't handle. >> i cringe at these. >> hi, dr. downey. good to see you. >> what makes this different than any other -- >> this is cool. i'll squirt it on my glove for a second. it is nice and thick. goes on a soft gel, into the skin very, very well and just lifts and plumps. >> what makes it different than all the other stuff already out there? >> the technology makes it different and the fact is that it lasts two years and no filler, that it can say it lasts two years. >> and you said you can build on it over the two years. >> right. the bottom line is some people
2:43 am
will come in, maybe they want to do one syringe now and wait a while and come back and you can do another one later, that type of thing. side effects are normal, bruising, tenderness. >> you did this side of the face already and no bruising at all. >> sit up for a second. you see this side, she's lifted some right in here. and then kind of flat over here. we're about to do this side right now. >> okay. >> lean all the way back. >> squeeze, squeezy ball. >> tell me when it is over. >> smile. relax, now smile. okay, now relax. okay. hoda, you're going to be fine. i'm covering, okay? >> as long as -- >> i have to keep you in mind. i want to be invited back. i'm a smart dermatologist. >> just lifting in the cheekbone area. >> lifting in the cheekbone area and not feeling anything, you're good. >> a little patrick, but -- >> very brave woman. >> it is not as bad as giving birth, i do justify that. >> who is this good for, janine? can this work with anyone? >> this can work with anyone. >> not a pregnant woman and not something on immune suppression. thank you for asking.
2:44 am
even people on blood thinners can come off them for a little bit. >> if it is your face, you don't want her to stop. >> use every little drop. >> when you do this, how long does it last, not this kind, but the other kind, normally? >> six months, or less, if it is in your lips because you talk so much. that's a little less. it winds up being about $1200 per syringe, depends what part of the country you're in. >> think about what a face-lift costs. >> and divide it bit number of months it is going to last. it is going to last 24 months. >> gorgeous for two years. >> exactly. we'll check in on you to see the -- >> we need to come back in two years. >> right. >> should point out, usually right after you get those injections, bruising happens right away. we're not seeing it on her. >> she's really good. she's a trooper. >> all right. >> janine, thank you. coming up, we have got some trotting out of not just turkeys, but all american -- wait a minute, animals, yeah. david mizejewski is coming up.
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♪ it is time for "today's call of the wild," with david mizejewski deciding to celebrate thanksgiving and show and tell us all about it. >> that's right. he's brought along some special all american wildlife to teach us a thing or two, starting with this fabulous turkey. >> okay. wouldn't be thanksgiving without a turkey, right? >> yeah. >> this is -- it is actually a domestic turkey. it has the coloration of a wild turkey. now, most people think turkeys are not smart, got a bad reputation, but in the wild, these are actually really intelligent animals. they're actually almost once completely wiped out. a few decades ago, from unsustainable hunting. and habitat destruction. they're a great poster child for great conservation laws because we protected the species, we did captive breeding and biologists reintroduced them into the wild. they're found alacross all the lower 48 states.
2:50 am
in fact, might even show up in your backyard. >> they show up a lot in our backyard. >> let's move on to -- >> let's bring out -- want to give a step back, he's pretty powerful, trying to make room for -- >> what is that? a wolf? a coyote? oh! >> they're actually very powerful birds. so over hereit's okay, it's okay. might look kind of dinosaur like. >> we're good. >> over here we have got an animal i never brought on the show before. this is a coyote. a juvenile coyote. you have a bad history with coyotes. >> i do. >> they're in the wild dog family. they're related to wolves but much smaller. it is true in places where they live close to people, sometimes they do come after pets. i know you had a bad experience with that. the message is that, you know, keep your pets indoors, under eye, if you can. >> how about he keeps off my lawn? >> well, you know, they're -- >> i know they have to eat too. >> they have to eat too. >> but not my pet, you know?
2:51 am
they're normally eating rabbits and mice and things like that. gorgeous animal. also, great success story. bring in the next animal. >> what is this? >> another stinky animal. >> beavers are -- >> you love when i bring on stinky animals. they have a musk gland and they use it to oil their fur. that's what he was just doing in the back. it is kind of stinky. >> kind of? >> a musk gland? >> a musk gland. these are all american animals i brought in to celebrate thanksgiving. another animal almost wiped out by unsustainable hunting. another animal that can live in cities and towns -- >> they're actually very huge. don't have to smell them. theye adorable. >> second largest rodent on the planet. these guys can weigh 60 pounds and he probably is pushing that he likes that. beautiful animal.
2:52 am
deserve our protection and you can see them if you go out into nature. let's bring in our next animal. i love this guy. he's not as furry or as cute and cuddly, but -- this is a gopher tortoise. this is an animal that digs a burrows and others rely on it to survive. they're decline because of habitat loss. >> who wants them? >> this individual was found wandering around in pennsylvania where it would have died because of the winter. somebody went to florida, thought it would make a good pet. bad idea. >> this guy gets really big. is this the one that gets big? this is as big as they get. maybe a little bigger. >> they live a long time, don't they? >> all tortoises do, several decades. >> a lot of sun damage on them. let that be an example to you. >> tis a rtor. i love these birds of prey. this is a harris hawk, found in
2:53 am
the desert southwest, all the way down to south america. beautiful, beautiful bird, common in the falconry sport, so you see them in captivity a lot. they hunt in packs. so i love these hawks because think of the velociraptor from jurassic park, this is what they evolved into. amazing animals. >> dave, thanks so much. >> happy thanksgiving to you. all righty. >> thank you so much. a cocktail party, imagine that. >> with exciting food finds that earned bon appetit magazine's seal of approval. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
2:54 am
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2:57 am
if you're throwing a party and don't know what to serve, you're in luck. for the second year in a row, the editors of "bon appetit" have put together a list of exceptional ingredients to inspire your cooking. >> here to share the 2013 seal of approval picks is ali louis, food editor at the magazine. how are you? >> good to see you. >> you scoured the aisles and came up with the best things. >> basically this year we had
2:58 am
all of our editors on staff, very, very opinionated, picky food people, tell us what they liked. and we started from there. >> what were the picks? >> one thing, this is a bunch of stuff you can use for hors d'oeuvres for the holidays. we loved this jam. you put out cheese and crackers for your ho-hum party, put a little bit of that on there and put it out every time. >> gourmet. >> a little something extra. >> and these, we just love these. we tasted these against all the competitors too. sandwich, tuna salad, prosciutto, american made prosciutto from iowa as good as anything in italy. love it. love, love. and creminilli sausage made in salt lake city. surprise, surprise. and the cheese. the cabot cheddar we love. >> hoda can have -- >> i'll just eat some. >> this is a combination of grilled cheese with the spread on it and a little bit of chili, great holiday hors d'oeuvre. this, if you wanted to serve
2:59 am
salami prosciutto -- >> good. i would love that. >> oh, my gosh. yeah. >> thank you. thank you so much. sorry. >> that's okay. >> one of the other things we like this year, we think it is the new sirracha is goto gum. it's korean chili paste. it is sweet, spicy and has umame, the word of the year. >> what's on that tray? >> we made a great recipe for ribs. it is sesame oil and vinegar and you can have those for dinner, hors d'oeuvre. >> what is the other one? >> these are our favorite grits. they literally -- we called to get some for the segment and they said fire up the mill. and get another package to new york. >> here you go. clean it up, baby. >> it is delicious. these are also made in the united states. so many of these products are local and -- >> sorry. >> that's all the mascarpone in there making them delicious and creamy.
3:00 am
>> delicious. >> that's good. >> and after you've eaten all this indulgent food, we have healthy things. you can taste this. take my word for it. these red yeast -- nutritional yeast flakes. >> i don't like the word yeast. >> i know. >> are you talking about that? >> that's chia pudding. >> so red yeast flakes have cheesy parmesan flavor, totally -- >> put it on popcorn. >> popcorn, vegetables, pasta. and chia seeds -- >> you try it. >> is it dairy? >> it is not. >> go for it, hoda. take one for the team. >> right? >> good. >> i recently have come to the other side myself. >> the texture is funky. >> you get used to it. >> t y


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