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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  November 23, 2013 5:00am-5:31am EST

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you, but what together we can do for the freedom of man. ♪
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welcome to "news 4 this week." >> i'm veronica johnson.
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we are going to show youe interesting stories happening in the news this week. making your own toys. your tools, even shoes at the library. a look at the stunning technology behind 3-d printing and how it could even save you some cash. mother's behind bars. we get rare access inside local jails to see why more women are ending up will. and new breast cancer therapy that's cutting treatment time for patients by weeks. >> i thought it was a joke. >> a hero who wants legs and fingers gets a surprise of a lifetime and we will take a tour inside of his new dream home. coming up. first up, a life-changing commute for a couple traveling along the beltway. a mom-to-be went into atlanta brave more the car. while an ambulance did make it there in time the baby couldn't wait out the ride to the hospital. we caught up with the man that made the delivery.
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or a woman in labor on the beltway. >> they shut down the outer loop towards 123. >> thinking we want to try to get out of the beltway as quickly as we could. >> three years at the fairfax county fire fighter medic and more than 20 hours into his shift, jeff got the mom on to this stretcher and into this ambulance all the while in the morning. they didn't get par. the baby boy just could not wait. >> called up to the front. said, baby is coming. >> jeff pulled out his delivery kit just in time. >> baby is born. we are holding him. you have to be careful because they are really slippery. wrapped the baby and then -- passed him up to mom. >> both mom and her beltway baby made it to fairfax hospital healthy and safe. >> yes. certainly they said thank you. it was the look on their face that was even more than that. could you tell just how happy
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they were. >> jeff is feeling pretty good. david culver, news4. >> love happy endings. it is a rare look inside of local jails. high p an alarming trend. mothers trying to clean up while they are locked up. the news 4's i-team scott mcfarland reveals what's behind the surge. >> this is lori adams' second stint in the montgomery county jail in boyd. this time she is not hanging photos of her five kids on the walls. >> i don't think i'm going to stay. so i don't want to keep my kids here with me in that format. i don't want them in here with me. >> you don't want their faces in this cell? >> no. >> adams is a recovering drug addict did and said her first term in jail was drug related. correctional official space there has been a new spike in women inmates in need of substance abuse counseling. many of the women getting at least nine hours of treatment each week. including a so-called sister support group. ginger carter remembers her first day go through kind of li
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a -- you go lou depression and mood changes and anxiety. >> u.s. justice department rrds reviewed by the news4i-team shows montgomery county is not alone with women inmates in local jails has jumped. the percentage of women during that period surging, too. the american civil liberties union said stiffer drug sentencing laws led to this surge in women inmates. >> women don't commit very many violent offenses p. their numbers in prison were small. when the drug war expanded all of a sudden there was a whole new potential for rounding women up and sending them to prison. >> same rue at the lockup in d.c. there are fewer inmates each year but a higher and higher percentage of women inmates. more and more with substance buys problems. eventually, they immediate substance abuse therapy. >> d.c. launched a program called adjusting our attitudes.
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former marine leading drills to instill discipline. we asked, all but three of this group of inmates say they have a history of substance abuse. d.c. and montgomery county changed the looks of their women's jails, too. you see the murals on the walls. and the staff has programs to help young mom to prepare go home. others are getting counseling and not just for drugs. >> 9 a% of the women that go to the d.c. jail have been abused. >> self-report they have been abused at some point in their life. physically or emotionally or sexually. >> members from virginia more striking. records obtained show 1900 female inmates in virginia 12 years ago. 2800 now. civil liberties group point to stiffer drug sentencing law. one inmate tells me tomorrow person late for incarsation was me. scott mcfarland. >> now to the donation changing the life of a local marine injured in the war zone. he iprofit.
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as darcy spencer shows us, it is getting this hero a new sense of freedom and the chance to start a family. >> this is a muscle flap taken from my forearm. >> tom lost his legs and fingers in an ied explosion while serving in the marine corps in afghanistan. >> the reason i did what i did was for my family a to ensure that we as americans can keep living the way that we do. >> the way he and his wife live is about to get much easier. >> the shower is 48. >> thanks to a nonprofit holmes for our troops that they will soon call this new home in broad run, virginia, their own. and it is not costing them a dime. >> i thought it was a joke. i was like nobody hands out this for free. especially like this. >> it is not a joke. this home has been built just for his needs. the mortgage is paid in full.
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>> it is definitely a dream. there is a therapeutic tub. low sinks that come on when he claps. wide hallways and doors. nick may be doing more cooking now now that he can reach the stove and appliances. no more struggling to open doors with doorknobs. they are all automatic. press a button and walk through. this is one of more than 150 special features for what's become their dream home. it is the 142nd home the organization donated. they are worth an average of $400,000. >> i'm happy to get a family in here one day. >> darcy spencer, news4. taking do it yourself to a new level. see how and where people are making their own shoes, toys,
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even a local students come up with an invention so clever they are getting big bucks to develop it. we will show you what it is. stay tuned for the sights and sounds of the are a digs, next.
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unforgettable day on the job for tina allison. she thought she was going to a regular pep rally at thurgood marshall academy. she was surprised to learn she won the educator award. they are given out every year to award and encourage outstanding teachers. it comes with a cash prize of $25,000. big congrats to her. she is happy. teacher of the year. the scary possibility of a mass shooting at a school sparked students to invent a device that is so clever that they got a big
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grant to develop it. it is against the rules to lock classrooms door due to fire regulations and students in northwest d.c. said, hmm, i could come up with a device. this device locks the door from the inside using a pvc piping, hinge, and a good, strong nail. mi m.i.t. liked the idea and sent them a check for $6600. >> it was overwhelming. we are not doing this for all the publicity but doing it to help other people. >> the students hope their invention will some day be fully functional in schools across the country. another new technology is drawing big attention around the world. and the district library is teaching people how to build objects on 3-d printers. hail write discover prosecuted tools to clothing to art, the possibilities really are endless. >> it is not your father's copier. >> i'm kind of addicted to this.
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of revoe invention. >> chris is just starting out learning to make toys, gadgets and jewelry on a 3-d printer. >> very light but diurable, too >> she sees endless possibilities. she searches the online universe through more than 100,000 3-d printable designs. >> pencil case, tools. >> after customizing color and design, she sends specifications from the software designs to d.c.'s mlk library. it is here in the digital common section where the magic happens. they have two 3-d printers. no paper involved. think of it more like manufacturing. these plastic fillment are fed into the printer. >> made out of cornstarch. it is recyclablrecyclable. >> the printer uses heat to create objects as large as a basketball. >> plastic is heated up to over 400 degrees fahrenheit and that is -- melted plastic. that's what actually get ly lay
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>> i'm calling up the original design. >> james is teaching hundreds here how to download ped designs. one man created a 12-peace microscope from scratch. someone else built a piece for a broken alarm clock. >> instead of just buying a new clock he found the broken piece. made a scan of it and uploaded it to us. and asked us to principle a piece. >> your patients can really pay off with the 3-d printer. it is a dollar per pnt and five cents per gram of plastic material. this model of the washington monument costs $2 to make and took 4 1/2 hours to build. >> there is now wearable 3-d. >> i would be interested to see how durable and flexible that is. >> just as with computers, crystal knows the $2200 price tag for a 3-d printer will come down. jim handly, news4. >> for sure, i have seen many
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coming up next, turning plastic surgery to serve the country. still ahead, the new trend among military members in their quest to meet fitness standards. the new breast cancer treatment that is letting patients spend more time out of the hospital.
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in news4 for your health, military members are going to extreme measures by trading pushups for plastic surgery. service members that are using liposuction for smaller waists to pass the body fat test. the pentagon uses waist and neck measurements to determine fitness. some service members claim it is an unfair standard for those with bulkier, more muscular build. defense department says only a fraction of those that have body pat that's over the limit perform well on fitness testses. if you are looking to avoid getting the cold or flu, you might want to steer clear of birthday parties.
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stu found a number of bacteria on the average birthday cake includes 15 times after the candles were blown out. doctors suggest serving cupcakes to help everyone keep their germs to themselves. there's new a new type of radiation that's trading breast cancer in just 20 minutes. it is called intraoperative radiation therapy. as doreen gentzler shows us, the patient goes in for one treatment instead of weeks of therapy. >> i have the best kind of cancer you can possibly have if you have to get cancer. >> 83-year-old rhoda has never let her age get in the way of her fiery personality. but it has affected her ability to walk and move about. when she was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer earlier this year, she knew treatment could be spending a lot of time traveling from her home in virginia to med star georgetown university hospital. >> you can't help what happens
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to you in life. dealing with the problem when it happens. >> fortunately for gentzler she was able to treat her breast cancer in just one visit to the hospital using a new procedure called intraoperative radiation therapy or iort. >> one dose of radiation therapy that are l replace six weeks of breast radiation. >> georgetown's chief of breast surgery says iort is given in the operating room right after the tumor is removed. a beam of radiation is centered specifically on the site where the tumor was found for 20 minutes. penetrating one centimeter deep into the tissue. >> people are working and busy in their lives and it is tiring to go to a radiation place every day for six weeks. so this actually replaces that six-week treatment so when they wake up they are all done and don't need any more radiation. >> but iort is not for all breast cancer pavailable to
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patients with small tumors and tumors less than two centimeters in size wloz lumps have clear margins meaning confined to just one spot. and patients who are older than age 50. >> it is a relatively new treatment. there is not a lot of data. >> so far, though the data has been positive. rhoda says she is feeling bet earn ever. >> i felt no vestige of any pain. no discomfort whatsoever. i came out strong and healthy. >> doreen gentzler, news4. >> doctors say another benefit of iort are pure side effects. breast radiation can leave some patients sunburned. thickening of the skin but this procedure targets the area where the tumor is removed. risk of side effects is significantly less. iort is being offered at both georgetown and med star washington hospital center. it is the kind of competition when you might need
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here is a story that let l get you cheering. shoes that costumes may change but for more than a quarter after century, the fall ritual has remained the same in dupont circle. erika gonzalez has more from the participants and winner of this year's high-heeled race. >> it is 27 years of tradition in drag. >> i will not run in these. >> they are real. >> they are real from china. >> queens running down a short span of 17th street in northwest in their prettiest pumps. >> how high are had? >> they are from a website online. $20. >> it happens the tuesday before halloween. >> camaraderie is great. >> with every passing year theb
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>> heels are six inches high. size 14. >> and the costumes, more elaborate. >> spectators flock to the streets many looked out from the comfort of their own home. >> it is a celebration of everything that is d.c. >> with nearly 100 participants, only real runners should think they actually have a shot at the win. >> i ran up the university of north carolina wilmington. go seahawks! >> meet inertia. winner of the 17th street high heeled race two years in a row. >> defending champion, honey. >> she broke her heel, taped it back on and still won. the runners-up, better luck next year. >> look how far we have come. >> in northwest, erika gonzalez, news4. >> that's right. there is always next year if you didn't win. that's all for "news4 this
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week." i'm veronica johnson. be safe, be kind, be happy. bye, everybody.
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