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tv   Dateline NBC  NBC  November 25, 2013 2:20am-3:21am EST

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she fell apart. >> i feel like a wounded animal. i want to run into a corner and hide. >> she compared the kennedy years in the white house to camellot. that's coining a phrase that endured to describe jfk's presidency. >> she was the person who created this image of her husband and his presidency that hadn't existed before the assassinati assassination. >> in the years that followed, jackie carried on in her husband's memory. in 1967, she and daughter caroline and son john christened the uss john f kennedy. but what she did next shocked those who expected her to be a kennedy for life. >> she married aristotle onassis and it was the biggest standcan at the time. >> when bobby kennedy was assassinated in 1968, jackie needed the security that only onassis could provide. they married in october of that
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year. >> when bobby kennedy was assassinated they said oh, my god, they're killing kennedys and my children are the number one target. well, ari could protect their children. they were very much in love at the beginning. but it soured eventually. in 1973 when aristotle onassis' son alexander was killed in a tragic plane crash, he blamed it on jackie. he felt jackie was bad luck. he began to call her the black widow. and when he died in 1975, she asked her brother-in-law ted dikennedy to work ou a settle with his brother. he managed to get a settlement of $26 million. a lot of money in 1975. >> after the death of onassis, jackie decided to embark on a career of publishing. most notably she was an associated editor at double.
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the 1970s brought her the nickname jackie o and she became a target of paparazzi. she was rumored to have had an affair with warren beatty. but she found lasting canyonship with maurice templesmith. >> he was married to another woman at the time. >> jackie kennedy onassis was diagnosed with john hodgkins lympho lymphoma. on may 19 of that have year, she died at age 64. in the end, she rested alongside jfk at arlington national cemetery. at her funeral, cameras caught caroline saying her last goodbyes. followed by jfk jr. who tenderly touched the grave marker for his phat per .this echoed the farewell salute he gave in 1963. ♪
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[ man ] adventure, it means taking chances. it means trying something new. [ woman ] just, that uncertainty of what's to come. [ man ] just kidding. ♪ can you please stop doing that? ♪ [ woman ] you walk outside in brooklyn, and it's cement and broken glass. and this is just like... the opposite of that. ♪
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♪ these rf a few of my favorite things ♪ >> julie andrews emortalized forever in the 1965 classic "the sound of music." and now a live presentation of the "sound of music" this time carrie underwood singing a few of her favorite things. and we have your exclusive look. ♪ rain drops on roses ♪ and whiskers on kittens >> something likdoe a deer a female deer ♪ ♪ rain a drop of golden sun >> the von trapp family is getting a makeover. one night only performance of "the sound of music" featuring
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carrie underwood at maria von trapp. >> she obviously sings beautifulfully, we know that. but she's doing a great job of bringi ining character to life. >>. ♪ ieidelweiss ♪ >> i respect this project, this idea and everybody involved so much. because we're putting it all out there. you know? ♪ how do you solve a problem like maria ♪ >> nbc's tv version is a remake of the stage production, not the 1955 classic musical featuring julie andrews. but carrie tells me she's thrilled to have julie's support. ♪ a few of my favorite things >> have you talked to her? >> i haven't, but i would love to. just because she's julie
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andrews. she has such a special place from my childhood on. i appreciate so much that she's been so supportive of this project. ♪ i simply remember my favorite things ♪ ♪ and then i don't feel ♪ so bad ♪ and we danced all night to the best song ever ♪ >> "the best song ever" has made one direction the favorite band in the world. they meld 19 million singles and 10 million albums. the beatle-mania-like arrival in l.a. last night. [ screaming ] >> absolute chaos at lax.
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the pushy paparazzi, too much for zane. >> have a good one, bro. >> what was the sexiest thing a woman could wear? >> daisy dukes. >> evening a smile. >> what was your favorite subject at school? >> pe was mine. >> pe. >> music. >> music. >> look at this guy. >> what is your current favorite tv show? >> "homeland." >> yeah. the boys are watching "homeland." with "story of my life" already another hit, it's on track to sell half a million copies one week. when their third album "midnight memories" is released monday. >> what's your fondest memory of
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the album? >> all of them. >> thoulg their sound is a little more serious, fans should not fret. they have not lost their zany sense of humor. or their sense of smell. their first fragrance debuts in time for the holidays. >> what is one of the scents? >> creamy musk. >> jasmine nower. >> wild berries. >> oh, they're cute. one direction boys all have their own sense of style. speaking of style, it's that time of week when we talk fashion. i'm joined now by our style producer anthony ramos. are you ready? >> let's start with two very stylish best friends. victoria beckham and eva longoria. here they are at the gift gal lan in london. posh, a little more basic. but still very chic with that kind of intrigue on top.
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and then eva, way more sexy. you can see a lot going on with the kind of lingerie top there. >> a little peek out. >> yeah, the dress line was shorter, but she customized it to be longer. but the best part is, they're friends with the designer, they can be the tailor for you. i love it. that's from twitter. >> so cute. this week, all eyes have been on jennifer lawrence. but you also really love elizabeth banks. >> i want to give elizabeth banks some love. she's been hitting it out of the park every single time. this is in l.a. bright orange super glamorous and what i think you should do. then in new york, let's take a look. she wore a jump suit. you know i love a jump suit on a lady. that pop of color is perfect. >> she's gorgeous. now princess kate almost having
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a wardrobe malfunction. >> let's start with duchess katherine, or princess kate. almost a marilyn monroe moment here, but she kind of put it all back together. posing with an adorable 9-year-old girl. i think this is so classy. but it all goes together, the gloves match the clutch and that matches the heels. i think -- and those legs. >> she has the best legs. >> she does. classy. >> and pippa going a little racier. a lot of skin. >> yeah. from classy to a little more racy. very see-through in london as well. i like this. it's fun and she does have a little more fun with it. >> you go pippa. >> a clab race of some very stylish ladies that came out to this launch party. i like this collaboration. >> i like a very high end designer comes together to create a collection that everybody can get.
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let's look at the launch party. i can totally see that overcoat, perfect for a holiday party. and then a very ruffly floral top, i loov. that skirt is from the high-end collection. so you won't see that. it will go on sale december 10. >> anthony, great to see you as always. coming up, he watched president kennedy get assassinated when he was 8 years old. that's next.
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>> welcome back. we commemorate the 50th anniversary of the assassination of john ff kennedy. i'm standing just step ace way from the exact spot where president kennedy was shot and killed. that morning in ft. worth, the president delivered what would be his final public speech. and in the audience, sitting on his father's shoulders was is a young boy. >> i was 8 years old and my dad put me up on his shoulders. and i had an uninterrupted view of the president. i was probably 20 feet in front of him. >> it was raining that morning. but nobody cared. you see, it wasn't every day that you got to see president kennedy.
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>> on the morning of his death, president kennedy spokeout side the hotel texas in ft. worth. there angling to get a great view was bill paxton who relives his experience in a documentary which is available on demand. >> some folks got lucky. for instance, this 8-year-old kid managed to perch on his father's shoulders. that's me 50 years ago. >> it was like seeing a movie star for the first time. and i remember there was a lot of women in the crowd. and i think they were mostly -- i know who they were now, i've gone backy and r gals in secretary pools downtown. they would all come down and there was an electrician that came out. >> i would like to think of president kennedy in that moment -- vibrant, young, a symbol of the new frontier. >> the president gave what turned out to be his final speech. >> the mayor of the president of
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the chamber of commerce gave kennedy a hat. >> we know that you don't wear hats. but we can't let you leave ft. worth without some protection against the rain. >> i'll put it on in the white house on monday if you'll come up there. >> and it was here that the world first got a glimpse of jackie in her pink chanel suit. >> two years ago, i introduced myself in paris by saying i was a man who accompanied mrs. kennedy to paris. i'm getting some of that same sensation here.
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>> while there have been a lot of animated films this year, but according to "access hollywood" a film critic, the be of the bunch is finally here. >> if you're looking for the perfect movie for you and your family, see over thanksgiving weekend, you've got to see "frozen." not only is it the best animated movie of the year, but it's my pick for the oscars to win the best animated picture. >> some compare it to "beauty and the beast." >> it's up there. it has clever humor, a big heart, great musical numbers. and i mean, it's really a wonderful film. >> what exactly is it about? >> well, you got these two sisters. one is cursed. and the whole kingdom is frozen. so it's up to the sister played by kristen bell to help break the curse. but helping her is this scene scene stealing snowman.
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he is hilarious. he's a scene stealer and he's a snowman who wants to lay out and get a tan. your family is going to love the snowman. >> what do the grown-ups think? >> go with "in books nb." this is a road trip dramedy. goes on a road trip when he's convinced he won $1 million. and his son played by will forte in a serious role takes him on this journey. >> this is directed by alexander payne who did "the defendant." do we know what we're going get? >> it's going to be profound, quirky, odd, offbeat, funny, big heart. it definitely is a really, really good film. got to see that one, too. >> you've done it again. thank you so much. >> here's your first look at "twice born."
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>> this is where everything comes from. >> i want to spend the rest of my life with you. >> we are together. >> do you love him?
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>> courage. ♪ >> straight ahead, real or magic? you bevid blane shows you one os signature tricks. okay, i need a better pizza.
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one made with only real cheese. a pizza my family will love. (announcer) freschetta naturally rising crust pizza. freschetta. made better to taste better. only four ingredients. and a few easy steps. weeknight dinner in a flash. and my family devours them. pillsbury grands biscuits. make dinner pop. so i should probably get the last roll... yeah but i practiced my bassoon. [ mom ] and i listened. [ brother ] i can do this. [ imitates robot ]
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everyone deserves ooey, gooey, pillsbury cinnamon rolls. make the weekend pop. >> reactions are priceless. david blane shows off his bag of tricks in his abc special "david blane -- real or magic." perhaps the biggest trick up his sleeve was wrangling all those hollywood a-listers. >> there were lots of people that were really intrigued by it. i got their reactions to things in the past and called, crawled, begged, did whatever i had to
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do. so it was literally me sometimes showing up at olivier wilde and jason bateman's house barely invited. >> the "breaking bad" guys. i mean -- >> that's actually the coolest story. >> you're going to make the entire deck across the table. go ahead. >> david tweeted about his love for the show and aaron paul tweeted him back. >> we started talking. and i was like man, if i could have you on my show, it would mean the world to me. he said well, right now i'm getting married, but after if you want. i said how about this? how about i'll show up a your wedding as a thank you. so i ended up doing the wedding so i wanted to be the star so i wore a complete mask. and i did magic for him. >> where's that bill you signed before this began? >> the $100 bill? no way.
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no, no, no. you have never seen this before. >> can you read the numbers in between the letters out loud. can you read it outloud? >> it's 5, 2, 6, 7, 8, 3, 2, 4. what? holy [ bleep ]. >> and it's that kind of reaction that david got from me and the rest of the "hollywood access" crew. >> come closer. here, hold these. face down slowly one at a time. slowly. slow. exactly. and stop whenever you want. look at the card that you stopped on. let everybody see it. 7 of hearts.
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rub your finger over it. see how it's changing? >> oh, [ bleep ]. >> when you turn 40, things start to getless sexual. >> do you know how hold i am? >> i'm guessing 40. >> i'm 55. >> oh, then you're really -- >> matt lauer takes that interview to a whole new level. no shave movember to raise awareness for men's health problems. what he really thought of what miley said. >> first of all, she's a big fan. but when she says stuff like that, i know she's not serious. she came up to me afterwards laughing. you see things on tv that make
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mi mi miley seem very -- you have to know what to shed. >> how old are your kids? >> 12, 10 and almost 7. >> are they waiting for the day when you're home in the morning? >> i do manage to get a couple of days off. you know, i take some fridays off and some mondays off. so i'm there. i think it's within of those things careful what you wish for. right now they think it would be great to have me there every morning. then if i was there every morning they would say when are you getting another full-time job. >> how long does matt lauer want to host this show? >> at the moment, i'm really happy with the job. i really like it. i'm engaged. i'm excited about it. i like the team. so i have no plans to leave. >> but down the road, when it's time to pass the baton, what do you see for your next chapter?
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>> i think no matter what, i'll probably take a fairly sizable amount of time off. i'm going to kind of glow a bucket list and write it down and come up with what i think would be a factcy year. and then i'm just going to start to cross things off. >> what advice wuld you give your successor? >> what i would say to whoever takes this job at whatever point they take it is stop and enjoy it. not many people in o-- that the who would give anything to have this chance. so i want them to to just stop and enjoy it. >> i had no idea that when i walked out of here this tiny 8 millimeter piece of film, that this was going to be a historical artifact like no other in film history. in america. >> the senior editorial adviser at "time" incorporated is the man who 50 years ago beat out all other reporters for the now
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famous recruiter footage of jfk assassination. frame by frame, the film can be seen in the book "the day kennedy died." >> the film ironically, it was the best argument for a single shooter, which is what i believe. it's also the best argument for a conspiracy. >> i have to say, when i think of this film, i don't think of violence. >> i ain't leaving without him. violence, but in "out of the furnace" christian bale's character seeks retribution for the disappearance of his brother. the former dark knight shared words of wisdom about the costume and bathroom breaks.
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>> when you have to have somebody, you know, help you out of the costume in order to do that. >> i mean now. you disrespected me. >> kate bosworth and james franco team with jason statham in "home front." written by sylvester stallone. >> it was wonderful and a true honor to be able to speak his words. i'm not sured he is as a writer. and he really gave us some great ones to say. >> stars celebrated the grand opening of sugar factory hollywood.
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[ applause ] >> mariah carey entertaining the crowd as she accepted the artist of the year honor on behalf of "the butler" director lee daniels. the popular gay magazine also honored daniels acknowledging the 100 most compelling people of the year. >> spanish superstar alejandro stans was awarded an honorary doctor of music degree at berkeley's college of music and celebrated with a performance at the college. ♪ >> coming up, your first look at the secret life of walter woody, that's next.
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>> a dra dreamer escapes his anonymous life by disappears into a world of fantasy. bye, everyone. ♪ >> walter. aren't you coming? >> yes, i'm not. >> what is it you call him when he goes into one of his little
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places? >> you're doing that again. >> i lost the picture. . >> where do we land? >> we don't. >> life is about courage and going into then known.
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we all have our little tricks. mom swaps one of my snacks for a yoplait. i don't mind, i mean it's orange crème. and when mom said bobby was too edgy... 'sup girl. i just swapped him out for tyler. 'sup girl. mom never questioned bobby again. two can play at this game. [ female announcer ] swap one snack a week for a yoplait.
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and everybody wins. yoplait. it is so good. interior designer libby langdon. we are so excited to bring you a ry episode. we have collaborated with house beautiful to bring you all sorts of amazing design tips and takeaways. >> i'm here with my house beautiful team to track the ideas and inspirations for you to make your house beautiful, too. >> we are going to make it all happen in less than 12 hours.
3:00 am
my clients love to entertain, and they are real pros at making friends and family feel right at home, but right now, their living room is not exactly screaming soirée. since we have this open study and foyer, they are getting in on the makeover action. we are revamping not one, not to, but three spaces and doing it in less than 12 hours. let's get this makeover party started. kept an open layout in living room. they did not want to clutter it up with too much furniture, but as it stands right now, not a whole lot of living is happening in this living room. because it is so long and narrow, finding the perfect furniture layout is crucial to making it comfy and functional.
3:01 am
>> one of the biggest design elements in this living room are these three beautiful windows. the biggest challenge is what window treatment you use on a window like this. it's very large, and it has a shaped upper area. i think we have the perfect solution. on either side of the fireplace, we have these funny little steps back, but they are very common and a lot of people's homes, so i want to make this area look much more intentional and designed and not like it was an architect's mistake. i client loves artwork, and do, too, and it so much fun because they want to have fun with color in their space. the trick is how we incorporate multiple bright tellers and not make it feel to trendy and too crazy. i want to design a room for them that will feel timeless that they will love living in for a long time. some people see a foyer as just a past, but i see it as an
3:02 am
opportunity to announce the style of your home. there's a difference between a doormat and an area rug. right here, we are straddling a little bit of both. i need to find something that will be functional, but i also want to see something that is super stylish. >> it's always a great idea to have a shallow table and a foyer. it becomes a dumping ground. sometimes it can double as a bar. the only problem with this table is the top is melting in with the color of the floor, so i'm not getting that much of a punch with it. the other thing is i think there something else we can do below the table to make it a little bit snazzier. on the other side of the living room is the study, and this is meant to be a fun family hangout room. the trick is the sofa and the stairs had this big role on, taking about four square feet of space that they cannot use.
3:03 am
my trick is to find some comfortable furniture that will fit in here and visually make the space look a lot bigger. my client wanted to bring in wallpaper to the space, but we were not sure we wanted to do a lot of patterns. the other thing is one huge space here that i see as a real opportunity. it is tricky because you can see we got one very large window and one very small window, so we are working with a lot of unbalance right here. the other thing is a lot of times people think in a small room you should have small artwork. it's actually the exact opposite. these small pieces are then drying your fact -- drying your eye to the fact that this is a small room. this rug is not going to stay in this space. it's way too small. a lot of people use very small rugs in small rooms, but what happens is it looks like a postage stamp. all the furniture is out and around it.
3:04 am
one thing definitely staying in this room is this beautiful painting. it's important for me to take items clients love and keep them in existing spaces. that way, it heals like their home and not a show room. i love the finish of the trend in this study, but right now, it is melting in with the wall color and creating a block -- blah moment. let's get some paint up on these walls. let's move this stuff out. fragile! >> this is a space that is .eallyiffilt when it drags out for a long time, everybody's nerves are getting frayed. your idea is to do it all in one day and get it over with. >> get in and get out. >> of course, we could not just tackle one room. you have to tackle three. >> you know the dilemma. if you make one room look fabulous and one
3:05 am
, is not really cutting it. the one next to it is not really cutting it. clearly, we know what the designs are in all these rooms, but when we come back, we are going to get working and start solving them. up, we are a little bit excited about wallpaper. how long do you think it will take to finish that? >> i would say most of the day. >> the end tables were not on the truck. day-kov
3:06 am
3:07 am
solutions a great diy if you are doing an indoor planter that is large, but the container it is going in is very small. we cut it out so we could fit the plant in there. then what we are doing is actually gluing the moss on. since it is a square printer, we
3:08 am
are going to set this in, and it will cover up the whole area that otherwise we would see because that little container is sitting in the middle of it. this is a great solution if you .ave a big planter got quite a job on our hands. the best place to start is what is going to take the longest. now the trend in this room is u. but it's not too dark. it's not going to visually close in the room, but it will help differentiate the trim, which is what we needed to do. >> i hear the electricians in the house. >> working with libby is awesome. she has so much energy all the time, and it really rubs off on
3:09 am
everyone. ball of energy. everything is positive. it's all about winding the solution quickly to any problems that may arise. -- finding the solution quickly. >> oftentimes, when you have a out, a areas that jut lot of times, people will paint the vertical area the wall color, but it's not a good idea to do that in a small room. it brings the ceiling down and closes the room in and makes it feel smaller. the painters by mistake started to paint a little area on the ceiling, so they are going to paint it back like, so visually, it will look a lot better now. >> there's clearly no time to wait for paint to dry, so i'm going to move on to hanging artwork in the living room. >> i take it up just, like, an inch and a half. >> usually, the rule of thumb is visually, you want the center of
3:10 am
your eye to be close to the center of the piece of the artwork. that cannot happen here because we have a wall switch. sometimes you have to move it a little bit this way or that way. i think that is kind of perfect. did i mark at the bottom? if i can get the top. >> there's no better way to show off your perfect artwork than with richer light. they are not just for museums. >> i think this should come down an inch or so off that grill so it does not look like it is i but that is nice. and you are not going to see the bulb. you do not want to see a bear bold -- bare bulb. you only want to light a painting. >> this part of the day comes with sheer logistics. so many hands are involved. we want to make sure everything is coordinated perfectly.
3:11 am
>> tell me what is going on. >> the electricians are starting their work. >> great. >> we have all the furniture being unloaded and unpacked outside. >> all the accessories -- you guys rock. i'm going to take a look at the accessories, and i will see you in a bit. oh, my gosh. it's, like, the most awesome yard sale ever. it's amazing for a designer to visualize all these different themes coming together in these different rooms, but when you start to see it actually show up and come off of the truck, there's nothing more exhilarating. oh, my god, guys, how are you. this is beautiful. is this everything off the truck? this is it. ok, so we can kind of get ready to get started. before i get too carried away with the furniture, i need to check on the wallpaper going up in the foyer. all right, we are a little bit excited about wallpaper, but
3:12 am
since we do not have much time, i'm wondering how long you think it will take to finish up. >> i would say most of the day. >> ah! we have to do stuff in here. >> it's very fragile. we are going to have to be extremely careful with it. the other issue we are running into is that every wall in that room has cut out, so a lot of this time will be spent cutting. >> the unfortunate thing is they will be moving every stick of furniture into that front door. "day-kover" is sponsored by house beautiful.
3:13 am
at a tricky point right now. i'm dying to start bringing an furniture from the trick, but we are still wallpapering the foyer, and some of the pieces are so large you don't want to bring them through the back of the house -- i'm dying to start bringing in furniture from the truck. the good news is there's always boatloads of stuff to get done. kind ofetty crafty, diy gal, but one thing i do not like to do myself is installed traditional wallpaper. i like the peel and stick removable and reusable wallpaper. what i'm doing is actually putting it on the inside back of a bookcase today, and it's going to give me that design punch
3:14 am
that i need. the other thing that is fun is when my client gets tired of it, they can easily take it off, roll it back on the original backing paper and use it again years later. yeah, perfect. hey, that's a good road if i do say so myself -- that's a good- looking road if i do say so myself. remember, you do not have to have furniture completely on or off of the rug. it's totally fine for it to be half on, half off. speaking of furniture, i have some very good news. guys, we can start bringing in furniture. this is going to go on this wall. not want to put navy pillows on a navy sofa. you've got some chairs for us? this is amazing fabric. while we thought it was perfect to go on this chair, because of
3:15 am
the straight line, it really takes this geometric pattern beautifully. there's no steam right here in the middle of the chair where the skirt would normally begin. when you have that beautiful, fluid clean line, it really shows off the fabric in a stunning way. now that we are in the space, obviously, i would love to have tables on either side of the sofa. i love how these look. i wonder if they might even look better against the wall. you know, like it might be a better fit. we are going to try these two on this wall and the sofa on this wall. of course i had a layout in mind, but often times you have to be a little flexible, so it's important to get pieces in and shift them and move them a little bit. trust me, a little bit of working this way and that way, and you get the right fit. perfect. this gives me the opportunity to
3:16 am
have two lamps flanking either side of the sofa instead of just one table on one end. everybody who sits on a sofa should have a place to put a drink down. with the steady looking good, it's time to start whipping this living room into shape. i love our rug. it has added contrast. it has added dimension. we have lightened and frightened -- brightened. do not be afraid to cut around your fireplace hearth if you are using wall-to-wall carpet. when i told you earlier my clients love color, this i a. what an amazing table. way itted with the brings this space together. >> as soon as it all starts to come together, it almost falls apart. >> the end tables were not on the truck. i know. there's a lot of furniture. you are dealing with the
3:17 am
warehouses, it's just things can slip through the cracks. >> oh, drat. >> it's going to happen. it's just a matter of finding the solution in dealing with it. >> bring in the other small size tables, and then we will figure it out. ok. >> we are burning daylight here, but there's still tons of work to be done. "daykover" is
3:18 am
>> time is ticking, but no daykover would be complete without its share of problems. i have this awesome lamp that i want to put on the end table, but there's no end table. >> about two hours ago, we were told it would be about an hour,
3:19 am
and we are still waiting for them. >> i'm worried they are not going to show up. i just want to finish. tables here.e they are, like, running in with them. >> oh, my gosh. thank you. yay! awesome. now it is time for us to finish this daykover. just a few finishing touches, styling, and then we will be ready to show you the final results. what a difference one day of design can make in three separate rooms. to make a first impression, and i'm absolutely thrilled with the impression the foyer is making now. i cannot believe what a difference this wallpaper has made. and putting on something extra special like this beautiful trimmed takes an ordinary drapery panel and makes it extraordinary. this morning, he started, and we
3:20 am
had that very small doormat, and now we have this amazing rug. and this indoor/outdoor rug is stylish and super practical. these ottomans not only give us a nice kick of color in this foyer, but the texture and fabric softened the feel of the space. the other thing that is neat is this grazed glenn and console table. this is absolutely creating a .ery established tableau neate other thing that is is this grazed glenn and console table. look for


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