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tv   Early Today  NBC  November 25, 2013 4:00am-4:31am EST

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good monday morning. here's what's coming up on "early today." thanksgiving getaway week being
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met wit and cold temperatures, along with hundreds of canceled flights. an historic leads to around the globe. a hot night for taylor swift and justin timberlake at the american music awards along with a giant kitty cat with miley cyrus. that and much more as "early today" starts right now. >> announcer: this is "early today" for monday, november 25th. good morning. it's nice to see you i'm veronica de la cruz. a deadly winter system shaping up to be a holiday nightmare. parts of the country setting records over the weekend. it's all part of a giant system moving east just as 43 million americans gear up for their thanksgiving travel. nbc meteorologist bill karins joins us now with the latest. bill, what is it looking like? >> well the problem is in texas this morning. they move all the way to the east coast through thanksgiving.
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the worst, dallas-ft. worth metroplex area, at 32. the sleet and freezing rain continues through the morning commute. the temperature will go above freezing later today but not in time to prevent a treacherous morning commute there. and now watch it expand up to the north. this blue line, by the way, is the freezing line. now, it's starting to take us up to areas of eastern oklahoma. on the edge of that sleet and rain on the south. okay in louisiana. where does it go after this? as we go into the afternoon hours, the heavy rain will move off the gulf. the storm will begin to develop in the gulf of mexico. it will end the ice storm in texas. we'll watch it expand in arkansas, possibly in tennessee. heavy travel today, i-10, i-20 will be mostly rain. again, the worst of it today, the dallas-ft. worth area, just treacherous conditions. >> thanks, bill. and that system has already turned deadly. this morning, at least 13 people
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confirmed killed by the storms. nbc's miguel almaguer brings us up to date. >> reporter: in the southwest, wicked winter weather that's dangerous and on the move. the powerful storm blanketing several states with heavy snow, steady rain, debilitating ice and high winds. in texas, icy roads turned i-20 near dallas into a skating rink. three killed here, 13 across the region. at dfw, more than 300 flights canceled. >> after hundred us of crashes to the west, dallas was ready as the storm moved in. 30 trucks dumped sand on city streets. >> reporter: the commute in oklahoma just as treacherous. too many spinouts and rollovers to tally. outside of oklahoma city, 13 inches and counting. >> oh, it's good, oh, yeah. >> reporter: in new mexico, frigid temperatures snapped power lines. the frozen interstate a standstill as 39 million americans are set to travel for
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the thanksgiving holiday. >> hard. keep control of your car, especially if you go under the bridges and stuff, it whips you. >> reporter: this nordic outbreak first claiming lives on thursday, hammered california with whipping winds. the weather still fanning a blaze north of san francisco. from fire in california to snow in arizona -- >> this is where it starts. nobody has been able to get a handle on it. >> reporter: even in the nevada 15 inches of powder. >> we've had almost as much water content out of this one storm as we've had most of the season last winter. >> reporter: the arctic blast is punishing the texas panhandle and it appears the east coast is next. living abroad now to iran where an historic nuclear deal is done. the international reaction coming swift and mixed. with america's closest mideast ally israel calling it an historic mistake, here at home,
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leading members of congress are auchs but accepting. ahmed, good morning. this is a whirlwind of diplomacy, what can we expect in the days ahead? >> good morning, veronica. certainly, in the days ahead, it's going to be tough on the sides of agreement one that the u.s. is going to face pressure. some calling for tougher sanctions. but more importantly, the actual work will begin on the agreement. that involves some of the specific details that were hammered out there in geneva. including allowing international inspectors into the nuclear facilities, and more importantly to make sure iran complies with this agreement. from the iranian perspective, they will begin to want to see that the international commute lives up to its end of the deal by easing some of the financial restriction that's are have crippled iranian economy. more importantly, the serious
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negotiations behind perhaps a comprehensive deal are to get under way. after six months, there's supposed about eye comprehensive deal. those negotiations behind what we highlighted expected to get under way. >> ahmed, thank you for that. and more fans falling at nfl stadiums on sunday. two people were injured. in baltimore m & t bank stadium, a 43-year-old man suffered severe head injuries. during the ravens/jets game. he was taken to the shock trauma center. how he fell is still unknown. and at the oakland coliseum during the raiders/titans game, a woman fell 45 feet from the upper deck. her fall was broken by a man who tried to catch her. county sheriff official said the man saved her from certain
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death. both were injured and taken to a nearby hospital. witnesses say the woman jumped. investigate continues. a mailman was shot and killed while on his route over the weekend. the murder investigation also continues found that a $100,000 award for information is being offered. the victim is 26-year-old tyson barnett, a letter carrier at the post office. police found him dead in suburban washington, d.c. and meteorologist bill karins back with a look ahead. good morning to you, bill. >> good morning. big question going into this last week, who's going get the snow the day before thanksgiving. who's going to get the rain. let me try to break that down four. because there is going to be some snow issues with the storm. first with the rain. as the storm goes to the gulf of mexico along the eastern seaboard, the green coloring sergeant rain. so as we go throughout your wednesday it looks like the
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iniest weather is from the carolinas up to the mid-atlantic. heavy rain should be likely. d.c. airport, philadelphia, new york, right into boston. it looks warm enough that we're going to avoid the snow and then that storm will begin to exit. as far as the snow goes on the back side, the area of greatest concerns from the mountains of west virginia, tennessee, all the way back into wednesday afternoon into areas like western new york, cities like pittsburgh, cleveland, erie, buffalo, syracuse, you have the best chance of getting the snow from the storm. that will be wednesday into wednesday night. and maybe even portions of northern new england. so that's the concern if you have any travel issues. as far as today go once again, only bad ice, oklahoma, arkansas and central texas. that's your national forecast. now here's a look at weather outside your window. so for today, that bitter cold that we've been dealing with begins to moderate a little bit from the great lakes to the northern plains all the way to the northeast. still a very cold mog,
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mass. how cold it was yesterday, we're not dealing with a huge snowstorm. >> that was ridiculous. it was freezing outside. some black widow spiders found on grapes here in the united states. we're going to tell you where. plus the story of a shark choking on a moose rescued by humans. >> what. >> i kid you not. it's a real story. and a sunday night football thriller. manning versus brady and a comeback for the ages. you're watching "early today."
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good morning. and welcome back. take a look at the moment a bridge is imploded in rio de janeiro, brazile. more than a ton of explosive collapsed concrete in five seconds. firstoppers with america's venomous spider black widow recently in their produce. it's reportedly happened in pennsylvania, michigan, missouri
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and minnesota. similar cases were reported last year. a new york city man is arrested and charged with a hate crime. police are investigating incidents in new jersey, pennsylvania and washington, d.c. the two deaths have been linked to the startling trend. check this not greenland. two men rescue a shark who really did bite off more than it could chew and nearly choked to death on a moose. but the men reportedly pulled out a carcass. clifford harvey tweeted these photos of a whale bringing it back to sea. and macklemore comments on the trayvon martin case as he accepts his award at the american music awards. he accepted viamartin was kille. >> i want to acknowledge trayvon martin and the hundreds and hundred us of kidding are due to racial profiling.
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all-time highs for the s&p. just in time for holiday drivers. the gallon of gas went up over the past two weeks. according to the lundberg survey, the price is $3.25. a possibly nuclear deal with iran may ease tensions along with what's called the mideast premium. microsoft sold 1 million xboxes sunday. banks could start charging you deposit fees. the financial times is reporting if the feds cut interest rates on reserves customers could get hit with the fees. the shotgun used by annie oakley sold for $2 they,000 at auction. and wed all know that textingil illegal in 41 states new york is purchasing at all unmarked suvs so police can peer down on
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drivers texting on phones on their laps. a number of points on your license so when hitting the roads this thanksgiving holiday, please no texting. just ahead, richard lui with a jam-packed monday. also the best in the world. speaking, of course, marching to a wle new level. you'll definitely want to stay tuned for this.
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and now, let's get the latest in sports from my good friend richard lui. richard, are you ready for football? >> and turkey, but i've got to wait a couple days for that. good monday morning. the patriots were shut out by the broncos for the entire first half. probably had do with the six fumbles the pats had. 24-0 going into the locker room. the halftime talk or the yell made the difference. in the third, new england surges with three touchdowns. then in the fourth, manning answers back. connecting, 31-0 overtime they go. the pats bounces off the broncos. pats recovering a kicked field goal. pats win 34-34. cowboys ge tied at 21-21, the cowboys hit a field goal for the win 24-21. former colts coach bruce arians now coaching the cards. lead his team to a 40-11 win in
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that grudge match. and the panthers stage a dramatic comeback to defeat the dolphins 20-16, carolina's seventh straight victory pop you can say cam newton? the packers tied 26-26. it ends the packers nonwinning streak without qb aaron rodgers. but, hey, let's put on bikinis, why not? >> a little too cold. >> brotherly love between howie long's son. a scuffle started between the in comes chris long to stop the fight. little bro kyle got a personal foul. brotherly love, huh? next in the bcs standings, auburn moves to fourth ahead of the matchup with alabama saturday. that's a good one. followed by ohio state. and mizzou gets into number five. talking be miz za, the latest
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tribute, a salute to gettysburg. >> nice. >> you just got to sit back and watch this stuff. they do a really good job. marching soldiers, man bucking a horse and explosive cannon. look at that. >> that's incredible. >> you didn't speed up the video, right? >> no, no, they're really, really fast. a lot of sugar. after beating brandon rios manny pacquiao is expected to make a visit to his native philippines. pacquiao for the people said he loves them all. while snow is falling across the u.s. it's surf hawaii. michael bore rez won 17-7 for the first leg in the advance, triple crown of surfing. i'm curious how warm it is right now. we have to ask karins. >> i'd say in the 80s. just ahead, catching fire had the odds completely in their
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favorite, torching the weekend box office. and a wild night at the american music awards have people buzzing across the country this morning. we'll tell you what happened next. you're watching "early today."
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welcome back. with so many people traveling over the next week, let me give you the time line of the storm now through wednesday. as far as this morning goes, we've already talked about the dallas area, the problems there with the icing. as we go through this evening at 5:00, mostly rain in areas of louisiana.
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a little bit of ice appears north of memphis and little rock. look at all the rains. heavy torrential rains coming out of the southeast tuesday morning at 7:00 oomph, ohio, western pennsylvania, western new york, snow tuesday night. notice the big cities by wednesday morning, veronica. storm will be right over top of new york city. but a rain event. wednesday's commute not slippery, but a lot of rain. wednesday will be difficult in the morning. thank you, bill, "the hunger games" "catching fire" with the box office with the most in history. katniss and crew brought in $161. authorize and then the best man holiday and free birds. it was a big night at the american music awards.
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rihanna won the icon award presented by her mom. katy perry performing her kit in geisha gear. and miley cyrus made sure her performance will be an internet sensation by placing a giant kitten in the back for "wrecking ball." cyrus' l.a. house was burglarized friday. authorities have not released a list of items stolen from heir home. >> oh, boy. >> pop star is now the new face of design house for versace. and ron burgundy for sportscast curling in canada. >> fashion houses of europe have him on retainer. his sense of style impeccable. his mustache is insured with lloyds of london.
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he's the newest member of ntst. and he's coming for you. i'm veronica de la cruz, we hope this is just for first stop of the day on nbc.
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right now on "news 4 today" bitterly cold temperatures have a firm grip on the d.c. area. many of you waking up to temperatures in the teens. the coldest we've seen so far this season. it's just the beginning, though. a major change is on the horizon and it could impact your thanksgivi thanksgiving.
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a massive winter storm could bring snow and ice to our region. >> the storm is already blamed for 13 deaths in several southwestern states. freezing rain and snow is causing a mess in observiklahom texas. many drivers lost control. drivers are dealing with the treacherous conditions just as millions of americans are set to travel are for the thanksgiving holiday. those conditions are expected to get worse in new mexico frigid temperatures snapped power lines. 15 inches of snow fell in nevada. >> and the icy conditions left a number of travelers stranded overnight in dallas-ft. worth airport. airlines canceled about 300 flights because of icing conditions. the airport says it has its de-icing equipment ready to go to get flights in the air. however, airports along the east coast are keeping a wary eye on this storm which could hit them just as hard as holiday travelers get ready to get out of town. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein has more on 0 the cold and what's in store for us. tom? i think for us it's mostly going to be a rain event tomorrow into wednesday with
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blustery winds. maybe light snow. areas into the mountains might see snow. the story is the cold. we have just enough wind to have our windchills down into the teens all across most of maryland, most of virginia, and west virginia starting off early this morning. now the wind only blowing around 5-10 miles an hour but the air feels like it's in the teens. this is like a mid winter feeling here in november before thanksgiving for craig out loud. these are the temperatures right around the metro area now. we're in the low 20s in prince george's county, much of montgomery and fairfax county. in the district, near the bay, the low to mid-20s. danella, good morning. any problems this monday morning on the road? yeah, unfortunately. we have a couple things i'm tracking. first, a water main break at colesville road that has your left lane blocked and that's in both directions. we do have megan mcgrath en
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route now. we should hear from her shortly for what's happening in the a a area. back over to 295. road work hear. construction in both directions north and southbound. you're forced off at pennsylvania avenue. making the trip in the district, heads up in this area. you will be rerouted. i'm back at 4:31. back over to you. 4:28 is your time. molette green is following breaking news at the live desk. molette? we are following a stabbing in northwest washington. we just found out about this and are working to get you more


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