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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am EST

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george's county, much of montgomery and fairfax county. in the district, near the bay, the low to mid-20s. danella, good morning. any problems this monday morning on the road? yeah, unfortunately. we have a couple things i'm tracking. first, a water main break at colesville road that has your left lane blocked and that's in both directions. we do have megan mcgrath en route now. we should hear from her shortly for what's happening in the a a area. back over to 295. road work hear. construction in both directions north and southbound. you're forced off at pennsylvania avenue. making the trip in the district, heads up in this area. you will be rerouted. i'm back at 4:31. back over to you. 4:28 is your time. molette green is following breaking news at the live desk. molette? we are following a stabbing in northwest washington. we just found out about this and are working to get you more detai
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details. here is what we know so far. d.c. police tell us it happened about 2:30 this morning in the 3500 block of georgia avenue. there are two adult male victims. we don't know their conditions or what happened and no word yet on suspects. our megan mcgrath is had heading to the scene and will bring us more information and a live report in a short bit. that's the latest. now back to you. today in just a few hours we expect to learn more about what led to a double murder/suicide in maryland. the sheriff's office plans to release its final report today. 42-year-old barbara, ben, and their baby were found shot to death. a 5-year-old girl was able to run to a neighbor's home. she is staying with a family friend until child services decides where to place her. the u.s. postal service is offering a reward up to $100,000 for information in connection with the shooting death of a postal worker. last night dozens of people turned out in cheverly for a
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candlelight vigil for 26-year-old tyson barnette. he was gunned down saturday night while delivering mail after dark. others have said the after dark deliveries have become an issue. those requests have been ignored. many believe his death could have been avoided the postal service would have worked with him sooner. >> he shouldn't have been out here at night in the dark alone like any of us. it's just not the safe. >> the blood is on their hands. they knew it and at the did nothing about it. >> prince george's county police and the postal service are conducting investigations into barnette's death. so far no arrests have been made. today we get a closer look into finding out who is going to be virginia's next attorney general. the state board of elections will certify the results of last month's vote. this month's vote, that would give mark herring the victory for now. he leads obenshain by 165 votes.
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obenshain will probably ask for a recount. he'll have ten days to do that. he could challenge absentee and provisional ballots. the district could take a step closer to raising the minimum wage. a council committee will vote on a plan this morning that would hike the wage to $11.50 an hour by 2016. it's being considered in montgomery and prince george's county. the committee, the full council is, could vote as early as next week. mayor vincent gray said he wants an increase but he believes anything over $10 an hour could hurt businesses. well, you may want to get a nap in this afternoon if you're a redskins fan. you could be up late tonight. the skins will host the 49ers at fedex field at 8:30. they may have to win their final six games if they want to make it to the playoffs. they're 3-7 right now. they will be two games behind first place philadelphia and dallas if they win tonight. and you can take metro if you're going to tonight's game. it will run an hour late to help get you home. the final blue line train will leave to franconia/springfield at 12:25.
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to largo just after 1:30. it is a very cold start. it feels like the middle of february. this is still fall technically. >> let's check in with tom kierein just how bad it is. >> it's crazy cold, down into the low 20s and upper teens. 25 now reagan national. that is the coldest temperature of the autumn season so far. now the record low in washington for this day 18 set on this date november 25 back in 1950. so it's not going to be a record low for reagan national airport but elsewhere it's down into the teens, montgomery county, into fairfax county, and much of prince george's county in the low 20s. mid-20s right on the bay. elsewhere, we are in the teens much of northern virginia, shenandoah valley, and into the mountains most locations are in the upper teens right now. mercifully this morning we have a lighter wind and temperatures will stay subfreezing between now through all the way until around noontime.
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in fact temperatures by 8:00 will still be in the low to mid-20s much of the region with a light wind. lots of sunshine. and then a few high clouds right around freezing. a little above freezing. get into the upper 30s by midafternoon, by 4:00 or so, and getting rather cloudy as we get into this evening. danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. still keeping my eye on a water break in silver spring. not a lot to worry about but it is blocking your left lane in both directions along east-west highway for colesville road. heads up d.c. 295 still dealing with construction north the and southbound. all your lanes are blocked. you'll be forced off pennsylvania avenue, so keep that in mind as you make your commute. head down i-95 in virginia. it's klaas. past 234 heading northbound as well as southbound. travel lanes are open. really all the way up as you continue on it to 395. let me show you how clear it is there as well. a live look as you make your way between edsall, heading past duke, heading to the 14th street bridge in both directions. no accidents, no delays, no
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construction. i'm back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, back over to you. we will see you then. molette green is following some breaking news from the live desk. molette? eun, we're keeping a close eye on a double tragedy at sea in china. two cargo ships sank in separate incidents touring stormy weather. rescuers are using mraents and boats to search the waters along china's east coast hoping to find survivors. 25 sailors are missing. the body of one sailor has already been recovered. large waves and stormy conditions are blamed for sinking the ship with 14 crew members. some time today and sunday a separate ship carrying 12 crew members had engine failure and sank in stormy seas the that is the latest from the live desk. i'm molette green. back to you you. today some answers about the police response and what led up to one of the worst school shootings in american history. investigators lan to release a summary report on the sandy hook
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elementary massacre that left 20 children, six staff members, and the shooter's mother ted almost a year ago. the report won't include all the evidence gathered by state police. the lead investigator is still fighting to keep 911 tapes from being released and a time line of the police response, motive and mental health records have been withheld. in the day ahead, a 16-year-old boy is expected in court accused in the death of a it can dk man. and thony williams is charged as an adult in the murder of james booker. he was gunned down near martin luther king jr. elementary school in southeast. booker's family says he became a father just before his death. d.c. police say williams is one of three people involved in booker's death. also today the lawyers for r&b singer chris brown will be back in d.c. superior court. brown and his bodyguard are accused of punching a man outside the "w" hotel. a judge reduced the charge
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interest felony to misdemeanor a assault. chris brown is still on probation from a 2009 attack on his then girlfriend singer rihanna. he is not expected to appear in court himself. a scary moment at last night's oakland raid he is football game when a woman jumped from the upper deck into the crowd below at the end of the fourth quarter. police taped off section 301 shortly after her 300-fat fall. a han in the crowd below tried to catch the woman as she was falling. both had to be hospitalized after the incident. no one knows why the woman jumped at this time. and back here on the east e upper decks during the ravens/jets game. the 48-year-old fan is currently in the hospital after reportedly hitting his head. officials say he is in serious condition. well, today you have a chance to give to nbc 4's food and families campaign. nurses at the medstar georgetown hospital collected donations last week. today all of that food will be taken to the verizon center. there they will be accepting
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canned donations. news 4's pat lawson muse will be on hand for the big event and holding a phone bank starting at 6:00. you can make a donation by calling 202-885-4949. you can also donate online anytime. we haven't quite reached it yet but signs of the big arrival that is just hours away. plus, a developing story right now in the streets of kiev as hundredsrote and clash with riot police. what triggered the uprising when we go to the live desk. a cold blast has a firm grip on the area as we wake up to the coldest temperatures we've seen around here in months. and this is just the beginning. the next wave of winter weather
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today you can offer prayers for the victims of typhoon haiyan. cardinal wuerl will hold a mass. it begins at 7:00 tonight. we are just a few hours away from the arrival of the capital christmas tree. the 88-foot-tall spruce was selected from the national park in washington state. yesterday the tree made a stop at joint base andrews. it will be in position on the west launch the capitol this morning at 10:00.
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to get into the holiday spirit before the capitol tree arrives at 10:00, at 9:00 today buy your vre santa train tickets. the train ride will take place saturday, december 14. tickets are $6 on line and $5 a the ticket booth. fair warning here. if you want to take a ride with jolly old st. nick you'd better act fast the tickets sold out online in four minutes. tickets at the door didn't take much longer than that. >> he's a popular tud. >> that's kind of how it happens. >> he's got an audience. let's check the forecast at 4:41. really winterlike cold. seriously, tom. >> the weather is being naughty. santa is not going to be happy. starting off this this morning it is frigid. you need your warmest wier coat for the morning. we are going to have quite a bit of sunshine, but it will be frigid. temperatures just in the upper teens now and then maybe by about 9:00 in the upper 20s. a northwest breeze making it feel like it's only in the 20s. for your lunch hour we'll have temperatures climbing to the
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mid-30s, mostly sunny and cold and then during the afternoon only reaching upper 30s with increasing clouds and the latest on that storm coming our way. i'll have the latest timing in ten minutes. now, danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. still d.c. 295 construction blocking all lanes. as you travel northbound and southbound forced off at pennsylvania avenue. that's where the work zone is. so that's your work around. shooting out to route 50 this morning, nice and clear from the bay bridge as you travel inbound to the beltway. no issues there. a live look at landover road, clear as you connect to new york avenue. back in ten minutes. aaron and eun, over to you. growing 0 opposition to the redskins name. the latest local group trying to pressure the team to make some changes. >> bitter cold tempe
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i'm molette green at the live desk. protests erupt in ukraine this morning. take a look at the video that just came into the newsroom. after camping 0 out in a sevcenl kiev square, protesters tried to march a right up to the government building to block the entrance. security forces counter trying to push the crowd back possibly using pepper spray there. this crowd of thousands unhappy over the ex-soviet state's decision to turn down a deal that would move ukraine closer with the european union. the formal agreement was supposed to come at the end of this week. that's the latest now. back to you in the studio. 15 before the hour now. and a new law in egypt restricts the voice of the people even more. egypt's interim president banned public gatherings of more than ten people without government permission. the new law requires at least three days' notice before any protest can begin. if the request is rejected, they
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can repeal appeal. activists immediately denounced that law. new this morning, a court in saudi arabia sentenced a man to death for a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate there nine years ago. the court also sentenced 19 the people to prison, 35 others linked to the attack have hearings this week. five consulate employees were killed in that 2004 attack. the u.s. thinks al qaeda planned it. it is now 4:46. president obama will turn his attention back to immigration reform today. he'll urge congress to pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill. he'll make that speech at a rec center in chinatown. this is day two of the three-day trip he is making to the west coast. he is attending several fund-raisers for house and senate democrats while there. we may already be seeing the impact of that deal with iran over its nuclear program. oil prices are down worldwide today. the deal with iran eases some of the sanctions on iran's oil exports. the white house says president obama has discussed the agreement with israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu. he's already called it a historic mistake. some of the president's opponents on capitol hill agree with him. >> we trusted the iranians before just like the north koreans on nuclear issues and what have we gotten for it? >> we need to help make sure we see this through and they don't end up in a situation where they're a threat to the world. >> some members of congress are preparing even tougher sanctions against iran if this deal falls apart. 4:47 right now. 50 years ago today washington, d.c., came to a standstill as the nation laid to rest a beloved president. up to a million people lined the streets in the district the that day to watch president john f. kennedy's casket ultimately make its way to arlington national a cemete cemetery. today the irish defense forces 37th cadet class will hold a service. we spoke to the secret service agent assigned to jackie kennedy
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about what he remembers from that day. >> she wanted to view the president. at one point shea turned to me and said, would you get me a pair of scissors? i ran to the usher's office and got a pair of scissors and gave them to her. i stood there and i could hear the click, click, click. i knew she was cutting a lock of his hair. >> today's ceremony at the eternal flame is at 2:00. tdoctors in baltimore are working to keep a man alive after he was rescued from a home. he was trapped when the fire sparked in his home on cherriway in salisbury on the eastern shore. his caretaker who was next door at the time tried to get into the home but was overcome by the heavy smoke. firefighters were able to get to hitchcock who is in critical condition with severe burns. investigators are still looking for the cause of that fire. well, this morning we're dealing with a cold blast. most of the region waking up to temperatures in the teens. take a look at the map here.
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news 4's melissa mollet is live in dupont circumstanle. >> reporter: it is absolutely brutal. i want to show you an issue one of our technical directors came across this morning at 20th and mass. take a look here behind me, guys. a sprinkler system here at the pnc bank was on this morning. this is just a complete sheet of ice here and then down the street a little bit as you approach 20th. you can see the grass completely coated as are the trees here. obviously an isolated situation because of the water but it is brutally cold. you can see how quickly things can freeze. definitely layer up. of it's a day you can see your breath. you can today. you want to layer up and tray to stay warl. live in northwest washington, melissa mollet, news 4. back to you. >> melissa, thank you. stay warm. a reminder to bundle up to you, too. take a look at these skaters enjoying the ice rink at pentagon row in arlington. the kids pushing around some penguins there which is great
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given the temperatures if you think penguins belong in cold weather. the cold blast is no match for this person camped outside the best buy in gainesville. come on, people. check this out. this is a picture we found on twitter. this this person has been there since last thursday. the camper, of course, is in line for black tray day door buster deals. we told you about the folks in california have been in line since the 14th of november. >> i don't understand. >> in this kind of weather, forget about it. >> we are in the dangerous cold territory. >> exactly. >> and a little plug to go into his phone is all he wants. >> i'll sell you mine. >> it is frigid this morning. i'll take this cold seriously. our bodies aren't used to it this early in the season. tell them you need your warmest winter coat, your mittens, your hat. temperatures in the teens now. we'll stay in the teens another hour but then the upper 20s by 8:30, 9:00. sun rises at 7:02.
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quite a bit of sun this morning but look at the wind chills. the wind is blowing 5 to 10 males an hour, it feels like it's only in the taens. these are the temperatures. right now just near 20 in montgomery county. it's in the low 20s prince george's county, only near 20 fairfax county, much of northern virginia into west virginia. it's down into the teens right now. right near the bay waters. it's generally in the low to mid-20s. all below freezing all across most of the region. as the day progresses we are going to have just a few high clouds drifting in. here is our future weather. of as we get into tomorrow morning, this is as of 7:00 tuesday morning, there may be a little bit of sleet, this area in pink mixing in with cold rain in the shenandoah valley. some of that may get closer to washington by late morning but mostly rain and then by early afternoon, still a little bit of sleet north and west of the metro area but nothing sticking to the ground. it will be melting because temperatures will be above ernofree into tomorrow evening and then some colder air
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moves in on wednesday. that's when we might see this rain and a little bit of snow wednesday afternoon. i don't think anything will stick. we'll be in the low 40s. for thanksgiving day, partly cloudy, blustery and cold. highs only in the upper 30s. to the weekend, though, a bit warler. the sunshine, highs reaching 40s. danella, how is traffic? good morning, tom. good news for drivers in our area taking d.c. 295 a. showed you a little bit ago there was l some construction blocking all of your lanes. now d.c. 295 and pennsylvania avenue in both directions your lanes are open. that earlier work zone cleared in both directions. shooting over to gw parkway no accidents there. no delays. nothing but green. open road for you. out to i-66 this morning, a live look passing the bypass, 234. 66 outside of the beltway as well as inside of the beltway your travel lanes are open. s us @first4traffic. we'll get that twaet oeet out.
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breaking her silence after surviving a decade in captivity. >> why we're about to hear more from one of the cleveland kidnapping victims than ever before. but first, the potential trouble spot for drivers in the district today as the city works to make itself more bicyclist friendly. >> the latest local organization stepping
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welcome back 4:56. gas priceses are up but you will still save money compared to
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last year. refinery issues are causing that spike. the average price in d.c. right now $3.50 a gallon for regular unleaded up 10 cents from last week. in maryland prices also up 10 cents at $3.39 right now. in virginia it's 10 cents higher as well at $.21. the national average is actually down about 19 cents from this time last year. you may notice a new bike lane. it will run westbound between 14th and 28th will be installed to create a buffer and green paint to mark the lane. construction will take place between the morning and evening rush hours with impact curbside parking along "m" street. of the lane should be read gli four to six weeks. maryland will sign a deal with nasa in hopes of bringing in more high tech business.
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senator mikulski's office says the deal will be signed in greenbelt. the senator says it will enable future nasa missions and help turn research into marketable products. godard houses the largest group of scientists and engineers developing technology for space exploration. we have some new video of the devastation from a fire in prince george's county. strong winds pushed the flames in clinton. as you can see here several vehicles completely devoid by the flames including a trailer, a motorcycle and one of the t t ogden drive in clinton. fire crews had trouble containing the flames because of high winds. no one was hurt, though. the redskins play tonight at fedex field. you may want to pay attention to a news conference this morning about a half mile from the stadium. a local group has squoind the effort to get the skins to change the name. the coalition of prince george's county leaders and organizations says the team's name, the redskins, is offensive, disparaging, and insulting.
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maryland republicans want you to pay less in taxes if you live in the state. house republicans say a 10% income tax cut will be one of their top priorities of the upcoming legislative session. they unveiled their priorities over the weekend. this tax cut may not the be realistic, though. republicans are the minority in the house and the senate. four students with ties to virginia will ea


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