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tv   News4 Today  NBC  November 25, 2013 6:00am-7:01am EST

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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ cute hair and heels. ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday. and traffic on the 1s. right now at 6:00 a.m., snow blankets several states especially in the southwest and more winter weather could be coming. this system that dumped the snow and ice in new mexico is on its way here. >> and ahead of if we're it we're seeing freezing temperatures. it feels like february. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein here to walk us through
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what to expect today. tom? >> yeah, it is fringid start ii off of this morning. luckily the winds have died down. this storm coming our way and you may be away from your tv, our storm team 4 weather app you can get free. there's the sky over washington now. it's clear and dry. and a light northwest wind, 24 at reagan national. by 8:00 just in the low to mid-20s much of the region with bright sunshine and a light wind and then by noontime just a little above freezing. then the mid to upper 30s by midafternoon with increasing high clouds coming in from the west. but you do need your warmest winter coat. right now friends are only near 20 degrees around most of the region. now for the monday morning commute, here is danella. good morning. good morning, tom. in the first alert traffic center, still tracking an accident. a live look from chopper 4. you can see hereie up.
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this is just after georgia avenue. the crash here has two vehicles in the guardrail and as far as delays go, again, you just have two rate lanes getting by. a live look at colesville road lacks like. they are jammed. bumper to bumper here as they slowly make their way past the accident. the right side will get you by. as of now here is the drive time, under speed at 33 miles an hour. as you head from i-95 head iingo i-270 that trip will take you 17 minutes and that's as of right now. folks waking up using i-95 in virginia, your commute is coming up in ten minutes. eun, over to you. danella, thank you. 6:02 now. a deadly storm with a mixture of snow and ice is heading our way and it could impact your you thanksgiving travel plans. the storm is blamed for 13 deaths in several southwestern states. some people died in treacherous driving conditions in new mexico, oklahoma, and texas. a 4-year-old girl was killed in a roll over crash with 43 million americans expected to
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hit the ro for the thanksgiving holiday making for some tough travel conditions. >> keep control of your car if you go under the bridges and stuff. it whips you. >> driving in these conditions are tough, and so is flying. the delays are already adding up. airlines canceled about 300 flights yesterday at dallas-ft. worth international because of icy conditions. today we could lead more to what led to a double murder/suicide. the frederick county sheriff's office plans to release its final report. barbara giamarelli, 40-year-old ben asefa, and 3-month-old samuel asefa were found shot to death in their new market home last wednesday. a 5 que-year-old girl was able run to a neighbor's. and today a 16-year-old expected in court accused in the death of a d.c. man, anthony williams is charged as an adult in the murder of 24-year-old
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james booker. he was gunned down earlier this month near martin luther king jr. elementary in southeast. booker's family says he became a father just before his death. d.c. police say williams is one of three people involved in booker's death. right now a reward up to $100,000 for information in connection with the shooting death of a postal worker. 26 ye 26-year-old tyson barnette was of shot to death on reed street in cheverly while making deliveries after dark. both prince george's county police and the u.s. postal service are looking into this this crime. meantime, postal workers gathered to pay their respects. many talked about their safety at night. >> he shouldn't have been out here at night in the dark alone. like any of us, it's just not safe. >> the blood is on their hands. they gnaw it and they did nothing about it. >> several postal workers told news 4 that they've put in requests to start their deliveries earlier in the day to avoid the dark deliveries. they said those requests have been ignored. we could get some answers aboutd
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up to the sandy hook elementary massacre. 20 children, six staff members and his mother were killed. the lady investigator is still fight to go keep 911 tapes from being released and a time line of the police response, clues about a motive and the shooter's mental health records have also been withheld. 6:04 right now. and today the d.c. council could take another step to raising the minimum wage. they plan to vote on a hike that would make the wage $11.50 an hour by 2016. the same plan being considered by law makeers in montgomery and prince george's counties. if the bill passes the committee, the full council could vote as early as next week. mayor vincent gray says he wants an increase but believes anything more than $10 an hour could hurt business. president obama will turn his attention back to immigration reform today. he will urge a dpre hencive immigration reform bill. he'll make a speech in chinatown. this is day two of a three-day
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trip the making to the west coast. he is attending several fund-raisers for house and senate democrats while there. you coulde i for a rough commute this afternoon especially in prince george's county. thousands of redskins fans heading to fedex field. it starts at 8:30. tailgaters will be there hours before the kickoff. the redskins will almost certainly have to win tonight to have any chance of making the playoffs. you can take met the row if you are going to tonight's game. it will run an hour late to help you get home. the final blue line train will leave the morgan buoulevard station to franconia-springfield at 12:25. the last train to largo will leave just after 1:30. right now l people in the u.s. are waking up only to be slowed down by snow. we'll be live in oklahoma city to show you what they're dealing with. and as temperatures stay low in our area we are tracking the system that dumped all of that
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ow sleet. >> the tallest roller coaster ever and it's coming to
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seems like a lot of people might be getting an xbox. it sold more than a million units in the first 24 hours. microsoft, the maker of the xbox, said it sold -- it's sold at most retail eers. a new roller coaster could be coming to florida and a big one. the polercoaster. we have a look at it from our affiliate down in orlando. this thrill seeker dream can vary from a 300 to 600 foot ride with about 8,000 feet of tracking leading out. each car will hold four people
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who want to climb 50 stories into the air and it doubles as a high-rise restaurant. i'm just staying away from the whole thing. >> that doesn't make any sense. >> that's why i stay off roller coasters. >> you're setting yourself up for sure. 6:11. > he is a live look over the district this morning. 24 degrees. tom, it just doesn't make any sense. >> you just ruined my cheerios. starting off this morning we are clear and cold and a roller coaster ride temperature wise today down into the teens much of the region. i think by 9:00 in the upper 20s. lots of sun. by noontime the low 30s. by mid afternoon should be makig it into the upper 30s with increasing clouds rolling in and mercifully today a lighter wind compared to what we had yesterday. and temperatures this morning around much of the region are down into the teens to upper 20s
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d 6:21. danella, how is traffic? tom, good news on the beltway. the earlier accident outer loop past georgia avenue is now in the shoulder lane. so travel lanes on the outer loop open at one point both left lanes were blocked but, again, just the shoulder is blocked. it looks like a tow truck is arriving on scene right now making its way over to tow the cars out of the roadway. you may still again see the left lane blocked as cars are working their way out of the road. now here is your drive time. it is slow, taking 15 minutes from i-95 to georgia avenue and you are seeing red. back over to you both. >> thank you, danella. right now our food for families phone bank is open and o volunteers are taking donations to help faed people this holiday. pleaseall 202-885-4949 to help. in the next few minutes we'll check in with pat lawson muse who is taking donations in person at the verizon center. >>research found that
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moment is most likely on a monday. welcome back. it's 6:14. waking up to a cold blast. take a look. temperatures are in the teens and 20s throughout the area. the skies are clear for now. the weather channel's ron bloem is live in oklahoma city with a wintry storm heading our way. ron blome, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a little colder in your neighborhood, about 28 degrees here. but it's humid so it feels really chilly. th all about trying to get past this slickness. we had a little bit of freezing rain three or four hours overnight putting a quarter of an inch on cars. you have to find the ice scraper to get out. city crews have been out all night.
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7,000 tons of salt, that's a bridge over the canadian river behind me. and that's very well treated. you can walk on that, go down the sidewalk and you'll slip and bust down and fall. yesterday we had some very heavy snowflakes. in fact, we defined winter mix yesterday, we went from sleet to freezing rain to heavy snow, back to sleet and then we had a little bit of sunshine sneaking in, melt ed off the roads. we had a really good start overnight on road conditions and then got that quarter of an inmuch of ice. as you can see the traffic moving rapidly behind me. the local stations are showing plenty of wrecks and accidents especially on overpasses. so you have to slow down just like any other conditions you'd have in the d.c. area. once this storm gets up there you may as welle same slaet aeet and slick condi. find the ice scrapers. a lot of people saying, i don't have an ice scraper, and they're in trouble. this storm, though, did bring about 13 deaths to the southeast. there were four fatalities in oklahoma alone. people single car accidents driving too fast for conditions,
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rolled off the roads and overturned. a lot of them he not even wearing seat belts. this is packing a big punch and heading up your way. beware. >> ron blome, thank you. 16 after the hour right now. we now know the name of the man found dead in fredericksburg over the weekend. he is rodney darnell benum jr. pose lease say someone shot and killed him on howard avenue in the mayfield area. they're still looking for his killer. he had an extensive police record apparently. he was supposed to stand trial next february on a drug related charge. the 48-year-old man still in the hospital this morning after falling from the upper deck during the ravens/jets game in baltimore. university of maryland's shock trauma center. he reportedly hit his head and remains in the hospital with serious injuries. all three young women held captive in a cleveland home will soon tell their stories in print. michelle knight now has a book
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deal. she was writing it with the same author who helped write olympic gold medalist gabby douglas' memoir. the other two women amanda berry and gina dejesus are writing a book together working with a pair of reporters from "the washington post." new this morning a man se n sentenced to death for a deadly attack on the u.s. consulate nine years ago. the court sevntenced 19 people o prison, 35 others linked to the attack have hearings this week. five consulate the employees were killed in the 2004 attack. the u.s. believes al qaeda planned it. new this morning, u.s. ambassador to japan caroline kennedy getting a first-hand look at the tsunami recovery efforts. k kennedy met with leaders and go efforts there and spoke with people still living in temporary housing. a massive earthquake triggered a tsunami in 2011. the reported remains of one of jesus' disciples is sparking a new debate this morning. for the first time yesterday
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pope francis publicly unveiled nine bone fragments said to belong to st. peter. the bones were displayed in a bronzed case during a mass commemorating the end of the year long celebration much of the christian faith. the fragments were discovered in 1939 and no pope has definitively declared them to be peter's. some archaeologists dispute their legitimacy. the holidays are almost here. if you're looking for a little extra christmas cheer, take a ride with santa. this morning at 9:00 tickets for vre's annual santa train will go on sale. the train ride will take place on saturday, december 14. tickets are $6 online and $5 at the ticket booth. they are the hottest tickets in town, too. if you want to take a ride with old st. nick, you'd better act gone. popular man right now. right now you have a chance to give local families in need a happier thanksgiving. >> all day nbc 4 is collecting donations as a part of our food for families campaign. news 4's pat lawson muse is live at the verizon center with more on the program and how you can help. pat, good morning.
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>> reporter: good morning, eun. good morning, aaron. on a morning as cold as this, you can really appreciate a hot meal. and we are here at the verizon center to collect on a food and donations to feed thousands of milieso put a hot meal on the table to needy families, thousands of needy fami. since food for families started many, many years ago we fed tens of thousands, people who really appreciate it. they're all screened by social services and they're grateful to get a thanksgiving basket with all the trimmings. we're going to be here. we hope to he see you or hear many people it takes, how much effort it takes to put this on and all of the planning that goes into it. >> i do. i do. first let me say thank you for coming out and being here in the cold. and standing here with judy, a member of our community advisory board, and another location there are people collecting and sorting and putting all those baskets together to distribute
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and back at the station there's a phone bank. it takes a village to feed the thousands who we promised to feed for thanksgiving. so we're just asking our viewers to help us to keep our promise. people are hungry and we know we can make a difference today. so we're count iing on everybod to drop off some food, go to our website,, make their donation. we can do this but we can't do it without all the great people in the region. >> reporter: good morning to you. >> good morning, pat. >> reporter: how are you? >> another food for family day. >> reporter: that' for being here. you've been here for many years with us. >> absolute, absolutely. it is the best. i'm just so proud of nbc 4. they're always in the trenches. this is just not a pass and chat. they are passing baskets, collect i collecting money, volunteers like you out on a cold, cold
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morning, just trying to do the best we can to make sure people are happy this thanksgiving. >> reporter: donates has never been easier. you can drop off your donations here at verizon center, nonperishable foods or drop off checks made payable to food for families or call our volunteers at the phone bank. the numb they'll be there to take your calls. you can also donate from wherever you are online by logging on to but come on by if you're in the neighborhood. stop by and see us. just dress warmly because it's really cold. eun you and aaron. >> you are a trouper. thanks to everyone for your support. just how cold is it? let's turo >> dress like the pat. so great to see pat lawson muse early on this monday morning there in the cold. and we so appreciate all much of our viewers who donate every year to food for families and, yeah, this year you need your winter coat if you're going to be heading out down to the verizon center and mittens and a warm hat and there's the
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temperature graph for the day. right now it's only around 20 degrees. we'll have a lot of sunshine today, by noontime mid-30s. upper 30s by midafternoon with increasing clouds. not as cold tonight. temperatures will be gradually dropping back down into the mid-30s by this evening. for the skins game tonight, i think for kickoff time right at 8:30 it's going to be right in the mid-30s there at fedex field. there's going to be a light wind, just a few clouds around. the skins take on the 49ers. so it's going to stay in the mid-30s through the game. then tomorrow in the morning we'll have some light rain a begin to move in. now it may be a little bit of aa little bit of wet snow north and west. the latest timing on that. this area of green is a zone of rain. the pink zone wet snow and sleet. no accumulation. that's by noontime on tuesday. then all rain after that as we get into tuesday night and wart of wednesday. it may end briefly wet snow and wednesday and then thanksgiving day partly cloudy, blustery and cold but warming as we have
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sunshine back friday into the weekend. danella, how is traffic? delays on i-95 northbound at lorton road. here is your drive time from quantico. we'll take you 33 minutes to head northbound to the capital be beltway. no accidents, so it's good news for folks on i-95 but it is a sluggish stop and go. continuing on 395 northbound at washington boulevard, an accident here lined up to urbina right shoulder lane. so heads-up there as you continue northbound. back over to chopper 4 traveling the outer loop of the beltway. the earlier accident still in the left shoulder lane. as the chopper zooms out, we'll talk delays. you are absolutely jammed as you make your way past new hampshire avenue heading to georgia avenue. back over to you both. >> it'll, thank you. 6:24 now. molette green following some breaking news from the live desk. that's right, aaron. we are following an amtrak train derailment in south carolina, just getting news about this. we're tracking down details. more than 200 passengers stuck
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right now in spartanburg county. they've been there since midnight. that's when the passenger train from new orleans traveling to new york went off the tracks. luckily the cars did not tip -- the cars on the train did not tip over. they do have power, heat, and food. there are some reports that people have been taken to hospitals but no serious injuries reported. we'll stay on top of this. back to you. one person is out in the cold weathercal pg out for black friday door buster deals. check this out. we found this picture on twitter and you can see a person there camped outside the best buy in gainesville. that person has been there since last thursday. i wonder what's going on. >> it must be a really good deal. now is the time to start
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planning your shopping strategy to get the best deals. >> you'll have a lot of choiceses this week. more stores are opening thanksgiving and then there's cyber monday. retail experts say in order for you to get the best deals, make a gift list, sign up for e-mail alerts and do a little research before you shop. because there are so many deals out there, they're coming from all these different sources, it is hard to take advantage of them as they come. the majority of deals available in stores are also available online. make sure you check that out early on thanksgiving morning before you head to the week. while you may not like it, it is your most productive day. according to a new study your peak productivity is 10:00 in the morning on monday. this news does come at a price. if you don't get your work done by the end of monday, chances of you doing it drop dramatically. two-thirds admit that they never manage tothr to-do list and a l
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people say it's a matter of time but researchers more likely procrastination. there you have it. >> get it done tomorrow. >> by 10:00 a.m. today. a historic nuclear deal is in the works between iran, the u.s., and several other countries. we apologize for the video. we'll tell you about the changes critics want to see before they sign up for the plan. community leaders calling on community leaders calling on the redskins to ditch the team
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i have a 401k remearted part-time, i get bonuses even working part-time. where i work, over 400 people are promoted every day. healthcare starting under $40 a month. i got education benefits. i work at walmart. i'm a pharmacist. sales associate. i manage produce. i work in logistics. there's more to walmart than you think. vo: opportunity. that's the real walmart.
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and snow that could be heading our way. right now people across the country are waking up to snow and even ice on the roads. this cold blast of weather could create some big issues for people who are traveling for thanksgiving. hundreds of flights already have been canceled. so we are checking our local airports to make sure things are running smoothly. news 4's megan mcgrath just stopped by reagan national.
6:32 am
she did not find any delays there. we checked the faa website as well. all departures running on time at dulles and bwi as well. and we may already be seeing the -- let's actually start with a look at the forecast this morning. tom? yeah, the cold blast arrived over the weekend. cold winds yesterday, thankfully this morning those winds have dramatically died down but the teere. with that wind it feels like the low teens only blowing at around 5 to 10 males an hour. for the day today temperatures by 8:00 should be in the mid-20s much of the region with bright sunshine, a few high clouds around noontime. by then right around peaking inr 30s. how is the monday commute? good morning, tom. d.c. 295 tracking a new accident here involving a hit-and-run, so traveling southbound d.c. 295. you will see at least one of your lanes blocked. as far as delays jammed from the
6:33 am
50 split. as you continue southbound this morning, back up to the beltway, this is the outer loop of the beltway as you make your way past georgia avenue. still seeing big delays. the live look as you make your way past university boulevard. you can see bumper to bumper and a new accident chopp h shoulder lane. so outer loop in montgomery county dealing with some delays. your travel lanes are open but look at the slow travel speed from i-95 to georgia avenue just 13 males per hour. aaron and eun? danella, thank you. we may be seeing the impact of that deal with iran over its nuclear program. oil prices are down worldwide. the deal with iran eases the sanctionses on the country's oil experts. news 4's tracie potts live with more reaction to the agreement. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: reaction coming from democrats and republicans, both of them, aaron, skeptical iran is actual ly going to follw through.
6:34 am
iranian diplomats returned it to tehran with a list of things to do including no long er buildin a nuclear reactor that's under construction, scaling back the enriched stockpile they already have and making sure they reduce, create less enriched uranium in the future. now a lot of people who were skeptical about this wanted to see iran stop creating any enriched uranium which is the stuff that makes the nauk leer weapons potent, to stop creating any of it until they've reached some sort of permanent deal, but that's not what happened in geneva over the weekend israel calling it a historic mistake, even democrats here on capitol hill wondering if we gave away too much too soon, some are already pushing for tougher economic sanctions. as a result we're scaling back some of their economic sanctions, holding off on any more but some lawmakers say we should be looking at tougher sanctions just in case iran doesn't follow through. >> tracie potts on the hill for us. thank you, tracie. today a bit closer to
6:35 am
finding out who virginia's next attorney general will be. the state board of elections will certify the results and that would give democrat mark herring the victory for now. he leads republican mark obenshain by 165 votes. obenshain will probably ask for a recoueadyntell who democrats want to take mark herring's seat in the delegate if he becomes attorney general. jennifer wexton won a firehouse primary over the weekend beating herndon town councilmember. in just a few hours the lawyers for r&b singer chris brown will be back in d.c. superior court. brown and his bodyguard are accused of punching a man in the face outside the "w" hotel in downtown d.c. he faces a misdemeanor charge. he is on probation on his 2009
6:36 am
attack on then girlfriend singer rihanna. brown is not expected to appear in court himself. we have new video of the destruction caused by a fire at b&w towing in clinton was fueled by strong winds. several of the vehicles completely destroyed by flames hear including a trailer, a motorcycle as well, one of the tow trucks, too. and the fire at the towing yard may have sparked another fire at a nearby warehouse. crews fought the flames yesterday on ogden drive in clinton. investigators think strong winds may have carried embers from the towing fire. crews had had trouble containing the flames because of the high winds. no one was injured. today a local group will join the effort to get the redskins to change the team's name. the coalition of prince george's county leaders and organizations wants county residents to stop using the term redskin in their daily conversations. the group will make its announcement half a mile from fedex field. maryland is teaming up with nasa in hopes of bringing more high-tech jobs to the state.
6:37 am
senator barbara mikulski's office says a deal will be signed today at the godard space flight center in greenbelt. it will enable future nasa missions and help turn research into marketable products. godard houses the largest group of scientists and engineers for space exploration. and today you might see a new bikedistrict. ddot plans to install a lane on "m" street today running just over a mile. flexible posts will be installed to create a buffer and green paint will mark the lane. construction will take place between the morning and evening rush hours and will impact curbside parking. the lane should be ready in about four to six weeks. this morning a lot of people getting ready for holiday flights. but we're learning about a new safety warning about the engines in some planes. plus, the first big sign of the holidays that's arriving in d.c. today. you need your warmest
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wednesday. i'll have new timing on that this isn't what you like to hear at anytime he is peespecia during thanksgiving week. the boeing is alerting airlines to possible engine icing problems on its 787 dreamliner and the newest 747 model. the company says planes with certain g.e. engines should avoid flying near thunderstorms that may contain ice crystals. the move comes after six incidents which jets lost thrust while flying at high altitudes. united and lufthansa are among those affected. you could lose money soon when you add money to your bank account. banks that start charging deposit fees. this is depending on what the fed does to interest rates.
6:42 am
banks say this could be the next step because taking in deposits aren't free. you have to pay insurance on those transactions. customers aren't going to be happy to pay for putting money inside my own account. >> the mattress looks rise this. it looks like a nice day out, right? >> a little bit of a fiery sun rise in the eastern horizon. coming up a little after 7:00 this morning. here is your weather story for this monday. for the morning dress like a mid winter morning. it's only going to be in the upper teens to low to mid-20s here between now and 8:00. upper 20s by mid morning and remaining frigid and mercifully a light wind out of the northwest around 5 to 10 and then for your lunch hour today high clouds driftinin just getting above freezing by then with light wind and during the afternoon hours we will have it in the upper 30s with a light southerly breeze. that storm system moves in tomorrow into wednesday the. i'll have all of the new timing on that at 6:51. now, danella, how is the
6:43 am
commute? tom, still seeing delays for folks traveling d.c. 295 southbound. you are saeg an sodehbound as y past that accident and let me show you what a live look at eastern avenue looks like. these folks are bumper to bumper. again, at least one of your lanes blocked. a live look from chopper 4 at university boulevard. earlier an accident in the shoulder lane, still seeing big delays because of the earlier accident before of that at georgia avenue. aaron and eun? it'll, thank you. searching for the person who killed a mail carrier. now other postal workers are telling news 4 how they want to change their hours for their own safety. plus, many of you are getting ready to hit the road for thanksgiving and gas prices just ♪ kiss that boring bird goodbye ♪ ♪ at our thanksgiving we're gonna make our turkey fly ♪ ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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♪ it's black friday ♪ we're shopping deals ♪ in little black dresses ♪ let's go! ♪ that's my kind of holiday.
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tank for your trip to see your family. welcome back at 6:45. keeping an eye on a deadly wintry storm heading our way, and it could affect your thanksgiving travel plans. a mixture of strong winds, slaet and snow is being blamed for 13 deaths in several southwestern states. icy conditions forced airlines to cancel 300 flights yesterday at dallas ft. worth international. in just a few minutes storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is tracking the system's movement and will let us know when you may see light snow and sleet in your neighborhood. 6:45. news 4's molette green following some break iing news on the conflict in syria from the live desk. yes, aaron, a majored oosit sit down for peace talks. that's talks will come in january in geneva. the secretary-general expressing deep appreciation and hope for an end to this conflict which has left over 100,000 dead.
6:47 am
and driven millions from the region. the that's the latest from the live desk. back to you. molette, thank you. we expect to learn more about what may have led to a double murder/suicide in maryland. the frederick county sheriff's office plans to release its final report on the shooting today. 42-year-old barbara giamarelli, 40-year-old ben asefa, and 3-month-old samuel asefa were found shot to death in their new market home last wednesday. a 5-year-old girl was able to run to a neighbor's house. she is staying with friends now until the child services decides where to place her. the u.s. postal service is offering a $100,000 reward for information on the shooting death of a letter carrier are looking into the crime. meantime, postal workers gathered last night to pay their respects to barnette, many of them talking about their safety at night. >> he shouldn't have been out here at night in the dark alone like any of us. it's just not safe. >> several postal workers told news 4 that they put in requests
6:48 am
to start their deliveries ear earlier in the day to avoid the dark deliveries. they said those requests have been ignored. today a 16-year-old expected in court to face charges in the death of this man, james booker. anthony williams charged as an adult in the murder of the 24-year-old. booker was gunned down earlier this month in southeast. his family says he became a father just before his death. d.c. police say williams is one of three people involved in booker's death. in the day ahead, we will get our most in-depth look yet at what led to one of the worst school shootings in american history. investigators plan to release a summary report today on the sandy hook elementary massacre that left 20 children and six staff members and the shooter's mother dead almost a year ago. the report will not include all the evidence gathered by state police. the lead investigator still fighting to keep 911 tapes from being released and a time line of the police response, clues about a motive, and the shooter's mental health records have been withheld.
6:49 am
it is now 6:48. today the district could take a step closer to having a higher minimum wage. a council committee plans to vote on a hike this morning that would make the wage $11.50 an hour by 2016. of it is the same plan also being considered by lawmakers in montgomery and prince george's counties. if the bill passes the committee, the full council could vote on it as early as next week. mayor vincent gray has said he wants an increase but he believes anything over $10 an hour could hurt businesses. new from overnight, gas prices went up again, but the national average is lower than last year as we head into the thanksgiving holiday weekend. aaa reports issues along the coast is causing a spike. the average is $ed 3.51 a gallon for regular, up 11 cents from last week n. maryland prices are up 10 cents at $3.40. in west virginia the average is $3.36. that's up 5 cents. the national average is down about 14 cents from this time last year. we are three hours away from
6:50 am
the arrival of the capitol christmas tree. this was the scene last year. at 10:00 today the 88-foot-tall spruce will complete its journey from the national park in washington state to the west lawn of the capitol. the trae made a stop at andrew's. check out this christmas lights display and be careful you don't live next door to this guy. a family in australia set a new world record for the most christmas lights hanging on their home. 502,000 bulbs there. >> he must have a huge property. >> the owner says he spent the month of october putting those lights up and expects his electric bill to be $2,300 higher for this month alone. >> in one month? >> yeah. that's just -- people like it, hey. you do it for the people who come to see it. >> and one light went out and they all went out. >> i can't believe he puts it up himself. >> it's only a month away.
6:51 am
and here we are. it's feeling like mid winter pre-thanksgiving and in washington this is at dupont circle. frozen water on the sidewalk. you're going to need skates. watch out. the automatic sprinklers wept on and it's below freezing now. that's a live picture at dawn this monday morning. there along massachusetts avenue near dupont circle. watch your footing. and around the region we have a frozen start this morning and a frozen dawn yesterday. i took this picture atpics to there is a splash of pink over washington now. the live view from our hd sky watcher camera and under that mostly clear sky temperatures are down to just near 20 degrees around much of the in metro area. near the bay in the low 20s. it's in the upper teens, many of the rural areas of virginia.
6:52 am
this michael jord this morning here is the timing on the storm that is going to be affecting our weather here beginning tomorrow this area of pink, the zone of maybe a little fyé this is noontime tomorrow. a chilly rain and then the rest of the afternoon, areas moderate to maybe briefly heavy rain. the rest of tuesday into tuesday night and into part of wednesday. and then wednesday afternoon it may change back to a wet snow before it all ends and turns windy and colder for thanksgi and then for the skins tonight should be just cold and partly cloudy and then tomorrow a little sleet and wet snow north and west but mainly rain, highs mid-40s. rain tuesday night into wednesday. we could get two to three inches of rain. and on wednesday this storm system does track along the atlantic seaboard, it's affecting travel between here all the way up to boston, mostly
6:53 am
rain, but inland this area in white is a potential accumulating snow out of the mountains they could get up to six inches of snow late on wednesday into wednesday night. and then thanksgiving day, the sun back. partly cloudy. blustery and cold. then warming with sun friday, saturday and sunday. danella, how is monday traffic? >> well, tom, a new accident in maryland. this is the beltway, inner loop of the beltway as you make your way past 450. annapolis road you're going to see three vehicles in a crash right lane. over to i-66.t are slow. the trip from gainesville as you continue inbound, sluggish past route 50. i'm going to shoal you here bumper to bumper just under speed. drive time here it is rate now, fairfax a county parkway to the capital beltway it will take folks 15 minutes to make that trip. again, no accidents eastbound or westbound as you travel i-66. here is a live look at i-270, slow montross road. over to you. danella, thank you. 6:53. right now you have the chance to give local families in need a happier thanksgiving.
6:54 am
all day nbc 4 is collecting donationses as part of our food 4 families campaign. our pat lawson muse is live at the verizon center on how you can help. good morning to you. >> reporter: yes, good morning, eun. the baskets that will be distributed to the thousands of needy families in the area have everything you need for a full thanksgiving meal. i want to give you what's on the menu of items we need donated this morning. canned veggies, yams, carrots, green beans, cranberry and apple sauce, dried foods like ufcheese, mashed potatoes as well as canned fruit and soups. now with the help of your donations we'll add the turkeys. donation of $50 will feed a family of four and you can make those donations by calling our phone bank right now at 202-885-4949. the donations, cash donations. if you're near the verizon center comie on by and drop off of a bag full of food for us and
6:55 am
we will send them off to the families. you can also make donations by logging on to, secured donations. we're here at the verizon center "f" street between "g" and "h" streets. we're on "f" street between "g" and "h" and will be here until 6:00 tonight. if you're in the neighborhood come by and donate to food for families. we hope you'll help us help needy families this thanksgiving. thank you. pat lawson muse, thanks so much. we hope you see a lot of visitors and i hope everyone will call in to our hotline. 6:55 now. president obama will turn his attention back to immigration rerm to. of he'll urge congress to pass an immigration reform bill. he'll make that speech at a rec center in chinatown. this is day two of a three-day trip. he's attending several fund-raisers. you may want to get a nap in this afternoon if you're a redskins fan. you could be up pretty late. the skins host the 49ers at fedex field at 8:30. they will have to win their final six games if they want to make the playoffs. they are 3-7 right now, two
6:56 am
games behind first place philadelphia and dallas if they win tonight. 6:55 now. let's check the four things you need to know before you head out the door. we are keeping an eye on the d.c. council this morning as a committee votes on a minimum wage hike. the plan would raise the rate to $11.50 by 2016. a full council vote could come next week. virginia's state board of elections certificates results of the attorney general's race. the loser will probably ask for a recount. log to read what happens next. we will have details there of a new report on the sandy hook massacre. 911 tapes will not be included. much of the at the tails of the shooting and police response have remained secret. prince george's police and the u.s. postal service launched investigations as to what led to the shooting death of a mail carrier making his rounds after dark on saturday. officials don't have any leads right now but the postal service is offering a reward for relevant information. the sun coming up here in just a couple of minutes.
6:57 am
a live view from our city camera, this bulky sweater monday. we're starting off in the teens, highs upper 30s this afternoon. then tomorrow could get some cold rain late morning, likely rain in the afternoon. further north and west maybe midday a little wet snow and sleet. then cold rain tuesday night into wednesday may ends as a brief period of wet snow. cold and blustery thanksgiving day. danella, how is traffic? in newington in the hov .anes just seeing vdot leave t it's clear now. now we'll shoot over to a final look at the outer loop of the beltway. i-95 and georgia avenue,
6:58 am
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