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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  November 28, 2013 6:00pm-7:01pm EST

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right now at 6:00, you haven't digested your food, but the stores are open and waiting for you. >> their doors opening early. we have customers, residents in the area in the dark. power is out for hundreds of people in northwest. a fire destroyed a home. >> good evening, thank you for joining us. i'm erika gonzalez. >> i'm jim vance. we are witnessing a change for people in the post thanksgiving tradition. retail stores all over the area are open now. they don't wait for black friday anymore. this holiday has become officially a big day for
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retailers, has been for some time now. shomari stone is in fairfax where the doors of a big box store opened up. what's going on there? >> well, live television at its best. these folks are coming in now, as we speak. here they go. they have been waiting in line, bundled up like burritos. look at these folks. they are waming up as we speak. they are getting their carts. i'm at best buy in fair lakes shopping center. they are excited to get in here and get good deals. many of them tell me, this is what thanksgiving has become. they say they are here to buy gifts for their families and friends and for christmas time. just an hour ago, toys "r" us opened. let's roll video for you all on that. they opened in additionwide an hour ago. these folks rushed in to get the black friday deals. this year, they are getting a
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head start opening up at 5:00, three hours earlier, compared to last year. a lot of these folks are burning off the calories they gained eating thanksgiving dinner. a lot of stores hope shoppers will eat early and save the pumpkin pie for later. black friday starts the holiday season. let's hear from a customer now. >> i love black friday. i'm actually shopping for my nephew who is almost 2. we got great deals and we're having a great time. >> what about being home and having thanksgiving dinner at the table? >> we did. we had it at noon. >> reporter: they had it at noon, but some folks say they are going wait to have thanksgiving dinner thchlt is the hottest itd em here. a tv for $69. they continue to come in. you can see this little girl. say hi for the camera. a lot of folks tell me, not
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everyone is excited about black friday. some workers rights groups are planning protests because they feel a lot of employees should be able to spend time with families. a lot of these folks are having a great time. i'm shomari stone, news 4. power is still out for hundreds of pepco customers in columbia heights. an underground cable problem near 11th street and park road knocked out power to businesses in the area. all the rain this week may have damaged underground wiring. jackie bensen is live there now with the latest on how the neighborhood is dealing with the outage on thanksgiving of all days. jackie? >> reporter: could it be a worse time? we are going show you. it's a hopscotch effect. take a look here, one block lights on. take a look here at the 3200 block of 13th street northwest. power is completely out. as you mentioned, a problem with
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underground power lines. it's going to require pepco to get in and tear up extensive sections of the street and it's not just one street, it's little bits and dabs in different places they have to get in and try to figure out where the wire was damaged. they say this could go on for some little while. i think they said something about 7:30 tonight. what you may see is people get their power on, then others might lose it. they are working on holiday to get this resolved. live in northwest, jackie bensen, news 4. >> thanks, jackie. the water is back on for nearly 200 people in maryland today. a water main break caused a sinkhole. it swallowed an suv and caused a major traffic back up. the car has been removed. crews replaced a damaged pipe. they are trying to get the hole filled up. a 16 inch main broke at 5:00 this morning. crews brought in jugs of water
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to people in nearby apartment complexes who went for hours without water. live outside now, whoo-wee, a chilly thanksgiving holiday. is the cold going to last? >> cha do you think, doug? >> at least through part of the weekend. take a look at the high temperatures today. the high only 36 in gaithersburg. 37 in manassas. 40 in d.c. that is the coldest thanksgiving we have seen since the year 2000. unbelievable how cold it was. windchills in the teens and 20s this morning. we are in for a cold night. if you are headed out and about, whether it's the black friday or black thursday deals. 31 by 11:00. waking up to a temperature of 29 degrees. there's a bit of a warm up. there's also a chance of more rain and snow. >> thanks, doug. this was an awful day for a family. the family of a construction worker killed after he slipped
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on a small patch of ice. the man was working near poplar run drive in silver spring. the man was working on thanksgiving trying to get ahead on the job. >> reporter: on a day when many families gather, a familiar and comfortable surrounding, members of this family came on a street yet to be named. they have come to console each other amid the loss of a loved one. >> slipped on a patch of ice, about two feet and he fell and struck his head. >> reporter: he was pronounced dead on the scene. it happened in this stand of unfinished townhouses. ironically, under usual circumstances, this would not have been a workday. the project was falling behind. >> we work yesterday and the day before. people have to make money. >> reporter: the victim, a carpenter was on sight with a
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relative to make up for lost time. >> i never see an accident like this. i worked in construction more than 15 years. >> reporter: even with safety being a foremost concern, the unforseeable is quick and unforgiving. >> fall and dead. >> just very odd accident, that's all. unfortunate. >> reporter: all indications are this was simply a tragic accident and no foul play involved, investigationers are going to hold the scene and there will be an autopsy. in montgomery county, derrick ward, news 4. runners got up bright and early to burn off calories ahead of their turkey meal. i don't want to know how many calories we ingested today. crowds cheered on runners for the trot for hunger. it benefits the homeless. it provides 800 meals for the hungry every year. runners in montgomery county laced up for another tradition.
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the beth es ta turkey chase has been going strong. proceeds go to the ymca, bethesda, chevy chase and rotary club foundation. they have raised $5 million over the past decade. our own northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, was the grand marshal at the turkey trot. 6,000 runners registered this year. 6,000 people get up and do it every year. it's incredible. they brave the cold in the delray neighborhoods. it benefits a nonprofit that serves alexandria's needy. they presented alive with a $6,000 check at the event. >> happy thanksgiving. >> a taste of home for u.s. servicemen and women in afghanistan today. this is video of the celebration at the camp. about 45,000 u.s. troops ate their holiday meal in afghanistan today. they enjoyed 70,000 pounds of
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turkey and all the fixings and roughly 20,000 pies for dessert. president obama made phone calls to u.s. service members today, thanking them for their service and wishing them happy holiday. the first family is celebrating at the white house. here is part of his message to the nation. >> on behalf of all the obama's, i want to wish you a happy and healthy thanksgiving. we give things for the men and women in uniform and their families. we give thanks for the freedoms they defend and for everyone doing their part to make the united states a better, more compassionate nation. happy thanksgiving. >> you may be curious what they eat at the white house. it's close to what you eat. turkey, honey-baked ham, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, two types of stuffing and nine kinds of pie. >> you have nine kinds of pie at
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home? >> i don't have nine kinds of anything. nine kinds of pie. tonight, we are going to find out what tripped up superman at the macy's thanksgiving day parade. police turned the table on suspect thieves and used social media themselves. this manassas home went up in flames this early than
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a developing story now. a fight for territory in the east china sea. china is sending fighter jets and other aircraft into what it declared as an air defense zone. china will take emergency defensive measures against foreign aircraft. the u.s., south korea and japan have flown through the same territory without notifying china. they announced that area is part of their security zone. a big development tonight in the work to rid iran of nuclear weapons. the nation invited the international atomic agency to visit an unfinished reactor, the first time in two years inspectors have been allowed in. this is above and beyond the terms of the landmark nuclear deal world powers reached with
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iran. tonight, there's word an earthquake struck a town near the plant. there are no reports of damage. there are warnings of violence if karzai doesn't sign a security agreement with the u.s. by the end of the year. his surprise refusal to sign the agreement confused world leaders and afghan leaders. it covers how troops will operate in afghanistan after 2014, working to train other groups and provide security. afghan security officials say they could have trouble fighting the taliban without american support. three days away from the relaunch of the affordable care act website. the obama administration is expected to announce it will meet its saturday deadline of increasing the site's capacity. will be able to hand the visitors. it comes after a one year delay of the marketplace for small businesses to buy insurance for
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their employees. many small firms are making other plans to ensure their workers in 2014. despite concerns about the high winds, the balloons did fly for the macy's thanksgiving day parade. >> it was not without a glitch here and there. spiderman's arms suffered a snag on a tree branch leaving part of the massive balloon deflated. he is a superhero, so it didn't stop his journey. >> that takes us to the parade. ♪ >> reporter: the colorful floats and high flying balloons of the macy's thanksgiving day parade helped millions of americans start their morning in the holiday spirit. more than 3 million people lined the streets of manhattan bundled up in gloves and coats and sharing with each passing float. this year's parade featured 15 giant balloons including a
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massive spiderman. >> celebrities like brett performed on intricately designed floats. they wowed the crowds. >> buckle up as they take you on a sleigh ride. >> so, it's cold. i know. they looked like they were bundled up from ear-to-ear, hats, scarves, coats, everything. >> the balloons are not supposed to go over 35-mile-an-hour winds. we saw a lot of those a little closer to the roads across the area today. take a look outside. we'll show you what's going on. not a lot of wind. the winds have calmed across the area. it's good news because boy, we were looking at cold windchills earlier this morning. outside, coming in around 35 degrees, notice the wind out of the north at 3 miles an hour. really, no windchill to talk about across most of the region.
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outside, current temperatures, 32 in winchester. 30 in huntington. it was cold across the east today. the warmer spot, ft. myers, florida saw temperatures around 70. for us, we are half that, only 35 degrees. storm team 4 radar is clear. itis going to stay that way for a couple days. we are going to stay on the cool side of things. we have some clouds trying to move in. they are not going get past the mountains. clear skies. that means a cold night. temperatures wilbe, again, ten degrees below average where they are going to be over the next couple days. 29 for an overnight low in washington. 22 in gaithersburg. 20 in winchester. 23 toward culpeper. a cold night for sure. tomorrow, high temperatures in the upper 30s to lower 40s. it will be a nicer day tomorrow. i think on friday, it will be a lot better than thanksgiving. the temperature will only be two to three degrees warmer. 38 in martinsburg. 42 in manassas and washington
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with less wind, tomorrow should be a nicer day. as we move through the next couple days, what are we going to see? we are talking colder air. still sitting around, the average high temperature this time of year is up to 52 degrees. about 10 degrees shy of that, 52 or 42 on friday and saturday. a few clouds saturday. moving up to the upper 40s, come sunday and monday, tuesday, going to be a very interesting day here. we have an area of low pressure off the coast that may be able to get enough moisture. it could fall in the form of rain or snow. we are going to watch it closely. the warmest day, way back toward next thursday. pretty good chance of rain there. we'll go with a high temperature of 53 degrees. for the weekend, not bad. more clouds on saturday. not nearly as cold but a high temperature of 42 degrees. a really nice afternoon on sunday. if you have plans this weekend, the weekend is looking nice. sunday, looking very nice compared to where we have been. high temperature 47. yes, the teem is five degrees
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below average but not that bad. if you want to stay ahead of anything across the region, download the weather graphic. you can get the app in the iphone or google play device. >> thank you, doug. working on holiday. who was caught on camera hard at work on thanksgiving. d.c. tradition for more than 40 years. the turkey bowl mixes. i'm mark segraves. i'll have the story, coming up s we have
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a group of bikers doing a little good this thanksgiving. they went to area shelters, picked up folks who otherwise wouldn't have a thanksgiving meal and brought the homeless to this tgi friday's rent for their dinner. they fed more than 180 people. several nonprofit groups donated their time as well. >> good for them. a d.c. tradition that mixes football and politics. today, 44th annual turkey bowl. mark segraves reports on the sidelines, there were politicians faces off. >> reporter: some politicians have been coming to the turkey bowl for decades. >> i have been out here when it's been snow, rain, on suny days, warm days, cold days.
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it never deters people from coming. >> reporter: others, the longest serving d.c. councilmember who is running for mayor has never been to one. as fans entered the game, they were asking them to sign petitio petitions. with so many candidates running to be mayor, you might have expected to see more of them at the game. >> i have been here when i'm not running for office, i'm here to see the games. >> reporter: most politicians were working the crowd, she spent much of the game in the v.i.p. box catching up on holiday knitting. they tried to nail down the politicians who they were rooting for. >> everybody wins on a day like today. >> reporter: who do you like? >> it's tough. both teams are great. i'm going to do the add damage. some of my friends are here and i'm with my friends. >> reporter: a winner here? >> nope.
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>> alexander graduated from here. she wasn't saying. we did find one councilmember taking a stand. >> i'm standing up. i believe tiger green. >> reporter: what does he think of not picking sides? >> she's rooting for wilson. she's rooting for the other team, too. >> in my heart, we are tigers, but go warriors. >> go tigers. >> reporter: in the end, the hd woodson warriors 25, the tilers 13. at the 44th annual turkey bowl, mark segraves, news 4. all right, the holiday turns tragic for a family in manassas. a fire engulfed their home, burned it to the ground. it wasn't a cooking fire or arson. the district's bravest and finest heroes get a famous treat at the four seasons.
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>> reporter: this family giving up their thanksgiving to feed
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right now at 6:30, flames engulfed a home in virginia. >> he was d.c.s national guards
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airman of the year who suddenly vanished. tonight, he's been found dead. a facebook post led to robbery in an run dell county. very cold numbers across the area. the numbers already in the 20s at 6:00. 29 in bowie. 28 in manassas and 27 in warrenton. i will break it down for you and let you know who to expect for the weekend, too. >> thanks, doug. a family has no home tonight. a fire destroyed their home on lucasville road. it was engulfed in flames. firefighters had more than a half hour to get it under control. darcy spencer reports it may have started with a power outage. >> reporter: i'm told there was a power outage in the neighborhood early this thanksgiving morning. the resident who is lived here left to cook thanksgiving dinner at a relative's house. when they came back, their home
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was going up in flames. >> unbelievable. >> reporter: lynne king wipes away tears as she looks at what is left of her neighbor's home. >> i am devastated. they have lost their whole home. there's nothing left. >> reporter: they were baby sat at this home in manassas as kids. >> i remember there was a porch on the end and we used to run off the end of the porch. >> reporter: they watched as the home was destroyed by fire this thanksgiving morning. >> the next thing i know, i kept hearing a crackling noise, then a loud pop. >> i looked out and seen the fire trucks. i could see the smoke going up in the air. i didn't think it was this bad. >> reporter: king says the power went out in the neighborhood. it was after the power was restored she saw smoke and flames. investigators are looking into whether there could have been a power surge. >> the electric gone off last
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night and came on about 1:13. >> reporter: fire officials say the two dogs did not make it out alive. neighbors say the couple had snakes, fer rrets and other animals. >> very sad thing. >> reporter: the volunteer fire company was among the stations that answered the call on this holiday. >> out here helping the community. the downside, it's always tragic, somebody loses their house. you are grateful it wasn't worse than what it was. >> reporter: the fire investigators are trying to figure out what started the blaze and whether it had anything to do with the early morning power outage. in manassas, virginia, darcy spencer, news 4. the spokesperson for power says there was an outage in the area and power was restored at 1:20 this morning. officials say determining what caused the fire is the job of the fire marshall. tragic news for a baltimore
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county family. the body pulled from the water was identified as their son. dive teams found the body of evan yesterday. he was reported missing last weekend after a night out with friends. he was an airman with the 113th wing of the d.c. national guard. he recently had been selected as the district of columbia's airman of the year for 2013. the d.c. national guard issued a statement calling him a friend and patriot. his cause of death has not been released. developing now, a man and woman shot within a mile of each other in d.c. and police now say the two crimes could be related. both shootings happened around 6:00 this morning. police found a man shot in the chest in the 1200 block of barnaby terrace southeast. then discovered a woman shot nearby on southern avenue. both victims are expected to survive. police are looking for two people in a white sports car who took off after the southern
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avenue shooting. there's video of three people who may be connected to an assault in the district. d.c. police are calling them persons of interest. it happened at 3:00 in the afternoon on saturday on november 16th. police want to question the people in this video. if you know who they are, you are asked to call the d.c. police. you could get a reward of up to $1,000. a man trying to sell a pair of sneakers by way of facebook got robbed and punched in the face by the perspective buyers. it happened wednesday afternoon near nursery road. the man arranged to sell the tennis shoes to two teenagers he made contact with on facebook. when they met, one of the teenagers punched the man while the other snatched the shoes. the victim ran after them, but stopped when one pointed a gun
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at him. they used facebook to track them down. they are charged with armed robbery. police officers, firefighters and other public servants got to dine at the m mayflower in georgetown. they dressed it up with silver and china, no paper plates here. more than 450 meals were served to officers and firefighters this afternoon. thousands of families in the d.c. area got a special delivery today from food and friends. volunteers prepared 3500 thanksgiving meals this week. it's almost 10,000 pounds of turkey and 1,000 pounds each of stuffing and potatoes. they were delivered to those suffering hiv, aids and other illnesses. >> they are like angels. thank you because it would be --
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this wouldn't be if not for you guys. >> good and friends delivers meals across 5,000 square miles in d.c., maryland and virginia. a northern virginia family is giving thanks by giving of their time. david culver introduces us to a mom and her two daughters who pulled off a holiday feast for dozens. >> reporter: cooking isn't exactly her passion. >> i do not know how to call but we are going to do the best. >> reporter: but cooking is how she's spending much of her thanksgiving day. >> i got here this morning 8:00. >> reporter: her two young daughters helping her out. >> life didn't come with a manual, but i'm learning as i grow up. >> reporter: they are learning life lessons from mom. >> i think love is the big commandment. you don't see a lot of that
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today. >> reporter: the feast they are preparing not for them to eat. >> hand me a couple pair of gloves. >> reporter: it's for 50 strangers waiting in the cold for this warm meal. she's been serving them the last five thanksgivings. >> it doesn't feel right that i go home and take things for granted. >> you are blessed with life. >> reporter: part of the memorial church. >> we thank you for our creation. >> reporter: the fitting space. >> people single, homeless. >> reporter: today, these are people greeted by felicia and her daughters. >> thank you, young lady. >> reporter: thankful and full. >> people worked here for me, they don't even know me. they volunteered to come serve me. >> you don't have to know them. just love. >> reporter: after four hours in the kitchen this morning, her time cooking, far from over. from here, she's going to go home and cook for her family.
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you won't hear her complain. >> when you give, wonderful things start happening to you. >> reporter: in alexandria, i'm david culver, news 4. >> what a great story. look at this butter ball. no turkey for this little girl. our breakout star at the national zoo ate bamboo today. this is a live look at the panda cam. the cub born in august weighs about 11 pounds. get excited, folks. the zoo will officially announce the cub's name this sunday, the day she reaches her 100 day mark. mi millions of people tuned into the panda cam. 115,000 people cast a vote on what the tiny fur ball should be named. >> there is our winner. best in show, the american fox hound. >> there she is. jewel. an american foxhound, the winner
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at the dog show near philadelphia. she and her handler, lisa miller, live in mechanicsville. jewel is the first winner to come from the hound category in the show's 12-year history. honor is a biscon. she won the non-working group. it aired on nbc this afternoon. it is shop till you drop, earlier thn ever. what got these people out of bed before sunrise, plus the most buzzed and tech deals everybody is after. >> reporter: if today is about giving, if today is really about people, it was a win here in prince george's county as hundreds came out for a traditio
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a new issue for the ongoing silver line construction project around tyson's corner.
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"the washington post" reports fairfax officials did not include parking garages in their plans for the silver line stations. they report the massive parking lots don't fit the vision for the new line. that has silver line riders concerned about how they are going to get to the new rail line if they can't drive. the first phase is scheduled to open early next year. holiday shopping is already on for bargain hunters. 30 customers lined up in the cold outside the gaithersburg k-mart waiting for the doors to open at 6:00 a.m. they opened earlier than any other chain this year. most of the shoppers did their homework and knew what they were going in for. >> i'm after a couple tablets and ipods. got my tablets. it was well worth it. stood in line an hour and a half, but it was worth it. >> one shopper thought it was great to offer deals early in
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the morning but they should close down during the day to have thanksgiving if families. >> retailers are offering unique deals on technology to get shoppers into the stores today and tomorrow. "the washington post" highlights the sales. you can get a samsung galaxy phone for one cent. walmart and target have small discounts on apple ipads but also come with a $100 gift card for the stores. you can get a 55-inch tv normally going for $1,000 for $850. that's at sears tomorrow. you can start getting some of those deals right now. as we told you at the top of the broadcast, stores are already open. toys "r" us opened at 5:00. best buy and walmart have been open 40 minutes. macy's sears and jc penny will welcome shoppers at 8:00.
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we posted a list of the malls open. head to and search black thursday for a complete list of store hours. you want to know the sad part? >> what? >> i'll probably be out there later tonight. >> shame on you. >> it's pitiful. >> i'll be home. thanksgiving with a latino flavor. it wasn't straight up turkey and stuffing. what brought out thousands of people to prince george's county. it is the biggest thing happening in the entire universe. literally. a blazing ball of dust and rock hurling through space. did comet ison survive the close encounter with the sun? >> we are not the only ones at the office today. who else was hard at work this holiday? doug? >> we'll talk about the cold and when we may see warmer
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hundreds of people got a meal today as part of an effort to serve thanksgiving meals to those in need in prince george's county. the county bureau reporter, zachary kiesch spoke to offices about giving back to the community that they serve. ♪ >> reporter: having a good time out here today? >> i like it. >> reporter: other members of the police department including their top brass spent today giving, nearly 1500 thanksgiving dinners. >> it's important. we can see that we communicate. we are police officers and human beings as well. we sit down and talk to them. we come up here, give them food. it's good for the community so they can trust us and have better communication with the community. >> reporter: it's an effort between the department, lady of sorrows catholic church and volunteers. >> it's a tradition for my friends. i wanted to tag along.
6:46 pm
we have been here since 10:00. >> reporter: it has become tradition in this part of the county where there's a large latino community. their smiles and gratitude. their influence on display. they have the turkey, chicken and rice and beans. at the end of the day, it was about people. >> it's about the need and helping your fellow citizen, your fellow individual out here what doesn't have a meal. >> it's special. it's a special day. some people, they are homeless, homeless people that they don't have a house, they don't have a place to stay. everybody is having a good time. it's a good holiday. >> reporter: reporting in prince george's county, zachary kiesch, news 4. you know, we have to say hats off to everybody who was working this thanksgiving. today, we caught up with dpw crews on leaf duty. they were busy collecting leaves
6:47 pm
and clearing them from storm drains to prevent flooding. department of public works crews are collecting leaves until the second week of january. major disappointment to many of us, ison did not give us the show we were hoping for today and will not be coming back. ison had a close encounter with the sun at 1:30 this afternoon. close, of course, being a relative term. it was about a million miles away from the sun. but, that was plenty close enough for the sun to burn it up and to keep it from making a return trip toward earth. sky watchers and others were hoping it would put on a light show that would be visible to the naked eye. only nasa telescopes could see it as it broke up from the heat of the sun. it is violent out there in space. >> it has been incredibly windy. we saw ice on the ground.
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>> we saw 40-mile-an-hour winds last night. it was brutal when we left. the best part about that, it's cold outside right now. without the wind, at least you could deal with it. that's what we are dealing with across the area. look at the flag on the flag pole right now. it's not moving at all. that 30 degree temperature outside, maybe we could deal with it a little bit easier. the current temperature sitting at 35 at the airport. we have a wind of 3 miles an hour there, but it's not that much compared to what we saw earlier. 34 at 7:00 to 33 at 9:00. 31 at 11:00. this is at the airport. everybody else are in the 20s. look at these numbers, 29 in bowie. now 28 in gaithersburg. 28 in manassas. the cold spot was warrenton at 27. back up to 28. good for you. 35 toward annapolis. storm team 4 radar showing nothing there. dry conditions through the next couple days. we are going to see things
6:49 pm
improve over the next few days as well. today, the coldest of the week. we are talking the coldest thanksgiving we have seen in a decade. tomorrow, warmer. high of 42 in d.c. 41 in alexandria. chilly. we are not talking about the wind. plenty of sunshine tomorrow. folks in northern virginia, warrenton the cool spot with a high of 40 degrees. 43 in culpeper. 43 near fredericksburg. cool without the wind and plenty of sunshine, i think tomorrow is going to be a nice afternoon. get out and enjoy it, if you can. this weekend, we warm a bit. 42 on saturday. 47 on sunday. sunday right now, really looking like a nice day. a high of 48 or back to 48 on monday. that's the warmest temperature we have seen in awhile. thursday, that high of 53 degrees. we will warm a bit there. on tuesday, watching a storm system that could bring rain or snow with a high of 45. we'll continue to watch that one for you as we move through the next couple days. >> not so bad. thanks, doug.
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>> dianna, what you got? >> don't you wish the redskins were playing? >> i wish they were playing well any day, yeah. >> or that. this time last year, redskins fans were jumping off their couch. things have changed a
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when i was a little kid, i used to watch the detroit lions and chicago bears, the packers and all that. >> television? [ laughter ] >> the man's working on thanksgiving and you are taking shots. >> i know. >> the lions never won. today, did you see that? 500 yards of of fence. >> almost 500. >> wasn't even close. >> they made a statement on this thanksgiving day. it wasn't i'm stuffed, it was i'm hungry. they are the team to beat in the nfc north. the packers didn't have a shot, losing by 30. more lopsided, this is what jim is talking about. detroit put up 435 more yards than green bay. that's the most than any game in the nfl in the last eight years. the lions haven't won a thanksgiving game since 2003. second quarter tied at three.
6:54 pm
things looking shaky. hit while trying to throw the ball. picked up by packers. he walks that right in. packers up, 10-3. they showed resiliency. reggie bush ran up the middle. he ran in for the next play. 17-10. bush, 182 yards for the scrimmage today. hope you played him in fantasy. lions on the move again. stafford to johnson. makes the catch at the 15 and takes it in for the touchdown. lions score 37 straight points. they win their first thanksgiving game in ten years crushing the packers, 40-10 in the final. about this time last year, remember redskins were on the tube -- you guys were on the couch watching them. dallas on thanksgiving for the first time ever. our lead story at 11:00 read in a span of five days, the redskins went from the bottom of the division to the top of the
6:55 pm
world. how different it is today. still this redskins team believes this roster and this coach needs to stay. >> i absolutely would endorse these guys. i think, you know, a big part of success is to have stability. i think anybody who has had success in this league would tell you that. but, like i said, man, the biggest ingredient is getting the right guy. i think we have done that. >> at the end of the day, we have guys in this locker room, you know, that are good guys, we are going to turn this around. you just got to keep believing and keep fighting. we have been through it before and we came out on top before. so, just got to keep believing. that's the only thing i can say. >> the redskins get ready play the new york giants this sunday on channel 4. everybody has something to look forward to on thanksgiving. in d.c., it's the turkey bowl. it's for bragging rights.
6:56 pm
the 44th year for this championship football team. wilson versus woodson. jay takes it in from the eight yard line. misses the extra point. they are up 13-0. family in the stands today video taping this. wanted to rewatch it after dessert. second quarter, same score. wilson with the ball. makes the grab and falls down there. 13-7. woodson with the lead. nice fur coat in the stands, too. keeping warm out there. third quarter, woodson at the 40 completion to payne. he's going to the house. 60-yard touchdown. woodson wins 25-13. they will play the winner of friendship and mckinley in the championship next week. for now,woodson enjoying the win with their former coach from last year, who you may remember was fired. here is their current leader. >> it's huge for us because we
6:57 pm
had probably 15 months of so much adversity. these kids worked hard to get to this point. we made it. last year, we kind of had a sour taste in our mouth. this year, we started probably about january for this day for the day. >> all right, college hoops. mike and gw taking on miami in the wooden legacy. we pick it up in the final seconds. gw down two with the possession. mcdonnell driving and scoring. we go to ot. in the extra frame, mcdonnell with the ball, top of the screen. puts up the long three. drains it. gw up three. a couple plays later to armwood. check out that dunk. gw wins 71-63. gw, 5-0 this season. they have a hot team right now. >> tough love it and give them special credit. how anybody could play on that court is a wonder.
6:58 pm
that thing, how do you not get dizzy and fall down? a bunch of current and former
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
on the broadcast tonight, taking flight. a big storm gives way to a spectacular show. and after a rough go of it millions make it home in time to celebrate. tonight, how americans are giving thanks across the country and while serving far from home. >> early birds -- making a mad dash from turkey dinner to stores open earlier than ever. that has some people asking tonight -- is it ruining thanksgiving? the talk a lot of parents are having with their grown children this long holiday weekend as obama care advocates make a push to get young people to sign up. and best in show -- an annual thanksgiving family tradition. and a crown jewel takes the win. >> "nightly news" begins now.


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