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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  March 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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central time. with the initials of gsh, george s. hole las, founder of the bears. formerly in chicago. the only two original nfl franchises from the founding of the leafs. green bay came along soon after, but they wanted to emphasize in chicago there were only two who have gone all those years. i have nothing to say about what we just saw. >> ed: maybe they slipped on the tarp. >> mike: is there another game after this, shirts and skins? i hope they enjoyed it. 4:15 go in the third. swatted at by engelland.
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forehanded shot. he and rozsival after that one. rozsival tried to chip further and then it is sutter, feeding one. and then battled for and slugged wide by engelland, taken on by leddy. jammed it again. handzus. thrown across to engelland. tapped on by rozsival. swatted by versteeg. thrown by niskanen. paddled aside by crawford. crawford as toews have been impressive. no one more than jonathan toews. led back across. leddy taking inover there. a shot is blocked down by marc-andre fleury. then maatta played ahead. 37 shots by chicago, 28 by pittsburgh. oh, and what grab off crosby. on one that was headed high but
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looked artistic anyway on the part of crawford. >> ed: good play from james neal to get the puck to crosby. good thing the hands are warm for corey crawford. that was launched by sidney crosby. >> mike: neal again and flailing, that was crawford. caught the glachlts stopped by crawford as the shot total starts to come high. reaching for it was neal. that wouldn't go. through one that went wide. ricocheted back for orpik. drops it on for crosby behind the net. crosby rifled it on back. held by despres. sent to neal for a trainer poll twhaus blocked back. orpik a drive and that turned high. to the corner draft by crawford. saad wipes out but gets it on out to center.
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fed ahead for a feed by crosby. touched on to neal. a toe drag and a shot wouldn't go as crawford reached out for that one. saad sees that one knocked along further. and played ahead off of orpik and galloping on with this now, it's patrick sharp. he's got toews up the wing. save, rebound. oh, it went in. another crazy bounce goal. it will be toews'. it is 5-1. [ horn blowing ] >> pierre: a beautiful pass from patrick sharp. second time in this game that patrick sharp was looking to pass the whole way through. he's known as the shooter. he had the first goal in this game a long time ago. unfortunate for jonathan toews after this rebound from
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marc-andre fleury. >> ed: what a nice little hop. slick hockey on all their goals, especially that pass from patrick sharp. >> mike: and so it nears the close. final two minutes of play in the tilt. the blackhawks will have a two-point lead on st. louis. 86 points. anaheim is the best in the entire league, leading the pacific division and the nhl with 89. a drive by maatta turned aside. blocked along for the blackhawks and bickell was able to stamp it back out. across to shaw and kane who delays and back in. johnny oduya saw it taken by malkin. banked across and then it's
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lifted on. settled down by shaw. sent on for brandon bollig down the wing but this is cut off and sheared back dow by jokinen. couldn't be dragged in by malkin. they're standing here, many of them, many of the 62,921. some penguin fans have been here, too, enjoying their time in chicago, though, not the outcome of the game. the spectacle being one of the things they would carry back home with them. this one was played in snow. the one was played in snow. the one against washington in the middle at home in rain. it happened in the wintertime up
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north. >> ed: ten days ago there was a lot of rain that came through the city of chicago an certainly things have change here in the last seven days. this snow globe effect would be snow falling all evening long. >> mike: we wanted you to just hear some of the crowd and the reaction there in the last seconds of this one. the snow started falling two
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hours before game-time. it's continued now. we hope the 62,000 all get home safely. final score in the game, the chicago blackhawks, 5, the pittsburgh penguins, 1. tomorrow, full day of hockey on nbc and nbcsn. hockey day in america. flyers and caps on nbc. coming up next, late news and "saturday night live" with host jim parson. so long from soldier field. here are two laptops.
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tonight, tracking a major winter storm. the same system that caused all that snow at soldier field is headed our way. >> our entire region is und winter storm watch. a wintry mix sunday night will turn to snow on monday. i'll have the latest on timing and how much snow and ice you can expect. >> plus, tensions boil over in the ukraine. president obama's new warning to vladamir putin as the russian president continues to move troops into the region. good evening. march coming in like a lion. right now a huge winter storm is racing eastward and our area could be the bull's-eye. meteorologist amelia segal is tracking this system. when is it going to get here? >> chris, we'll see rain moving into the area tomorrow as early as 2:00 in the afternoon. the entire area under a winter storm watch. this begins late tomorrow and will run through monday afternoon. i think that winter storm watch will be upgraded to a winter storm warning during the day
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tomorrow. here's what you can expect. during the overnight hours, looking at a wintry mix that will change over to snow monday morning. that means sleet and freezing rain. so we'll see a layer of ice with snow on top of it, leading to dangerous travel for monday. snow ends monday afternoon. here's the timing. 2:00, we're seeing rain in hagerstown and winchester. 4:30 p.m. tomorrow, rain in the d.c. metro area. in mixing in, especially sleetng is the biggest concern. 7:00 a.m. monday morning, most of the area, including the d.c. metro area, seeing snow. snow continues through the midday and early afternoon hours and it will be heavy at times, chris. i've updated my snowfall total map and i'll be talking about how much you can expect coming up. >> as this system heads our way, stay up to date by down loading
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our weather app for the latest alerts, weather and your forecast. search nbcwashingtonweather in the app store. we are learning more tonight about a man shot and killed overnight in the district. billy harris became d.c.'s 25th homicide victim and his death is part of a startling trend this year. darcy spencer is live at the d.c. police violent crimes division. what is the man's family saying tonight? >> reporter: the family is saying that he divided his time between his mom and his two teenage children. >> i'm going to miss him very, very much. very much. >> reporter: cheryly's son, 51-year-old billy harris, is the latest victim in a deadly wave of violence that's left more than two dozen people dead so far this year in the nation's capital. harris was shot at 3:00 in the morning saturday.
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>> he was a loving, humorous type person. >> reporter: 25 people have been murdered in d.c. this year. double the number this time last year. just in the last few days, six people have lost their lives. about 12:30 saturday morning, 467-year-old andre mcintyre was killed. blunt force trauma to his head and neck in the 3700 block of d. street southeast. friday night, two brothers were gunned down, 34-year-old khalid and 36-year-old jason bryant were shot in the 500 block of lee street northeast. the shootings happened just outside a church where worshippers were attending a children's service. and thursday, two teens were killed in separate incidents just hours apart. d.c. police chief cathy lanier testified friday domestic violence is playing a role in some of these murders. >> i don't know what the percentage of domestic cases are so far this year, but yes, it's pushing our numbers up again this year.
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>> reporter: this afternoon, police asked for help as they search for the killers. >> any witness, anyone that has any information, i just plea for the public's assistance in assisting us in closing these cases. >> reporter: of those most recent half dozen murder cases, it appears there is no connection, according to d.c. police. at this point, only one arrest has been made in those six cases. there have been new developments tonight in the ukraine crisis after russia authorized the use of troops to protect its interest. secretary of state john kerry told the ukrainian president he has the strong support of the u.s. and thanked him for showing restraint. memphis spoke with the russian president vladamir putin on the phone. the president warned russia there will be consequences for sending troops into ukraine. president obama also spoke with
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the leaders of france and canada to shore up allied support. protesters gathered outside the white house demanding more action against russia's aggression. and the u.n. secretary-general called on putin to talk with the leaders in kiev. >> cool heads must prevail and dialogue must be the only thing to end this crisis. >> officials in the ukraine asked the u.n. to intervene. the british foreign secretary is traveling to kiev tomorrow. new tonight, so-called revenge porn is just one step closer to being outlawed in virginia. lawmakers passed a bill making distribution illegal. revenge porn is when someone maliciously posts photos of a former lover online simply to embarrass them. the maryland house of delegates approved a bill earlier this week, and in maryland you could get up to two years in prison
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and a $500 fine. the d.c. latino caucus is endorsing vincent gray in his re-election bid. he won a land slide straw poll earlier today. the yurnlt mayor picked up 85% of the votes. the challengers tied in a distant secd with 5% apiece. we're only a month away now from the prim into cardiac arrest across the street from a firehouse and the rookie firefighter should have known he could have helped him. he says the cadet was properly trained that. firefighter told investigators no one had told him what to do if someone approaches the station needing help. the 77-year-old man who went into cardiac arrest died in january when no one came to his aid. a virginia man is charged tonight in a kidnapping but he certainly did everything he could to get away.
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deputies responded to a call this morning where ross carter allegedly assaulted and kidnapped his ex-girlfriend. but there was no one around when officers arrived. a few hours later, police spotted carter's vehicle. they had to chase him through a wooded area but managed to catch carter and rescue the woman. this is a good reminder to stay off the roads and all that snowy weather. more than 100 cars collide in a messy crash that shut down an interstate for hours. and more than 30 people were killed inside a chinese train station. police are trying to figure out who is responsible. plus, a seaside brunch gets
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now to a developing story in china tonight. authorities are investigating a possible terror plot at a crowded subway station. an organized group with large knives killed at least 30 people there. more than 100 people were injured. many of them stabbed. state media is reporting that police shot and killed five of the attackers. several other suspects have been arrested and questioned. but so far officials don't know what group was behind the attack or the motive. phillip seymour hoffman's mother is speaking out about her son. events will be held this spring in his hometown of rochester and in new york city. hoffman was found dead last month in his manhattan apartment. medical examiners say he died from a drug overdose. well, a little too much salt in the brunch menu at the moby
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dick restaurant in santa barbara today. you have to see this to believe it. a customer was making a video of the waves getting higher and higher, just as a wave crashed into the restaurant. he had just been telling his fellow diners the high surf would likely cause him to close the pier. despite the breaking glass, no one was hurt. we don't have to worry about the high surf, but some snow, that's headed our way. we're back with the timing. you used to sleep like a champ. then boom, what happened?
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this is a real reminder of
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what snow and ice can do to the roads. tonight, one person is dead and dozens injured after several chain reaction crashes in colorado. police say more than 100 cars were involved in the crashes on interstate 25 near denver. they had to stop traffic for hours on the interstate just so crews could clear damaged vehicles off the road. a little further west, mud is coating the streets just outside of los angeles tonight. rain drenched the area for a second day in a row. emergency crews hood to rescue dozens of people from stranded cars. they have been in a drought, so rain is welcome, but farmers say this storm has been too much for even their crops to handle. it's hard to believe that that same storm that just devastated l.a. is the same system that is going to hit us. >> what's happening with us, a cold front is moving through the area, a very arctic cold front. that's where the snow was falling in chicago tonight. some of that moisture that
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you're seeing out in california is kind of getting caught up in that front and bringing us, well, plenty of snow. it's going to be a high impact event starting tomorrow night and throughout the day on monday. but until that time period, the weather tomorrow during the day is not going to be too bad. you're going to be out and about, 5 to 10 inches of snow on monday. the high temperature tomorrow will be around 55 degrees. now, tomorrow night, we're looking at a wintry mix, mainly the threat of sleet overnight. changing to snow early monday morning. snow ends monday afternoon, around 3:00 or 4:00 p.m. and then to add insult to injury, bitter cold temperatures stick around for tuesday, so the snow that falls is not going anywhere. temperatures right now, they're in the 30s. 31 in camp springs, 39 in washington. 39 in manassas, right at freezing in frederick. lows tonight will be around 30 for most of us. so a chilly start for your
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sunday morning. but remember, a good portion of the day tomorrow is actually dry. 10:00 a.m., by the mid to late morning, we're in the mid 40s. at 3:00, rain starts to arrive in areas like hagerstown, frederick and mart tinsburg, where your highs tomorrow will be cooler. a high in martinsburg tomorrow, 47 degrees. further south, manassas hits a high of 55. and fredericksburg, highs there near 60 degrees tomorrow. 5:00, 6:00 in the evening, looking at rain in the d.c. metro area. at that point, already the chance of seeing some sleet for areas like hagerstown and frederick and northern loudoun county. 6:00, temperatures in washington will be in the mid 40s, then they will drop overnight. here's the snow forecast. most of the area 5 to 10 inches.
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all of the d.c. metro area down through southern maryland, almost all, if not all of northern virginia 5 to 10 inches of snow from this event. the northern most parts of northern maryland like hagerstown, washington county, you will see a little bit less snow, about 3 to 6 inches. but remember, with the snowfall totals, underneath all of that snow is the layer of ice. so keep that in mind. and of course, this storm is changing track, so that's why i updated my snowfall map. so a high likelihood of 50% chance that most of the area sees 5 to 10 inches. but there's about a 30% chance we could see a little bit more snow from this storm. look at the chance for no snow, 0% chance of that happening on monday. tuesday, it is a cold start. starting off at 13 degrees, a high temperature on tuesday of 29, looking at partly sunny skies. not only that, but the c


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