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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  March 3, 2014 11:00am-11:18am EST

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road crews working round-the-clock right now across our region trying to keep up with the snow and ice, despite the work many roads are covered with packed snow. we have news4 crews fanned out across the area, and we'll bring you updates throughout the hour. the battle to clear the roads will continue throughout the afternoon. look at storm team4 radar. there's still a lot of white, indicating lots of snow comele down. three storm team4 meteorologists are here working to bring you the latest on how long it's going to last, snow totals and the frigid cold settling in.
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good morning, and welcome to "news4 midday," i'm barbara mare son. >> and i'm jim handly. winter alerts are posted for 49 million people. >> looking outside now, still snowing and temperatures are falling. most kids and federal workers in our area have the day off. storm team4 meteorologist tom kierein begins our coverage, along with meteorologist veronica johnson in the weather center. hi, guys. >> hello. >> when i got up at midnight, it was raining. when i drove in around 1:00 a.m., it was sleeting. when i got here, it was snowing. since about 3:00, 4:00 this morning it's been snowing, much of the region, metro, anyway. >> and on top of that, the temperatures have dropped more than 10 degrees since early this morning, since we're telling folks, a, since it's gotten cold out there now, now is still the time to clean up. this is the type of snow you can push. you don't have to lift it. >> yeah, push-broom, a good idea. storm team4 radar. it's not done yet.
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there's still quite a band of snow in kentucky and southern west virginia. that's yet to pass south of the metro area. for areas north and west of washington, it's mostly over. just a few lingering bands of light snow in montgomery, howard county, and in frederick county, washington, panhandle of west virginia. so the totals you've had there so far, that's pretty much it. farther to our west, getting a little bit of light snow still in loudon county. and as we get into the afternoon, as of 1:30, it should be all over in washington. but still snowing in southern maryland. 3:00 in the afternoon, still snowing in charles, calvert, st. mary's, anne arundel, easton. around 4:00, 5:00, it will taper off there, and by 6:00, a lot of it will be over. looking at totals that have been coming in on social media and observers around the region, here's veronica. >> we've seen the totals. thank you, everyone, who sent in wonderful photos of the snowfall in your area.
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folks, really down south, we're starting to see the amounts pick up. we said earlier the range from around 2, 3 inches, to as much as 7 inches in a few isolated conditions, and it is down south, could see more spots picking up around 7 inches of snowfall. let's look at the maps. we've been putting them together. these are the spots up north. washington county, maryland, frederick county, maryland, frederick county, virginia, seen the highest totals of snowfall. new market, maryland, 6.5, in frederick county. king george, virginia, down if king george county, 5 inches. that's the pocket down south that could see between 7 and as much as 9 inches of snowfall, king george. stevens city, virginia, 4.2. in frederick county, virginia, there, and here you can see across the area, from arlington to damascus, to college park, amounts that range anywhere from 2 to 3. we have closer to 3 inches around bowie, 6 around frederick, maryland, and
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winchester, virginia, coming in with 4 inches of snow. it's down south where we'll see the snowfall for several more hours. hanging on a little longer there. again, send us your pictures at tom kierein, chuck bell, vjohnson, we want to see them. >> total amounts by the time it ends south of the metro area, generally around the 4 to 6-inch range, and a few spots in southern maryland, the northern neck of virginia, near fredericksburg, that's the zone that could see a little bit more. big plunge in temperatures overnight tonight. and then, finally, a milder weekend to come. a look at that in a few minutes. back to you. >> all right, thank you, both. don't forget, track the winter storm live on interactive radar with storm team4 weather apps. it's free at the app store and google play. just search nbc washington weather. well, if you put it to the test on four wheels, you know how tricky it is out there right now, and still, as vj and tom mentioned, more snow is headed
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our way. >> all of the snow is spelling trouble on the roadways. news4's transportation reporter has been patrolling the roads in the 4x4 all morning. right now, he's on route 50 in chantilly, virginia. hey, adam. >> reporter: barbara, still a bad ride out here. how are you doing? it is not good. let's look out the windshield of the storm team4x4, route 50 in chantilly, route 50. at this time on a monday, route 50 would be absolutely packed with traffic. right now, it looks like a dirt road, except it's not dirt. it's snow. the snow crews are out here. they're doing what they can. but this, it's very clear right now, this has been one of the more challenging storms for them to get a handle on. it's all because of what happened with the weather overnight. we had the rain that made it hard to pretreat the roads. you don't want to put down stuff and then it washes away. so you come out and you have to wait until stuff falls on the
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roads. you then put the salt down. you then push the snow away. the crews are out here, they're pushing the snow away. the only problem is, whatever is under the snow, mainly ice and some really other parts of snow that have been packed down onto the ground, it's just sticking. so you make one pass, and then it comes right back. we've seen some crews that are actually staged by the side of the road now. don't know if the strategy with this storm is changing. i can tell you it is still snowing here on route 50 in c n chantil chantilly. listen, if this is a main road and it looks like this, imagine the neighborhood streets. they're in bad shape, too. we have a lot of work ahead of us. the best advice is stay away so crews can get out here and treat the roads, do what they have to do, and someone tell the handly guy he was not supposed to bring the winter olympics back to northern virginia and our region with him. >> i was just thinking, you probably have seen more snow here in washington than -- >> i have. this is my payback and my welcome back.
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adam, thanks a lot. >> your first day back. >> it is. >> i wanted to say that in the beginning. welcome back. we've missed you. >> this is what we were trying to spend $50 billion to get over in russia and it never happened. >> i know. this is really unusual for us, too. you may have to make alternate plans if you planned on taking metro this morning. all metro bus service is suspended for the rest of this day. metro hopes to have most service restore by tomorrow, but there may be detours on some bus routes. we aren't hearing of any changes, though, to metro rail service at this point. and this winter storm is impacting other rail service, though. amtrak will operate on a modified snow schedule today. marc and vre service is cancelled. snow's impacting airports across the country. right now, 2,400 flights have been cancelled. let's look at reagan national now. all runways are shut down. more than 300 flights have been cancelled there this morning. the snow grounded 143 flights and bwi-thurgood marshall and
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110 flights at dulles international. the snow is really coming down hard in charles county. >> news4's megan mcgrath has been in white plains all morning. she's live with a look at the conditions there. megan? >> reporter: well, yeah, just a little while ago, the snowflakes actually got to be quite large, and still snowing here. you can take a look at the impact that we're seeing on the roads. i wish i had better news to report. unfortunately, the roads are in very sloppy condition in this area. you can see the left lane is a little bit better than the right-hand lane, but neither lane is particularly great. we've seen a number of plows come by, and they haven't had their plows down. they've been salting, but they haven't had the blades down. not exactly sure what that's all about. at least headed in the northbound direction. about 20 minutes ago, though, on the southbound side, we did see sort of a caravan of six plow trucks with the plows down going alongside that stretch of road. that has improved the conditions on the southbound side.
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but on the northbound side, still a tough go. take a look at some video we shot out and about earlier this morning. you can get a feel for the road conditions, as well as some of the neighborhood streets. anything that wasn't treated is in very, very tough shape this morning. folks mo were leaving their houses or thinking about leaving their houses, you'll have work to do before you'll be able to get into your car. we've run into people who have had frozen locks, the doors were frozen when they got out. that's because we had so much ice this morning. it didn't turn to snow uil 7:00 a.m. so we have quite the layer of ice beneath all of this snow. and we've been talking to people who've been out. we've been talking to plow drivers, people who have been making the rounds this morning, and they described the conditions for us. >> actually, the roads are pretty bad right no. yeah, pretty bad. i think they attempted to try 301, but they're not really good and the back roads are really bad. >> reporter: a lot of people, myself included, i must admit, a
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little tired of all the snow we're seeing this winter. it's enough already. except we found one gentleman who actually thinks that this is awesome. we'll introduce you to him in the next half hour. in white plains, megan mcgrath, news4 back to you. >> yeah, i want to meet that man. >> thanks a lot, megan. the winter storm is pushing back some important business today. >> we're checking road conditions in northern virginia, also governor terry mcauliffe has declared a state of emergency in the commonwealth. >> storm team4 has an update on how much longer the storm will stick around. stay with us.
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let's take a look at more of the road conditions out there right now. the maryland state highway administration is urging you not to drive during this storm. if you must drive, they say please clear off your entire vehicle. maryland has 2,600 trucks on the road statewide to plow the snow.
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it's also all-hands-on-deck with northern virginia. crews will plow and treat interstates firts followed by major roads and neighborhoods. if you live in loudon or prince george's, you can see the status of plowing in your neighborhood. let's check out conditions now in woodbridge, virginia. >> david is live with how much snow has fallen there. hey, david. >> reporter: hey, barbara and jim. yeah, you know, actually, normally a 35-minute drive for me from arlington to this part of woodbridge. today, just a little over an hour. here's why. take a look as we take a pan over to 123. this is just before 95. you can see snow covered. you look at the roads, and you think there hasn't been a plow through here in the past hour or so. well, actually, 25 minutes ago, five plow trucks making their way in a train along this stretch. we can show you video of that.
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this is what we gathered along 123. they made their way through one after another after another, yet they couldn't really have that much of an impact, because it continues to come down. and under that, a layer of ice. now, you can see here, 495, this was part of our drive this morning. 495, your average speed about 40 minutes, in the past hour, hour and a half or so. and then we made our way onto 95. much of the same. we saw about two or three cars spinning out, not able to keep control as they were on the roads, on the highways even. so a treacherous commute here in northern virginia. i want to come out live and show you the commuter parking lot we're in now. normally, on a monday, this place is packed. we often meet here as we head our to our stories in prince william county. you look here. they're clearing it. much of this wide open as they continue to clear the parking spots and make sure they can get some of the snow off. let me pan right here, because you can see another train, roy,
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over here, another train of five plow trucks. count them, one, two, three, four, five, coming down 123. they are trying to, as best they can, keep the roads clear. notice as they come over, there's still snow on the street after they make their way through. it tells you how much trouble they're having keeping the roads clear. i spoke with chairman stewart, corey stewart in prince george's county, and he says no power outages within prince william county. one accident, minor, no injuries. they're keeping tabs on its are we. we'll put in some calls and get you updates throughout the next hour and half or so. >> i like the way the plows just take off on cue behind you, david. thanks. let's talk more about power. the power crews are ready in case the snow causes massive out ajs. pepco tells us they have 500 crews on stand-by. dominion virginia power and bg&e are also reminding customers to
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have emergency ready kits and be careful using space heaters and generatoring. and if you see a downed power line, don't go near it. call the power company and report it. it looks like it continues to come down out there, tom. >> yeah. here behind us, there's a live view out the video window. the capitol. you can see it's beautiful. >> it is. from in here. >> it's unlike the heavy wet snow that can cause a lot of power outages. i don't think we'll have a lot with this, because it is such a fluffy, dry snow. it is sweepable snow, and, yeah, you do need to shovel some of that snow. we've had our camera on ward circle all morning long. there were times when you could not even see at all. but now, it's still coming down. it's still snowing. we can actually seaward circle. that is a live view from the sky watcher camera in northwest washington. and a live view of reagan national airport, where a few minutes ago, you couldn't see hardly across the river. now you can see the other side of the river.


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