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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 3, 2014 4:00pm-4:22pm EST

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>> and why disney is pulling the plug on the boy scouts. >> "news4 at 4" starts right now. good afternoon, on this snowy monday. i'm pat lawson muse. >> i'm jim handly, and here we go, folks. all of the area schools are closed today and two school districts have decided about tomorrow. prince william county schools will be closed and the frederick county schools in virginia closed as well. you can get the realtime updates any time at and a live look outside and the snow has stopped to come kodownn the nation's capital. be. >> but that does not mean it is safe to go out doors. veronica johnson is in the weather center with the latest. veronica? >> yes, and for the overnight period travel is dangerous with a lot of icy patches on the area roads. and meanwhile, we are seeing the snow head out of here just as chuck bell said this morning, the last of it is right down here to the south.
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you can see the exit of st. charles county and st. mary's, and the northern neck down here. this one area should be out of here in the next two the three the hours completely making its way east and southeast, and then what is next for us is some very cold air. and now n a few minutes, i want to give the snowfall totals. cla clarksburg and montgomery county, you have 8.3, and fairfax had5.8 inches as well as warren county. the temperatures are dropping in a hurry in the overnight period. we will start to see the wind ease up a little bit, so that is going to help us out. and still a little bit of wind left with temperatures that may get close to the record, and 5 degrees inga gaithersburg, and in fredericksburg and 7 in la plata as with well, and folks, we will look at the mostly clear but quite cold with 10 to 19
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degree degrees across the area. meanwhile, we foe that the roads will get bad in the overnight period, and right now, meteorologist amia seigel is out south of arlington, virginia. hey, amelia. >> hey, ververonica, we are traveling on route 1 and leaving washington, and the roads were okay, but some slushb in areas, but plenty of clear spots. once we got into virginia, not the case. we are seeingt lot of snow on roads, and like you said, temperatures are a big concern tonight. here in the storm team 4x4, with we are on route 1 and look at the temperature. it is at 21 degrees right now, and it is only going to be fall ing from here. the good news, we have seen plenty of trucks out treating the the roads, and you can see that they are not treated just with salt, but sand as well, and by the beige color iing of the snow. again, we will continue to track the conditions, and continue to
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travel south on route w1 lettin you know the road conditions, but the snow-covered roads have been treated with sand and salt, veronica. >> all right. thank you, amelia. we just checked with metro about the bus service for tomorrow, and metro tells us that there should be a decision within the next few hours, and all of the metro bus service was sus ten d ed -- suspended today, and also, metro trains are operating on the regular weekday schedule. >> and the slippery roads have made for a long day for those trying to clear the snow and ice. >> and yes, we have kristin wright out there telling us why the crews have had such a tough time today. kristen? >> well, it stopped snowing 45 minutes ago, and boy, it is cold now, and that is the problem going forward, but yes, it snowed the entire day here in charles county, and right now at
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4:00, everybody is thinking about how bad it is going to be in the morning. here is why. la plata today, snow, snow, and more snow falling fast and going sideways. this is 3:01 and the plows rout, but from here in charles county, it is hard to keep up with the storm. the drivers are dealing with the poor road conditions, and then this announce, the frozen wipers. we met a snowplow driver who finished a 12-hour shift, and just wanted to get home to charles county to rest up for the overnight shift tonight, if only he could thaw his car out. >> it is rough this time. definitely rough. all of the ice and then, yeah, basically, we have ice now, and if we didn't have any ice, it would have been better. >> reporter: he is right. the people are pulled over at the gas stations like he was, trying to unfreeze the wipers so they can get home, and this guy here, he is using a lug wrench
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as a makeshift ice scraper, and mdot says they are trying to minimize the impact of the overnight freezing, and they will be well at it into the night. in waldorf, kristin wright. >> thank you. and in areas like quantico, and stafford and manassas, the roads are no bet ter. and david culver is joining us from woodbridge. what is it like where you r david? >> well, pat and jim, i have been going through the twitter, and i have noticed that the folk folks are e feeling like most of the roads are not plowed. you look behind me at route 1 and jefferson davis highway, and you think the same thing. it is coated in white, but we have video that is saying otherwise. they have had plow truck after plow truck after, and we counted six in a row, but despite the effort, little to no impact on the roads. you are still seeing the layer of ice underneath, and inch or
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so of ice, and it is not letting up. the steam -- the storm team 4 crew has been warning us to stay out of it, and you can see here, that richard is on his skis, and they are 33 years old, but they are effective for the cross country skiing. why skis? >> well, it is fun. it is enjoyable, and it is a good way to get a workout on a cold day when everything else is closed. >> reporter: i bet you did not think of woodbridge, virginia, as a ski resort, but there are snowboarders and sledders here in prince williams county, and i caught up a few minutes ago with county chairman cory stewart and he kind of warned about what is coming up tonight, and he has d advice for all new at 5:00, and you will hear from him, and plus, how the emergency responders right here in this part of northern virginia are
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gearing up for what could be a busy night. for now in woodridge, virginia, david culver. >> thank you, david. and a lucky call for a driver in virginia. he slid off of the road near foxborough place. it was only partly submerged from the pond and had to be pulled out of the water by a tow truck and the driver was not injured. and you can track the weather in your neighborhood and stay on top of the forecast hour by hour by downloading the nbc washington weather app. we are on google play or in the app store. and tonight a standoff between the russian and ukrainian officials. they are demanding ukraine surrender two wars
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storm team 4 continues to track the winter weather, and veronica johnson is back in a minute about is to come in the hours ahead. but other headlines. the united nations security koun sill is meeting behind closed door to talk about the crisis in ukraine. there are differ iing reports o whether russian navy ordered ukraine to remove their warships. russia denies the ultimatum. and president obama warned russia risks international condemnation. >> the condemnation around the
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world demonstrates where the world stands on this. >> and benjamin netanyahu is adding pressure for a middle east peace talk between the israelis and palestinians. president obama said that tough decisions have to be made before then. and netanyahu said that israel is doing but palestinians have not, and he has vow ed to do what he can to p protekt the israeli state. and the eyes are in a courtroom in south africa where olympic winner oscar pistorius is on trial for the murder of his girlfriend. a neighbor said that he heard blood curdling screams. he says that he shot his girlfriend, because he thought that she was an intruder.
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he became a star by p performing on special blades at the olympics. and pat collins is back out with the snow stick, and his challenge -- snow us your frustration. pat has a live report up ahead. >> and the snow is just about over down to the south. what is next for us is near record cold, and some brutal windchil
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the snow is creating major problems at airports all along the east coast. a according to the website flight aware, there are more than 2700 cancellations today. with all of the runways closed earlier, reagan national has had the most cancellations and more than 350, and dulles and bwi marshall had more than 150 cancellation cancellations. but right now things are starting to move again at dulles. we have details at the live desk and incredible video, barbara harrison? >> yes. we want to show you the video from chopper 4 taken in the last hour. look at the big plane landing on the snowy runway, and the engine is kicking up a whole lot of snow on the sides of the plane as it hits the brakes. you can see it there. and the crews have been working
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hard to get planes moving in dulles. and we saw the plows working overtime to clear all of the snow, and so that the planes can take off from dulles. the planes are flying again from dulles, but some nervous moments though. from the live desk, barbara harrison. and the drivers in prince george's county are dealing with delay delays after a truck carrying toe may itos crashed. it e fell on its side near route 50 in wattsford vista area. and workers are trying to get the truck upright, and the driver were taken to the hospital, but the injuries are not serious. >> okay. chilled tomatoes. and veronica, it has stopped snowing around here, and has it stopped snowing around the region? >> well, it is really only a couple of hours left down south, and here in a minute, we will look at the radar, but the big story is the focus of the cold for the overnight period, and early tomorrow morning, and i think that we will see some delays for your tuesday morning.
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take to a look outside, and yeah, the snow has stopped and you have a lot of cloud cover, a and lot of it throughout the area, and as far as toda the conditions worsen as we step through the day, and at 5:00 a.m., the temperatures were 22 degrees, and some areas were snow and sleet to the south, and 32 at 5:00 a.m., and the temperature is around mid-morning and quickly fell to 19 degrees, and we held there as the winds picked up for much of the afternoon. and the evening planner forecast, and it is now at 23 degrees, but look at this. we are into the teens for the eve thing in hours, and again, snow over at 7:00, and the cold conditions at 9:00 p.m., and at 11:00 p.m., we are gog the focus -- we are going to focus on the ice from midnight to early tomorrow morning for the morning rush. and now looking at where it is still snow issing, and who is under a winter storm rn warning,
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we will go the meteorologist doug kammerer, and news4 meteorology center. >> well, looking down at the storm team 4 radar, you can see that the snow is gown from around leesburg, and fredrick and annapolis, and no more snow, but it is to the south. and calvert, and st. mary's k n county and toward the neck, and most of it on the lighter side, and it is pushing to the south and the east. you have a one or maybe two hours, be but as far as the accumulation goes, you are pr pretty much done. you might see a half inch, but showing it from the west, it fizzles down to the south and the east and it is going to continue down to the south and the east, and we have the winter storm warnings from charles, and calvert, and down the fredericksburg, but they are going to be dropped any minute as well as we continue to see it drop down. the snow will be ending, but the frigid temperatures are going to be turning icy if they are not
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already. the roads are snow-covered and as we lose any of the daytime heating from the sun, we will see it refreeze overnight, and veronica, that is the problem not only tonight, but into the morning tomorrow. we will see a lot of problems on the tuesday morning. >> that is right. and on top of that, it comes with a morning where the temperatures are going to be near record lows and brutal cold for the overnight period. and in fact, the records throughout the area right now around 4 or 5 or 6 degrees or so is. that is what they are for bwi, and reagan look at that 4 degrees in 1873. we don't believe we will set one at reagan national, but we could at dulles dropping down to 6 degrees or so. and watch the windchill temperatures as with we move through the evening hours and n into early tomorrow morning. subzero readings at 5:00 a.m. and 8 below in gaithersburg, and 7 below in leesburg, and 4 below in fredericksburg, virginia, and it is going to be mighty cold throughout the afternoon. and here is a look at the
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forecastment some clouds ta this will pick up, and more clouds through the afternoon, and the high temperature is just 27 degree degrees, and so very little melting taking place, and we will have to get some help from the stronger sunshine coming to us, and 38 on wednesday, and we are dry, and dry on friday, too, and then at the end of the week as we hit 45 degrees, another little weather system, and possibly little weather system will come into the area friday and we will talk about the rain, and the next storm system, and how the low temperatures will stick around and the extended forecast later in the newscast. >> okay. thank you, v.j. >> a march in like a lion, and folks are ready for it to go. >> and you have seen it snow-long, and the #s and the phrases that you have seen today. and pat collin has his own, snow your frustration. and he is live on connecticut
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avenue in d.c. with the trusty snow stick there. patrick? >> how are you? you know, i like snow as much as the next person. you like snow? >> yeah. >> but in march? >> no! >> reporter: that is why we set up the pat collins snow stick challenge. we call it snow us your frustration. with we are asking you to send in your picture of your angry snow face. ooh. let's get started. sunday, we go to daylight saving. today, it is snowing with -- in washington, and one month from to d today, the nats have the home opener. i measured four inches on connecticut avenue. there is just something wrong about a snowstorm in our city on a day in march. >> i have had it. yes, shine the light on my face, and i will tell the world, i've had it. this is not


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