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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  March 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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white house. >> and how did pas ssengers boa the jet that is missing with stolen passports. >> and contracted teachers to work in prince george's county. "news4 at 4" astarts right now. and the chips are falling for a campaign corruption c campaign thats has been going for over four years. >> and now, jeffrey thompson here walking into court, a nd with the money man come the details. >> and the news4 iteam reporter tisha thompson has been going over the documents and been in touch with our reporters inside of the courtroom where where the p proseedings are continuings and she is at the live desk with the
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latest. >> thompson has been in court explaining how he funneled millions of local funds into the campaigns in 2006. the most explosive came two hours ago when thompson told the he met with mayor gray. he says that mayor gray asked for help in his mayoral campaign and agreed to keep thompson's name a secret. he said he spent more than $600,000 to pay for stickers and campaign signs an canvas neighborhoods in support of his campaign, but none of this money has bn een reported to the d.c. board of elections and that is why it is a shadow e contribution. and they say that mayor gray called for the investigation, and he did not break any laws. now sh now, this story is developing as we speak. we have reporters in the courtroom right now, and we are starting to hear back from mayor
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gray, and we will keep you posted throughout the afternoon. at the live desk, tisha thompson. >> thank you. >> and news4's tomm esherwood h spoken to the may wror who said it is all lives. we will also speak to mark segraves who is going to bring us the latest. >> and tom is on the phone. you have just spoken with mayor gray and what is the rereaction from the wilson building. he said all lies and what else did he say? >> well, jim, i just came out of the mayor's office here on 14th and pennsylvania avenue, and he was calm and sat down with us a one-on-one interview, and he said that i with was not involved. all of these things that has heard to dday are fabricated. he says that he did confirm that he went by the name uncle earl with jeffrey thompson. he said that is because thomson was deathly afraid that mayor adrian fep ti who was in office at the time would find out and destroy thompson is's business
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with the city, and so he agreed to be called uncle earl. he said it was absolutely false that he knew anything about fraud and the misuse of the money. he said when he met with jeffrey thompson and talked about spending the money, he thought that jeffrey thompson would do it all legally. asked about allegations that the mayor asked for someone's house to be repaired or the money was sent to gray's son, he said that is not true. none of that is true. he says that he, one of the staffers also said that, look, this is a man who faces time in prison and he is saying all he can say to keep his sentence short, and so the mayor was very clear and direct and i must say unemotional by saying it is all fabrication, and i didn't do any of this as alleged in the court today. >> and tom, what are the immediate political and the legal ramifications for the m mayor now? >> well, we are going to be seeing more documents coming out of the courthouse to give more detail about what jeffrey thompson alleges and says he did that involved mayor gray. voting in the race for mayor and
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the campaign for mayor and the primary is april 1st. but voting starts this coming monday on march 17th, and people will start voting, and this is another difficult hurdle for the m mayor to have all of the allegations thrown at him just as people are starting to vote, and within days of another campaign finance report due for the 2014 campaign, and this is going to dominate whatever fo m forums are occurring, and so this is a major bad news for mayor gray politically and whether or not he is guilty legally, i don't know, and we will find out as we move along, but politically, this is a big sandbag to be thrown at the mayor right before the election, and people start voting. >> yes, and tom, with we know that the story is still developing at this hour while things are still developing in the courtroom. has there been any reaction from the other mayoral candidates so far? >> well, all of the mayoral candidates and seven of them in addition to the may omayor, and
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of them are calling on the mayor to resign or tell the people what happened and not wait for the prosecutors the drag it out in court. tommy wells has made ethics of the mayor part of his campaign and all of the candidates have said that the mayor is holding the city hostage by not giving a detailed accounting of what what he knows, and now it looks like the prosecutor is going to do that for him. >> and tom sherroadwood, great work and we will check in with you throughout the evening and we will get back to your sources. >> and the coverage of the th thompson space h case continues on, and you will see a full list of the charges compiled by tisha thompson and plus background on all of the cases. >> and now to the latest of the story that you saw on news4. police in spot sylvania say they are e getting details on a robbery with where a suspect shot a woman in the head in
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spotsylvania county. and unbelievably, that clerk is expected to survive. the surveillance shows clear views of the suspect, and julie carey is in spotsylvania county, and she says there is widespread support for the woman who was shot, and she will have more on "news4 at 5:00." and now surveillance video of a robbery in prince george's county show three men walking into the store last month wearing dark clothing with their faces covered. 21-year-old glenda cocoa romero was working behind the counter and she was shot and killed and police are offering an $11 reward for information that leads to an arrest in the case. >> and now the frustrating search for the missing malaysia jet airliner, and the search
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area will be widened, because it radars show that it may have veered. and the massive rescue effort vvs ten kvv -- involves ten countries including the u.s. and now there are more questions about how those two passengers boarded the jet with stolen passports. and we will have the latest of the details of that search for the missing plane and we can also send you a push alert when e details are found regarding this missing plane. and today, in a hearing in annapolis there is a hearing to stop a company from building the purple line until it pays reparations, and the company does admit that it transported victims of the holocaust in world war ii, but they shouldn't be made to pay, and we will have
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more reaction coming up at "news4 at 6:00." >> and a couple is booted out of a mcdonald's for sitting too long? >> after a year of struggling to retain new teachers, prince george's county is hoping that a new donation will he help to change that. and it looks like the spring-like temperatures are fighting to come n and the temperatures across the area, and folks are going to be topping out in the 60s, and then we come crashing back to the 30s by the time we get to midweek. we will have the details on the forecast coming up in a coup canal of minutes
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if you order a meal in a
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fast food restaurant you should be expected to eat it fast and get out. a couple in their 80s says they got the boot from the mcdonald's in culpepper for sitting too long. barbara ann and carl becker say they were approached by the manager of the restaurant last month and told them that their half hour was up and they had to leave. the beckers wrote a letter to the local paper, and the store owner has apologized, but he has not said if there is really a half hour limb on eating there. and the officials from prince george's county school has gotten a big boost from a man who has already contributed to the county. the yoman from william hall academy has given a big donation. >> reporter: today, the announcement is a big boost for the prince george's county school district as they have been struggling to retain new teachers. this $1 million contribution could hope to change that. today, the peterson foundation
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is going to be going to teach for america specifically focused on teachers working in the prince george's county county, and this is to be a major boost. they have 100 teachers participating in the teach for america program, and now with $1 million contributed, and it is the first time that there has been a major doemation to be made here specifically, and expecting more next year. this is important, because they are dealing with with a teacher shortage and have been for the last few years, and this contribution is expected to help out in the classroom. >> and the best use of education is probably one of the best investments that you can have, because it is so lasting. once you teach someone, theyley with it, and it is not like you eat it and throw it away. >> reporter: and teach for america focuses on students graduating from college and moving them into the school system with the hopes of them making it their new home, and they are required to work with the schools for two years, but we have met a number of teachers here in prince george's county
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who said that after first two years, they have stayed, and the hope is that the new cohort will do the same. in capital heights, tracee wilkins, news4. >> today, oscar pistorius got sick in court, and what set him off? and now a first interview about a massacre. and now family joining people on
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there'll be big changes in place at this year's running of the boston marathon april 21st, and 3,500 police officers will be spread out across the eight cities and towns that make up the marathon route, and that is twice the number since last year. and spectators are being discouraged from taking backpacks and coolers to the race, but if they do, they can expect those to be searched. last year three people were killed and more than 260 injured after two bombs exploded near the end of the race. >> stand up. thank you. thank you. trayvon martin's mother and father were among the several hundred people who march fed to the state capital today to protest the florida controversial "stand your ground" law. and in the rally, the speaker after speaker described the law unjust. >> they called top lawmakers to the take it off of the books. and nbc's chris clackum has
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more. >> florida is a dangerous place for black 17-year-olds. >> reporter: launching a major push to repeal the stand your ground laws around the country, the demonstrators started around the capitol led by reverend al sharpton. >> our children can be killed based on the imaginations of someone. that is an unjust and wicked law. >> reporter: and the rally comes weeks after a jury in jacksonville convicted michael dunn of attempted murder, but not of actually killing jordan davis, and davis was shot dead after dunn opened fire on the car full of teenagers who he says threatened him following his complaints a about the loud music. jordan davis' mother spoke at the rally, too. >> i am here to choose the state of florida and 25 other states of creating legislation that is
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nothing more than permission to kill. >> reporter: trayvon martin's parents with were also at the rally after martin was shot and killed by george zimmerman. a jury acquitted zimmerman after he said that he feared for his wife. >> florida is killing our young men and women, and florida has to change this law now. >> amen! >> reporter: at the very least, protesters are urging the state legislature to a amend the law to read that if you are attacked and can safely escape without kill someone, you should. chris clackum, nbc news. >> and for the first time today, we are hearing from the father of the sandy hook school shooter adam lanza. and in a chilling magazine article, he says that his son could not get anymore evil. he spoke to the "new yorker" magazine talking about the year that he has dealing with what has happened, and he shot six
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educators and 26 children. he said that he would have killed him himself if he could have found him. and these are first public remark remarks after the attacks, and now he says that he second-guesses every decision he made about his son. any variation i did and on my relationship had to be was good, because no outcome could have been worse. you can't be any more evil and how much do i beat up on myself that he is my son? a lot. and the article author spoke on the "today" show tho morning. >> he wished that adam had never been born, and he said that he struggled with that, and he said that what happened was so horrific, he only wished it away. >> and he never suspected that his son was dangerous. coming up at 5:00, find out why peter lanza thought that now is the time to speak out. and we are hearing from
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mayor gray today for the first time since charges were filed against jeffrey thompson. and tisha thompson is at the live desk with the latest detal il s on that. tisha? >> we are resporters covering this from every angle, because it is breaking as we are speaking. jeff thompson is still in court talking about how he funneled millions to d.c. candidates as he just said michael brown $200,000 to drop out of the mayoral electionb and $200,000 to a member of mayor gray's family. and meanwhile, tom sherwood just got out of a meeting with mayor gray who is maintaining his innocence. >> i maintain, and these are absolute lies, tom. i was not involved. i have said that, and the things that i have heard today are fabricated. >> he mentioned that the court proceedings are still going on and we are hearing more and more details from jeff thompson, and we have reporters in the
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courtroom, and as we get more details we will come back live to you. >> and coming to winter, are we breaking winter's grip? >> well, a little bit, but only for now. and don't think that we will stay with the nice temperatures. it did take a while for the clouds to break, but we have especially down to the south, too, where it has been cloudy all day, and we have sunshine across a good portion of the area, and there is the blue sky. in fact, let's take it over to satellite and radar and i will show you how the clouds have been making their way over the area over the last couple of hours and the other thing is that we have had a more southwesterly wind, and watch the clouds and the rain coming down to make their exit out of here and you can see the clearing here in the middle, and this is 2:00 to daik and we have a weak system up to the north around ohio and indiana, and that is going to be sliding in, and we will see some of the cloud cover filling back in by tomorrow afternoon. and with the southwesterly wind, folks, a big range of temperatures in the area, and
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you can see that we are 59 in d.c., and look at this, 60s and 70ed to the west, and petersburg at 72, and stanton eisland ther 57. and 53 in pax river. and the evening forecast is 59 in town, and we will drop to the low 50s by 9:00 p.m., and by 11:00 p.m., we are at 49 degrees, and so a cool evening coming our way and a cool start to the day tomorrow. and no showers with less of them well south of smith island and heading out of hee. and temperatures overnight and by tomorrow morning, 42 in leesburg, and 41 in manassas and fred fredericksburg, and so it is jacket weather. we le be needing the rain gear though, because as we go through tuesday and wednesdayk and it is wednesday afternoon that we will be watching the chances of showers around. 1:00 or 2:00 to make the way in, and it could get stormy. warrenton and d.c. and right up
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i-95 in the 6:00 p.m. before winter returns and the cold stuff rushes back thursday. the temperatures tomorrow, again, 68 degrees in fredericksburg, and some neighborhoods could top out at 70 tomorrow, and maybe higher wednesday prior to that weather front. so it is warm. and it is stormy, and then it is cold on thursday with the high just 34. when i return a little later in the newscast, we will talk about what thursday morning will feel like around here, and you are not going the like it. pat. >> up next, george clooney's ex get gets married. we are bringing in billy bush for this one. and plus, aretha franklin responds to president obama's big spelling mistake. and the latest development in the missing plane
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new reaction today from aretha franklin on the misspelling of the signature song by thet president. it happened in a concert last week featuring the women of soul. >> when aretha first told us what rpspect meant to her. >> well, it could happen to any of us. and today, she released a statement saying that the president is a little tired and she did not take offense, and in
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her words, the president and i are mutual when it comes to r-e-s-p r-e-s-p-e-c te, respect, and the concert will air on pbs next month. he calls it an urgent health crisis, and attorney general eric holder tackles the epidemic ravaging the area. and today, malaysia is beefing up security worldwide after a flight goes missing mid flight with two passengers using stolen passports. and today, big money and today, big money businessman jeffrey thompso
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and welcome back at 4:30 on a busy monday in the news. i'm jim handly. >> i'm pat lawson muse, and right knew ten countries are scouring the e seas for the missing malaysia airliner jet with 239 people on board. and track star oscar pistorius on trial for the murder of his girlfriend breaks down in court after hearing graphic details from her autopsy. and a plane is entangled in the strings of a skydiver's parachute sending both of them crashing to the ground. within the last hour we have heard from d.c. mayor vincent gray for the first time since charges were filed against businessman jeffrey thompson, and the mayor told news4 tom sherwood that it is all lies. he was charged with violating and con spespiracy to commit violation of campaign laws by funneling funds for campaign
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candidates. he gave millions to various candidates including $10,000 to a member of mayor gray's family. mayor gray has not been charged with a crime, and denies any wrongdoing in the campaign. and reminder that our coverage will continue on, and you will will find a complete explanation of the charges. and the day of agony for the families of the people aboard the missing malaysian airliner j jet. the families in beijing are so frustrated that they have twice thrown water bottles at the people who have gone the brief them. and the situation is almost as sense in singapore. >> it has been a difficult day in this room. and they have come, officials to brief journalists every four hours, and the place has been
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packed with with the journalists, but they haven't had anything to really update us on. and every possible sighting has turned out to be not evidence of what happened to this aircraft. >> the aircraft, we are unable to determine the cause of the disappearance. >> reporter: the family who have been waiting for news ever since the aircraft disappeared are left just waiting and hoping. they are saying that it is still a search and are rescue operation, and there is a coalition of nations searching the vast ocean off of the coast here, including ships and aircraft and various vessels from all around the world, but so far, even though they are now extending the where they are looking so far, they have not found anything, any clue a as to what happened here. back to you.
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a potential break in the investigation into who set off fireworks at a local movie theater. tisha thompson has details at the live desk. >> pat, brand new video into the newsroom of a surveillance of a man who may be connected with with setting off fireworks in a movie theater. police from anne arundel theater said that moviegoers heard a loud bang, and police say that somebody set off fireworks inside of a bottle in one of the theaters and if you recognize this person or know who may have been involved call the anne arundel police. at the live desk, i'm tish thompson. >> thank you. right now, the officials of georgetown university are in touch with the family of a student who died overspring break. we know that mark adamsson was with the school of foreign service and with classmates in the dominican republic when he
4:34 pm
died, and the university is making services available for those trying to cope with the tragedy. and a man accused of killing his daughter's mother has waved extradation. he and his daughter were found in a hotel friday night, and they were the focus of a nationwide manhunt after the girl's mother was found dead inside of their dundalk home. one of the people there recognized them and notified police. >> and two suspects are wanted for sexual assaults. both are seen in this video, both were seen saturday march 1st at 11:30 in the morning at barnes street and grant place. they say that the suspect is in the 20s with a slim build and dark goatee and may go by the name moses.
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>> and if other sexual assault was last saturday at 3:30 in the afternoon, and this took place on georgia avenue on bryant street northeast, and rather northwest d.c., and this is a man who is described as a person of interest is seen in this store surveillance individual e owe, and if you can help, you are urged to contact d.c. police. >> and urgent crisis is how attorney general eric holder describes the deaths from heroin. in a video posted this morning, holder says that they are stepping up efforts to keep the drug off of the streets. and he put out a call for the first responders everywhere to carry a drug that can reverse the effects of heroin overdoses. >> confronting the crisis is going to require a combination of enforcement as well as treatment. the justice department is committed to both. >> we checked with the agencies a around here, and the first responders of fairfax and prince george's county carry the drug that can reverse the overdoses,
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and d.c. fire and ems tell us that all of the crews have carried the drug since 2010. fatal heroin drug overdoses have increased 45% from '06 to '10 k according the holder and the numbers are still on the rise. for the first time a blood test can tell who will develop a alzheimer's disease. the test looks for ten substances in the blood that are linked to mental declindecline, may predict who can develop memory loss two years before the symptoms show up. the researchers at georgetown university led the study, and we spoke with dr. fedorov who said that the test is about 90% accurate. >> this is going to open up a new opportunity to study new drugs or interventions that might have an impact on the people's lives. >> because from what i understand, until this moment, you can't do anything once the di seize has actually progressed? >> that is exactly right.
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>> alzheimer's affects more than 5 million americans, and it is projected that the number is going to soar to 13 million over the next 35er years. another study published earlier in the month suggested that it kills 500,000 americans every year. and the dangers of smoking pot and driving are a real concern in colorado, and how the officials there are using humor to spread a serious message. >> and oscar pistorius breaks down and gets sick in the courtroom of h his murder trial, and what set him off? and veronica, what is the latest of the weather? >> well, i am counting down, and ten days until the start of spring or it may seem like it, because we are getting closer temperature-wise, winter makes a comeback this week. i will tell you when and show you how cold when "news4 a
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it is a sign that spring is on the way. it is the d.c. street sweepers. and signs to tell you when to avoid parking, and i got one of those, too. and violators will be ticketed and towed and according to the department of public work, street sweeping is one of the most requested services, and it was is supposed to start last week, but it is going to start this week. >> and now pot is legal to buy in colorado, but now there is a new challenge for enforcement.
4:41 pm
>> there is a new million dollar ad campaign to warn drivers of the dangers of driving under the influence of pot. >> reporter: the new ad campaign pokes fup at stoners. a series of commercials showing marijuana users spacing out. a reminder that while it is legal to smoke pot in colorado, it is against the law to be high behind the wheel. >> this is the first public education campaign, and there is many more to come. >> reporter: and paid for by the colorado highway department of transportation, it is the first push to remind drivers that marijuana should be treated like alcohol. both impair your judgment, and both can land you in jail. forstate poli for state police, it is no joke. >> you will count out loud, 1001, 1002 -- >> reporter: most of the arrests
4:42 pm
for those impaired driving involved someone who is high. >> the potential to find somebody who is high is greater now. >> i am going to have you follow the tip of the pen with your eyes and your eyes only. >> reporter: today in denver, the mile high city, officers are being trained to become drug recognition experts, dres. >> how dangerous the high drivers? >> it is extremely dangerous, and exactly the same as someone on alcohol. >> reporter: and budding into a half billion industry in colorado, these new ads target on young men. >> it is going to be focusing on the youth directly and also parents and teachers about how to talk about youth. >> reporter: and launching today across the state, the commercials use humor to warn stoner stoners about something that is no laughing matter. miguel almaguer, nbc news, denver, colorado. he's a fugitive living
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outside of the country, and up next, we are live in austin and as secrets leaker edwin
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oscar pistorius vomited in a south african courtroom after he heard detalils of his girlfriend's autsy report. >> he says that he shot her and
4:46 pm
killed her by mistake last year. and now the latest on why the judge ordered a media blackout. >> reporter: hi, from south africa, where the rain is pouring down. and oscar pistorius is as emotional as we have seen him so far in the trial. as he was listening to the graphic testimony this morning from the pathologist who examined reeva steenkamp's body, he threw up in the courtroom, and created such a scene that the judge had to stop the trial to make sure that oscar was okay. the judge has ordered a media blackout, and no audio feed or video feed which we usually get from the pathologist out of respect are from are reeva steenkamp's family, because it is incredibly graphic about the condition of the body post death in the autopsy. we are continuing to watch the developments here in south
4:47 pm
africa. jeff rossen, pretoria, south africa. republican lawmaker pat garofalo represents a suburb of st. paul, and last night he read a tweet that said, let's be honest, 70ers p of the teens in the nba would fold tomorrow, and nobody would notice a difference with the exception of street crime, end quote. at first garofalo stuck by the words burk then he released a statement saying that the nba has many examples of players and role moldles for the players and the individuals in our country, and they did not deserve that cr criticismb and i apologize. you are ub -- turning to the weather, looking at a mixed bag? >> yes, drama. string is fighting to get in, and within a 10-hour period, this week, we can see anywhere from thunderstorms to some snow
4:48 pm
flurries around the area. but let's head on over to the weather wall, and you can see the woodrow wilson bridge, and now getting some sunshine before the sunsets, and it is 7:16 today. and looking at where it is 59 degrees right now with very dry air over the area, and the wind is 18 miles per hour, and tomorrow morning a cool start with a few clouds, and yes, you will need a jacket tomorrow. all right. not a coat, but 36 to 45 as we start out with a light wind around the area, and here is how we get to the 60s tomorrow, and we should hit it by noon time, and 60-61 degrees and nice conditions. while we start out partly cloudy, we will see the more clouds by the afternoon, but it is a warm day tomorrow getting up to 67 degrees, and that is where we were saturday and it did feel nice. with all of the warmth coming in, and out ahead of the next weath weather system could be a little stormy on wednesday ax on the
4:49 pm
best chance of seeing the thunderstorms is after around 5:00 p.m. on wednesday. with we have a low threat for lightning and lower threat to see any flooding, and albeit, some brief heavy rains, but not enough to lead to any flooding and the possibility of some brief high winds with where we could see the winds gusting to just over 30 miles per hour. and here is a look at the storm team four-day forecast, and the high is 67, and we are at 70 for the high on wednesday. 34 on thursday. so there is the storms on wednesday, and we will get the cold air, and looking at some flurries coming our way thursday, and in terms of wednesday afternoon, and late afternoon evening, this is what we are looking at, and some brief heavy rain, and the gusts that could be over 30 miles per hour, and that is throughout the area right now sh, and for thury morning flurries and the cold conditions, and in fact, it is going to be, i think that the winds will pick up again, and the windchills by early wednesday morning is going to be starting out in a few locations
4:50 pm
that may start out in the teens. while this is a primarily a rain system for us with a few thunderstorms, and the areas of upper new england could see some higher amounts of snow. friday's high temperature is 51, and where it is 59 for saturday, and next saturday and 52 for sunday, and the chance of rain and snow as again spring continues to fight its way in. jim? >> veronica, thank you. and the police are investigating a serious crash here on i-270 in montgomery county that sent five people to the hospital, and this accident happened in the southbound lanes here at 6:00 a.m. one person was ejected from the jeep wrangler that rolled over. the three-vehicle crash shutdown the southbound lanes for hours and causing a seven-mile backup, and four people are listed in stable condition, and one person is in serious, and all lanes are back open. >> and a group of senators will stay up all night tonight to fight climate change, and the
4:51 pm
all-night talk-a-on this is getting under way. 28 senators are taking part including maryland senator ben carden, and they are hoping to mobilize colleagues to pass legislation to fight global warm warmi warming. it is expected to go until tomorrow afternoon in this marathon session. and in austin, texas, today, at the south by southwest conference, eric snowden chatted via the air waves. >> this is very controversial, a and many say that he is a traitor and gave away the nation's secrets online, and he said that today, we are all better because of his actions
4:52 pm
and that we are better off, and he would do it again. >> reporter: in this south by southwest conference, there is a man who appeared who marches in his own beat. >> i took an oath to uphold the constitution, and i saw it was violated on a massive scale. >> reporter: after releasing thousands of classified documen documents, he is a fugitive and spoke to thousands inside of the austin convention scenter, and more than 50,000 online around the world from a web chat in russia where he is being granted asylum. he said that the nsa was quote, setting fire to the future of the internet due to the surveillance measures he released last year. he answered questions from the identified posts, but not from the media. and the video was frozen or out of sync, but the message was clear. >> you are all at risk of
4:53 pm
unfair, unclear, an unjustified and unwarranted interference in our private lives. >> reporter: with clear support from the audience in austin, he called for them to help fix that, and called for the public accountability in what he described as the u.s. government surveillance of the citizens. >> having the conversation is right to have it, and it is the right person to have it with. >> reporter: and evidence that what started as a small eclectic music festival has now evolved to a conference that strikes a chord with an audience across the globe. and now, again, it is important to point out that it with was a very pro-snowden crowd here today, and many, and not only here in washington, but across the country believe that snowden should not be sharing his thoughts at south by southwest, but instead in a federal prison. live from austin, jay gray,
4:54 pm
news4. caught on camera, and a plane is entangled in the strings of a skydiver's parachute, sending both of them crashing to the ground. the most amazing p
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4:56 pm
federal authorities are looking into the frightening midair collision between a skydiver and a plane in florida.
4:57 pm
a series of videos capture the event. incredibly, they all survive. a as gabe gutierrez reports, they are each blaming the other for the accident. >> reporter: against all odds the two men at the center of these incredible images are alive, and now they are blaming each other. a skydiver about to land when just feet from the ground, a small plane tears right through his parachute at the south lakeland airport near tampa. >> i definitely thought that i was not going to make it. >>er the veteran sky driver john frost who goes by steve is limping, and nursing several bruises, but he thinks that the pilot is at fault. >> our pilot had seen him and contacted h him directly to ensure that he knew that we would be parachuting in the area. >> reporter: and the experienced pilot, 87-year-old sharon trembly is out of the hospital and his wife says that he is alert and is when he flies, and
4:58 pm
he knew that jumpers were there, but the jumpers were in the wrong place. frost strongly disagrees. >> when you fly into the area with parachutists all over, you have the hypoten shall of killing somebody. >> reporter: and federal authorities are now investigating the collision captured by the photographer jim tellfair. >> i staired through the lenses and i could not believe it. >> reporter: it is a series of accidents. a 16-year-old in oklahoma survived a fall when her parachute malfunctioned in january. and 11 people landed safely when the two planes collided over wisconsin last year, and back in florida -- >> i will keep skydiving, and it is one of the safest sports you can do. >> reporter: and ironically, it happened on national parachuting safety day. gabe ute yarz, atlanta. >> and frost says he will be jumping out of planes as soon as he is able, and the sport is no
4:59 pm
more dangerous than football. >> and "news4 at 5:00" begins with breaking news. >> i maintain these are lies, absolute lies, tom. first at 5:00 tonight, a denial on a dark day of d.c. politics. a web of tangled politics is untangling. >> it is extending all over. and now jeffrey thompson is pleading giuilty to two counts f conspiracy and most notably for sme sneaking money into vincent gray's campaign money. prosecutors say that mayor gray want wanted that money and pledged to keep his identity secret. we learned that thompson also gave hundreds of thoi sands of dollars to hillary clinton's campaigns, and for the d.c. council and the u.s. house and senate. the illegal off of the books spending is said to have totaled more than $2 million.
5:00 pm
federal prosecutors said that thompson instructed d.c. mayor to refer to thompson as uncle earl to maintain secrecy. this corruption could hit mayor gray very hard just as he relaunched the re-election campaign. mark segraves is following this every step of the way and joining us live from u.s. district court with the latest. mark? >> well, jim, jeffrey thompson has been in a federal courtroom now for nearly three hours entering the guilty plea. he entered this afternoon and arrived by taxi cab, and refused to speak to reporters as he walked insooitd, and he is admitted to illegally funding dozens of campaigns from the d.c. kocouncil to the presidentl primary in 2010. he has plead guilty to two felony counts, and one is a federal campaign violation, and another of d.c. campaign finance


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